So now the girls have the phone with the evidence of her ravishing...
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Millie and Ann rushed back to Ann’s house, skiving off school. Ann’s mum had taken the day off work as well, and was waiting for them in the kitchen.

“Looks like you got it,” she smiled to see their triumphant young faces.

“He so fell for it,” Ann told her happily.

“I’m not surprised,” her mum grinned at them, looking up and down their hot fourteen-year-old bodies dressed in miniskirts and little tops, “any pervert would be putty in your hands.”

Millie put Mr Clifton’s stolen phone on the kitchen table and as she did so her mood changed. She quickly pulled her hand away.

Ann’s mum noticed. “So somebody has to look and see what’s on there,” she said gently, “to make sure that there’s some incriminating stuff to nail them. Well…there’s also the question of you getting over what they did to you Millie. If the videos and photos are on there you’ll find it hard to look at them, but it might help…”

As she spoke the stolen phone rang. Ann’s mum hesitated for a moment, then picked it up. The screen said ‘James’.

“Hello Mr Farrier.” She held the phone open so the girls could hear.

“Who’s this please?”

“Shelley Whittle, Ann’s mother,” Ann’s mum was sounding severe, not like her normal cheery self at all. “Not a vulnerable young girl, but an adult with resources. We have met, though in VERY different circumstances.”

There was a pause.

“Hello Mrs Whittle. I’m calling the stolen phone you’re holding, to give two miscreant girls the chance to return it before they find themselves in serious trouble.”

“Just don’t bother Mister Farrier.” Neither Ann nor Millie had ever heard her mum spitting mad like this. “It’s you and Mr Clifton who are in serious trouble, as well you know.”

There was a longer pause while Mr Farrier was clearly trying to work out what Ann’s mum knew. It sounded like he was talking to someone – Mr Clifton it had to be.

He came back on, in a different tone. “Alright well she was fine wasn’t she? A bit of roleplay and nobody hurt. That’s obvious. It’s over now anyway, all in the past, though I should mention that there are copies so if you want it to stay in the past we’d better just leave it there. You delete what’s on there and we’ll do the same. She can keep the phone, as a gesture, put her own sim in it. It’s a good one.”

It was clear that all the videos and photos of Millie must indeed still be on the phone. Which was a good one as he said. Millie was thinking the pervy teachers just would have big new phones to watch their pervert videos on.

“We’ll get back to you,” said Ann’s mum grimly. “Bear in mind that two teachers repeatedly gang-raping a defenceless fourteen-year-old pupil on school premises, in an ordeal lasting two and half hours, are going to be looking at many, many years in prison. Many years. Position of trust. Virgin. Underage. Look it up. I think you’ll find the sentence will be over sixteen years. Twenty, perhaps. You’ll be beaten and ass-raped in prison, because they don’t like child rapists there, then when you come out no-one will touch you. You’ll be convicts on the Sex Offenders Register and unemployable. So take a look down the road at your lives: you’ll be in prison being ass-raped for ten years, then when you come out you’ll be in your fifties and you’ll have the rest of your lives on state benefits. Your wives, if you have them, will have gone and so will your homes. You’re staring down the barrel of the end of your lives as anything worth living.

“So get on your knees and start praying that I come up with some alternative to just calling the police, to be the best thing for Millie, and for all the other girls you’re supposed to be caring for. Don’t bother with the threats you’ll only piss me off. You can’t post any photos or video online now, because however you edit them we can prove they came from you, so you’ll only dig yourself in deeper with child pornography charges, and also if you do anything vindictive towards your victim the judge will ladle on even more years of ass-raping.”

“I’m sorry,” Mr Farrier could barely talk, “we’re both very sorry; we didn’t hurt her…look…”

Ann’s mum hung up on him, while the girls gaped at her in awe. Millie was thinking she might look like a hippie but she could jolly well dish it out! It had been way way awesome to hear Mr Farrier smashed and grovelling like that.

The phone rang again, but Ann’s mum ignored it and after six rings it stopped.

