Our sex life
My Lady & Me

We struggled much of our married life trying to put our sex life together. Probably not much different than all other couples. The first thirty years of our married life was spent working very hard to establish our professional lives, raising a family, etc. Our sex life was interesting in that my lady put up with my sexual aggression, she faking her orgasms most of those thirty years. She would have intercourse because I demanded it but she never promoted any sexual activity herself. Most of those years, I managed my own sexual needs by masturbating, reading pornography, and fantasizing.

After moving to the southwest, my lady made friends with another women who was a social nudist. For years, I had tried to get my lady to go to the the local nudist resort but with no success. It wasn't until her friend and I concocted an afternoon ride that ended up taking my lady and my lady's friends husband ending at the nudist resort. My lady's friend had a membership at the resort, the resort I had been trying to get my lady to attend for twenty years. The product of this ride was the beginning of 10-15 years of fantastic social nudism which also resulted in our sexual growth.

From our initial day at the nudist resort, my lady became the motivating force for our return visits and she becoming very active in the nudist lifestyle. I, of course, did not object. The resort at first was quite primitive but as time pasted, it came under new ownership, turning it into the very fine resort it is today.

In our early resort times, we had many pot lucks, dances, etc. Our Halloween Parties were some of our best gatherings. Everyone made up some nude Halloween costume primarily using body paint. We had a lady friend that had us paint her so that she looked as if she had tan lines ( all white where a bathing suit would be including her boobs and pussy). It sure was fun applying her body paint. This was just one of the many, many wonderful times at the resort.

As time went on, we – especially my lady – became very involved in a number of non-landed (not resort) nudist clubs. She was elected vice-president in one of the clubs becoming very close to the president. She later in our nudist life, admitted to me that she had tried to sexually seduce the president, he having a huge cock. Finding out that he was gay, he refused her advances much to her dismay and frustration. It's too, too bad as I know from her later sexual encounters that she would have totally enjoyed his huge cock and it would have also been good for our growing sexually active life.

Continuing our new lifestyle, I had the opportunity to have sex with my lady's girl friend (I ate her pussy and she sucked me off) and the women that we body painted ( also very, very nice plus this same women loved to suck cock). Also during this time frame, one of our nudists friends husband died and she turned very sexually active. We were invited to her home where she immediately sexually attacked me. I not wanting for my lady to be left out, I went next door and invited a single male friend (who also had a very nice large cock) to come over and join us - to hopefully entertain my lady. This started a very nice long relationship with this single man.

Having gotten very entrenched in the nudist movement, we started having nudist Halloween parties at our home where we had a very, very nice private back yard which included a large hot tub. These parties soon evolved into some very nice swingers events where our inter-couple sexual activity began.

To add some spice to our Halloween parties, I developed a spook house through which all our friends had to enter. Again, as these parties matured, I turned our entry way shook house into a very sexually oriented display. I had a skeleton which I turned into a hermaphrodite one year, a female bringing herself off with a huge dildo another year , and another year, a man jacking off, etc. I also added a “spare parts” room which contained pussies, cocks of all sizes, real liver, hearts, kidney's, etc. Everyone loved our spook house.

It was at one of these Halloween parties that my lady and I had our first inter-couple event. My lady, a very good male friend, his wife and I were in our hot tub, all others had left. Our lady friend went to the rest room and I went to get a couple beers for our friends and I make more drinks for my lady and me. When I returned to our hot tub, I found our male friend and my lady in a very interesting embrace. I reentered the hot tub and realized that my lady was sitting our friends lap. I thought that this was very interesting so I reached under the water and slowly moved my hand up my lady's leg. I quickly realized that our friends fairly large rock hard cock was totally embedded in my lady's pussy. I called for our friends wife and she replied that she didn't do that sort of thing. Well - this was a beginning to a long wonderful relationship with our friends and - our friends wife did end up doing that sort of thing – with me.

From that time on, we were very sexually active with that couple, primarily starting with erotic massage that resulted in oral sex – eating pussy, sucking cock - and eventually sexual intercourse. During this period, our sexual encounters also expanded into activity with a number of couples and singles. I started sucking off as many men as I could find and my lady developed sexual relationships with a few of our lady friends. It was a wonderful, exciting period in our lives.

Our lives further became involved with other couples and singles – men & women. One such couple was from Ohio. We met them a a nudist resort where we had a meeting of our nudist church group. We immediately related and developed a long sexual/non-sexual relation with them. This lady and my lady had a deep female sexual relationship and our non-sexual relationship with her still prevails.

