This is chapter seven of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Some of the characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, especially, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 7 – After the Island

As we were putting this chapter together, we realized that with the girls at one house and the guys at another, the two of us had different experiences of the events and that after forty some years, our memory is perhaps a little fuzzy. So we decided to lay this chapter out as we each remember it. We realize there are discrepancies about the number of days, who did what to who and when, how and when we became aware of who was at risk and our profound relief that nobody was pregnant.

The issue of sexually transmitted disease and the possibility of pregnancy were important considerations in the lifestyle that we were unknowingly starting our young lives out on. This chapter is perhaps not as erotic as the previous ones, but it’s an important link to future chapters.


After: According to David:

After we had dropped off the girls at Uncle Sean and Auntie Abby’s, we took Kat home and then Little Jake pulled the big station wagon through the carport at Uncle Jakes house and we unhooked the boat trailer and unpacked the gear. Beth went in and immediately took a shower while Little Jake, Marty and I unfolded the boat cover and tied it down.

We got hugs and kisses from Aunt Lila along with a thousand questions about what we had done, how much fun we’d had, did we eat properly and so on. Then we got grilled by Uncle Jake on the condition of the boat, the house, our cleanup job and several iterations of did we lock the front door when we left.

When they were both satisfied that we had not starved, drowned, fallen off the balcony or burned down the house Aunt Lila informed us that dinner would be ready in an hour so we had time to use the shower and get cleaned up before we ate.

We settled back into our at home routine, Marty and I back in our room with the twin beds, comfortably unbothered now by the site of each other nude as we changed. We took turns in the shower, dressed in clean clothes and settled in to dinner with the family.

There were further rounds of questions and we answered all that we could with as much truth as possible without letting on to the extracurricular activities that we had all enjoyed for the past two weeks. We told them about the Aussie twins, and Beth said she and Susan got their address in Australia and had promised to write them.

As an aside, Beth and Susan exchanged letters with them for about a year until they all lost interest and we lost track of them after that. They were a great couple of guys and we enjoyed their company, but that was the last we saw of them in our lives.

We watched Wonderful World of Color from Disney and started a family game of Monopoly but we faded fast and all of us had slipped off to bed by eleven.

Sometime in the early morning darkness I awoke to a disturbance in the room and looked over at Marty to find him lying on his back, naked on top of the covers with Beth kneeling by his bed in her bath robe, with her head busily bobbing up and down. She looked up at me beneath her eyebrows and waved with her free hand without missing a stroke. After a few seconds more, Marty grunted, holding his breath in an effort to remain silent then jerked his hips four times while Beth kept him completely engulfed and never spilled a drop.

Then she got up, walked over to my bed, pulled the covers down, rolled me onto my back and wrapped her lips around the head of my very hard and ready shaft. I could only lie there and let her have her way with me until very shortly I too, stifled a grunt and thrust into her mouth three or four times in a magnificent and satisfying ejaculation. I opened my mouth to say something but she put two fingers over my mouth and raised her other finger to her own, then rose and tiptoed out of the room.

I looked over at Marty who mouthed “Wow!” at me then pulled the sheet over himself and lay staring at the ceiling with a great smile on his face. I heard the hallway boards in the opposite direction of Beth’s room, obviously heading next door to Little Jakes room. Marty looked over at me again with wide eyes, and mouthed another “Wow!”

Breakfast was another family affair with Uncle Jake leaving early for work and Aunt Lila asking about our plans for the day. We really didn’t have any and after breakfast, Jake took us up in the attic and we pulled out Uncle Jakes Lionel trains and set up a complex track plan and spent that day changing tracks, running trains, setting up little villages and figures. Suddenly looking up at Marty and I, Jake said, “Do you know what girl’s breasts and electric trains have in common?”

“What?” we both asked, smiling in anticipation of a silly joke.

“They both were originally intended for children, but it’s the fathers who end up playing with them!” and he burst out laughing like it was the funniest joke in the world.

Two weeks ago it might not have been that funny, but after fourteen days of playing with fourteen beautiful teenage breasts, Marty and I couldn’t help laughing hysterically too.

