Akin visits the Ranch - a teen love story - sort of.
Mika and Christina

NOTE: This series contains preteen sexual activities. If you do not agree do not read and complain.

Chapter 8. Akin visits the Ranch

Akin follows the directions carefully as he drives down the unfamiliar country road during today’s cloudless mid-morning. He sees a white fence bordering the road with two white horses running behind it. At the brick mail box he pushes the entry button and the electronic gate opens for him to drive the quarter mile to the house. When he pulls up to the huge ranch home a girl waves at him to pull around to the side of the house.

Three girls are washing a black Jeep on the parking pad. The beautiful girls appear to be between fourteen to sixteen years old. The girl who waived at him comes over and tells him, “Hi, I’m Katlyn, you must be Akin.” When he nods she tells him to park near the door. Katlyn is a ‘California girl’ with long blond hair, green eyes with long lashes and a slender nose. Her full lips smile at him and show perfect white teeth. She has a big carwash sponge in her hand and cocks her arm on her hip in a model’s pose. She is about five feet and six inches tall with long slim legs.

Akin runs his eyes down from her blonde mane to a perfect set of swollen 34-C tits and Katlyn smiles and pulls her shoulders back to give him the full view. Her long legs run up to her swollen, pregnant belly which is on full display. Katlyn is naked except for a tiny thong and her tennis shoes. Katlyn says, “That’s Amber and Trica.” Her arm points at the other two girls washing the Jeep.

Amber has short blond hair, which is probably bleached. She is also exceptionally beautiful with brown eyes and a model’s nose. She was kneeling next to the Jeep washing a wheel with a large sponge. As she stands up and joins Katlyn, she smiles at Akin and cocks her arm into the same model’s pose and lets Akin run his eyes over her naked body from top to bottom. For a second Akin thinks they could be sisters with the similar height, swollen boobs and pregnant bellies. Like Katlyn, her only clothing is a thong and sneakers.

“Do I have triplets here,” Akin wonders and tries to get a closer look at the third girl. She is hidden by the Jeep as she leans over the hood and washes it with a sponge. She leans forward and her gigantic pendulous tits sway with the circular motion she uses to wash the hood. She is intent on her task. It takes her a minute to finish washing the hood and the two girls and Akin watch. When Trica finishes she comes around the side of the car, grabs the garden hose and rinses the suds from the car.

Akin can now tell she is tall compared to the other two and he puts her at about five feet ten. She has long black hair which reminds him of his pseudo-wife, Mika. When he sees her giant pregnant belly he blurts out, “Holy shit.” This is what Mika would look like if he got her pregnant. As Trica sprays water over the Jeep her boobs swing with each move and he guesses she must be at least eight months pregnant.

Trica looks at him and swings the hose toward him making it rain on his car and Katlyn and Amber. The girls shriek and throw their sponges at Trica before trying to hide behind his car. Trica sprays them for half a minute and then finishes rinsing the Jeep. As the three girls stand next to each other picking up sponges and buckets, Akin notices they all have perfect white skin without any tan lines. He looks at their big bellies and wonders how he got into this situation when Mrs. Janek comes out of the side door and waves at him.

It has been about three weeks since Christina had her first Pinkies Scout meeting. Her mother, Missy and Akin had lunch with Mrs. Janek a few days later. When he met Mrs. Janek she wore a business suit like any corporate executive. As she smiled at him, looked him up and down, she sent him a quiet signal that she had his number as a young college boy and master pervert. Akin remembers blushing when she shook his hand and put a little extra pressure on it. During the lunch her hand managed to touch his arm several times.

Long story short, Missy and Akin did not agree for Christina to stay in the scouts if it involved sex parties. Mrs. Janek said, “Ok, no argument, however...” Mrs. Janek picked up her wine glass and took a sip and went on to say we need to be honest. She already knew Christina was playing sex games with Akin. Missy’s eyes went wide that the family secret was out. Mrs. Janek squeezed Missy’s hand and told her, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe.” She continued that she assumed Akin was also playing with older sister Mika. Akin blushed and Mrs. Janek smiled at Missy with one eyebrow going up and asked, “And Mom also?”

