Danny was married to Amanda, a woman 8 years his senior. He was step-father to Amanda's three daughters, Natalie nearly 16, Donna 13, and Patty who just turned 11. Donna was going to have her party and Danny swore he would not take advantage of the girls.
Artist 11 - Donna's Party - Finally Here

Danny was married to Amanda, a woman 8 years his senior. He was step-father to Amanda's three daughters, Natalie nearly 16, Donna 13, and Patty who just turned 11. Donna was going to have her party and Danny swore he would not take advantage of the girls.

Saturday night Maryanne was the first to arrive for the party. She got here a a bit early so that she and Donna could "prepare" they called it. I thought that happened Friday night between those two but I guess it was to happen again.

Donna was my 13-year-old step daughter, the middle of three and she was having a slumber party tonight. I'm Danny. I'm almost 27 and my wife Amanda is 8 years older than me. She'll be 35 next month. After we got married, her three daughters came to live with us. Natalie, the oldest is now 15. Patty, the youngest is now 11. Amanda took Natalie and Patty to her mother's house for the weekend, leaving me to chaperone a bunch of 13-year-old girls, all by myself, all night long.

My problem is that I have cheated on my wife with her daughters, most recently fucking Donna just last night. It was a mistake I don't plan on ever repeating. Yes I've had a bit of trouble keeping to myself. But last night was the last time. I have turned over a new leaf and will never cheat on Amanda again. I love my wife and don't want to lose her, I certainly don't want to hurt her, so I pray she never finds out what I've done. I can at least know that from now on I will be true to her forever.

"It's good to see you again Danny," Maryanne said. She stepped forward and gave me a hug like I was her dad or something. Well, the truth is, I have fucked Maryanne too. We went at it like rabbits a couple of months ago at the local fair. I met her there when I took our youngest daughter Patty to the fair. Patty got sick and left early. I stayed late with Maryanne, telling my wife I wanted to go through the exhibits.

"You too Maryanne. It's been what, a day?" I joked. She laughed. Maryanne and her mother Linda had been here yesterday and her mother blackmailed me into fucking her. I need to be careful with this family, since I have also fucked Maryanne's younger sister Jennifer.

"I want to watch my soap before we get started," Donna announced, "so I'll be in the living room for a while."

Donna was setting things up for Maryanne and I. Donna told me last night that Maryanne wanted to fuck me so she was going to help make it happen. What Donna didn't know was that Maryanne and I had already hooked up. I think Maryanne hoped by fucking me now, Donna would know about it and then Maryanne and I could fuck at will, without trying to hide it from Donna.

Maryanne pulled me towards Donna's room. I dutifully followed, prepared to tell Donna that this was not going to happen. I was not doing that sort of thing anymore.

"Donna is giving us the time to do whatever we want," Maryanne informed me. "And I want you, in me, now." She shut Donna's door and starting undressing.

"Maryanne, I'm not so sure we should be doing this," I tried to argue. I was really trying to be good. I didn't want a repeat of Natalie's party where I fucked every girl Natalie had over.

"Funny thing is, I was talking to my mom on the way home last night. She was asking me what I thought it would be like to have you as my dad. Then she asked me if I ever thought about sex. Yes, my mom actually talked to me about sex, well if I thought about it anyway."

"What'd you tell her," I asked.

"I told her that yes, I think about it sometimes," she continued. "She asked me if I thought about having sex with the boys at school or with older men, like you for example. I wondered if she found out about us. Hell I told her sure, I had thought about it, just not with boys but rather older guys and even fantasized about having sex with you. Then she said that you never know the final outcome of our actions but sometimes, if we truly want to be happy, we should just act on our fantasies. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was basically saying I should fuck you."

Maryanne continued on, "Then this morning she took me aside and said I should ignore everything she said last night, that she was out of her head, that I shouldn't act out on my fantasies. If I want to masturbate, that's fine, but I definitely should not have sex. I was too young."

This whole time Maryanne was talking I was mesmerized by this girl. She had undressed, I had followed suit as if she had some hidden power over me. She got up on Donna's bed and spread her legs. I crawled up between them and slid my knees up under her legs, lifting her ass up in the air.

