My name is Tye Davidson and I came to the Bryant system as everyone else was leaving. I salvaged a ten kilometer private resident dome that had been abandoned. I made my money by salvaging the thousands of wrecks that littered an area that was called the combat zone. Mostly it was filled with ships broken and abandoned.

I have been here for just over a year and watched as almost everyone left. This system didn’t even have a livable planet and we were here just to mine the asteroids. A month ago I had been lonely and feeling sorry for myself. I had sent a message by star comm to my uncle who was living on New China. I had told him how lonely I was and how I was tempted to just leave.

I slowed my large cargo shuttle and used thrusters to move into the docking space. I started shutting down the main engines before suiting up and heading aft. I double checked the station connections before opening my cargo hatch. I smiled at the cargo master for the station, “Mr Peters.”

He smiled, “Tye. Did you find anything interesting this time?”

I shrugged, “I have six converted reactors and the twenty tons of composite alloy you wanted.”

He sighed and nodded, “okay, let me see the reactors and then we can make a deal.”

As we walked into my cargo bay he glanced at me, “you have a large stasis container.”

I looked at him, “for me?”

He nodded and began examining the reactors, “They just abandoned the two farm domes yesterday too.”

I grinned, “thanks, I have been waiting to link them to my dome.”

He grinned at me and went back to what he was doing. Four hours later we were done off loading. I walked with Mr Peters to his office and he added up everything and paid me. He grinned, “we have a large consortium trying to mine on a couple of the planets. They just started a few days ago.”

I grinned, “Maybe I can sell fresh produce from the farms.”

He nodded and then gestured to the large container in one corner. I smiled and walked to it and read the attached note. It was from my uncle and said this would help me. I pulled the two pins and the front of the container dropped to the floor. Inside were three older teenage girls frozen in stasis.

I looked at another note that read, ‘Mail Order Wives Inc.’

I looked at Mr Peters who grinned, “wait until my wife hears.”

I grinned and then reached out to touch the small screen. The field around the three girls shut down and they looked at me. They were all oriental with long black hair and green eyes. The center one slowly stepped out, “hi, I’m Jewel.”

I nodded, “hi Jewel.”

She smiled and turned as a girl that almost looked like her stepped out, “hello, I’m Gem.”

I nodded again, “hi Gem.”

The last girl stepped out, “I’m Jade.”

I smiled and turned to Mr Peters, “Register the two farm domes for me?”

He grinned, “sure.”

I gestured to the three girls and led them out of the office and across the huge bay. I closed my ship’s hatch and waited for the station green light to show the cargo bay was sealed too. I headed up to the shuttle bridge and pointed to seats for the three girls. I checked everything before taking the systems off standby.

I undocked from the station and used thrusters to move away. When I was far enough I turned and headed towards one of the farm domes, “we have to move a couple of domes.”

I glanced at the girls, “do you have education?”

They nodded and I smiled, “that’s good.”

I didn’t really know what to say. I had been alone for a long time and had never spent time with girls or women. I slowed and turned the shuttle and edged closer to one of the small personal airlocks. I made sure the hard docking clamps were in place and locked before shutting the shuttle down.

I took the girls with me as I cycled through into the farm dome and started looking around using a dome cart. The large dome was almost twenty kilometers across which was twice the size of mine. Someone had taken care of it and everything was in order, even the upper two levels around the center tower.

I moved to the control room and started a complete system check. I glanced at the girls as they whispered, “you can talk out loud.”

They smiled and Jade gestured, “Jewel and I have farming experience.”

I grinned, “perfect.”

I looked at Gem and she shrugged, “I was studying animal husbandry.”

I nodded and turned back to the controls, “that would be in the other farm dome.”

I brought up the outer scans and then began to slowly move the dome. My dome wasn’t far but I had to move slowly. I turned it as we approached and carefully moved towards a hard dock attachment point. I sent a signal to my dome and it slowed and stopped rotating. It was another few minutes before the hard docking clamps slipped into place.

I slowly closed them and locked them in place, “home.”

