Introduction: 2 sisters find out about each over sexually behind their families back. The daughters names are Melanie and Rachel. Melanie is 17 years old and Rachel is 12 years old.

Sisterly live 1:

Hi, my name is Melanie, I am "fit" as the guys would say. Personally I think I'm just normal, not a dig but not smoking hot. I have large and perky breasts, not to bug that they look fake but just a good size, another point in my favour is my bum. In class I see lots of boys drooling at the sight of my bubble but. I am blonde too, not the blonde that is stupid, I think of myself as smart and sophisticated. My blue eyes stand out with my hair. With my complexion people think I'm Germanic but I'm one hundred percent British.

My sister on the other hand has a completely different character to me. She is powerfully built and completely into guy thinks, like video games and she is excellent at rugby. While she is buff and muscular I am petit and delicate. Rachel is a brunette and also a couple of chips short of a happy meal, she's a bit thick. Though once someone said that to her face and she punched his lights out.

It was a sunny Sunday and we were swimming in the creek in the Lake District. The water was cold but not too cold, about 15 degrees. This was probably a record temperature because normally it just rains and rains up north. I was warm enough for me to wear my two piece bikini. My mother and daughter where wearing sporting costumes and my father was wearing beach shorts. He is a brilliant rugby player, in his time he played for England and also for the Saracens, one of the biggest teams in Europe. My sister and my dad are like best mates, always babbling in about rugby this and rugby that, it drives me crazy.

On this day I had snuck away from my family and was sun bathing on a nearby rock. My skin was tingling in the breeze. I had my iPod in and had my eyes closed, listening to my favourite artist, ke$ha. After a while my sister came out of nowhere and lay down next to me. She took out one of my earplugs and inserted it into her ear. For about an hour we lay there listening, none of us made a sound.

I couldn't help but stare at my sisters body, she was starting to hit the early stages of puberty, she had little boobs and tiny nipples which stuck out slightly from her bathing suit. She had a couple of spots on her face, otherwise her skin was soft and creamy. I had to say but she was turning out to be a "fit" girl. I knew that soon she would have her first period and I must say, I was not looking forward to it. She acts like a bitch most of the time and the period pain would push her over the edge. When it first happened I would mark it down on the calendar for further notice and so that I could prepare.

When I looked away I felt her look at me. I continued to stay like that because I could see her face in the reflection on my sunglasses which was impossible for her to see. She stared at my bum for a while, her jaw dropping a bit. She then moved up and was disappointed because she couldn't see my breasts. I turned around quickly and caught her in the act of eyeing me up. I smiled at her and said, "watcha looking at?" In a jokey voice, seeing that she had been rambled she stuttered, "nothing" nervously. I laughed, she was obviously embraced so I pulled her in for a hug. I positioned myself do her face was in my cleavage. I held this position for a while then let her back down gently. "Your curious about growing up, aren't you?", she replied quietly, "yeh, how come your boobs are so big?" She inquired. I was caught off balance for a second, then I smiled and said, "don't worry, mine aren't that big, yours will grow soon and become as bug as mine", she smiled then surprised me again, "can I see them?", after I re-gained my composure I thought nothing of it seeing she was my sister. I stood up and slowly slid of my bra to reveal young, beautiful tits with small, perky nipples.

Her jaw dropped, she was spellbound. I thought I'd tease her a bit and dropped them in her face, she giggled then pushed them away. I was amazed, her hands were delicate and soft, not what you would expect from a rugby player. I slipped back on my polkadot bra and lay back down. We sat in silence for a bit until she piped up, "when do you get hair, you know, down there?". I chuckled then said it varies with each person. I asked her why she asked, she said," we'll I just started to get a little, I thought I was really late with it because in the changing rooms at school you can see some people with lots when you're in the showers". I relied, "as I said earlier, people start at different times. She went on yo ask me if I had pubic hair, I smiled and said no, she looked quizzically at me, I then explained, "when you're older you want to start shaving down there, so it looks nice and smooth.

She asked me if she could see it. I smiled again and gave in. I pulled down my bottoms revealing my shaven, soft pussy. She exclaimed, "wow, it's beautiful". I blushed at this point, then she reached out with her hands, she hesitated at first but when I didn't pull away she rested her hand on my labia, she squeaked, "it's soooooo soft", she accidentally rubbed my clitoris and I moaned. She laughed then did it again, it felt really good. Her soft hand feeling my pussy. I moaned louder this, then kept on doing it over and over again, this felt soo good, it was the first time I'd been felt up, I'd given blowjobs and shown my tits but never fingered.

She could see I was enjoying it and moved up the pace. I knew that any second now I would cum. This felt awesomely good. I couldn't hold it in any longer, I exploded and drenched my sister. She screamed and cried, "what the fuck was that", in that high pitch whine children do. I told her, " I'm sure you know men produce sperm, well women also produce a liquid that makes it easier for him to fit inside her, it only happens when you feel really good down there, that is what just happened with me", she nodded with uncertainty and said "okay".

When we were relaxed back on our rock it turned over and said, "my turn", she looked at me with doubt in her eyes, I smiled reassuringly then started to peel of her swimming costume. She didn't resist and it came off quickly. When she was naked I spread eagled her across the rock the played with her small tits. She gasped as my cold hands pinched her nipples. She giggled when I gently squeezed her tits together. I then moved down south towards her slightly hairy pussy. I sucked and twirled her pubic hair round my finger. She laughed and said it tickled. Then I pushed her legs further apart and studied her small pussy. I put her small right labia in mouth and gently sucked it she squealed and laughed. Then quickly I put both in and sucked hard, she squirmed at this and I laughed to myself. I let her labia go and then focused on her virgin fuckhole. I poked around there until I found her clit. I then ferociously rubbed it, she screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure, I continued my assault until eventually her pussy spasmed and twitched. Then juices squirted out if it, she squealed again but this time in pure pleasure.

When I re-dressed her, we walked hand in hand back to the creek where we met our parents.

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