Finding the right company
Ragorich was mostly a large tent city with thousands of people coming and going constantly. My former master had suggested I come here first. After fifteen years as an apprentice and another ten as a journeyman I was a master and free. I led my two pack animals through the busy street and kept looking around.

When the young man bumped me he screamed as his hand was caught in a trap. I stopped and looked at him as he pulled a dagger and gestured. His scream went higher as the dagger glowed cherry red and smoke came from the flesh of his hand. The people moved back as he went to his knees.

I let the trapped hand on my purse go, “where will I find the mercenary companies?”

He continued to scream as the flesh around the dagger hilt burst into flame or melted. I gestured and the dagger dropped to the ground, “I will not ask again.”

He cradled his hands, “to the west!”

I nodded and began leading the animals again, leaving the thief behind. I turned down another street and whispered a finding spell. I followed a bright speck only I could see and slowed when I saw the slave wagon. It was nothing more than a wooden cage on wheels with two horses pulling it.

Inside were four girls but what drew me was the one covered in short soft fur. She had long golden hair and vibrant green eyes with gold cat slit pupils. I shifted and gestured and the horses stopped, “excuse me.”

The slave monger turned and his eyes flicked over me as if measuring, “yes?”

I looked into the cage, “are these for sale?”

He shifted and looked at me again before he nodded, “for the right price.”

I smiled, “the construct, how much?”

He looked into the cage, “she is very valuable...”

I gestured and his mouth snapped shut, “and you will never touch her or bed her nor will any man.”

He straightened, “you’re a...”

I smiled, “Mage.”

He swallowed, “she was sold to me. I didn’t take or steal her.”

I nodded as I took a step closer to the cage, “and you thought you could bed her.”

I turned and looked at him, “I will give you ten gold pieces.”

The monger swallowed, “she is very...”

I looked at him calmly, “and when the one you sell her to finds he can not touch her? What do you think he will do to you?”

His face paled, “I did not think of that.”

I waited and he sighed, “teaches me for thinking I was getting the better deal from a mage merchant.”

I pulled my purse and counted ten gold coins before shaking them. He nodded and accepted them before going to open the back of the cage, “come out you.”

The girl came out quietly and he nodded to me, “that is your new master.”

She nodded as she walked towards me and I started walking, “what is your name?”

She fell in beside me, “Ash.”

I glanced at her before reaching for the thin mage collar around her throat that no one but a mage could see, “you don’t need this.”

She hissed as I touched the collar and it shattered into a dozen pieces. She looked at me, “you are a mage?”

I smiled, “silly question.”

She grinned as she walked closer, “can I have sex now?”

I laughed, “you can wait until we stop and I set my tent up.”

She nodded and a few minutes later I walked into an area with an open area behind each tent. I kept following the bright speck until it vanished at a huge open tent on the edge of the city. I handed the reins to Ash and walked into the tent and stopped at the table. On the other side were two men.

One older with many scars on his arms and the other younger and dressed in mail chain. I nodded to the them, “I have come to find Jason.”

They looked at each other and the younger one shook his head, “find another company lad, we only take seasoned soldiers.”

I sighed and gestured and he slide to the side and fell. He went straight back and was pinned to the ground, “first I am no lad and second do not talk to me unless I address you.”

I looked at the older man as he grinned and leaned back, “so you would be Caden.”

I nodded and we both ignored the other man struggling on his back, “you are Jason?”

He nodded, “your... missive said you wished to join my company.”

I nodded again, “I have finished my training and am free to do as I wish now.”

He leaned forward, “do you know combat spells?”

I smiled, “there is no such thing as combat spells. There are only spells of creation, destruction and chaos.”

He grinned, “you said ten gold pieces a month and anything you find.”

I nodded and he held out his hand, “deal.”

I took his hand and shook before glancing at the other man and gesturing. He shifted before coming to his feet, “I didn’t... I wasn’t...”

I smiled as I glanced back at Ash and my animals, “you have a place for me to set up my tent?”

Jason glanced at the other man, “show him to the spot beside the healer’s tent.”

The man grinned, “you remember what Clarence said.”

Jason shrugged, “show him and we will see what the arrogant ass says.”

I followed the young man out and gestured for Ash to come and went after him. He stopped between two tents in a wide open area, “the far tent belongs to another company.”

I nodded and turned to my horses. I unsaddled them and lifted what looked like a small pack and walked to the center of the empty space. I set the pack down and caressed it as I walked towards Ash. The pack shimmered and began unfolding again and again and then lifting. When it stopped a huge sand colored tent stood in front of us.

I lifted another pack and walked into the tent and set it down. I stepped back and the pack shimmered before exploding and a moment later the tent was filled with thick soft rugs, a wide bed, a standing closet, a couple of tables and lamps and a glowing brazier. I moved another pack in and released the spells and short cedar bookcases appeared and waddled out to the walls.

I looked at the two horses after removing their halters. I whispered and a large pile of fresh hay appeared and they headed straight for it. Ash followed me into the tent and stripped out of the simple dress on her way to the bed, “can we have sex now?”

I laughed and began to strip, “horny girl.”

She grinned as she laid back on the bed, “that was what my last master said.”

