Title: A Very Perverted Sexual Vacation in the Netherlands

Author: Williamburns

Codes: Incest Girl Transsexual Piss Beast M/M M/F F/F F/f f/f cum swallowing piss drinking anal sex

This story is all fiction and should be read as such. There are three parts. The second and third part involve children. If this type of sex offends you do not read beyond the first part.


Friends we met in Mexico a few years back introduced Patti and I to their relatives in Amsterdam via the internet. We decided to plan a trip there knowing it would be very sexual.

Part 1 of three parts.

Chapter 1

Patti and I where going on a vacation to the Netherlands. We wanted to take in the sexual night life of Amsterdam and surrounding areas of the Netherlands. Our past vacation took us to Mexico. The time we spend there was fantastic. We enjoyed the perverted fun of a sex club we were invited too were an orgy took place. The sex we got involved in was very hot and perverted and exciting.

We also did the nude beach were Patti loved spreading her legs showing her cunt enticing the young boys and showing herself to all guys that passed by. This nude beach had many young boys looking to have sex with any naked girl around. They even offered their sisters to older men for sex. Patti and I had sex with two young Mexican teens that came to our hotel one night. The young boy brought his sister for me and he took care of Patti. Fucking side by side in the same bed was so perverted and hot.

While in Mexico we met with Maria a girl Patti knew from a past trip there. Maria had gotten a dog from Linda a dog breeder and Patti was going to show her how to have sex with a dog. Patti had done several dogs already and was very happy to show Maria the art of dog fucking. While we vacationed there Maria took us to a club that her brother owned. We met several people and a very interesting woman named Paige. Paige was strongly into incest, loved fucking her family members and openly admitted being a whore for them. Paige had a relatives that lived in Amsterdam. She had a cousin that worked as a waitress in one of the sex clubs. With Paige's help she introduce us to her niece Gwen via the Internet.

Gwen and her family were into family incest and did porn films. With all the information I gathered I decided that we had to go and visit the Netherlands. Patti would be very happy to go to Amsterdam and be a lustful whore showing her body and cunt to everyone in the underground clubs.
Gwen had told us about some of the clubs saying they were very perverted and she could see to it we would be able to attend with her help.

The Netherlands was the place I really wanted to go with Patti. I broke the news to my girl. "Patti were going to Amsterdam and meet up with Paige's niece Gwen. She'll be making arrangements for us at a hotel and in some of the underground sex clubs. She said we can fined anything we want in sex, including preteen sex. Some of the clubs have audience participation." I said smiling.

"You want me to participate at these clubs showing off my cunt and tits to all the perverts that want to see me naked and watch me suck cock."

"Yes Patti just like you did in Mexico. You had some real fun. I know you love showing your cunt to get attention."

Its true I love seeing her naked showing her body and being sexually. She smiled at me and I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. Minutes later my cock was buried deep in her mouth and my face in her cunt slurping, as we sucked each others genitals like animals in lust. I love her wet cunt and fucking her on the living room couch filling her whore belly full of cum was an absolute must.

Chapter 2

Weeks later we were in a club near our hotel in Amsterdam were Gwen said she would be meeting us. We were having a drink while sitting at high bistro table. We were told Gwen would be working that night at the club. The waitress that severed our drinks was eying Patti as a person of interest. When she served our drinks she made it known she adored Patti’s long hair and loved her long legs.

Patti pulled her very short skirt up higher showing her legs to the waitress. Being panty less not only did she show her legs but her bald cunt.
I noticed she also was being eyed from a corner booth by three people. Two men of average size and a woman. Sitting looking very intently at Patti’s open legs and her bald cunt.
Our waitress unknow to us at the time was Gwen. She suggested we could join them saying they were regulars at the club and they were always looking for some new sex partners. Patti was on their sex menu for the night. One man motioned to Patti to join them. I told her to go and enjoy her sex with them and I would watch from afar.

I notice the patron’s of the club began to move closer around the area of the foursome. The table was removed from in front of the booth for better viewing. Patti was between the two men and the girl stood before them. She began to do a strip tease to the music playing. As the girl stripped out of her clothes so did some of the patrons that were watching.

Patti was being helped with removing her top. Her skirt was being pulled up around her waist. Sitting with her legs spread over the top of the legs of the two now naked men one on each side of her. Her cunt was spread wide and her juices showed how wet and excited she was. The two men began fondling her cunt and rubbing her tits. She had a cock in each hand stroking them slowly.

The girl in front of them striped down to her panties and moved toward Patti. Leaning over Patti’s face she rubed her big tits over her face and mouth. Patti opens her mouth, its filled with one of the girls big tits. Patti continues stroking the men’s cocks.

My cock is hard watching the sex happening in front of me. Our waitress moves closer to me and began to unzip my pants. I responded by helping her pulling my cock out. Her hand is warm and wet from the spit in her hand. She begans stroking me slowly. As she stroked my cock she asked me. “Is Patti your wife?”

"No. She's been my whore and girlfriend for many years.”

I was very surprised when the waitress said she knew of Patti and that Patti was married to some other man.
“Your William, her perverted whore man."

I nodded in agreement. She smiled saying. "Many women in here are called whores but, some are called sluts or shags in this club. Your friend Patti maybe a whore, but tonight she’s a Slut. That's what they say when a girl takes on three people all at once. She's a slut alright. I know Paige that incest whore you met in Mexico. I'm Gwen her niece." I made sure you would be here tonight so I could met you and Patti personally. She said continuing to stroke my cock.

"I Know she doesn't like being called a slut. Whore will be just fine." I said.