When we calmed down and there was a moment of silence, we became aware of construction noises outside. Sawing and hammering but with no windows we couldn’t see anything so we went back to our little fantasy railroad world and were content in our distractions.

We finally came downstairs in the afternoon when the heat in the attic became unbearable despite the high powered attic fan that we ran continuously. There was a note on the kitchen table that Aunt Lila had gone shopping and she had made us sandwiches that could be found in the refrigerator. When we discovered that there was an extra one, apparently for Beth, we set out to find her. She was nowhere in the house so we stepped outside and called her name.

A faint “Out here!” drifted around the corner from the side of the house and we walked around back to an empty yard. Jake called again.

“Up here!” we heard but still no Beth. Then Jake took notice that his old tree fort, which had gone to rot and had practically fallen apart from neglect had new wood patches and braces and was now enclosed with a nice new pitched roof.

“Beth?” we called up from the ground beneath the tree.

Her smiling face appeared through the hole in the floor, soaked with sweat and festooned with flakes of sawdust in her hair. “Up here!” she said gleefully.

“What are you doing to my tree fort?” Jake challenged.

“Making it into a tree house!” Beth smiled back.

We all climbed up the hanging rope ladder into a fairly nice large space that smelled of new sawn wood and oak sap. Beth had done quite a credible job of replacing rotten wood, filling gaps, putting on a nice peaked roof with exposed rafters inside. There were four square openings, one on each wall and Beth was bent over, putting the finishing touches on a window frame with crossed mullions on the floor littered with strips of wood ready to be assembled into windows for the other three openings.

“You did all this? How did you learn to do this?” I asked, amazed.

“She took freshman wood shop last year.” Jake replied. “Only girl in the class. Made that little three legged stool in the TV room.”

“Wow!” Marty said with much the same wonder as last night.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I was the only girl in the class.” She smiled.

“No, I mean why are you out here fixing up the tree for… house?” I corrected myself.

“Because after Jess told us how she and Little Jake used to do it up here before, I got to thinking that I can’t keep sneaking into your rooms at night, Mother and Daddy might catch us. But if we fix the tree house up nice we can come out here all the time and do whatever we want and they’ll never know. They never come out here.” She said logically.

I got an instant hard on at the thought, and Beth, smiling, gave it a squeeze and said cheerily, “Who wants to help?”

“Why didn’t you ask before!” Marty said and picked up a hammer enthusiastically.

“Because you guys were all interested in your silly trains.” She said as she rolled her eyes.

“Hey sis!” Jake said, “What do toy trains and boobies have in common?”

Marty and I groaned, and Beth rolled her eye at the punch line. “That’s a good one Jake!” she smiled, “Now help me put this window up.”

The next day, we found some old paint in the shed, enough white and enough yellow to mix together and make a light butter color and we painted the whole tree house inside and out. Beth mixed in about a quart of blue that created a deep green and painted the window frames and the edge of the roof. It was a little too girly for us, but it did look really nice. Like a little cottage up in a tree.

It was in fact, solidly built between three great branches of a huge Southern Oak tree, festooned with curtains of Spanish moss that effectively hid the entire tree house from the main house unless you walked up under the very branches of the tree and looked up. In addition, the tree was growing on the side of the house that was hidden from view by the garage and carport so it was a perfect place to disappear to. Obviously, that was why Little Jake and Jess had taken advantage of that privacy those years back.

Beth found some old moving blankets in the garage and laid them out on the floor of her little house. Jake ran an extension cord from the peak of the attic out to a branch on the tree and we plugged in a little table fan, necessary in the humid heat of an Alabama summer and an old desk lamp from the attic.

We built a hinged trap door into the floor with a sliding bolt lock on the inside, and Beth put up a little shelf above the hatch with a couple of potted plastic flowers on it that turned out to be a head knocker if you weren’t careful but we left it where it was because it definitely would have been in the way anywhere else.

When we had finished, a few days later, we took Uncle Jake out to see our handiwork. We figured if we showed it to him, his curiosity would be satisfied and he would have no other reason to come up and look inside after that. Aunt Lila came out but only looked up at it from the ground and said “That’s nice children! It’s very cute! I’m glad you’ve found something to occupy your time.” and returned to the house to finish dinner.

