Christina goes to Pinkies Scouts
Mika and Christina

NOTE: This series contains preteen sexual activity. If you disagree do not read and then complain.

Chapter 6. Pinkies Scouts (Part I)

Akin’s pretty little sweetie from next door, Christina has made his head swirl. He can’t believe how much he likes the red haired princess. When she sits on his lap, she swirls her curls across his face and it tickles and teases. He laughs and cuddles her and then she bats her long lashes at him and he is putty in her hands. Now he understands how some parents would kill for their kids. On the other hand, she has learned a lot about sex during the past month, which some would argue she is too young.

But her ten year old sister, Mika, and her older friend Sharon tell him all the girls in junior high school watch porn and see girls get cocks up their asses and pussies. They see girls their own age swallowing loads of cum. If they are not having sex, the younger ones masturbate on camera; some collect lots of money for their ‘private’ shows. Holy shit, he is only a bit more than ten years older and he surely never saw porn at that age. Sharon called him ‘old’ because he didn’t even know he could watch porn anywhere, anytime on his i-pad or phone.

Akin finally had a whole afternoon alone with Christina and got to teach her some new stuff. She seems to tolerate swallowing all his cum and fucking her may be out there somewhere in the future, if mom Missy approves his plan. He knows he has to be gentle with his ‘big sausage’ as she calls his cock. He probably can only get about one inch into her tight baby pussy. He laughs as he thinks about it, because he has taught her to say, “Make me cum.” Best of all she had two great baby orgasms when he got her off orally and then finger fucked her little bubble ass.

She loved his tongue in her pussy and nearly pulled the hair out of his head to keep him tonguing her hard. Her tiny baby clit was super sensitive and sent ripples through her body when he nibbled it. Christina didn’t complain when his middle finger went up her ass. She put her ‘big girl’ face on and rocked her ass. She probably did not expect to love it until her second orgasm ripped through her.

What an afternoon that was!

Akin had wondered how soon they could manage another day together alone and someone was looking out for him. Today he was on the way to pick her up from her first Pinkies Girl Scout weekend on a Monday mid-morning. Mom Missy and he learned about Pinkies Scouts when she got a phone call from Mrs. Janek inviting Christina to join the exclusive scout troop. Missy objected, “Brownie scouts costs too much. You have to buy uniforms and a bunch of other stuff I can’t afford.” She told Mrs. Janek she was a single mom on a low income with two daughters.

Mrs. Janek insisted they have a noon lunch so she could learn more about the Pinkies. “At the least, if you still say ‘No,” you get a free lunch.” When they met, Missy was impressed with Mrs. Janek in a tailored light gray business suit. Her hair was cut in a bob, her make-up was light and she projected an air of business acumen. After introductions and placing their food orders, she pulled out a brochure with a tasteful blue cover. The Pinkies logo was in its center and Missy opened it see pictures of six young, very beautiful girls. The photos were professional head shots.

Mrs. Janek explained when girls had their eleventh birthday; they would graduate out of the troop before they hit the twelfth birthday. “That way we usually have around eight to twelve girls at a time and it’s a manageable group,” Janek tells her. “Our two oldest, Taylor and Nicole will graduate after the summer break. That is why we have offered an opening to Christina as a ‘Novice’.”

Mrs. Janek taps her fingers at the picture of the younger girls, “Olena is our youngest right now; then comes Sarah and Steph. We want one or two girls at each age group from seven to eleven. Christina will be seven before Christmas, so she would be a perfect fit to start her year-long ‘Novice’ period.” She smiles at Missy and pulls a small headshot picture from her wallet and lays it below the other girl’s pictures. “Don’t you think she would be perfect?” she asks Missy as her daughter’s picture smiles up at her.

Missy is astonished how Christina fits in with the other beautiful girls. She reminds Mrs. Janek she could not afford the cost. Janek smiles at her and says, “That’s the best part, all of our expenses are fully funded; including a trip to Disney once a year.” She adds the Pinkies like to have single moms or dads as part of their group. She married into the group, she mentions. Missy thinks, “Plus it’s obvious they only accept exceptionally beautiful girls.” Janek tells her some of the girls do some modeling and earn a few dollars. “How does that sound?” she asks.

Missy does not want to commit and asks, “Do you mind if I ask my boyfriend about it?” Janek says, Call me tomorrow.” They have a pleasant lunch and before leaving Janek hands her a second brochure. It shows a different group in Pinkies uniforms of very short gray skirts and light pink blouses similar to private schools. “If you let her join, mark her sizes and we will order them. These are not for sale in a store.”

