Danny was married to Amanda, a woman 8 years his senior. He was step-father to Amanda's three daughters, Natalie nearly 16, Donna 13, and Patty who just turned 11. Donna still wanted her party but her mother had other plans. Danny knew he had to stop his perversive behavior. So who did Danny finally side with, Donna or her mother?
Artist 10 - Donna's Party - Preparation

Danny was married to Amanda, a woman 8 years his senior. He was step-father to Amanda's three daughters, Natalie nearly 16, Donna 13, and Patty who just turned 11. Donna still wanted her party but her mother had other plans. Danny knew he had to stop his perversive behavior. So who did Danny finally side with, Donna or her mother?

"Since I had to come home early last weekend, I made arrangements for us to go back up to mother's this coming weekend," Amanda informed me. "You are coming, right Danny?" My wife wasn't really asking me. She was politely informing me.

This was Tuesday. I had no plans for the weekend. I had pretty much screwed myself silly this past weekend, and the weekend before that. I just needed a good long rest to recuperate. "Of course honey," I affirmed. "Whatever you want is fine with me." Amanda was happy and it would give me that opportunity I needed to refocus my life back to the woman I love, my wife. I had done some rotten and quite frankly dangerous things here lately and I was determined that it would not happen again. I loved Amanda more than life itself and I wasn't going to mess that up, at least not anymore.

But my re-focused life only lasted a couple of days. Donna had gotten sick with the flu last weekend just as her slumber party got started. When she found out that we were all going up to her grandmother's house for the weekend she about freaked.

"I can't go, not this weekend," Donna cried. "I made promises to all my friends that we had only postponed the party one week. All the parents agreed. They've all made plans. I can't upset everyone again." Donna's slumber party last weekend was cut short because Donna got sick.

"No, I'm not canceling a second time," Amanda stated. "Your grandmother needs me. You're just going to have to go."

"Please, mom, please," Donna continued. "Can't I just stay by myself? I'll be good. I promise."

"Absolutely not, Donna. You're not having a bunch of kids over here by yourself," Amanda argued. "You'll destroy the house."

"Daddy, please," Donna asked, looking at me like a poor little puppy dog. Donna just started calling me Dad. But this was the first time she called me Daddy. She must really want this. But I knew what it meant. I would have to stay here with her, with all those girls, all that temptation. God I hated Donna right then, and I loved her too. Those mixed feelings scared me. I knew I was in trouble if I stayed her, but I just couldn't say no to Donna.

I turned to Amanda with that questioning look, pushing my lower lip out, trying to look as pitiful as Donna did to me.

"No! No! Oh Damn you Danny," she said to me. "Fine, but you better keep them under control. And this better just be a kids slumber party," Amanda warned. "I don't want a repeat of last week." I had called Donna back from her mother's because one of the mothers of a girl here at Donna's slumber party had decided to spend the night, and she had more on her mind than just sleeping.

Leaning close Amanda whispered into my ear, "And by God when I come home Sunday night I expect to be fucked long and hard, so save up your strength. With all those lusty looking girls around, you should be horny as hell."

"OK Amber," I told Amanda, my wife. Sometimes we did role-play and one character she liked was Amber, a prostitute. Every once in a while I would call her that, so often in fact that I have on occasion called her that by mistake. But this time was on purpose, letting her know that I would be a maniac in bed with her when she returned.

I smiled. Donna shrieked and gave me a hug, then her mother one, thanking us over and over. Then she hugged me again and whispered in my ear, "I love you daddy. You won't be sorry, I promise."

Late Friday afternoon my wife Amanda, and my other two step daughters Natalie and Patty, drove off to my mother-in-law's. It was far enough away that they would just spend the night there both Friday and Saturday, leaving me with my 13-year-old step daughter Donna.

Around 6:30 Friday night the door bell rang. "Did you order pizza?" I yelled to Donna as I went to answer the door. I wasn't expecting anyone until tomorrow. When I opened it, there stood Maryanne and her 40-year-old mother Linda. I had met Linda the previous Saturday at the early-terminated slumber party. She stood there, 5 feet tall with a well-endowed chest. Her daughter, Donna's age of 13, I had pretended to meet last week for the first time.