“Right!” Ann’s mum made a visible effort and went back to being her usual friendly self. “Don’t worry about that description I was giving them Millie, that was to scare the shit out of them, we can work out how it was for you in another way. You might see it as one thing or another, I don’t want you to think it was worse than it was, or better, you can work that out for yourself, how bad it was, and we’ll help you. The main thing is YOU have the power now, OK? So…well…”

“It wasn’t as bad as that, you know…” Millie said, processing what she’d just heard, “…like ‘repeatedly gang raped’. They didn’t hurt me, they just…well…did me a lot. And I kept having orgasms. They were bullies and it was awful but they weren’t nasty or anything, and they washed me afterwards and everything…”

Ann’s mother thought it was typical that the victim herself saw it as less serious than the people who cared about her. Well that was alright, she would rather Millie thought it was less evil and scarring rather than more. She didn’t want Millie living down to expectations that she must be badly damaged, feeling she ought to be traumatised. Well…

“Well perhaps we should watch a bit of the video, together?” she suggested. “Would you be up to that? We can stop it at any time. If you can I think it will help you get over it. It’s a help if you can face these things and understand them, rather than letting your mind bury them.”

Millie nodded. She was scared about it, but she trusted Ann’s mum, and what she said sounded right.

Ann’s mum took the memory card out of the phone and put it into the TV, and they sat on the sofa to watch it, Millie in the middle. She selected the first clip and hit Play.

The first scene was Millie taped to the parallel bars being fucked by Mr Farrier. They all gasped, watching the video of Millie looking this way and that, avoiding looking at her teachers. She seemed highly aroused already, panting and jerking and twitching.

Even Millie had to admit she looked lithe and sexy, if desperately unhappy. The clip followed her though to her orgasm, which was very obvious. At one point Mr Farrier’s face appeared briefly in shot as Mr Clifton had let his phone wave around while he was trying to get a clear shot of the big cock pistoning in and out between her thighs.

“Got them,” said Ann’s mum.

“They’re toast,” Ann agreed.

Millie was confused. She hated seeing herself helpless. She’d been totally bullied and used. At the same time it was hard not to see she looked sexy, cumming like that. She’d had no idea she writhed around quite so much, and with all that jerky thrusting of her pelvis, and made that deep sort of gasping noise. And although he wasn’t in great shape Mr Farrier had looked a bit expert…

Millie checked anxiously to see what the others were thinking, but they were smiling encouragingly and still with her.

She felt safe to play the other clips: a short one of her on her hands and knees, then a longer one of her tied over the horse – there was some of her having her first orgasm on it with Mr Clifton and her second one with Mr Farrier. You could really see how big his cock looked in relation to her. There was one of her being done missionary by Mr Clifton and one with the ball under her – that looked quite sexy too she had to admit. At odd times the faces of both teachers came into shot, and once they had then even quite small parts of their bodies quickly became recognisable. The photos were various ones in the gym, then a couple of her on her own in the shower, and in her bra and panties in the changing area obviously having been tricked into looking at the camera.

At the end they all sat there on the sofa, not saying anything for a moment. Millie was scared, guilty, in a rage and turned on all at once. Ann’s mum seemed to know somehow.

“Well I can see how they made you orgasm,” she said, “that was very calculated; I think any healthy girl would have found the same thing.”

“Any slut you mean,” Millie had plunged into guilt.

“No no,” Ann was quick to reassure her. “It was awful, but it was sexy too, in some ways, I mean obviously it was terrible to do that to you, but it’s natural to be turned on, don’t you think?” She was looking at her mum.

“Completely natural,” her mum affirmed.

“I mean,” Ann carried on, her hand taking Millie’s, “I reckon I’d have got off for sure. Anything in you like that, especially that big, and deep, you’d be bound to get off, wouldn’t you? I know I would anyway. I always…” she broke off, realising that in her haste to reassure her friend she’d revealed a bit more than she’d meant to.

“Don’t worry darling,” her mother smiled at her, “I know you’ve been borrowing my vibrator, it’s quite alright. I left it in the bathroom cabinet for you to find when you were ready. The silicone holds a bit of aroma even after you wash it,” she grinned. “I always wanted you to be healthy and enjoy sex when the time came. Our bodies are made for it, aren’t they, so we might as well make the most of it!”

Millie soaked up this liberal attitude to sex. She couldn’t imagine her own mum and dad even doing it the once to create her, never mind having a vibrator and actually letting her borrow it! Though Ann’s mum was still totally in shape, and even good-looking in her don’t-care way. When she came swimming with them Millie could see she was pretty perfect in fact! Her tits and like the underside of her ass were as firm as Ann’s. She wasn’t that old either, only in her early thirties or something.

