Mika has a birthday party. A preteen love story.
NOTE: This series contains preteen sexual activity. If you disagree do not read and then complain.

Mika and Christina

Chapter 5. Birthday Candles.

Roger lifts his beer bottle into the air and says with authority, “Old married guys do not get fucked at home.” He regales Akin and the other two guys with the story about newlywed guys. The story goes like this: They need to put a jar next to the bed on the wedding day. For the first year every time they have sex they put a penny into the jar. The next year every time they have sex they take a penny out of the jar. “I guarantee the jar will never be empty,” Roger tells them and all four laugh at the joke.

Akin and his buddies are in the student cafeteria at his college. They had just finished a one hour weight lifting drill and were having drinks. Roger is the only one who drinks beer and his middle shows it. His flat belly days are long gone. How they got to talking about married guys was Akins fault. He was asked why he had not been at a frat party where only freshman girls were invited. “My God, you should have seen some of those baby tits and ass,” Roger tells them. He makes a big deal about the new girls being glammed up but wearing next to nothing. One of the guys adds, “I never saw one girl with a bra on. And they made sure we knew it; total sluts, away from mommy and daddy for the first time.”

Akin’s mind flashes at the baby tits and ass at his house. Six year old red headed Christina really had baby no-tits and a cute bubble butt. Mika, the nine year old, was madly in love with him and had sweet, young a-cup tits and a developed ass. Lastly was their mother, Missy, who at twenty-six was just a few years older than the college guys. Missy and Mika, even though a bit plain looking, have long, waist-length dark brown hair and could nearly pass for sisters. Lots of guys have a thing for long hair he has learned from the looks the girls get in the mall.

Akin admitted to the guys he has been dating an older girl for the past three weeks and his and her schedule had not given him time to be at frat parties. He reminded them about his night job. It was all just an excuse because he spent at least three times a week playing with one of the girls, the mom or Sharon, another friend. Roger raised his bottle and congratulated him on being “old and married.”

At this college, if you dated the same girl more than two weeks, you were “old and married.” All the young hip types shared their girls and traded them on Facebook with other frat houses. Even worse, the sorority sisters traded the guys the same way. Weight lifters and football players usually stayed on top of the list and had a choice of available freshman sisters.

Akin grins that at age twenty-three, he could be considered “old and married”. As he drives home he thinks about some of the fantastic days and nights he has had since he met the family next door. He is amazed at the change which has come over mom Missy especially. When he first met her she looked a bit “frumpy” and “house-wifely”. Her demeanor was downcast, her hair looked a bit unkempt and she seemed to lack self-confidence.

He laughs as he remembers how she changed once he got her into the bedroom. When she looked at his “big sausage”, as Mika calls it, she pushed it up her ass and rode him hard. It was a great first-time experience for him to do a girl anal. It was clear Missy had done it before and knew how to get a guy to shoot cum up her ass. It was also clear Missy was coming back for more. She told him if he was going to do her and her daughters they were going to be exclusive. Akin loved her word “daughters”, because he really wanted to play some sex games with little Christina.

Since then, they have spent weekends at his house. The three darlings soak up sun at his pool lying out naked. Missy likes to repeat her anal adventures on Saturday afternoons. He fucks daughter Mika during the week when mom is at work and yes, she is still a virgin. On Sundays, they go to the mall, a movie and eat at a restaurant like a regular family. All very domesticated. “Shit, the guys are right. I am married; I just need to put the jar next to my bed,” Akin realizes. He wonders if it will last one year.

Akin thinks about last Sunday’s trip to the mall which turned out to exciting, cost him a big bundle of money, and gave him a new friend. He had told Missy he wanted to visit a particular wing of the mall and as they walked down the hall he pulled her into a fancy clothing store. “I want to buy you and Mika something,” he told her with a grin and took her to the ladies section. He knew exactly where he was going.

He handed her a silky, frilly, strapless, pale pink half-cup bra and said, “Will you try this?” Missy looked at him and asked, “You want me to wear this?” He laughed, “Just on the weekends and not at work.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dressing room, telling Mika, “Look for one in your size.” In the dressing room, Missy pulled her black t-shirt over her head and reached one arm behind her and unclasped her white mom-bra. She leaned forward, shook the straps off her shoulders and let the cups drop down into her hand. Her boobs dangled and Akin thought, “Geez, how do women do that in zero seconds and most guys fumble around like little kids.”