My dome was more park like with an ancient looking brick mansion in the center. Large trees like Oaks and Maples and Elms were sprinkled all around the mansion. Small maintenance robots moving around cutting the already short grass. I had ponds and fountains and waterfalls spread out around the dome.

I shut down the systems we didn’t need and stood to head out. I checked the huge hard point hatch before syncing it to mine and opened it. They both slid open and I glanced at the girls, “we need to use the electric carts or slid walks to move around.”

They grinned and we started for the distant building. While only one person had owned the dome it had over a hundred servants that lived in tiny rooms below the mansion. I walked into the huge front doors and looked around, “It might take getting used to.”

The girls grinned as they stripped and reached for me, “the bedroom?”

I looked at each of them before nodding to a wide hallway, “last door on the left.”

They pulled me after them and down the hall and into the huge master bedroom. I was turned at the bed and undressed before pulled onto the bed. Jade moved up my body, “me first?”

I looked at her and then at the other two sitting on the edge of the bed. I grinned and rolled until she was under me, “me first.”

I kissed her and moved down her body stopping to suck on each nipple along the way. I opened her pussy to lick through it and checked to see if she was a virgin. I was glad to see her hymen gone and nibbled on her inner lips before pushing my tongue inside her. I covered her clit and teased it with my tongue as she shuddered and lifted her hips.

I continued to lick, nibble and tease her clit as she shuddered and moaned and jerked. It was several minutes before she put her hand down to cover her pussy. I looked up and then moved up her body as she panted and reached between us to guide my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly.

I used deep thrusts while she moaned and clutched me. My cock hit the back of her pussy and pushed her cervix open. I continued to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts and it was a couple of minutes before she started shuddering hard. I buried my cock to hump, grind, press and jab. Jade convulsed as she clung to me and her tight pussy rippled around my cock, “aaaahhhhh!”

I kissed her and pulled almost out before starting to fuck her with long strokes. She wailed as she lifted and spread her legs and her pussy clenched around my cock. It had been awhile for me, I pushed into her and pressed as my cock erupted in a geyser of cum. Jade grunt and tilted her hips as warm cum began filling her.

I kissed her as I kept spewing and spurting and finally stopped. I pulled out as she relaxed on the bed with her legs splayed wide and cum leaking out of her. Jewel laughed and moved onto the bed and between her legs to start licking up the cum leaking out. I watched and then looked at Gem when she crawled onto me and straddled me.

I caressed her pelvis, “do you have your hymen?”

She shook her head and I grinned and rubbed her clit. She shuddered and lifted before positioned her pussy and slowly impaling herself. I moved her hands to my chest and held her hips and began pulling her back and forth as she rocked. Gem shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed.

She grinned and began to fuck me with long strokes that almost pulled her pussy off my cock. It was only a couple of minutes before she was breathing hard and shaking as her pussy spasmed and wet me. When she became erratic and wailed I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts.

Gem lifted and spread her legs as she started thrusting up. Her warm, slippery pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. I buried it and began to hump, press and jab into her. She thrashed around as her tight pussy grasped and spasmed around my cock. I kissed her and continued to fuck her slowly with long thrusts.

It was a few minutes before she started howling as her pussy tightened again, “oooohhhh!”

I buried my cock again to hump into her but she only shuddered harder and started bucking. I pulled back and began to fuck her hard and deep as she wiggled and squirmed. It was a few minutes before I shoved into her as she lifted her hips. I kissed her while she clutched me and began to gush and spew cum.

Gem jerked and shuddered hard when she felt the warm sperm erupting through her cervix, “yyyeeesssss!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and hugged me as her pussy milked any cum left into her. I pulled out and she relaxed on the bed. I grinned when I saw Jewel and Jade holding each other and moved over before reaching for Jewel. She grinned as she came into my arms and kissed me, “do me from behind?”

I turned and she moved onto the bed on her stomach. I moved over her as she spread her legs and pushed down and thrust into her slowly. She groaned as her pussy tightened and I pushed into her deeper. I kissed her bare shoulder before starting to fuck her slowly. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered, “ooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her tight pussy with long thrusts and she began jerking as her pussy grasped and tightened. A couple of minutes and she was wailing as she kicked the bed and struggled. Her pussy clenched around my cock as she kept thrusting back erratically. I buried my cock against her cervix and kissed her neck as I started to hump, jab, press and grind.