We had sexual relationships with a number of other couples. One relationship was with the couple that got us started in the nudist church (some sexual but not much), another couple whose husband's primary interest was in watching me have sexual intercourse with his wife (she would cum over and over and over, her husband counting the number of times she would cum). He played with my lady but was really only interested in what his wife was doing and how many times she came - with me. Weird – yes.

About this time we became quite involved in the development of a nudist resort and the male developer. I never sucked him off but her had sex with my lady many times. The development of the nudist resort continued and was on its way to being a very active and prosperous venture.

About this time we met a single man at a nudist club party in the southern part of our state. He was/is a very tall, well built man with the largest cock my lady and I had/have ever seen. We got to know this gentleman, met him a few times at various nudist functions and became good friends. This friendship led to some of our most interesting sexual times and still continue for me today (I still suck him off and I wish my lady still enjoyed his huge hard cock). Our first sexual interaction was when we invited him over to our house for the evening. We of course were all nude and after a few drinks, we were very relaxed and very horny, so we suggested to our friend that my lady and I give him a massage. Both my lady and I envied his unusually large cock but we were soon to get a even more pleasant surprise. We always begin our massage with the individual on their stomach, with my lady starting at the individuals head and me at their feet, we both working our way towards the persons middle. Reaching our friends middle/buttock, we had him turn over onto his back. My lady again beginning massaging at his head and me at his feet, again both progressing toward his middle – now his cock. It didn't take me long to get there as I kept eyeing his growing gorgeous cock. From the moment I started massaging his feet and legs, his cock kept growing and growing and growing. I could not help taking hold of it.

It was the most amazing cock I'd ever seen let alone touch. It had grown to at least 9-10 inches long, straight as arrow and at least 2 -2.5 inches in diameter. I could not keep from running my hands up and down and over this enormous uncircumcised cock. About this time, my lady looked up seeing this monster of a cock. She was totally amazed having never seen such a huge cock. Not only was it huge but it was perfectly shaped; tremendously long, perfectly proportioned, huge in diameter – totally amazing. My lady was totally enamored. She too took hold of this beautiful cock, running her hands up and down, unable to get her fingers completely around it. It felt not only soft but as hard as a rock, pulsing as she continued to stroke it up and down.

Being unable to resist, my lady moved her leg over our friend's body, his cock laying flat on his belly. She positioned her pussy directly on our friends huge cock, sliding her pussy back and forth, she getting hotter and hotter by the moment. She could resist no longer. She grasped our friend enormous cock, positioned its head to her vaginal opening and began to ease this monster into her vagina. It being so large that she had to very slowly ease his huge cock head into her vaginal opening, stretching her opening little by little. It must have felt wonderful, as my lady continued to very slowly engulf his entire huge cock, all 10 inches. Slowly, ever so slowly our friends monstrous cock totally disappear in her now very hot, very wet and totally stretched pussy. It wasn't long before that huge cocks entirety was snugly in place in my lady's pussy. She lay/sat there for a long time - but slowly she began to slide up on his huge cock and than back down on his huge cock, a soft gaze in her eyes. She had in her pussy the biggest cock she had ever had before, it reaching depths of her pussy never reached by any cock before. Her pussy was also stretched to denominations never reached before, my cock nor any other cock previously in her very nice, juicy pussy.

My lady's was so hot, so wet and so stretched that our friends enormous cock slid smoothly in and out, in and out. Both my lady and our friend moaned softly, their climax approaching. Suddenly my lady fell downward with her full weight and our friend lunged upward, both reaching a magnificent climax, our friend pumping load after load of warm creamy cum deep within my lady's pussy, soon to be well lubricated with our friends cum. My lady impelled, rested with our friends monstrous cock totally embedded in her, his cum and her pussy juices over flowing her pussy, cum and pussy juices oozing out around his huge cock, down onto his balls and onto the massage cloth.

They rested for a few minutes but suddenly our friend sat up, picked up my lady, his cock still completely embedded in her pussy, turned her over onto her back and again began sliding his huge cock in and out, in and out her now very well cum lubricated pussy. My lady threw her legs back toward her shoulders, giving our friend total access to her swollen but still wanting pussy. All 10 inches of our friends cock would appear coming out of my lady's pussy and just a fast it would again disappear back in, my lady lifting her hips giving our friends gorgeous huge cock full access to her still wanting, cum filled pussy.

