Nation was a stunning world with six large land masses in temperate zones. Native trees only grew to fifty or sixty meters. In the spring they produced a type of nut and in the fall they produced a fruit like a plum or peach. The trees were a new type of evergreen with large broad leaves.

The bushes were similar and also produced both nuts of different types and small cherry like plums. They both had large aromatic flowers for most of the summer. The animals went from small rodents like the Sneak Thief, (it was the size of an earth rat) to a Stalker, it looked like a huge black weasel.

There were many others, Scurriers and a Bramble Browsers. There was also birds like a Red Gobbler, they were the ones that had killed the turkeys we had brought in. Not as in kill, they bred them out and created a cross strain we called Red Turkeys. We also had a large running bird like the earth ostrich, they were a light sandy color.

Runners traveled in huge flocks that could number up to a hundred or more, each weighing up to two hundred kilos. The few aerial birds that hunted were more like falcons and very fast. We also had smaller predators about the size of an old earth cat and another twice as large, they both resembled weasels.

My name is William Dark Moon and I’m twenty. I have a degree in animal psychology which was a fancy way of saying I understood how the animals think. I had started as our tribe Stalker when I was fourteen and killed a grown Stalker with just a long knife. My uncle gave his land to me so it wouldn’t go back to the tribe.

His son and two daughters had both chosen to leave. Uncle Bright Star had been in the service and returned with many friends in many places. That was over fifty years ago, he had been given two dozen seedlings from Addison’s world which towered over the local trees now and would grow hundreds of meters higher.

He had also been given seeds for vines; apple berry, red banana, vine melon and citrus melon. Now we had a huge grove of fire and spice trees and thousands of vines in rows that grew longer every year. We used remote harvesters to pick the fruit when it was ripe. My uncle also had two thousand acres of grain we harvest to make bread or other cereals.

Then there was the buffalo that had been brought and were multiplying. Two years ago my uncle had given me six eggs from his friend on Addison’s world. Four were from different mothers and were mini dragons, two females and two males. The other two eggs were also from different mothers but were larger.

They were firehawks and could grow to have a four meter wing span. I had read the instruction for using fire and spice leaves many times before hatching the eggs. It had been an experience raising the six animals together. The four mini dragons were very loveable but deadly hunters against the small prey.

The two firehawks were affectionate and skilled at taking the larger prey. I packed my backpack carefully before turning for the door, “we’ll be back tonight or tomorrow uncle.”

He snorted as the mini dragon he was caressing leaped away to fly towards the porch window, “the tribe isn’t going to wait much longer.”

I nodded before walking off the wide porch and going to the flyer. The two Firehawks screamed as they glided from their perch in a nearby tree to land on the thick, padded stands behind my seat. I waited until all four little dragons were in before closing the dome. I glanced back, “it is a long flight so relax.”

Recently the world council had added me to the list as a Stalker so I was called a lot more to hunt dangerous animals that had killed or attacked people. I lifted and turned before beginning to accelerate as I started thinking about what my uncle had brought up, “you need a woman William.”

That was what he had said but it didn’t come from him, it had come from the tribal council. Actually I had offers from a couple of other tribes too. I sighed and glanced at the two pairs of small dragons avidly watching out the dome. One pair Mika and Jacy were the first to mate and they had been fun to watch as they courted.

The other pair, Tehya and Shilah were more serious and formal. The paired firehawks, Kimi and Lye actual continued to flirt with each other. I finally sighed, “I guess a squaw or two wouldn’t hurt.”

Lye turned his head to look at me before his wing covered his mate. I grinned, “a woman silly.”

I shook my head and turned to watch the terrain below. I dropped down beside Crimson lake and settled to the ground by a small group of men. I let the dome slid back as I shut down the flyer, “out.”

My friends leaped and started flying up in a wide circle as they began to scout. I grabbed my pack and rifle before climbing out and closing the dome. I shouldered the pack as I walked to the men and the two covered bodies on the ground. I nodded as I slowly walked around the bodies and looked towards the trees and brush, “a lone Stalker.”

I looked at the men and one nodded back to me. I started walking beside the trail the Stalker left, “Tehya, Shilah seek.”