Missy blushed and gave a small nod. Mrs. Janek nodded also and lifted her wine glass waiting on Missy to also toast. Mrs. Janek said, “Trust me, I understand. And that is why you are the perfect couple to become partners.” She looked at Missy and asked, “How would you like to see Akin run a business and make some serious money?” She slid an envelope to Missy whose eyes about popped out of her head when she saw the stack of hundred dollar bills.

Another business meeting with Kevin got Missy and Akin to agree to become partners and for Christina to be a full-fledged Pinkies Scout who would not be part of the sex parties; but would perform other duties.

Akin’s mind returns to the present and as Mrs. Janek walks to his car she claps her hands and tells the girls to finish washing the Jeep and get inside and shower. She tells them they had been outside nearly an hour and the hot sun was not good for their sensitive skin. “So why did you send them out naked,” Akin thinks and gets out of the car. “Hello Ginger,” he tells her and she gives him a big hug. Her tits smash against his chest and he can feel her hands rubbing his back. Unlike in the city, she is dressed in ‘suburban casual’. She wears a tight t-shirt with a “Pinkies Ranch” logo and the neck is ripped down the middle showing half of her fantastic tits. Short white jogging pants are really tight and show off her nicely rounded ass. Akin thinks she has done a great job transforming herself into a hot MILF.

“Come on in and I will tell you how you can help the girls with their problem,” Ginger tells him and grabs his hand. She takes him through the kitchen, where she grabs a tray with sandwiches and drinks, and leads him to a large bedroom on a side wing. They sit in two wingchairs and eat a sandwich and sip drinks. Ginger explains she invited him to help the girls with their aching boobs. Being far along in their pregnancy, they need to express their milk daily. Using the pump gets old and the girls need to have some fun. “Plus being around pregnant girls for a day will be very educational for you,” Ginger teases him.

Having watched the three girls frolic naked while getting sprayed from the hose makes Akin think he would surely volunteer to help them drain the milk from swollen tits; but he hoped they would provide some fun for him too. He never has fucked anyone pregnant. Ginger wags a finger at him and tells him, “Let’s keep your mind on business. I’m going to show you what you need to do.” Ginger stands beside the bed and pulls her t-shirt over her head exposing a frilly half-bra holding her tits at bay. She turns her back to Akin and says, “You want to help me here?”

Akin knows the drill. Standing behind Ginger, he pops the snap on her bra and runs his hands around to the front and cups the underside of the bra. He pulls Ginger to him and pulls the cups off her breasts. He cups her boobs with his hands and leans down and kisses her neck. Two fingers grab each nipple and massage them. Ginger lifts her arms up high and pulls his head down to her neck and she tells him, “Yes, just like that. You can do it harder if you want.” Akin kisses her neck and runs his tongue around her ear which makes her shiver and then giggle.

He mauls her boobs with his hands and pinches her nipples harder. When he pulls on them, Ginger moans into his ear and her tongue slides out and loves his ear. When Ginger moans hard and bites his ear, Akin eases the pain on her boobs and she cries, “OMG, wait.” She breaks out of his embrace and kneels down in front of him and works his belt loose. His pants hit the floor and Ginger laughs, “OMG, little Christina was right, you do have a huge sausage.” She lifts his cock and kisses his cock head, puts it in her mouth and runs her tongue around it. Akin moans in pleasure and Ginger lets him go and says, “Cock time is later, first you have to learn what to do.” Shit.

Both are naked and Ginger has him lay on his back with his head near the edge of the bed. She tells him this position is so the girls can stand next to the bed and let them control their own position. She demonstrates by standing next to the bed and spreading her legs wide. As Akin looks back her pussy is right in his face and he reaches back and slides his middle finger between her pussy lips. Ginger lets him do it for a minute before swatting his nasty hand. “Behave, and pay attention,” she tells him and he knows she is not serious. She bends over the bed and lets her tits dangle down to his mouth. He grabs a nipple between his lips and sucks.

“Let the girl control how much of her tit she wants to put in your mouth and don’t suck hard. She will tell you if she wants you to do more. Drink all the milk if you want,” Ginger instructs while Akin switches to her other tit. Ginger lets him suck her tits and she moans as he does it harder. Akin sneaks his finger back into her pussy and rubs her gently, already feeling moisture covering him. After several minutes, Ginger wiggles free and tells him there is a second position some girls like.

