Dawson had a serious problem, over the last few years. Instead of a population increase ours went down. Mostly from stupid accidents during the last couple of winters. Of course our winters were two earth years long and the planet was huge compared to most inhabitable planets. My name in Kit and I just turned sixteen which was the age of maturity here.

It was also when I had to either accept the girls that had been waiting as my mates, find others or leave the planet. I was lucky because I knew Leah, April and Eva. They were from three different families close to ours. We had been seeing each other for the last six years. In fact they had helped me make our snow train.

Each sled had a wide anti grav footprint. Each sled was four meters wide, seven long and only three high. Beside the pilot runner which was a little taller and wider and longer, it had a primary hydrogen reactor and two secondaries. It also had a small cooking area and several comfortable seats.

We had another seven sleds, one was our living sled which Leah, April and Eva had designed. Another sled carried all the runners and sleds. A third was where we cleaned and tanned the pelts and had some storage. The last sleds were only for storage and were filled with large stasis containers.

From last winter I had killed more than enough Beaver Deer to have soft hides covering the pilot runner and our living sled floors. Our mothers had provided large Ice Snake hides for our huge bed. Our fathers had given us more than enough cleaning and tanning bots and we had made enough to buy traps and snares.

I watched the flyer land in front of Blue River trading post. I had driven our sleds up here before the snow started to fall and took a deep breath of chilly air. The three girls looked at me as they walked off the flyer. They had their large packs over one shoulder and a rifle over the other. I grinned as they waved and walked towards me.

This was the first time we would truly be alone together. It was early morning and I wanted to get going. Two women followed the girls towards me and I frowned. Eva was the first to reach me and gave me a passionate kiss. She grinned when I shuddered and the other girls laughed. I stuck my tongue out but kept looking at the women.

Leah linked her arm through mine, “we need to talk.”

I glanced back as the women followed us, “about?”

April pushed on my shoulder, “inside.”

I shook my head, “this better be good.”

I opened the living sled and gestured them inside. I followed and stood waiting as Leah, April and Eva carried their bags back to the rear. They were back in a minute and Leah came to give me a kiss, “hey stud.”

I caressed her hips and sighed before looking at the two women, “alright start talking.”

She smiled and turned, “the red head is Mara and she is twenty two. Cat is the white haired witch and she is twenty two too.”

I looked at them and nodded as I waited. April smiled as she took the pack from a nervous Mara, “they are new colonists and related. We said they could go with us and spend a winter. If we... you, like them the council will let them stay.”

I sighed, “why me?”

Eva grinned, “because your dad said you had enough for all of us.”

I shook my head, “they don’t have rifles or pistols or runners or sleds or...”

Leah glanced at them as they frowned, “we are at the trading post...”

I shook my head, “it is going to cost twice as much.”

Eva grinned, “let us deal with it.”

I finally nodded, “get it done, we have a storm coming later tonight and I would like to spend it under blue trees and not diving blind.”

I left and went to the pilot runner and started making checks. I watched the girls and the two women run into the trading post and sat back to think. The dehydrated food I had bought would still be more than enough. I leaned back and several minutes later the door opened and everyone came in after putting new sleds and runners away.

I watched as they checked rifles and put them in the rack. Leah walked towards me and gestured, “I’m driving.”

I smiled as I stood, “okay but I am tying you to the bed tonight and letting April and Eva have you.”

She grinned as she sat and April and Eva snickered. April sat in the nav seat and Eva sat in the engineering seat, “sit down stud.”

I gestured to the two women and started undressing, “have a seat.”

April sat back a minute later and grinned back at me as she wiggled out of her clothes. When she was done Eva did the same thing. Leah finally sighed, “well, you didn’t break anything.”

I stuck my tongue out and moved to heat water while she stripped and then lifted the pilot runner and then the other sleds. As we started moving the two women stood and undressed looking bemused. I smiled at them, “the reason we undressed is to be comfortable. During a normal day you will wear the layered clothing for eight to twelve hours and it can get... stuffy.”

They nodded and I sat in one of the seats while they sat on the small couch, “never go out without a weapon. Until you get used to the dangers you need to stay with one of us.”

