I always knew my parents were different, mom was young and always did what dad told her. I had a sister and I saw the way mom treated and taught her as if she would be a servant. Mom and dad always seemed to have parties to go to on the weekends. I guess I was smart enough but it was mostly curiosity that started me on drawing and making comics.

In a good week I could finish at least one and sometimes two. I glanced at the door when my father walked in, “hey dad.”

He shook his head, “still fooling around with this?”

I knew he didn’t think it was what I should do but I grinned, “I have three series I do and average around two grand a week.”

He blinked, “you’re kidding?”

I shook my head, “that is just the initial payment. I also get twenty five percent of the money when each is sold in a store. I get that once a quarter.”

He grinned, “on your way in the world.”

I shrugged and looked at him, “you need something?”

He nodded and stood, “I am inviting you to join a boys club.”

I turned, “a boys club?”

He smiled, “you are sixteen and responsible. Come with your mother and I on Friday and then decide.”

I smiled, “sure.”

I wasn’t sure but they had never invited me before so I wasn’t going to turn him down. I watched him leave and turned to finish what I was doing. The week almost flew by as school got out for the summer. Mom stopped in the door as I was finishing this week’s comic, “Brady?”

I turned, “yes?”

She smiled, “change your bed please and wear lose clothing for tonight.”

I nodded, “okay.”

She didn’t tell me or order me so whenever she asked me to do anything I did it. I did as she asked and finished the comic before sending it in. I went into the living room to find my thirteen year old sister in a white catsuit. Dad was with her and nodded and a minute later mom walked out wearing another catsuit that was very sheer.

I stared as dad headed towards the door and I waited to follow mom and watch her beautiful body. I sat beside dad and turned to look back at mom and Sarah. They both sat with their legs spread and I saw the crotch missing from the suits. I looked at dad, “what is going on?”

He glanced back, “it is time to see if there is a boy for your sister.”

I looked at her and she smiled and nodded. I cleared my throat, “a boy for Sarah?”

Dad looked at me, “there are a lot of girls and not enough boys.”

I looked at her, “you mean she is going to fuck a boy.”

He nodded, “however he wants and when he wants.”

I looked at him, “for the weekend?”

He looked at me, “no.”

I looked back at mom and then at Sarah, “you mean the boy takes her home.”

He nodded as I sat back to think. The place we went to was secluded with a lot of trees between the road and what looked like a large lodge. There were a lot of cars parked to the side and dad joined them.

When we got out he looked at me as we walked with mom and Sarah behind us, “there are a lot more girls than boys lately. You will roll dice to see in what order you can pick the girls.”

He stopped at the door, “you may select two or more girls but you have to fuck them before we leave. She can be fucked three times tonight and then as much as you want later or at other club meetings. If you want to let another guy fuck her only you can give her permission.”

I looked at mom, “so after I pick a girl and have sex I can let her father and someone else do her.”

Dad nodded and I grinned, “and can I ask to fuck one of the other girls or women?”

He looked at mom, “like your mother?”

I nodded and he laughed as she smiled, “sure.”

He looked at me, “do you want to join?”

I looked at mom and then at Sarah before nodding, “yes.”

He opened the door and walked in, “welcome to the boys club.”

I looked around and grinned when I saw my grandparents. Everyone was naked or wearing a catsuit and dad started undressing and putting his clothes into a set of wooden boxes beside the door. I joined him and when we were done he guided me to three men, “this is Brady. He is sixteen.”

He turned and pulled Sarah up, “this is my daughter Sarah. She is of age and available.”

They gestured, “join the line of girls Sarah.”

I looked at nine other girls in white catsuits and she went to stand with them. The three men pointed to three other boys around my age and I crossed to join them. I nodded to them and they nodded back. One, a stocky red head grinned, “did you see the hermaphrodite with the girls?”

I turned to look and the stunning girl almost jumped out at me, “who is she?”

They laughed, “Taylor and before you ask she has a pussy and can get pregnant. She also has a cock and produces sperm.”

I looked at him, “how do you know?”

He grinned as the other two laughed, “her dad told everyone.”

I looked back at her, “she looks like she is just developing. How old is she?”


I nodded, “my sister Sarah is fourteen too.”

