I nodded and sighed as I gestured to make a seat. I sat as the girls came to surround me and Tammy pushed Cara onto my lap. I hugged her as I looked at Trinity talking to the other mages on the council. Dad sighed as mom slipped an arm around his waist, “we better take everyone home.”

He smiled and looked at me, “we will talk tomorrow.”

I nodded as his caravan guards came closer and he opened a portal. After they were gone I looked at Trinity and the council before Cara wiggled and kissed me. I grinned and stood before nodding to Grif, “put the lights out when it calms down.”

Cara and Amanda pulled me towards the wagon and started stripping me as soon as we were through the door. I waited and pushed each girl towards the bed before dimming the light and following. I pushed hands away as I pulled Dara back against me, “you don’t need it.”

I relaxed and let go of the wild magic coursing through me. I woke to several kittens jumping onto me and opened my eyes to see Amanda tossing another. I growled as the girls giggled and Dara turned and pressed against me, “can we couple again?”

I smiled and caressed her hip, “amorous this morning?”

She nodded and the others laughed before Cara pushed her onto her back and stalked up her body. She lay between Dara’s spread legs and touched the collar and the ruby in the hallow of her throat, “you are a concubine Dara. Kiss him and pull him between your legs or straddle him and fuck him. While you wear the ruby you won’t become pregnant. We might even take you over to one of the other mages to see if he would like to fuck you.”

I swatted her butt, “enough. She was not raised like you.”

Cara grinned but didn’t look away from Dara, “if you wish to remain faithful to Amerlyn ask one of us and we will help you.”

Dara smiled, “but I want Amerlyn.”

Cara groaned as the others snickered and I shook my head, “she doesn’t understand that you are horny too.”

I moved off the bed, “come shower and if you do a good job I will do both of you.”

They moved off the bed and followed me outside. I stretched and smelled the fresh air before crossing to the bathing wagon. Cara and Dara both washed me as the others teased them. Megan, David and her boys joined us and that drew Storm, Brandy and Amanda away to play and tease the boys.

I pulled Cara and Dara out and dried us before starting for my wagon, “Grif!”

I brought a large rock to me as wild magic filled me and whispered a spell to change it before starting another spell. When I finished I glanced at my friend and handed the crystal orb to him, “stay just inside the edge of the clearing.”

He nodded and turned before leaping and spreading his wings as he beat them to go higher. I brought another large rock to me, “George!”

I whispered the spells before looking at the dragon and holding out the stone, “find the exact center of Clearing and place this there.”

He nodded as he turned to leap into the air and fly higher. I smiled as I pulled Cara and Dara towards our wagon, “now for you two.”

They grinned as I pulled them into the wagon and across to the bed. I laid them both on the bed and murmured a spell that made me shimmer. I stepped away from myself and we both reached for a girl. Cara and Dara grinned as we knelt and pushed their legs open before bending and licking through their pussy.

I nibbled on their inner lips briefly before capturing her clit. I nibbled and sucked as I used my tongue. They jerked and wailed as I kept licking their pussy. I pushed my tongue into them and whispered before going back to their clit. They howled as sensations exploded inside them and started thrashing around.

I flipped them and lifted their butt before pushing into them. I began with long deep thrusts as their tight pussies grasped and squeezed. I stroked in and out steadily as they jerked and spasmed while howling. I smiled as I thrust into them harder and began to fuck them hard and deep.

It wasn’t long before they were spasming and screaming as I planted my cock to pump a gushing stream of warm sperm. Cara howled long and loud when she felt it and Dara just jerked and moaned. I held them as I continued to spurt cum through and into their wombs. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and one of me faded as they clung together and sighed.

I smiled as I brought a clean robe and wrapped it around myself. I grinned as all the kittens climbed onto the bed and stalked onto both girls. I found most of the mages around the fire platform and absently sat as I let the wild magic fill me. I whispered a spell and watched as a partial illusion of Clearing formed in front of me.

I glanced at Trinity when he stopped beside me, “what are your plans?”

I smiled, “I plan to put up protections around Clearing and then travel to each of my sibs. After that I will decide what to do.”

He looked at the library wagon regretfully, “I wish we could have seen more.”

I smiled, “it is staying here with Megan and David.”

He grinned before looking around, “The Emperor has called for the council. We will watch you but know that it won’t be with suspicion.”

It wasn’t long before mages began leaving, some alone and others in groups. I grinned as Storm and Amanda teased my nephews and pulled Megan onto my lap when she and Tammy came close. I held her and started bringing everything out we were giving her. She grinned and wiggled before kissing me as Tammy laughed and told her to fuck me.

I looked at her as she humped and wiggled again and she grinned, “your bed or mine?”

