No sex in this story, but no worries plenty to come in the future boys and girls.
Bonobo (Pan paniscus)
Close cousin to chimpanzees and humans (98% of human DNA is shared between these two species)
Description: male 75- 130lbs females 66lbs. On all fours 28- 33 inches, can stand 45 in.
Pink lips, dark face, long legs, parted long hair on head, & tail tuft through adulthood.
Heirarchy: female dominant
Social order: polygynadry
Capable of compassion, kindness, altruism, patience, sensitivity, and empathy
Sexual: All forms except mom and son. Female - female, male - male, male - female.
Reduces conflict, stress reduction, excitement, social status.
Normally 8-10 seconds long casual throughout day.
Troops meet not war like, but peace.
helps other species.
Most caring except to humans.
Spends most of time in canopy.
Lives primarily in Congo


Parking her sky blue colored beetle into work Mindy walks out with dark clouds looming in the distance. Instead of heading to the lab she decides to meet her boss Jennifer Jones.

Entering she encounters the secretary Miss Yvette Stone. Russian American second generation Miss Stone stands 5' 6 with a soft Russian accent. Weighs 145, hair color is dark brown near black, breast size B-cup, age 33, and wears thin square black glasses. Martial status unknown to employer and coworkers. Quite secretive lifestyle is her thing.

"Miss Stone, is she in today?" Mindy asks walking up to the desk in a professional matter.

"Dr. Lenore, this is a surprise" Miss Stone replies continuing "your not schedule to be working today."

"Oh?" Mindy hearing of a day off "who said that I was?" Miss Stone points to her computer showing it to Dr. Lenore with Mrs. Jones signature. "I need an emergency code yellow meeting with Mrs. Jones."

"Right away" Miss Stone replies calling up her boss.

Few minutes later Dr. Lenore enters Mrs Jones office. Mrs. Jones is a blond bombshell, D-cup breasts begging to escape her business suit, At 45 years of age and some cosmetic assistance she looks like a teenager, and weighing 160. Her husband unknown to nearly everyone in the company is the president with her keeping an eye on the research side he keeps the company moving.

Entering the room Mrs. Jones sitting staring outside with her back to Mindy. Hearing her come in she remains silent behind her modern design desk. Desk holds a tablet, her phone, a handful of papers, and picture of her husband.

"Mrs. Jones there seems to be a disconnection at work lately" Mindy says breaking the silence. Mrs. Jones remains motionless of these words. "Dr. Fox getting your okay on human drug and today I have a day off that I was unaware of!?"

Mrs. Jones turns around calmly replying "the top wants this drug finished within 6 months" she tosses a folder to Mindy "I expect the drug returned."

Staring at a video shot of last night of her taking the tube her throat goes dry. She replies staring in her bosses eyes "I have a story to tell you."

"Speak" Mrs. Jones says allowing Mindy to tell of what happened to Vicki after drinking the drug.


Sitting in Miss Watts class once more Seth filters out yesterday's oddity with his teacher once more flirting with him. She sits behind her desk grading homework twirling her red pen between her fingers. She is a short short haired brunette similar to guys hair when cut, but not military style. C-cup breasts, a mole on the face makes her Parisian like. Wearing tight torn jeans with a light green plain shirt that ends at the belt. Her bra is visible with the tight shirt, and when she bends down you can see plenty. Borderline unacceptable for a student much less a teacher. How can any guy ignore her looks?

Math book is open on his desk for the assignment in calculus, but how could he do what the rest of the class is doing when the teacher is flirting with you? How!? Bell rings as every one prepares to leave he sits back waiting. Bell rings once more with the last of the class members leave. School day is over.

"Mr. Lenore, how may I help you?" Miss Watts asks standing up walking over to him.

You can blow me first is what he about said, but instead asks "I don't get why we need any of this" he says to her with eyes looking at her face.

Miss Watts sits down next to him "I was like you in school I struggled with math, but once I got to college it all made sense."

"So why teach college math instead?"

"This is college level."

"Is there an easier way, because I don't understand it at all!" Seth frustrated by the class.

"What would make it easier?"