"Fucking cunts, whores,sluts are all welcome here and any of the sex clubs, she'll get use to the name. Are you ready to cum?"

"Yes." I responded.

She knelt down in front of me still stroking my cock. I came spraying her face full of cum. I wanted her to swallow my load of cum but, she couldn't get my cock in her mouth fast enough. So instead she got a facial. I enjoyed watching her wipe her face and swallowing my cum kissing my cock sucking it clean.

We both turned our attention to my whore with the three people in the back booth. Fuck I was surprised to see the Blond girl was a transsexual she was up on Patti's face with her cock deep in Patti’s mouth fucking her. One man had move to his knees between Patti's legs toying and sucking her cunt. The other man was adjusting himself laying on his back in booth. The patrons in the club were watching intensively as the blond pull her cock from Patti’s mouth ejaculating cum over her face and hair then rubbing her cock over her face and forehead.

I thought that was the end of threesome and Patti’s sex with them. In minutes Patti was impaled on the cock of the man lying in the booth. His cock deep in her asshole, her legs pulled back on each side of his. Patti’s cunt red from previous fucking had cum dripping down her ass crack. The blond mounted Patti’s cunt while the other man moved up to Patti’s face. She was doing a threesome, anal, cunt and mouth. Patti was bouncing with the motion of the men driving their huge tools deep in my whores holes. Gwen standing next to me had her hand in her panties playing with her cunt.

She spoke softly. “William, I want Patti your ……. fucking whore, what a beautiful fucking slut. I ....want to suck her beautiful asshole. It looks so delicious, you know I'm an ass lover. I want her to suck on William. I love licking assholes." I didn't answer her not knowing what to say.

Gwen fingering her cunt climaxed at the same time as Patti did with the guys. The Tranny was filling Patti's cunt with cum. The moaning from Patti was of pure pleasure.The man facing fucking Patti shot his load of cum down her throat. She swallowed some of his load but, with the movement of her body she couldn't swallow fast enough leaving most of it running from her mouth down to her chest. The other man released his load of cum filling her asshole. Still impaled on the man's cock with cum squirted out of her ass every time he pumped his cock in her asshole. When she was released she stood dripping cum on the floor from both her fuck holes. The patrons showed their appreciation with a small applause.

The blond took Patti's hand her cock still over half erect leading her out a side door. They went to a back room where they could freshen up and shower. When Patti returned to me, Gwen came over and congratulated Patti on her performance.

The conversation now focused on Patti and I. She introduce herself to Patti stating Paige was a relative of the family. Gwen looking at Patti with lust full eyes and holding her hand asked if we were interested in some real perverted sex she could help us. She knew many clubs and underground ones as well. Gwen told us that her family was very sexual, incest was common and her father Joe filmed many incest porn films. Adding that her older her sister Ann performed animal sex at her uncle's club fucking dog's on stage. Ann's children Ashley and Mike were beginning to be involved in sex with the family and we would meet them later. After a long talk with Gwen we understood that the whole family was into porn. She wanted us to meet her family, if we were willing to do so. Promising that we would not be disappointed with the perverted sex they could provide.

She said her father would be willing to film Patti in a sex movie. Being from America here it would be consider a foreign film. Patti was excited and more then happy knowing she would be in a porn film. I agreed it would be exciting having Patti filmed doing international porn. Patti was still shaking and breathing shallow from the sex with threesome she finished. Now getting all excited about the offer of meeting Gwen's family and being filmed like she was in Mexico in a fuck orgy was what we wanted to do. We made arrangements with Gwen to meet the next day.

Chapter 3

The next after noon she came to our hotel very much excitied and anxious to take us to meet her family. We would be going to her parents home just ouside the city about a twenty minute drive.

Gwen a small frame girl with short brown hair, brown eyes with ample tits. Long legs and a very filthy mouth. Countless times told us how much she loved being fucked and sucking cock and fucking with her family. She loved all the perverted sex that was offered to her. Her eyes were on Patti most of the trip. Patti wearing her very short skirt showing her nice long legs along with her silk white panties showing from under skirt made Gwen very horny. Patti telling her she to loved sucking cock and fucking and the threesoome she had last night in the club was awesome and so perverted but, she really enjoyed the sex. She also mention how she liked being a whore for me and how exciting it was for her.

It took about twenty minutes to reach her parents home. The house set back off the road was a small farm house very secluded with an old charm of the Netherlands. Looking warm and comfortable. Gwen let us in the front door calling out to her parents. We met Gwen's parents Joe and Alice. Her niece and nephew 8 year old Ashely and 9 year old Mike, along with Ann the mother of the kids. Ann was Gwen's older sister. We sat in the living room and talked about our trip for a short time over a couple of glasses of wine.

Gwen was more interested in Patti then our trip. She sat next to Patti slowly rubbing the inside of Patti's thigh sliding her hand up her thigh resting her hand on her cunt. Patti opened her legs accepting her advances like the whore she is showing her crotch and panties to Joe who sat across from us. Patti turned and leaned into Gwen and their lips met. As they kissed Gwen pulled at Patti's panties. Patti oblige rising letting her take them off then sitting back down opening her legs letting Gwen play with her cunt.
Alice watched as she sat next to Joe. Passion took over her body and mine, Patti stood and took her top off exposing her nice firm 36 C tits. Then her short skirt. Showing her nice firm toned body freshly shaved bald cunt.

Gwen stood up and striped out her clothes. As this was happening Ann took her kids and left the room. In a few minutes we were all naked. Gwen wanted Patti looking in her eyes. Whispering in Patti's ear.