After dinner, we took a small cooler of sodas up in the tree house and sat around admiring our work and talking. After a few minutes, Beth said, “Well, I guess we need to christen our new love nest!” and without warning, she pulled her shirt off over her head, and unsnapped her bra, then reached over and unsnapped Marty’s trunks and dug down inside for the prize.

Marty willingly shrugged off his shorts and boxers and Beth bent to the task of exuberant oral stimulation. Jake and I watched her for a while as Marty leaned up against the wall with his head thrown back in ecstasy and Jake tentatively reached out and cupped one of her breasts in his hand. I took that as a signal and moved behind her, gently tugging her shorts ad panties down over her fine curved rear end.

I reached between her legs and pressed my finger between her warm, soft and now very moist lips and began to rub her clit in little pulsing circles which caused a low moaning hum that made Marty gasp. I stopped just long enough to work my own shorts down to my knees and move close enough up behind her to find her ready entrance with my now oozing hardness and push it in all the way to my pubic bone.

Beth pulled away from Marty for an instant and grunted, but quickly recovered and took him back in her mouth with renewed vigor. It only took me a few minutes to fully explode inside her as she continued to suck on Marty and when I pulled out, she moved forward, straddling Marty’s legs and lowered herself on him, bucking and squirming while she stroked Jakes now exposed penis with one hand while pinching and squeezing her breast with the other.

When Marty came hard inside her, she lay back on the blankets and pulled her brother down on top of her, wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deep inside by pushing on his rear with her ankles. They say the third time’s the charm and with her big brother eagerly pounding away at her, Beth clenched up, squeezed him around the neck and waist and nearly popped a blood vessel trying to keep her cries of ecstasy inaudible inside the house. She shivered and shook in little jerking spasms as Jake continued grinding in and out of her and it looked like she came again, not quite as strong this time when, Jake finally tensed up and let loose several strong pulses deep inside her.

He rolled onto his back, breathing heavily and sweating like the rest of us in the humid evening heat. Beth lay next to him as Marty and I leaned back against the walls on opposite sides and we all smiled contentedly at each other. We sat there for another hour or so with pants still down around our ankles or littering the floor, talking and siting in the air stream from our little fan until we finally cooled down enough to stop sweating, then put ourselves all back together and climbed down and went back into the house. Everyone got a shower and cleaned up and we spent a couple more hours playing cards with Uncle Jake and Aunt Lila and finally drifted off to bed.

Sometime around three A.M. I was awakened by a soft hand on my shoulder shaking me ever so slightly. I focused on Beth, wearing an over-sized tee shirt, holding a finger to her lips. She tossed her head in a “follow me” motion and tip toed quietly out the door and down the hall. I climbed out of bed and turned into the hall just in time to see her slip out the kitchen door into the back yard. By the time I made it out the door, I barely saw her turn around the side of the garage and when I made it to the end of the garage, she was silently climbing the rope ladder in the moonlight, her head tossed over her shoulder, looking to see if I was following. I made it to the bottom of the tree just in time to catch a glimpse of her sweet naked bottom beneath her tee shirt just before her slender bare feet disappeared from view.

By the time I climbed up into the tree house, closed the trap door and bolted it behind me Beth was laying full out on the blankets, completely naked with a beam of moonlight streaming through one of the little windows forming a patch of four bright squares across her chest and face.

“Beth…” I started.

“Shhhh” she said quietly and held her arms out to me.

I shrugged out of my boxers and she pulled me to her and raised her head to me. Our lips met and we spent several moments enjoying each other’s lips and tongues. I felt the inside of her soft thighs rub sensually up the sides of my own. Her arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders and I felt the soft warmth of her touch on my back and neck.

As I lowered myself down, my chest met the warm softness of her breasts and I tell you true, that is still one of the most erotic feelings for me to this day, feeling that naked flesh pressing against my chest as I embrace a woman.