"So you are taking your mom's advice from last night, not this morning," I stated matter-of-factly.

"Yes, now fuck me, you pervert," she ordered. I loved it when Maryanne ordered me around. She did that at the fair, telling me what to do to her, when to do it, where to do it. I guess she reminded me a little bit of Donna.

Looking down at this naked girl below me I knew I was lost. There was no way I could not fuck her. I positioned my dick to her opening and slowly pushed in. She was wet and I watched as I slid all the way in without stopping. "Oh fucking God in heaven, you feel so good," I told her as I began my rhythm, in and out.

"Oh Danny, you don't know how I have missed this. I haven't fucked anyone since we did it at the fair." Maryanne closed her eyes as I began to pick up the pace a bit.

"You should have come to see me sooner," I told her.

"I didn't know who the hell you were, other than some guy pretending to be Patty's boyfriend," she explained. "I didn't know until last week you were really Donna's dad. But I plan on fucking you plenty from here on out. Oh shit I'm cumming already."

I pushed my legs out underneath me, stretching out on top of her. With my arms holding me up I rammed my shaft in her as fast as I could. I wanted to cum with her. A few moments later I was shooting my load into Maryanne, this beautiful 13-year-old girl.

I rolled onto my back, bringing Maryanne with me so that she could rest on top of me. She pushed herself up and smiled at me. "Thanks, I needed that."

"Me too," I told her.

"Donna and I have a surprise for you tonight, but I can't tell you yet," she teased. "You'll love it, I promise."

Maryanne got up and was dressing as I asked, "So who is this Tisha girl that is having a birthday?"

"She is this girl from school. She's from Africa actually. I guess her and her parents are refugees. She speaks good English but her parents not so well."

We finished getting dressed and Maryanne said, "Let me smell your breath."

She didn't wait for me but just got up close. "Hmmm, just as I thought." She pulled something out of her jean pocket and said, "Here, take this. It will help." I thought she was giving me a breath mint when she pushed a small pill into my mouth. "Swallow," she ordered. I did without hesitation, even though it seemed a bit odd.

As we headed back to the living room we saw Donna opening the front door. "Tisha is here," she announced.

When Donna opened the door, I saw this girl wave goodbye to someone in the street. She then turned and stepped inside, into the light. Donna shut the door and introduced me. "Dad, this is Tisha. She's 13 today."

There, standing before me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was as black as midnight with no stars out. She had hair just as black as Donna and Maryanne's hair, but short and kinky. She was a couple inches taller than Maryanne, maybe 5 foot 3 or so. Her eyes were a dark brown, her nose slightly spread, and her lips full. And she had breasts, nothing huge but definitely a handful. Her top was loose fitting so I couldn't get a real good look to be sure.

I thought I took all this in with a quick glance but it was Donna that caught my attention. "Dad," is all she said. I realized that Tisha had her hand out to shake mine. I guess I had been staring after all.

"Oh, excuse me," I apologized. I shook her hand. Thank God it was a decent handshake. I hated it when people had that whimpy fish handshake.

"Nice to meet you Tisha," I said. "Happy birthday. Come in, have a seat," I told the girls leading them to the living room. "Can I get you all something to drink?"

"I'll take a White Russian," Maryanne said.

"Funny, Maryanne," I told her. "Coke, 7-up, Dr. Pepper?"

"Oh I love the cherry taste of Dr. Pepper," Tisha said.

"Coke for me," Maryanne yelled.

Donna came out into the kitchen to help me get the sodas. "So what do you think of Tisah?" she asked.

"She's a beautiful girl," I told her. Seeing Donna smile I told her, "Don't get any ideas. I'm not doing that with your girlfriends. I'm not having sex with them. No one, no more. Only your mother, remember?"

"You mean like how we not-fucked last night, and how you just not-fucked Maryanne?" she asked. Man, word gets around quick. I gave her a dirty look. "Wouldn't you like to not-fuck Tisha the same way that you not-fucked us?" I just stared at Donna.