Missy wrapped the strapless pink bra around her and pulled it up. She scoops one hand into each cup and pulls her breasts up and adjusts them. The bra fits perfect and she turned this way and that and looked at herself in the mirror. “What do you think, babe,” she asked Akin with a smile. He grinned like a school kid and said, “Just one second,” and left the dressing room. He is back in two minutes with the same bra; but one size smaller, and matching thongs. “Try this one,” he said and held it up. Missy unhooks the first bra, shakes her shoulders and drops it on the seat.

Akin takes the new bra and holds it by the cups and smiles at Missy. As she looks at him she steps forward and lets him encase her breasts in the half cups. He slides his hands under her arms around the back and clasps the bra. It means of course that Missy’s tits dig into his chest and he gives her a kiss on the lips. Missy leans back, adjusts her breasts and sees the new effect. The tops of her breasts are pushed high up and her nipples lay on top of the bra’s edge. Missy arches an eyebrow and her back, “You want me to look like a slut?”

“No, just like a college coed.”

“Yea right,” Missy laughs. He tells her to put her t-shirt back on and look for low-rider jeans with sparkles on the pockets. Missy picks out a pair of jeans; but Mika hands her a slim cut pair and a matching low cut, black top. When she came out of the dressing room all she needed was a hat to look like a country music star. Mika looked at her with a big smile, “Wow, Missy you look hot.” Her nipples stretch the black fabric; but not to where she would cause a riot in the food court.

“Missy, see what you can find for Christina,” he told her and they head away to the kids section. “I’d really like it if you get her something sexy,” he says quietly just so she can hear it.

He turned to Mika and asked, “Did you find the same stuff in your size?” Mika grins and holds up a baby-blue half bra. “Let’s go try it,” he tells her and takes her into the dressing room. She strips naked and stand on her tip-toes and kisses him hard, “Thank you, Akin, for taking us shopping.” She kisses him again and he teases her nipples, pulling and rubbing.

“Do you want to fuck me in here,” she whispers and pulls his fingers to her pussy. She pushes his middle finger into her cunt and holds him there. Akin rubs her clit for a few seconds, gives her a kiss and tells her it is way too dangerous. “Yea, just let a sales clerk catch me fucking a nine year old in a store,” he thinks.

He holds the bra cups for her and has her try it. It pushes her a-cups up and her nips are barely hidden by a lacy edge. Mika looked into the mirror, pulled her dark hair back and told him, “OMG, now I really look like I have tits.”

Missy returns with Christina and ten minutes later they all head out of the shop with five bags holding their old clothes and several new sets of bras and panties. Mom and daughters are clad in tight new jeans with silver designs sparkling on their swaying asses. Christina skipped ahead of them fascinated by the mall’s fountains, also wearing new jeans.

They are near the upscale hair salon and Akin tells them, “We timed that just right for your appointments.” The girls have no clue and he steers them into the salon. Three chairs and three beauticians await them. He reminds the manager, “Don’t let them cut their long hair and I want big curls.” She tells him to get lost for an hour at least, “No men allowed.”

Akin stops at another store and lets their next appointment know they will be a bit late. Then he goes to shop for Mika’s tenth birthday present. Mom Missy has agreed to let her have a cell phone; but only a real basic one. She heard too many stories of sexting, texting and more.

When he came back to pick them up from the salon, he nearly had a heart attack. Magic was worked on all three girls from head to toes. Baby Christina’s red hair was highlighted and is a giant mass of girly curls. She smiled and giggled at his reaction and he could tell she had a bit of blusher on her face and lip gloss to highlight her pouty lips. She stood and did a little pirouette and jumped back into the chair.

Mika looked even more glamorous. Her hair had the giant curls falling down over her shoulders just like he envisioned. It seemed darker and had soft red highlights which made it sparkle in the salon’s bright lights. She had the full make up treatment, from eye liner to nail polish. Her eye lashes looked an inch long and Mika batted her eyes at him with a big smile. He could see a bit of sparkle make-up on her cleavage, which drew his eyes to her baby mounds visible over the low cut top. “Those mounds are going to get some big time stares,” he figured.

