I walked into the station meeting room and frowned at the two girls standing to one side. I looked at the force commander, “I have a lot of work to do.”

She smiled, “Oliver you are the best fortress hunter we have. Gypsy is an old world, the fortresses show that. The colony has a problem that central has said we must solve on our own.”

I looked at the girls, “available men.”

She nodded, “I know you have had a few bad experiences but I personally selected these two. They should be compatible.”

I sighed as I looked at them, “equipped?”

The commander snorted, “stop at the armory.”

I gestured to the girls, “come with me.”

The commander cleared her throat as we turned to the door, “you are scheduled for fortress 69.”

I nodded and she looked down at her desk, “that one is a year behind so watch yourself.”

I shook my head before leading the two girls out, “you have packs?”

They nodded and I went down to the large armory and smiled at the dainty officer that turned, “I need to equip a couple of girls sis.”

She grinned, “Oliver.”

She looked at the girls and gestured, “come in.”

I glanced at the racks of weapons, “make sure they get the short barreled double rifles.”

She blew a raspberry, “suck eggs.”

I grinned and watched as she fitted the two that had opened up a little. I kissed my sister when she was done and let the girls lead me to their packs before taking them to my ship. Besides the engineering and bridge it only had three other compartments, my quarters and the fresher and a small cargo bay.

I sent them to our quarters as I went to the bridge and began the sequence to undock. I glanced back as the two walked onto the bridge, “sit in the jump seats.”

I pulled up the fortress beacons and plotted a course before sitting back. The ship accelerated away from the only human station around Gypsy and I glanced back, “did you girls see my info before I was selected?”

One grinned, “I’m Amy and yeah we saw.”

I looked at the other as she blushed, “I saw.”

She took a breath, “I’m Tara and we selected you.”

I looked at her before turning to watch my displays, “the commander said she selected you.”

Amy shifted, “well she had the final say and there were a dozen of us that selected you.”

I blinked and looked back, “a dozen?”

Tara grinned, “yeah, we think it was because of your med bio.”

I blushed but nodded, “tell me about yourselves.”

The rest of the trip I listened as they talked. Both almost seemed like tom boys and had pilot and hunting experience. The had both finished their basic schooling and starting on advance courses. They both grinned when they said they enjoyed sex. I slowed when I approached the fortress beacon and changed course for the marked airlock.

I docked and put the ship on standby before turning to look at the girls, “okay listen close. It is a Hunter’s job to clear a fortress. We never seem to kill all the Welkys but we do kill enough normally to make a fortress safe.”

I looked at each of them, “that is commonly known. What isn’t is that there are not enough hunters to really keep the fortresses safe. We do not know what or where the fortresses came from. What we do know is they have weapons and maybe a type of energy shield. The skin does not provide enough power for the weapons or the shields so there is something else we haven’t found.”

I glanced at the airlock display before looking at them, “what we do know is the race that built them may have had three fingers because three seems to be their prime number. Use your thumb, index and middle finger in the hatch lock plate if a hatch closes. While in the fortress you will only touch any other buttons with a single finger.”

I sighed, “first rule. We may take food into the fortress but everything we take in we bring out. Second rule, we only sleep here in our ship and never in the fortress. Third rule, always carry your weapons and always expect a Welky to attack you.”

I stood, “ready?”

They grinned and stood and checked the short barreled rifles they carried. I led them to the airlock and a few moments later we stepped onto the fortress. I closed the ship airlock and then the fortress hatch. I had my rifle up when the inner hatch opened and stepped through.

I looked left and right and turned right, “I normally clear the outer ring corridors before moving in.”

A few moments later I heard the claws on metal and stopped, “Amy watch behind us. Tara move up on my right.”

A second later Welkys rushed around the curve in the corridor ahead. They had six legs and a mouth with teeth like an old earth shark. They were about thirty or forty pounds and always seemed to travel in packs. They were territorial like an ant colony and killed those from another colony that strayed into their areas.

I aimed and fired and then Tara fired. We killed the ten that were in the group and I started forward, “fourth rule, always make sure they are dead and never assume.”

I knelt beside each and used a sonic cutter to make sure they were dead. I looked at the girls, “I skin them and treat the hides. The bodies go out the closest airlock.”

They grinned and I gestured, “watch both ways.”

I had over fifty hides when we returned to the ship. The girls watched as I pulled out equipment and cleaned and treated the hides on the corridor deck. I cleaned up the mess before moving the equipment to one side to be used later. I carried the hides into the ship and made sure the hatches were closed before taking them to the small cargo bay.

When I returned to our quarters it was to see the two girls stripping. I hesitated and Amy grinned, “you can wash us.”

I began stripping and used the cabin clothing recycler. I headed into the fresher naked with the two naked girls following. I tried to ignore their bodies as we stood under the water but Tara pulled me so I would kneel, “what did the commander mean a few bad experiences?”

I was staring at her trimmed pussy as she washed my hair. I finally sighed, “my last three mates were cheating on me, one even let the guy get her pregnant.”