"Well Dad, aren't you going to let them in?" I heard Donna ask, realizing I had just been staring at them with my mouth open.

"Yes, excuse me," I said as I came out of my moment of shock. Maryanne was the girl I fucked at the fair this past Summer. I stepped back and gestured them inside. "I thought the party was tomorrow night."

"Maryanne is here to help me plan a surprise for our new friend Tisha. She turns 13 tomorrow and we're going to celebrate at the party," Donna explained. "We're planning something extra special for her."

The two girls marched off to Donna's room, but not so fast that Maryanne didn't have time to secretly run her hand across my belly and give me her "I want to fuck you" look. But I had made up my mind. I was not going to fall for any of that anymore. I loved my wife and I was going to be faithful to her, at least from now on. Success has to start sometime and for me it was now.

I turned back to Linda as she was walking into the living room. I followed her and sat down on the couch, her at one end, me at the other.

"So I guess you'll be watching the girls tomorrow night," Linda stated.

"Yes," I replied. "Donna really wants to have this sleepover."

"Will Amanda be helping you?" she asked.

"No, she and our other two daughters will be at her mother's this weekend." As soon as I said it I knew I shouldn't have.

With a slight smile showing on her phony face of concern, Linda said, "Well then I'm not so sure you should be alone." She clearly wanted to stay the night tomorrow night when we had the slumber party.

"I'll be fine," I countered. "And Donna has promised not to let things get out of hand."

I just realized that Linda had scooted over a bit as we were talking. My eyes fell to her large breasts, accentuated by her short 5 foot frame. I started visualizing myself sucking on her breasts, biting down on her nipples.

"Still, you shouldn't be alone," she continued to argue. I looked up and knew she had caught me staring at her chest. "With all these girls around you, so young and ripe, it must take all your strength to squash any temptation." She was scooting over more and more as she talked.

She was now sitting next to me and put a hand on my leg. "I could help you with that Danny, give you a release for all that tension you're going to have." As she said that last word she slid her fingernails across my groin, bringing me to attention.

"I…uh…I…," stumbling over my words I let myself stare down her blouse. Then I just stood up. "I'll be fine. But thank you anyway." If I let Linda stay I knew I would end up in bed with her. I swore to myself right then that I was never going to fuck this lady, or anyone else for that matter except my wife.

"Jennifer, my youngest tells me you have an art studio downstairs," she stated, standing up and walking towards the stairs leading to the basement. It didn't seem like that long ago I had fucked Jennifer down in that same basement.

I wasn't quick enough to stop Linda from going downstairs so ended up just following her down the steps. "Yes, that's where I do all my work."

She had already found the light and was wandering around looking at my setup. I had a shelf where I stored some of my work. She pulled a couple pieces out and slid them back in. Then I froze. Linda had moved to the next storage section which I normally keep locked. "Hmmm, this is a nice one," she said, staring at one of my larger paintings she pulled from this now unlocked cabinet.

It took me a moment to realize the piece she focused on was the one I did of Natalie. How could I be so stupid. If I had not forgotten to lock that cabinet.

"This looks like your oldest daughter Natalie," Linda mused. "She looks, what, maybe 14 here? Very nice work. I didn't realize you were such a good artist."

"I, yes, thank you, I mean," Oh God, no one was to see that picture. I didn't know what to say.

"Did she pose nude for you or did you fake it, just use your imagination?" Linda asked. "She looks quite aroused. In fact it sort of makes me tingle all over just looking at it. You are a marvelous painter. I bet you enjoyed painting her too."

I just stood there dumbfounded. "Oh don't worry," she said, trying to calm me. "Your secret is safe with me. It's not like you were taking illegal nude pictures of an underage girl. You were just painting one." She smiled. "Perhaps you'll do one like that of me one day. Or if you are only into young girls, maybe you could paint Maryanne. I would need to be here of course, just so things don't get, well out of hand. You know what I mean. Oh I'm not saying that things got out of hand between you and Natalie of course. I mean I could understand if they did. Natalie is a beautiful young girl. Any man would, well you know what I mean. I understand. I certainly couldn't blame you. The temptation I'm sure was, well… That's all I'm trying to say. I'm not judging."

