The house next door always had guys coming and going. Mom never said anything but I had seen her watching with a look of envy a few times. Dad was barely around and I knew he had an operation and had trouble with sex. There were three women that lived next door and two girls, Ash who was fourteen and Eve who was thirteen.

I liked them, especially Ash who wore short skirts and always smiled at me. My hobby was clay sculpting and I actually made good money. I would make something I liked and then make a mold to mass produce it in plaster and sell it. So far I had two dozen products I made and sold. I was sitting on the porch staring at the men going into the house next door.

Ash and Eve slipped up from the other direction, “wish you were one of them?”

I looked at them, “One of them?”

She gestured to a man walking up her sidewalk and I looked before looking back at them, “why?”

Ash shifted, “you don’t know?”

I shook my head, “I was trying to think of something new to sculpt.”

Ash giggled and Eve grinned, “we should show him.”

Ash grabbed my hand and pulled me up as her sister slipped her arm around my other one. They pulled me around to the side of the house and into their backyard. Ash whispered, “ever wonder why Eve and I stay outside so much?”

I nodded and she led me to a window and I looked in to see her mom getting fucked by two men. I was stunned and finally looked at Ash and Eve. They pulled me to another window where one of the other women was fucking several guys while covered in cum. Ash pulled me back and whispered, “mom and her friends are whores.”

I looked at Eve and she nodded as she rubbed my hard cock through my pants. I groaned and she grinned as she looked at her sister, “he didn’t know.”

Ash shook her head and pulled me back towards the gate and then into my backyard. She pulled me into the screened back porch and looked around before turning me, “mom wants me to fuck some of the men.”

I opened my mouth and she shook her head, “I am only going to fuck one man... you. But... you have to fuck Eve too.”

I looked at her sister and knew I could go to jail since I was sixteen. The though of what I had seen and Ash made up my mind, “okay.”

Mom cleared her throat and we jumped as she stepped out the backdoor. I knew I was busted but she was looking at Ash, “I haven’t had sex in over a year.”

Ash looked at me, “want to start a private whorehouse?”

I looked at my mother and then at Ash, “can you and Eve sleep over?”

She nodded and I grabbed her hand and then mom’s, “first I want to see a real woman’s body.”

I pulled them after me with Eve following, “and then I want to touch and feel the three of you.”

We went through the house and I headed for the hall, “and then I want to lick and taste all three of you.”

Mom laughed and Ash and Eve giggled as I turned in at my room, “after that I am going to fuck all three of you at least twice.”

I waited as I let their hands go and pulled Eve in before closing the door, “strip.”

I walked to the bed as I began undressing. I turned to watch the three and wasn’t sure which I liked best. I gestured, “Eve.”

She strutted towards me and I grinned as I twirled my finger, “beautiful, you are going to be a pixie.”

She put her hands on her hips, “Pixie!”

I rubbed a pretty pink nipple, “with gossamer wings.”

She shivered and grinned, “wings?”

I pulled her onto the bed, “wait.”

I gestured to Ash and she walked to me with a sway to her hips and a gleam in her eye. She turned slowly as I looked at her body and took a breath, “nice. You are going to be a wood nymph.”

She grinned and stepped closer to stroke my cock, “really?”

I grinned and turned her to sit her beside Eve and looked at mom. She smiled as she walked to me with a walk that would draw any man, “and what will I be?”

She turned and I looked at her before smiling softly, “the temptress and mistress, perhaps the tavern wench.”

Mom laughed as she stepped closer, “I can’t wait to see them.”

I caressed her hips before turning her to sit beside Ash, “Eve first.”

I moved to sit beside Eve and laid her back before I began to caress and feel her body. When I slipped my hand down between her legs she spread them more and I grinned, “warm and...”

I rubbed her clit and moved a finger through her pussy and slipped it into her. She humped and shuddered, “mmmm!”

I fingered her and bent to suck on a nipple, “hold that thought.”

I pulled my finger out and moved around to Ash and sat beside her and started to feel her. She grinned and kissed my check, “I think you should lick and fuck Eve before she rapes you.”