Her legs wrapped around my calves and intertwined with mine and we lay tangled together kissing, holding and feeling each other as I kissed her neck and she mine. I laced my fingers through her hair and held her up to me as I pulled on her bottom lip with my teeth, ever so lightly. Our breathing was rapid now and her chest was heaving up and down against me while her hips rotated under me. She pulled at me with her legs and her panting became moans of desire until I finally turned my hips upward and my hardness found her softness and I rocked back and forth a few times, sliding between her lips, rubbing over her clit with our combined lubricating juices making it extremely sensitive and erotic.

She moaned in a high tone of need a few times and I backed off just enough to drop below her clit and slide easily up inside her, pressing in all the way and holding there for a moments before her rocking hips begged me to do more than just lie there. I began to move in and out very slowly, kissing her eyes, nose, lips and neck as sensually as I could imagine. I pressed into her as deep as I could go, then slowly withdrew until just the tip was spreading her lips before pushing slowly back in, again as far as I could reach. At each point, all the way in, and all the way out she made a small high noise of longing. I continued until she could take no more and she pulled me in all the way with her ankles on my rear and said looking directly into my eyes said “David! Stop teasing me! Please, just fuck me!”

I was shocked! In all of our wild summer together, none of us had ever talked that way before. I know it’s hard to believe, but we simply did not use that word, or any like it in those days. It’s not like we never heard it, some of the not so nice boys at school used it now and then, but seriously I’m reasonably certain I had NEVER heard that word uttered from the mouth of a girl. Especially from the mouth of one of my sweet innocent cousins! Well okay, after the last few weeks she wasn’t all that innocent, but still! I leaned away from her and looked into her face.

“What are you looking at? Fuck me PLEASE!” she begged me.

Wow! Such language! I just hung there for a moment and she thrust her hips up at me almost violently! In that fraction of a second, I felt myself grow even harder and I realized that it was turning me on! It’s fairly obvious that the more experiences you have of any kind, and especially sexual ones, the more jaded you can become, so every new sensation only adds to the excitement.

Your first kiss can almost make you spoil your pants, the first touch of a young breast, the feel of your first clit or the first small soft hand wrapped around your growing hardness. What did you feel the first time your finger explored that soft entrance and can you remember exactly how it felt the first time your hard, ready penis actually made that first exploratory penetration of that soft, warm, moist, tight, forbidden place?

Even the first time your partner talks dirty to you can be added to those lists of firsts and all of that ran through my mind in the split second before I dropped down on top of her and began to pound her as hard and as fast as I ever had before. She started grunting, “Fuck, fuck , fuck,” with each thrust, clawing into my back and with every utterance of that forbidden word I thrust as deep and as hard into her almost to the point of causing pain against my pubic bone. No matter how hard I pushed, she wanted more and her hips rose up to meet me violently with every thrust.

It finally took its toll on my senses and I squirted several hard extremely satisfying pulses into her, but I never let up until, she too clenched up and nearly squeezed the breath out of me with a massive orgasm that produced a prodigious amount of fluid squirting out around me, soaking the blankets and permeating the air with the smell of pure sex.

My arms were now numb with the pain of holding myself over her and I collapse off of her sideways, still buried deep inside where just the motion of our heavy breathing was enough to keep us both stimulated and me ready for more.

“Beth…” I panted. “What… language… that… was… so…” I finally got out before she stopped me.

“I’m… sorry… you… just… kept… teasing… me.” She said between breaths. I could see her heart pounding in her chest in the moonlight as we lay there.

“Hot… “ I said. “It… was… so… nasty… but… hot!”

“Mmmmmmm… it was hot…” was all she could say.

We lay there panting for a few moments until our hearts slowed and our breathing returned to normal. Then she pushed me over on my back, threw her leg over me and lowered herself down on my still ready hardness.

She began to rock slowly up and down with her hands flat on my chest. She rocked her hips back and forth swiveled her rear end in little circles. It drove me crazy and even though I had just come massively, it was not long before I felt myself tense up and release hard, several times thrusting my hips upward as deep as I could.

Beth didn’t come again, but once I finished she was satisfied. She bent and kissed me on the lips, raised herself off of me, pulled her tee shirt on, unbolted the trap door, and threw me a smile just before her head disappeared down into the night.