She put the picture back and walked over to me and took my hand in hers. "I am sure Amanda doesn't know what you did and I think we should do everything in our power to keep it that way. Don't you? I certainly wouldn't want you to get in any sort of trouble about this with Amanda or the law."

She began walking into my room with me in tow. "Jennifer said you had a room down her." After I followed her in she shut and locked the door.

"I want you to know that this illegal painting of your under-age step daughter is safe with me," she promised. She stood there in front of me, running her hand slowly up and down my arm. "I think maybe we got off to a rough start, don't you think. Wouldn't you like us to start over?"

I was trapped. If I rejected Linda she would tell Amanda and maybe even the police about the painting. I knew exactly what she wanted, so I cut to the chaise and told her what she wanted to hear, "I agree, a rough start." I touched the outside of her arms with my hands, slowly caressing them. "You've probably noticed I can't seem to take my eyes off of your, uh…"

"My chest?" she helped. "Yes, I've noticed your interest. Would you like a better look?"

"You know I would," I replied. She removed her blouse and quickly dropped her bra to the floor, releasing her two large breasts to the open air.

"Do you like them, Danny" she asked.

"They're beautiful," I told her as I gently began massaging them.

"Hmmm, that's nice," she mewed.

I just wanted to get this over with so I blurted out, "God I want to fuck you, Linda. I want to fuck you more than anything in this world." I knew she had me. I had no choice. It was either this or run the risk that she talked to someone about the painting.

"Oh, Danny," Linda acted surprised. "I want you to know that I'm not the kind of girl that has sex with a guy without him getting to know me first." She continued undressing. "Would you like to get to know me better Danny?" She had her pants on the floor now too. "Why don't you get to know these first?" she said as she pulled my head down to her breasts.

She had the largest pair of breasts I had ever seen. Her areolas were huge, light pink circles, her nipples thick and light brown. I began sucking on one of them, taking in a light salty and sweaty taste. I decided if I was being blackmailed into doing this I was damn well going to enjoy it. I pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her panties down over her butt and off her legs. She scooted back up onto the bed more while I stripped my own clothes off.

"You don't waste any time do you big boy?" she chided me.

I dove between her legs, licking her hairy cunt, thinking about how I had already fucked her two daughters and now I was completing the package. I wondered about her husband, what he would think of me if he knew what I had done to her family. My guess was that he wasn't fucking Linda much.

"Oh God that feels good," she cried. I slipped a couple fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her while I licked her outer lips. When I hit her clit I sucked, continuing my finger movements. She bucked upwards and grabbed my head, letting out a loud groan. I was glad I had double sheet-rocked my room this summer to reduce any noise like Linda was making.

"I want you in me, now. Get up here and fuck me Danny," Linda ordered, and I obeyed. "But you can't cum in me," she warned, "unless you have a condom."

A condom? Fuck that, I thought to myself. She wanted this so she gets what she gets.

I moved up her body, kissing and sucking my way up to her mouth. When I reached her mouth I sucked the breath out of her. Then I drove my tongue deep into her mouth at the same moment as I drove my shaft deep into her pussy. I muffled her scream with my kisses. Wrapping my hands and arms under her back and onto her shoulders I drove my cock all the way in over and over again, pounding her body as hard as I could.

I fucked Linda fast and hard for several minutes straight. I felt her body stiffen and swallowed her scream as her orgasm swept through her. Relaxing a bit, slowing down my thrusts, I let her grip on my shaft pull me over the edge, filling her with my seed. How ironic would that be, I wondered, if I got all three of them pregnant, Linda and her two daughters, Maryanne and Jennifer.

Finally I broke our kiss. "Oh fucking Jesus," she gasped. "That was so intense." She was speaking in short bursts, trying to catch her breath. "I have never cum that hard, that fast before. Hell, I hardly have sex anymore at all and when I do I rarely ever cum. Oh shit that was good. Oh God, you are fucking amazing, Danny, do you know that?"

"It was all because of you," I answered. Then as if a light came on in her head, "Oh shit, you came in me. I told you not to do that. Oh well, fuck it, it was too good to worry about that now."

"Did you fuck Susan like that?" she asked.

"No way," I told her. I wanted to make Linda feel special so I down played Susan. "She was horny, I was horny, it just happened. It was just like masturbating for me. But don't you tell her that. She thinks it was great and I don't want to hurt her feelings with the truth."