I glanced at the wagon as Cara and Dara came out, “well my bed seems to be empty and it is closer.”

She grinned as she stood and pulled me up and grabbed my hand before pulling me after her. As soon as I closed the door she started backing to the bed as she stripped. I followed and let my robe drop before sending it and her clothes to the stand by the door. She sat on the bed and then wiggled back, “fuck me little brother.”

I smiled as I stalked after her and settled between her legs before kissing her and slowly pushing into her. I kept going until my cock was buried and her warm pussy was grasping it. I sighed and kissed her as she put her arms around me and humped. I pressed and humped and pushed as her warm pussy grasped and squeezed.

I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. A couple of minutes and she was shuddering and bucking while her warm pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. I kissed her and let the wild magic fill me just in case it tried anything. I shoved into her and began to hump and jab while grinding.

She writhed around while her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock. I gave her another kiss before pulling back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I kept fucking her like that while she shuddered and her pussy kept grasping my cock. She humped and met each thrust as I fucked her and she clutched me as her pussy contracted.

She shook harder and started wailing and writhing around, “oooohhhhh!”

I buried my cock to feel her warm velvety pussy milking it while I kissed her. When she took a deep breath and grinned I pulled back and began to fuck her again. She howled as my cock seemed to sink into her deeper and stretch her more, “AMERLYN!”

I thrust into her and began to hump and grind as I tried to cum. She bucked and writhed around under me as I pressed and rubbed into and against her. It took a couple of minutes before I kissed her as I pressed and then peed cum. Megan tilted her hips and held them up when she felt the warm gushing flood pouring into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shivered as I pumped and spurted until I was done. I sighed and rolled until she was on me and softly caressed her hips. She smiled and put her head on my shoulder as my cock continued to throb, “I waited a long time for this.”

I hugged her and sighed as she lifted her hips to let my cock slid out. I turned us onto our sides and kissed her, “thank you Megan.”

She caressed my face, “I would have done it sooner but mom and dad wouldn’t let us.”

I smiled and moved off the bed, “I have things to do and you have things to put away or sell.”

She laughed as she rolled out of bed, “I loved the small elves and kittens.”

We dressed and I took her hand as we went out. Cara and Amanda were waiting and pounced as soon as they saw Megan and pulled her away. Almost all the other mages were gone as I looked around, at least they had taken their wagons or carriages. Kaira and Lynn slipped up beside me, “may we stay?”

I smiled as I looked at the growing image of Clearing, “as long as you like. I will be warding the library and leaving it here.”

I looked at them and Kaira grinned, “and the ward key?”

I pulled her against me before sitting as I let the wild magic that had filled me seep away, “given to those that wish to study.”

She wiggled on my lap as I once more looked at the image. Kim led the other girls towards me, “the villagers demand to know what is happening.”

I smiled, “If I knew I would tell them. For now it was just the giants but other creatures of chaos will begin to appear.”

She nodded as Kaira stood and Storm took her place, “it is dry here.”

I hugged her, “after I finish we are going to another sister who lives beside a lake.”

She squirmed, “what is there to do here?”

Amanda grinned and pulled her off my lap, “I was hoping you would sing with us to lighten the mood and make everyone feel better.”

Storm grinned, “in the fountain?”

The other girls laughed and Dara pulled on her, “in the water.”

I let the wild magic fill me and whispered a spell in case her voice was to powerful and then stood as Grif returned with George. I nodded to them as Grif set the stone I had given him down and turned to go to the girls who had a crowd beginning to gather. I gestured to the stone as I looked at the huge image and murmured a spell.

The earth shook as one by one huge thick columns of stone rose up out of the earth at an equal distance to each other. I kept watch until the last one rose out of the earth below the stone George had placed. The wild magic was still flowing through me but now I had the few mages still here around me watching.

Now the hard part was going to begin. I began the ward spells but with a twist that imbued them to each column and specified who could pass through. Even with the wild magic surging through me to feed the spells it was tiring and when I was finished I staggered and Tammy and Kim were there to support me.

They moved me to the chair I had made and helped me down. Tammy caressed my face, “no more magic today.”

Kim was nodding and I smiled, “I promise.”

I glanced at my friends, “Grif?”

He moved closer, “Amerlyn?”

I gestured to the small fox scouts, “take turns watching for the scouts.”

He nodded and I gestured, “Abe.”

He strode through the girls and stopped, “Amerlyn?”

I smiled, “could your scouts spread out and scout the ward shield around and past the village and a few leagues each way?”

He nodded, “what are we looking for?”

I looked at the illusion, “any way under the shield.”