They nodded and I sat back, “My name is Kit and this is my fourth winter. Me, Leah, April and Eva have been promised to each other since we were children. I am the architect and hunter and trapper. Leah is the pilot and vet. Eva is our engineer and chef. April is our navigator and medic.”

I looked at them and Mara smiled, “you know your cock is large.”

I glanced down to see my drooling cock and shrugged, “one of the girls will take care of it later.”

Cat laughed, “we can’t wait.”

They looked at each other and Mara nodded. Cat looked at me, “I am a licensed trauma doctor and Mara is a mechanic. We just finished a short tour in the service and decided to come here.”

I looked at them, “did you read the charter you signed?”

They nodded and shrugged, “we are together.”

I smiled, “do either of you know how to read a weather sat?”

Mara nodded and I gestured, “pull up the projected sat reading for the area north of Blue River trading post for tonight.”

She hesitated before moving over by April. She walked back looking unsure, “that is a bad storm.”

I shook my head, “not here. That is a Class three blizzard and will blow over in eight to ten hours.”

I looked at Eva when she turned and walked back and sat on my lap, “everything is running smoothly, want me to take care of this?”

She wiggled and I hugged her as my cock throbbed, “don’t tease.”

Mara and Cat laughed, “you haven’t had sex before.”

I cupped Eva’s breasts as I held her, “Not yet.”

Eva grinned and stood before turning to straddle me. I caressed her hips, “not in our bed?”

She grinned as she lifted my cock and slowly wiggled down it, “I’ve been horny since I left home.”

I shuddered as her tight, warm pussy squeezed my cock and pulled her close, “damn you feel... amazing.”

She squirmed and started rocking, “and your cock is huge.”

I slid forward and off the seat as I laid her on the fur covered floor. I kissed her as she wrapped her legs around me and started to fuck her. I did it slowly with deep thrusts and Mara and Cat laughed as they moved to sit on each side of us. It wasn’t long before Eva spasmed and jerked while her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock.

She arched her back and clutched me, “YES!”

Leah laughed, “you are supposed to let him fuck you like a catdog in heat.”

April laughed and Eva groaned as she kept shuddering and lifting her hips. I kissed her and started fucking her hard and deep for a couple of minutes. She wailed and howled as she bucked and twisted. She wet me as she thrashed around and I kept planting my cock in her. It was a few more minutes before I thrust into her as she moaned and spasmed incoherently.

I kissed her passionately as I peed cum into her and she stiffened and hugged me, “MMMMM!”

When I stopped cumming she sagged to the floor panting, “that was so good.”

I grinned and gave her a quick kiss before pulling out and moving back to my seat. Cat moved over her and kissed her, “can I lick you?”

Eva grinned, “sure.”

Mara stood and walked to me rubbing her pussy, “will you fuck me Kit?”

Leah snorted, “silly question.”

April laughed, “straddle him and fuck him.”

I looked at them as Mara straddled me, “that’s it, you are both getting tied to the bed.”

They laughed as I cupped Mara’s firm breasts, “do you have an implant?”

She slowly impaled her pussy and shuddered as it squeezed my cock. She wiggled before leaning against me, “no and they gave us fertility shots.”

I hesitated and turned to look towards Leah and April. Leah sighed and glanced back, “something they passed to increase the population.”

I looked at Eva, “Eva?”

She was sitting up, “me to Kit, all of us.”

I leaned back and shook my head before caressing Mara’s hips, “slowly.”

She grinned, “just the way I like it.”

I smiled and caressed her smooth skin as she began to rock back and forth slowly and her warm velvety pussy squeezed my cock. It was only a couple of minutes before she became erratic and shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She wet me and kissed me passionately as she wailed and screamed.

I held her hips and pulled her back and forth as she started to convulse. It was a couple of minutes before she relaxed and began thrusting back and forth on her own. She came three times before I held her hips as I thrust up into her. She looked at me in surprise as my cock swelled and erupting in a gushing fountain of cum.

She jerked and shuddered hard as I kept pumping cum into her. She sighed when I stopped cumming and leaned her naked body against mine, “that was really good.”

The others laughed and she grinned before giving me a kiss. I lifted her and pulled out before laying her on the fur covered floor, “if you insist on getting pregnant.”

She grinned as Cat laughed and turned to lay beside her. I went to look over Leah’s shoulder and she glanced back at me, “We’ll make your spot with an hour to spare.”

