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Mom and son 6

The three of us walked hand in hand to the bedroom, all of us stark naked, our pure bodies gleaming in the water residue on our skin. I opened the bedroom door and flopped onto the bed, my son on my left and Susan on my right. Within minutes my son was asleep, out like a light, that left me and Susan. I got up and let her by the hand to the living room where we sat next to each other on the couch.

The only source of light was from the moon as it entered through the window, leaving a silver lining on everything. I slid my hand over her small, developing breasts, they were getting bigger now, more firm with nipples almost double the size of what they used to be when she arrived. After fondling her young, warm titties I laid her on her back with her head resting on the couch arm rest. I then lay on her and fondled both her tits with my hands as my tongue swirled around her soft stomach. She moaned in pleasure and I lifted my knee up so it was rubbing against her small, soft slit.

I continued this motion until her young pussy started to contract and spasm, only then did I move my head down and nestle my nose in her sweet pussy, she was in ecstasy now, I stuck my tongue in and out of her cunt like a frog lapping at a fly. Eventually she achieved orgasm, her juices squirted out over my face. I lapped it up like it was nectar. When she was dry once again I lifted my face out from between her legs and kissed her on her neck.

There was no doubt she could see her juices on my face as I could feel it trickling down my chin. I kept slowly and tentatively kissing her neck with passion. When I reached her ear I kissed each cheek and sucked on the warm flesh. I slowly moved down until I hovered over her lips. She looked at me in those big eyes and I closed mine and moved in. We kissed passionately for hours, never stopping or letting up.

It was only when we heard footsteps that we stopped, my son obviously needed a drink and stumbled over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water before walking clumsily back to his room. I Couldn't believe her missed us. When the door closed we continued our kissing, I sucked on her lower lip and moved my hand down over her chest. I traced the outline of her tits and then sharply grabbed her erect nipples. She jumped then relaxed as she let the waves of pleasure roll through her.

It was long before she started to convulse again, as before I slipped my head down and licked her out, exploring the dark realms of her sweet cunt. Her liquid seeped out her pussy, pooling on the pillow underneath her. I pulled her up and then gent pushed her head towards the puddle. She lapped up her juices then looked at me in approval. I nodded and lay back on my back, propped up against the pillows. I spread my knees, exposing my pussy. She smiled then moved in on the forbidden fruits.

She put one of my nipples in her mouth and twirled the other one between her fingers. She did this for ages, it felt soooo good. I was writhing in pleasure. She then halted wat she was doing and disappeared into the kitchen. She returned with the ice cream scoop. She took my hand and motioned for me to get onto the kitchen bench where we prepare foods. I complied and looked at her questionably, she winked and said, "shhhhh".

She then got a couple of pegs from the laundry room and fastened them on my nipples. This was painful and pleasurable at the same time. I moaned out load and led her hand to my pussy. She began to rub viciously and relentlessly, until I could wait no more. I exploded over the work top, my juices over the walls and floor. She giggled and then with one swift movement rammed it up my cunt, it was so good, I could feel me stretching to accumulate it. When this was happening I didn't see her grab the herb grinder and place it next to me. She worked the scoop in and out of it, my cunt leaking juices and tightening over it . She then grabbed some string out of the draw and bound my wrists before I could react. I tried to protest but when I opened my mouth she shoved in some panties to shut me up. She got some more string and tied my ankles together.

I was now powerless to a 10 year old, it was shame full. She then took me off the counter and bent me over it, exposing my entrances. She then swiftly shoved the scoop all the way in then sealed the exit with some tape. I was a 34 year old woman at a 10 year olds mercy, I was now truly scared.

She left the room and came back fully dressed. The then put a blindfold on me and dragged me to the direction of the main door. I tried to squirm away but it's hard when your trussed up like a sack of potatoes. I heard the coffee table shift the a blow to the back of my legs, forcing me to bend over. She kicked my back over the table and then sat on me, crushing the wind out of my lungs, she undid my wrists then draped them other the edge of the table, then she tied them to the table. This was followed by my legs, I was now spread eagled over the table with my ass in the air.

She disappeared then returned with a video camera and set it up facing my side so you could see my face and ass in plain view. She did some wiring that I thought impossible for someone that young to know, then the tv sparked to life, showing me on me tied to the table with my ass exposed.

Susan then disappeared out the front door. I was so scared, I could hear my heart beating and see my helpless self tussled to a coffee table. Ten minutes later I heard nervous laughter and Susan appeared, followed by a group of about ten men. I almost crapped myself there and then. I knew what was about to happen and I had no say in the process.

The men assessed my naked, pregnant body, eying up every inch. They then started to undress till I was surrounded by ten naked men, their cocks at attention. I now had years streaking down my face and dropping onto the floor in front of me. They looked at Susan and she nodded back. The first man came up and slapped my face hard, then grabbed my tits and pulled them down, stretching them before releasing them. He continued this movement lots of times until he finally let go of my red tits.

The second man came up 2 my face and shoved his cock down my throat, choking me in the process, I was forced to cough and suck over his cock. While I blew one of the guys another came up behind me and slapped my ass, making it jiggle a little, he then swiftly lined up his un-lubed cock and shoved it up my ass, I screamed out loud but it got muffled by the 9 inch cock in my mouth. I had cried so much the tears were stopping and I was becoming a bit light headed. Out of nowhere a load of cum shot-onto my face, drenching me, it was at the same moment that the man in my mouth and ass came, filling up my available holes.

The men backed of and got dressed and walked out, leaving me with the men who still had a ball sac of cum left. I had just managed to swallow the first mans cum before a second cock was placed in my mouth, this one was a short one, I could easily take this one in the mouth no trouble, what worried me was the size if the man behind me, he had a 14 inch cock that's bulbous head was probing my anal region. He eased it in and the pulled it out, I sighed in relieve because I thought that was all he was doing when he suddenly rammed all 14 inches inside me, my scream erupted from my mouth and into the small cock. I was in so much pain I almost passed out. The man behind me was now settling into a fast rhythm now, quickly carving me out, the small cocktail spewed his load in my mouth, I was surprised and I started choking on it, he pulled out while I spluttered on his cum, he was immediately replaced by a much larger, black cock.

This black cock was like a firehose, thick and very long. He rammed it all in my mouth, forcing me to throw up the small mans cum. I splattered around the black mans pubes. This must have triggered a reaction from the person at the back because he came to, right into my bowels. He pulled out and left, now there were only 4 men left. One in my mouth and 3 looking at my massively stretched asshole, with cum pouring out of it. The first man moved in and ripped if the tape on my pussy, taking all the hair with it, I couldn't scream or cry because I had lost my voice into the firehose in my mouth.

A man then crawled underneath my pregnant belly and the table and inserted his cock into my now shaven pussy. Another man shoved in from the side, destroying what was left of my tight asshole. I thought the last man would wait but oh no he didn't, he pushed in from the other side, I now had a cock in my mouth and pussy and two in my ass, I have to admit, it actually felt quite good.

They all started simultaneously pumping, minutes later I had two loads in the ass, one in my throat and one in my pussy. They all pulled out their flaccid cocks and walked off into the night, I fell asleep to that table in seconds after they left.

I hope you enjoyed this edition, if not say so in the comments and if you did plz also comment why, thank you :p

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