One of the three men walked up and held up a bowl, “two of you will get to select a third girl.”

We looked at each other before reaching into the bowl. The red head and I brought out a white dice, the other two held red. He nodded to me and the red head, “you two will select a third girl. Go ahead and roll the dice.”

We did and I rolled a four and the others rolled a six, five and two. That set the order we would choose the girls and we lined up. The talking quieted as everyone turned to watch. The first two picked girls and then it was my turn. I looked at all of the girls before pointing, “Taylor.”

She looked up and at me before walking to me and standing behind me. The last boy choose and we started again. This time I picked a small half Asian half Hispanic girl named Gem. The last two girls standing were Sarah and another girl with long black hair. I wanted Sarah and looked at the other two guys as they stepped back.

I moved to the red head and whispered, “which do you want?”

He looked at me and then at Sarah and the other girl, “the one on the right.”

It wasn’t Sarah, I looked and then looked back at him, “you owe me.”

He looked at me as I turned and pointed, “Sarah.”

She frowned as she started towards me and the other girl started for him. The crowd broke up as I turned to the three I had chosen, “I can’t fuck all three of you first.”

They frowned as I smiled, “Sarah? Go let dad know I will ask him to fuck you for your first time.”

She grinned and nodded and I looked around, “and I think after I fuck you I will ask grandpa.”

Her grin widened as I gestured and she walked to dad. I looked at Taylor, “as much as I want to fuck you I was thinking your father should be first.”

She nodded without looking up and I reached out to lift her face, “always look at me. After you finish I will ask your father if you may fuck your mother.”

Her eyes widened and then she grinned and nodded. I rubbed a nipple, “I’ll fuck you after and then if you have a grandfather here we can see if he wants to fuck you.”

She nodded and I looked at Gem, “after I fuck you I will ask your father and grandfather.”

She grinned and nodded and I looked at Sarah as she returned. I looked around and the other guys were already fucking and so were a lot of others. I moved to dad, “dad.”

He grinned, “you want me to fuck Sarah first?”

I nodded, “please.”

He reached for her as she stepped closer, “I’ll bring her back nice and cummy.”

I grinned before I turned, “where is your father Taylor?”

She pointed and I crossed to him as he turned. I smiled, “sir, would you fuck Taylor first? She needs someone that knows her and loves her.”

He nodded as he looked at her and I looked at her mother, “and I would ask to let her fuck her mother when you finish.”

He laughed as he turned, “now that I want to watch so yes.”

I gestured to her and she went to her father. I turned to Gem and smiled as I headed to one side. I pulled a large ottoman out and into the center of the floor. I grinned as I turned to pull her around and laid her back on the edge. I knelt between her legs and caressed her mound and tummy, “this is my first time so I might leave you really cummy.”

She grinned as she looked down her body, “okay.”

I leaned in and licked through her slit and pushed my tongue into her. She shivered as I licked her and then covered her clit before sucking and nibbled gently. She jerked and shook as her hips lifted, “ooohhh!”

I grinned as I began to wiggle my tongue and tease her clit. I kept licking and nibbling and sucking as she shuddered and then wailed a few minutes later before covering her pussy. I grinned as I straightened and looked at her while she panted. The people around us chuckled and laughed as I moved over her and pushed into her as we kissed.

I pushed deeper before pulling back and fucking her slowly with nice deep thrusts. She lifted her legs and spread them as I hit the back of her pussy and pressed. She jerked and her extremely tight pussy gripped my cock as she howled, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned as she shuddered almost violently and squirted while clutching me. I buried my cock to hump and jab while grinding. It was a few minutes before I groaned and shoved into her and held her as I began to gush cum. She tilted her hips and lifted them while hugging me, “YES!”

I pressed and spurted and humped and spurted and jabbed and spurted and when I finally stopped we both sighed. I looked at her as she smiled and gave her a kiss, “nice and cummy.”

She grinned and I pulled out and stood before helping her up. I looked around, “your father?”

She pointed and I walked to him as he grinned, “that was a good fuck.”

I blushed, “I was hoping you would like to fuck her.”

He smiled as he looked at his daughter, “very much.”

