Never stop to enjoy the sunset, unless you absolutely want to be balls deep in some young girl's mouth before its dark out.
The Reluctant Kidnapper
By ZondarTheBear

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Author's Note: I didn't mark this thing with a WATERSPORTS tag, even though there IS a bit of peeing in it, because its not really a focus in the story and I didn't want to start any yellow fever for nothing.

If you just hate peeing of any kind in your erotica, you should probably just click away right now, because Part Two is going to be awash in piss before I'm through and there's no need to invest time in a series that you won't enjoy.

Chapter One

The sunset was beautiful the day that he took her from her family. He'd climbed the meandering footpath that led from his campsite all the way up to a small clearing on the edge of a cliff that overlooked a lush, green valley. He had no goal in mind as he made his way to the clearing, other than to enjoy the spectacle as the golden ball of fire sank into the valley below, hiding its life-giving rays from a mostly indifferent humanity.

He loved to see the sun rise in the morning, it gave him a sense of continuity and satisfaction that, no matter what happened to the people on planet Earth, things would continue to go on even if he didn't.
But the inevitable setting at the end of each day also reminded him that everything had its time and, if he wanted to get the most out of his brief life, he had better seize each opportunity as is was presented.

Maybe that was why he took the girl up on her offer that evening. Common sense told him that she was probably in the small clearing as a distraction of some sort. There were probably members of her family trying to break into his RV while she kept him from going back down the trail; he hoped that wasn't the case, he didn't feel like dealing with more dead bodies, or having to kill this young beauty so there weren't any witnesses.

He was sitting on a picnic table that some enterprising park ranger had dragged into the clearing, feeling a bit melancholy and wondering if all of it had been worth it, when she slipped from the bushes that hid the trail back to the campsite.

If pressed, he would guess her age at about twelve, fourteen if the fading light were kind. She was a cutie, no doubt about it. He took in her small frame, pointy titties, slim waist and round hips before she even knew that he'd spotted her. Her hair was cut short, to her ears, and was a nice mousy brown. The glasses perched on her cute, button nose seemed to give her a worldly, studious air.

Her yellow shorts were floppy and hung down on one side, like they belonged to an older sister who had recently given them up for something better. She wore a wife-beater tank top that gapped as badly as her shorts and a pair of laceless tennis shoes that seemed about to fall off of her tiny feet.

Her footwear flip-flopped as she made her way across to where he sat and he guessed that she would most likely beg him for some money.
Instead, she begged him for his cum.

“Hey, mister,” she said as she came to a stop in front of him, “would it be alright if I sucked on your cock for a while?”

Of all the questions that the young thing could have asked him, this was only a few possibilities up from the very bottom, just above 'hey, mister, did you know that aliens like to fly out of my asshole every seventeen minutes?'

Before he could answer, she continued, “My Daddy is trying to get me pregnant right now so he won't cum in my mouth anymore and I really need a dose of cum down in my belly. My pussy's full of his spooge, but he'd get real mad if I pulled any out with my fingers and ate it. He wants me as round as my older sister before Christmas.”

He didn't really care that this young girl was being raped and bred by her father, shit happened and people had to deal with it, even little girls. Her offer was intriguing, and entirely plausible if she were telling the truth about her situation. She was skinny as a rail and the protein in her father's cum was probably very much needed by her malnourished system.

He knew that it was stupid, but it seemed that just then he didn't really care. The security system in the RV would deal with any intruders and if this was some kind of setup by the cops, he'd just have to deal with them when they made themselves known.

Seize the day, dumbass.

Without a word, he stood up, unbuckled his pants and pulled his floppy dick out into the cooling air. Her face lit up as she sat down on the picnic bench and slid his cockhead into her mouth.

Her tongue was amazingly talented as she swirled it around and around before poking it into his piss slit and digging deep. He jumped from the pressure that she was forcing on his sensitive hole and pushed deeper into her mouth as his shaft firmed up quickly. She opened her lips wide and let him feed her all of his shaft.

The head poked against the opening of her throat and wedged in tight before popping past the tight hole and sliding all the way down. He grabbed the back of her head and began to pump his cock in and out of her throat, making sure that the head stayed firmly lodged in her gullet.
She'd taken a deep breath before letting him pop into her throat, so he was able to give her mouth a good fucking for almost a minute before he had to pull out so she wouldn't die.

There was no gasping for air from the pubescent waif, just a fast exhale and several deep breaths before she pushed down and shoved her nose into his pubic hair once more. He wiggled his hips in a circular motion, feeding her every inch of his cock, stabbing and fucking her face as the sun disappeared into the valley below them.

A loud, nasty 'glucking' sound came out of her mouth as saliva filled all the available space before drooling down her face and soaking his ball sack when it slapped against her chin on each in-stroke.

He pulled on her head roughly as his hand slid into her tank top and found her small, pointed breast. He pushed her shirt down her shoulders and saw that she was in possession of two bullet titties, with soft pink nipples perched at the very tip of each one.

He smiled at the view of her seemingly innocent breasts, just barely grown, before roughly squeezing one of them, causing a moan to erupt from her slobber-filled hole.