"Patti I want to suck your ass. I wanted you since the first time I saw you last night in the sex club. I know your a whore, were all whores here. Look around at my family there're all standing naked." The lust for Patti was not only with Gwen but, with Joe as well. My cock was hard and knew by the look in Alice's eyes I would be fucking her soon.

Gwen took Patti's hand leading her into the kitchen were she had her lay on the kitchen table. Patti's cunt was glisining wet with her cunt juices. The anticipation of what would be happening next was driving Patti into a heat of passion. Gwen had Patti pull her legs back over her head leaving her cunt wide open and the brown bud of her asshole fully exposed. Gwen's mouth was quickly on Patti's asshole sucking hard. Her tongue was darting in and out of Patti's asshole like a snakes tongue. Then forcing her tongue deep in her asshole fucking her with her tongue. I watched as I stroke my cock. Then I heard Joe speak.

"Their all ass licks and anal whores in this family." Joe said smiling looking at me.

My cock was standing straight out when Alice came to me. Down on her knees she took my cock in her wet mouth and began sucking feeling my balls and rolling her tongue around my cock.
Gwen climb upon the table kissing Patti's mouth as her fingers found patti's asshole. Joe had gotten some lube and was stoking his cock. He moved towards the table. From under the table he pulled a small stool to stand on just high enough to level him self at Patti's pulsating asshole. One quick shove he enter and began fucking her ass. Gwen went higher on Patti spreading her legs over patti forcing her cunt on her mouth. Now she began to face fuck her. Twisting and grinding her cunt against Patti's mouth. Gwen turning see Joe fucking Patti's asshole watching his cock slide in out of her ass. She encouraged him to fuck her harder with her filthy mouth.

"Fuck her ass daddy, fuck her like you do me. Stick that hard cock up her ass, she's a fucking whore. Wils whore.... Aren't you Patti?" Gwen very in tense but soft spoken.
Patti was moaning with passion with every stoke of Joe's cock. "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuck, fuck.

Patti"s ass was taking Joe's hard cock deep. She was enjoying her sex with Joe and Gwen. She loved fucking with a man or women and knowing I was watching excitied her even more. "Come on Joe. Fuck me,fuck my ass, cum in my ass, fill me with your fucking hot cum. Ooohhhh yes, fuck,cunt, shit, fuck this whore." As she took Joe's cock deep in her asshole.

Patti was never shy about sex and being fucked in front of me. She knew I loved watching her get fucked. With every stroke of Joe's cock I could see her belly rise as if Joe was in her womb.
Alice stopped sucking my cock and reaching for a near by chair she bent over holding the chair exposing her ass to me. My cock opened her ass crack. I pushed deep in her loose gaped asshole. Her asshole had been fucked many times and she knew how to relax her spincher muscles making my entry easy. As I fucked Alice I heard Joe moan as he came. Joe filled Patti's asshole full of his cum holding his cock deep in her as he released his load. When he pulled out stepping off the stool Gwen quickly moved down to receive the warm cum leaking from Patti's well gaped asshole. Clamping her mouth around her gaped asshole sucking and swallowing Joe's cum. Sucking and devouring the cum from Patti's ass like the anal ass licking whore she claimed to be. Pulling Patti's asshole apart with her fingers opening her asshole further stretching it so she could tongue deep. "Patti your ass is so delicious to suck, I love it. Delicious hot cum from your sweet ass mmmmm I love it." Patti forced the cum out of her ass into Gwen's mouth.

I unloaded my cum in Alice's asshole, removing my cock leaving her gaping asshole full of cum. Gwen's hunger
for cum overwhelmed her. The anal whore was on her mom's asshole sucking and swallowing cum just like she done with Patti. She sucked and tongued deep and hard on mom's cum filled asshole. Her hands spreading her mother's asshole wide. Patti was sitting on the edge of the table legs spread watching Gwen sucking her mother's asshole.

I knew my whore Patti wasn't done, her cunt hadn't been fucked and her cunt lips were spread beckoning for cock leaving her in a very sexual high, horny and wet. When Gwen finished her cum eating and cleaning of moms asshole. Alice and the girls went to the bathroom to clean up. Joe and I went to another bathroom to do the same. As we were washing up Joe explained he made porn films using his wife and the girls as his porn stars. He asked if he could film Patti, Gwen and Alice doing a dog. I knew Patti would love being in a film and to have a chance to fuck a dog again would definitely make her happy. She done it many times before and loved dog cock. When it comes to cock Patti never seems to get enough. Filming a movie with two other girls and a dog would defiantly be a high for her.

When the girls returned Joe informed them he was going to film the girls fucking Hamlet their German Sheppard and wanted Patti in the movie. Just then Ann came forward from the back room along with her two kids. We were all standing naked when she and the kids walk in on us. Ann sent the Kids out of the room but, they already knew what was said and going to take place. Joe suggested Ann should help explaining to Patti what he wanted because she done this before with Hamlet. Joe informed us we would be compensated for the film through Paige for Patti's time and being in he film. We had no objection with his terms. We went outside to a barn not far from there house were the filming would take place.

The barn was old. Made of old field stone but, inside it was very warm and clean. Many items used for bondage hung on racks along the walls. Other items tables,ramps, leg irons and shackles hung from hooks. Gwen assured us none of those items would be used. Although she said many of the items were used in sex movies filmed here.

Joe explained the scene briefly as to what he wanted in the film. Alice would be in the barn naked sucking
Hamlet's cock. Ann, Gwen and Patti would play the parts of Alice's daughter's catching mom in the barn. Alice would convince them to join in. Patti of course would be the girl taking Hamlet's cock and knot.