Lastly was the transformation of mom Missy. She stood up and stretched and he was ready for her boobs to pop out of her new bra. Her nipples seemed hard as rocks and trying to push through her low cut top. She didn’t need any sparkle to draw attention to her tits, they did it all on their own. Like Mika, her hair seemed darker and had subtle highlights and the same big curls he wanted. It curled down her front to near her waist. Missy wiggled her fingers at him and showed him matching dark nail tips. Super sexy.

He let the three of them walk out in front of him, so he could get the rear end view. Missy swayed her ass on purpose and when Mika saw it she joined in. Their hips were in rhythm and from the back they looked identical except their height. Holy smokes.

He knew he was right to schedule their last appointment at Glamour Puss, a photographer’s shop. A college age assistant with a spiked hair and ‘Jenn’ on a name badge took charge of them. Mika and Missy were in a giddy mood after the salon session and were ready for a new experience. Jenn took them into the studio section and they agreed they would first do a couple of ‘family’ pics around a neutral background. Then Jenn shot some head shots of Missy and Mika separately.

Jenn put the “tests” up on a forty-two inch screen and Missy almost cried about how beautiful her ‘family’ was. They ‘Ooh’d’ and ‘Aah’d’ as each shot came on the screen. Jenn made suggestions about which shots to enlarge and purchase. They picked one head shot of Missy and Mika for large pictures to hang on the wall. Jenn told Missy to look at some of the sample pictures hanging on the wall and suggested she should do a ‘Valentine’ shoot as a present for Akin. The Valentines were all in bikinis, underwear or sheer material.

Missy shook her head ‘No’ and Mika shook hers ‘Yes’. Jenn laughed and told them that is usually the first answer. “Since we have a tie, what do you want to do?” she asked Akin. He laughed and told her they both had brand new underwear and to shoot them in that. Jenn took Missy’s hand and led her around the corner to the changing room. Mika winked at him and followed. Christina was sent to the play room to watch cartoons.

Akin nearly laughed when they came out dressed in fancy blue robes. “Like I haven’t seen it before he thought. Jenn had them pose next to a roman column and took their robes away. She smiled at Akin as she tossed them over a chair. He had to admit they both looked glorious and their hips started moving to Jenn’s music. “A couple of test shots to see how the lighting works,” she told them as the flash towers popped and the camera clicked. She let them look at the test shots on the big TV and it seemed to get the girls into the mood, making suggestions as how to sit or stand.

Jenn shot another dozen shots in various poses, all of which you could probably see on any beach. She was wrapping up and said, “OK girls, face forward and grab your knees.” Mika did as she was told and grabbed her legs above the knees. Missy knew exactly what was facing the camera, her boobs were hanging out and her nipples were rock hard fully on display. Jenn waited until she finally leaned down and grabbed her legs. “That’s it girls, big smiles,” and she popped a half-dozen shots. “Now, very slowly come up and shake your hair gently,” she told the two models and clicked a dozen shots as they stood up.

Jenn told them she would let the ‘man’ pick his favorite pictures. She would do a set of separate shots of Christina next; but suggested the girls go next door and look at cosmetics. She whispered conspiratorially to Missy, “You don’t want to know what this will cost him.” As Mika was leaving, Jenn gave her a hug and thanked her for being a great model. She kissed Mika’s cheek and one hand stayed on her young ass. Mika looked into Jenn’s eyes and Jenn leaned forward and gave her a full kiss on the mouth. “Thank you, Mika, I sure hope I see you soon,” she told her and pushed her toward the dressing room. Mika looked at Akin and he just smiled at her while thinking, “I guess even big girls want you.”

The girls left to go to the cosmetics store and the shop’s receptionist shouted, “Jenn, I’m going to take my thirty minutes break.” Jenn shouted back reminding her to put the ‘Closed’ sign on the door and lock it.

She invited Christina into the studio and set her up for her close up head-shots. While shooting, Jenn told him about being a film student at the college. Akin mentioned he was in the engineering program. As she worked with Christina, she would come to Akin, make a point and touch his leg. He noted her top seemed to fall away and show nice cleavage.