I could only smile back, shake my head and get dressed. By the time I climbed down to the yard, she was nowhere to be seen. I went around to the kitchen door and quietly let myself in, locked it, tiptoed back to my room and climbed under the covers worn out but very happy. Marty woke up slightly. “Where you been?” he mumbled.

“Bathroom.” I said, “Go back to sleep.” And he rolled over and snored softly. I pulled the sheet up to my neck and fell quickly and deeply asleep.

The next night in the wee hours, a slight noise at the door woke me again. When it slowly opened I could see Beth in her large tee shirt. I was instantly hard in anticipation as she tiptoed into the room. I pretended to be asleep as she approached just peeking through slitted eyelids. I didn’t move, waiting. She rounded the foot of Marty’s bed and stopped. She leaned over and looked at me in the dark, then she tiptoed back around Marty’s bed, gently shook him by the shoulder and when he woke up, she tilted her head in that cute little “Follow me” nod of her head and tiptoed back into the hall and Marty slipped out of the covers and slipped out behind her.

It was the first time in months that I had to take things into my own hands to reduce the swelling in my boxers. Although I was disappointed, I abused myself to visions of Beth up in the tree house giving Marty the same treatment I had received the night before. I wondered if she was talking dirty to him. I imagined she was.

I drifted off to sleep at last and never heard Marty come in but when I woke in the morning, he was snoring softly with a huge grin on his face, drooling on his pillow.

I got dressed for breakfast and threw a pillow at him as I left the room. “Hey!” he yelled in a waking stupor. I dodged it when he threw it back and skipped into the kitchen where Little Jake and Beth were wolfing down breakfast and laughing over something secret that stopped when I came in.

“What?” I said looking at them both.

“Oh, nothing!’ they both smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders and sat down to breakfast just as Marty joined us and Jake gave him a thumbs up sign and a big smile. Beth swatted at his hand and gave her brother a killer look.

“Oh.” I nodded. “Kiss and tell, I see.”

Jake and Beth both smiled at me.

After breakfast, Jess and the girls came by and picked up Beth. They didn’t even come in, just pulled up outside, honked the horn and Beth, grabbed her bag and was out the door with a big grin, gone for the day.

She was back by dinner but her only answer was “Out with the girls!”

Aunt Lila fixed another huge meal and we all ate like starving children. After we cleaned off the table and washed the dishes Beth said “Let’s go out in the tree house!”

Aunt Lila turned and smiled at us. Kids having fun. If she only knew.

We ducked out the kitchen door and climbed up into the tree house. I finally broke the ice, “What’s going on around here?”

Jake smiled. “Kind of a lot.”

Beth giggled. “Jake caught me sneaking back in the house the other night and he made me tell him what was going on. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t know, so I told him. He made me tell him everything, even all the details. It made him hard so I had to help him out while I told him. That was pretty hot so last night I went in and woke him up to tell him about me and Marty and I had to help him out again.” And she giggled again.

Jake just smiled sheepishly. Marty rubbed the front of his pants.

“Yeah, I saw you come in last night. Thought you were coming back for me and I had to take care of myself when you left with Marty.” I complained. Everyone chuckled.

“So what was with running off all day with the other girls?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted to talk to you guys.” She said, suddenly serious. “So far we’re all lucky nobody seems to be pregnant. Still don’t know for sure. Kat started her period on Tuesday. That’s why she hasn’t been over this week. She told me and I told Jess and we all got to thinking about it. I haven’t started but I’m not due for a week. Don’t know for sure about Jules.

“Oh, crap!” I said. I hadn’t really even thought about that in all the sex we’d been involved in over the last few weeks and suddenly it was kind of scary.

“Yeah, really.” Beth said. “So Jess took us all to the free clinic in Mobile and we all got pills. We’re not supposed to start taking them until our next cycle and then they might not work until after a month so since they knew we were all, you know, doing it, they gave us these.” And she pulled out a large box of condoms and showed them to us. “We’re supposed to use these until the pills start working.” She said very seriously, then added with a grin, “I don’t think they gave us enough.” We all laughed at that.