I turned and she smiled as she stepped around me. I saw several people watching Taylor fucking her mother. I headed for dad and mom with Sarah beside him. He grinned, “she was perfect.”

Sarah grinned and I held out my hand, “my turn.”

She took my hand and I glanced at her as I led her back to where I had been with Gem. I laid her back and knelt to feel and caress her and slip a finger into her cummy pussy. She shuddered and humped and I grinned as I began to rub her clit with my thumb. I moved and pushed into her extremely tight slimy hole.

I began to fuck her slowly as she grunted and lifted her hips. I went deeper as she started to shudder and her pussy grasped my cock. She wiggled and humped and writhed around, “Brady!”

I grinned as I fucked her long, hard and deep and she lifted and spread her legs, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her steadily as her pussy spasmed and constantly squeezed. She was thrashing around and bucking as I fucked her and rubbed her clit. It was several minutes before I needed to cum and held her hips as I buried my cock. She shook and looked at me before I was suddenly spewing cum into her.

She jerked as her pussy clamped down, “yyyeeesssss!”

I pulled out of her when I was done and caressed her pelvis, “that felt so good.”

She grinned as she panted and I stood and helped her up, “grandpa’s turn.”

She followed as I crossed to him, “grandpa.”

He turned and grinned, “hey stud.”

I looked at my sister, “would you fuck her for her last time tonight?”

He laughed and held out his hand, “your grandmother has been teasing me with her.”

Sarah giggled as she took his hand and I turned to head for Gem. She smiled as I walked up and her father grinned, “she was nice and cummy.”

I blushed as I gestured, “your grandfather Gem?”

Her dad laughed and turned, “dad?”

Another man turned and walked closer and I smiled, “sir would you fuck Gem for her last time tonight?”

He nodded and Gem walked to him as I turned to go to Taylor. She was looking down as her father grinned, “I spermed her good and she flooded her mother.”

I smiled and looked at Taylor, “my turn and then your grandfather.”

She nodded and I lifted her face, “what did I say?”

She looked at me and blushed, “to look at you.”

I nodded and turned to lead her to the ottoman. She moved onto it on her knees and I rubbed her butt, “turned over, lay back and spread your legs.”

She turned her head to look at me and I fingered her leaking slit, “go ahead.”

She turned over and laid back but looked away. I stared at her semi hard cock before reaching below her balls to rub her clit and finger her, “when you cum from your pussy do you spurt sperm?”

She shook her head and I slipped a finger into her, “and when you sperm do you also cum in your pussy?”

She blinked and looked at me shyly, “I’m not sure.”

I nodded as I moved and lifted her legs before pushing into her extremely tight if cummy pussy. I rubbed her clit and waited as she sighed and shivered before I pulled back and started fucking her, “which feels better?”

She shuddered and humped as her pussy tightened, “mmmm?”

I grinned as I kept fucking her, “come on lovely. You need to trust me.”

She groaned and lifted her head to look at me, “maybe when I sperm?”

I nodded and was tempted to give her hard cock a stroke, “I want to fuck you while you do Sarah or Gem.”

She suddenly thrashed and bucked as her pussy tightened almost painfully, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I fucked her hard and deep while she continued to writhe around and jerk. It was a long time before I needed to cum and Taylor was constantly wiggling and squirming as she came. I buried my cock and held her legs up and spread. She jerked and her pussy clenched as I began pumping and spurting.

She shook and looked at me as she tilted her hip, “YES!”

When I was done I let her legs down, “you are a tight bitch.”

She grinned as she stared at the ceiling and I pulled out, “want me to take you to your grandfather?”

She lifted her head before looking around and then shaking it. I stood and pulled her up, “are you sure?”

She nodded, “maybe next time?”

I turned, “time to find Sarah and Gem.”

Sarah was waited with dad and grandpa as they talked and I winked. She walked to us as I turned to head for Gem. She grinned and run to us when she saw us and I turned back towards dad, “I have one woman I really want to fuck and cum in.”

Sarah looked at me and then giggled, “mom.”

Taylor nodded with another smile as Gem giggled like Sarah. The lodge was more alive as music started and people danced and flirted. I grinned at dad, “can I fuck mom?”

He grinned and turned, “your boy wants his turn.”

Mom smiled and held out her hand, “I have been waiting.”