I moved onto the bed and laid beside her and caressed her body. She smiled as I felt her and then I touched her pussy and she moaned and spread her legs. I rubbed her pussy and slipped a finger into her slit. She humped and shuddered and I pushed a finger into her. It tightened and she spasmed, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled as I turned and moved between her legs. I pushed into her and buried my cock before beginning to fuck her with long thrusts. She kept thrusting up and her pussy grasped and tightened each time I pulled back. She began to breath heavy and cling to me while writhing around.

I fucked her a little harder as she bucked and clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock to grind and then hump for a minute before I pulled back and fucked her hard as I tried to cum. She thrashed around as her pussy grasped and squeezed and clenched. I shoved all the way into her and grunted as I gushed a solid stream of cum. Ash howled as she tilted her hips while her pussy milked the sperm into her.

When I finished I pulled out and laid beside her and bent to suck on a nipple, “very nice.”

She shuddered while she panted, “yeah.”

I heard voices outside and then a man was yelling. I slipped off the bed and reached for my robes and walked towards the door. I stepped out as three men with swords slashed at the tent and began screaming when they struck. I growled and gestured and they flew away and landed several dozen paces from the tent.

I looked at the crowd of warriors, “how dare you attack my tent.”

A large smelly man strode towards me, “This space belongs to me! Kill this...”

I whispered and made a gesture and they yelled as the earth shook and they floundered and sank into the ground. They stopped with their heads exposed but continued to scream. I walked to the rude man and squatted down, “the stinging pinching you feel is thousands of insects that are eating their way into you. When they finish only your bones will remain.”

He struggled and cursed as I stood and turned. A pale man from the other tent was looking at me, “release them.”

I smiled, “why?”

He walked towards me, “because I told you to.”

I laughed, “and why would I care what a healer said?”

He growled when he reached for me, “I could...”

I gestured and he froze with a look of surprise and I shook my head, “you would touch a mage without asking? You think you can use your skills?”

He struggled and I glanced at Jason walking towards me. I looked at the healer, “interfere with me again and your skills and abilities will not help you.”

I gestured and he flew back towards his tent and crashed to the ground. Jason stopped and glanced at the men screaming in the ground before looking at the healer, “trouble?”

I smiled, “not for me.”

He grinned and looked at the healer, “I found out you were the one that provided information about the contract we lost. You’re fired and the guild has fined the company that paid you.”

I looked at Jason and he shrugged, “healers are easy to replace and no company will hire him now.”

He looked at the screaming men and sighed, “as much as I would love to see that bastard dead you need to release him.”

I glanced at the man screaming and cursing, “they attacked me and will stay until I am satisfied.”

He blinked, “attacked a mage in Ragorich?”

I nodded and he grinned, “in that case leave them.”

I turned to my tent, “would you like to come in?”

He shook his head, “I have a few runners to send out.”

I nodded and walked back into my tent and headed towards the bed with Ash fingering her pussy. I slipped my robe off before climbing on and moving over her and pushing back into her warm slimy pussy. It was awhile before I stopped and moved off the bed. Ash was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face as I got dressed.

I walked outside to find a man in a guard uniform watching the men screaming in the ground. There was a small crowd of armed mercenaries on the other side of them. I walked towards the man in the ground that had been the leader and squatted down, “by now the insects have burrowed in and laid eggs.”

I stood and whispered a spell and the men were spit out of the ground and came crashing down. I smiled, “bother me again and you will not escape what I do.”

They were moaning and writhing around as I turned and headed towards Jason’s tent. There was a huge crowd entering the tent and four other men were at tables signing them in. Jason grinned when he saw me, “did you free them?”

I nodded and he laughed, “it is to late for him now. Most of his men are already signing with us and I have the contract he was trying to get.”

He watched the men, “we leave first thing in the morning.”

I smiled, “I will need a couple of good horses.”

He snorted as he glanced at me and I pulled my purse, “with riding tack.”

I dumped five gold pieces into his hand, “how far do we travel?”

He weighted the coins, “a couple of weeks to the southeast.”

I glanced at the men, “where is your cook tent?”

Jason grinned, “right behind this tent.”

I turned and walked out and back to my tent. The men that had been at my tent were gone and the tent on the other side was being torn down. I woke Ash and pulled her off the bed and dressed her before taking her to the jacks and then the cook tent. After we ate I took her back to bed. I woke to a tiny tinkling sound that let me know the sun was beginning to rise.

I pulled a sleepy Ash out of bed and out of the tent. I murmured a spell and warm water began sprinkling down. I washed her pussy and then her body and hair before patting her butt and sending her back into the tent, “dress.”

I washed myself and gestured as I walked into the tent. It didn’t take long to pack and then saddle the two horses. The rest of the company was busy tearing down tents and loading pack saddles. The younger man that had been with Jason appeared leading two saddled horse. They both looked very fit as I checked them nodded and he grinned, “I’m Samuel.”

I lifted an eyebrow and he blushed, “sorry.”

I smiled, “you learned your lesson Samuel. Thank you for bringing the horses.”

He grinned, “the men pitched in and bought gear a little better than what came with them.”

I nodded, “thank them?”

He turned and headed towards a column that was forming, “I will.”

I turned and caught Ash and lifted her before setting her in the saddle of one horse. I tied her reins to my saddle and the lead rope for my pack horses to her saddle. I swung up and turned to head for Jason. It was several minutes before he turned and started moving and I fell in beside him, “a nice day for riding.”
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