“Anyway Millie,” Ann’s mum was sounding serious again. “this is something that nobody else would say to you, with you being underage legally, but I think after that bad experience it would be good to ‘overwrite’ it with a good experience - if you know what I mean by that?” Ann’s mum worked in computers.

Millie thought she knew, but to be on the safe side she just looked expectantly at Ann’s mum. There was something a bit magnetic about Ann’s mum’s face now anyway…

“Overwrite the bad experience with a good experience,” Ann’s mum explained, “so that your brain doesn’t embed ‘sex’ as being used. You see what I mean? You need some good sex so that you don’t learn that ‘sex’ is what they did to you last Friday. Sex is a sharing thing, about people being caring or even just having fun but it has to be equal, you see? You mustn’t learn that it’s about bullying and being selfish. Bullying and selfishness have to be kept as just bullying and selfishness and not become linked with sex. You see? So ideally you’d, you know, have a nice boyfriend or something?”

Millie had lots of boys who wanted to be her boyfriend, but none that she’d gone out with. She’d danced with boys and fended off boys, but otherwise she just had boys who were friends. She was only fourteen. There were a couple that she fantasised about, but they were in Year 13 and didn’t even know she existed. She explained all this to Ann’s mum.

“Hmm, alright it was just a thought,” Ann’s mum seemed to abandon the idea.

“I don’t know about Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes not knowing you exist Mills,” Ann said with a smile, I’ve seen them perving you when you’re not looking, even if they’re too Mr Big to be seen talking to you. You are freaking hot you know. In fact…I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t fancy you.”

As she said that she was getting up. “Anyway is it lunch Mum?”

“Yes darling, do you want to get it started? I’ll just go up and change, it’s warming up now isn’t it?”

The girls went into the kitchen, laid the table and cut bread. Then Ann’s mum reappeared - in a miniskirt and little strappy top! She laughed at their surprise.

“I thought you look so nice in your minis I had to join you,” she grinned. “I haven’t worn this since…about 2000 probably! It quite takes me back. What do you think?” She did a twirl and laughed, and the girls grinned back.

Over lunch Millie kept noticing that Ann’s mum wasn’t wearing a bra. It was as obvious as herself and Annie, and they hadn’t changed since dressing to zap Mr Clifton by totally flaunting their tits! Ann’s mum didn’t need a bra either: her tits didn’t sag at all. Her arms were perfect as well, even the back of her upper arms, and even her neck that only had a few pretty light creases…

Ooops! Ann’s mum had caught her looking! Shit, it must’ve looked almost as if Millie was checking her out! She hastily looked down to take some more salad. Then she replayed in her mind the glint that had been in Ann’s mum’s eyes. Millie looked sideways at Ann, and saw her grinning too!

Millie realised what Ann had said: ‘she didn’t know ANYONE who didn’t fancy her’!

Millie blushed furiously. What was that? Did it mean Ann’s mum fancied her? That was crazy, but perhaps it did; Ann’s mum wasn’t like other people’s mums was she? Millie had watched lesbian videos, like everyone. Got off to them. Some of them were mature women with girls…

And did it mean Ann herself? Her best friend, who it turned out was doing herself with her mum’s vibrator? God! Now Millie was thinking about Ann saying she always got off with it…what did Ann look like when she was cumming?

Millie peeked through her eyelashes. Which yes were stupid long she knew. Shit they were both staring at her. Double shit she couldn’t stop blushing!

“So you see Millie,” Ann’s mum started talking seriously again, anyway, “the thing is that it wasn’t about YOU. Yes you are very pretty but it could just as easily have been Annie or some other pretty girl. The reason it happened was all about those men, being so selfish, not having proper empathy and ignoring other people’s feelings. It was them and their extreme selfishness. Not you. You were quite entitled to do your rhythmic gymnastics and practice on your own and be stunning and be sexual and healthy and get aroused when your genitalia are stimulated. OK?

“So it’s about them and them abusing the power they had over you of being physically bigger and stronger. Not about you, about them. But now you have the power over them because you can destroy the rest of their lives, if you want. Which is pretty much how this society and the justice system is supposed to work”

Millie’s attention flitted between Ann’s mum calling her ‘stunning’ and ‘sexual’ and the idea of destroying the lives of Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier. Though after watching all those cums nobody could say she wasn’t sexual…and had Ann’s mum actually said ‘when your genitals ARE stimulated’?