She led me to a couch and sat and I knelt between her legs. She caressed my face, “I’m cummy, you can lick me tomorrow.”

I grinned and reached to the crotch of her suit and fingered her pussy. She laid back and shuddered as she humped and I moved closer and slowly pushed into her. Her pussy was tight and warm and gripped my cock as I sank all the way into her. I started to fuck her and she began to moan and hump and shudder.

I used one hand to finger and rub her clit as I continue to fuck her slowly. Several minutes later she jerked as her pussy tightened and then she started to spasm while wailing, “bbbaaabbbyyy!”

I held her hips and fucked her hard as I tried to cum in her. Right then I wanted to get her pregnant and didn’t care about anything else. It took a few more minutes before I buried my cock and held her shaking body as I spurted cum against and through her cervix. She screamed and shuddered harder as her pussy gripped my cock and started milking the cum into her.

When I was done she was panting and shuddering as her pussy kept squeezing. I bent to kiss her and pulled out. She smiled and turned to lay back, “I hope it is another boy.”

I looked at her as dad slapped my shoulder, “I’m fixed and your mother is off limits until she is pregnant.”

I looked at him and then at mom and she kept smiling peacefully. I turned to look at Taylor, “your mom?”

She blinked and then grinned, “dad said something about breeding her.”

I grinned and looked at Sarah and Gem, “you two need to wait before I or Taylor get you pregnant.”

I grinned at Taylor, “and I get you pregnant.”

She smiled and nodded as I looked at mom before dad pulled me away and we started to mingle. People that wanted to fuck would just move to a couch or whatever as everyone mostly ignored them. It was late when we left, the girls parents were going to bring their stuff to the house the next day.

Mom and Gem sat on the outside and I had Taylor sit in middle. I kissed Sarah, “face me and straddle her. Sit on her cock and lean back.”

She grinned and nodded as she climbed in and did as I told her. I watched as Taylor looked at me and then closed her eyes and shuddered. Dad was watching and grinned before going around to get in. I sat sideways to watch all the way home and by that time Taylor was humping and shuddering and my sister was moaning and thrusting back and onto her cock.

Taylor looked at me suddenly as she gripped my sister’s hips, “Brady?”

I smiled, “cum in her.”

Sarah jerked and spasmed as Taylor began grunting a few moments later. She just kept doing it and my sister groaned as cum leaked around the thick cock stretching her. When Taylor sagged and relaxed with a sigh dad laughed as he got out. I got out and went to the back door to help a grinning Gem out and then Sarah and Taylor.

Sarah was clutching her hand and I grinned as I closed the door and led the girls after mom and dad. Once in the house I headed towards my room and hesitated before leaving the door open. I gestured to the bed, “Gem?”

She smiled as she laid back, “yes?”

I walked to the bed, “will you let Taylor fuck you?”

She turned as Taylor looked at us and grinned, “of course.”

Dad cleared his throat and I turned, “yes?”

He smiled, “before you start on the girls again would you fuck your mother once more?”

I started for the door and began to undress, “my pleasure.”

He looked at the bed, “um...”

I looked at him and then at the bed, “would you like to fuck one of them?”

He nodded, “Taylor?”

I smiled, “she was going to fuck Gem but a few more minutes will help her produce more cum.”

Taylor grinned as Gem and Sarah giggled and I looked at dad, “not to hard.”

He smiled, “I saw how she acted.”

I looked at the bed, “of course if you want to wait until she is in Gem before fucking her...”

They looked startled and dad walked to the bed, “now that is an idea.”

I waited while he climbed onto the bed before heading to his bedroom and my mother. When I left her much later her legs were spread and she had a big smiled on her face. Dad was only holding Taylor when I walked in and he slipped off the bed. I fucked the three once more before I was exhausted.

Taylor got to fuck Gem and Sarah once more before she was finished. We fell asleep together with me holding Taylor. I woke to her warm body against mine and cupped a breast. She shifted and turned to look at me as I smiled and kissed her, “I don’t know when your parents are bringing your stuff over.”

She smiled, “after nine.”

I looked at my sister and Gem holding each other, “I need...”

Taylor grinned, “if you are going to get your mother pregnant you should ask your father and give her a fresh load.”