"I understand," she agreed. "But you can still enjoy how pretty she is. You don't have to fuck her. Just relax this evening, and whatever happens just happens. Don't stress yourself out about anything."

"Fine, just as long as you understand, nothing is going to happen," I said again, trying to reassure myself more than Donna.

A minute later we were all back in the living room with our sodas.

I let the girls talk while I just watched and listened. My eyes were totally on Tisha though. She had changed tops while Donna and I were getting drinks. She now had on a white top that fit her tight. Her breasts were more clearly defined, probably a small B-cup. But her nipples protruded out as if the top she had on was skin tight around her breasts. She definitely did not have a bra on.

After about 15 minutes of watching these three girls, I felt myself getting hard and didn't want anyone to notice, so I slipped out into the kitchen and left the girls to their talking. As soon as I was out of site I put my hand down my pants and adjusted myself. I heard something behind me and turned, my hand still in the front of my pants. "Oh shit," I quietly said as I saw Tisha standing there staring at me. I immediately pulled my hand out. "I uh…"

She rescued me, "I'm always adjusting my shirt too in this heat." She pulled on her top, drawing my eyes to her perky little breasts.

Good. Maybe that's what she thought I was doing, adjusting my shirt. Or maybe she was just being kind. "Yeah, I'm sorry about the air-conditioner. The repairman said he had to order a part and it won't get here till Monday."

"Oh it'll be fine," she added, "as long as you don't mind seeing sweaty teen girls all night." She walked up to me and touched my arm. "I certainly don't mind being around a sweaty guy." A she said this she placed her hand on my chest.

I was harder than ever right then. I was having a bit of trouble with just Tisha here. How would I survive with a house full of girls. "Speaking of girls, weren't there supposed to be more here tonight?"

"No, just us three," Tisha revealed. She walked over to the fridge and opened it up. Pulling out a can of beer she opened it up.

"Hey, you shouldn't have that," I complained.

She took a big long drink and then handed it to me. "Then you better not tell anyone," she said.

I stood there for a moment without taking the can, trying to figure out this girl.

"Well if you're not going to take it," she said and then swigged down another long drink.

"Enough," I said and grabbed for the can. But she turned her back to me in the last instant. I ended up with my arms around her trying to grab the beer. Her lithe body was pressed up against me, my rod against her lower back.

She giggled as I held her around the waist with my left hand pressing against her hard stomach, and tried to get the can away with my right hand. "OK, you win," I conceded letting loose of her.

She turned to face me and took another drink. That's when I pushed her back against the counter. I grabbed the can from her, spilling some beer down her front. It just emphasized her bare breasts even more. Setting the can aside, I took a wrist in each hand and held them down on the counter. I was now pressed up against her front. There was no hiding the fact that my hard shaft was pressing against her stomach. She was definitely pinned in.

She looked down at her stomach and then turned up and smiled at me. "Wow, this is fun, and the night is only getting started."

Realizing I was pressing into her a bit harder than I should I backed away and let her go. She puffed out her lower lip, giving me a sad look. Then she grabbed the can of beer and ran for the garage door. "Catch me if you can," she said.

I chased her into the garage, catching her about halfway to the outside door. Then the kitchen door finished closing and we stood there in total darkness.

I had my hands on her waist holding her when she startled me. She pressed the palm of her hand against my hard-on. "Is this because of me?" she asked.

I wasn't thinking clearly, like I rarely do around teenage girls. I took my right hand and slipped my fingers into her hair, holding her head tipped up to me. I then leaned down and kissed her. Her lips were so full and soft. I could taste the coolness of the beer she had just had.

Tisha was no novice to kissing, she opened her mouth and slipped her tongue between my lips. I put both hands behind her and pulled her tight against me. I was out of my mind. I took my left hand and slipped it under her top and onto a firm breasts. Squeezing first one and then another.

Her nipples were hard and I wanted to suck on them. I broke our kiss long enough to pull her top up above her breasts. I dove my mouth down to one and began sucking. Tisha moaned to my actions as I moved from one breast to the other, biting down lightly on each nipple as I went.