The pair turned to fly in the direction the trail led. I nodded and glanced up, “Mika, Jacy patrol.”

They split and started flying around me as I started trotting. I knew Kimi and Lye would go high and glide in a circle as they watch me. I ignored the party of men following and slowed a couple of hours later when I saw Tehya. She dropped off the branch and landed beside the trail. I knelt and looked and nodded, “bring Shilah back and stay close.”

I stood and looked at the valley we were moving into. I glanced around, “Mika, Jacy return.”

They flew out of the brush on each side and landed on my shoulders. I reached up to caress Mika, “stay close and let me deal with the Stalker.”

They leaped and flew up towards a tree as I started walking. A cry from Kimi made me look and turn to the left. I moved through the brush and looked across a small clearing. The black form of the Stalker humping as it ran towards me was what I expected. I lifted my rifle and fired in a smooth motion.

The beast crashed into the ground as the sixteen millimeter plasma round ripped through it and expanded. It was still jerking and twitching when I reached it and set my rifle down. I moved around behind the head as I pulled the long knife from its sheath. I moved quickly and stabbed through the neck and ripped the blade out before shifting back.

It jerked and thrashed around as blood fountained out of the neck. I glanced at the men walking towards the animal as they pulled long knives. I moved to pick up my rifle and wipe my knife blade before walking away. Kimi and Lye dropped down to fly lower as the small dragons flew from tree to tree.

I smiled at their play of stalk and pounce, “okay hunt. Find scurries.”

They spread out and took turns moving forward until Mika dove and snatched a running scurrier. Normally one pair would share a scurrier but they always wanted me to skin it. After Shilah caught theirs I gestured to the two firehawks. They screamed and spiraled out before Lye dove. Watching a falcon, especial one as large as a firehawk was a marvel.

I went to the spot and he was on the large red turkey he had killed. He hissed at me as I walked to him and I shook my head, “are you going to eat the feathers?”

He shifted before grumbling as he stepped off the bird. I cut the skin and quickly peeled it back and off as Kimi landed beside her mate and pecked him. He grumbled again as she looked at me and I cut the bird in half and gave it to them. I sat to one side and pulled the two scurrier pelts out and began to clean them.

It wasn’t long before the small dragons were laying beside me. When the firehawks finished I put the pelts away and stood. I went to Kimi and lifted her and rubbed the side of her head before she crouched. She leaped as I threw her into the air and began flying higher. I knelt again to lift Lye and smiled as he chirped his apology.

I rubbed his head before moving my arm and sending him after Kimi. I grabbed my rifle and pack and started walking as Mika, Jacy, Tehya and Shilah flew up and ahead. When I landed it was dark but uncle Bright Star had left a porch light on. I opened the dome and let the small dragons fly towards the second floor balcony.

Their crawl door was monitored by a bio lock that only opened for them. I shouldered the pack after climbing out and reached an arm out to Lye. He shifted and stepped onto my wrist before moving the other foot. I waited as he moved up to my shoulder and slowly turned and held out my other arm.

After Kimi had moved onto my shoulder I lifted my rifle and turned to walk towards the door. It had been easy when they had been younger but they were grown now and heavy. I opened the door and squatted as I went in and crossed to the twin perches. I let Kimi climb down first and then Lye.

I climbed the stairs in the dark and walked into my suite of rooms. I set the rifle in the rack by the door and removed the pack. I set it on the small table below the rifle rack and started for the bedroom as I stripped. I stopped in the doorway to stare at the three girls in the bed. I looked at the small dragons as they sat looking at the girls from their ledge beside the bed.

I shook my head and continued towards the bathroom, “go to sleep.”

I showered using cool water and then dried off and hung up the towel before shutting the lights out and heading to bed. I slipped in beside one of the girls and caressed her naked body before holding her from behind and closing my eyes. I woke to the bed moving and the girl pushing back.

I looked at her as she moaned and pushed back again and rolled her onto her stomach. I moved over and between her legs as I pushed them open. I pushed and humped and my thick cock was forced into her tight pussy. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and her tight pussy grasped at and squeezed my cock.