I nodded, “I was thinking we could split the trailers and back them under the trees. There should be a cliff behind the stand to help block the worst of the storm.”

April glanced back at me, “for an amateur you didn’t do to bad.”

I moved over behind her seat and bent over to cup a breast and kiss her. She held my head and moaned as I rubbed her nipple. I let her go and stood, “I hope that made you horny.”

She grinned at me as Leah laughed. I check the engineering station before going to make lunch. It was snowing lightly when Leah slowed and came to a stop. I looked past her at the cliff and then at the large group of blue trees. I pointed out several places she could back the separate trailers in and turned to get dressed.

I grabbed my rifle and slipped out and started walking towards the trees. I wore a set of thermal glasses like my father had taught me and stopped at the dozens of wiggling thermal shapes moving out of the trees and towards me, “Get back in the runner!”

Somehow we had run straight into an ice snake nest which was extremely rare. I knew better than to run and brought my rifle up. I started taking the heads off the snakes and moving to the next one. I was killing more than thirty a minute and the snakes were still coming out. I changed magazine as Leah, April and Eva appeared beside me.

I kept shooting as they joined in and it was over five minutes and several magazines before the snakes stopped coming out. I kept watching, “you three are getting spanked.”

Leah leaned against me, “we couldn’t leave you.”

I change magazine again and looked at her, “it would have taken longer but the end would still be the same.”

I looked at her, “we stay in pairs, one using thermal glasses.”

She nodded and I sighed, “we can forget any trapping.”

I moved forward, “Mara?”

She followed me to the closest snake and I started showing her how to skin and clean an ice snake. It was an hour before I stopped and glanced up at the thickening snow fall. I pushed Leah towards the runner, “everyone inside.”

I unhooked all the sleds and moved the last one around and hooked it to the runner. I guided Leah back under the trees and then unhooked it. We moved each one under the trees until our living sled was backed in. I pulled out the extra power cables and ran one to each sled before letting Eva know.

She switched on the roof force screens and I met them at the door to our living sled as the snowfall became a white blanket. I closed the door and set my rifle in the rack with the others, “at least we have enough snake hides to make another blanket.”

Eva chuckled as she started cooking dinner, “enough for a lot of blankets and a ice snake blanket will bring a lot.”

April and Leah were nodding as Mara and Cat looked at them. I started undressing as I headed towards the back, “the melt tanks are full.”

I wish the shower was larger but it felt good to wash in warm water. The girls were talking when I came out and smiled as I sat, “after the storm we need to examine the cliff and find the nest.”

Leah sighed, “we could just...”

I shook my head, “you know what the council put out. With as many snakes as we saw there will be thousands of eggs.”

I looked at Eva, “Think we can rig one of the chillers to put them in stasis?”

She grinned, “yeah, thinking of raising them?”

I smiled at Leah, “a few at a time using waste meat.”

She brightened, “dad has always complained of tossing it away.”

I looked at her, “send a message to your parents and see if they want to try raising them. Send a message to the council rep and let her know about the nest.”

Leah grinned and went to the relay panel. Dinner was nice as the main part of the blizzard swept over us. I cleaned up as the girls whispered and giggled together in the small living area, even Mara and Cat. Unlike my parents snow home we had settled for thick cushions and pillows in the living area instead of chairs.

I stretched and yawned when I was done cleaning, I had been up since before dawn. I headed towards bed and Leah laughed as she ran to catch me, “not so fast.”

She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me before lifting to fit my cock to her pussy. She looked at me as she pushed and wiggled until my cock was stretching her. She smiled and started rocking back and forth and twisting, “you have to do all of us before we go to sleep.”

I cupped her firm breasts and rubbed the nipples, “how many are fertile?”

She grinned and turned to look at Cat as she sat, “two, Cat and Mara. I will be next and then April and Eva.”

I caressed her hips as she shuddered and her pussy tightened, “you girls will get pregnant when you get pregnant.”

Cat laughed as the others joined us, “I like that, pleasure first.”