“Do you think we should destroy their lives?” she could ask the question and then look Ann’s mum in the face at the same time - her eyes were a bit amazing. She could look at Ann too which was complicated suddenly because Millie wasn’t sure if Ann was just her best friend now or something possibly more, like someone trying to get in her panties. And Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes had been watching her?? Honestly it seemed like the whole world wanted to have sex with her…

“Well one thing to think about is we ought to make sure they never do it to another girl,” Ann’s mum replied. “Sex offenders so often repeat. Then the other thing is just for you to end up feeling safe and positive about yourself, at the end of it all. There’s no great rush though, you can think about it, and we can talk about it, later on or tomorrow or whenever. Now, are you two going to help me wash up? There’s not enough for the machine. Do you want to wash Millie and we’ll dry?”

It was only three or four minutes before Millie thought she knew why she’d been given the job of washing – she had to stand leaning slightly over the sink, with her ass sticking out a bit. The gymnastics did make her ass quite sticky-out anyway. She’d heard comments about it, boys perving…

The first time Ann’s mum brushed past it, it could have been nothing; but then it kept happening. The third time felt like a hand somehow, and then Ann did it. The fifth time Ann gave a little giggle that she couldn’t quite stifle.

So they were in it together, Ann and her mum!! Letching her ass and touching her up. Millie grinned and stuck her ass out, and Ann came and blatantly leaned into it while picking up a plate to dry. Millie tingled madly at the contact. She turned round.

Ann and her mum were right there, very close, looking into her eyes with an expression…Millie hadn’t seen quite this expression before but she knew what it meant.

“I ought to leave you two to it,” Ann’s mum was saying, “but I really would like to join in, if I wouldn’t be in the way. I hope I’m reading the signs right Millie…”

Millie could only nod rapidly.

“We wouldn’t know what we’re doing would we?” she was looking at Ann, sliding a hand round her waist. Ann’s mons pressed onto the top of Millie’s thigh. Ann’s face was RIGHT there! Ann. Annie… Millie leaned forwards by a millimetre and they were kissing. Okay they DID know what they were doing, it was just automatic. Christ she was into it, getting wet feeling Ann…

But Millie wanted Ann’s mum too. Ann’s mum was so lovely, so protecting and respectful; caring, strong, clever…and sooo sexy. Millie reached for Ann’s mum with her other hand.

How Ann and her mum were going to get on having sex with her together Millie didn’t know, but they didn’t seem to be worried about it.

Ann’s mum started kissing her neck… oooohhh that was amazing…oh she’d better start thinking of her as ‘Shelley’ now she was having SEX with her...Millie had to stop kissing Ann so she could giggle. “Hello Shelley,” she said. In bare feet – bare feet? She’d only just noticed - Shelley was a bit shorter than her, an inch perhaps, so now it seemed quite natural to use her first name already.

“Hello sexy,” said Shelley, and started kissing Millie on the lips. In a second it was tongues, and a snog. Millie felt Ann’s hand sneaking up inside her top.

Four minutes later they were all in the big main bedroom, naked, in a huddle with their arms round each other, hands stroking lightly over backs and asses. Shelley had said she had a proposal.

“Now it’s completely up to you Millie but I have an instinct to replicate the gym scenario as much as we can, to take each element and overwrite it with good sex, if you see what I mean? Just the bits we can.”

“Mum!” Ann giggled, “you just want to tie Millie up and film her while you make her cum!”

“Shit!” breathed Millie, “Oh God!” The tingle in her body went mental.

“You see?” Shelley pointed out, grinning but serious, “already being tied up has associations for you? And being filmed? Well, possibly you had them already but it could well be that that one intense experience has linked sex and orgasms with being tied up and filmed, in your mind? It’ll be with being used as well - this is why we have to overwrite everything as much as we can.”

“Over and over again?” asked Ann with fake innocence.

“They made me cum twelve times,” smirked Millie, feeling electrified squirming against Ann and Shelley’s skin, “fucking me with big cocks in all different positions.”

“How many times does overwriting need?” asked Ann.

“Well it depends,” Shelley pretended to think deeply about it. She disappeared and came back from the bathroom holding a big pink vibrator. Millie could see it was all bobbly on the surface and was filled with silver balls it looked like.

“There isn’t really a fixed limit,” Shelley carried on, “because each new experience is just added on top of the original one, like layers, so it’s not once and it’s over, sort of thing, but each fresh experience helps some more.”

“Wow,” sniggered Ann, “so we might have to fuck you to completely to pieces babe.”