She shuddered and tilted her hips as I kept fucking her until I was burying my cock. I ignored the other two girls as they watched and the one I was fucking began to kick the bed as she spasmed. She kept doing it for several minutes until I thrust into her and buried my cock. I groaned and held her as I gushed and pumped cum deep inside her.

She jerked and tilted her hip when she felt the warm cum pouring into her, “mmmm!”

It was a minute before I stopped cumming and pulled out of her slimy pussy. I moved off the bed, “the council chose you?”

The girls sat up and looked at me as they nodded and I sighed, “come.”

I went to wash and pee and smiled as they spread their legs to let me watch. I pulled the blouses away but nodded to the skirts and pointed to their mocs. I started for the door as the small dragons leaped after me and held the door as they flew through. The girls had gasped and watched before following.

I led them down and into the large kitchen. My uncle looked back from the window and turned, “I tried to tell you.”

I glanced at the girls as I started making a large pot of porridge and they came to push me away. I smiled but move to the table, “did they leave a message?”

He nodded, “the ceremony will have to wait. The world council is doing a ride around and has chosen you at the last minute as their guide and protector for this continent.”

I frowned, “when?”

He snorted, “now. The tribal council will be here in an hour and the world council after them.”

I looked at the girls as I thought, “How are they going to continue working if they are doing a ride around? It will take a couple of months just to ride across to the other ocean.”

My uncle snorted, “more like twice that since you have to lead them to each tribe.”

I looked at him, “just the council?”

He grinned, “and a few followers.”

I shook my head before accepting the bowl of porridge. I watched the girls and my uncle pointed to each, “Amber Red Hawk, Goslyn Whitetail, Snow Silver Water.”

I nodded to each and looked at my uncle, “you didn’t happen to put together a pack saddle did you?”

He grinned, “as a matter of fact the girls helped me yesterday afternoon. We even selected the horses.”

I stood with the empty bowl and looked at the girls, “I hope you packed.”

I walked out and stopped to lift first Kimi and then Lye. When we were outside I tossed Lye and then Kimi and watched as they flew into the sky. I knew they would return after stretching their wings and perch on the high roosting platform I had made for them. The small dragons appeared from the crawl door beside a window.

They followed as I headed towards the barn. I found the three pack saddles as well as four regular saddles and started bringing horses out to saddle them. I led them out and around to the front hitching rails. I glanced at the council and several others that were waiting. I turned, “Mika, Jacy, Tehya, Shilah!”

The dragons appeared from the vines and I smiled, “find a horse to ride.”

They swirled around for a minute before splitting and landing on two pack horses. I nodded and held up an arm, “Lye.”

He screamed and dropped off his perch and spread his wings to glide to me and reached out to grab my wrist. I waited and then caressed the side of his head before walking to the one horse with twin perches instead of a saddle. I lifted him and he stepped off with a grumble. I smiled and backed away from the horse, “Kimi.”

I held my arm out as she screamed and leaped before gliding to me. After landing I moved her to the saddle perch and started for the front door. I walked in and found the chief with uncle Bright Star. I gestured to the girls, “go watch the horses.”

I waited until they left and faced the chief, “I did not agree to pay a bride price.”

He smiled, “it has been paid.”

I looked at my uncle as he looked around and sighed, “it had better not have been land.”

He smiled, “actually it was a dozen seedlings from the spice trees.”

I raised an eyebrow and he shrugged, “also some of the citrus vine seedlings.”

I waited and he looked at the chief, “and a couple of eggs from one of the small dragons.”

I shifted, “no.”

He looked at me, “they are animals.”

I smiled, “they are my friends and I will not steal their eggs. Addison companions are bonded after four weeks not eggs unless they are wild.”

Uncle shrugged, “eggs or babies, it is the same.”

I shook my head, “no it isn’t. At four weeks they are ready to go out on their own.”

The chief snorted, “four weeks will be fine.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “my granddaughter is Snow Silver Water. Her father wished the small dragons after seeing you hunt with them.”

I nodded, “a pair from each female and only after the fourth week.”

He nodded and I looked at my uncle, “you will take care of the fruit?”

He smiled, “of course.”

