Chapter 5 tells a story about a weekend we spent at our friend’s cabin. It contains about an ounce of truth, and a pound of fiction, so I have changed the genera from true story to fiction. I hope you enjoy. This story contains 3 parts and thank you for the positive the comments.
A Weekend at the lake

Part 1

Several months had passed since Warren spent the night with Kathy and I. Warren and Ellie had been busy with the opening of their new fitness Gym, and were spending a lot of time doing promotions and selling memberships.

We kept in touch, but we had little personal contact after that evening. We were becoming concerned that it might have had a negative impact on our friendship, and maybe they were avoiding us. Then out of the blue one day, Ellie called, and invited Kathy and I to spend the long weekend up north, at their cabin.

“Hey we really miss you guys” said Ellie “it’s been a tough few months, and Warren and I need to get away for a few days”.

“Are you sure you don’t want some alone time, with Warren” I asked.

“Oh please, Warren and I get plenty of alone time, and besides, it’s been so long since we seen you and Kathy”. “We miss spending time with you guys”

“Ok, I’ll talk to Kathy and call you back”.

Kathy was sitting out back on the patio when the phone rang, “Who was that on the phone” she asked.

“Ellie called, and asked if we would like to go up to their cabin this weekend”.

“We have no plans, I wouldn’t mind going, how about you?”

“I don’t know”, “I thought you wanted to go to the States, for the weekend”.

“Ya I did”, “but that was before the offer to spend weekend up north, and it’s been a while since we seen Warren and Ellie too” she said.

Later that evening I called Ellie back and told her that, we look forward to seeing you guys again.

It was the Canadian Civic holiday weekend in August, and the weather was hot and humid. We arrived at the cabin around noon, and as luck would have it, it started to thunder and rain. The weatherman had called for thunder storms and rain this afternoon and tonight, but the rest of the long weekend should be hot and sunny.

We had planned to sit around a camp fire that night, but the rain cancelled that idea. So we unpacked our things, tossed a frozen pizza into the oven for dinner, and opened up a couple of beers and Vodka coolers.

The cabin had been in Ellie’s family for 4 generations. It was an old rustic cabin built on the edge of a secluded, pristine lake in northern Ontario. The nearest neighbour was 3 kilometers further down the road.

The cabin was “L” shaped, and had an open concept. It had a large eat in kitchen, and a living room area, which made up the long arm of the “L”. The bedroom area had two double beds side by side that made up the leg of the “L”. Just off the kitchen area, was a hallway leading to a huge bathroom with a large shower stall. At the end of the hall was a set of patio doors, which led out to a deck, equipped with a nice 6 person hot tub.

Warren and Ellie headed into the bathroom to shower, while Kathy and I finished unpacking. Several minutes later, Ellie came out in her bathrobe, followed by Warren wearing just a small towel around his waist.

Warren was quite the site; he was six foot three, slim, with a very muscular build. He had a dark tan and from a woman’s point of view he looked gorges. He had wash board abs, a round ass, a very large thick, penis, no pubic hair, and no chest hair. Even I thought he looked hot. It was especially arousing when he walked by my wife, and I see her checking him out.

Not meaning to brag, but I thought I had a large penis. Erect I would say I’m a good nine inches and proportionately round. Warren’s penis, was at least 9 inches or more flaccid, and at least eleven, or maybe even twelve inches erect. But what made him look really huge, was the girth of his penis, it had to be at least seven inches and he had a huge door knob for a cock head

Kathy and I were both mesmerised, watching him go to the refrigerator to get a beer. He stood there in front of the fridge with his back to us. We could see the tennis ball size glands of penis hanging below the edge of the towel, between his legs. When he bent over to get a beer, he gave us a good look at his balls too; he was hung like a horse.

Kathy got up and went to get a fresh change of clothes, and headed towards the bath room. “Hey you coming” she asked.

Coming out of my trance I said, “I’m right behind you”

We were silent as we undressed and got into the shower. Kathy had a smoking hot body; a slim figure about 5’ 4, with olive colored skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her beautifully rounded breasts were a 38C, but her tits looked much larger than they actually were because of her small frame. She had a lovely round ass, which just begged to be fucked. Her pussy was always well groomed, and her labia are really large and just looked amazing. But the feature that attracted me the most, were her gorges legs. In a miniskirt or tights, she had the kind of legs and ass that turned a lot of heads when she walked by. She had the kind of legs, you would love to have wrapped around your head, as you ate her pussy.

Kathy turned with her back towards me and asked me to wash her back. I lathered up her back, and started to massage her shoulders.