He held onto her small titty, twisting and pulling on it, as his other hand slammed her face into his thrusting hips, forcing her mouth onto his raging cock over and over again.

As he fucked her face hard, he suddenly decided that he wanted to keep this little beauty around for a while. She was good at her job and seemed eager to please. She kept her mouth wide open, and her teeth safely away from his stabbing cock as her tongue poked out and slid over his floppy balls whenever they slapped against her chin.

Before she needed a second gulp of air, he thrust into her young mouth and held her still as his cum pulsed out of his nuts. He remembered that she wanted to taste his cream so he slid out of her throat and let her tongue dig at his piss slit some more.

It had been a few days since he'd rented a whore outside of Reno so his balls had a good dose of semen built up in them. A dozen thick ropes of boiling cum squirted into her sucking mouth. Each steaming pulse caused her to moan and suck harder, demanding more and more of his baby-batter. He grunted and thrust until the final twitch left her with a mouth that was completely full of his slimy seed.

He slipped his shrinking meat out of her lips and watched as she sat with her eyes closed, rolling her tongue around in her mouth, savoring the taste and texture of his thick spooge. She looked up at him and slowly swallowed his load, visibly enjoying the nasty act of gulping down a strangers cum.

“Thanks, mister,” she said, as she licked her lips, “I really needed that.”

“Do you really want to have your father's baby?” He asked, speaking for the first time since they'd met.

She shook her head, “Not really, my sister's had two squallers from Daddy, a boy and a girl, and it just seems like a bunch of work. I don't mind when they pee, I like to suck on their little weiners and pussies and drink down their stuff, but their poop is really nasty and they cry all the time. I don't know why Daddy wants to keep having more of the little pains-in-the-asses.

“He's gonna keep fucking me until I catch though, I can't really do nothing about it. I just had my period last week; boy he was really mad about that, he slapped me for not getting pregnant. It was only my third period; I don't like the bleeding, but it kind of makes me feel like a real woman.”

As she yabbered, he grabbed her hand and pulled her in the direction of the trail. She continued to describe her trailer-trash life as they made their way down to the campsite.

She jerked to a halt when she saw his RV. He watched as her eyes popped out of her head and her talented mouth dropped open. He knew that his little home away from home was impressive, probably more so to the eyes of a poor back country girl like her.

He grabbed her hand again as he pushed the combination on his remote that would let him enter the RV without getting killed, and pulled her inside with him. It wasn't until the door closed behind them with a ominous thunk that she realized what had happened.

“Say, mister,” she asked nervously, “What's going on? Are you kidnapping me?”

“Do you want to stay with you daddy? And keep having his babies until you grow old and die? Do you want your pretty little cones to grow fat and floppy and hang down to your knees, and have your tight pussy end up like a blob of uncooked bread dough?”

She shook her head, “No way, Mister, I don't want any of those things to happen.”

“Then I'm kidnapping you.”

Her face showed her fear, “Are you gonna hurt me?”

“Only just a bit, Little Mouse, and only when we fuck. Other than that, I'll try to treat you pretty good.”

A tentative smile crossed her pretty rosebud mouth, “Okay, I guess you can kidnap me, Mister. My sister's gonna be mad, she won't have me to watch her brats, and smack around when I don't do the dishes for her.” Her face froze as a thought occurred, “Mister, daddy's gonna lose his shit if I'm not home in a few hours; you ain't gonna bring me back here are you? If you take me away, you gotta keep me with you, daddy would kill me if he thought I ran away.”

“Don't worry about you father, Mouse, if he crosses our path, I'll deal with him.”

It was a simple declaration, but she felt his meaning deep in her bones. It would be best for the fat, smelly pervert who had terrorized her for so long if he never met the man standing in front of her.

Even as he went about the task of making some food for the two of them, it was obvious to the young girl that The Mister was a thousand times more dangerous than her old, overweight father. The image of his strong hands squeezing the life out of her daddy's throat brought a smile to her face.

“Mister?” She asked quietly, “Are you gonna protect me now?”

He paused with a frozen dinner halfway into the microwave and thought about her question. He had no real interest in the little girl except for her amazing cock-sucking skills, but if she were going to be with him for a while, he had to make sure that nothing happened to her so that she could keep making with the blow-jobs.

“Yeah, Mouse, I'm going to protect you for now.”

Hearing what she wanted to hear, instead of what he actually said, she took two steps and wrapped her arms around his waist. He let her hug him as he pushed a few buttons on the microwave and set their snack to spinning behind the glass.

He had seven minutes until it dinged so he pulled her arms off of him and spun her around. His eyes roamed over the dining area of the RV and decided that the small table would do. He pushed her until she was bent over the Formica surface and slid her loose shorts down her thighs.

She was right about having a pussy full of daddy's cum, but he was more interested in her asshole right then. He considered using a condom, but decided if her daddy had given her any STDs, he'd simply come back and kill him. Life was too short for half-pleasures and he expected to be dead long before any dick-rot made his life difficult. She said that she had just finished her period so he would worry about getting her some birth control later, maybe an implant or a diaphragm or something.