I went upstairs to grab my rifle and a box of rounds before going back outside. I found a dozen more men unloading saddled horses and pack horses and another dozen elders waiting. I nodded when they looked at me and crossed to the girls. I lifted Amber into the saddle easily before turning to do it with Goslyn and then Snow.

I slipped my rifle into the boot before mounting and sitting back to wait. Finally the elders mounted and I touched the horse and started forward. One of the elders tossed a map and I glanced at it before turning to lead the way. An hour later I stopped and turned my horse, “Kimi up!”

She was behind the girls but heard and crouched before leaping and flying as the horse shifted nervously. I waited and watched before looking back, “Lye up!”

He was more than ready and leaped and followed his mate into the sky. I turned, “Dragons scout!”

The four small dragons leaped into the air and spread out as they flew ahead and I started forward. One of the elders rode up beside me and glanced into the sky, “do they understand?”

I smiled, “yes.”

He nodded to one of the small dragons resting on a tree branch, “and those?”

I glanced at him, “that one is Shilah and he is watching a furrier.”

He looked at the tree, “those bring a lot of credits.”

I laughed, “only if they are hand raised.”

I gestured and Shilah turned to leap into the air. We took breaks every hour and walked the horses. I stopped a few hours before the sunset and we made camp. The firehawks made a kill and shared it with each other. I let the small dragons hunt scurriers and the elders and the few squaws and warriors smiled each time they returned with one.

The three girls put up my dome tent and made a dinner of scurrier stew. I sent the firehawks up into the top of a tree behind the tent and the dragons moved through the camp making friends. I was watching the three girls and their bare breasts and finally reached for Goslyn. She looked at me and grinned as I pulled her into the tent.

She laid back on the bed they had made after stripping off her skirt and I felt her body before undressing. I moved over her and kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy. She shivered as my cock stretched her and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It was a minute before she jerked and thrust up suddenly as her pussy clenched around my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I looked into her face as I continued to fuck her and she wrapped her legs around me. I buried my cock to hump, jab and grind and she spasmed and thrashed as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I went back to fucking her hard and deep as I tried to cum. Goslyn bucked and struggled under me until I shoved all the way into her and held her while I pumped thick spurts of cum. She thrust up and tilted her hips as warm sperm squirted against her cervix, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

When I stopped cumming her pussy was still milking my cock. She shuddered and dropped to the bed as she put her legs down. I gave her a kiss before pulling out and laying beside her to rub a nipple while she caught her breath. She grinned and turned to kiss me, “thanks William.”

I smiled and dressed before leaving and Amber grinned as Snow handed me a bowl and a large piece of flat bread. I sat to eat as Goslyn came out and after I was finished I began to clean the scurrier pelts. The girls helped and stretched them on thin branches to dry. I gestured to the tent when the small dragons returned and they went in.

I stood and glanced around before taking my rifle and walking out to scout around the camp. When I returned a warrior nodded and I slipped into the tent. It wasn’t completely dark as I knelt and undressed. I pulled the fur blanket out of my pack as the girls frowned and unfolded it a little before laying it on the floor.

I patted it and the small dragons left the bed and curled up together on their blanket. I moved onto the bed and pushed Snow back before kissing her and pushing into her tight pussy. She shuddered and put her arms around me as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was humping up to meet my thrusts and her tight pussy was squeezing my cock.

I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts, planting my cock and grinding each time. A minute later she was thrashing around and wailing as her pussy spasmed and tightened. I kept fucking her as she kicked and struggled. Finally a long time later I shoved all the way into her and began spurting and spewing.

Snow clutched me and lifted her hips as I pumped cum through her cervix, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and reached for Amber who grinned and pulled me between her legs. It was late when I went to sleep and the girls were snoring softly. I woke to Mika on my chest before glancing at the tent door, “okay.”

The small dragon moved off me and I rolled and reached out to open the tent, “don’t go to far.”

They crawled out and I turned back to the bed. I rolled Goslyn onto her back and pushed her legs open as I moved over her. I pushed into her slowly and her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she shivered. She opened her eyes and put her arms around me as I began to hump, grind and jab with short thrusts.

I kissed her as her hips lifted and pulled back to fuck her with long strokes. It was a minute before she was shuddering and moaning as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. She jerked and humped and kissed me to keep from screaming and I pulled back to fuck her with firm thrusts.