When she finished the head shots, Jenn pulled a beach scene background from the ceiling and asked Christina if she wanted to do some beach shots. Christine looked at Akin and he nodded and she squealed, “Yes, I want to be on the beach.” Jenn told her she would have to take her jeans off and before they could count to three Christina was out of her jeans and top. She was left dressed in very short, pale pink frilly panties.

Christina turned to Akin, pirouetted and asked, “Love my new panties?” He smiled and told her he absolutely loved her and the panties were nice too. She did a phony pouty face, leaned over and stripped butt naked. She tossed her panties at Akin and stepped to the middle of the beach set.

Jenn giggled and got a beach ball and rolled it across the floor. It stopped between Akin’s shoes and Jenn came over to retrieve it. As she slowly bent from the waist it quickly became clear to Akin she was giving him the full show. A nice set of boobs was fully displayed with large dark areolas and large nipples.

Their eyes met and Akin gave her a big smile before she got up. Jenn posed Christina on the set and let her hold the ball covering her pussy. She shot a couple of shots and told her to slowly turn around. The flash popped as she turned. When she was fully turned around and her bubble butt was to the camera, Jenn had her smile over her shoulder, shake her red curls and then slowly put the ball down. It pushed her buns high up and exposed her little slit. Flash, flash, flash, Jenn shot as fast as the strobes would recycle.

Jenn had Christina bounce the ball a bit and asked her if she was having fun. Christina laughed and told them she was ready to be a super model. Jenn told her to turn forward and hold the ball up high and smile pretty. Flash, flash, flash. Akin was enjoying it, too.

“Do you want one with her sitting on your lap?” Jenn asked and Akin told her absolutely. Jenn changed the scenery to a library scene with a roaring fire place. She pulled a chair in front of the fire place and had Akin sit. She fixed his shirt, straightened his collar and then got on her knees in front of him to straighten his trousers. Her boobs swayed gently in her top and Akin enjoyed the view. Christina climbed into his lap and put her legs to one side. She leaned back, shook her curls and said “Ready.”

Jenn laughed and shot four shots. Then she told Christina to face forward. Jenn bent over in front of him again, her top had slipped down a bit and her boobs were fully displayed. She put her hands on Christina’s thighs and rubbed them gently and then slowly pulled them apart. Akin knew they were about to do some kiddie porn. Jenn rubbed her thighs higher and her thumbs nearly touched Christina’s slit. She looked up at Akin, who studied her boobs, and asked quietly, “You Ok with this?” When he nodded she gave him a big smile and one hand slid down between Christina’s legs. Christina smiled at Jenn with a big ‘O’ mouth. He could see Jenn’s middle finger slide between Christina’s pussy lips and give her a quick rub. When she stood up, Jenn put the finger in her mouth.

Jenn got behind the camera and popped several more shots. She came back and lifted Christina’s feet and set them on his thigh. “You may want to hold her,” she said and Akin put his hands on Christina’s hips. She leaned back and teased his face with her curls. Jenn lowered the camera on its stand and rolled it closer. He hid his face behind Christina as Jenn shot a bunch of pussy shots. He figured Christina’s little pussy would show her pretty slit and some lovely pink.

Jenn told Christina to go into the changing room and put her clothes back on. She took Christina’s place on Akin’s lap and asked, “Was it fun for you?” He slid his hand under her top, squeezed her tits and kissed her hard. “Yes, you little prick-tease,” he told her with a smile. Jenn stuck a business card into his shirt pocket and told him she specializes in “private” family shoots and movies. “I think Mika is ready to do some private modeling. Can we set up a date for some time next week?” His cock twitched under her ass and she took it as a ‘Yes.’

“Let’s look at these shots before Missy comes back,” he told her and Jenn put the pictures on automatic and let them scroll on the big screen. The last four showed Christina smiling at the camera with her pussy fully spread. “OMG,” Akin said out loud and Jenn agreed. She told him she will fix a special CD of the session just for him. No tits and ass in hard copy. Secretly, Jenn was already counting the money she could earn for the Christina shots.