I kissed her, “I’ll ask your father if you can do your mom a few times when they get here.”

She looked at the ceiling, “thanks.”

I bent to suck on a nipple before moving out of bed and heading to dad’s bedroom. He was dressing when I walked in and grinned before nodding to the bed, “spread her legs and fuck her.”

Mom was watching as she laid on her side and grinned before she laid back and spread her legs. I smiled as I climbed into bed with her and moved over between her legs. I pushed into her and gave her a kiss as I began to fuck her with long grinding thrusts. She lifted her hips to meet mine and her cummy pussy began to tightened and grasp at my cock.

She sighed and humped as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing. I fucked her hard and then slowly with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and howling. She bucked and thrashed around as I continued to fuck her. I heard dad laughing as he walked out but continued to fuck mom.

After several minutes she was incoherent and spasming. When I was finally ready I shoved all the way into her and pushed before I gushed strong spurts of cum. Mom jerked and clutched me as I pumped warm sperm into her fertile womb. When I was done we both sighed and relaxed. I kissed her as her warm pussy squeezed and gently milked my cock.

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “thanks mom.”

She smiled, “your welcome honey.”

I went to my room to get the girls and found them whispering and giggling. I caught Taylor around the waist, “time for me to wash you.”

She looked at me and Sarah pressed against her, “and us?”

I laughed, “and you.”

That was fun and I could see Taylor relaxing a little. After showers I got dressed and had the girls go help mom. I went to my drawing desk and started on one of the series. I stopped when I heard the door bell and went to see who it was. Dad had gone to work so I let Taylor’s mom and dad in.

Her mom had a small trunk and I gestured to it and her, “you girls help her.”

I smiled at her dad, “can Taylor fuck her mom a couple of times?”

He looked at Taylor and frowned and I cleared my throat, “she is supposed to get pregnant right?”

He grinned, “yeah.”

He gestured, “let her fuck you.”

I turned and gestured to the kitchen, “would you like coffee?”

He shook his head, “I need to go to work. I’ll swing by later for Marie.”

I let him out before looking at mom. She smiled and turned to go back into the kitchen. When I walked into the bedroom Taylor and her mother were on the bed. I caught Gem, “you and Sarah go help mom.”

She smiled and nodded before grabbing my sister’s hand. I went back to my desk and ignored the whispers and moans, “take your time Taylor and fuck her as long and as a many times as you want.”

“Thank you Brady.”

It took a little bit to concentrate and then I lost myself in what I was doing. It was a few hours before Taylor pressed against my back, “lunch?”

I turned and smiled, “where is your mom?”

She blushed, “in the kitchen with your mom.”

I cupped one of her breasts, “how many times did you fuck her?”

She shivered and smiled, “four.”

I grinned, “can I fuck you?”

She blinked, “of course.”

I stood and backed her to the bed where she sat and then laid back. I caught her and kept her from rolling as I stripped. I felt her slit and fingered her as she spread her legs and smiled. I moved and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned as I buried my cock and caressed her thighs while her pussy rippled and finally squeezed.

I smiled, “I can’t wait to get you pregnant.”

She shuddered and humped, “when?”

I pulled back and began to fuck her, “sixteen unless you tempt me to much.”

She wiggled and thrust up as I pushed into her, “and later when my son is old enough?”

I fucked her with long deep thrusts, “yes and maybe when Sarah’s or Gem’s is old enough too.”

She giggled and then moaned as I buried my cock and pressed while rubbing her clit with one hand. She bucked gently while her pussy tightened and I pulled back to start fucking her again with long deep strokes. She wiggled and spasmed a few minutes later before wailing as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept fucking her and smiled as she began to convulse. She twisted and jerked as she wet me while her pussy rippled around my cock. I continued to fuck her with long strokes but started to do it a little harder. She howled and screamed and thrashed around until I finally buried my cock and gushed cum against her cervix.

She jerked and spasmed while her pussy constantly squeezed and milked the cum out of my cock. I pulled out and kissed her before moving off the bed, “lunch time.”

She was panting and grinned as she climbed out of bed. She slipped her arm around my waist as we walked to the kitchen and then she was pulled away by Gem and Sarah. I caught mom and gave her a kiss before looking at Marie, “how did Taylor do?”

