Mind Over Body: 1st signs

"Test number 3, day 48, and mouse number 21 is set to go" Dr. Lenore replies into the microphone as her computer records it down "Linda please drop the mouse in the maze." Linda Yang drops it and watches the mouse head to the cheese with zero problems. Linda Yang is Dr. Lenore's lab intern. Linda is Asian woman of 26 finishing her degree with this internship. B cup breasts, weighing 148, and standing 5' 7.

"Success" Dr. Ron Fox says Lenore's lab partner. He writes down the report and heads over to a computer to start the new dose into the mass. Dr. Ron Fox is a blond geek standing 6' 4. Glasses with a rough beard showing grey at the age of 42. Average built 178, but showing a beer belly.

"We have here the solution to opening our minds to solve problems faster" Dr. Lenore says holding the test tube for rats.

Ron turns "true, but remember we still need to create one for human consumption."

Linda exits the room testing is done and entering the lab. She goes ahead in cleaning her hands. Afterwards to her computer to type. Before touching a key she turns to the doctor's "how long until human testing?"

"Not for another month at least" Dr. Lenore replies to her interns question.

"I disagree!" Ron says turning both women to him "Jennifer gave the okay this morning and I am done with the drug for human testing."

Dr. Lenore feeling betrayed not aware of this stops him "we need volunteers?"

"Next week" he continues "sorry about not telling you this earlier, but I've been so anxious on finishing it all day."

"Understood Ron" Dr. Lenore replies uncertain of trust in this lab "day is over will test it tomorrow." The three close down the lab with Ron out without much of a bye. Linda and Dr. Lenore were left.

Linda at the door "all done!"

Dr. Lenore turns the last computer off turning to her "you go ahead I need to check in with Mrs. Jennifer Jones."

"Bye then" Linda turns away with a simple wave of the hand.

Grabbing the human test tube into her bag as the machine makes another. She needed to try this tomorrow, so she doesn't have to fall behind Ron is the only thought on her mind. Locking the lab at 4 in the afternoon she walks away.


Dr. Lenore is her name in the office, but her friends call her Mindy. She is a straight short haired redhead. 39 years of, age weighing 145, breast size is c cup, and her height is 5' 11. At home with two teenagers and no husband who died in a hunting accident a decade ago. Seth her oldest got his father's brown curly hair. He is 17, height 6' 0, muscular, and weighing 165. Followed by her daughter Vicki. She is 15, redhead, similarly built to herself, 5' 11, c cup, weight 140.

Entering the house only half an hours drive from work the kids in their rooms knowing God's know what. She heads to the kitchen seeing the list for groceries grew. She drops off her bag and leaves. The tube drops out and rolls over to the sink stopping at the edge.

Vicki walks out of her room hearing her mother walk in. To her surprise she was not there. Bag is here on the countertop, but no mom. She turns to the fridge seeing the list is gone. Her mother has gone shopping. Turning back to the counter she sees a tube with pink liquid inside. Picking it up she reads the label. "Human safe test tube #000-001A" reading it out loud she shrugs opening it up sniffing it before drinking all of it. "Taste like sour rhubarb" she says turning away felling her mind awaken "wow what an aftertaste!" She walks away feeling extremely horny.


"I'm telling you bro she winked at me!" Seth tells his friend over web cam.

"Man, your dreaming Miss Watts winking" Joe replies half laughing "I wish she would wink at me!" Joe is black, same age as Seth, 6' 2, muscular, and weighs 170.

"She too is flirting!"

"Last week is was her panties, the week before it was a kiss...your daydreaming white boy!"

"Your just jealous!"

"No, bro you are smokin'!"

"Your the one who wants to fuck my sister!" Seth ends the conversation with Joe dead silent noticing Vicki enter the room overhearing his friends conversation. "Your the pervert that wants to fuck my sister!" Joe points into the screen. Seth turns to see his sister in his room "what the fuck do want!?"

Vicki takes her shirt off showing a purple bra she tells him in a mechanical way "to fuck."

Seth confused by her actions "what!?" Vicki walks up to him and kisses him on the lips. Brother and sister kiss right in front of Joe. Seth pulls away "are you mental!" Vicki grabs his shorts taking them off and begins sucking on her brothers cock.

Covering his mouth in disbelief Joe stared into the screen witnessing incest. Vicki sucked on her brother cock from the moment it was soft to hard within mere moments. Seth couldn't believe how disgusting his sister is. He simply had no control.

Vicki's mind opened up to all possibilities realizing this was insane, but it made perfect sense. Her body needed to be satisfied with pleasure. No toy could satisfy her only cock. Her mind ended up with one possibility. He was close, she was horny, and of course who better to feel safe and secure then with family. Her head is lifted away. She looks into his eyes seeing him angering, but couldn't figure it out he said to fuck her didn't he or did she?

Moves away from his sister falling onto the bed. He sees her move closer he squirms away afraid of her. Grabs her arm hoping to keep her away, but instead she jumps on top of him pressing her body on to his. Her lips press onto his as her tongue meets his. He accepted this moment knowing his sister would be gone after this.

Joe stares in total astonishment of this act. He remains silent watching such taboo occur. His mind could not explain it disgust, envy, lust filled him. Unconsciously he moves a hand down to play with his big black cock in his pants.

Vicki took her short short jeans off with her panties before sliding her brothers cock in her body. Her mind registers that she has reached her destination. Now all she needs is to get off. Body presses into his as lips make contact. Ass moves up and down as her brother's cock fucks her showing full view to Joe.

Balls smack loudly as he enters her body feeling her pussy clasping him tightly. Breasts pressed onto his chest only making his senses confused by this unexpected occurrence. Her tongue goes into his mouth wrestling with his own. Her hands pin his arms down making him a helpless victim.

Body tightens up feeling climax flood her body. A few more times and she would reach her peak.

Balls tighten up as his cock is ready to explode millions of seeds into his sister's womb. He watches her body lift up freeing him of her bond.

Both scream one of pleasure and one of agony as they come together. Joe looks down to see he too came in his pants. In this moment of unspeakable sex all went dead quiet. Vicki's mind cleared of all thoughts with vague pictures looks down to see she was not only on top of her brother, but they had sex. She screams as both boys covered their ears. She frantically leaves forgetting all of her clothes heading to take a shower to clean herself out.

Seth covers himself with bed sheets heading over to Joe "dude that did not happen!"

"You fucking came in your sister!" Joe yells in disbelief.

"Your mother is a porn star, and that doesn't even top what just happened!"

"I know right" Joe says astonished "I came in my pants!"

"Later bro!" Seth says before turning off the webcam. He gets dressed trying to explain what the fuck just happened. Leaving his room with Vicki taking a shower he walks into the kitchen as his mother walks in.


Unaware of his sister watching the whole scene from the doorway Joe prepares to leave his computer. Zoe silently walks away feeling very confused and turned on to the idea of incest.


Mindy looks from her son to the empty bottle on the counter thinking what happened she asks him as calmly as possible "what happened to the test tube?"

He notices the empty test tube knowing full well why his sister fucked him. Turns his head back to his mother "ask Vicki I didn't touch it."

She drops the bags on the counter "more outside with supper" she reluctantly accepts his answer wanting to talk to Vicki "I need to talk to your sister right now!" She moves past him ready for a serious mother daughter talk.


Part 1 ends. Now it is up to you the readers to decide what will happen next. Shall I continue or not? Which direction if so?

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