Found itself on the kitchen counter, and the videos shocked me.
I was running late for work, so I was dressing as I was going out the door. Hopping on 1 foot while putting on my high heel on the other foot when I heard the buzzing of the cell phone. The cell phone belonged to my son Ryan. 16 years old, very handsome looking Asian-American. He’s athletic. Long and lean like his father… except below the belt. Very thick. Curiosity got the best of me and I saw the phone vibrating itself across a granite countertop. The text message on the open screen read “next time you better warn me…” this certainly startled me. I didn’t know if my son was into some sort of trouble for what this message. So I stopped, slipped my high heel on an open his cell phone. Hundreds of pictures of him and his buddies looking stupid, posing for very shots, pictures of South Dakota, where we had spent last year’s vacation. Pictures of me and his twin sister… naked! I can’t even believe this! I was furious. I stormed upstairs looking around his bedroom and saw his ipad lay open on the bed. Ryan had just left for school with his buddies and it’s a good thing because he would have been grounded for life. I had no idea how the pictures of me had been taken, because it was obviously without my knowledge. Pictures of his sister were all in various poses with her looking directly at him and smiling seductively. There were a dozen with her using a dildo… oh my God, that’s my dildo! There was also a video of Ryan and his girlfriend Ashley. I pushed play and both of them were awkwardly and dressing in front of one another. The girl is gorgeous, a brunette with her not quite as dark as mine but she has piercing blue eyes. Apparently she didn’t know the iPAd in the room was filming. It starts with the two of them making out, which turns into heavy petting which turned into the most perfect view of her positioning herself on her hands and knees with her pussy directly facing the camera. I looked around at Ryan’s bedroom, even though everyone had left for school and I was late for work I could feel myself getting wet.

I carefully removed my miniskirt and I would’ve removed my panties if I was wearing any, thank God I wasn’t. I was feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and lust looking at this girl trying to satisfy my son. The video wasn’t that good, but I could see Ryan continually looking at the camera, each time I could almost feel myself looking away in embarrassment. As though I was watching him. You have to understand that Ryan is a very good boy, a good student and well-respected. So to hear the things coming out of his mouth that I did, I was very taken back. He kept looking at the camera smiling, his hands on the back of her head trying to push her down, each time she would come off of him, coughing and gagging and complaining “stop pushing me down! Let me do it! I don’t like it when he pulled my head down, I can’t breathe” Ryan would halfheartedly apologize, put his hands behind his head for a few minutes before his hands would go back to the back of her head and his tips would start pumping upwards.

With my legs open, laying in the middle of his bed running circles around my swollen clitoris, it wasn’t long before I could feel myself beginning to shake lightly, trying to pace myself along with him. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting my my son called her mouth. Telling his innocent little Ashley “FUCK! Don’t stop, suck my big fucking cock. take that Fucking cock in your mouth”. My wet fingers rubbing frantically against my swollen clitoris matched with her complaining and my son’s moans of pleasure were just about to send me over the edge when he announced “oh fuck! Oh my God, I can feel it, I’m going to cum! I’m going to bust in your mouth” I could hear her shrieking and trying to pull off, but he grabbed her violently and held her head down. His hips started bucking and the sounds that she was making made me wonder if she had thrown upon him. She rolled off of him, coughing and waving her arms around the room, a huge load of white jizz rolling off her lips while she fed her face as though it was on fire. My son, that little bastard just laughed at her. Meanwhile, I was arching my hips to my imaginary lover. I continued watching the video, and when he stood up I could see why she was gagging. Oh my God, I’ve seen my son naked many times throughout his life, but never with an erection like this. He stood up and tried to hug her as she continued waving her arms as though she’d just been poisoned. She quickly grabbed his T-shirt off of the bed sneezed. And she did, apparently part of the load that he had driven down her throat blasted out of her nostrils. It actually startled me. But now she turned directly towards the camera and I saw a perfect view of her sexy little body with my son coming up behind her, reaching underneath her arms and cupping her breasts. Thinking to myself “oh my God, they’re not even old enough to be doing this.” I plunged my middle fingers deep into my pussy and began to spasm violently, announcing that my own orgasm was about to explode, and that’s when my entire body locked up, the waves of my orgasm washed over me violently, I was frantically strumming my clitoris which was now completely out of its hood, shrieking incoherently, when I looked up and saw my son standing there staring at me. In the waves of my orgasm I couldn’t stop rubbing myself. I lay there gasping and exhausted. Staring at him in disbelief.