I kept it up as she began to thrash around and several minutes later I buried my cock and gushed my morning cum against and through her cervix. Goslyn jerked and shoved her hips up as I flooded her and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

Amber and Snow laughed as I pulled out and let her relax on the bedroll. I rubbed her pelvis before turning to grab my clothes, “come if you wish to wash.”

They giggled as they followed me holding their skirts and mocs. I went to the stream and set my clothes down before walking in. I washed as the three girls joined me and splashed water at each other while douching. We had packed up and were waiting for an hour before the elders were ready.

Kimi and Lye were on their saddle perch as I started out and let the small dragons scout. Two days later we rode down a wide trail and the elders stopped at a large village. I turned to the visitor area and helped make camp. I stretched after turning the horses loose in a large corral and smiled as I watched the three squaws.

I moved towards them and caught Snow as she turned and pulled her against me. She grinned and rubbed her bare breast on me, “need me?”

Amber and Goslyn laughed as they kept working and I turned Snow and pulled her down to her knees. I lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy before opening my pants and pushing them down. She put her head and shoulders down as I shifted forward and pushed into her. I slowly buried my cock and held her as I enjoyed the warm feeling around my cock.

I looked at the four small dragons as they dropped to the ground near her head and crouched as if watching. I looked at them and Snow smiled as she reached out to touch each. She looked back and pushed, “fuck me.”

I rubbed her warm asshole and pulled back to start fucking her. She pushed back each time I thrust in and her pussy constantly grasped and tightened on my cock. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her with deep thrusts and she was jerking and spasming. Her tight pussy squeezed and released my cock each time I pushed into her.

It was a few minutes before she spasmed and I had to hold her up. I continued to fuck her with long strokes but began to do it harder. Her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed my cock each time I pushed into her. I finally held her as I slowly buried my cock and grunted as I gushed and spewed cum.

She jerked and pushed back, “mmmm!”

I pumped thick spurts into her as she shuddered and her pussy contracted and milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped she sighed and laid down and the four mini dragon came to rub against her. I shook my head as I stood, “silly things.”

Amber and Goslyn laughed and I pulled up my pants. I turned and Goslyn put her hand on my chest, “Snow is fertile.”

I turned to look at Snow as she sat up and understood why the dragons were there. I smiled, “they knew I was breeding you.”

She grinned, “and did it proper too.”

The other girls grinned and I looked at them. Goslyn rubbed my crotch, “in six months I will have my implant removed and in a year Amber will remove hers.”

I cupped her bare breasts, “so you don’t all have babies together.”

She shivered and nodded and Amber grinned, “you can still practice breeding us.”

Snow laughed as she laid back and I stood to dress. I glanced up at the two firehawks in a tree before grabbing my rifle. One of the tribe warriors directed me towards an area thick with scurriers and bramble browsers. I let the small dragons find and catch more than enough for dinner and fed them and the two firehawks when they landed.

I let Snow clean the skins as Goslyn started the small stove and began preparing dinner. Amber grinned as she pulled me into the tent, “the village women asked if we were married.”

I began undressing as she removed her skirt, “when we leave you may wear blouses again.”

She laid back with her legs spread, “but we like it this way.”

I moved over her and gave her a kiss as I pushed into her tight pussy, “than don’t.”

She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I started to fuck her slowly at first and she hugged me while her pussy kept grasping my cock. Gradually I began to fuck her harder with deep grinding thrusts. She spread and lifted her legs as she wailed and shook. Her pussy became slipperier and kept clenching each time I pushed into her.

I used long deep strokes as she began to thrash and buck. She clutched me and howled as her pussy tightened and gripped my cock, “oooohhhhh!”

It was awhile before I was ready to cum and Amber was jerking and spasming under me. I pushed into her and held her writhing body as I spewed and pumped thick spurts of cum. She shook and humped up while her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed, “mmmm!”

I smiled and gave her a kiss before pulling out. I waited for her after I dressed and we climbed out to find the dinner almost done. That was years and many children ago. I am still a stalker and the three girls manage my lands. There are more Firehawks now and a lot more Mini Dragons.
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