A preteen love story - sort of. Akin learns more about Pinkies
Mika and Christina

NOTE: This series is about preteen sexual activity. If you do not agree, do not read and complain.

Chapter 7. Pinkies Scouts (Part II)

It is nearly late-afternoon this Monday before Akin gets Christina into his car for the drive home. His newest little honey, Olena made sure all the other girls knew he was “hands off my man.” She also made sure that her daddy, Kevin knew it. “Don’t you let him have any other girl, no matter what he says,” she told Daddy sternly as she watched him pack Christina’s bags into his car. Akin quickly realized the little darlings were the money making machines and held a lot of sway over their moms and dads. At one thousand dollars a day on a Saturday and Sunday, they brought in a whole ton of money. He had told her not to kiss him in front of Christina, because she would become her enemy, so Olena behaved herself and gave him a little good-bye smooch on the cheek.

He had hardly gotten out of the gated community when Christina started chattering about her first weekend away from home. Akin realized it was going to be the long version.

“Mrs. Janek picked me up and let me sit in the front seat like a grown-up,” Christina starts her story about getting picked up for her first Pinkies Scout meeting. She tells Akin what Mrs. Janek talked about. First Mrs. Janek asked her what she knew about Pinkies Scouts and she told her that her mom explained it was similar to Brownie Scouts but better. She looked at the brochure and saw the girls were real pretty. The Mrs. Janek said they were real smart too and that is the reason Christina was invited. Mrs. Janek asked a lot of questions about school and stuff and it seemed she already knew all the answers.

Christina went on how Mrs. Janek asked about older sister, Mika and if Christina ever saw Mika kissing boys. She admitted she had seen her kiss the new neighbor, Akin. “But I didn’t say anything about seeing your big sausage. I know not to do that,” Christina tells Akin as he drives home at a leisurely pace. She looks down at the floor and says quietly, “At first.” Christina explains Mrs. Janek told her all the girls have ‘boyfriends’ at the weekend camp and they all kiss them. She told Christina it’s Ok to kiss boyfriends all the time. Christina accidently admits she has kissed Akin, too. Mrs. Janek asked her if she liked it and Christina admitted it felt really good. “Did it feel good when he kissed your boobies,” Mrs. Janet asked like it’s no big deal. Of course little Christina did not see the trap and admitted he had kissed her boobies.

Mrs. Janek took her time and explained the girls in the Pinkies love getting their boobies kissed by the boyfriends. She said, “And when the girls jump into the pool, they often forget their bathing suits. Do you do that?” Christina giggled and asked her if she could keep a secret. Mrs. Janek crossed her fingers and said, “I’m the best secret keeper in the world.” She smiled at herself in the car’s mirror because it was a fact. So Christina whispered to her, she and Mika do it all the time in Akin’s pool, and sometimes Akin sees them. Mrs. Janek tells her it is very nice because people should be able to go swimming naked, like at some beaches. Christina nodded in agreement.

Christina tells Akin that Mrs. Janek kept talking about the beautiful Pinkies girls and swimming in the pool naked and sometimes the boyfriends jump in also. She asked if Akin swam naked with them. Christina admits she should not have said it; but she told Mrs. Janek that Akin does not swim with them but is naked in the house. Mrs. Janek said, “He really has nice muscles. He must work-out a lot.” Christina smiled and thought about Akin.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Janek whispered to Christina, “So tell me, are his ‘boy’ parts big, too.” “OMG, he has a huge sausage,” Christina blurted out and then turned red and clamps her hands to her mouth. Mrs. Janek laughs, “Oh my, I’d like to see it. I bet it was fun to play with it?” Since they are both laughing, Christina can’t help herself and moves her hand up and down stroking a cock in front of her face.

Akin grips the steering wheel while Christina goes on about Mrs. Janek and the fun drive they had to the mansion. The lady must have been a CIA interrogator because little Christina spilled the beans and even admitted to swallowing loads of cum. Akin thinks, “The bitch sure had me figured out.”

Christina sees his frown and asks Akin, “Do you want to hear the rest?” He laughs and tells her every minute of it. She continues with her story: We pulled up in front of this huge house, well you were in it, and four girls were out front. They wore the Pinkies uniforms with the light pink blouses and the gray short skirts. “I could see they wore half-bras like you bought Mika and Mom”, she adds. She continues telling him they had white tennis shoes on. I couldn’t read their name tags because it was some kind of curly lettering. They first two introduced themselves as Taylor and Nicole. They explained to Christine they were the oldest girls in the troop and would be her “Mentors,” to teach her everything about Pinkies and not let her have any problems this weekend.