She stopped and Amy tilted my head so she could see my face, “were they out here with you or did they stay on the station?”

I blinked, “the station.”

She grinned and pulled my face to her bald pussy, “well there is no one here to fill our pussy except you and we plan to stay and be hunters.”

I grinned as I licked her slit before pulling back so Tara could finish. I stood and let them wash me before turning Amy around and between Tara and I. The two girls were different even if they acted similar. Amy had very sensitive breasts and nipples. Tara was extremely sensitive on and in her pussy. I dried them and myself before pulling them out and to the bed.

I was more than ready to fuck and the girls were too. Amy pushed Tara onto the bed and crawled between her legs to start licking her as she wiggled her butt at me and spread her knees. Tara was wailing and wiggling a minute later and I grinned as I rubbed the head of my cock through Amy’s slit. I held her hips before slowly thrusting into her.

She pushed back and I heard a moan as I waited with my cock buried. She shuddered and pushed back again and I pulled out before starting to fuck. I used long deep strokes and her tight hole grasped my cock each time I pushed into her. Tara was howling and bucking as I continued to fuck Amy.

A couple of minutes later she shuddered as her pussy clenched, “ooohhh!”

I fucked her with firm thrusts and planted my cock each time to press into her. When she sagged I pulled out and rolled her over as Tara spasmed and twitched. I moved over Amy and kissed her as I pushed back into her pussy. I fucked her long, hard and deep while she bucked and lifted her legs, “yyyeeesss!”

I kept fucking her and started kissing her as she clung to me. It took a few minutes and then I was thrusting into her and pressing as I peed the first load of cum in several months. Amy hugged me tight as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

When I stopped cumming I gave her another kiss and pulled out, “you mean fill your pussy like that?”

She grinned as she continued to pant and Tara giggled, “yeah.”

I looked at her and moved over and between her legs, “I think you are going to give me a wild ride.”

She put her arms around me, “and take all the sperm you give me.”

Amy laughed as I pushed and forced my cock into Tara. She grunted and shuddered hard as her pussy squeezed my cock when it sank into her, “mmmm!”

I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She shuddered harder and then jerked as her pussy clenched. I kept fucking her and buried my cock before she wailed and began bucking and writhing around, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeee!”

Amy laughed and turned to rub my back. I humped and jabbed and started to grind and Tara thrashed around howling while her pussy became a lot slicker. I shook my head and pulled back to fuck her hard and deep while kissing her. She writhed around while her pussy spasmed and tried to milk my cock, “oooohhhh!”

I continue to fuck her firmly as she struggled and squirmed while her pussy clenched my cock constantly and she screamed. It was a few minutes before I thrust into her and tried to push deeper as I began gushing another huge load of cum. I pumped spurts through her cervix as she threw her legs up and spread them wide, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I grinned as she continued to wiggle while I flooded her with cum. When I stopped I pulled out and she groaned and shuddered as she hugged me, “that was a great ride.”

Amy laughed and then Tara giggled and looked at her, “want another?”

I grinned and turned to push Amy back as I moved over her and thrust into her slimy pussy. I fucked them both for over two hours before letting them rest and fall asleep. I woke to the morning chime and turned to rub both girls on the butt, “time to go to work.”

I pulled them out of bed and washed them both before dressing. I went to the check the airlock before we ate. Back on the station I led them around the outer ring corridor and then brought out the grav sled. We started clearing the other corridors and stacking the skinned bodies on the sled and dumping them when we could.

The thing we have never figured out about the fortresses was our inability to access everything. We cleared all the levels before I led them back to the ship where we cleaned and treated the hides. I cleaned up the mess and put the equipment away as the girls carried all the furs into the ship.

I woke to the alarm chime and moved Amy to hit the comm, “Oliver.”

“We have a very large spider fleet jumping into the system.”

I sat up, “ship numbers?”

“Unknown. They are still coming out of the wormhole.”

I shut the comm off and moved out of bed, “get dressed.”

My mind whirled, that many ships meant there was little chance we could stop them. For some reason the fortress came to mind. More it was the huge central chamber in the fortress. I dressed and gestured, “hurry.”

The central chamber was the only place in any of the fortresses where there were glyphs. I waited and then almost rushed through the airlocks and ran through the empty fortress corridors. I slowed to a walk as we entered the chamber and spun to look at the smooth walls and then up at the thick crystal dome.

There were three sets of glyphs, each with three glyphs. Each set was a third of the way around the room. Sets of three... I walked to center of the chamber and looked around carefully before looking at the floor. There were three dots on the floor and I took a breath and knelt. I used my right hand and touched one dot with the thumb and then another with my index finger and the last with my middle finger.

I waited and sighed before standing and looking around for something else. Tara grabbed my arm and pointed, “look!”

On the right wall one of the three glyphs had lit up. The fortress seemed to vibrate and I stepped back as a holograph of the planet appeared where I had stood. I pulled my communicator, “commander.”