Seth thinking about fucking her on her desk getting through the second semester says out loud by a slip of tongue "fuck me Miss Watts."

Miss Watts stands up and away from him turning midway to her desk "after school I'll help you on your math."

"And fuck?" Seth might as well as ask.

"I'd be fired if I did, and you would lose your extra math time if I did"

Seth shrugged "fine with me."

"See you tomorrow in class Mr. Lenore" Miss Watts says firmly to him with no hint of interest in sex on her face.

Seth leaves slightly disappointed, but knew it was worth a shot. Home was next, and he hoped his sister didn't act strange once more. If only he drank that drug instead of her he would be fucking Miss Watts right now.


Finished of her story she feels exhausted. Mrs. Jones taps a pen on the desk a few times before writing something down. Mindy stands patiently waiting for her verdict. She has been in the room for two hours explaining the events in detail of last night.

Mrs. Jones looks up "here is my offer" shoving a piece of paper in front of her.

Mindy grabs the paper and begins reading it:

Hence forth your time with the drug is suspended.
Your daughter is the property of the company.
Your compensation is 6 months pay no benefits
afterwards you'll be stripped of all scientific
experiments in the scientific community.

"During the next 6 months you'll be looking at what plant, animal, or organism DNA in the drug that affected your daughter, and will have no contact by Dr. Fox or the intern. You report only to me. Understood!" Mrs. Jones clearly states in a professional matter directly to her.

"May I speak to my daughter one more time" Mindy asks keeping her emotions in check.

Mrs. Jones looks down at her tablet as she speaks once more "you will be at the greenhouse for the first month and a half" she looks up once more "you'll talk to her at four in this office."

"Thank you Mrs. Jones" Mindy replies pleased as well as troubled within maintaining emotionless outside. Walking out the door she began to cry. Her daughter is lost to her forever.


Vicki stayed at home uncertain of her future. Why did she innocently drink something that made her do something she had no control of doing. She drank the liquid as she thinks about another session with her dildo. When she hears the word fuck from her brothers room her mind controlled her body to him. Afterwards she was in full control of her mind. Was it a sex drug or something worse? Her mother later on talked in a foreign language as she felt her rath. Nothing could be done.

She leaves her bedroom wearing her pink laced nightgown all day. Her normalcy now meant that maybe the drug didn't last very long. She sees her brother coming out of his car in the driveway. Dread covered her face. Quickly she grabs a bag of chips hoping to calm her nerves.

He walks in not looking at her, but listening to his iPod. Continuing through the kitchen and into the hall with no glimmer of interest. Locks his door and silent relief floods her only for a moment though. Home phone rings. She calms her paranoia picking up the phone and hearing her mother's voice on the other end.


Sifting through native South American plants today with no one around was the most dull and uneventful thing she has done since being hired at the company. Four o'clock sharp she enters Mrs. Jones office knowing it would be the last conversation she would ever have with her daughter.

Two rather large muscular men in black suits stand behind the desk with Mrs. Jones in the middle sitting with her legs crossed on the desk.

"Sit down now Dr. Lenore and this will be over shortly" Mrs. Jones tells her watching her every move.

Mindy sits down with a cellphone in front of her with Mrs. Jones on other side of desk. "May we talk about this in private, please!" She begs pleading with tears in her eyes.

"It is too late for that Dr. Lenore" Mrs. Jones replies coldly "call your daughter." She picks up the phone knowing it was over.


Report 000-01 of human testing: High emotion seems to be the trigger. Inactive no signs of drug activity. Within structure of the mind is yet to be determined. Body system seems to be healthy and stable. Further testing of the female subject is needed.

Government funding may be low for something this highly important. Linda and I are alone, though by my personal experience we are nothing but pawns. Big brother is watching.

Reconstruction for Dr. Lenore's house imminent. Brother and mother safe. No harm to either, but be wary of revolt.

Shutting her in room for now.

Dr. Fox
Head of the research and development for MRDA

End transmission...


Author notes: Questions? Comments? Feedback? or if you have interest in editing and proofreading P.M. me always appreciated!
I hope to have answered all questions from readers last story. Pregnancy might be a possibility. Stay tuned for future stories. Any further ideas readers?

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