"I won't say anything," Linda promised. "I won't say anything to anyone about any of this. Amanda will never know that you have a mistress that you fuck and a daughter that you paint in the nude. All of your secrets are safe with me."

"I wish that I could have you over here with me tomorrow night but I can't," I told her. "Amanda would find out and kill me after promising her that no ladies would be here, just Donna's friends."

Linda pushed out her lower lip, "But I'm not a lady, Danny. I'm your fucking whore. Another time then. Maybe when my husband goes out of town on his next long haul, he's a truck driver you know. He's gone for a week, twice a month. Maybe then I'll have Donna and Patty both over for a sleep over. I'll need extra help and I won't have that same restriction against you spending the night."

I smiled, "Amanda would wonder why she wasn't invited."

"Fine, bring her too. I'll fuck you both," Linda boasted. "She probably needs a good womanly fuck."

"We better get dressed and back upstairs before someone comes looking," I told her.

"Oh, you don't want to go a second round?" she asked.

"Yes, I do actually, but we can't," I explained. "The girls will find out."

We quickly dressed and kissed one last time. As we separated, Linda gently grabbed my balls and laughed, "Don't wear this thing out on all the girls tomorrow night."

I swatted her on the butt, "Yeah, I wish. No really, you're more my style, not a bunch of little teenies."

"Do you mean you wouldn't want to fuck one of those young little pussies you're going to have running all over here tomorrow?" she asked. "How about my daughter, Maryanne? She has done nothing but talk about you since last weekend. I think she has that little girl crush on you. Wouldn't you like to shove this big cock of yours up her tight little hole?" As she said this last sentence she grabbed my shaft. "Fuck, you're getting hard again. Are you getting turned on thinking about fucking those girls? Or are you just thinking about fucking my Maryanne?"

"No, no, it must be..," I scrambled to explain.

"You fucking pervert," she broke in. "I tell you this, if you ever fuck Maryanne I'll cut off your dick," she suddenly smiled. Then as if she just had a great idea she added, "or perhaps we'll use it as an excuse for us both to get divorced and you'll fucking marry me and fuck me like we just did every night for the rest of my life."

I was just speechless.

"Hmm, maybe I should have a talk with Maryanne," she seemed to be thinking out loud. She then turned and left, going back up stairs.

What the hell just happened, I wondered. This Linda is a lunatic. I need to stay away from that whole family. I promised myself that I wouldn't fuck any of them ever again.

Going upstairs I heard several voices. The group of them, Linda, her daughter Maryanne, and my step daughter Donna, were saying their goodbyes. Linda gave me a hug and whispered, "Our secrets are safe."

I put my hand out to shake with Maryanne but she wasn't so inclined. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight for a moment. What no one saw was her right hand slide down my ass, between my butt cheeks and my legs. She pressed her fingers so that she touched my balls from behind. She looked at me and smiling let me go.

Then they left. I turned to Donna and she smiled. "Maryanne wants to fuck you."

"Wow, where did that come from?" I asked. I knew then that Donna didn't know I had already fucked Maryanne at the local fair last Summer or she would know that too.

"I'm just telling you. She didn't say it outright, but I can tell from everything else that was said tonight," Donna explained. "She is so hot for you. I'm jealous just thinking about what might happen between you two tomorrow night."

"Donna, you know, we promised, no sex between us or with your sister Natalie," I reminded her.

"I know Dad, but it's just you and me here tonight, all night long," she said walking towards my bedroom.

"Listen Donna, it's been a long day. I'm tired. We promised," I said again, following her into my room.

She turned and put her hand over my mouth. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. I didn't stop her. Getting on her knees she yanked my pants and underpants to the floor, freeing my partially erect member.

"Stop it Donna," I demanded. "We're not doing this."

"Oh just a quick blow job is all," she said. As she put me into her mouth and gave me a quick couple of strokes she suddenly stopped. "You fucked Maryanne's mother tonight, didn't you?"

"I…uh…she came onto me really hard. She just wouldn't take no," I tried to explain.

"Well neither will I," Donna said as she stood up and got undressed.