She surprised me by pushing me off her breasts and then jumped up, wrapping her legs around me. She now had her pussy pressed up against my iron shaft, grinding her hips against me.

I carried her a few feet to the trunk of my car, laying her back down on it. Unsnapping her jeans I pulled them under her butt, down her legs and dropped them on the floor. The fact that she didn't have shoes on made it a simple task.

Everything was still by touch as I couldn't see anything in the darkness. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to the edge of the trunk. Quickly dropping my pants I guided my prick to her opening. Just the head slipped in between her pussy lips. Again I took her by the hips and pulled her to me, pushing forward at the same time.

"Oh yes," she cried. "Fuck me Danny."

I slid in too easily for this girl to be a virgin. Oh she was tight, don't get me wrong. Deadly heat wrapped my shaft as I began to thrust in and out of her. "Ugh, ugh," I grunted with each thrust. I wished at that moment that the lights were on and I could see the look on her face as I fucked her.

I kept thrusting for several minutes when she took her legs and wrapped them tightly around my waist. "Harder Danny, harder. Fuck me harder you bastard."

Who had fucked this girl, I wondered. Pulling her out away from the trunk even more, so that only her shoulders were now touching the metal, I had to hold her up with my hands under her butt. I held on tight as I rammed my rigid cock into this girl's cunt as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck yes, yes," she cried. "I'm cumming."

So was I. This girl had my shaft in a death grip, milking my cum out of me. It couldn't have even been an hour ago that I had climaxed into Maryanne. But I was pumping load after load into Tisha as if I hadn't cum in a week.

A minute later I was done. I pushed her back onto the trunk and collapsed on top of her.

"Oh fuck Tisha, you are incredible," I praised her. Then it hit me. I just fucked some mother's 13-year-old daughter, a girl I just met. "Oh God Tisha, I'm so sorry. I lost control. Forgive me, please."

We were both out of breath but I was still trying to get out an apology. A few moments later she said, "You're still hard."

I was too. Realizing I was still buried inside her pussy I pulled out of her to check. I reached down and felt it. My rod was as stiff as when I entered her. Normally I'm shrinking within minutes of climaxing but not this time.

I stepped back and almost stumbled, my jeans still around my ankles. "We better get dressed," I told Tisha.

"Do you have my jeans?" she asked sarcastically. I picked them up and handed them to her. "Don't leave without me.," she warned.

I waited a minute for her, still trying to apologize for taking advantage of her, and then we slowly walked through the darkness to the kitchen door. It wasn't that big of a garage. Just before entering the house again I said to her, "This never happened."

She reached down and cupped my cock with her hand. "Whatever you say."

When we entered the house I could hear Donna and Maryanne laughing about something. Tisha walked back into the living room and I stayed in the kitchen, just listening. I could hear them talking. I wanted to find out if Tisha would tell on me.

"Where've you been?" Maryanne asked.

"Hey, you've spilled something on your top," Donna noticed. "Give it to me. I'll go wash it right away."

I peeked around the corner of the doorway to the living room in time to see Tisha remove her white top. She was standing sideways to me giving me a perfect profile of her breasts. My God they were beautiful, jutting straight out.

"Follow me," Donna instructed. "I'll give you something to put on while this is being cleaned."

I quickly leaned back into the kitchen so they wouldn't see me as they walked by, then stared at Tisha's bare back as she walked down the hall. I had to feel myself again to believe it but I really was still hard. What was going on?

As I walked out of the kitchen towards my room I yelled to Maryanne, "I'm going to go take a shower."

I had one of those large showers that you just walk into, no door. The one wall was made of of those thick glass bricks. There were two separately controlled shower heads. I just let the hot water pour down on me. With my eyes closed I slowly stroked my hard cock thinking about Tisha, wondering what she looked like in the nude. Moments ago I had fucked her in the dark.

I was in my own dreamland when I felt a hand around mine. "Let me do that for you."