The action started with Alice walking Hamlet in the barn on a leash then disrobing and playing with his cock. Once his cock was out of his sheath she began sucking it. After several minutes Ann, Patti and Gwen would enter wearing only short dresses. With a look of surprise from the girls and then an offering from mom to join her, they would disrobed and join in taking turns sucking Hamlet's cock.
As the filming was going on Ann took control telling Patti when and how to turn always showing their cunts to the camera. Gwen was kissing Patti rubbing her cunt pinching her swollen clit fingering her cunt making her juices flow. Instructing her to open her legs wide. A few minutes later Patti was on her knees ass in the air. Alice move Hamlet into position. He jump up on her back and his wet dripping cock found its target on the first push. All nine inches of dog cock went into Patti's cunt. She let out a gasp as Hamlet began fucking her.

"Your a good dog Hamlet, enjoy Patti's cunt. Fuck her, fill her fucking cunt hole with your cum. She'll enjoy being fuck by Hamlet. She's nothing but a fucking dog whore. You love dog cock. Your fucking dog whore." Alice knowing what to say making the film very filthy. Joe moved to the side as Patti turned her head looking at the camera. "Yes I'm a dog whore." Hamlet humping Patti's cunt his wetness mixed with Patti's cunt juices were dripping onto the floor. The white creamy goo dripping from her cunt heighten Ann's lust. She wanted to suck that cum and Patti's cunt in her mouth. She would have to wait.

"Oh fuck, his cock is so big and thick. Fuck me Hamlet, fill my cunt with your big cock, fill me with cum. I'm a fucking whore and I love dog cock. Fuck me Hamlet." While Hamlet was fucking Patti Gwen opened her legs, Alice move down on Gwen sucking her cunt. Hamlet was fucking Patti hard and fast. His knot began to swell tightening inside her cunt with all of Hamlets nine inch cock deep in her cunt.

Hamlet eased his humping his knot swelled inside her cunt. He began spraying his cum inside her. His cock was pressed against her cervix when he unloaded his cum bringing her to a screaming orgasm.

Hamlet's knot had swollen tightly inside her, his long squirting of cum was taking place. Five minutes later Hamlets knot released Patti's well stretched cunt leaving a long stream of cum running from her gaped cunt hole. Leaking down onto the floor Patti still on her knees trying to regain her breathe. Ann laid on her back under Patti's spread legs. She pulled Patti's cunt down on her mouth sucking and swallowing the warm cum as she takes long licks of Patti's gaped cunt draining her cunt hole of Hamlets sweet cum. For the final shot the four girls lay side by side spreading there legs wide with Patti in the middle opening her wet cunt wide. They all smile waving to the camera.

"Patti you're fantastic, this film will be great after I edit out some flaws. Thanks for your special performance." Joe said with a smile from ear to ear.

The barn door opened and Ashely and Mike came walking in. They had been watching all the sex going on from the opening in the barn door. Before Ann could say anything they brought attention to the time. Gwen had to go to work and it was getting late. The girls were going to clean up and take a shower. As they walk towards the door Patti seen a long padded table like a doctor uses for internal exams. She jump on the table laid back.
"Wil you want to fuck me like this." Spreading her legs laying on the table.

"Patti I'll show you how it works quickly." Ann said. Ann clapped Patti's ankles in the stirrup's and pull them forward. Now moving each stirrup outward spreading her legs very wide. Telling Patti to put her hands above her head she clapped her wrist in the wrist claps. Patti totally venerable to anyone wanting to fuck her or anything else they so desired.

"Wow this is bondage, I kinda like this." She said looking at Ann. Ann replied. "I been on that table many times. Haven't I dad? Joe just nodded his head in agreement.

"Mom can I go on the table? Can I try it like Patti? Can I get fucked on the table sometime? Ashley
standing next to Ann looking at Patti on the table spread wide open showing her dripping cunt.

"No! Ashley your to young." Mom I'll be 9 in 2 months." "Lets go we have to get cleaned up and get Gwen to work." Ann laughing some trying to retain her emotions. Everyone was smiling including Patti. Everyone knew Ashely and Mike had been outside watching and listening to every word that was said. We quickly cleaned up and forty five minutes later we were back on the road. Gwen taking us to our hotel and herself to work.

"Hey guys I really enjoyed this afternoon. You saw Ashely and Mike, hope they didn't upset you. Those kids know a lot about sex from Ann. Well, I'll leave Ann tell you if she wants. Like dad said you'll be taking care of through Paige. I have another club you might be interested in. It to has audience participation and is extremely perverted, its quite different then the one I work at. I can make arrangements if you want to go there." Gwen smiling knowing we were very interested in this club.

"Yeah lets try the club." I said smiling.

"I'll call and make arrangements. You'll have to meet him first. Its Joe's brother he likes to meet you first especially outsiders. I'll call you tomorrow at your hotel in the morning." Gwen said.

She stopped at our hotel and with a quick couple of kisses to each of us she was off to work.

We went to our room and showered and called some room service for food. Now for a good nights rest and see what tomorrow would bring in the way of sex.

Chapter 4

The next day as promised Gwen called our hotel room telling us the arrangement was made to meet Karl at the
coffee shop across the street from our hotel in a half hour. We quickly shower and got dressed. Patti put on a top
and a pair of shorts, naked underneath with high heels to show off her sexy long legs. She likes the feeling of her cunt rubbing against her tight jean shorts when she walks. We went to the coffee shop to meet Karl.