I went ahead and finished getting my clothes off. The thought of fucking Donna again made me hard. But thinking how wrong it was to cheat on my wife Amanda I tried one last time to stop it. "Please, Donna, it isn't right. I love your mother. Please don't do this," I begged.

"Get on your back. I'm sure you are all worn out so I'll do all the work," she promised. I did as she ordered.

I watched her as she straddled me. I remembered that first time we fucked, how she took control. This was her style, what she liked to do. She grabbed my shaft and lined it up to her pussy. I watched as she slid her body down and swallowed up my rod. How wonderful it felt, so tight, so warm, and yet so soft and velvety.

Donna rose and fell slowly, a steady rhythm. She continued this for five minutes before I saw her tilt her head back, felt her pussy walls grip my cock tight, watched her orgasm wrapped around my shaft. Through it all she kept her same even pace, up and down, up and down, never slowing down as she climaxed. I wasn't ready to cum, having done so not long ago, but I could feel myself building up towards that climax. I knew it would happen.

"Dad?" she said to get my attention. I looked at her. "Do you like fucking me? I mean, am I good at it?"

"You are fantastic, Donna, too good," I told her. "That's why we have to be careful, why I shouldn't be doing this now. I could lose myself and never want to stop." She smiled slightly.

"Am I better than Natalie?" she asked me.

"Don't you ever tell her, but you are far better than Natalie," I told her. She continued her same rhythm on me, up and down.

"Am I better than Mom?" she wondered out loud.

"Donna, I love your mother more than anything, you know that. But I have to admit that if I could only fuck one girl in the world, I would choose you." Now she had the biggest smile on her face.

Another five minutes, another orgasm, and she still continued on. I didn't want it to end but I could feel myself getting closer and closer. Then suddenly it happened. I went from "getting closer" to climaxing in a moment's time. I felt my cum rise up through my shaft, slower than normal so that climax feeling lasted longer than normal too. I shot my cum up into my 13-year-old's cunt. As she took it in, it must have triggered another orgasm for her too as her pussy walls clamped down hard on me. She stopped her rise and fall and held herself still, me fully engulfed within her walls.

Shot after shot of my cum came through. It was as if all my muscles throughout my body were on fire at once, all my nerve endings screaming with pleasure. Then as quickly as it came, it ended. I realized I had my eyes shut tight and opened them to see Donna staring down at me.

"Wow, Dad, that was intense," she exclaimed.

"You're telling me," I agreed. "Don't you dare brag to Natalie that we did this. This was a one time exception. We are still not fucking."

"Oh I love the way we don't fuck," she laughed. "I'm going to not-fuck you like this as much as I can. And I'm going to continue taking those birth control pills that you got me on last Summer just in case we keep not-fucking."

"Very funny," I chided. "Really, we can't fuck like this. You know what happens to me. You guys wear me out."

"I know, maybe just once in a while?" she asked.

"Maybe," I said. That seemed to pacify her. "And yes, please keep taking the birth control pills. I don't want any accidents."

"About tomorrow night," she began, "I think you should fuck Maryanne."

"What?", I act surprised. "That again? I can't do that. She's only 13."

"I'm 13 Dad. She so wants you," Donna stated. "And though she didn't say it explicitly I sort of knew she did. I kind of promised I would talk to you, even though we didn't say exactly what I would talk to you about. It was all a bit weird. I didn't want to talk about it because of how you and I fuck and I think she was a little bit shy about asking. Anyway, just think about it, OK? You know, she told me she is on birth control now too, just in case you wondered."

"You can't pimp me out, Donna. What we did tonight was a mistake, one I am not repeating," I promised myself. I tried to get myself back under control again. "I've cheated on your mother for the last time. You and I, together, will never happen again. I love your mother and this is wrong. I need you to understand we will never do this again. We can't ever do this again."

"Oh, I get it," she said, winking at me. "Sure, this never happened, and you will never cheat on Mom."

Donna got off of me and pulled down the covers. I got up, clicked off the light and climbed in bed with my nude step daughter. We snuggled and soon both fell asleep.

I don't know where Donna's dreams took her, but my thoughts surrounded the upcoming slumber party, all those ripe young girls, taunting me, teasing me, driving me insane with lust. How was I ever going to get through the night, I thought as I fell asleep.

The End (until tomorrow)

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