Double episode this week
"Mission 1”

Standing around waiting for Kakashi to appear Shizune, Yamato, and Naruto waited hoping to begin the mission before noon. Sun beat down on them as time ticked on. "How much longer?" Naruto complaining as he stands with a heavy back pack on his shoulders.

Yamato ready to preach patience to Naruto sees a swift movement coming toward them. "Ah, here he is!"

Shizune and Naruto looked in the direction as Yamato pointed in to see nothing. "Ready guys!" Kakashi standing behind them standing right outside the village reading a book. Everyone shrugged and followed glad to get the mission on.


"Hold!" Shizune stopping behind the group on a branch "time to set up."

"Already? " Naruto asked after traveling only a mere few hours from home.

Kakashi getting off of a tree branch and landing on the earth says above "it seems they are resting several kilos away." He quickly summons his dogs. "Right guys time to set up tracking and traps up in the surrounding area in case they do detect us... " Shizune stops talking as a hawk flys above them before departing.

"That looks to be a hawk from the sand village traveling to our village" Yamato reassuring the group before joining his body into the tree.

"Naruto mind helping me with a few traps as the guys do tracking" Shizune turning to Naruto. Naruto nods thus beginning the pre battle setup.


Night moon rises nearing midnight with little movement shown from both sides. Yamato hiding in the trees, Shizune under the shadows of the tree trunks, Kakashi several feet in the shadows behind Naruto who stands in the moon light, and finally Kakashi dog gang surrounding the area ready for the slightest movement by the enemy. A tight string snaps in midair with a kunai flying toward Naruto with a bomb paper tied to it. Naruto remains still as it goes right for his heart until it reaches him. The battle has begun.

Four enemies in the area easily outnumbered three to one. Gas spreads nearly undetected if it wasn't for the dogs. Kunai fire in multiple directions toward the leaf team. The kunai targeting Naruto hits him in the chest. Clone vanishes leaving pure darkness.

"Their here!" An enemy shouts scanning the area as he stands where Naruto stood.

"Phoenix wildfire jutsu! " another one screams firing a massive fire bird through the forest forcing leaf team to hide in shadows further.

"Fight you cowards! " a big male enemy shouts placing his fists into the ground forcing trees to collapse and the ground to lift breaking up into large mounds.

"Rasengan! " Naruto screams flying downward at the leader who first talked.

"What the! " enemy leader looking up with seconds before Naruto would hit him. He watched Naruto disappear at point blank.

"Over here!" Naruto holding a rasengan in one hand running straight at him.

"I don't think so " a female enemy who shared the looks of Karin with shining straight black hair. With two hands at Naruto a strong wind blows at Naruto pushing him back until he disappears revealing he was only a clone.

"Wood style..." Yamato says as his words become unheard by a loud wind breeze used by the female enemy. His wood style wraps around the group.

"Fire dome jutsu!" The fire enemy says protecting them from the wood.

"Kage bushin rasengan! " a massive amount of Naruto clones fly downward with rasengan with each.

"Not again!" Leader of the group makes some hand signals "acid rain!" Firing water eliminating the clones with a swift breeze.

"Underground rasengan attack!" Naruto and several clones come out of the ground below the enemies. "Now Kakashi! " Dogs surround the dazed group grinning ready to pounce at a moments notice. Kakashi standing on a tree branch several meters throws a scroll into the air. As it flies above the enemies bells ring ominously.

Shizune places her hand down on a scroll connecting the scrolls with chains locking the four enemies together. Again bells ring. Naruto searching for sound, but can't pinpoint it. "Kakashi is that you?" He asks turning to him.

"No, Naruto. I sense a fifth lurking" Kakashi frozen in place searching for the sound. Bells ring... "Show yourself!" Naruto yells ominously. The leader of the enemy begins to laugh hysterically... ...Bells toll three times in a row... A mysterious feminine voice speaks clearly "my name you may call me by is Belle...I am a former sound who went rogue during the battle against the leaf many years ago to create my own group. Tonight my plan is working to it's full potential. "

"Kage bushin" Naruto creates hundreds of clones spreading out in the hunt for this woman. Deep in the forest Kakashi has his dogs searching, Yamato using every tree to follow the scent, and Shizune holding down the fort keeping the four enemies chained up.

"Can you find me?" The female voice asks.

"Where are you...fight!" Naruto searching with mass numbers. A clone Naruto stops somewhere in the forest seeing another clone pass by suspiciously.

Kakashi meets a clone Naruto elsewhere "remember to use your clones memory." Naruto concentrates, but sees no enemy.

"Do I have to give you a clue what I am capable of doing?" Female voice echos thru the forest. Yamato suspects a mirror jutsu against Naruto.

A Naruto clone appears in front of Shizune "Kakashi's been injured quickly come with me." Shizune nods suspecting a false statement. After a few meters in the forest Shizune makes a clone who heads back to camp. Following a fake Naruto she knew she had to stop this imposter.