I looked at her and she stood and pulled mom up, “I want to talk with your mom.”

I watched her pull mom out and turned to Eve. She grinned, “dinner time.”

I laughed and stood to turn her before laying beside her and giving her a kiss. I moved down and between her legs and licked through her pussy. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I pushed my tongue into her. I covered her clit to suck, nibble and wiggle my tongue. She shuddered and moaned while pushing her pussy up again.

I kept licking her and teasing her clit while she twisted and jerked, “mmmm!”

Her hymen was missed so I moved up and kissed her while lifting to push and force my thick cock into her. Eve grunted and spread her legs more as I pushed into her deeper and settled on her. I started kissing her as my cock throbbed and her pussy squeezed. She hugged me and put her feet over my thighs and humped.

I grinned and kissed her before pulling back and fucking her with long thrusts. It was a minute before I was thrusting all the way into her and she was wailing and bucking. I glanced at Ash and mom when they sat on the bed but continued to fuck Eve slowly. She was clutching me while humping and spasming and her pussy gripped my cock.

I buried my cock to hump and grind as I tried to cum. Eve tossed her head as her extremely tight pussy worked on my cock. I groaned when I came and she tilted her hips and hugged me, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed and spurted against the back of her pussy and into her womb. She sighed when I stopped and looked at Ash, “it was better than we thought.”

Ash giggled as mom laughed and I pulled out and laid beside Eve. I rubbed her pelvis, “first someone needs to lick up what I left in you.”

Mom moved over Eve, “can I?”

Eve grinned, “sure.”

Ash laughed as she moved to lay on my other side, “now you can feel me and do whatever.”

I grinned as I turned and reached out to feel and cup a breast, “I like whatever.”

They all laughed and I bent to suck on a nipple. I caressed and felt her as her sister moaned with mom between her legs. I fingered her and she began to hump and lift her hips right away. I moved over her and kissed her and moved down as she spread her legs wider. I licked through her pussy and started nibbling on her inner lips and covered her clit.

I sucked and nibbled and Ash gasped and shuddered hard, “fuck!”

Eve giggled and mom laughed as she lay beside her and held her. I began wiggling my tongue on her clit and a couple of minutes later Ash was wailing and bucking. She pushed my face away and twisted until she was on her stomach. She looked back as she lifted her hips, “fuck me.”

I looked up and then moved up as she spread her knees more. I rubbed her slit with the head of my drooling cock before slowly pushing into her. She pushed back with a moan as my cock pushed into her and spread her pussy open. I continued to push into her until my cock was buried. I held still while her tight pussy grasp and squeezed my cock.

Ash shuddered and pushed back a minute later and I pulled back and began to fuck her. I used long thrusts and planted my cock each time. It wasn’t long before she started to howl and jerk while her pussy contracted and grasped my cock repeatedly. She was constantly pushing back as I fucked her and I finally held her hips and did it hard and deep.

She spasmed as her pussy clenched and she screamed and squirted, “ALLEN!”

I continued to fuck her hard, shoving all the way into her with every thrusts. She slowly laid forward but kept her hips tilted as I followed her to the bed and continued to fuck her. She kicked the bed and thrashed as I kept fucking her with long strokes. She was gripping the blanket in her fist while I fucked her and a few minutes later I buried my cock.

She jerked and tried to lift her hips and push back as I began pumping large spurts of cum. She kept shuddering as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. When I was done Ash sighed and relaxed, “yummy.”

I kissed her bare shoulder as mom and her sister laughed and I pulled out. I caught mom as she tried to move over me, “Eve gets to lick the cum out.”

I pushed her onto her back as Eve giggled and moved around to her sister and rolled her onto her back. I started feeling mom’s body as she smiled and lay back. I loved her breasts and couldn’t stop feeling them. I finally bent to suck on a nipple and she held my head and moaned as she shivered. I moved to the other nipple and sucked it before moving onto her.