He spun and started calling the others as Dara grinned and Megan giggled. Storm moved to me and opened my robe before straddling me and slowly lowering her pussy onto my cock. She sighed and wiggled before beginning to rock, “how long are we going to stay?”

I looked at Megan as she grinned and the other girls snickered. I hugged Storm, “we leave tomorrow.”

She kissed me and changed to rubbing her pussy on me before beginning to sing. Her song was full of joy and made me smile as I caressed her while she started twisting and rolling her hips. The other girls sat and knelt and began to sing with her and the song changed. When Storm faltered one of the others took up the lead.

It was awhile before I needed to cum and the song was reaching a crest. I closed my eyes and let the wild magic fill me before I groaned and began to spurt. Storm had her eyes closed as she let the song drift away on the wind. She was shuddering as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

Silence fell over us as I stopped cumming and Storm leaned against me and sighed as she fell asleep. I smiled and caressed her and Tammy shook her head, “just like aunt Sofie.”

Cara and Amanda giggled and Kim gestured and lifted Storm and floated her towards the wagon, “A nice way to fall asleep.”

Brandy pulled me up, “the way we all like to go to sleep.”

I smiled and caressed her pelvis before looking at the others, “visit with Megan and the boys today. We will leave first thing in the morning.”

Brandy pressed against me as they grinned. I took time during the day to speak with David and several of the other men from the town. Abe caught me checking the stream that went through the clearing, “the ward looks good Amerlyn.”

I nodded and gestured, “let your people rest, we leave tomorrow.”

I shifted out from under all the girls as dawns light brightened the skylight. I washed and walked around the seven stone giants and gave them orders and instructions so either Megan or David could command them. The other mages had taken their wagons and guards so I only had mine and the ones for Kaira and Lynn.

They were up and sitting by the fire when I came back. I walked around the library as I let the wild magic fill me and started a long spell. When I finished the girls were taking showers and playing with David, Megan and her three boys. When they got out I dried them and gave David and Megan the ward key and a hug, “stay safe.”

They nodded and I looked at Edward, “pack it up.”

He reared and spun, “Pam!”

I grinned as the girls giggled, Cara ran and leaped onto Max and Amanda ran for Leo. Storm went to climb onto Abby’s shoulders as Dara climbed up onto William. Tammy grinned as she walked to George and Kim kissed me before running to Grif. I looked at Brandy as she slipped her hand in mine and squeezed.

I pulled the huge sword out of the ground and floated it to the side of the wagon. Ten minutes later we were riding out and the whole village turned out to watch. We crossed some of Clearing before heading north through the forest on an overgrown trail. Edward and Pam led with the scouts further ahead and on each side of the trail.

I held Brandy on my lap as we rode and let the wild magic fill me while I brought a dead branch to me. I merged it into a small block before transmutated it into an extremely light wood. I carefully shaped it into a dragon and shifted the colors of the grains until it was like a rainbow. I murmured the spells to bring it to life and a moment later it shifted and spread its wings.

It was small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and I set it in Brandy’s. She grinned as it looked at her, “what is her name?”

I tilted my head, “you would need to ask her.”

Brandy looked at the tiny dragon and she blew a ring of smoke, “Flame, my name is Flame.”

I laughed, “Flame it is but do not start any fires in these woods.”

She nodded and leaped into the air. Brandy looked after her before grinning as she opened my robe and straddled me. She slowly sat on my cock and shivered as her pussy squeezed before kissing me. I held her hips as she thrust and rubbed her pussy while my cock was massaged inside her.

I pulled her close to feel her against me and she grinned and rubbed her breasts on me. I laughed and humped up before letting the wild magic fill me and whispered a spell. Brandy gasped as unseen hands started feeling and roaming over her body. She wiggled and rubbed her pussy on me as I held her against me.

She twisted and spasmed as she wet me and her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. I kissed her as I kept caressing her sides and hips and she began to wail. She bounced and rubbed and twisted almost frantically until I was finally ready and pulled her down and onto my cock. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then my cock erupted and gushed cum up into her.

She sighed and shivered as the unseen hands disappeared and she fell against me, “mmmm!”

I caressed her as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. After I stopped cumming I still held her and it was a few minutes before I turned her to see her asleep. I smiled as I gestured and lifted her off my cock and sent her floating back and into the wagon. I glanced at Flame when she landed beside me and curled up.

Off and on during the day the girls returned to sit with me. After noon we came to crossroads and I gestured to the right. The trail was a little better traveled and when we stopped in a small rocky clearing four traveler wagons were already there. I frowned because it was early and even the few windows were covered and black.

I looked at the horses on a long picket and they were sickly and anemic. I climbed down from the wagon seat and began walking around the wagons. The smell of death and blood was almost over powering. When I tried one of the doors it was locked and probable barred. I glanced at my girls as they began settling up camp.