Opening my eyes I saw Tisha standing there in the shower with me, completely naked. She pulled my hand away and replaced it with hers, slowly stroking me. She was more beautiful than I imagined. Her skin was more black than anything I had ever seen. Her breasts were not as big as I thought but oh so firm looking. If it were possible I would say her areolas were darker than her skin and her nipples were slightly oversized for her breasts. They were midnight itself. How could anything be so black. Her pussy was not visible as it was covered in black hair.

I leaned down and wrapped my lips around a breast.

"Suck them hard, please," she requested. I did, first one then the other. Her nipples were not soft at all so I bit down hard. Jesus this girl turned me on.

I spun her around and pushed her up against the glass wall. Spreading her feet apart I crouched down a bit so that I could get my shaft positioned against her pussy opening from behind. Pushing upwards I impaled her on my rod and began fucking her pussy deep and hard. Each time I thrust upward I lifted her up off the shower floor and then dropped her down as I pulled nearly out. Up again, deep and hard, then down.

The shower was still going, the fan was on and I didn't seem to care that she became a bit noisy.

"Yes Danny, that's it, fuck my little cunt you perverted pedophile," she yelled.

I hesitated for a moment but she screamed at me, "Don't you dare stop fucking me you son of a bitch. You're nothing but a fucking child molester. Now keep fucking me."

The more she yelled and cussed at me the more turned on I got.

"Hell, I'm cumming," she screamed. "Keep fucking me you ass-hole. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I'm cumming so hard. What's it feel like, making a child cum like this you degenerate. Oh yes, yes."

I pumped her a few more times until she began to calm down from her climax. But I didn't cum. It was too soon. I so wanted to though.

Then I seemed to come to my senses. What the fuck was I doing, molesting this little girl? I pulled out of her and stepped back. "Oh God in heaven, what am I doing? I can't be doing this."

I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel I walked back into the bedroom. I noticed that Tisha must have shut the bedroom door. "I'm going to hell," I said as I plopped down onto the bed, still half wet.

Tisha was right there trying to calm me. "Relax, relax Danny," she began saying. "Let me finish drying you off. It will make you feel better. Let me make you feel better."

What did she mean? She had me lay on my back in the middle of the bed while she dried my arms.

"Here, grab this cord," she instructed as she slipped a loop over my right wrist and had me circle my fingers around a strap. I knew this strap. It was familiar. I had seen pictures of them but I couldn't quite bring them into focus in my mind's eye. I was so confused at the moment I just couldn't place it.

"Let's do the other hand too," she said as she slipped something over my left wrist, all the time drying off my body with the towel.

I had visions of my wife strapped to the bed as Tisha dried my ankles. She then climbed off the end of the bed. I looked down and watched as she pulled two straps that ran under the bed. Suddenly my wrists and feet were all pulled tight towards each corner of the bed. I was spread eagle on my back with my arms and legs pulled tight away from my body. I realized where I had seen this, in a sex toys magazine and had suggested to Amanda that we try it sometime.

"What are you doing?" I asked her. She answered by pushing a small black plastic ball with air holes in it, into my mouth and strapped it tight around the back of my head. I was now securely tied and gagged.

A moment later Tisha mounted me like a play toy and began fucking me in earnest. "You're going to cum for me now," she simply stated.

She rocked her hips forwards and backwards faster than I could have ever fucked her. Though it had only been about a quarter hour or so since I had cum in her in the garage, at the pace she was going I knew I would be climaxing again soon.

As I approached that moment I began to moan, maybe even whimper. It felt so good, Tisha fucking me like she was. When my climax hit me I thrust upwards with my midsection. Tisha stopped moving and just let me cum in her.

"That's it Danny, give me all your cum. Make me pregnant. I need a baby Danny. They are going to send us all back home and I don't want to leave here. I don't want to leave America. If I have your baby here, they won't send me home. They'll have to keep me here with my American baby, with our baby. So give me your cum."

Her pussy walls squeezed hard as she was talking, pulling every bit of cum I had into her body. I have never felt anything as good as Tisha right then, making me climax. When I was dry she dismounted me. Putting her finger to her lips she said, "Don't tell anyone what we did." She then went to the bedroom door. "You will climax again in me but others will be here. I don't want you to thrust upward like you just did. Just lay there and let your cum shoot up into me. Nod if you understand. Promise?"