I kissed her and moved down, kissing my way to her pussy. I held it open as I looked before leaning in and licking. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her lips before covering her clit and sucking. She humped up and shuddered as I wiggled my tongue on her clit and licked through her pussy again.

It wasn’t long before she was bucking and twisting. I moved up her body and pushed into her and kissed her as my cock sank deeper. I kept kissed her as she hugged me and pulled back and began to fuck her. Her pussy was warm and tight as it grasped and squeezed my cock each time I pushed into her.

It was a minute before she was humping and shuddering, “YES!”

I buried my cock and began to rub and grind. Mom bucked and shook while her pussy spasmed and contracted. I kept fucking her as she clutched me and lifted her legs into the air, “baby!”

She started convulsing as I fucked her hard and deep while trying to cum and breed her. She thrashed and wiggled and squirmed while howling and wailing the whole time. It took awhile before I needed to cum and I pushed into her and kissed her as I gushed large spurts of cum. She tilted her hips and held me tight, “yyyeeessss!”

It was several moments before I was done. I kissed her as she dropped her legs and I pulled out. I smiled at Ash, “your turn?”

She grinned as she moved away from Eve and down between mom’s legs. I looked at Eve with her legs spread while she fingered her bald pussy and moved over her and kissed her. I pushed back into her extremely tight pussy and started fucking her again. I did them each once more before I turned out the light and came back to bed.

Mom was holding and snuggling with Eve so I laid back and pulled Ash closer. I woke to my alarm and looked at Ash with her head on my shoulder. I caressed her bare shoulder and she looked up before smiling, “want a morning fuck?”

I kissed her and rolled her onto her back and moved over her and pushed into her warm pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to hump and jab into her. It wasn’t long before she wrapped her legs around me and hugged me as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “ooohhh!”

I kissed her and continued to fuck her with humping jabs. I wanted to keep my cock buried as her pussy continued to squeeze. Ash shuddered and bucked and shook as I finally pulled back and fucked her with deep thrusts. She wailed as I kept it up for a few minutes and then shoved into her and kissed her.

She tilted her hips when I suddenly peed cum into her, “mmmmm!”

Eve giggled and mom laughed as she moved off the bed. It was a minute before I was done and Ash sighed, “I’m always horny in the morning.”

I pulled out and then helped her and Eve out of bed. We used the bathroom and showered before finding mom in the kitchen. She smiled as she poured cereal and we sat to eat, “your father came home last night.”

I looked at her and she shook her head, “he went next door.”

I looked at the girls and Eve grinned, “well now you are Allen’s whore so get used to him filling your greedy pussy.”

Ash bumped her, “you mean your greedy pussy.”

Eve grinned, “Or your greedy pussy.”

Mom laughed as she reached out to caress Eve’s face, “or our greedy pussies.”

They grinned and I stood, “I have some new sculptures to make. I need you naked Eve.”

She grinned as she stood and followed me outside. I had her naked and sitting on a short stool with her legs spread when mom and Ash found her. I was going back and forth as I worked on a two foot tall Pixie with wings. Mom and Ash leaned on my shoulders to watch and grin. I finally sat back and looked at Eve, “what do you think?”

She stood and stretched before coming to put an arm around her sister, “it needs color.”

I reached out to tug on a nipple, “First I glaze it and then it has to go in the kiln.”

She shuddered and giggled, “I needed your mushroom to sit on.”

Mom and her sister laughed and I pushed my pants down and sat back, “hop on.”

She turned to back between my legs before squatting a little. She held my cock and slowly sat and forced my cock into her. I groaned as her extremely tight pussy slid down my cock and put my arms around her. I looked at mom, “did dad see us last night or...”

She sighed, “no. He has gone over there a few times. I guess they know how to treat his problem.”

Ash snorted, “mom and my aunts would fuck him even if he was soft.”

Eve shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed, “well Allen doesn’t go soft.”

They laughed and I held Eve’s hips and thrust up as I pulled her back and forth. She jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy became slipperier and clenched around my cock, “aaaahhhhh!”