As we enter the coffee shop Karl recognized us right off. We exchanged greetings. Karl didn't waste any time explaining he had one of the most perverted clubs and allowed most everything in the way of sex to be preformed in his club. I acknowleded that I and Patti and were very open to sex and wanted to see his club. After a few minutes Karl asked Patti to do a live sex show on stage with a porn star they called "Hans the Horse." Karl explained Hans would be in the club that night looking for some girl to perform with him on stage. We agree Patti would be willing to perfrom on stage. I smiled a Karl. "She loves showing her talents and being watched, she's a fucking whore, my whore." I said. Patti always wants me to acknowledge her as my whore.

"I already know about her, Paige filled me in on many details about you two." he said with smile.

"Hans has been surgically enhanced. His cock is 9 inches long and looks like a small horse cock and he cums like a horse, more then most men do in a week. Ann my niece will be there to help you, You already know she's a fucking whore just like all our women." He said smiling being proud of the fact..

He continued. "Hans has an ego that's bigger then his body but, thinks with his cock. He loves fucking women
hard and doesn't give a fuck about who they are. Being that Patti is an American girl he'll pride himself on fucking her." Karl was very open and straight forward with us.

I looked at Patti. I didn't want Patti to think about what Karl said, just do the guy. "Patti's my girl I think she would love fucking this guy "Hans the Horse" won't you baby."

Leaning over the table towards Karl she whispered. "Yeah, I love big cock and love cum. Wil loves watching his whore get fucked. Don't you my man slut?" She said really intense with the thought of the evening already on her mine.

"Okay be at this address at ten tonight and ask for Gladys she's my wife, She'll show you around the club." He said.

Thanking him we left the coffee shop. Surprised to see Ann waiting for us outside. She asked if she could talk to us for awhile. She wanted to know if Patti was going to do a live show at the club. Patti said she was and going on stage with a guy named "Hans the horse."

Ann smiled. "Your going to fuck him on stage. Great, that's really nice, the people will love it. I've done shows there many times. I'll be there tonight to help. You can use the examining table for the show something you said you wanted to try. I've done it and its awesome. I have to go and pick up my kids now. Oh I want to talk to you about something later. Something my kids want to know." She said as we walked her to her car.

We watched her drive away. "Patti I think we are going to see Ann more then we think. She has a very different attitude then her sister Gwen."

Nothing else happened until Ten that night. We went to the address given to us by Karl. When we enter the club the girl at the bar already was informed to send us downstairs to the lower level. The room was large, very warm and dry. Pot was being smoked by several of the patrons leaving the air full of seconded hand smoke. Most women were topless, some totally nude. Others were sucking cocks of men and lesbian acts were taking place of to the side on couches along the walls. Both of us were beginning to feel the affects of the pot smoke filed air. The dryness of the club was making our throats dry and the pot made us lite headed.

A topless woman came walking towards us . "I'm Gladys" Extending her hand and handing us large bottles of water to sooth our dry throats.

"Its like this all the time in here, dry, pot smoke, fucking sex, and perverted people I love this club." She said smiling.

"So your going to fuck Hans tonight. I think our guests are in for a treat Patti. He does love to fuck, and an American girl like you will be hot meat for him. I'll introduce you as Patti America Armature Porn Girl. Is that okay with honey."

"Gladys mention that I'm William's whore also, he deserves credit for bringing me here. I want this guy Hans to know who I'm with. I'll fuck this guy Hans because Wil wants me to. I hear he has an ego problem, is that right?" Patti very excited.

"Yeah he thinks he's God's give to women. He's got a big cock and thinks that's all he needs to satisfy a woman." She said smiling motioning for Ann to come over. We hadn't seen Ann in the club until now and she was egar to help Patti.

"Patti lets get you ready, the table is all set for you. I"ll strap you on the table and the show will began." Ann was topless wearing only a tong and heels as she ushered Patti to side. Patti stripped out of her clothes and naked she laid on the table. On the table Ann strapped Patti legs in the stirrup's spreading her legs exposing her wet open bald cunt following up with her hands strap behind her head on the table. She looked so beautiful and venerable being offer for sex, a whore on display, a cunt for a horse man. When Ann gave a nod to Gladys that they were ready Gladys step on the stage to make the announcement for the evening performance.

The smoke filled room from all the pot being smoked made Patti and I light headed. I noticed most everyone was very mellowed out from the pot along with warmth of the club. Giving everyone a very relaxed sexual feeling. Several more long drinks of water to moisten her throat she told Ann she was ready.

Gladys made the introduction keeping it simple. "Ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a special guests from America. Amateur Porn Girl Patti and her man William. William informed me his girl loves hot sex and also does dogs but, tonight Patti agreed to fuck. "Hans the Horse" for your enjoyment here in our club. Patti agreed to do the bondage table for your enjoyment. Here she is in the flesh Patti the whore."

Gladys added a little more then we expected but, what the fuck it was a perverted sex club and sex was what we wanted. Ann and I wheeled the table out in front of the small stage. Placing it in center stage under the over head lights exposing her naked body.

Now Gladys introduced Hans. As "Hans the Horse" was introduce he came walking out on stage with his well lubed cock very erect, stroking it slowly. His muscular body showed he worked out to stay in shape. His ego already showing as he flexed his muscles. Hans moved around the stage looking at Patti strapped on the table. Looking at her with lust in his eyes. Raising his hand pointing at Patti. "Hans the horse is going to fuck American whore. Make her cum. I fuck her hard and fill her cunt with cum. My ball sack is filled with cum for this fucking American whore."

"Ann this guy is sure full of himself, What fucking ego he has." I said. I was wondering what Patti was thinking about after hearing his comments. The patrons were gathering closer to the stage as Hans began rubbing his cock in the folds of Patti's cunt. I was standing next to Ann watching Hans big thick cock starting to enter Patti's cunt. He was big alright at least three inches in diameter and nine inches long.