I gave her the assurance she wanted but I didn't understand what she was talking about.

Opening the door she called for Donna and Maryanne. A minute later in walked my step daughter and Maryanne, completely nude, just like Tisha.

"Did you fuck him yet?" Maryanne asked.

"No, of course not," Tisha lied. "I wouldn't even know how. You guys need to go first. I want to watch you."

"Donna, you go first," Maryanne said.

"Wow, he is really hard," Donna said as she climbed up on the bed. "That pill of yours must be pretty good. Let's just hope it keeps him hard like you said it would." Then she dropped herself down onto my shaft and began rocking forward and back, forward and back. I couldn't move, strapped tight down to the bed.

Donna fucked me for five minutes before she climaxed. She got off and Maryanne mounted me. It didn't take her as long before an orgasm rolled through her body. She fucked me right on through it for another five minutes and a second climax. But neither girl made me cum. "Wow, he hasn't cum yet," Maryanne noticed out loud.

"OK Tisha, your turn," Donna said.

"What do I do?" she asked.

"Just slide his shaft up into your pussy, silly girl," Donna teased. "It'll hurt at first but then it feels wonderful."

Tisha played it up good, pretending that she didn't know how to fuck, that I was her first. She made the appropriate moaning sounds and gradually began to fuck me with more intensity. "It feels, it feels, oh what's happening?" she cried, continuing to rock her hips up and down my shaft.

"Just keep going Tisha, yes, that's it, fuck that bastard good," Maryanne urged her on.

Tisha may have been pretending to be learning how to fuck but she was really having an orgasm. Her pussy walls began clamping down on my shaft as she continued to fuck me. My cock was in a vice, yet sliding in and out of her cunt. She leaned down onto my chest with her head next to my ear and whispered so that no one but me could hear, "Cum for me now Danny, give me a baby."

I did as she ordered, I shot yet another load up into this 13-year-old African child. I was mesmerized by her. It was as if my body had to obey her. I had to make her pregnant. She knew I was cumming as she whispered again, "Thank you Danny, but you'll fill me a lot more before this is all over. That was good, no body movements, just cum for me."

Sliding off of my shaft Tisha quickly took me into her mouth and sucked any traces of my cum off of my shaft.

"Did he cum?" Donna asked.

"No, nothing," Tisha lied again. "Maybe he'll cum for you since you're his daughter."

Donna mounted me and began a gentle smooth rhythm. She looked at me stretched out on the bed and said, "You're probably wondering where all this stuff came from." I shook my head yes.

"I heard you and mom talking about it once so I shared that with Maryanne. She said she could get all the equipment. We knew you couldn't resist Maryanne's mom Linda, so we planned it that when you were fucking her downstairs we prepared the bed with all the straps. Maryanne took the Viagra from her dad's supply. It's supposed to keep you hard for hours." It seemed to be working. Though I wanted to be free, I couldn't complain too much. I was being fucked constantly by three gorgeous young teens.

Granted I wasn't climaxing every time a new girl got on me, but just the constant sensation of fucking was out of this world.Every five minutes or so they would trade off and a new girl was on me. About once each half hour I would climax. It seemed improbable but every time it was Tisha that made me climax. And every single time she somehow hid it from the other girls.

"Is he ever going to cum?" she would ask as she jerked quickly to cover the fact that at that moment I was shooting my load up into her. Then she would whisper to me something like, "Thank you Danny. I know you're going to make a great daddy to our baby." Once she even whispered, "I love you Danny. I will make you a good wife so we can fuck all the time."

This went on for a couple more hours until finally it had been almost four hours since Maryanne had slipped me that Viagra pill. Donna had just finished fucking me and for the first time I had cum in her instead of Tisha. I then started showing signs of going limp.

Donna went and got a cup. Loosening up my bonds a bit she allowed me to pee in it. Then clicking off the light they all climbed up onto the bed and snuggled in with me. Though the straps were a little loose, I was still unable to get away. We soon all fell asleep.