After he paid, Jenn gives him a last hug and rubs her tits against him. “Text me and we will work out when I can deliver the pictures. You have to convince Missy about the private shoot.” As he walked out the door with Christina, Missy and Mika were coming down the hall; about ten guys were gawking.

What a day that had been.

As Akin nears his house after leaving his buddies talking about college sorority girls, he stops thinking about last Sunday. When Akin gets home he notices lights are on and he walks through the back door. Missy is in the kitchen by the stove and she is bent over looking into the oven. “Hi baby, I’m cooking lasagna,” she tells him and looks up at him while staying bent over. She wears a low cut top and her tits are on display. He can see she wears her “weekend” half-cup bra, today the pale blue one, and her nipples peak out. Akin grins and tells her, “Smells good and looks good from here.” She laughs, stands up and grabs him and French kisses him hard. “Looks like it’s going to be an interesting evening,” is on his mind.

He holds up the little gift bag and tells her he brought Mika’s birthday present. Missy gives him a quick peck and tells him he is too good to them all; but Mika will probably show appreciation for the gift. She chuckles as she says it. Akin sees the kitchen table set for three and it reminds him that Christina is away at a Pinkies Girl Scout weekend.

They eat their dinner lasagna and make small talk. Mika is fidgety because she hopes a birthday present comes tonight. She is a fully grown adult in her mind, of course, she is only ten. After dinner, mom Missy brings out the cake and lights the two candles on the “10”. Mika blows out the candles and eyes Akin while she makes a wish. He pulls out his first present and she screams when she opens the slim box. A silver chain holds two hearts. The hearts are small silver heart outlines interlocked. She jumps on his lap and gives him a hard kiss and then pulls her long hair aside for him to put the necklace on her. She jumps up and models it for him and her mom. The two hearts hang down between her breasts. “Oh shit, something else which says, ‘Look at my new grown titties’,” he laughs to himself.

Missy tells her the next gift is from both of them and she has to stick to the rules or lose it. Mika smiles as she un-wraps the small package and extracts a top of the line i-phone. She squeals some more and jumps up and down. Missy looks at Akin and tells him she asked for a basic phone and he shrugs his shoulders, “In a year it will be out of date, don’t worry.” Missy tells her daughter to go into the bedroom and plug the phone into the wall so it can charge.

About ten minutes later Missy goes to check on Mika and calls out a minute later, “Akin, you want to come in here?” When he steps into the bedroom he gets a nice surprise. The light is dimmed by a red cloth over his bedside lamp. Missy closes the door behind him and tells him, “Mika wants to show her appreciation.” How she wants to do it is very clear. Mika is on the bed next to its edge on her hands and knees. Her ass is high up in the air and her face is down. She looks over her shoulder and smiles at him. She is naked.

Missy kneels down in front of Akin and pulls on his belt. By the time his underwear drops to the floor it hits him she knew this was coming. He remembers Missy’s earlier remarks as he unbuttons his shirt. Missy reaches up and pulls her top over her head and Akin sees her boobs spilling over the top of her bra.

Missy reaches for his cock and plays with his balls. Over the past three weeks she has explored every inch carefully and knows exactly what will get him to shoot cum into her mouth or ass. She lifts his cock and licks his underside and puts one of his balls into her mouth and rubs him with her tongue for minutes before doing his other ball. He can feel the blood pulsing into his cock as she rubs him.

He is in heaven when she slides her lips over his cockhead and tongues him. He wants to reach out, grab her long hair and shove himself down her throat hard. She holds him and controls his impulse to do just that. Missy smiles up at him, “It’s time to make Mika a woman in every way. She is ready and I give you permission.” Missy strokes his hard cock and lines him up with Mika’s pussy. Mika looks over her shoulders and says quietly, “Please do it for me, Daddy.” The necklace dangles between her tits and she put her head down on the sheet. He noticed a washcloth lying next to her and Mika folds it and puts it between her teeth.

Mika’s pussy is open with her outer lips spread. He can see her pussy lips have been oiled and her ass, too. A bottle of baby oil lies on the bed. Missy holds his engorged cock head and rubs it up and down between her daughter’s pussy lips. She rubs him against her clit and then up to her starfish bung hole. Missy squeezes a few more drops of baby lotion on Mika’s ass. Then she slaps his ass and pushes his cock against her starfish.