After my orgasm had subsided, I was embarrassed, I jumped out of the bed, grabbing my skirt, his ipad under my arm demanding for him to sit down in the living room.

“You have a lot of explaining to do young man! What the hell happened to denote girls rule in this house?”
Ryan smirked at me “didn’t look like you have a problem with it five minutes ago.”

I stammered back “that’s none of your… I. didn’t… it took me by surprise! It doesn’t matter, I’m a grown adult and I can do what I want. You still live under my roof”

“I’m an adult too!” He snapped back at me.

The conversation took an angry turn, and I hadn’t even mentioned the pictures of his sister or the ones of me that I’ve found. I pointed the ipad, in his direction, I pushed the play icon and turned the volume up all the way so that we could both hear her complaining and gagging. I looked at him with anger in my eyes as I pulled my skirt back up. “This is not what you do with someone you care about!” Ryan paused a moment and stared at me quizzically. I looked at him and said “look sweetheart, I don’t want to fight with you. But we told you that she’s not allowed upstairs in the bedroom unless your father or myself are at home at the time”
Ryan was still clearly angry, “it’s not like she was masturbating on my bed. You were! And I’m old enough to do what I want!”

I snapped back at him “you want to have this discussion with your father when he comes home? Because if you do, that’s fine with me.”

That’s all it took for him to calm down. He stared at me and apologized reluctantly. The video was still going loud and the two of us heard him announcing that he was getting ready to ejaculate. We both stopped and stared at the screen as he grabbed the back of her head and plunged deep into her throat. I looked at him and shook my head in disbelief “you know, you’re lucky you didn’t hurt her. And she didn’t enjoy that.” Both of us continued watching her running around the room waving her hands in the air. Until that moment where she sneezed and we both burst out in laughter. It was an awkward moment for both of us, we both stared silently at one another until Ryan said “mom, she doesn’t like sucking it. In all my buddies talk about how their girlfriends are always giving him head.”

I didn’t know what to say. My teenager is complaining that his girlfriend doesn’t suck his cock correctly. I said the only thing I could say “look, she will get better with practice, you can’t ram her head down like that. You have to let her do it on her own, otherwise she will never learn to swa--- to enjoy doing it”
Ryan’s eyes perked up “what were you getting ready to say? Shell never learn to what?”

Joking, I began fanning myself “it’s getting warm in here baby, and I’m going to be late for work, so I better… listen, I’m sorry that you caught me… you know an invading your privacy. We can talk about this later”
“mom please!”

I got up and began to walk away “please nothing Mr… you need to catch that bus you’re not late for school…. and I was getting ready to tell you that she will never learn to enjoy swallowing. Most women don’t”

His next question practically floored me. He walked around in front of me and smiled “do you mom?” I could feel the heat throb in my pussy. I wanted to push him out of the way, run to my bedroom and grabbed the same black dildos I saw my daughter using. I tried to ignore the subject and tell him “that is none of your business.” I tried stepping around him but he jumped in front of me again “well mom? Does dad complain?”
I smile at him, cocked my head and stood my ground “your father has nothing to complain about. And for the record, yes, I swallow… every delicious drop.” My poor teenage son was standing there clutching himself through his blue jeans. I could see how desperately he wanted to get himself off. I don’t know why, but I guess I felt guilty, I had already diddled myself and he even walked in and caught me red-handed. “Are you looking for some kind of proof or something?” Ryan just laughed. He tried to pass it off as a casual question, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a quick hug, and I swear to God His cock practically penetrated me. I tried to push him off of me “hurry up………..mmmmmmm Ryan, sweetheart let go of me”
Smiling awkwardly “Ryan, let go now… that’s enough… you’re getting hard from what you saw me doing it, and our conversation. I won’t bring it up again.”