But despite the laughter, it struck home to me that we had been very stupid and so far, very lucky. And that meant that Beth and maybe Jules were ripe for a big mistake just about the time we were all thinking with our little heads those two weeks on the island.

I think Beth started her period the following week but Jules gave us a scare by being two weeks late, probably due to interrupting her cycle with the loss of her virginity. I have no Idea if that’s biologically correct but it scared us all for a while and Jules was a wreck until she finally started. We had all dodged the bullet and until the girls were all fully on the pill, we used that one box of condoms and two more before we had to return to California. As for that evening, we talked out there in the tree house for several hours before we climbed down and all went to bed. There were no night visitors that night and Marty and I slept soundly through ‘til morning.

After: According to Sadie:

Jake dropped us all off at Jen’s house and the boys helped us unload our bags and beach stuff onto the front lawn then helped us carry it all inside. David helped me take my stuff next door and we all shared a confusion of hugs and kisses and goodbyes and they all drove off with Kat and Beth waving at us through the rear window until the boat swung around and obscured them from view.

When I went inside I found a note from Mom and Dad that they were at the movies with my little brother Tommy and his friends so I ran back over to Jen’s house just in time to find them being hurried upstairs to clean up. Jen’s mom looked at me standing outside through the screen door and took pity on me “Saw your folks leave earlier. Want to come in and get cleaned up with the girls?”

“Yes mam, that would be nice” I said and came inside to follow Jess, Jen, Jules and Susan upstairs.

We got up to Jen’s room and somehow ended up sitting cross legged on the floor since we didn’t want to get sand on the beds and talked about the past two weeks and everything we had done. Susan and Jen just simply gushed about the Aussie twins and Jules was obviously smitten over David. Which was kind of strange to me because, while I now considered him to be my boyfriend, I had not an ounce of jealousy towards Jules nor, I realized, towards any of the other girls that I had freely shared him with for the past two weeks.

I listened to the others talk and drifted off into a reverie of my own. What was I in for? I had waited for two years to fulfill my fantasy, my desire, my craving for sex with a boy and in a brief two weeks since we’d first seen each other again, since that first day I had actual, real sex with a real boy, I’d had sex uncountable, multiple times with five different boys! I was fully and totally addicted to penises! I wanted to touch them, taste them, feel them and put them inside me in every way. I wanted them soft so I could make them hard, what power that is! I wanted them hard so I could use them. I wanted to feel them squirt inside me, and I wanted to watch them squirt in my hands. I wanted to taste them squirt and I wanted to feel them fill me and press me and make me come over, and over, and over again!

I didn’t care too very much who they belonged to either, although as I thought about it, I wanted the younger guys, near my own age and not much older. I couldn’t really get into the idea of an older man like a teacher, or an uncle or my Dad. I wasn’t really much for incest myself, but since I wasn’t related to David or any of his cousins, male or female I had no issues with it. What they did was up to them and watching them do it was amazingly erotic, incest notwithstanding. While it never bothered me to see David having sex with his cousins or his sister, to this day I’ve never had sex with my brother, although when he got a bit older I did watch Jen and Jules teach him a few things. That’s another story for later though.

I confirmed that I was a voyeur as well as an eager participant. Watching made me even more turned on, and watching David, my new boyfriend with another girl nearly drove me crazy with lust. I would never have admitted it then but in hindsight I was and always have been a hard corps nymphomaniac.

My new boyfriend. An interesting phrase in light of the past two weeks. My boyfriend. Ever since that first moment lying on the beach at Sand Island where we not only physically joined for the first time, but somehow bonded for life and we both knew it. I was his girlfriend. I guess because I had started out with an open mind about sex and all its pleasurable possibilities, possessiveness never entered into my mind, and partaking of those pleasures with several different partners of both sexes from the very start simply seemed to make it as natural as could ever be. Comfortable and natural.

“Sadie… Sadie… Hey Sadie!” I snapped out of my haze and Jen was shaking my shoulder. “let’s get a shower and have dinner.” She said.