They both again moan loudly. Our friend pushed his huge cock as deep into my lady's pussy, as far as it would go, again both reaching another climax. Our friend pumping more and more warm creamy cum deep, deep into my lady's pulsating pussy. He collapses, rolling onto his back, my lady rolling with him so as to keep his magnificent cock still totally embedded in her cum filled pussy. Now sitting on his totally embedded still rock hard cock, my lady turned around so that she is now facing our friends feet, they both than turn onto their sides (his gorgeous cock still fully embedded in her pussy). Now on their sides, my lady presses her pussy backward, making sure that she can not loose her precious new prize. They lay this way for some time, enjoying the wonderful after glow of glorious sex.

This was my lady's and our friends first sexual experience but definitely not their last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They enjoyed each other many times thereafter – until he married. I still get to suck this huge, fine cock.

Another of our acquaintances of ours was another man with a very large cock. Not 10 inches by 2.5 inches but a good 8 inches by 2 inches. My lady was not enamored with this man but I liked him and she like his big cock. After my lady had enough rum & coke, she would put up with his weird personality and enjoy his very nice cock.

One thing my lady liked was to set in our sex swing, her legs up in the swing stirrups, her legs spread wide apart, her pussy spread open for nice big cocks to slide in and out. This she enjoyed with my friend (not hers). I think to please me more than herself. However, she still enjoyed my swinging her back and forth while my friend slipped his cock in and out of her very wet pussy. He would cum, filling her pussy, making his large cock slide more easily in and out. I don't believe she did cum but she did participate. My friend would also lay my lady on our patio floor, lift her hips in the air allowing his cock to just reach her vaginal opening and with plenty of his cum still in her pussy, he'd bend his knees driving his still hard cock into her cum slippery pussy. She didn't complain at the time but let me have an ear full later. It was exciting to me and I wish she had enjoyed it more.

I also got to suck this fine cock a number of times and he would reciprocate by sucking me off. That was very enjoyable, both the sucking and getting sucked.

We also had a very, very nice relationship with another nudist resort friend. He was tall, slim and single. He had lived with his parents most of his life and experienced a very troublesome period when his parents died six months apart. He lived on the east coast and when his parents died, he decided to leave the east coast and head west. He ended up in the nudist resort that we were helping develop and while he was visiting there that I/we met him.

I first introduced myself to him during a visit to the resort's common area. He was setting in his lawn chair listening to his radio. I decided that as he was alone that I would introduce myself to him and see if we could get acquainted. He was friendly and we sat, talked and just got to know each other. I could not help but notice his very nice, very normal cock. I was very attracted to him/it so I casually reached over and began stroking his cock. I asked him if he minded and he intermediately said “no”. So I continued to stroke, no one being around, bringing him to a very nice erection.

This relationship lasted a long time, actually until his death many years later. I soon learned that he had a very nice, receptive, perfect cock. It was about 6 inches long, about 1-1.5 inch in diameter, stayed hard forever and that he would cum 2 -3 times in succession, staying rock hard continuously. His cock was perfect for sucking and I sucked him off 2-3 or more times a week.

It was tragic but this 40 year old man had never had sex with a women. My lady being very fond of him and decided that it was time for him to learn now nice it felt to have his rock hard cock in a very wet, warm pussy. Hers!!!!!!!

We, as usual, start by giving our friend/neighbor a pleasant massage starting as usual with our friend on his belly, me starting this time at his head and my lady at his feet. We proceeded slowly as usual meeting at his buttocks. We again asked him to roll over onto his back and again continued our massage. As is always the case with a man, our friend already had a beautiful erection, straight, hard as a rock with a little per-cum already present on his cocks head. It was a cock that any lady would enjoy having lodged deep in her pussy even though it had never been there. My experienced lady immediately took over, dipping her head to lick that drop of pre-cum away and continued sucking the head of his nicely sized cock in her mouth, While sucking his cock, she played with his balls until his cock reached its maximum length and width. Realizing that our friend was primed and ready, she throw her leg over his hips, taking hold of his rock hard cock, placed it into her vaginal opening and immediately embedded his cock to the hilt in her wet, hot pussy. Our friend was in heaven, his cock embedded in a very nice hot, wet pussy. He immediately began sliding his rock hard cock in and out of my lady's very receptive pussy, she lifting her pussy to meet each of our friends penetrations. My lady reached around our friends hips, placing her hands on his hips and keeping pace with his movements, in and out, in and out. This being our friends first time sex with a lady, it didn't take long for his cock to harden and lengthen to its max, with the head of his cock getting unusually huge. I knew that it was his time to cum. He lunged the last time, going as deep into my lady's pussy as possible and his cock erupted, pumping load after load of wonderfully warm, creamy cum into her receptive pussy, more cum lubricating her pussy than she had ever experienced before. This made my lady move her pussy around and around and back and forth, totally coating the insides of her pussy with our friends huge load of warm smooth cum. Our friend laying there on top of my lady, both totally satisfied, his still totally rock hard cock, embedded to the hilt in her still very hot and now totally cum coated wet pussy.