Sarah and Steph were the two other girls. They explained they were one year older than Christina and she would share a bedroom with them. That way if she had questions which she did not want to ask the older girls they would help her. Christina beamed at all four and Mrs. Janek handed her bag to Steph. “Please show Christina your bedrooms and give her a quick tour of the house.”

Sarah and Steph took Christina to the second floor and told her the first bedroom was for Sarah. The second bedroom was for Steph and Christina. Christina was amazed at the beautiful room with two large beds, matching nightstands and credenzas. The walls are painted pale pink with fancy white trim. The white curtains have silver lines woven into them. Sarah and Steph took a close look at Christina and went to the closet and pulled out several sets of Pinkies uniforms. In a little while they had her dressed in the official garb. One of the mentors checked her out and declared her “fit for duty.”

She tells Akin that Friday evening went by quickly with a fancy meal, movies and games. It was way past her bedtime when the older girls served wine as a bedtime treat. Kevin came in and told the girls it was bed time and he told Christina to go with him. “He took me up to his bedroom on the third floor and we talked,” she tells Akin. “I’m not supposed to tell you,” she says quietly, “but he told me the girls will have boyfriends on Saturday and Sunday. Since I didn’t have a boyfriend, I could hang around, watch and learn.” Christina says she told Kevin she could call Akin; but he said Akin was too young.

“Then he undressed me and told me I was going to sleep in his bed,” she continues the story. “He is much older than you, but he looked pretty fair. He is not fat and hairy like some of the guys on the beach. He asked me if I want to play with his cock and I told him yes. I guess that is what he wanted me to say. So when he sat down on the bed, I got between his legs and played with his cock and balls. He moaned a lot when I squeezed his balls and stroked his cock real slow. Akin, he liked it a whole lot when I ran my thumbs down his underside. His cock jerked in my hand I almost could not hold it. So I put him in my mouth and licked his cock.”

“I think he really wanted it,” she giggles. “He got real red and his cock was real hard and hot. I only had to suck him for a few minutes and he shot cum into my mouth. It tasted Ok but not as good as you.” Akin notices little Christina is rubbing her hand between her legs as she tells him her Friday night adventures. Her short Pinkies skirt just barely covers her pussy and hand.

“Akin, then he told me to lie next to him and he fell asleep. I did too,” Christina continues, “When I woke up, I was in my own bed in my room.” She tells him the next morning they had breakfast and the two mentors made sure all the girls had their uniforms perfect for inspection. About mid-morning they lined up by the driveway and Kevin inspected every girl, like the General does on TV. He handed each girl a name card and then a big limo pulled up. A bunch of old guys got out and the girls looked at their name tags and got their own guy. “Olena and I didn’t have a boyfriend,” Christina keeps telling her story.

Olena said we could go to the basement and watch the girls in the “fun room”. Some of them took their boyfriends up to the second floor. So we went down to the fun room in the basement. It’s a big room with three large beds against the walls. One side had a big TV and a bar. Sarah and Steph were behind the bar making drinks for their boyfriends. Olena got them to make some for her and me, too. Steph told us we needed “Island Drinks,” and they tasted like strawberry shakes. “Akin, I really liked them; but after the third one I felt woozy,” she says.

The girls were helping the boyfriends get naked and Sarah turned on the TV. All the guys really liked the lady on TV; they kept saying Missy Grey is the best actress ever. She was on her back and one guy was putting his big sausage down her throat. Olena told me we had to take our uniforms off and I was just in my little, frilly pink panties. One of the guys, Mr. Red told me I was the prettiest Pinkies he had ever seen. He asked me to get on the bed with him and Steph and Olena said it was Ok.

“So I laid on the bed with Mr. Red. He looked pretty good for an old guy. He did not have a big belly and his cock was not real big. Steph was playing with his balls and Olena stroked his cock. He told me to lay on top of him so he could kiss my baby boobies. He did that really good, it tickled at first; but then he made me feel good. His tongue went around and around my nipples and both got real hard.”

Akin drives carefully as she talks. He sees her hand slide into her panties under the short scout skirt. “Then he had me turn around on top of him. Steph told me it’s a ‘sixty-nine’. He spread my legs apart and I could feel him pull my panties to the side and his tongue went into my pussy. Wow, he did that real good too. I could feel the electricity running all over my pussy when he touched my button. He sucked my button and when Olena helped him and she touched my butt hole it made me cum. Mr. Red said I gave him a bunch of really sweet juice into his mouth.” Then he stole my panties and rubbed all the juice over his face.

Christina’s hand is working her pussy in the front seat of the car and she pants as she talks excitedly. Akin is having a hard time watching her and the road.