She had cum running down both legs and grinned, “I think it will be twins or triplets.”

I laughed and moved to the table before catching Gem and pulling her onto my lap. She wiggled against my hard cock before standing and then straddling me and slowly impaling her tight pussy. She sighed and kissed me, “this is better.”

I grinned and shook her before shifting as mom put a sandwich on the table. While I ate Gem began to breath harder while she rubbed her pussy on me. It squeezing and grasping my cock and after several minutes she spasmed and wailed. She wet me and jerked back and forth as I tried to hold her while she convulsed.

She rocked and bounced and twisted before I stood and laid her on the table. I held her waist as she lifted her legs and began to fuck her long, hard and deep. She thrashed around as she howled and her pussy was constantly clenching, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

It took ten minutes before I buried my cock and pumped cum through her cervix. She jerked and shuddered while tilting her hips, “mmmm!”

I finished and bent to kiss her before pulling out and then helping her off the table. She leaned against me and sighed before Taylor and Sarah pulled her to another chair. Just after lunch Gem’s parents arrived with a couple of boxes of her things. They grinned when they came in and her dad nodded to Taylor, “did he fuck her?”

I glanced at her, “yes, she fucked her.”

He grinned, “she cums a lot?”

They were whispering and giggling with the three women as I smiled, “she cums a lot more than me. She loves getting cum inside her too.”

He laughed and shook his head, “maybe next time I can fuck her and watch her sperm my wife.”

I grinned, “I’ll let her know to save up before we go.”

He looked at Gem, “well? How do you like being fucked?”

She grinned as she wiped her pussy, “I like it a lot.”

He sighed and looked at his wife, “Georgia.”

He slapped my shoulder before they left and I closed the door. I shook my head, “you girls need to put Taylor and Gem’s clothes away.”

I headed for my room and went back to work. It was a couple of hours before dad came home and then Taylor’s dad to pick up her mom. My sister came to press against me, “Brady?”

I sat back and looked at her as she looked down, “want to fuck?”

I grinned, “are you clean?”

She nodded and I gestured to the bed, “on the bed and spread your legs.”

I glanced at my work before standing and moving to the bed. I crawled between my sister’s legs and licked her pussy before capturing her clit. I teased it with my tongue as I sucked and she shuddered and began to hump and wiggle. I pushed my tongue into her and then went back to the clit.

I gently nibbled and flicked my tongue on it and she shuddered hard and cried out. I moved up and over her before I slowly pushed into her tight pussy. I buried my cock as she tilted her hips and kissed her, “your pussy is mine Sarah. Mine because I wanted it and you.”

She looked at me as her pussy tightened and she shuddered. I kissed her before I started to fuck her, “I am going to love getting you pregnant and then Taylor gets to get you pregnant.”

She hugged me tight while shaking, “oooohhhhh!”

I planted my cock all the way in her and started grinding and rubbing. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she started thrashing around and jerking, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I continued to fuck her slowly but with long deep strokes. She lifted and wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. She twisted and spasmed but continued to hold me tight while I fucked her. It was awhile before I pushed all the way in and kissed her as I spewed and began pumping spurts of cum.

She jerked and screamed when she felt the warm sperm filling her, “BRADY!”

When I finished she was panting and shuddering and slowly relaxed. I pulled out and looked at Gem and Taylor on the side of the bed. Sarah smiled as she looked at me, “I love you big brother.”

Mom did get pregnant and Taylor’s mom had twins, a girl and a boy. Taylor got mom pregnant a year later at dad’s request, she had twin girls. When Taylor turned sixteen Gem and Sarah watched as I got her pregnant, she had twins, a boy and a girl. Two years later she got pregnant again but only had a girl.

When Gem turned sixteen it was her turn and she had a boy. Taylor got her pregnant a year later and she had a girl. Taylor got Sarah pregnant when she turned sixteen and she had a boy and I got her pregnant a couple of years later for her little girl. Our home is very large and was custom built.

We still go to the boys club and the girls love to show off and fuck. Taylor is more confident now and enjoys getting fucked and flooding the other girls. She is my best friend now and we love doing our girls together.
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