Jewel howled a minute later and squirted as she began to convulse. I started fucking her with long, hard thrusts as I tried to cum. I was planting my cock each time I shoved into her and her warm pussy kept milking it. Several minutes later I grunted as I thrust into her and buried my cock.

She was shuddering and shaking but looked back when she felt my cock throb and tilted her hips. I groaned as I began pumping large spurts of cum against and through her cervix. She jerked and grunted as each jet of warm sperm filled her and finally sighed and began relaxing when I stopped cumming.

I pulled out of her and moved aside as both Gem and Jade rolled her over and started licking her pussy. I grinned and after a couple of minutes reached out to pat Jade on the butt, “we have another dome to check and move. We also need to grab rations.”

They slipped off the bed and dressed with me and went to the huge kitchen. After I pulled the ration packs out they shook heads and Jewel murmured, “no more of this after we get the domes set up.”

I looked at her and realized she meant the ration packs. I grinned, “fresh food would be welcome.”

I led them out and used one of my dome carts to run us across to the farm dome hatch. We used another to take us across to the small personal airlock. I sealed the airlock behind us before closing and sealing my ship airlock. I started the ship and began running a check before releasing the docking clamps.

We moved away slowly and I headed out and around to the other farm dome. After we docked we used another dome cart to start checks. The robots were still operating and feeding the animals from the lower hay fields. There was also the large engineered chickens on the top level. Gem was grinning at everything and kept nodding.

I let her check the data bank information before we went to the central control room. I checked all the systems before bringing the reactors on line and starting to move the dome. I wanted it around on the other side of my dome and moved carefully. I glanced at the system comm when it came to life, “Tye?”

I smiled and answered, “Mr Peters, does your wife want to meet the girls?”

He laughed, “yeah but I just talked to the site manager on Bryant four. He said he would be willing to bargain for fresh food.”

I watched what I was doing as I rotated the dome, “I sell to you wholesale and you sell to him.”

“That sounds excellent.”

I grinned as I carefully positioned the hard dock attachment point. It was another few minutes before the hard docking clamps slipped into place and I slowly closed them and locked them in place. I sighed, “give me a day to see what I have and you can come to dinner to talk.”

“Now that sounds promising.”

I grinned as I started shutting the systems down. I stood, “okay, now we just need to move the ship around to dock against the center dome and we are done.”

It was an hour before we finished and were walking towards the mansion. The three girls had stripped as soon as the green lights came on over the airlock. It was a walk back to the house and the girls stripped me as they pulled me towards the bedroom. I pulled them into the huge fresher first and after peeing, took my time washing and caressing them in the huge shower.

As soon as I laid back Gem was straddling me and positioning my cock as she wiggled down it. I fucked them twice more each before they let me sleep. The girls were up early and pulled me into the fresher and washed me before pulling me out. Breakfast was another ration the girls shook their heads at.

The girls must have talked because after breakfast Jewel kissed me. She turned to walk towards the door as she headed to the first farm dome. Gem was next and kissed me as she went the other way towards the second dome. Jade grinned, “I stay with you today.”

I had a large wreck I was salvaging but had planned to work on the farms. I hesitated thinking I needed to trust the girls before taking a dome cart to my shuttle, “we will be working in vacuum.”

I suited up and carefully checked Jade as she put a spare suit on. She mostly watched as I moved around and through the huge ship. She did help me shift a large power plant towards the hole I had cut in the hull. Like normal when I work I kept the cargo area of my shuttle in vacuum and use the forward airlock.

I floated the power plant through the huge open cargo hatch and positioned it carefully before securing it. I returned for the two reactors and the composite alloy before calling it a day. We came into the house to the smell of real food cooking. I looked at Jade and she grinned, “no more eating paper.”