She has him sit against the headboard with pillows behind him. Akin flashes back this is how he found Mika when he face fucked her so hard. His cock twitches and Ginger laughs at him, “Just wait you naughty boy, I told you no fingers.” Akin looks down and give her a ‘bad boy’ look while Ginger straddles his legs facing him. She pushes herself against his hard belly and puts a tit near his lips. Before Akin sucks the offered tit into his mouth he asks her, “Who are these girls and why here?”

As he sucks her tit, Ginger reminds him the Pinkie Scouts graduate out of the program before they become twelve. Certain extra beautiful and smart girls may get invited to join the Senior Scouts. “Our problem a lot of times is the parents; suddenly they want more money or try to change the contract when the money stops. Or they have spent all the money instead of investing it for the daughter’s college education.” She explains it is one of the key reasons they make the girls graduate. If the parents try to cause problems they take ‘enforcement’ action. The Senior Scouts are age twelve through fourteen. The girls graduate before their fifteenth birthday. “Part of it is the junior scouts mostly have not started their periods, so sex play is less of a problem,” she adds.

Ginger explains that during the Senior Scouts’ last two years a few of them get exclusive offers to get pregnant. The parents have to agree and the girl can either keep the baby or put it up for adoption. The ‘boyfriends’ who get the privilege to get them pregnant pay a giant fee for medical and support. They get to fuck them for free after that. “Most of these rich bastards don’t want to see the girls again when their belly’s get big. Then they come to the Ranch to have the babies in peace and quiet,” she adds.

As Ginger talks with a low voice, her hand has reached behind her and she strokes Akin’s cock, getting him hard. She lifts up and pushes his cock head against her wet pussy and pushes down hard. Akin groans as he impales himself into Ginger. His hands are on her hips pushing down and Ginger moans, “That’s my boy, fuck me hard.” She cups her boobs in front of his face and pushes the other nipple into his mouth. This time Akin sucks as hard as he can and it drives Ginger wild. She grabs his head and pulls him into her tits. Her hips rock up and down and work his cock like crazy.

Neither one of them last more than five minutes. Ginger cries out when her orgasm ripples through her pussy and it makes him cum. He pushes up hard and dumps a giant load of cum into her pussy. Ginger keeps his cock locked in her cunt as she inhales and relaxes. “Now is that not better than some little six year old,” she asks still breathing hard. Akin nods his head in agreement. He knows he likes fucking his ten year old Mika, her friend Sharon and Olena at the mansion. He smiles at Ginger and tells her, “A MILF like you puts them all to shame.” He knows he is lying.

She tells him there is another reason why he is here fucking her. “I’m ready to retire from the business in about one year and I need a good understudy who can take over. What do you think?” she asks him and squeezes his cock with her cunt muscles at the same time. Akin laughs and tells her he can’t think when she is squeezing the blood out of his head. Ginger laughs with him and tells him it is the wrong head to be thinking with. She taps his head and runs her fingers through his hair and tells him to use the big head to make a decision. “The little head gets all the side benefit,” she whispers into his ear, “and maybe any of the girls who get you horny.”

“I will give you a conditional ‘Yes’; but I want to see the actual books and see what kind of money moves through the company,” Akin says. Ginger kisses his lips hard and says, “It’s a deal. That was an excellent answer.” She tells him to take a shower and she will send the girls in to see him.

About an hour later, Akin is dressed in a college t-shirt and gym shorts and Ginger is back in her running gear when a knock on the door signals the arrival of the three girls. When they stand in front of him, Akin sucks in a deep breath because they have turned from wet kids into junior glamour queens. All of them wear nearly see-through, short nighties, which hardly hide their big bellies. Ginger makes the formal introductions.

“Katlyn, my California girl, is sixteen and she will have a baby boy,” Ginger tells him. Katlyn has piled her long hair on her head with a large silver clip. Her green eyes are enhanced by her long lashes and pale green make-up. She smiles at Akin, gives him a hug and kisses his lips. He tastes the hot red lipstick and feels her boobs against his chest. As she breaks away she says, “Hi.”