I stepped back and let the wild magic in before starting to walk around the wagons again and murmured a ward spell. After I was done I gestured and created a ward shield around the clearing. I caught Brandy, “remember the brandy I made that regenerates?”

She nodded and I kissed her, “find it and bring it to their horses.”

I let her go and whispered for Kim, Tammy, Kaira and Lynn. Wild magic still filled me as I waited and the four walked to me frowning. I nodded to the four wagons, “have you smelled that before?”

Kaira hesitated, “maybe.”

I looked at Tammy and she shook her head with Lynn and Kim. I looked at the horses, “we will need to be careful and watch the horses. I will make them drink a potion to help regenerate but it depends on how long they have been used to feed those in the wagons.”

Kim touched my arm, “what is in the wagons?”

I looked at her and then at the others, “vampires.”

They stiffened before staring at the wagons. I followed their look, “we will know for sure once the sun sets.”

I walked toward my friends as I let the wild magic reach out and bring stones together into a stone platform. Fire erupted as more stones created a basin to one side and the magic reached into the earth and a geyser of water came out of the fountain.

I looked at Grif, “the four wagons are warded. I believe they have vampires so all of you stay alert incase more are in the forest.”

He nodded and turned to the others as I went to the sick horses and Brandy. It wasn’t easy but I made each drink a double dose of the potion before moving Brandy back. They shuddered and twitched as I used the wild magic to grow and bring a large pile of green grass for each horse. I nodded to the four leopards sitting to one side, “watch them.”

One nodded and I turned to pull Brandy after me as the small barrel floated after us. As it began to get dark I sent all the girls into our wagon. Tammy protested but I only touched her collar and she sighed, “not fair.”

I caressed her pelvis and she smiled and turned to climb into the wagon, “really not fair.”

Kaira and Lynn laughed but stopped when I gestured, “in.”

They frowned but I shook my head, “now.”

They looked at each other but Cara leaned out, “get in here so we can lick you.”

They laughed as they started for the door leaving me with Kim. I sighed, “you too.”

She pressed against me, “when this is over...”

I kissed her and pushed her towards the door, “you are first tonight.”

I waited until the door closed before murmuring a spell as I let the wild magic surge through me. I turned and looked at the lantern men, “light my way!”

I looked around before crossing to stand by the platform to wait. As the last of the suns rays disappeared men and women erupted out of the four wagons. Of course they weren’t alive and screamed when they crashed into the ward around their wagons. I glanced at the horses but they only tried to shift away.

I straightened as more vampires emerged and walked to the edge of the ward shield. I felt magic from several inside as they reached for the ward shield. It struck but the shield held and the wild magic roared into me, “enough!”

White hot fire exploded inside the ward shield until that was all there was. I felt magic trying to change it but the wild magic searched out the source and it died. It was long minutes before the fire died and the only thing left inside the ward shield was ash and melted ground. I turned to look into the forest before looking at the horses as they calmed.

Edward touched my shoulder, “it had to be done.”

I nodded, “once turned there is no way back.”

I gestured to the horses, “I don’t think any slept in the forest but keep watch and keep an eye on these.”

He nodded and I turned to go into the wagon. As soon as I stepped in I heard the moaning and smiled as I looked at the bed. Kaira and Lynn were beside each other with Cara and Amanda kissing them as Dara, Storm, Brandy and Tammy licked their pussies. Kim was sitting on the edge of the bed and gestured and my robe slipped off.

I smiled as I walked towards the bed and she turned and went to her knees. She wiggling her butt at me and I stopped to feel and rub through her slit. I pushed into her and held her hips while her hot pussy grasped my cock and squeezed. I rubbed her asshole, “you feel like you are fertile.”

She pushed back as the others turned to look and Brandy moved off the bed to hold me, “she is.”

I began to fuck Kim with long deep thrusts and she sighed and kept pushing back, “I want a girl Amerlyn.”

I smiled as I held her hip and reached under her to put my hand on her pelvis. I let the wild magic fill me and whispered a spell of keeping with parameters. I began to fuck her hard and deep and she put her head and shoulders down. A little later she shuddered hard and wailed as her pussy contracted and kept squeezing my cock.

I pushed all the way into her to hump and press as her pussy tried to squeeze and grasp my cock. She finally pushed back hard and I grinned. I held her hips as I began to fuck her long, hard and deep. She screamed a minute later as she squirted and I kept fucking her. Several minutes later I shoved into her and pushed before spewing and spurting.

She shoved back as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She shuddered while I flooded her fertile womb with warm sperm and then sighed and sagged to the bed, “next?”

The girls laughed as Brandy pushed me onto the bed and my back.
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