I laughed and let her pull me through the house and into the kitchen. Gem and Jewel turned from kissing each other and Jade laughed. They grinned and Gem started towards me, “it was a breeding day so I am really horny.”

I took her hand and she started pulling me towards the bedroom. Gem was stripping as she walked and turned at the bed to frantically pull at my clothes. I smiled and pushed her hands away before stripping. I pushed her back on the bed and stalked after her. I settled between her legs and kissed her before lifting to push into her.

She groaned and spread her legs more as I began to fuck her with deep strokes. I buried my cock each time and humped, pressed and rubbed against her. It wasn’t long before she was jerking as her pussy clenched and she wailed. I kept kissing her and began to fuck her hard and deep as she lifted her legs, “FUCK ME!”

I buried my cock to jab and grind as I tried to cum and Gem clutched me and screamed as her pussy squeezed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I thrust into her and kissed her as I held her tight before beginning to spew a thick stream of cum. She spasmed and thrashed around as warm sperm gushed against and through her cervix, “oooohhhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and slowly lowered her legs. I kissed her and grinned, “now you are bred.”

She giggled and hugged me before letting me go. I pulled out and laid beside her, “how does the farm look?”

She turned to put her head on my shoulder, “not to bad. The grain and hay fields need attention but I don’t have time yet.”

I caressed her hip, “tomorrow Jade can help one of you.”

I moved off the bed, “dinner and maybe a vid.”

She followed and pulled me away from my clothes with a laugh. Dinner was magic, the stuff I had dreamed about. I cleaned up and then pulled the girls through the huge manor to the large theater room. We cuddled together and watched a vid. After it was over I was pulled back to the bedroom.

Jewel pushed me back before straddling me, “fuck me this way?”

I cupped her breasts, “lift up.”

She grinned and did what I told her and I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before positioning it. I pulled her hips down and her pussy slipped around my cock as she shivered and sighed. She leaned forward before starting to rock while twisting and rolling her hips. Her pussy rippled as it grasped my cock each time it was buried in her.

A few minutes and she became erratic and was rubbing and dragging her pussy back and forth as she shook. She wailed and began to spasm as her pussy tightened and she wet me, “gggooooodddd!”

Gem and Jade laughed as I held Jewel up and tugged on her nipples. She jerked and shuddered hard as she began to twist and roll her hips. Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing as she changed to bouncing up and down. I groaned and shuddered at the feel of her pussy around my cock and pulled her down.

I rolled and thrust into her as far as I could. She stiffened and then arched her back as her pussy tightened and I began to pump spurts of cum, “aaaahhhh!”

She shuddered hard and jerked as I tried to hold her while spurting and spewing cum against her cervix. When I stopped she was still shaking as her pussy tried to milk more cum into her. I sighed and kissed her before pulling out and Jade grinned as she rolled onto her stomach before going to her hands and knees, “fuck me like this.”

I moved down behind her and rubbed her lovely butt. I fingered her pussy and pushed into her and she shuddered and pushed back as I held her hips. I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Her tight pussy was grasping my cock each time it sank into her. It was a minute or two before she dropped her head to the bed.

She shuddered hard while her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her and fucked her hard and deep for a minute before slowing. I buried my cock and started humping and she shoved back hard, “YES!”

The other girls laughed and I went back to fucking her hard. Each time I buried my cock and pulled back her tight pussy would grip my cock and squeeze. I was pushing all the way into her and even trying to push deeper. Jade began to wail as she jerked and twisted and I buried my cock and pushed her down to the bed.

I held her under me as I pulled back and moved up to fuck down into her. A minute and her wails turned into screams as she bucked and kicked the bed. I shifted to fuck up into her and started doing it hard and deep. She continued to struggle and thrust back as I fucked her. A couple of minutes later I shoved into her and held her as I pumped cum.

She tilted her hips and shook as I kept spurting warm sperm into her and when I stopped she sighed and relaxed on the bed. I pulled out and Gem was waiting and pulled me between her legs. It was almost two hours before we went to sleep and the girls seemed very relaxed and had soft smiles as they slept.

