A young Nord returns home to Skyrim in search of revenge and glory. This is my first story so constructive comments are welcome, also let me know if i should continue with this story line. Enjoy
Chapter one: Welcome to Riverwood

I was standing by the great guardian stones trying to catch my breath, my new companion Hadvar doing the same. We both had just survived an attack by a dragon and were now heading to Riverwood for supplies and shelter. As I was staring at the face carved into the warrior stone, I started to remember why I had returned home to Skyrim.

When I was Sixteen I worked with my dad as a blacksmith in the Citadel, creating steal, iron, and even elven weapons. My father and I lived in a small house outside the walls of the city next to the river with my mother, sister, and two brothers. One night my father and I were returning home late from working and found the door to the house forced open blood on the door, we both drew out our hammers we always carried and entered the house. I walked in to the sight of a vampire feeding on one of my two brothers, the other already lying dead on the floor.

My father brought his hammer down on the fiends head knocking him out before he knew we were there, but we were too late. Both my brothers were dead and my sister and mother were nowhere to be found. By the time the vampire woke I had tied his hands up on my father’s command while he retrieved his sword. My father told the vampire he was going to keep him until the sun rose then kick him out the door if he didn’t tell us what had happen to our family. We learned that this vampire had been working with another named Sentra, a very powerful female vampire who took my mother and sister for “A meal to go” as she put it before leaving him behind. After we had the information my father simply cut off the vampires head his body falling to the ground. We Buried my brothers, got all the gold and weapons out of the house and set it on fire with the vampire still inside for good measure, then from that moment on we began hunting vampires honing our skills looking for the one who took our family.

It has been four years since that night and now I am finally close to finding the vampire Sentra, My father and I traveled to Skyrim our information telling us she has a den here. Unfortunately my father was killed when we were ambushed by imperials for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I am standing here by this stone, finally feeling the grief from his death knowing I must continue on and it was Hadvar’s questions that finally back to the present.

“What is your name friend I didn’t catch it over the flaming fireballs” Hadvar asked laughing. We were getting close to Riverwood now the houses were visible and I could hear the familiar sounds of a hammer on an anvil.

“Joseph Argent” I replied looking up and down my physic looking for any signs of damage from the battle only finding a small burn that was already beginning to heal. “Do you happen to know where I can rest for the night and get some supplies while here?” I asked as we passed a small fire and tent outside the entrance to Riverwood.

“My uncle Alvor might be able to help us out, he is the one working in the forge right now” he said as his uncle looked up and noticed us. I took a moment took look around and noticed the Riverwood Trader to my right making a mental note to get supplies before I leave.

Alvor invited us in his house which was small with a dining table, two beds, and a fireplace. I took my seat at the far end of the dining table while Hadvar started explaining what just happened. Alvor’s daughter Dorthe was sitting on a small bed listing to her cousin when her mother Sigrid, Alvor’s wife came up from downstairs. She was a very beautiful woman for being older, with light auburn hair, and full lips. She had smooth skin with very large breast but her beast feature was her ass, which was round and curvy making you want to reach out and grab it.

“Will you go to Whiterun and tell the Jarl we need men down here Joseph” Alvor asked offering me a place to sleep on the downstairs floor and supplies in return. I accepted graciously and agreed to head there immediately in the morning. I also asked if I could also use his forge, I needed to make some new weapons if I was going to get back to vampire hunting. Alvor went back out to his forge to work while Hadvar went out to the local pub. I decided to go downstairs and change into the cloths Sigrid gave me taking a small loathe of bread with me.

The basement was large with a full bar, dining set, and food barrels. I decided to just change in the middle of the room figuring no one would come down. I took off my town garments revealing a young body and though I only stood at five eight I was young, built, and had a thick nine inch long cock. I finished my bread and started to pull up the leather pants I was given when I looked up and found Sigrid staring at my still showing cock. I stood frozen there my member getting harder the longer she kept staring. Sigrid then stood up with a simple smile and wink and went upstairs. I put on my tunic belt, and leather boots then went back upstairs. Sigrid was cooking when I walked out and didn’t say anything about the incident so I didn’t either.

Alvor was working in his forge, sharpening a small dagger when I came around the corner. I decided to use his forge and by the end of the day had made two steel daggers, leather boots and braces, a steel sword, and even and elven bow. I was best with a bow and always forged the best when I had the chance. Alvor and I went inside after washing up and Sigrid had supper ready. It had been a long time since I had a meal that wasn’t on the road and it was nice to relax. After the plates were cleared I decided to head downstairs to rest. Sigrid gave me a roll for the floor to sleep on and wished me a pleasant evening. I went downstairs laid the roll on the floor behind the bar, not wanting to be in the way and since I was sleeping out of sight I decided to fully undress before I lay down and fell strait to sleep.

After a while I became restless in the night like I normally do and began to slowly wake up. Drifting out of my slumber I noticed and amazing sensation around my waist and thought I was still dreaming. I didn’t open my eyes at first not wanting to ruin the dream but the pressure in my cock was building and I didn’t want to cum in my sleep. When I opened my eyes I realized I wasn’t dreaming, Sigrid was on her knees and had my cock in her mouth. She was going up and down on my cock taking every inch down her throat. I let out a loud grunt and Sigrid looked up at me with my shaft in her mouth, she smiled seeing I was awake and started to engulf my hard shaft further into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head. I couldn’t hold back any longer as I began to pump my hot cum into her mouth, holding her head on my cock. When she sat up Sigrid licked her lips hiking up her dress as she moved to straddle me. Sigrid lent down kissing me, pinning me to the ground.

“Your cock is bigger than my husbands” she softly told me as she reached between us grabbing my cock aligning the head with the entrance to her hot sweet honey hole. “And if you ever want to receive shelter here again you better give me what I want.” She said this with a wink as she slid herself down on my once again hard cock. She slowly slid down on every inch as I unbuttoned her dress, releasing Sigrid’s large breast. As she began to ride on my cock faster I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth swirling my tongue and sucking on it before switching to the other. Sigrid started to moan loudly when I did this so I sat up and kissed her smooth full lips to contain her. I picked her up off me and before she could protest I was on my feet bending her over the bar. Sigrid looked back at me as I pinned her down with my waist forcing my cock back into her soaking pussy.

Sigrid gave a loud yelp as I forced my cock back into her so I grabbed her shoulder with one hand and covered her mouth with the other. I started to pump my hard cock in and out her wet hole hard and fast as I slammed my body against her amazing ass. I drove my hard shaft harder and harder into Sigrid’s wet hole as she moaned loudly into my hand, forcing her body back against mine as I slid into her. This woman needed a good fuck, and a good fuck I’m going to give her I thought to myself as I drove every inch of my hard shaft out of her soaked pussy. She looked back at me making me uncover her mouth as she moaned that she was going to come. I gave her amazing ass a hard squeeze as she moaned louder cumming on my cock as I pumped into her, I decided to give Sigrid what she wanted and shot my cum deep into her now soaked pussy.

Sigrid lay along the bar for a moment after I pulled my shaft out of her hole that was now oozing our juices down her leg, before standing up stair and fixing her dress. I simply watched her not knowing how she was going to react now. When she gathered herself Sigrid looked me over one more time, smiled to herself and came over to me kissing me quickly on the lips. She whispered in my ear “Welcome to Riverwood” and with that went back upstairs to her hopefully sleeping husband, and I went back to rest thinking of the adventures ahead.

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