Long story short, Akin agreed with Christina joining the Pinkies and he would drive her to meetings when needed. This first weekend meeting, Mrs. Janek picked Christina up and made sure she had an overnight bag. Akin bought her a big sports bag and let her fill it up with little girl’s stuff from the cosmetics store and from his favorite clothing store. She got some more tiny pink undies, a set of ‘Kitty’ Pj’s and her own hairdryer. He teased her that she was packed like a fashion model for a photo shoot. If only he would have known.

When Akin pulled up to the address to pick her up, his mouth fell open. He was at the far back end of an exclusive gated community in front of a huge mansion. He could hear young girls laughing and screaming, “Go, go, go.” When he walked around the side of the mansion, several girls were kicking a soccer ball on a half-field. The Pinkies version of team uniforms were matching red hot bikinis with the Pinkies logo on the front and “Pinkies” across their rears. It hit him as he looked at the delicious ass of the goalie, “Pinkies,” was never meant to mean the color of their uniforms. It surely referred to what’s inside the bikini bottoms.

There were three middle aged guys relaxing in chairs and when they saw him, one got up and waved him over to the group. “You must be Akin, the boyfriend. I’m Kevin,” he said and introduced his partners. “This is my place, and the girls meet here once a quarter,” he said and added, “Mrs. Janek had to go visit her sick sister, so it’s just us guys doing the baby sitting.” When he said it the other guys raised their drinks in a salute.

They sat and watched the girls kick the soccer ball around for about fifteen minutes. When Christina first saw him, she waved and kicked the ball into the goal. He cheered and laughed. Kevin told him, “We invited you early so you could meet all the girls. They will not get picked up until this afternoon, so there is plenty of time.” Plenty of time for what?

Akin was impressed by the beautiful girls. When they played next to their table the all smiled, some of the giggled and checked him out. He wore his college golf shirt and khakis and his muscles were visible. Kevin slid him a brochure and said, “See if you can match the pictures to the girls and learn their names.” Unlike a lot of guys who are bad with names, Akin was sharp. He worked his way down the list and mentally lined up the girls.

All of them had something in common. Naturally they were under twelve years old; but most were of the long legged, slender variety with rock hard tummies. All of them probably participated in sports. He guessed gymnastics, tennis or soccer. Lastly, they were gorgeous even while running around sweaty. The guys kept their eyes on little tits and asses.

He was impressed by Olena with her light brown hair with blonde highlights. She had it up in a ponytail with a red Scrunchie, matching the bikini colors. It hangs down to the top of her shoulders and bounced around as she ran. When she got near, she seems to have greenish eyes and sexy shaped lips. She stopped the ball in front of the table and then bent over letting them look at her perfect ass for a half-minute before making a free-throw with her arms stretched high up. Her bikini bottom stretched up between her cheeks and bared them totally. Before she ran back on the field she reached back with both hands and pulled the bikini out of her crack, letting them see a flash of private white. Akin feels his cock come alive.

The four guys chat about this and that and it takes Akin a few minutes to realize they are subtly asking about his background, his college record and future plans. One or two questions seem to show they already know the answers to what they ask. When he tells them he would like to run his own business, Kevin smiles and says, “That’s the way do to it if you love earning some serious money,” while pointing at the house and the girls playing. “But more of that later,” one of the partners adds.

The next time Olena plays near the table she gives him a big smile. She is a shorter than some of the other girls and most likely younger. Kevin asks, “I think someone likes you. What do you think?” Akin lifts his diet cola and says, “I drink to that. She is one very sexy girl. How old?” Kevin looks straight at him and says, “She is one week shy of eight, want to meet her?” Kevin wonders if he was just told something he doesn’t understand and nods his head. Kevin calls Olena over and tells her, “Meet Akin and show him the house.” Olena smiles at him and tells him, “Hi.” Drops of sweat run down her front between small boobs hidden in the bikini top. She takes his hand and says, “Let me show you the house.”

She takes him up the elevator to the third floor. A door with a key pad blocks one wing. “This is my wing,” she explains. Through that door are two more doors, one on either side of the hall. She takes him into a huge bedroom, obviously a girl’s. A large picture of Olena on a beautiful white horse is on one wall. Olena still holds his hand and pulls him to a dressing room and bathroom combination. She looks up at him and says, “Is it Ok if I take a quick shower?” He thinks, “Man, I’m in her room and she asks my permission?” So he smiles at her and tells her, “Of course.”