“Shit!” Millie sort of croaked, “completely to pieces!” It was the first time Ann – or anyone – had called Millie ‘babe’. She liked it.

“Not just today either,” grinned Shelley, “it’ll need a good long course of treatment I expect! And then we have to do other kinds of sex so your mind has the full spectrum of experience to choose from and form associations, not just what you had that one evening.”

Millie’s mind boggled as Shelley patted the big bed. Millie got onto it and lay down on her back, her mind in a complete whirl of unbelievable excitement. Shelley rummaged in the wardrobe and came back with a fistful of men’s ties. “He never wears half of these, “ she said cheerfully, “and I can’t stand these two.”

Shelley did one side and Ann did the other, so in a couple of minutes Millie was tied to the headboard and bed legs, spreadeagle and completely exposed, in an X.

“Now if you start to feel nervous or bad just say and we’ll stop at once, obviously, and untie you,” Shelley smiled down at the stunning young girl. Shelley could not believe she was doing this, but it felt right. Millie just looked eager and amazed.

Shelley stroked her fingertips lightly up the inside of Millie’s lithe, beautifully muscled thigh, and the athletic teen arched instantly up, her pussy instinctively seeking the fingers. It was so natural, utterly erotic. Shelley climbed onto the bed and let her fingers drift up to Millie’s labia. Shelley stroked lightly over them, then up and over her clit. Millie’s whole vulva was swollen, jerking as her pelvis started to jump spasmically. Christ, the hot girl was close already!

Ann lay down on Millie’s other side, struggling to leave her own pussy alone because she knew if she just touched it once she’d have to finish. Millie was sounding incredible already. The video on the phone didn’t do the sound justice…Oh! “Video mum!” she said.

“Oh yes - go and borrow John’s proper one,” Shelley told her, referring to her brother, “he won’t mind. He has a little tripod clamp thing for it too.”

Ann went off and came back with a small video camera that looked mostly lens, and fixed it to the end of the headboard pointing down across and along Millie’s increasingly frantic body. It didn’t show her face very well but… “that’ll pick up the sound well,” Ann smirked.

“You’ll take the card out after, won’t you?” Millie could just find enough awareness to worry about John getting hold of this! God, all his friends at school, Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes even.

“Oh yes don’t worry,” Shelley reassured her, “I’ll get him a new card. I don’t think he uses the camera that much anyway, after all that asking for it for his birthday. But we won’t give it back with the card in, I promise. You can keep the card, or clear it or burn it or whatever.” She smiled down at the writhing teen, then moved to start licking and sucking her right tit that was sticking up so tantalisingly.

Millie flopped back, lying tied between her best friend and her best friend’s mum, who now seemed to be more like her lezzie lovers! They worked over her tits and pussy, first with their fingertips and then with their tongues and lips and even their teeth a bit. Millie could only lie there and gasp and watch them, soaking up the incredible sensations and looking at Ann’s dark, straight hair and Shelley’s dirty blonde curly mop that she hardly even seemed to comb but always looked gorgeous.

Ann was watching her mum, seeing what she did, although as far as she knew her mum hadn’t done anything with anyone but her dad before and was as new to it as she was herself. But she seemed confident. Perhaps she’d just watched more videos. Anyway it was pretty obvious that Millie just loved the same things that Ann did to herself, so Ann played with the tit on her side and competed with her mum for Millie’s pussy which was insanely sensitive.

Shelley slid a finger into Millie’s soaking, pulsating pussy and could feel the girl was on the brink already. Ann’s finger joined hers and Millie’s head came up as the two fingers bent and started to thrust to and fro.

“Aaaarrrrgggghhh” Millie groaned loudly and started to thrash in her bonds. The orgasm built to bursting point and then exploded, her pelvis thrusting manically against the hands that Ann and Shelley somehow knew to keep pumping for a few seconds, and then slow the action down, ending with a soothing rub over Millie’s wet, hypersensitive labia while the aftershocks shuddered through.

Finally Millie subsided with a big grin all over her face.

“Wow,” she gasped, “that was awesome. Way more than awesome.”

“I can’t believe we waited so long babe,” Ann was smiling at her in a special way, still stroking her pussy but very gently now.

“No, I know,” said Millie, “untie me now babe I want to do you back.”

It felt nice calling Ann ‘babe’.

Ann and Shelley untied her and then Millie rolled into Ann and started to kiss and caress her, pressing their naked bodies together. Shelley watched fondly, starting to slide a finger over her own soaking labia.