I grinned and reached between Leah’s legs to finger her clit and she screamed as she thrashed around and wet me, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I pulled her down and rolled over before beginning to fuck her with deep strokes. Her slippery pussy spasmed and tightened as I started to push deeper. Leah wailed and wrapped her legs around me as she convulsed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I buried my cock to hump and grind into her and she arched her back and screamed as she squirted, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her for another ten minutes before pushing all the way into her. Leah was incoherent as her legs waved in the air and jerked. Her pussy clenched around my cock as it erupted and gushed a thick stream of cum. She jerked and shuddered as I kept pumping cum into her, “KIT!”

She hugged me as I spurted into her and slowly relaxed when I finished and lay holding her. I kissed her softly, “thanks Leah.”

She grinned, “you better get used to doing that.”

I smiled as the other girls laughed and pulled out. I laid back and April straddled me, “my turn?”

I pulled her down and caressed her bare back, “Slowly or I will do it for you.”

Cat laughed and moved over to help her sit up. They positioned my cock and April wiggled and pushed to force it into her. She groaned as her pussy was stretched and started rocking slowly. I felt her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she shuddered and jerked. It was a few minutes before her breathing became ragged and her pussy contracted.

She started convulsing and I held her up as the girls laughed. April twisted and squirmed before I sighed and pulled her down. I rolled and began to fuck her with long thrusts, “squirmy girl.”

They laughed again as April wrapped her legs around me and howled, “KKKIIIIITTTTTTT!”

I fucked her steadily with firm strokes as her warm, tight pussy spasmed and milked my cock. It took almost twenty minutes before I felt like cumming. I shoved into her and pushed through her cervix. April stiffened and tilted her hips as she looked at me. I shuddered as I gushed another large stream of sperm and she screamed as it flooded her, “aaaahhhh!”

I pumped and spurted and slowly relaxed when I was done. I smiled and kissed her and pulled out and looked at Cat. She was laid back and fingering her pussy. I smiled and moved over her and kissed her before grinning and moving down. I opened her bald pussy and licked through it before capturing her clit and sucking.

She shuddered as her hips lifted and she let out a moan. I kept licking her and teasing her clit until she finally pushed my face away and covered her pussy. I moved up and gave her a soft kiss before pushing into her. I started slowly with long strokes and her warm pussy began grasping and squeezing my cock from the first thrust.

Each time I buried my cock her pussy would spasm and squeeze from the entrance rippling back to her cervix. It was amazing and I groaned as I buried my cock and humped, pressed and slowly jabbed. Cat shuddered harder and began thrusting up as her moans turned into a wail. I pulled back before I started to fuck her with deep, firm thrusts.

I was hitting her cervix and pushing with each stroke and she began to convulse as she clutched me and screamed, “yyyyeeeessss!”

I continued to fuck her like that, with deep strokes and she kept thrashing around as her pussy milked my cock and she screamed. She was constantly bucking and jerking as I fucked her and Mara moved close to rub her shoulder. It was awhile before I felt my balls churning and thrust into her hard and held her tight.

Cat stiffened and lifted her hips as she looked at me with wide eyes. I began to spew and pump strong spurts of cum against her cervix. She tightened her hold and shuddered hard as her pussy clamped down, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her as I finished cumming and waited until she dropped her legs and sighed before pulling out. I laid back and sighed, “now can I sleep? It has been a long day for me.”

They laughed and Cat turned to rub my chest before putting her head on my shoulder to match Leah as she snuggled against me on the other side. I woke to the soft morning alarm beep and looked at the bed filled with naked girls. Leah rubbed my chest, “fuck Cat and Mara. We should have breakfast ready by then. After we can check the cliff.”

Cat lifted her head and grinned, “from behind?”

April giggled as she moved off the bed, “like a proper catdog bitch.”

Eva rolled out after her, “nice and slow Kit.”

Mara laughed and scooted around us, “you can fuck me later, I need to pee.”

I laughed as Cat grinned and moved to the side on her hands and knees. I rolled and moved behind her, “I’m always horny in the morning.”

She wiggled her butt, “I can help with that.”

I grinned as I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before slowly pushing into her and starting to fuck her. I used long strokes as I held her hips and she pushed back. I fucked her with long, slow thrusts and a minute later she shuddered as her warm pussy tightened. She dropped her head to the bed with a groan as she thrust back hard and wailed.

I held her hips and started to fuck her hard and deep. Cat jerked and spasmed as I kept it up for a few minutes. She was howling and thrashing side to side as I kept planting my cock. I finally shoved into her and held her as my cock throbbed and then I was peeing a strong gushing stream of cum.