“Ummmm yeah, okay.” I mumbled and stood up. We went into the bathroom where Jules and Jess were already half undressed and the bath water was running to heat up. Jen and I stripped and we all piled our sandy, salty beach clothes on a large towel in the corner and climbed into the shower together as Jess pulled the handle to redirect the now steaming water to the shower head.

“Eyoww!” Jules yelled as it hit her sunburned shoulders and she bent to turn the cold water faucet up a little. We all began to soap ourselves and jostle for position under the shower stream.

Jen dropped the soap and Jess bent to pick it up, but rather than give it back, she proceeded to soap Jen’s back, paying attention to her rear end and rubbing sensually up and down the crack between her cheeks. Jen leaned her head back and moaned. There was no thought about it. Jules and I both closed in around her and while Jules soaped her breasts, twirling her fingers around her now well hardened nipples I met Jess’s fingers from the front, as Jen took a step sideways opening her legs a little more to give us both better access to her warm soft regions.

I rubbed down across her clit and twirled my finger around it, feeling it swell and grow harder. I knelt in front of her and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh until I felt her soft flesh part and engulf my first two fingers and began to rub her clit with my thumb as I gently moved in and out of her. I could feel her muscles clench as little moans simultaneously escaped her lips.

The water had rinsed away the soap by now and Jules leaned in to take her sisters swollen nipples in her mouth, alternately twirling her tongue around them, then sucking until Jen groaned and her breath started to get heavy and rapid. I could feel the familiar tensing of her inner muscles as her orgasm began to build and just before she came, Jess pressed a finger deep into her rear. I could feel it against my fingers and it helped Jen to violently explode in a massive muscle clenching orgasm, holding a hand over her mouth to prevent screams of pleasure alerting her mom that something might be amiss in the bathroom.

She collapsed onto the floor of the tub, letting the water cascade over her short red hair and drip down over her face as she relaxed and began to calm herself.

“Me, me!” Jules begged and took my hand, placing it over her young mound and rubbing rapidly with both hands over mine. Jess stepped over Jen who scooted back to the rear of the tub and took up the same position she had with Jen, rubbing down Jules’s back and buttocks, and sliding her finger between her cheeks, pressing slightly as it passed over her anus.

I slipped my hand up her thigh as I had just done for her sister and between us, Jess and I had her jerking and spasming with her head thrown back and her eyes rolled up in their sockets.

When Jules had finished, Jess stepped over to me, took me in her arms, pressing her breasts against mine, her mound against mine and took me in a deep passionate exploring kiss. We pressed against each other, grinding our pubic bones together. I reached between us and explored her ample breasts while she squeezed and caressed my bottom. She reached down between my legs and I let them part as her hands found my very internally wet, hot regions and a jolt of electricity shot through my whole body as her fingers passed over my clit and found their way up deep inside me.

I dropped one hand from her breasts and returned the favor, finding her also wet and very ready. We stood and kissed, working at each other together and after several minutes of this grinding passion we both came almost simultaneously. It wasn’t as earth shattering as Jen or as intense as Jules, but it was eminently satisfying.

We all finally dried off, got dressed and headed down to the kitchen with towels wrapped around our heads for dinner.

“What in the world were you girls doing in the shower for so long!” Jen’s mom asked.

“Oh, we were just taking turns in the shower mom.” Jules replied without missing a beat and Jen almost lost it and laughed aloud once, slapping her hand over her mouth.

“Ooooh, hiccoughs!” she said covering herself. And we all moved about the kitchen hiding our smiles to help get dinner on the table.

After dinner we all trooped up into Jen’s room and pulled the bedspreads onto the floor and sat around talking some more.

“We have a little problem ladies.” Jess finally said seriously.

“What?” we all asked, curious.

“Beth and Jules are not on birth control of any kind and as far as I know, neither is Kat. I don’t know if it’s really a problem or not, but after last week it could very well be.”

Those words hit me suddenly like a brick. I realized with horror that none of us had even considered the young girls even though the rest of us were secretly taking our daily pills like clockwork. Oh, crap.” I said softly.

“You think I’m pregnant?” said Jules, now seriously worried.