Millie couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt having Ann’s naked body against her own, hearing her moan and having her writhe about in ecstasy as Millie worked her hand over her clit and labia. Ann was totally sexed-up, and ready to cum in a few short seconds.

“Don’t make me wait,” she whispered in Millie’s ear.

Millie rubbed her four fingers rapidly over Ann’s wet pussy, and Ann started. She bucked and writhed and gasped in Millie’s embrace as the orgasm gripped her, took her over, and then after some seconds eased away leaving her soft and spent in Millie’s arms. Millie kissed her everywhere she could reach; she’d never been so happy.

“You’re so beautiful Ann,” she said.

“I want to be tied up,” said Shelley after half a minute of smiling across at their affectionate intimacy.

“Oooh OK,” giggled Millie.

Shelley slid into the middle of the bed and her daughter and Millie tied her to the corners.

Millie started kissing and stroking her, while Ann just looked, a doubtful expression on her face.

“Can I just watch Mum?” she asked, “I…I dunno…you are gorgeous, but you’re my mum.

“Of course you can darling,” Shelley smiled at her, “we must just do and not do what feels right. You don’t have to do anything just because Millie’s doing it, you are my daughter and that does make it different. I’ll just do this with Millie. And let’s face it Millie is sexy enough to share a bit isn’t she?”

“She is,” smirked Ann.

Millie had just slid a finger into Shelley’s eager wet pussy when there was a noise from downstairs.

“What’s that?” said Ann.

“Oh it’s nothing,” gasped Shelley, “don’t stop.”

Millie did stop, but they couldn’t hear anything. What was it? Ann went to the door and stood on the landing, but after a few seconds she came back in.

“It’s all quiet,” she said, “it must’ve been something outside.”

Millie went back to playing with Shelley’s pussy and kissing her lovely firm un-mum-like body. Ann came and sat on the edge of the bed, watching.

Millie was just bringing Shelley up to start her cum when the door burst open. Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier were in the bedroom!

“Where…?” Mr Clifton started, then stopped. The two pervy teachers gawped at the scene that met their eyes: two naked teens and the gorgeous Mrs Whittle tied naked on the bed, with the little stunner Millie Stanford’s fingers in her. Ann Whittle nude…

For a few seconds, nobody said anything. Millie and Ann stood up, on either side of the bed.

Millie was scared. They were going to rape her again, she supposed. Ann was naked. Shelley was naked and helpless. The men were much stronger than any of them. Not that they were especially big, but she and Ann and Shelley weren’t either.

“Where’s the card?” Mr Clifton was waving a phone at them. His phone, from downstairs.

“You’ll never find it,” Shelley knew the slot on the TV was hard to spot even when you knew it was there. How lucky they’d left the card in it.

“Just give us the card, OK?” Mr Farrier took a step into the room, “you’re not exactly in a position to argue.”

“Or what?” Shelley didn’t seem scared even though she had to be Millie was sure, “you’ll rape us?” Shelley sounded scornful more than anything.

Ann moved, deciding her teachers weren’t actually going to attack her. She started undoing her mum’s wrist tie.

“No we’re not going to rape you,” said Mr Clifton, “that was just…I don’t know…we got carried away. We’re sorry about that. Now we just want the card. Alright? Give us the card, and we’ll go.”

“Yes or what?” spat Shelley. Millie started untying her as well.

“Or we’ll just have to ransack the place,” said Mr Farrier. “We know it’s here somewhere.”

Suddenly he seemed to make a realisation and pulled out his phone. In a second he was taking photos of Shelley tied naked to the bed, with the two naked teens working on the knots.

After a few shots Millie could see he was focussing in on her, lining up shots, then on Ann and on Shelley. These were porno photos now.

“Stop!” she cried, grabbing for the phone, but Mr Farrier fended her off easily. As he did so, his manner changed subtly. Millie looked, seeing his trousers bulging. The contact had set him off. Mr Clifton was looking at them all a bit intently as well.

“You’re just perverts,” said Ann.

“I know,” Mr Clifton tried to make a joke of it, “but we’re harmless really. Just give us the phone card…or…I’ll tell you what: the only other copy of Millie on Friday is on James’ phone here.” He pointed. “Get my phone card and we’ll delete all of them together, right here, so there are no videos or photos left, OK? None of last Friday, and none of a respectable mother having lesbian bondage sex with her own daughter and her underage friend…”


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