Yamato scanning the forest notices Shizune from a distance and knew what to do. Kakashi receive info from his dogs they have found the enemy. He rushes off searching for a Naruto clone to let know.

"Who are you!?" Shizune following the fake Naruto.

Naruto smiles wickedly turning around and transforming to Shizune "I am you...I am everyone...and anyone you wish me to be." Shizune throws a kunai past the enemy near the left ear. "Missed" she says "my turn now leaf." She looks up to see trap falling down on her. Quickly leaping out of the way as a kunai with a paper bomb comes from behind. A large explosion occurs where she stood.

"Did I get her?" Shizune says to herself.

"Hmm... not even a tear" she says standing higher up. Shizune spots Yamato below her. The real Naruto noticing something up meters away rushes over. Kakashi hidden behind a tree viewing the fight in front of him.

"Here this time I won't miss!" Shizune throws a regular kunai at her chest. Yamato grabs her from behind. Holding her in the tree. She dies. Yamato places her in a coffin within the tree.

Naruto appears with Kakashi coming out of the shadows. "What happened?" He asks.

"It is over Naruto we won" Yamato tells him coming out of the tree and walking toward Shizune.

"Time to go back to camp" Shizune states leading the group back. Once they arrive a cloned Shizune vanishes. The four enemies vanish that were chained up leaving a letter where they sat.

"What happened?" Naruto curiously asks.

"Don't know?" Kakashi searching in the area as he walks over to the note. It reads "caw!"

"What's that mean?" Shizune asks.

"No clue?" Kakashi says to her throwing the paper away. The four camp out ready to head back home tomorrow.


“Hinata vows”

Her head in the pillow. Emotions are running like a roller coaster. Tears flow in her eyes. Hinata couldn't have her cake and ice cream too. Naruto is her true lover, her heart and soul, and the one she connects to more than anyone else. Her family. How could she pick one over the other. Both she equally loved. Having Her father, sister, and cousin Neji all together. It feels so good to be with family. They raised her and loved her. Yet she choose Naruto over them.

Her crying was overheard by her younger sister who happened to be standing in the shadows hearing her older sister cry. She understood how her sisters decision must of been torturous. Being a Shinobi you couldn't reveal your emotions, yet at this moment how could anyone act as a true Shinobi. Hanabi moved in standing by the doorway ready to meet her sister.

Hinata looked up hearing the doorway open. Hanabi walks forward sitting by her sister. Hinata sat up hugging her sister as she dried up her tears. After a couple of moments for Hinata to calm down the two sisters look at each other. They embrace each other as sisters and as lovers. Hanabi kisses her sisters neck. Hinata pulls back looking at her sister then kisses her on the lips. They lock lips feeling each others warmth. Both used chakra in their lips to lock them. Tongues meet enter each others mouths. Hanabi shoves a hand into her sisters pants rubbing her raw pussy.

Hinata feeling the itch replies by moving a hand into her sisters pants fingering her ass hole. Legs wrapped around each other. They needed each for more than sex they needed each other because they were sisters. Sisters who share a powerful connection that no elder, Hokage, or another could take from them. They strip clothes dying for each others bodies. They kiss once more before locking their pussies together so they are in position for tribbing.

"More pressure! " Hinata screams pounding her lower body into her sisters. Pussies rubbing and hitting each other. The intensity between them increases with every passing minute.

"Yes! Sister! Yes!" Hanabi shouts as they grind pussies together. Move forward hugging each other they embrace continuing to trib. Moaning for more. Pressure arises. Their pussies tighten heightening the experience. "Oh yes sister!" Hanabi has her orgasm first. Relaxing as her sister continues the pressure. Hinata needed this orgasmic feeling with all she has gone through. She kept going, but nothing was happening. "How about sixty-nine" she couldn't get it with tribbing. The sisters got in position with Hanabi on top. Hanabi licked her sisters clothes to get it prepared for an onslaught. Hinata the same. Hanabi grabs her sisters ass as she goes in licking and sucking hoping to get her sister to come. Hinata fingers her sisters pussy wanting to come. She already got her sister and She wanted the same feeling. "Try harder! Eat me! Eat me!" She moaned hoping for it. Hanabi ate and ate, but nothing. She turns to distinguished hoping that it would work. She pounds her entire fist in, yet after several moments nothing.

"Go for the cock!" Hinata shouts allowing her sister to get off.

Hanabi makes the hand symbols. She grows a cock.

"Fuck me! I need to come!" Hinata screams begging to get fucked. Hanabi moves it in slowly getting comfortable. Hinata takes it in already having that feeling of coming. Hanabi holds her sisters legs apart as she picks up the pace. "Is this good sister?" "Oh...yes... fuck me! Uh...huh...oh yeah!" Hinata moans as her sister fucks her pussy.