“They let me rest for a bit and have my second and third drink. Ms. Grey, on the TV, was yelling for more guys and they were loading her mouth with big gobs of cum.” She tells that Steph was stroking Mr. Red; but he asked Christina if she had ever done it on her back like Ms. Grey. She told them ‘No’ and he laid her on her back with her head over the edge. Her curly red hair framed her face and her green eyes looked at Mr. Red expectantly. As Mr. Red stood by the bed Olena took his cock into her mouth and sucked him for several minutes. She got him rock hard and near cuming.

When he got close he pulled out of Olena’s mouth and put his cock into Christina’s. Steph told him to go slow and easy on the new scout. Mr. Red stroked between her lips and told her to use her tongue. He could feel her running her tongue up and down his cock as he face fucked the small girl. He told Olena, “I’m going to shoot it into her pussy.” Olena told him that Christina had not been ‘initiated’; but she would let him do it, “It will cost you extra.” He nodded his head and yelled, “Now”.

Olena pulled Christina to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She used two hands and pulled Christina’s pussy lips apart and displayed her pink inside to Mr. Red. Her pussy was still wet with her juice and Mr. Red pushed his cock against it hard. When he let his death grip off his cock he shot a hard steam of cum against her. It hardly penetrated her, most of it spreading across her pussy lips and running down her crack. Mr. Red groaned and squealed and let two shots of cum go against Christina.

Olena got the next two strings of white cream into her open mouth. He missed Steph’s mouth and gave her a line across her face. Olena told Steph they may as well initiate Christina now since Mr. Red had already started the party. She picked up a phone and called the other girls. In a few minutes all the girls and their boyfriends showed up and looked at Christina and Steph with cum on their faces.

“Oohh, party time,” Taylor and Nicole shout and Kevin is behind them with a big TV studio camera on his shoulder. He tells Taylor and Nicole to help the guys get ready. Mr. Blue and Mr. White look at Christina with admiration and wantonness. They ask Kevin if they can fuck Christina and he reminds them of the rules; the girl has to have had her seventh birthday. “After Christmas, if she lasts that long,” he promises. The guys argue about who will get first dibs on her.

The girls are on their knees helping the guys get ready to dump cum on Christina. Mr. Blue only lasts a few minutes and holds his cock over Christina’s face and shoots a load of cum into her mouth. A bunch of it misses and covers her face. Mr. White is not far behind. He lines up carefully to shoot into her mouth but his legs shake and half his load hits her chest and parts of her face and hair. She looks like a Bukake slut.

Mr. Red recovers and steps up to the plate for a round at her mouth. He tells Steph to suck Christina’s pussy and “let’s make her cum with me.”

“I could feel Steph spreading my pussy and she put her tongue on my button and licked it hard. I only lasted a little while and then I had another orgasm. When my whole body jerked and it felt so good, Mr. Red shot his cum into my mouth. He really filled me up and it ran down my face. Olena came over and used her tongue to clean up all the cum and then cleaned Mr. Red’s cock, too. Then she came back and kissed me and sucked the cum out of my mouth. She is a slutty little thing,” Christina’s voice about shouts.

Christina moans and jerks in the front seat of the car as an orgasm hits her. She quivers and tells Akin, “OMG, that one felt good. I hope we get home fast because you have to lick my pussy. OMG Akin, hurry.” He pulls into his driveway three minutes later and she hops out and runs for the door. He unloads her bag and follows her into the house. In the den, he hears the commode flush and she comes into the room a minute later, visibly calmer. Akin tells her to wait a minute while he gets a drink. When he comes back into the den a few minutes later, she is asleep on the couch. “Thank you,” Akin tells the sleeping beauty as he covers her with a blanket.

He takes his drink into the bedroom and gets a big surprise. Mika is in his bed, leaning against the headboard with only a big smile on. Her a-cup boobs are encased in his favorite half-bra with the nipples peeking out. He can see she had planned this surprise. Her make-up is soft and her long black hair curls down each side of her face the way he loves it. The room light is not quite dim and warm. Soft music plays in the background. Lastly a sheet covers her legs and pussy.

“Oh baby, I hope you have not waited long,” he says as he strips. His clothes hit the floor without regard. She smiles and quietly says, “It is never too long when I wait for you.” She stretches her arms out against the headboard and arches her back pushing her young tits out at him. She sees he is already hard when he climbs up on the bed. She figures he needs some quick hard release before he can love her truly. Akin faces her on the bed and puts one leg on each side of her face.

He kneels but has to put pillows under his knees to line his cock up with her face. He grabs the headboard behind her head and looks down at her as his stiff rod moves toward her lips. Mika opens her lips, grabs his cock and guides him to her. Before she locks her lips around his cock she whispers, “It’s Ok if you cum real fast. I can tell you need me to do it for you.” She closes her mouth and runs her tongue down his underside as he pushes into her hard.