She screamed into the bed as I pumped warm sperm through her cervix and continued to shudder until I was done. I pulled out as she slumped to the bed and bent to rub her butt, “thanks.”

I moved off the bed and went to wash and then go eat. I dressed with the girls and kept all the girls with me when I went out. The blizzard was over but it had dropped a lot of snow and was just beginning to clear. I checked the other sled trailers and the runner before leading the girls into the blue trees.

I moved towards the cliff and stopped when I saw the crack. It almost looked like a doorway and I moved towards it carefully, “thermal glasses on.”

The entrance was smooth but not like ice. It was almost twenty meters before I stopped and looked at all the nests in front of the wide metal door, “Mara, you and Eva head back to sled trailer three and start working on converting a chiller.”

I looked at the stunned group of women, “Cat, go with Leah to the home sled. Call the council and tell them we found an alien ruin.”

Leah opened her mouth but I held up my hand, “Cat is a doctor and if we need help I want her safe and able to provide it. April will stay with me in case I need help. All of you use our trapping comm to talk to each other if you need too.”

I gestured and they left as I started for the door, “keep your glasses on April.”

I took mine off and used a small flashlight to start looking at the markings around the door. There were two holes to one side and I hesitated before sticking a finger in. There was a shrieking and grating sound before the door slowly started moving aside. Lights flickered before slowly brightening in a large room.

I looked at April before slowly walking in. I backed out when I started to feel light headed and April pulled me back. I remembered history stories about tombs that had been sealed for a long time, “I think it needs to be aired out.”

I glanced around before pulling out a large bag I had brought, “lets collect eggs first.”

April smiled, “yeah, ice snakes might not be as dangerous as aliens.”

I grinned and went to the closest nest. It took a few trips and we had broken a good trail by the time we finished. Eva and Mara didn’t take long to change things around before starting to stack eggs. After we were done we went to the home sled to warm up. Cat had made a thick soup and Leah grinned when we came in, “just in time, the council is sending a flyer.”

I glanced at Leah, “weather?”

She smiled, “clear.”

After we finished I nodded to Eva and Mara, “watch for the flyer and bring them to the cave.”

They nodded and I started dressing. I led Leah, April and Cat back out and to the cave. This time when I stepped into the alien room nothing happened. I nodded to the girls, “slowly and don’t touch anything.”

They followed me in and I began moving around the room looking at everything. I found the other doorway a few moments later, “I have a door.”

Leah cleared her throat, “I think I do too.”

I went to look and nodded before reaching out and like I had done at the entrance door, I stuck my finger into the hole. The door grated and slide aside but I pulled the girls back before moving to the other door and opening it, “we need to leave so they can air out.”

Leah took a deep breath and darted into the first room before returning a moment later with a huge ice snake pelt. It was larger than any I had ever seen and was still dragging on the floor. I grabbed it and started rolling it as I nodded to the door, “no more, everyone out.”

April smiled as she pointed to a thin plastic sheet on a counter and I nodded, “take it and go.”

Once we were outside we moved back to the home sled, “April? Plot a course northeast so we can start trapping.”

She looked up from the rolled plastic, “sure.”

I left and went to the runner and began moving and pulling the follow along sleds out. I saw the flyer and several minutes later Eva and Mara led a dozen men down towards the woods and the cave. I went to get the girls dressed and into the runner before heading to the cave. I walked in and found Eva and Mara standing by the door.

I kissed each before walking past them and into the room. One of the men turned, “stay out.”

I smiled, “since I found it you can leave if you want to be pissy.”

He frowned as another man poked his head out one of the two other doors. He walked out, “we are worried about contamination.”

I looked at the other man, “if that were true you would be in decon suits.”

I shook my head, “we are leaving but I wanted to warn you. The air in the rooms was bad when we opened the doors.”

I turned and walked out pushing Eva and Mara ahead of me, “to the runner.”

When I climbed into the runner behind them I glanced at April as she stared intently at the unrolled piece of plastic, “if we have a course you can leave Leah.”

She grinned as she stripped on her way to the pilot seat, “April, Eva.”