Akin looks down at her and she smiles up at him, “Yes, do her ass. First the pain and then the pleasure.”

Akin pushes hard and his cock head stretches her ass until her ring grabs him. His cock head is held tight and Mika moans through her washcloth gag. Missy drops another two drops of baby oil on his cock and slaps his butt again. He pushes hard and get two more inches of cock into Mika’s virgin ass. His brain can’t think; but he realizes Mom is supervising him busting her daughter’s ass. It must be some version of incest. Missy runs her hands over his ass and plays with his balls. Akin gives another hard push and he is root deep in Mika’s ass. She moans loudly and he can see her clenching the washcloth. Her hands have a death grip on the sheets. “Shit, I really don’t want to hurt her,” he realizes; but mom’s hand on his ass keeps him pushing into her.

Missy stands up and rubs her tits against him and whispers, “Now fuck her slowly, the pain will go away in a few minutes.” He does as Mommy says, slowly fucking Mika with deep long strokes. He loves it when his balls slap against her ass. Missy kneels back down, puts more lotion on Mika’s ass and then he notices her hand moving underneath his cock. “She is playing with her pussy,” he knows as his stokes get faster. He holds on to Mika’s hips and fucks her hard. Her dark hair flows out on either side of her face and he notices the painful moaning has stop. Her tight ass squeezes him and she start moving her hips along with him. “Pleasure after the pain,” he remembers.

He sees Missy going into the bathroom and coming back with towels and steaming washcloths. Missy kneels down and kisses his ass and squeezes his balls gently. It’s all that it takes for him to explode. He grabs Mika’s hips and pushes into her ass hard. Loads of cum explode from him and Mika shrieks. He bucks and bucks and holds on to her as he slowly deflates. After a minute more he pulls out of her and lies on the bed. Missy tells Mika to roll on her back next to him.

Missy spreads Mika’s legs and uses a warm washcloth to gently clean her pussy and ass. “Does it hurt?” she asks Mika as she pampers her ass and Mika nods. “Mommy will make it all better,” Missy says and kisses her ass cheeks. Mika giggles and inhales deeply when Mommy kisses her pussy. Missy’s tongue slides between her pussy lips and laps the pink insides. Mika arches her back and moans a loud, “Oohh.” Missy runs her tongue up to her daughter’s clit and sucks on it for a few seconds, enough to make Mika’s whole body tremble. Missy stops loving her daughter’s pussy and says, “Tonight you belong to Akin.”

Missy moves over to Akin and goes to work on his cock with a fresh hot washcloth. She leans over him and lets her tits hang out of her half bra. “You have to be all clean before you can bust my baby’s cherry,” she says with a mother’s tone. Of course her swaying tits and flushed face give away the fact she is horny to join in. After he fucks Mika, he will be all hers. Akin moans, “I need a bit of time to recover.” She laughs at him, “Poor baby is all tired. Mommy will make it better.” She gives his cock a gentle stroke and kisses his cock head. “I’m going for drinks,” she says with a laugh.

As soon as Missy is out the door Mika cuddles into him, “It really hurt at the start; but then it felt better. We can do it some other day if you want. Mom says she really loves it.” He kisses her and tells her, “I don’t want to hurt you, so only when you are ready.” She nods, “Your cum felt hot going into my ass. It’s weird.” She giggles, grabs him and whispers into his ear, “I love you so much. Are you going to marry me?” He is almost too shocked to answer; but he has an answer ready. “Baby we would have to wait eight years until you are eighteen. If we want to stay together, I may have to marry your mother since we are nearly the same age.” Mika thinks about it and says, “I guess I will have to share you with her after all.” He looks into her eyes and tells her, “If you love me, then you will share and not be jealous.”

“I love you totally” she tells him and snuggles against him harder.