“Mmmm, that feels so good” she said.

I started to kiss her neck and shoulders and Kathy let out a soft moan.

“It looks like this is going to be a good weekend”, I said “the weatherman says hot and sunny”

“I hope so; I really need to work on my tan, Warren and Ellie have nice tans, don’t they?”

“Ellie told me they have a tanning Spa at the Gym, and by the lack of tan lines, they must tan totally nude”

“They must get everyone staring at them” she said

“I’m sure they like people staring at them, and rightly so, they work hard on keeping in shape”

I gently scrubbed her back, and then moved my hand down and scrubbed her beautiful round ass too.

“Did you see Warren standing by the fridge”? I Asked.

“How could I miss it”, she replied “I had to practically duck my head when he walked by”

“Ya, he seems to like to get close to you, when he’s naked, doesn’t he?”

“It’s kind of annoying; it makes me feel like I’m staring”

“He does look good though”

“Ellies’ gorges too” she said

(It is true, Ellie is a knock out. She has long blond hair, and this weekend she had permed her hair, so that it curled over and down her shoulders. She has piercing blue eyes, large round breast, a really nice Latino type ass and a very fit, hard body. Just like Warren there was not a pubic hair to be found on anywhere. Ellie taught aerobic classes twice daily and regularly worked out with the weights at their Gym. She has modeled for several fitness magazines and has posed for bikini calendars too.)

“What good is a big penis if you can’t satisfy your partner” Kathy said “How many times has Ellie said that she often needs to finish herself off, because he’s done to soon”

“Maybe Ellie takes too long” I said.

“She needs someone like you, who likes to take his sweet time”

“Maybe she does” I said jokingly, as I started to massage her tits.

“Ya but you take too fucking long” she said, while bending over and bumping her ass into my growing erection.

“Maybe you need someone like Warren, who likes it hard and fast” I said, as I bit her ear lobe and rammed my erect penis between her legs

She turned around and smiled “You’re all the man I need” and we kissed passionately.

We finished up in the shower, got dressed and joined Warren and Ellie sitting in the living room. The living room consisted of two large couches facing each other and a TV with a VCR player (for those who previously wondered, a VCR player was the predecessor to DVD players). I put the video Ellie rented in the VCR and after a little bit of pizza and a couple more drinks, Warren and Ellie started making out.

Kathy had dressed in skin tight, tights that were so tight; they looked as if they were spray painted on. Normally she would wear a mini skirt with these tights, but all she had on was a lace top and black bra. We could see her ass crack and, she had sexiest little camel toe you ever seen, even Ellie was getting turned by her.

No one was watching the movie; instead we watched Warren and Ellie strip naked. Kathy took my cock from my shorts and started to stroke it, but I could see she was preoccupied with what was happening on the other couch, across from us. Warren’s huge penis was oozing with pre cum, as he was sucking on the nipples of Ellie’s beautiful round breast.

(I wasn’t jealous; in fact I found it very erotic. I couldn’t blame Kathy for staring at them at all. Warren and Ellie looked like something out of a porn flick. For a female, seeing Warren naked in front of them would tempt, even the chestiest of women).

I lifted her top off and removed her bra. I was getting so horny; the room felt like it was on fire. While sucking on her tits, I traced my finger along her sexy little camel toe. After a bit, Kathy then stood up, although smaller than Ellie’s, her breast were very firm, the nipples were now hard and erect, and when she stood up, her breast bounced and jiggled like a young teenager’s would.

She had all of our attention when she bent over and peeled her tights off. For a second, it looked like she was wearing no panties, but a closer look reviled a beige coloured thong, that disappeared between her round, firm ass cheeks. The front was so sheer we could see the dark patch of hair and her swelling labia between her legs.

Warren and Ellie couldn’t take their eyes off Kathy; she stood there in front of them, in her sexy see-through thong. Teasingly playing with the thin elastic waist band, as if unsure whether to take them off, or leave them on.

“Maybe Warren would like to help, pull them off for you” I said.

Warren didn’t wait for Kathy to answer, Ellie stopped sucking his cock and he got up and stood behind Kathy and put his hands on her waist. I have never seen a penis ooze so much pre cum as Warrens did; his cock was now huge and very erect.
At first, Kathy pretended to object, but she quickly relented. He pulled her thong down and briefly stood behind Kathy, jokingly he poked her backside with his cock, which made Kathy squeal and try to break away from him. He pulled her back towards him and I could see his penis touching the crack of her ass. Then, he knelt down and helped her step out of them, having a nice close up view of her crotch.