“Amber is fourteen and she will also have a baby boy,” Ginger tells him as Amber comes over and says hello in a squeaky little girl voice. Akin knows she probably drives older men crazy with a baby routine. She bats her brown eyes at him and pushes her tits into his chest and kisses his cheek. It hits him neither Katlyn nor Amber have pushed their ample bellies against him.

Trica comes over and says with a British accent, “I’m Trica and I’m thirteen years old.” The girls and Ginger laugh and she tells him, “Tricia is from London; Kentucky that is. She is going to have a baby girl any day.” Trica has her long dark hair curled down each side of her head which again reminds him of Mika. Except for being much taller, having giant pregnant tits, and her big belly it could be Mika. He looks at Ginger who replies, “Looks like a preggy Mika; I know.”

“Ok girls, Akin is going to help you with your problem. So treat him nice and no fighting. Katlyn goes first,” Ginger laughs as she heads out the door. The girls pull Akin to the bed, strip off his clothes and Katlyn says, “Get on your back, please.” All three pull their nighties off and giggle. Katlyn stands by his head and looks at his body. “Holy shit, you are the best built guy I’ve seen in a year,” she announces. Amber and Trica are on the bed and Amber says, “And he has the best looking cock in a year.” She lifts his cock up and toys with him.

Katlyn spreads her legs apart to lower herself a bit and leans over Akin, letting her tits swing in front of his face. He grabs one in each hand and massages then with long strokes. Her nipples are pink and hard with a small areola. When he sucks one into his mouth Katlyn hums. She puts one hand on each of his shoulders and pushes against him, “Just a little bit harder, Akin.” After about a minute he feels the first drop of moisture on his tongue. It’s warm and sweet which surprises him. He closes his eyes and concentrates on her taste; nursing with pleasure.

It seems like a long time when Katlyn pops her nipple out of her mouth and stands up and stretches. Akin looks up and she smiles, “One more to go.” She resumes the position and Akin suckles her other breast. With her pussy nearly in his face, he reaches back and slides a finger between her pussy lips. Katlyn gasps and then pushes back at him with her hips. His middle finger dips into her pussy and he strokes her more urgently. Katlyn rocks her hips and pushes her tit into his mouth harder. “OMG, suck my tit,” she cries as he finger fucks her pussy. When he rubs her clit she moans hard.

Amber strokes his cock in time with Katlyn’s rocking ass. He wants to tell her not to get him off; but all anyone hears is muffled grunts. Katlyn’s orgasm hits her hard making her quiver and shake. She pops her boob out of his mouth and cries, “OMG, I needed that.” She backs up and crawls on the bed to stretch out; saying, “Amber get him while he is hot.” Amber does just that. She is a bit more aggressive, pushing a tit into his mouth and pulling his hand to her cunt.

“Make me cum fast,” she tells him and puts her hand over Akin’s. As he rubs her clit and pussy she pulls his hand upward putting more pressure on herself. He inserts two fingers into her pussy and strokes harder. Akin nearly bites her titties as she pushes against his mouth. He sucks hard and a near steady stream of sweet milk seeps onto his tongue. Amber reaches forward and grabs his cock and gives it a couple of hard strokes getting him standing up hard. “Drain my tits and eat my pussy,” the fourteen year old sex machine demands, fucking his middle two fingers as hard as she can. Trica has been watching quietly and rubbing his legs.

It takes Amber about five minutes of hard masturbating before she reaches her first climax; but it is a great one. She has not had a guy do it for her in a long time. She shrieks her release and then staggers to a chair. Akin tells her, “Holy shit, girl; very intense.” He gets up, goes to the table and grabs a drink. He hands Amber and Katlyn bottles of sparkling water. He holds one up for Trica and she shakes her head ‘No’ and grins. He raises an eyebrow in a “What?” She smiles and points one slim finger at his cock. He looks down and sees he is rock hard, standing straight up. Akin asks Trica, “You want?” and she nods her head.