We slept through the night and it wasn't until around 9 the next morning that the girls woke me up. Donna let me pee again in a cup and then removing my gag she let me drink my fill of water. I had to promise her that I wouldn't talk, just drink. When I was done she gagged me again.

"Did he take it?" Maryanne asked.

"Yes, I crushed the Viagra up in his water, just like you said," Donna responded. "He drank it all." They just gave me another pill. I didn't think I could survive another three plus hours of fucking. I recalled how Amanda my wife had warned me to be well rested as she expected a good long night of sex when she got home later that day.

After about a half hour I was hard again. Donna announced, "Since he didn't cum much yesterday and I got what little he did give, why don't we let Tisha go first. Maybe she can get him off this morning." Maryanne shrugged OK but she didn't look happy about it.

"I want to try something," Tisha said. "I'll need a hot washcloth and a little bit of baby oil."

Donna got both for her. Tisha placed the washcloth on my stomach as she applied a lot of the oil all over my shaft. She then began to mount me but instead of sliding my shaft up into her pussy, she positioned her butt against the head of my dick. Suddenly she slipped downward as my cock pierced her asshole. A moment later she was sliding her ass up and down my rod.

This was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced. First of all it was like a furnace wrapped tightly around my dick. Tisha would squeeze hard as she slid up and down once, then relax as she slid up and down again. This rhythm was repeated, tight then relaxed, over and over. I was whimpering as she smiled down at me. It hurt like hell when she squeezed tight yet felt wonderful at the same time. Then she would relax and let my member pump more blood.

For the first time since they tied me up I was participating in the fuck. I was digging my heels into the bed and somehow thrusting my midsection upwards each time she dropped herself down onto me. As I approached what I knew to be a colossal climax, I cried out louder and louder.

Somehow Tisha knew when I was moments away from cumming. She pulled herself off of me, and with the hot washcloth already in her hand she cleaned me off. It only took her a couple of seconds. Then she shoved my cock up into her pussy and began fucking me furiously.

"Do it Danny, cum in her," Maryanne yelled. And I did. Screaming through the gag I began to shoot my load up into Tisha's pussy. I hadn't cum in over eight hours so I had a pretty big load to give her.

Tisha began climaxing, her pussy walls tightening around my shooting cock, pulling every bit of cum out of me. It was several minutes before Tisha finished with me.

Maryanne quickly mounted me and said, "God Tisha, I hope you left something for the rest of us."

That began three hours of constant fucking. When it was over I had cum twice more into Tisah, once into Maryanne and once into Donna. I didn't worry about Donna or Maryanne getting pregnant. I knew Donna was secretly on the pill. Her mother didn't know. Donna had told me that Maryanne was on the pill too.

I heard Maryanne say, "When you start your periods Tisha, you'll have to get on the pill so you won't have to worry about getting pregnant."

I laughed to myself. I knew that Tisha was already having her periods. She told me she was in her fertile part of her cycle. She apparently didn't share everything with the other two girls. She had her own agenda.

By midday the whole affair was over and they released me. I took a long hot shower while the girls cleaned everything up, including changing and washing the bedding.

I managed to get dressed and collapsed onto the sofa. Late that afternoon Tisha came over to me. "Thank you for a wonderful sleepover Danny. I hope we can get together again soon. I promise I won't be so rough on you. We can have a nice gentle fuck, OK?"

"Sure, whatever," I said, wishing she would just leave me alone, yet at the same time hoping we would get together soon. This girl was simply the best fuck I had ever experienced. Better than my wife Amanda, better than any of my step daughters, better than any of their friends. She was just fantastic. With all the cum I shot into her the last 24 hours I wondered if she just might have gotten pregnant.

"Danny, Danny wake up," I heard a voice say. I must have fallen asleep. It was Amanda, my wife. I looked at my watch. The time was 7 PM. Amanda was home with my other two step daughters. I presumed Maryanne and Tisha had found their way home somehow.