She triple checked everything I had touched while hooking the sleds up before we started moving. Mara and Cat had stripped with me and I sat in the chair April had been in. I glanced at the plastic and frowned before turning it around. I stood and went to lean over April, “can you make a holo image of this as an overlay?”

She glanced away from the remote holo and looked at the plastic, “yes why?”

I used my finger to follow a small line on the plastic, “because this looks like that cliff.”

I touched another spot, “and this reminds me of that huge crater to the far north.”

She started to take the plastic and then shook her head, “leave it and I will make the overlay so we can all look.”

Mara pulled on my arm, “come fuck me Kit.”

Leah laughed, “yeah breed her Kit.”

I growled as I let Mara pull me away, “careful or she won’t be the only one I breed.”

They laughed as I turned to hold Mara and kiss her before slowly kneeling and then laying her on the fur covered floor. I moved over her to keep kissing her and she shifted and pulled at my cock and I pushed into her. I continued to kiss her as I began to fuck her long, slow and deep.

It wasn’t long before she shuddered as her velvety pussy squeezed my cock and she moaned, “ooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes and after several minutes she was wailing and thrashing around. I buried my cock to hump, grind, press and jab and Mara howled and wrapped her legs around me as her pussy contracted and squeezed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

The girls laughed and Cat knelt to rub my back, “breed her nice and deep.”

Mara groaned as I pulled back and started fucking her nice and deep, stopping to press against her cervix each time I was all the way inside her. A few minutes later I shoved into her and kissed her as I pushed and began pumping and spewing cum. She jerked and lifted her hips as I spurted cum deep inside her and she clutched me, “aaaahhhhh!”

I was shaking as I spent myself and then just held her while she continued to shudder. She finally sighed and relaxed so I kissed her and pulled out and rolling onto my back. Eva chuckled before moving out of her seat and walking to me. She straddled me and squatted before lifting my slimy cock and sitting on it.

I shuddered as her tight pussy sank onto my cock. She shivered and grinned before starting to bounce. I reached up to knead her breasts, “one of you is getting it hard.”

They laughed and Eva laid on me, “you need to fuck hard?”

I grinned as I felt her bare butt, “yeah.”

She kissed me and rolled as she held on. I ended between her legs and pushed to bury my cock. I kissed her softly and ignored everything except her. I pulled back before I started to fuck her hard and deep. I humped and pushed with each thrust as I tried to cum. She lifted her legs a minute later and spread them wide as she humped up and began shaking.

I kept kissing her as her pussy grasped and squeezed while I pounded her. It was a long time before I was ready and she was thrashing around and howling. I shoved into her and kissed her and held on as I began pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and thrust her hips up as she clutched me, “KIT!”

I was shaking as I came against and through her cervix. When I was done I relaxed and sighed, “thanks Eva.”

She laughed and shook me, “next time we do that in a bed.”

I smiled and pulled out before laying beside her. I caressed her pelvis, “they really made you get a fertility shot?”

She smiled and turned to kiss me, “yeah but they removed all but two eggs in us girls.”

I looked at her and then at Leah and April before Cat and Mara, “and how many did they take out of you?”

Mara grinned as she rubbed her pussy, “None I have six and Cat had five.”

Eva pushed me towards Cat and Mara, “feel them for awhile.”

She stood and went to sit in her seat as Mara pulled me close and Cat reached across her to pull my hand to a breast, “start here and feel free to suck on a nipple if you want.”

Mara grinned and the girls laughed as I gave the nipple a tug. I turned her and spooned behind her before reaching over to cup her breast, “why don’t you go watch April?”

Cat smiled and kissed Mara before standing and moving to the Nav station. When I looked a minute later April and Cat were snuggled together and working the remotes. I relaxed as I continued to feel and caress Mara and she shivered and turned onto her back and then faced me. I smiled as I reached down to feel and slip a finger through her slit.

She laughed and rolled away, “its awake and hungry.”

April laughed as she slipped out of her seat and walked towards me and straddled me and squatted. She positioned her pussy and sat down. I groaned as my cock pushed up into her and she started turning and twisting while rolling her hips. Her pussy would grasp and pull on my cock each time she rose up.

It was like her pussy was milking my cock and felt amazing. I reached for her and pulled her down on me, “witch.”