This scene was so erotic; we were all turned on. When Kathy turned to sit down, I could see large drops of Warren’s precum on the inside of her thigh, just shy of her now glistening, wet pussy lips.

Warren sat down and Ellie had started sucking his cock again, while he ran his hands through her long blond hair. Kathy sat on my lap and I sucked on her tits and ran my hand teasingly between her legs, and put my hand on her pussy.

I nibbled on her neck and ears, and I whispered, “your pussy is so wet right now”

“When he was standing behind me, I could feel his penis touching my pussy”

I pushed my finger into her wet cunt and said “He must have been rubbing his cock on it, because you had cum on your ass and thighs too”

“He almost put his penis in me”

“Would you have liked that” I asked.

Kathy let out a moan as I tickled her clit and asked “would you like to try that monster cock this weekend”

“No!” she whispered.

Ellie took Warren’s penis from her mouth. It towered over her head like a King Cobra, ready to strike. She began to kiss and lick his shaft, and then she sucked on his balls. First she had one nut in her mouth then the other.

I pushed two fingers into Kathy’s hole, now dripping wet with Warrens’ pre cum and her own juices.“My god it’s fucking huge!” I whispered, “He must be ready to cum soon”, I took my two very wet fingers from her cunt and put them in her mouth. “Can you taste his cum?”

“Mmmm” she moaned.

“Would you like to trade cocks with Ellie”.

She looked at Ellie and back at me and said in a soft voice “no, no, Ellie might be get mad”

We kissed and I nibbled on her ear and said “I can ask her, if she says no, what the worst that can happen?”

“First of all it would be embarrassing, and if she says no, it could mess up the whole weekend” she whispered back.

“We know Warren won’t mind”.

Kathy was now breathing heavily, “Are you sure you! Won’t mind?” she asked

“Are you ok with me fucking Ellie” I replied. I was petting her heavily and I knew she was getting close to another orgasm.

“Let me suck your cock first, and I’ll think about it”

Kathy slid down off the couch, and got on her hands and knees, playfully nudging my legs further apart. Her ass and wet pussy, in full display in front of Warren and Ellie, she hungrily sucked my cock into her mouth without laying a hand on it.

Ellie sensed that Warren was going to cum soon, so she stopped sucking him and sat up, in the couch beside him. Her eyes almost popped out of her head, when she saw my wife on her hands and knees with her ass and wet cunt in front of them

For a minute they both stared at Kathy’s ass and then they kissed passionately. Ellie whispered something into Warren’s ear and he nodded his head. Warren played with her beautiful round tits and pulled at her hard nipples, then without any warning Ellie said “Hey, I’ll trade you cocks”

Kathy froze with my cock still in her mouth as if in shock.

“I mean just for a little bit, we can trade’em back later”

Ellie looked at me and then at Warren, “that is, if it’s ok with you guys”.

Warren and I looked at each other like two deer caught in the head lights, both of us afraid to say what we truly wanted, for fear of upsetting someone.

Then Kathy surprisingly said “uh, well, ok, just for a little bit”

Warren and I shook our head in agreement, and Kathy and Ellie stood up, and crossed over to the opposite couches.

Kathy sat down beside Warren, and Ellie sat in my lap. She kissed me on the lips passionately and then whispered in my ear “I could hear you and Kathy talking”

I looked over at the other couch and Warren had one hand cupping my wife’s tit and he softly kissed her on the lips, then he lowered his head and started sucking on her nipple.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad” Ellie whispered into my ear

I looked at Kathy as she leaned over and took warrens penis into her mouth.

Ellie looked at Kathy and then at me and said “he’s going to bust a nut at any second”

Just as those words came from her mouth, Warren moaned “Ssshit!” and his penis erupted in a huge explosion of cum. Kathy was caught by surprise, she wasn’t expecting this so soon, she jumped up and a huge load of cum spilled from her mouth and another huge string of his cum shot across her face and tits.

Ellie sat there in disbelief, “I knew it, and I’ve seen that look in his eyes so many times”. We laughed and joked about Warren’s premature ejaculation and Ellie got up and got Kathy a towel to clean up.

The girls went to the kitchen for some more drinks and some snacks. Warren said “I’ve wanted to see Kathy naked all fucking day”, “she looked so fucking hot in those tights, and when Ellie asked if she would like to change places with her, I almost blew my load when Kathy said ok”.

“Elle and I have wanted to swap with you two, ever since we met Kathy, but we were afraid if we asked, that you guys would get upset with us”

Continued in “Weekend at the Lake” Part 2”

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