Missy brings three glasses with wine and they clink glasses, “Happy birthday, Mika, you are almost a woman now.” They drink and Akin decides to just shut up and go with Missy’s program. Mika looks at him, bats her brown eyes at him and says teasingly, “Daddy I need you to fuck me now.” He laughs and helps her put her ass on top of a big pillow by the edge of the bed. Missy goes across the room and sits in the chair used by Christine. Akin kneels down and kisses Mika’s thighs gently moving up to her mons and back down.

Her pussy gives off an intoxicating scent and he kisses her outer lips for a few moments before stretching her open to show him her inner lips and small tunnel. Mika pulls her knees up and spreads her legs wider. When his tongue roughs her clit she tells him, “OMG, I can’t wait, please do me now.” With his face in her pussy, he mumbles, “in a minute.” He licks her clit and nibbles it until her hips move up and down against his face.

When his cock invades her pussy and pushes against her tight tunnel, she moans, “Yes, Daddy, please”. He taps her hymen and it is where he usually stopped to let her stay a virgin. He strokes her several times, like he used to fuck her before, until her legs circle around his ass. Mika smiles at him and nods her head. When he strokes downward hard she pushes with her legs and he pops her virgin pussy. She gasps hard and her eyes widen as he sinks into her root deep.

He holds still and her muscles hold him tight. Mika moans, “OMG, OMG, it feels like you are against my belly button.” Akin grins at her and pulls his cock back and inch and fucks her slowly at first and then faster. Her breathing speeds up and his does too. He can feel his hard cock being squeezed when he bottoms out in her. The pressure builds in his cock and he thinks to himself, “Don’t be a minute man.” He slows his strokes; but, Mika pushes against his ass and says, “Faster, harder.” Akin laughs to himself, “OK, just because you are now ten years old doesn’t mean you can outlast me.”

He adjusts his body position to give him more leverage and he grabs her hips and lifts her up. His cock now slides into her with nearly no resistance and he can feel her pussy juices lube his cock. He pounds her faster and a few minutes later, she moans, “I’m going to bust.” Her orgasm ripples from her pussy up and her legs tighten on his ass. It makes him cum. All of a sudden he thinks, “Shit, shit, I don’t even know if I’m getting her pregnant on her first fuck.” He is locked into her like a dog in heat and rope after rope of hot cum shoot into her pussy.

He feels a hand squeezing his balls and Mika keeps her legs wrapped around him. Missy says, “Wow, what a show. Mika, let him lay down and rest and you clean his cock.” Mika shakes her head ‘No’ and says, “Not yet, he is so hot inside of me.” Missy snickers and tells her, “Ok, baby. He is all yours.” Mike keeps holding him but Akin finally breaks her hold and crawls on the bed. Mika curls into him and tells them both, “Yes, he is all mine.”

She relaxes a few minutes and then gets up and gets a hot washcloth to clean him up. Akin looks at her, shakes his head and says, “Use your tongue and lips.” Mika is now frisky and laughs, “You want me to be a slut?”

“You are my ten year old exclusive slut,” he tells her and pushes his cock into her mouth. Mika sucks him clean, licks his balls and plays with his cock for a few minutes. Missy uses the hot washcloth to finish him.

All three are cuddled together in the bed relaxing when Akin’s cellphone start vibrating and dancing on his nightstand. The screeching boy band ringtone starts before he can grab it. Mika and Missy look at him when he answers, “Hello Sharon.”

He listens for a few minutes and tells her to hang on. He explains Sharon is stuck at home without any friends and wants to come over to visit with Mika. Missy says, “Does she want to spend the night and have you fuck her?”

“No, I don’t fuck Sharon.”

“So what does she get from you when we are not here?” Missy is a bit snarky.

He looks at the phone to be sure it’s on Mute. “Sharon is a cum slut.”

Mika giggles and tells her mom, “No, they don’t fuck; but ‘you’ may like her.” The emphasis on ‘you’ is real clear.

Akin gets back on the phone and says, “Baby, pack an overnight bag.”

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at a preteen sex club. Having second thoughts about posting it here because of the complainers.
What do you think? Should she join the sex club or not?

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2014-03-22 16:42:14
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2014-02-13 03:04:10
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2014-02-03 17:06:09
i think i seen this video before over at and it was in HD

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2014-01-04 03:31:38
she definitely should

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2013-10-26 16:42:54
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