She bounced and rolled her hips as I continued to thrust up and fuck her, “I’m adding cum leaking out of the pixie.”

Ash and mom laughed again as Eve looked back and grinned. She stood slowly before turning to straddle me and impaled her extremely tight pussy once more. She began to rock and twist as her pussy grasped and squeezed. I held her and kept caressing her sides as she rubbed her pussy on me.

It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shaking while her pussy rippled around my cock. I ignored everything except her as I humped up into her and she clung to me. It took awhile before she was just spasming as her pussy clenched and kept squeezing my cock. I held her and grunted as I pumped spurts of cum into her.

She shuddered as her pussy contracted and gripped my cock. When I stopped cumming I sighed and kissed her. Eve grinned and stood to look between her legs, “nice and cummy. Just the way I like it.”

We laughed and Ash pulled her away, “you need a shower and douche so we can go shopping.”

Mom smiled as she looked at them and then at me. I reached out to pull her close and slip a finger into her. She groaned and shuddered before grinning and stepping back, “after we get back I’ll spread my legs for you.”

I grinned as I looked at the sculpture, “I’ll need you cummy for your first sculpture.”

She laughed as she followed the girls and I turned to start painting the glaze on the pixie. When I finished I moved it to the kiln and turned to sketch a few rough drawings of mom in several poses until I found one I liked. Next was a few of Ash and it took a couple before I had one. I stood and removed the sculpture from the kiln and set it on the bench to cool.

I went into the house to look for lunch and mom, Ash and Eve walked in the front door giggling. I started for mom and she grinned as she handed the bags to Ash and Eve, “I think I’m wanted.”

They laughed as I caught her hand and pulled her after me. I led her back to my bed before stripping her and laying her back. I undressed and bent over her to give her a kiss. I knelt and licked through her pussy and covered her clit. I wiggled my tongue and teased it and mom humped and squirmed as she moaned.

Several minutes later she shook and twisted as she closed her legs. I grinned as I stood and lifted her legs before spreading them. I pushed into her hot pussy and slowly buried my cock. Mom groaned as her slippery pussy tightened and I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used long deep thrusts and began to rub and grind each time I pushed into her.

A couple of minutes and she was jerking while her pussy clenched and squeezed. A few more and she was wailing as she thrashed around and bucked, “Allen!”

I continued to hold her legs up and spread as I kept planting my cock all the way in her. I fucked her firmly and bent over her to kiss her while her wonderful pussy contracted and grasped my cock. When I stood, I fucked her hard and deep and she howled and screamed while bucking and writhing around, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I kept it up for several minutes and mom kept spasming while her pussy rippled up and down my cock. I finally shoved into her and pushed to get deeper before I grunted and began pumping and spewing cum. Her pussy tightened and gripped my cock as I continued to flood her pussy with warm sperm. When I was done I relaxed and slowly pulled out.

I smiled as I turned her and sat her up and carefully positioned her before standing back to look. She grinned as I slowly walked around her to get her pictured in my mind. I came back and bent over to kiss her softly, “perfect.”

She caress my face, “yes you are.”

I laughed and helped her up before leading her back to the kitchen. I gave Ash and Eve a kiss as I walked out back and went back to work. Ash slipped out a little later and set a plate with a sandwich beside me. She undressed as I worked on the sculpture of mom and started to examine the pixie.

I finished and turned to start putting glaze on, “what do you think?”

She grinned and turned to look at the house, “EVE!”

A moment later mom and Eve were both looking with her. I was nervous since I never had to worry about the subjects opinion before. Eve grinned and walked to me and kissed me passionately. I groaned and she giggled, “your turn Ash.”

The girls are much older now but they are still my models and so is mom, especially when she got pregnant. The women still run the whorehouse next door but it is mostly just regulars. Ash and Eve ignore them but I have drawn them a few times as harlots or succubuses. Ash and Eve laughed at that with mom when I made the sculptures.

We are moving now since the girls are both pregnant with mom. We found a large place with a big backyard and workshop for me and my growing garden of nymphs and now cupids and cherubs.
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