My lady and our friend roll to their sides and relaxed, enjoying the after glow of their sexual encounter. It didn't take too long , however, for my lady to reach over and take hold of our friends still rock hard cock. She slowly began moving her hand up and down of our friends still cum coated still rock hard cock. It was obvious that our friends introduction to pussy was not over.

My lady tenderly pushed our friend onto his back, gently now straddling our friends still hard cock.
She carefully again placed his gorgeous cock head into her vaginal opening and with her still cum filled pussy, gently lowered her pussy until it totally en-gulped our friends perfect cock. I knew he was again ready and that he would again pump load after load of warm creamy cum into her already cum filled pussy this time his cum would come oozing out around his forever hard cock and into my mouth.

Tragically, this was the only time my lady and our friend had sexual intercourse. I'm sure my lady would have enjoyed our friends very nice cock in her pussy again but our friend was a very timid and a very shy person and was unable to initiate sexual activity himself. Therefore he did not precipitate sex with my lady again. Tragically, as both would have enjoyed it equally as much other times as they did the first time. My lady would have been receptive.

Our present and maybe the last relationship with a gentlemen has been with a very nice man of Mexican descent. We met him when he was visiting our nudist community. He would drop in, park and emerge from his truck with a very nice erection. We later found out that he was unable to get an erection without a special of penal injected solution, prostaglandin. A substance used by many men including me.

Our friends erection bothered a few people, primarily the women. Why? What is more beautiful than a very nice rock hard cock, regardless of its size. I personally like nice very large cocks (mine is so small). Especially cocks that are longer than most, cocks that are straight as an arrow, and cocks that as big around, as big in diameter as – 2-2.5 inches. I and my lady especially liked the huge cock that our still friend possesses (the one discussed earlier in this dissertation).

Anyway, back to our relatively new friend. As I said , he is of Mexican descent, a very nice gentleman, kind, considerate and gentle. He enjoys all sexual activity but like most men, her prefers a women with a nice, wet, hot pussy. This presents a problem especially for my 76 year old lady. I'll get to that later.

This friend has a very nice non-erect cock, about 3 inches long and an inch in diameter, small like most cocks are when not erect but quite nice. Once he injects the prostaglandin and massages it as if he is jacking off, it becomes quite nice, about 6 inches long and quite large in diameter, probable 2 inches. For most women, a very nice women pleaser but also very nice for sucking and masturbating. He doesn't have a lot of cum but what he does have is very sweet.

During our normal visits, he first gets nude, injects his limp cock and joins me in the living room where we watch very provocative porno movies. This further helps our friend get fully erect which results in a very nice, very very hard cock that lasts for 2-3 hours. During this time, I can not keep my fingers and mouth off his cock trying to help me and his cock develop into its finished state, large and rock hard. My lady now sometimes joins us to watch the porno's, a new thing for her but very nice for me and our friend.

Again, his primary interest is hopefully to slide his perfect enlarged cock as deep as possible in my lady's pussy but due my lady's aging, she has been unable to satisfy our him. At 76, many changes occur in a woman’s anatomy especially in her pussy; (1) the internal tissue become dry – very little wetting as we've been accustom, (2) her vaginal opening shrinks and (3) the little bit of libido she did have diminishes. Therefore very little, if any, intercourse occurs. However, my lady still loves to have her pussy trimmed, still likes oral sex (my lady has started sucking cock), and she still loves erotic massage. Women are interesting. They must have “love” for the men they plays with. She “likes” our present friend but “loves” our “huge cocked” friend. It does make a big difference for a women !!!!!!!!!

Where do we go in the future ??????? Who knows ….. but staying sexually active keeps my mind young which in turn keeps my body young !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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