Mika puts her hands around his ass with her fingernails ready to sink into him in case he gets too rough. She knows she will take a lot of pain before she sets her claws into his ass to make him stop. By the third stroke, Akin is going deeper and deeper. Her head bangs against the pillow keeping her from hitting the hard wood. She hangs on as Akin grunts louder and louder. In this position she cannot stretch her throat and let him go down the tunnel. He bangs the back of her throat over and over. When she looks up she can tell his arm muscles are singing. He must have a super hard grip on the bed while his rhythm speeds up. “OMG, baby,” he shouts a few minutes later and pushes his cock into her nearly squashing her head against the board.

She can feel hot cum shooting out of his cock and down her throat. She can’t breathe but knows he will release her before she dies. His ass shakes in her hands and she pulls him to her as he shoots his last ropes of Jizz. “OMG, I love him. I have to do anything he wants,” she thinks to herself as she keeps some of the cum in her mouth. The most of it has already slid down her throat and warmed her belly. Akin finally pulls back and sits back. When he looks down at her she opens her mouth and shows him the white puddle. She smiles at him and swallows slowly knowing he loves to watch her do it.

“I’m sorry baby; I hope I didn’t hurt you. Your little sister got me all worked up with her cum swallowing weekend stories,” he tells her. Mika’s eyes get wide and she asks, “Is that what they did all weekend?” He tells her, “It sure sounded like it; but I only heard one night’s story.” Mika giggles, “It sounds like she turned into a slut. But I’m the one who loves you and you came to me. You know I can fuck you better than anyone.”

Akin could not disagree. Ten year old Mika was a dream and the more he taught her, the better she became in bed. Best of all she actually did everything he told her to do. Mika jumps out of bed and disappears through the door. She returns a few minutes later with glasses and a bottle of wine. When she locks the door, Akin knows she want a ‘special fuck’. They drink some wine and then kiss and snuggle. Akin takes her bra off and rolls her on her back. He kisses and caresses her nips and finishes with little bites. The biting nearly sends her over the top. When he puts his hands between her legs he feels her pussy is soaking wet.

He pulls the bottle of baby lotion from the night stand and Mika gets on her hands and knees. She fixes her hair so it spreads all across the pillow and hangs over her shoulders. She pushes her ass up high in the air and her face down into the pillow to muffle her screams. Akin drips lotion of her starfish butt hole and slowly slides his middle finger into her. He tugs her open and follows with three fingers. Mika groans into the pillow and grabs the sheets.

Hearing Mika moan and groan gets Akin hard in a few more minutes. Three finger glide deeper and deeper into her ass and when he pulls his hand away, her ass stays open for a minute. Then he does it again, opening her up and pushing into her harder. Her ass rocks with the attack and he can tell by her tone she is getting close to her cum. Not so quick. He eases up a bit and then attacks her again. He pulls his hand away and her hole stays open.

Akin slides his hard cock into her ass and Mika grabs him with her muscles and squeezes. Akin pushes his hard cock into her and Mika tries to strangle his cock head. It’s a fight which almost makes him laugh. Here is a ten year old with an ass which can control his hard cock. Mika rocks against him and he fucks her hard. In two minutes they are fucking like crazy rabbits. He tries to gauge her orgasm and it ripples through her body. He is not ready to cum and keeps stroking hard for another minute before he loads her ass with his second set of cum shots.

Mika screams into the pillow and Akin hangs on to her ass for dear life while his cock pulses in her ass. When he pulls out, they both collapse. Mika pulls the sheet over them and snuggles against him. Her shrieks have turned into purrs, like the young kitty she is.

About five minutes later Mika says quietly, “If you marry me we could do this every morning and every night, without my sister and my mom.” Akin holds her tight and answers, “Did we not already talk about it? We have to wait eight years.” Mika snuggles into him and throws her long hair over him and says, “Not true. In this state girls can marry at fifteen with a parent’s signature.”

Akin had already thought about marrying mom Missy and having the three available all the time. Mika reads his mind and says, “Ok, you can fuck Missy on Saturday’s and once Christine gets old enough, her too.”

“Ok baby, we only have to wait five years. Let’s see what Missy says. Maybe she will let you move in here and you can be my wife without being married,” he suggests. Mika looks into his eyes and tells him, “I can keep you so worn out; you won’t want any other pussy.” Under the sheets, she pulls his hand to her pussy and pushes his middle finger against her clit.

Akin pushes his finger against her hard and when she inhales he laughs, “Careful what you wish for.”

Mika pushes down on his finger and makes him rub her clit. She lifts and lowers her hips in an aggressive fucking motion.

She bats her eyes at him and says, “Ok, I’ll move in here and be your wife.”

She asks, “How soon can you give me a baby?”

Akin laughs and says, “In five years.”

Mika grabs his cock and tells him, “Hell no, lots sooner.”

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