Mom and son love 5

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Last night I couldn't stop crying. I had received some shocking news. After receiving it I had not slept all night but I lay awake in my sorrows. That night I downed a whole bottle of jack Daniels, then went in to finish if the vodka. As you can tell it was some pretty bad news.

In the morning when my son was waking I staggered out my room and fell into the kitchen, where I lined up two chairs opposite each. I started to prepare my speech to my son. When he walked in he noticed my state and was shocked, the look on his face meant looked bad, I looked in a mirror and I realised he was right, my makeup was all over the place, my hair was plastered to my face and some was sticking out at a 90 degree angle, least to mention I had forgotten to dress.

I sat there naked infront of my 14 year old son, tears streaking down my cleavage and the pungent smell of alcohol out gassed the air freshener. I mentioned for him to sit on the chair infront of me. He did so without saying a word. I finally mustered the courage to say something after the five minutes of an awkward silence, "son, your gonna be a father in a couple of months time" I said with a sob, "Christ, I got you pregnant!!!" He shouted, I nodded solemnly.

It was at that moment I saw Susan walk in. She had slept in the Lingerie I had got her the day before, there were still cum stains on the panties. She saw me naked and joined the trend, now she was naked to. She obviously did not get the gravity if the situation and thought it was a game. I let a little smile go as she sat her plumb ass on my lap, my pupes tickling her soft skin. I thought what the hell and then rid her about the situation. Oddly she understood and nestled her head on my damp neck.

"Today lets just stay at home, as a family" I said. When we decided the course of action we all went back to bed. Susan to my left, her head resting on my breast and my son on my right, listening intently to my stomach. As if listening to his sperm cell nucleus and my egg cell nucleus fusing together to create our embryo.

5 months later

Sadly, my ex-boyfriend passed away from his injuries in hospital, a little while after I was pronounced pregnant with my sons baby. His wife though is still on life support in kingstead hospital, meaning young Susan is still in my possession. I have a rather large lump now in my belly. You can definitely tell I'm pregnant, infact I'm so far into the cycle I can't even see or reach my pussy. I have not had an orgasm in 5 months now, and I must say, I find myself rather horny nowadays.

I really need to have sex and let someone relieve me if my trouble. To get my son horny I have now added a new household rule, clothing will only be worn when leaving the house or we have guests, otherwise your naked. My son now pretty much always walks around with a hard on, his 6 inch meat swinging from side to side, it's rather amusing.

Susan is now developing in the early stages of puberty, her tits have got bigger and her nipples are now puffier, not to add her pussy is now a bit hairy, short and wispy though, not dense like mine.

It was her birthday this fine day and after presents and cards me and Susan took a bath together. When we were in we chatted about random stuff, growing up and school until she moved her foot up my leg, her soft skin brushing against mine. She left it on the inside if my thigh, just short of my pussy, I tickled her foot then slowly glided it towards my private area. I rubbed it over the surface then I implanted the tip into my opening, I gasped with pleasure. She giggled then pushed a bit further, before pulling out the putting it back in, a little further, she repeated this for a while before almost her whole end of her foot was inside me, I could feel me stretching to fit her in. It felt beautiful. She then slowly began to fuck me with her foot, in, out, in, out. It was incredible, then all of a sudden she forced her foot in far, I squirmed then gasped in pleasure, now half her foot was in me. She then started to foot fuck me like a jack hammer. It wasn't long before I started spasming, I stood up the took her foot away and leaved over her mouth, forcing her face into my pussy. She licked for she was worth, then I squirted all over her face. She lapped up my juices and swallowed them down.

We then collapsed backwards, shattered. It was only then did we notice my son jerking off in the doorway. He waddled forward and shoved his cock in Susan's mouth, she didn't complain and then started to suck. He grabbed the sides of her head and started to face fuck her. Ramming his cock in and out if her throat with such speed it was making me dizzy. He then whipped it out the pulled her out of the bath. He put her on her hands and knees on the floor then introduced the head of his penis into her young pussy. Unlike last time she didn't scream but moan in pleasure. With one swift stroke he pushed all his meat into her. She yelped and giggled at the same time. He then started to fuck her doggie style with pace. His magnificent ball sac slapping against her clit. It wasn't long before he came, plastering her young pussy with cum. He rolled if her and collapsed backwards. Susan then sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs, revealing her young pussy, dripping with cum. We just sat there, staring at each over for what seemed like hours until we headed off to the bedroom for some more fun...............

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She,s horny,her son is always hard,they don't seem to have any problems with incest. Why then has she not had an orgasm in five months??

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