"Yeah Wil. Hans has a lot of cum and he does fuck women hard. His ego is bigger then his cock and Patti will truely get fucked. He thinks he's a Belgian horse." Ann said watching Hans move in between Patti's wide spread legs.

The look in Patti's eyes was awesome as she watched Hans big cock entering her cunt. The head of his cock disappeared in her cunt, He put his hands behind his head interlocking his fingers. With one hard push he slammed his cock all the way in taking her breathe away momentarily. His ball sack slammed against her ass crack.

Hans began his long strokes pulling his cock out to very edge of her cunt opening then pushing deep into her cunt. Fucking her slowly then picking you the pace as he fucked her.

Patti got into motion of his cock lifting her asshole to meet his cock strokes. Faster and faster he began fucking. Hans was building to his climax his hands now on Patti's thighs pushing is cock hard and deep into her cunt.

"You fucking American whore. Hans fuck you hard, fill your fucking cunt with hot cum. Slut whore. Fucking cunt. Hans fuck you with his horse cock. Hans make you his cum slut whore soon." Han's ego was showing.

Patti lifted her head from the table looked at Hans. "I'm Wil's whore and his fucking cunt not yours. Fuck me with that horse cock. Fill me with your fucking cum. Fuck this American whore Hans, come on fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Make my cunt gape." She was on a very sexual high and was not letting Han's ego get to her. She rotated her ass around feeling his cock deep in her cunt.

Patti breathing hard,her eyes rolled back as she bit her lip accepting Hans enormoius cock in her.

"Cum you fucker fill me with cum Hans." Patti was about to cum her ass rotating and lifting meeting Hans hard thrusts. Finally Hans exploded his load of cum. His back arched pushing into her cunt holding her hips to steady himself as he empty his ball sack of cum. A few minutes later Hans relaxed pulled his cock out turning to the crowed with his still erect cock dripping cum. He pointed at Patti's very gaped cunt hole as the cum began oozing from within running down her ass crack.

"I Hans, fucked the American whore. Fucking whore knows Hans can fuck, everyone wants Hans horse cock." He now gave a fist pump like he just won some kind of metal. Now he moved to Patti's side stroking his cock moving up to her looking at her face smiling depositing the last of his cum on her face rubbing his cock over her face. Hans now left the stage slowly smiling at the patrons.

"Patti, Patti, Patti, American whore, American whore, whore, whore, whore." "Bukakee, Bukakee."

"Ann what's happening?" There not happy with Hans and this is their way of honoring Patti. She'll be okay. I hadn't counted the men that lined up along side of Patti. One after the other they began spurring their sperm in her face and on her belly. Thick globs of gooey cum drenched her face, belly and tits. She open her mouth and took a load cum swallowing. Then opening her mouth for more as three men creamed her face and mouth leaving filled with sticky globs of white warm cum running off her face.

Gladys came on stage. "Patti are you alright honey?" "Fuck I'm covered in cum. I feel like a cream puff and I have to piss. I think my bladder is busted."

"Go ahead. Piss for the people. You want to see Patti piss you perverts." Some laughter. As she laid on the table still strapped. Her cunt gaped and legs spread Patti unleashed her bladder. An arch of piss streaming from her cunt. Solid steady stream over three foot out into the crowd lasting over a minute. There was applause then it silenced. The lights went out that had shown on Patti during her performance.

Ann handed Patti a towel as I and Ann unloosened the straps that bound her. We headed to the back room to shower. My cock was hard from watching that show. I wanted relief, I want to fuck, I went into the shower room were Ann and Patti had just started to shower. Both girls noticed my hard cock. Knowing I was there for a reason other then to watch them shower. They both got on there hands and knees in the shower opening their ass cheeks for me. I fucked both of them switching from asshole to asshole. For ten minutes I pleasured myself using their assholes, fucking them like a dog fucks his bitch.
I gave Ann the first shot of thick cum, then quickly moving to Patti's asshole filling her with the remainder. On their knees the two finished me off with their beautiful hot whorish mouths. Then kissing each other sharing my cum. I turned the shower on again and the three of us bathed together.

The night ended with Ann taking us back to our hotel, On our drive back to our hotel she asked if we could possible fine time to come out to her home and visit her and the kids. She wanted to tell us something about her life and what she had done over the past years. She had shown us a very great time and was very open with us it would be common courtesy to accept. We agreed and set a time for the next afternoon.

Comments: The next part is very perverted and contains sex with children.

The continuation of the trip to the Netherlands.

Part two contains very sexual dialogue about children and sexual contact with children. If this offends you don't

read any further. This is fiction so read it as fiction.

Chapter 1

Ann met us at our hotel at one p.m the next day. I remember how great Ann loooked naked last night. A very good looking lady and today was no exception in her gold tight fitting short dress revealing her long legs and the curves of her body made my cock hard. Her cleavage was awesome as the dress was low cut. Not wearing a bra and her large tits half hung out of the top. I doubted if she had panties on as nothing showed under her dress. Patti didn't have a bra on either and her short plaid skirt revealed her legs and more of her ass when she bent over. All that came to mine I was with two fucking bisexual whores that loved and wanted to fuck, and I wanted both of them.

Ann took us on a small tour of the country side while driving out to her home pointing out some of the
history of her country. Then she drove the car over to the side of the road and stopped. Turning in her seat to talk.