“I don’t know.” Said Jess “But we need to find out and then make sure it doesn’t happen. Tomorrow, I’ll get the car and take us all shopping. Jen, you call Beth, Jules you call Kat and we’ll take a ride down to the free clinic in Mobile and have you all tested and get pills for everyone. And until we know for sure Jules, no boys!” she said giving Jules a stern under the eyebrows look.

“Yes mam.” Jules said quietly and meekly. And then with a huge grin, “As long as we can take showers together, I’ll be okay with that.” And jess reached across to take a punch at her but she dodged backwards expertly avoiding the blow and laughed.

Jess went downstairs and gathered up a huge armful of snacks and drinks from the kitchen and told her mom that we were all going to have a big sleepover in Jen’s room and when my parents and little brother showed up looking for me could she tell them I was here and everything was okay?

“As if you girls haven’t been together enough in the last two weeks?” I heard her reply, then something I couldn’t hear, and a laugh and Jess was back up the stairs and laying out our little midnight feast in the middle of the bedspread.

She locked the door behind her, looked around the room and promptly stripped naked and sat on the floor. Immediately the rest of us followed suit, giggling and laughing and we sat around for hours with only the night light on in the corner, talking about the Aussie boys, David and Little Jake. How Marty looked like a deer caught in the headlights when he realized we were all really talking about real sex and how it only took him a couple of minutes to realize we weren’t kidding and join right in. We all laughed at that for a while then we laughed at the way Jules and Kat had followed us down the beach and caught us going at it and just stood there with their hands down her pants when we caught them watching us.

After a little while the two previous weeks began to catch up to us and the laughter and talk died down and Jen reached over and slid her hand up my thigh and cupped me between the legs, slowly sliding her finger up and down across my clit. I noticed Jules leaning back against the bed slowly stroking herself, staring at her sister’s hand so I leaned back against the bed on my side and spread my legs to let her have free reign over me.

I slid sideways and lay down on my back, with my knees in the air and my feet spread wide and Jen leaned over and lowered her lips and began to kiss and suck on me. Jules reached across and slipped a finger inside Jen and softly commented at how wet she was, and Jess leaned down and began to lick on Jules between the legs.

It was soft and quiet and after a lot of switching and moving and trading about, and some softly intense orgasms we all drifted off to a sound sleep on the floor, entwined in each other’s arms, naked, comfortable, satisfied and content.

The next morning, when their dad had gone to work and their mom had run off to the store, Jess called the free clinic in Mobile and found out we’d have to come in for pregnancy tests and that the results took a few days. (They didn’t have those tests you can buy at the drugstore in those days.) We all piled in the car and drove down to pick up Beth and Kat and Jess drove us to the clinic. We sat nervously in the waiting room as Kat, Jules and Beth were all tested and then we all endured a stern lecture from a volunteer about the dangers of venereal diseases (now called STD’s) and the importance of protection and some judgmental remarks about some of us being way too young for this kind of behavior. She gave Jess a large box of condoms and told us all we should use them from now on so we wouldn’t get syphilis or some equally horrible malady and to come back on Friday for the results of the tests.

On Tuesday Kat called to let us know her period had started so she wasn’t worried about the test anymore. That was a relief to us all but Jules and Beth still worried. Jules had just finished hers right before our Island reunion so she wasn’t due for another week or so and Beth was due any day now, but so far not a sign, and she worried about it agonizingly.

On Friday Jess piled us back in the car and we drove down to the clinic, all in high anticipation and great trepidation about the possible outcome. Three negative tests, three prescriptions for birth control pills another large box of condoms and another terse boring lecture later and we pulled the car into the car-hop lanes of a Shoney’s Big Boy and celebrated with ice cold malted milk shakes! We were ecstatic and relieved to say the least. We took Beth and Kat home and I went on to my house because Jen and her sisters were going out to dinner with their parents and some other cousins, so I spent the evening with my little brother playing board games and watching TV.

On Saturday, Jen came over and said “We’re going over to Uncle Jake's and mom says you’re welcome to come with us!” I grabbed my bag, changed clothes into a pink sun dress and some white sandals that showed off my summer tan nicely and hurried over to Jen’s house, virtually trembling in anticipation.

Chapter 8 – Oak and Spanish Moss
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