Akin kneels down in front of Trica and kisses her and caresses her boobs. She frenches him and then pulls him on the bed. “This will work a lot better if I’m behind you,” he tells her and positions himself against her back. He pulls her long hair out of the way and pulls her leg up to give him access to her pussy. Trica reaches down and spreads her pussy lips open and guides his cock into her. He can feel she is already soaking wet and horny. With a firm push he glides into her most of the way and Trica groans, “Oh God, Akin be gentle. Don’t hurt my baby girl.” Akin almost freezes thinking he is fucking two girls at the same time.

He strokes her slowly and not too deep when Tricia grabs his hand and pulls it forward to one of her boobs. He squeezes and caresses and pinches her nipple. He can feel a drop of fluid on his hand and sees it’s her mommy milk. Akin licks his finger and asks her, “Do you want me to do that?” Trica giggles and tells him in her British voice, “Fuck me and milk me and I’ll be yours forever.” It makes his cock twitch and he tells her he may just take her up on the promise. So he milks her boob and fucks her deep. Trica moans and groans and rocks her ass the best she can.

Akin knows he has been in her for more than ten minutes and Trica seems to be having a great time fucking and squeezing his hand as he milks her. “Want a change of scenery?” he asks her and Trica turns her head and looks at him with a question. Akin pushes his hard cock against her anal star and she inhales hard, “OMG, yes. I haven’t done it in nine months.” She reaches her hand back and pulls on him to penetrate her. Akin gives his cock a shove and pops past her anal ring. Trica cries, “Ouch, it hurts.” Then she giggles and says quietly, “Guess it turned virgin again.” Akin laughs and shoves into her even harder. He knows he is going to cum soon. He tells her, “No, you have to go ‘without’ for a full year to be a virgin again.”

Amber chimes in, “Look at that cow’s belly. No way is she going to be virgin again.” Akin nuzzles into Trica’s hair and tells her, “You can if you want to. A few weeks after you have the baby you will look like the flat-belly hard body beauty you were before. You know you are a super beautiful girl.” Trica snuggles against him and says, “Please don’t stop. It may be my last fuck for years.” Akin thinks he can see a tear running down her check. Now what? Pregnancy emotions?

He has no time to analyze what is going on as he explodes into Trica’s ass. He holds her hip tightly and rocks into her, spewing his cum. Trica holds him to her and flexes her muscles pinching his cock head inside her. He lays there holding her and letting her relax and calm her emotions. Katlyn takes Amber’s hand and pulls her to the door. “Looks like Trica is in love. Let them rest,” she says as she closes the door behind them. Trica tells Akin she is cold and he pulls a blanket over them and lets her snuggle. “Yes, I’m learning about emotional pregnant thirteen year olds,” he thinks to himself.

Trica rolls over facing him and grabs his face between her hands, “Thank you Akin for being sweet and not an a-hole like the guys we have to fuck for money. Most of them just want to be rough and if we fake it then they beat us.” Another tear runs down her cheek and she tells him she hopes to get back into school with some of the money she has saved. Akin hugs her to him; but a little warning bell rings in his head, “Be careful here; you already have Missy and her two daughters to worry about.”

He tells her just to relax and go to sleep; it will all work out whichever way she wants her future to go. Worst case, he can discuss with Ginger if he can hire his own personal assistant who just happens to already live on the ranch.

“Akin, after supper, will you fuck me again? I can do whatever you love best,” she asks with her head under the blanket. Her hand caresses his cock and then she laughs, “Well if my big belly doesn’t get in the way or my daughter decides to pop out.”

“After supper may just be worthwhile if you are a really good little girl,” he tells her.

She lifts the blanket up a bit, looks at him, bats her eyes and asks in her British voice, “Have you ever throat fucked a pregnant teen?” He grins and shakes his head ‘No’.

“I bet I can have you screaming for mercy before midnight,” the British girl says.

Akin cuddled with Tricia for about fifteen minutes when there is a discrete knock on the door and Ginger sticks her head in. “We better get going if you are going to see the rest of the Ranch and your new office before supper. By the way, you need to call Missy and tell her you will not be home until tomorrow afternoon.”

“Lots of ‘work’ to do tonight with Katlyn, Amber, Tricia and of course me,” Ginger laughs loudly as she closes the door.

Akin looks at the closing door. Holy shit.

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