"Don't make any judgments against me until you hear everything I have to say. You seen Ashely and Mike and I'm sure you have wonder what they're doing being around all the porn we do. I'll be very frank with you about my sex life. They know I'm a whore and they have seen me fuck dogs and have sex with my Dad and Mom many times. I do it at home and on the road. I do private sex shows for people and get paid very well for my services. I have three Great Danes that I work with on stage and when I travel.
Ashley and Mike know about incest. I taught them along with my parents. Ashley loves showing her body and being naked. She has had sex many times. Mike has also been involved in sex and likes being involved with the family and nudity doesn't bother him at all. Because his not old enough to ejaculate sprem. He likes to piss on me and his sisters.This is his way of cumming.
My neighbor Andrew took Ashley's cherry when she turned eight and she's been fucking ever since. I allowed him to do her. I was there and watched it all take place. I need a man in my life that loves me and my kids and Andrew does. I haven't stopped Ashley from having sex. I just control her so she doesn't do it to often. Mike also does sex and I have let him fuck me along with his sisters Erin and Ashley.

Andrew told Mike he was a mother fucker after Mike had sex with me. The term Mike likes and uses when he wants sex from me. He calls me his whore, I don't mind. Thats what I am so be it. Ever since the kids saw you at the house the other day they begged me to have you come out here to meet them personally. I know what they want from you. Now I have to say and ask you Patti and William. Would you like to have sex with my kids? Don't say thing now, Please." She paused for a minute then continued.

"Ashley wants William to fuck her and she wants to show you Patti what Erin has taught her in the past four weeks. Erin is my thirteen old. Shes away at school. Erin showed Ashely how to fist fuck. She's done Erin and me several times and now wants to do it to you Patti. I don't have a problem with this, I know its very perverted but, thats the kind of family I have and want to raise. I'm not going to change my feelings about sex and what I do. You have my permission to have sex with my kids. My kids are very knowledgeable about sex and they know every filthy word. Ashley is and can be very foul mouthed when she talks about sex. This was brought about by Erin. Erin too has a very filthy mouth when she talks about having sex. She and her friend were all ready reading and doing porn at age nine.. She hasn't changed and now she's teaching Ashley.

Yes, I'm her mother and I don't mine them being whores and into perverted sex with me and the family. Erin well be home in two days. Like I said she's away at a private school for obvious reasons. Erin has an idea that some day I'll perform with her on stage as a mother daughter duel team. Personally I would love to perform with her on stage. I don't give a fuck what people think. I love my kids, I'm just a lot different then your average mother. Like I said earlier my kids seen us fucking in the barn also, they were watching you when you guys were fucking in the house with Gwen and my Parents. They weren't supposed to see that because you were our guests but, Gwen got carried away with you Patti. I must say your not afraid to fuck anyone, and with a guy like William letting you to be a whore makes that very hot."

My cock was hard as I listened to Ann tell us about her perverted sex life. She held nothing back and was very blunt telling us about her kids and what she was teaching them. I was wondering what it would be like to fuck Ann's eight year old daughter, a little whore as Ann said also; thinking of Patti have sex with Mike. My mines eye seeing her sucking his cock made me all the more lustful for sex.

"Ann I understand what your saying but, there has to be more Ann. Why us? I'm just very concerned. Do you want to film this?" Patti asked.

"No filming I promise. I want them to know what its like to be with other adults besides the family members for experience. I know its so perverted and sick for a mother to want this. I want to be there and watch. It excities me. I get very aroused and turned on watching my kids have sex. You'll get the enjoyment of having sex with them, they get learning from you."

" You want me to fuck Ashely and Patti fuck Mike while you watch us?" My heart pounding hard from excitiment.

"Yes, You don't have to answer now, think about it. I'll tell the kids if you reject this that you prefer to be with adults. They do understand. I made them aware that they can't always have what they deem important." She said as she started the car.

We arrived at the house just before Mike came home. Not knowing what he would do or how surprised he would be to see us.

Mike enter the front door seeing Patti setting on the couch. She sat with her legs spread showing her bald cunt. Mike's eyes showed his excitement as he entered. "Patti and
William are here. "Oh Mom thanks." As he ran to his mother jumping in her lap kissing her.

"Mom I can fuck Patti? Can I?" Begging for an answer. Patti and I didn't know how to respond to Mike being so egar with his approach about sex. He calmed down when Patti answer him.

"Yes. Mike I'll have sex with you. Your mom told me all about how you want to have sex with me and how you have sex with her."

Ann told us that she had arranged for Ashely to go over by her parents house so Mike could be alone with Patti and I, anticapating that we would have sex with Mike. She had Mike take care of his usual after school duties trying to bring down his sexual excitiment and desires. About a half hour later Mike returned to the front room were we had been talking.

We stopped talking and centered our attention on Mike. "Come sit by me Mike and tell me about yourself." Patti opening her legs to allow Mike to sit between them.

"Well, I'm ten years old and doing very good in school. I like school." He said.

"Very good MIke. What do you like to do when your not in school? I hear you like to have sex with your mom and sister." Patti inticeing him into talking about sex.

"Yes, I like fucking my mom and sisters. Did you know my sisters are whores and I'm a mother fucker. I fuck my mom. Don't I mom?" Mike not shy about saying what he was thinking.

"Patti will you have sex with me, Mom said its okay. I want to fuck you like I do mom." He said holding on to Patti's hands that were rapped around his belly.

Mike was looking directly at me now sitting across from them. "Mike do you want me to help you and tell you what Patti likes? A big smile. "YES."

"Mike go in the bedroom with Patti you can play in there." Ann said.

Mike was taking his clothes off and in seconds was standing naked before Patti. Standing naked smiling stroking his four inch cock.

