Hello my name is janette (obviously not my real name but its my alias) I got divorced with my husband and as left to run a ranch in the countryside. It is relatively small with a few pigs and chickens. I occasionally have the odd guy around but only for a night of fun and a day of shame. I am now a 40 year virgin. Yes your thinking how can I be a virgin after having special guests around, well the truth is we never have sex, I give blow-jobs and hand-jobs and I get my tits licked and fucked but no one has claimed my virginity. It's sad, a 40 year old virgin.

I was out and about doing my regular farm chores when I heard the sounds of sex. I slipped into the barn to see the largest if my pigs screwing one of the females. I chuckled and pulled up a chair to watch. I was quite impressed. The male pig had a good stamina. Carving out her pussy with an un-varying pace. They were snorting in pleasure until he came. He gave one last oink and then slid off her. I could see his floppy penis retreating back too his sheath. It was rather large, bigger than any of the human cocks I'd played with, even when semi-erect. Whereas the female pig had pinky labia that were now squeezing out the last of his cum.

I stood up after my afternoon entertainment and went to plough the fields. Even when in a tractor I was soon sweating after the first hour. After my 3 hour ploughing session I parked the tractor in the equipment barn and took a cold shower. Because I was always alone I took the shower outside under the water but. The cool liquid slid over my perky breast's. they were not bad for my age, nice and round and plump. One of the main reasons I'm not in a relationship is because I don't have the time, I'm constantly keeping the farm running and when I'm not I'm eating, craping and sleeping.

Normally I don't shower alone. Because the pigs are constantly getting muddy and dirty I invite them to join me. I have modified the shower head to spray over a large area. To be precise a 4X4 metre room. I lead the pigs in with food the turn on the shower. I slowly do each pig in turn and then my self. I wash the pigs all over, from snout to hoof. Even their intimate areas are clean by the end. I enjoy the feeling of washing a pig pussy, it's soft and slightly hairy, it tickles my fingers. After I have washed my self and the pigs I slip out the shower and clean the pig pen. Still naked I shovel the hay and muck out and replace it with fresh straw and fill up their trough with lovely rotting fruit.

When finished I let the pigs out the shower room and into their clean pen. They almost immediately separate and start to explore their old home that they have forgotten about a few minutes ago. When I turn to lock the shower door I see another pig couple screwing. In fact it was the same female but a different male, I laughed, "little slut" jokingly as I separated them and slapped them on the backside. I looked down and noticed juices dribbling down the inside of my leg, horrified I saw that they came from my pussy. Is it wrong to get turned on by a pig fucking a sow? I don't know but it felt it. I hadn't had an orgasm in 10 years and now that I was wet I was horny. I shook my head in disgust and locked up for the day.

I ate a pleasurable dinner on my own then went for a swim. I don't have a pool but there is a lake adjacent to the pig pen. I stripped off and put on a bikini the dived into the cool lake. The lake was in the field that the pigs were allowed in only if it was a good day and they were too energetic to be kept inside. The sun was out so I thought what the hell and I let them out. I raced alongside them to get back to the lake then did a spectacular dive into the lake, It was that deep but not to shallow that when I jumped in I would break my legs on the bottom. I could just about touch the bottom in the deepest area.

Some of the pigs were brave enough to enter the pond and run around in the shallow end. After I did a bit of swimming I got out and lay down on a nearby rock. I lay still for an hour or so just watching the clouds float by, thinking about my lonely life. I then thought, what the hell, nobodies gonna see me so I slipped off my bikini and lay there, spread eagled across the rock, but naked. I could feel my nipples hardening in the cool breeze and this was a good feeling for my large tits, for the record I have double D tits. My pussy is neat and half shaven into a pattern. If you look close enough you can see its in the shape of a heart.

At some point I fell asleep because when I woke up it was early morning. My back was really stiff from sleeping on a rock outside and I was shivering badly. I knew that I would catch a cold soon if I didn't get inside soon. I ran up the field, my naked tits bouncing up and down. I closed the gate and wandered into the pig pen, seeking refuge in the soft, warm hay. The pigs were emerging from their little hits as I nodded off again.

I had a really strange dream, I was being licked out by a stranger that I had never met and it felt so good and realistic. I wanted to stay in the dream forever. Eventually I woke up but oddly the feeling of being licked out was still there. I raised my aching back up to see a pig with his snout in my pussy. Oddly, I didn't do anything. It felt soo good I was temporarily paralysed. I was so horny I couldn't take his head away from my intimate region. I then thought to myself, "I need to be fucked today" I was so desperate that I didn't care who it was with As long as I got the D in me.

It was then when the idea hit me. I was surrounded by males with huge, 12 inch cocks and girls with sweet pink pussies. I was so horny I didn't give a fuck who it was with, human or pig. I pulled the cleft pig towards me and slowly massage his flanks, I reached under his belly and rubbed his sheath. He grunted but stayed still. I then started to pull his cock out of its sheath. It was now becoming hard, before long it was hard and all 13 inches was on display. I rubbed one hand up and down the shaft while the other massaged his bulbous head. I then thought here goes nothing and popped it in my mouth. It was the first time I had had an animal cock in any hole of mine and I have to say, it tasted a lot better than a humans. I bobbed my head up and for a long time, salivating all over his pig hood. He eventually loaded his cum in my mouth, his first load filled my mouth, making me gag, I quickly swallowed then got his second shot, I swallowed all 6 of his spurts with only a little escaping my lips.

He limped off my face and I sat up, I was still horny. I rolled onto all fours and spread my ass cheeks, exposing my virgin cunt. It was not long until I was mounted by one of my pigs. His knob end pressing against my labia. With a satisfying pop it slid in, it was at that moment I list my virginity to a pig. He forced his way in and started to pump, my pussy exploded in pleasure, I then had the biggest orgasm of my life. Pussy clamped against my animals cock, making him squirm with pleasure as he pounded in and out.

We had quite an audience now, almost all the population of the pen were now watching the porn. After my orgasm he must have been in the verge of cumming too. He continued the pounding of my virgin cunt until his cock twitched and he shot me with his load. Filling me up in seconds. I felt like I would explode I was so full. When his cock went floppy he pulled it out of me and wandered off. I was so tired again I fell asleep on the spot, with a pussy full of cum and a stomach too. The last thing I remember is another pig coming up behind me.

I hope you enjoyed the first in this new series, please comment how it was for u and if there are any changes I can make for the next one, please give me ideas for it aswell, thank you
Carnage1098 over and out

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2014-02-13 02:31:45
dude this girl is live right now on her profile name is jenxoxo

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2014-02-03 16:48:01
omg i know this girl from she gives out free shows haha

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2013-09-20 03:11:21
That was great , my wife used to do the same to her horse especially in winter when she had to grease up his cock , loved the story

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2013-09-20 03:10:53
That was great , my wife used to do the same to her horse especially in winter when she had to grease up his cock , loved the story

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Good grief - pigs???

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