"Come on big boy," Amanda said. "With all this rest you've been getting you should be up for a lot of fun with me tonight. I've been waiting all weekend for this. So don't think I'm going to go easy on you either and by God you better be a maniac for me."

I did the best I could, spending a lot of time eating Amanda out, making her cum in as many ways and as often as I could without having to fuck her too much. I just didn't have the strength to get it up but twice the whole night. But I must have put on a good show and kept Amanda satisfied. I was able to give her one orgasm after another most of the night.

The funny thing is, my mind wasn't with it. I kept visualizing my wife as Tisha. That was the only way I think I was able to get a hard on. As I fucked Amanda I pretended it was Tisha.

I survived the night and things went back to normal for the next six weeks or so. I managed to stay true to Amanda and not be diverted by my daughters or anyone else. The whole time Donna never said a word about what had happened and neither did I.

But one day during the week Donna came up to me and said, "Dad, we have a problem. Tisha's parents are being deported. Her dad got into some trouble and they are sending him back to Africa. Her mom is going too. Tisha doesn't want to go. Even though she didn't do anything wrong, without a sponsor she has to leave."

"I'm sorry to hear that," I told Donna.

"There's more," she continued. "Tisha is six weeks pregnant. You don't think that maybe, you know, you did cum in her. I mean is it possible that maybe it's your baby?"

"Oh God, do you think?" I mused out loud.

"I was wondering, I mean, Tisha needs someone to sponsor her, to say they will take responsibility for her, to give her a home and care for her. Do you think she could come live with us?" Donna asked. "I mean if it's your baby, wouldn't you want to?"

"Of course, but your mother, she can't ever know," I warned her.

That conversation and many more with my wife eventually led to Tisha moving in with us. She definitely was pregnant. I also discovered Donna's friend Maryanne and her mother Linda were pregnant. All three pregnant, apparently at about the same time. But I couldn't deal with those two now, with Tisha about to be deported.

After having a physician check Tisha over we discovered that she had precocious puberty, early growth. That's why she was so much more developed than others her age. A lawyer friend of mine pushed through the paperwork and Tisha soon moved in with us.

My wife and I decided it would be best if I home schooled Tisha while she was pregnant. Then next year, after the birth, we could get her into school. With both Linda and Maryanne pregnant too, they arranged to be included in our home-school arrangement. Maryanne had told her mom who the father was and somehow Linda didn't cut off my dick. I guess the new school arrangement helped.

I'm not sure how much home-schooling I provided other than perhaps sex education. We all fucked like animals every day until the three of them got so large that we had to cut back and eventually stop.

By the time the school year was over Tisha gave birth to a wonderful little girl. Tisha called her Lisa. She was clearly African but was much lighter skinned than her mother. It was obvious that the child's father was white. Everyone just thought that she had been raped but Tisha refused to ever talk about it, pretending that it was too traumatic. The doctor's didn't push the matter and the authorities couldn't do anything more about it.

But Donna and I knew, as well as Tisha.

"How do you like your baby girl?" Tisha asked me.

"She is every bit as beautiful as you are," I told Tisha.

Linda covered for her daughter Maryanne, saying that it was some boy at school and that Maryanne wouldn't say who. Linda's husband was so stupid he thought he had made Linda pregnant. A week after Tisha had given birth, Maryanne had her baby girl, Cindy. A couple days later Linda gave birth to April.

It was a month later we had Linda and her family, except her husband, over for a visit. With three new babies it was a little hectic. At one point Amanda and I just sat back in our love seat and stared out at everyone.

Amanda turned to me and said, "I love you more than anything Danny. I just can't get over how lucky I am having you in my life."

"I love you too," I told her.

"I'm so much older than you," she went on. "I worry that one day you will get tired of me. You would never cheat on me, would you Danny?"

I looked at everyone there in the room, how I had fucked all three of my daughters, my African queen Tisha, Linda and both her daughters, Maryanne and Jennifer. I had fucked them all. I turned to my wife and promised her, "I would never cheat on you. I love you too much for that."

The End (until Tisha told me she wanted me all to herself, she would do whatever it took to be my wife)

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