I was up with my alarm and watched as the girls sat up to stretch. I grinned and tugged on Jade’s nipple, “go with Gem and check out the feed plots in the other dome.”

She grinned and nodded before I rolled out of bed, “we may have company for dinner so see what you girls can do about finding it.”

I headed for the fresher and they followed me. Breakfast was fresh eggs with a tall cold glass of milk. I kissed the girls and left and spent the day cutting into a wreck so I could remove another power plant and three reactors. I quit early and headed back to my dome. I checked and Mr Peters and his wife were coming to dinner.

I took a ride to see Jewel and she grinned as she was watching a machine harvest a field. I kissed her and watched with her, “are you going to need help?”

She sighed and then nodded, “at least one person.”

I turned her, “have you checked the harvest bins?”

She nodded, “they need to be emptied.”

I sighed as I looked into the distance, “we need to check with Gem and Jade. I think Gem is going to need at least one helper too.”

Jewel grinned, “you could take turns with Jade as helper.”

I nodded and rubbed her butt, she bent over and spread her legs as she pushed her pants down. I laughed as I felt her bare butt before opening my pants. I moved behind her and rubbed her slit and fingered her before fitting my cock and pushing into her. I pushed my cock deeper and then pulled back and started to fuck her as she moaned.

Her tight pussy kept grasping and clenching around my cock as I fucked her. It didn’t take her long to become a lot wetter and slicker. I used long thrusts to enjoy it more but a few minutes and I was fucking her hard and deep as she shuddered and pushed back. I loved the way her tight pussy would grasp my cock and squeeze as I tried to pull back.

I tried to slow as she wailed and spasmed but she just felt to good. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts as she twisted and jerked. I finally shoved into her before I began to pump spurts of cum. She pushed back as her pussy ripped and milked my cock, “oooohhhh... mmmm!”

I sighed as I finished spewing and slowly pulled out, “thanks Jewel.”

She grinned as she pulled her pants up, “I enjoyed every moment.”

I grinned as I pulled my pants up and closed them, “have you selected something for dinner? We are having dinner guests.”

She smiled, “we have created a menu.”

She went back to the house with me after inputting direction for the harvester. She went to wash as I went to check on the other girls. An hour later I was opening the front door for Mr Peters and his wife. The girls had dressed and were cooking as I led them back to the kitchen. The smells compared to meal packs was almost over powering.

Mrs Peters grinned and pushed her husband towards the table before crossing to the girls. They were humming as they read a recipe book and cooked. Dinner was the stuff of dreams and two things happened. I had a list of supplies to sell and Mrs Peters wanted to help Jewel with the farm.

After they left I got to clean up the kitchen before I was pulled to the fresher and then the bed. The girls had stripped me and themselves in the fresher and Jade stalked onto me. She kissed me and lifted her hips and slowly pushing back and down. My cock sank into her and she sighed as she sat up, “we have been thinking about children.”

I cupped her breasts and looked at Gem and Jewel, “already?”

Jade began to rock and push my cock deeper until it was pressing against her cervix, “yes.”

Gem rubbed my chest, “we have lots of room and...”

I laughed and pulled Jade down before shifting and rolling. I buried my cock and gave her a kiss, “not all at once. One at a time.”

I pulled back and began to fuck her as she grinned and humped up, “yes Tye.”

Her tight pussy grasped and tightened as I kept fucking her with deep strokes. She wiggled and humped and then began to wail. I kissed her as I continued to fuck her and grind each time I pushed into her. She howled and bucked as she clutched me and a few minutes later I held her with my cock throbbing inside her.

She spasmed and jerked as I pumped spurts of warm cum into her. She relaxed when I stopped cumming and kissed her before pulling out. Jewel giggled and moved around and in between Jade’s legs. I turned to feel and caress Gem as Jade moaned while Jewel licked her. I sucked on a nipple as Gem sighed and held my head.

I finally moved over her and slowly pushed into her before I started to fuck her. I ended up moving the domes around to the back side of the station. The girls spread getting pregnant out and began getting pregnant every six months. We worked the domes for almost ten years before I bought a large farm on a colony world and sold the domes.
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