She laughed and kissed me before I rolled and started to fuck her with long thrusts. She shuddered and humped as her pussy continued to grip my cock. She began with moans that turned into wails followed by howls as she convulsed. She wet me and thrashed and writhed around under me, “KIT!”

I fucked her with firm thrusts and kept grinding each time I buried my cock. She clutched me as she continued to shake while her pussy spasmed, “yyyeeesss!”

It was awhile before I buried my cock and kissed her just as I started pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and hugged me tight while I kept filling her, “oooohhhh!”

When I stopped cumming I gave her a soft kiss, “okay its fed now.”

She grinned as the others snickered and I pulled out. I laid back and caressed her hip, “I’ll start drawing up plans for a snow home and a few trailers.”

She grinned, “a follow along for our litters?”

The others laughed as I grinned, “yeah. One trailer will be a nursery.”

Mara glanced at me, “you could make them so they could be parked side by side with walkthroughs.”

That started all the girls on things I should build into them. I grinned as I sat up and went to make a soup while they plotted. When we parked it was late afternoon but we still pulled out runners and sleds. I glanced at the girls, “Cat with me, Leah take Mara, April and Eva head west. We will go east and...”

Leah grinned, “and I will take Mara north.”

I nodded, “you know the rules. Wear the thermal glasses and watch for ice snakes.”

I rode my runner and started setting traps and snares while teaching Cat. Once I ran out of traps and snares we started using the ones in her sled. When those ran out I headed back with her following. It was dark when I stopped beside the sleds. I had killed a few Nexal Pigs and a Roo Bunny and showed Cat how to skin and clean the animals.

I took her into a trailer and showed her how to prepare the skins and package the meat. While I was doing that the others returned and I ended up sending Cat into the living sled and teaching Mara. When we came into the living sled it was to the smell of cooking. I grinned as I pulled Mara after me when I saw the others damp from their showers.

I pulled her into the shower and washed her before standing still to let her do me. When I sat at the table later the girls were still talking about things they wanted in the follow along. Leah straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy before giving me a kiss. She rocked slowly as I held her and she put her head on my shoulder.

I glanced at Eva, “is anyone writing all this down or recording it?”

She grinned and stuck out her tongue, “yes.”

I caressed and held Leah’s hips as she rocked and rubbed her pussy on me while it grasped and squeezed my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and her pussy tightened. I closed my eyes in pleasure as the head of my cock kept pushing her cervix open and her pussy milked my cock.

She jerked and bounced and giggled when I groaned and humped up. She twisted and rolled her hips and each time she pulled up her pussy would grasp my cock. A few minutes and I was ready to cum. She lifted suddenly and Cat reached over to squeeze the head of my cock. I groaned as my cock throbbed but I didn’t cum.

The girls grinned and laughed as I growled but a few minutes later Cat let me go and Leah slowly impaled her pussy. The second time she did it I was ready to pull her back down and the third I struggled as my balls began to hurt. Cat rubbed my shoulder when Leah sat back on my cock, “take her to the bed and finish.”

I turned and stood as Leah shuddered and wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked to the bed and sat before twisting and rolling. I started to fuck her long hard and deep while she hugged me and writhed around under me. It was a few minutes before I buried my cock and shuddered violently as I peed warm sperm through and into her womb.

Leah screamed as she was flooded and I kept pumping more spurts of cum. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock constantly. When I stopped cumming she was still jerking and twitching while she moaned, “ooohhh my that was a lot of cum.”

I held her as I tried to catch my breath and then rolled so she was on me. I hugged her when she put her head on my shoulder and closed my eyes. I didn’t wake when the girls came to bed. I woke to the timekeeper and glanced around as I rubbed Leah’s butt, “time to get up.”

I took Cat with me to check the traps as the others headed out. Every trap was full and we returned to the sleds to begin the process of cleaning them and putting the meat away. We were cleaning pelts when the others began arriving and by the look their traps had all been full. We all worked together to finish before I put the runners and sleds away.

I made a check as I walked back to the runner and as soon as I closed the door Leah brought it to life. I made sure we had everyone as I stripped and went to wash. I sat on the couch and leaned back, “so where were we with the follow along?”

That was a decade ago and a couple of dozen children. We found other alien sites and still trap each winter. Our summers are spent to the south on a large steading where we train people how to trap and survive the winters.
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