Olena smiles back and unbuttons the first button on his golf shirt and says, “You have to join me so you can wash my back.”

“Are you sure about this?” he asks dumfounded but enchanted by the beautiful girl while she giggles at him.

“Of course, silly boy, how else am I going to get this sweat off me?” Her eyes sparkle as she reaches for his belt buckle. They get even bigger when his shorts hit the floor and his half-hard cock bounces up in front of her eyes. She kneels down and looks at his cock and then up at him and ask, “Do you actually get that thing into girl’s pussy?”

He laughs, “On occasion.”

Olena jumps up, grabs his clothes and hangs them over a chair. Losing her bikini, she pulls him into a huge shower and turns the water on ‘Warm’. She hands him a shampoo bottle and turns her back and says, “I assume you know what to do?”

“Oh yes, princess. Been there, done that.” He pulls the red Scrunchie from her ponytail and fluffs her hair over her lightly tanned shoulders. Then squeezes shampoo into his hands and slides them gently through her brown hair. Christina loves it when he rubs her scalp, so he tries it on Olena. She leans back into him and he massages her head and neck. She hums a bit and when he uses the sprayer to rinse her hair, she says, “Oh, please do it again.”

He guesses she likes it and does it again until she nearly moans in bliss. He rinses her hair and washes her back, running his hands down her back with its little white stripe from her bra. It hits him that she has not made any sexual moves other than looking at his ‘big sausage’ and he has only had his hands on her head and back without even trying to feel her pointy pink tits.

Her bubble butt gets a massage also and she says, “I may have to have you do this every morning,” as she leans forward with her hands against the tile wall. It pushes her shapely butt out and he notices she has just the tiniest little white tan line strip up her crack. He leans down and kisses her neck and makes her squirm and giggle.

Akin kneels down to wash her legs and Olena spreads them wide. He starts at the bottom and washes her feet and moves up her muscular legs until he has them both clean. The moment of truth is here and he slides his hand between her legs from the back. Olena sighs and bends over from the waist. She reaches back and pulls her ass cheeks apart exposing her butt hole and her young pussy slit. Akin’s cock is already half hard as he runs his middle finger up and down her ass crack. He stops at her pink starfish and presses against her lightly. “Olena, how deep do you need washing?” he asks her softly and she murmurs back, “As deep as you want to do it.” His cock twitches like crazy.

Akin kisses her butt cheeks and pushes his middle finger into her hole. He can see her fingers clench and he strokes into her for a few minutes. He has no clue why he is finger fucking a girl’s ass whom he just met; except, it really feels good and has him horny to stick his cock into one of her holes. The warm water cascades down on her back and his chest. His brain gives in to his cock and Akin lines up with her ass. She feels his big cock head against her opening and Olena looks over her shoulder and asks, “Please, don’t put it in more than an inch or it will hurt and make me bleed.” He is too far gone to realize she must have done it before.

He grabs her around her waist and lifts her against him and pushes through her tight hole. Her anal ring grabs his cock head and squeezes hard. “I’m trying to relax,” she cries but he can tell she is as tight as a bank vault. Akin rocks his cock into her and just fucks her anal ring for a half minute before pulling out. He causes a loud, “Plop” and they both laugh. “Olena, just let me wash your front; it will be more fun,” he says and turns her around.

She smiles up at him and he leans down and kisses her. This time it’s a serious kiss with lots of tongue and moaning. She puts her hands behind his neck and squeezes her a-cups against his chest. Her nipples are hard and he can feel them poke into his chest. His hands slide down to her ass cheeks and he pushes her against his hard cock. “OMG,” she moans and her hands drop down and she grabs his cock in her hands.

Akin runs his soapy hands down her front and plays with her boobs for half a minute before washing her pussy quickly. He can’t wait any longer. “Let’s get you dried off and into bed,” he tells her. There is a stack of huge towels and he rubs her down fairly quickly. While he dries himself, she uses the hair dryer and he can tell she is in a hurry also. Akin closes the door behind him in the commode and takes a quick pee. By the time he finishes, she has turned the lights off in the bedroom. Soft light comes from a side lamp. Olena tells him to wait on the bed, while she disappears behind the commode door.

As she comes to the bed he studies her from the front. Her a-cup tits are perky and stand up nicely with pink nipples. Surprisingly, she has large areolas for her body type. She has a little landing strip of hair on her mons. He can see she already shaves her pussy. “Wow, they start young,” is his reaction. The total package is that she is exceptionally beautiful. Even at her age she already has a curvy figure. He notices her finger and toe nails are painted in hot red. “She may be a very high maintenance girl,” he wonders.