He rubbed his cock against her pussy and used her daddy's cum to make his cock head slippery, then simply pushed into her tiny asshole. She screamed in pain as he forced her anus to spread open for his invading meat.

“Oh god, Mister, that really hurts.”

“Push out like you're shitting, that'll make it feel better.”

She quickly grunted and he felt a splash of warm water against his thighs.

Guess she had to pee...

Her asshole loosened up and he sank inside as her urine continued to spray against his nuts and legs. She was tight as hell, tighter than anything his dick had ever been in before.

“You ever been raped in the asshole before, Mouse?”

She shook her head hard, “No, Mister, my daddy only wanted my mouth and my pussy. Jezzez Christ, that feels weird.”

His nuts slapped against her pussy with a wet smack and he began to saw in and out of her colon. She was hot and slippery and the feeling of her sliding along the length of his shaft was pure heaven.

She grunted each time his hips impacted against hers; he kept an eye on the microwave and began to slam into her body quicker when the numbers began to slide towards zero.

When their snack stopped spinning and the oven beeped its happy message, he thrust deep into her asshole and unloaded more thick cream into her young body.

She didn't cum, or even think that it felt that good, but it had stopped hurting when he told her what to do, and peeing on him felt really neat. All in all, not nearly as bad as when her daddy raped her, with his fat, sweaty body grunting over her tiny one.

When their snack was being turned into poop, he brought her into the small bathroom and stripped her naked. She was dirty and sweaty and her pussy smelled from her daddy's cum. He pushed her into the shower and watched as she washed the dirt and sweat away. Her hands went to her pussy, but he reached out and stopped her. She moved down and cleaned her legs and feet then waited while he knelt outside of the stall and soaped up his large, rough hands.

He dug his soapy fingers into her pussy, spreading her hole open, and working to get her father's incestuous cum out of what he considered to be his newest possession.

When her cunt was clean and squeaky he stood up and stripped out of his own clothes. He stood outside the shower stall, essentially trapping her in the small space, and told her to wash away the residue of cum and piss and shit from his cock. She had him clean in seconds; her daddy was a taskmaster about that sort of thing.

When he was nice and fresh, she slid her mouth over his limp meat and worked on him until he was nice and hard, then stood up and waited to see what he wanted to do.

She'd given him two nice orgasms and he felt that it was only polite that he returned the favor, if only as an incentive for her to keep giving him pleasure.

He slit into the tiny stall with her, pressing her back against the wall, and lifted one of her legs so he could get at her pussy. He squatted down a bit and pushed his cock between her bald lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her other leg until they were both wrapped around his hips.

He sank all the way into her hot cunt and waited to see what she would do. Her face remained blank, use to being penetrated by a cock even if she wasn't that interested.

He felt a little bit bad for the tiny Mouse, used by a father who only wanted his own fun, never having someone give her pleasure for her own sake. He wondered if she had ever even had an orgasm.

He ran his thumb over the top of her pussy, looking for her hidden clit. He felt her flinch and her eyes looked up at him in wonder. He smiled and turned off the water, leaving it to drip as he carried her into the bedroom at the back of the RV.

He lay her on the mattress and pushed her legs open as her arms dropped off of his neck. He slid his dick out of her cunt and pushed his face between her legs. She jumped again, almost on the verge of panic, as his tongue found her clit and began to coax it out of its protective hood.

Her eyes rolled around in her head and her hands fluttered as a warm liquid feeling spilled over her body. She gasped and sucked air deep into her lungs as his mouth caused an unknown feeling to suddenly grab her in a scary, body-clenching grip. She screamed out loud and exploded into a thousand tiny shards that left her limp and crying hysterically.

Her pussy gripped his tongue and tried to suck it into her body. Her legs slammed against his ears, making them pop and a gush of pussy juice rocketed out of her body and filled his mouth.

He jerked back and swallowed involuntarily. He'd never had a squirter and his initial reaction was revulsion, until the taste of her thick liquid hit him and he dove back between her legs, sucking and swallowing and digging his tongue into her clasping hole until she screamed again and fed him even more girl-cum.

Her breath slid out of her mouth in a tiny squeak as he rose over her body and pushed his cock between her red, swollen lips again.

He'd never been as excited to be in a pussy as he was right then; he went deep and thrust over and over. Her legs thrashed around on the bed as she fucked her harder than she'd ever been; her daddy was lazy, mostly making her get on top and ride him until he came.

He grabbed her small tits and squeezed them with his fists as he filled her gulping cunt with a dozen streams of thick, milky cream. He gasped and shuddered until the final spasm rolled through him and he slid to the floor between her spread legs.

Thick, cum flowed out of her twitching pussy, leaving a large wet spot on the blanket. She lay there, almost comatose, as she fought to fill her lungs with enough air.

He didn't know what was going to happen with his Little Mouse, he knew that he should kick her out of the RV and drive the fuck away, but he also knew that that wasn't going to happen. He'd keep her with him and deal with the consequences later. Knowing what he did about the people who were scouring the country, looking for him and the things that he knew, he just hoped that they would both survive what might happen in the coming days.

End of Part One

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