“Mom… please, I am so Fucking hard. Please, just do it with your hand”
I reached out and squeezed through his blue jeans, I couldn’t believe that I was doing it. “Look, maybe if we both just lay down together, we can watch each other masturbate. Would that help?” He looked at the awkwardly and nodded his head.

I have no clue how this came about, but we both want to my bedroom, I have a large king-size red Oak can be framed bed. We stood there awkwardly looking at each other wondering who was going to go first. As I started to undress I watched his eyes glaze over slightly, he moaned softly “mmmm fuck yes….”

This was enough to startle me “I’m sorry, Ryan I can do this. There’s no way I can do this in front of you. You need to go look at your pictures or… you need to have something, I don’t know.” Ryan looked at me quizzically but he was pulling his cock through the fabric of his blue jeans. I tried to look away, but I was mesmerized by the look of lust and desperation in his face. I wanted to get this over with quickly. It was wrong and I knew it. I dropped my miniskirt, threw it across the ottoman so it wouldn’t wrinkle and sat back on the edge of my bed. I lifted one leg slightly, just enough to allow the sweet foods my pussy to begin to open. That’s all it took for Ryan to unzip his blue jeans, step out of one leg, allow them to fall to the other leg, and flipped them off with a swift kick. He wasn’t wearing underwear. Oh my God, his Dick was bigger than my wrists. He immediately started pounding, I watch for close to a minute before I finally sat upright and told him “no no no, not like that. There’s no way that can feel good when you do it like that… is there?” I sat upright and waved my fingers for him to come to me. and I carefully and lovingly took in one hand and slowly began to roll the scanned back-and-forth over the head. I could barely close my fingers around him. He was bigger than his father. I stared directly into his eyes, careful not to look down because if I did, I knew I was going to provide the proof that he needed that his mother did in fact enjoy swallowing.

Ryan closed his eyes and began to rock back and forth slowly in rhythm with my grip. I continued stroking slowly, methodically, and as his eyes closed, my other hand found its way down to my pussy. This time instead of focusing on my little sensitive rosebud, I pushed my middle finger deep inside of my pussy and began to shiver. Instinctively I begin to work him faster, his hands went to my shoulders, I studied his face, I watched every bit of his gestures, he would go from snarling to biting his lip to moaning in pleasure. It wasn’t long before I was pushing two fingers deep inside. It wasn’t long with my stroking that a large drop of clear fluid began to accumulate on the head of his cock. His breathing began to shallow, short sporadic gasps of air and I was focusing on that droplet as if they were blood and I were a vampire. His eyes were closed, I leaned over quickly and flicted off with my tongue. I shouldn’t have, because that’s when Ryan grabbed the back of my head, and plunged forward hitting the back of my throat, I rolled backwards coughing and gagging “Sweetheart, what did I tell you? You cannot do that to women!” I scolded him. The look in his eyes told me that he simply didn’t care, he crawled up on top of me straddling my chest with his cock dangling over my mouth. He looked at me like a man that was possessed and told me “mom, suck my cock. Please” at which point before I could respond he slipped back into my mouth. This time he began to pump slowly, I was careful to keep my fist around his shaft so he couldn’t push too much of himself into my mouth. He began pumping faster and harder, moaning and grunting, blurting out “that’s it, take it, take my Fucking cock. Swallow it.” I have to admit, I was a little frightened, he was fucking me as though it was in my pussy. Luckily for him I have experience with his father of taking a large cock in my throat and making him out. Ryan gave out a final plunge and held it there, I did my best to relax my throat muscles, even though my eyes were watering, I began to push my middle finger into his rectum and his entire body began to tremble. He grunted and I splash after splash of hot fluid going into my throat, filling my mouth…

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