It was a minute before she answered, “I don’t have time Oliver.”

I was looking at the holograph to see dots around the planet in red, “I think I started the fortress.”


I looked at the glyphs as a second one on the right lit and one on the left lit, “the fortress is starting up... wait a minute.”

I was looking at the dots and one change to yellow and I noticed all the ones adjacent to it were blinking, “I think something is happening with the other fortresses too.”

The last glyph on the right lit and the holograph swelled to show the whole system. I looked at the girls as they crowded close and the second glyph on the left lit and a first in front of us came on. The holograph blinked as the dots around us changed to yellow and all the ones adjacent to them began blinking, “I think I started all the fortresses commander.”

Amy reached out to touch a dot and three sets of tiny glyphs appeared as if it was a status. I looked at the white dots at the holograph edge where they were moving into the system, “the spiders are moving in faster.”

When the last glyph on the left lit a film began spreading in the holograph, “something is spreading from the fortress.”

“We see it and... it’s a shield!”

The last glyph lit and the dot turned green and a spherical line appeared in the holograph. I looked and cleared my throat, “I think the weapons are armed now.”

“Can they range on the spiders?”

I shook my head, “it looks like the range is one light hour.”

I watched as the dots went from red to yellow and finally green, “do you have comm with any of the other hunters?”

“They are all on line and in the central chamber of their fortresses.”

I thought, “do they have the holograph?”


The dots representing the spider ships were drawing closer as they skipped and Tara touched a dot. I hissed but it just brought up glyphs which didn’t help. The commander cleared her throat, “all the fortresses are up. Now how do we get them to fight?”

Amy touched my shoulder, “sets of three.”

I looked at her and then at the dots. The first was just touching the range line and I hesitated before tapping the dot three times. There was a rushing feeling in my chest and the dot vanished. I grinned, “commander? Have the other hunters tap the spider ship dots three time with one finger when they pass the range line in the holograph.”

“Three times with one finger, got it.”

It wasn’t long before I found out we had to wait to fire at another ship. I saw a shuttle leave the station which was under or behind the fortresses and the shield they had created. It started stopping at other fortresses and I was thinking the commander had people going to occupy them, “make sure whoever you send to the other fortress watch for Welkys.”

“They were warned Oliver.”

It went on for hours as the spider fleet slowed and started sending missiles in on ballistic courses. Those we didn’t target were destroy when they hit the shield and vanished. When the last dot vanished I sighed and then started looking around, “now how do we shut them off?”

“One of the others touched the three dots like you did to start it and it is shutting down.”

I looked down before kneeling and reaching out to touch the three dots at the same time. There almost seemed to be a sigh as the huge holograph vanished. I stood and we watched as the glyphs began going out and the fortress returned to the way it was before. I looked at the girls as I headed to the corridor and our ship, “I’m horny.”

They laughed as they ran to catch me and walked on each side of me. Once we had cycled into our ship I locked the airlock and let the girls pull me through to our bed. They tried to strip me and each other before we crawled onto the bed. Tara rubbed her pussy and shuddered as she held out her hand.

Amy grinned as she pushed me towards Tara and I moved over her. I kissed her and pushed into her cummy pussy with a groan. She spasmed and clutched me as she thrust up, “oooohhhh!”

Amy giggled, “ride her hard and deep Oliver.”

I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She wiggled and humped and moaned as I kept fucking her. A few minutes and she wailed and began to writhe around and thrust up, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I continued to fuck her and began to bury my cock and press or grind. Tara clutched me and screamed while she spasmed and her pussy tightened. I fucked her hard and deep and she jerked and twisted as her pussy got wetter. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her while I pumped a stream of cum.

She lifted her legs and spread them as warm sperm filled her. When I was done she sighed and laid back, “I needed that.”

Amy laughed and pulled on me, “do me.”

She went to her knees and wiggled her butt, “deep.”

Tara laughed and I grinned and pulled out of her before moving behind Amy and pushing into her. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with long deep strokes. Tara shifted over and under Amy as she spread her knees. Tara pulled her hips down and she groaned when she felt her tongue. I continued to fuck her and looked down to watch as Tara sucked and teased her clit.

I fucked Amy hard for a couple of minutes until she was howling and spasming. Her pussy kept clenching around my cock and was a lot wetter. It was several minutes before I buried my throbbing cock. Her tight pussy almost pulsed as it milked my cock and then I grunted and shoved to get deeper.

Amy screamed when she felt the torrent of cum pumping into her, “ffffuuuuccccckkkkk!”

She spasmed and jerked as I held her hips and Tara held her up. When I was done I pulled back and out and she sagging onto Tara, “oh that was nice.”

I grinned as Tara rolled her off and reached for me. We live on the planet now and each fortress has a two person crew that hunts the Welkys. It has been over a decade since the spiders attacked and they never tried again. Amy and Tara are constantly with me while we hunt and even after all the children they still love to fuck.
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