Part 3 begins
"Ugh! God yes Jeff!" Delia screams getting fucked on the kitchen counter with her legs spread out. Delia is 5'7, 39 years of age, natural D-cup, and weighing 135. Jeff a 6'0 foot black man with a 8' cock with tattoos on his arms stands pounding his body into hers.

The kitchen atmosphere is a modern bright color room. Midafternoon sun shines through the French doors. Aroma of sex strong spreads into the other rooms.

"Fuck mom!" Jeff yells holding her legs apart "I'm going to blow!"

Squeezing her breasts tightly hearing her son she says to him "Come for mommy!"

Large shots of white cum shoots into her belly as a sigh of relief succumbs to both of them for only a moment. Jeff pulls out helping his mother get off the counter. She gets down on her knees grabbing his cock and begins to suck on it. He moans allowing her to clean him. Licking the shaft before popping the head in her mouth once more. She turns seductively to her side.

"And cut!" Frank yells to his crew "thats all for today folks." Frank a tall black man standing 6' 5, weighing 210, bald head, and is 39. He is the director and husband to Delia.

Jeff is just another porn star. As clean up is in process Frank heads out to his truck waiting for his wife to come out. Crew begin to leave waving him goodbye for the day. Sitting in his truck on the driveway of a rented house of someone desperate for a little extra cash. Minutes pass by before Delia comes out in blue jeans and a purple tank top with a leather vest.

Steps in the truck "ready Frankie!"

"Anything before home dear?"

"Nope, ready to eat with the children" Delia replies turning the radio on to some heavy rock music. Frank pulls out and heads for home for supper with Zoe and Joe.

On the highway radio music turns to a PSA with a guy speaking with an old man that is a neighbor of the action.

"Sir...sir what is going on!?" Radio guy asks.

"Name...Terry my neighbors house...surrounded by...government... boy is taken out..." hard to hear with poor communication and static buzzing.

"Right what is the government doing?" Radio guy asks.

"Oh my god save me the house"

"it what Terry?"

"Rising into the air?"

"helicopter!? Terry is the government raising the home...Terry!?"

"daughter...this is completely science fiction...never seen anything like before!"

"Family name Terry?"

"She's floating goddamn this is supernatural! House...above her... head guy he's yelling!" Terry continues "they are going to shoot her!"

"Ladies and gentlemen listening you are hearing a first person account of a real event in the Northwest housing district. This is not fake, but a real event..." radio guy announces before getting cut off by Terry.

"They shot her... and oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!! House exploded! Debris is everywhere! My window just broke in the... living room!"

"Are you safe Terry!" Radio guy continues to ask.

"I'm safe, but it looks like a few government guys are down! Girl is down too! Her brother is safe behind a car!"

"Can you stay on the line Terry!?"

Delia turns off the radio turns to her husband "don't the Lenore's live over there?"

Frank processing the information responds to her in deep thought "yeah, they do."

"You think that is them?" Delia asks him.

"I hope not" he replies giving her a quizzical look.

"That mother is a scientists if I recall"

"I don't know, let's just get home and you can call them"

"I hope it wasn't them" she responds as they head for home.



Cell test are showing rapid change on day two. Uncertain what it will be at this time. She seems calm with no signs of rage all day. Even blood test were simple to take, of course she was knocked out with sleeping gas.

No orders from Jennifer, but to continue to study the female test subject. Did hear my recipe for the human drug is being processed in Colorado for mass production. Hope to know more on that.

No word from Dr. Lenore yet. Perhaps my text are blocked. Who knows? MRDA is quiet today. Very odd indeed.

Dr. Fox
Head of the research and development for MRDA

End transmission...


Joe Taylor finishes up a research paper for school. He turns off the music and walks away from his computer feeling hungry. Into the kitchen his sister Zoe heads the other direction with a whole cucumber in her hand. His mind didn't register anything out of the norm. Opening the fridge he takes out a couple string cheeses, and heads back upstairs.

On his way past his sisters room he hears muffled sounds. Takes a few steps back opening her door slightly suspicious of her activity. She is laying on the bed with her pants pulled down, her face buried in the pillow, and her black ass sticking up. Cucumber sliding in and out of her pussy as she muffled her screams of pleasure.

Disgusted, curious, and slightly aroused he stands there silently surprised by this event. Part of him wanted to leave, another to embarrass her, and another desiring to watch. After the awkward taboo scene from his friend and his sister the other day the idea of it made him wonder. He slides a hand down into his shorts rubbing his own cock slowly as the scene unfolded.

Sliding the cucumber mechanically into her body feeling the size of it entering. Her dildo batteries died a few days ago, and her mother has yet to buy her a rechargeable one. Horny imagining her brother's cock sliding into her, since the day after her first period. Her mother gave her her first dildo that day, and the only thing she could think of is having sex with him. She watches him masturbate daily in his room thinking of a million girls. Her body aches to have it slide in her.

The day she saw the Lenore siblings fucking on his computer her desire increased. She figured it was indeed normal for siblings to fuck, and her brother shared the same feelings deep down. Her body burned with the possibility that one day it could happen. Pussy juices flow out of her hitting orgasm after orgasm.

Seeing a pool of cum on her sheets as she continues to fuck herself with a cucumber Joe felt his balls tighten up. He pulls away from the scene heading to his room to shoot his own load off.

Zoe sensed her brother was watching her, and when his door slammed shut she got off her bed to take a peek. Pulling her pants up she silently walked out to the hallway. She opens his door slightly as she sees him shoot his load into several kleenexes.

"Where home!" Frank yells from downstairs as he and Delia enter the home.

Joe looks up to see his sister in the doorway catching her doing what he did to her moments ago. A wicked smile crosses his face as he stares at her. She gives him the same look, before turning to meet mom and dad downstairs.


Blood flower (Asclepias curassavica)
Milkweed family
Native to American tropics
3 feet roughly
Grows 10 to 20 flowers
Purple or red color
Year round flowering


Flipping her phone away Mindy turns to her son who is sitting in the passengers side of her car. He finished be questioned by the government giving all he knew about his sister within three hours. Still shaken by the experience he sits frozen. Mindy turns back to the road driving over to their family friends the Taylor's now homeless.



Author notes: This concludes all the characters I plan on using in this series. This ends part 3 of Mind Over Body.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? or if you have interest in editing and proofreading P.M. me always appreciated! Stay tuned for future stories. Any further ideas readers?

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