Hanabi leans forward onto her sister as she sucks on her sisters breasts. Her hips move her cock in and out. Hinata feels a tightness below as her body feels fulfilled. "Come on sister come will you!" Hanabi screams urging her sister to give in.

"I'm trying...I'm going to come!!!" Hinata screamed loud as she finally gives. Her pussy juices flow out onto Her sisters cock and the bed sheets.

Hanabi pulls out her hard sticky cock. Pointing it to her sister she says "Would you mind cleaning me up."

Hinata nods getting herself in position where she is on her elbows and knees on the bed to clean off her sisters cock. She twirls her tongue around it. Hanabi role her neck moaning feeling satisfaction. Hinata uses one hand to feel her sisters balls, and another fingerings her pussy.

"More...oh... suck me...I'm going to come!" Hanabi fires her load of cum from her cock into her sisters mouth. Hinata sucked like a vacuum cleaning all of the cum from her sisters cock. Hinata pulls out with a mouthful of cum. She sits up kissing her sister sharing the hot sticky cum mix of both sisters. Both swallow and breathe for a moment.

"I vow to have you and Naruto" Hinata says as her sister hugs her. Both enjoying each others company.


"Yeah...yeah...Oh yes...Guy fuck me...fuck me!" Shizune screams feeling Guy fucking her pussy doggy style in the Hokages office on Tsunade's desk.

"Enough talking more sucking Shizune! " Tsunade says with lust in her voice she shoves Shizune back onto her cock. Tsunade sitting in her chair with a vibrating dildo stuck up her pussy as her cock is getting sucked off.

Guy furiously fucks Shizune for several minutes. They had been fucking like rabbits since that night with Kakashi with little free time. "Damn, Shizune I love you!" He yells slapping her red raw ass as he fucks her raw pussy at speeds unheard of by a normal person.

"Shit Shizune I'm going to come!" Tsunade moans "more...more damn you...I'm coming!"

Unbeknownst to the three a fourth person entered the room. She watched silently amazed by the adults in front of her in such debauchery. ANBU who were all masturbating above stopped watching her walk up to the Hokage hoping for a foursome below. After their time watching the Hokage they would end up in an orgy together in the ANBU section of the palace.

She coughs loudly a few times hoping to get the attention of the three in front of her.

Tsunade fires her load in Shizune. Taking a department breath she senses someone else. Looking straight ahead she sees Hinata Hyuga standing. Here is the Hokage naked with her assistant and Guy also naked in front of Hinata.

"Speak Hinata! " she orders stopping Shizune and Guy.

"Hinata!?" Guy shocked with his cock popping out of Shizune revealing it in all of it's glory to Hinata.

"I change my answer. I love Naruto and my family equally!" Hinata replies clearly.

"Is that all?" Tsunade lifting an eyebrow up intrigued by Hinata's reply.

"Yes ma'am" Hinata bows her head.

"My intention was never to have you decide between them both. Your elders at the time of the decision was too quick. I received a message from them a couple hours ago on this. You are free to have Naruto and your family."

"Thank you Hokage" Hinata says to this good news.

"Before going would you mind joining in" Tsunade says desiring to suck on Hinata's large breasts.

"I'm sorry, but I must go and share the good news" Hinata replies leaving gleefully.

"Damn Oh well" Tsunade says aloud before turning her attention to the other two "Guy let's sandwich fuck her."

"Yes ma'am" Guy obeys the command.

Shizune gets on top of Tsunade moving the cock into her pussy. Guy got behind and moved his cock into her ass. "Oh fuck yes...I'm so horny!" Shizune feeling two cock's in her ready to fill her up.


With Tenten leaving moments ago with a session at Naruto's. All he could do now is rest. Problem is though is he got her off, but he didn't get any relief. With a hungry lust to get off he changes to his sexy no jutsu form. He lays flat on the bed, and begins to finger his pussy and Jack off his cock. He arched his back feeling the joy of double masturbation. "Uh...oh... mhmm... I love my harem" Naruto dreamed of the girls that he is able to fuck. Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Karin, and now Hinata. "Could life get any better" he says aloud feeling tension below. He is going to have a double orgasmic feeling. "Here it comes...come on..."

A knock at the door stops him in his track. He hoped it was Ino since she was due to appear after training with Shikamaru and Choji. He opens The door in his sexy no jutsu form with a hard cock pointing directly at Hinata.

"Do you still want me even if my family also shares sexual acts with me" Hinata nervously says with her eyes closed not knowing the form Naruto is in.

"Yes, but please open your eyes there is nothing to be embrassed about" Naruto makes light of what Hinata says.
Hinata opens her eyes slowly to see Naruto in all his glory. Ready to faint she falls into an embrace enjoying his warmth touch her skin. "Thank you Naruto thank you."


The nine tail knows Hinata's blood line from past ancestors. He sends some of his chakra out of Naruto and into her system for safe keeping unbeknownst to either of the two things were going to get more emotional and powerful soon.


Next episode: Sakura Blooms. NO double next week.

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