She climbs on the bed, swings one leg across and straddles his belly. Olena leans down and puts one little tit into his mouth and he sucks her nipple, kisses her whole boob and then sucks her nipple more. “Oh, that’s nice,” she moans and switches to her other tit.

Olena slides down to his crotch, reaches behind her and pulls his cock into her waiting pussy. Not much foreplay, but she is driving the train. She rocks back slowly and lets him penetrate her cunt. There are no obstructions and he goes root deep into her. Her eyes are shut tight and her body trembles and her hands squeeze his arm muscles hard. She rocks her pelvic a bit and cries out, “OMG, you are huge. It hurts like hell.”

He tells her to stop and she laughs, “Not in this lifetime.” She leans forward and says quietly, “I don’t know who else gets this cock; but in this house it’s all mine. The other girls are off limits.” Akin smiles at her, nods and thinks of the tall goalie. Life has so many choices. He may have to miss out on the goalie; because this eight year old has his cock in a death grip. Olena leans back and fucks him at her own leisurely pace. It’s going to be a long afternoon.

They have been in slow fuck mode for more than five minutes and Olena seems totally relaxed and having the time of her life. “Akin, pay attention, this is important,” she tells him and he looks at her eyes. She asks him if he thinks the guys sitting around the table want to fuck the bikini clad ball players. He tells her, “Of course the do. Their eyes were on their pussies like glue.” She giggles and tells him that is exactly what some of them did during the night. Christina was exempt because of several reasons; mainly she is too young and is a “Novice”. They will get to pick two girls each for an afternoon fuck session. They pay two thousand dollars a day for that privilege. The girls are all from poor families and get half of the money. Pinkies’ is a nation-wide preteen organization. She asks if he is shocked and squeezes her cunt for emphasis.

Of course he is shocked; but he tells her he suspected something was going on with no mothers present while preteen daughters run around near naked. “You are a smart college guy. If Christina does not have to fuck guys, just do hand-jobs after she turns seven; do you think Christina and her mom want to earn that kind of money?” He doesn’t know and he tells her it’s something Mrs. Janek needs to take care of with Missy.

“Because this is my house, I don’t fuck for money. I only fuck very, very special Daddies, like you,” she whispers into his ear. Of course she knows he is not a daddy, yet. Olena increases her tempo, whispers, “Fuck me Daddy. Shoot lots of cum into my belly and see if you can get me preggy.” Holy shit, the little minx knows how to push a guy’s buttons. He fucks her hard, deep and relentless until he explodes into her belly. When the streams of hot cum shoot up into her, she yells, “OMG, set me on fire.” She rocks down hard on his stiff rod and milks every drop of his cum until she collapses on his chest, crying, “Holy shit, this is the best fuck ever.”

Akin admits the truth. Olena, at age eight, fucked the daylights out of him. She doesn’t move as his cock slowly reduces in size.

Olena nuzzles him and presses her nipples hard against him, “Don’t move. I want your cock in my belly. Jezz, you are the best fuck. You have to come back every week.” Akin can’t believe it; but he fully believes her complement. Even worse, he wants to stay in her pussy all day and fuck her again and again. Then he wants to do her orally and anally until she screams for mercy.

“Holy shit, I’m even in worse trouble,” he knows it, suddenly remembering the word “exclusive”. He wonders why Kevin used the eight year old to tell him about the sex club. “Does he know she is up here fucking me to death?” he wonders.

His mind goes back to this weekend with Mika’s birthday and popping her cherry. Missy told him they will have another party when Christina gets home so she can have cake and ice cream.

Photographer Jenn’s nice tits flash in front of him and he knows he needs to work out a date for her to come over and drop off the pictures. He owes her a text. Most important, he needs to make sure none of the pictures get anywhere near the internet no matter what he has to do for Jenn.

And what is he going to do about little Christina turning into a seven year old slut? “Holy shit.”

Olena kisses his lips and tweaks his nose, “Stop day-dreaming, you have a hot pussy on your cock waiting on you to go again. Oh, by the way, I want you to talk to Mrs. Janek and Kevin and ask them about Senior Scouts and the Ranch.” Olena squeezes her cunt muscles and grabs his cock several times. He thinks he is getting hard again.

“Holy shit,” he groans.

End Part One. (to be continued.)

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