"Tell me what you want first mike." She asked.

"I want you to suck my cock and then I want to fuck you. I want to cum all over your face like Andrew does on mom. I want you to be a fucking whore like mom is for me." Talking very excitingly.

Patti stripped naked and laid on the bed she open her legs exposing her cunt. "Mike Patti likes to have her cunt played with." I said. His hands found her open wet cunt and began stroking her slowly.

Ann was there to watch stripping out of her short dress." Do you want Patti to suck your cock." She asked him.

"Yes. Patti I want to face fuck you. Lay back so I can fuck your face like I do Mom and Ashley."

Patti obliged him in his demands, laying back with a pillow under her head. He climb over her face stratling her head. Placing his cock in her mouth he began humping Patti's face. Ann and I watched Mike fucking Patti's mouth. "Finger his asshole he likes that." Ann said.

I stripped out of my clothes. Patti had Mikes cock buried in her mouth including his balls. She was sucking and tonguing his cock as her index finger worked its way up his little tight asshole.

"Ann moved over to watch Patti work her magic on Mikes cock. "You like Patti sucking your cock? Tell Patti if you like it Mike. Tell her just like you tell me." She said.

His legs were spreading wider as he fucked her face more rapidly. "Fuck yes, I loved the way you suck me. Patti your a fucking whore. Just like my mother fucking mom. I want to cum on you." He said.

"Mike would you like to suck on Patti's cunt like you do me honey? Patti would like that I'm sure." Ann encouraging him more. Her own perverted lust was showing.

Patti had Mike turn over on his back laying with his legs spread wide she moved down on his 4 inck cock, red from her sucking him. Her ass in the air taking his small cock again in her mouth and began sucking. Ann couldn't resist Patti's open legs and that beautiful ass she moved behind Patti opened her ass cheecks began sucking her asshole deep and tonguing her brown bud.

Fuck this was so perverted I began jacking my cock moving behind Ann. I had enough room to enter her wet cunt fucking her from behind. I was so horny I came within minutes in her cunt leaving a wet load of cum dripping from her cunt. I turned over on my side and watched Patti bring Mike to his climax as Ann was licking Patti's asshole driving her more intensely onto Mike's cock. I never seen a ten year old roll his eyes back and lift his hips up fucking Patti's mouth then falling back breathing hard and exshausted. Patti lifted his legs back over his head. Exposing his asshole with his ass cheeks spread. Patti began sucking then licking now sticking her tongue deep in his asshole driving him into another exciting frensy.

"I want to cum on you Patti. I'm ready." Patti knew about Mikes cumming and was not going to disappiont him. Patti released Mike's legs. He moved to the floor standing at the end of the bed.
Patti moved to the floor in a sitting position spreading her legs leaning back like Mike instructed her to do. He stood between her open legs.

"Open your mouth whore." She did as was told. Mike unleashed his soft stream of piss in her mouth and down her body over her chest and finishing at her spread open cunt. As I watched Patti being cover with piss I stroked my cock looking at Ann. Ann was rubbing her clit with one hand and fingering her cunt with the other. Ann was truned on and truely loved watching her kid have sex. Mike finished pissing on Patti smiling like he just had another huge orgasm. He leaned in and Kissed Patti on the mouth. "Thank You." He said. Taking Patti by the hand he lead her off to the bathroom. I looked at Ann now spread out on the bed she continued finger her cunt squeesing her tits bringing herself to a climax. After she relaxed some she spoke.

"William that was so fucking hot. Now you know why watching my kids having sex makes me so horny." I just smiled and nodded yes.

Patti return from the bathroom after her sex with Mike. "Ann I must say Mike is not shy about telling a person what he wants. He sure does make himself out to be a man." Patti looking at me with my cock hard and in hand.

My thoughts were on Ashley. I wanted to fuck Ashley. I wanted that young cunt. Fucking her with my cock buried deep in her tight cunt, fucking her like a little whore. It wasn't going to happen, not now anyway. My fucking of Ashley would have to wait till later. Ann was very polite and thank us for allowing her to be with us. As we all got dressed Ann promised she would bring Ashley to our hotel room later that night. Driving us back to our hotel she promised she would be at our hotel at nine that night.

Chapter 2

Later that night as promised Ann came to the hotel along with Ashley. Ann brought along a small suitcase with sex toys and lubes. Both Ann and Ashley actions showed they were excited. Ashley anticipating her sex with me took her dress off and tossed it on the chair. Jumpijng on the bed spreading her legs showing me her puffy cunt lips. She showed no fear of being naked in front of three adults.

"Mom told me about Mike and Patti fucking this afternoon, now its my turn to get fucked. Mom said I have to be nice but, I'm excitied and I talk alot when I'm excitied. Patti have you been fucked in this bed? I love showing my cunt just like mom does. I saw you fucking Hamlet in the barn and you took all his cock. WOW! I want to fuck Hamlet sometime soon. I' m a little fucking slut. I like being a slut." She said looking at me.

"Okay Ashley you have to settle down, we will be here for awhile so take it easy. Ashley you wanted to show Patti what Erin taught you." Ann remineding her of her new found sexual skill. We took a few minutes to undress. What a beautiful site two naked women and little Ashley naked in one room, all there for perverted sex. I was somewhat nervous but, it didn't stop my cock from Harding.

Ann was equally excitied knowing she was able to watch her daughter have sex with Patti and I. She unpacked the suitcase containing the sex toys and lubes. I watched thinking how perverted this was but, enjoying it at the same time.

Ashley had Patti lay on the bed with her legs spread while she lube her hand. " I'm going to fist fuck you Patti. Erin showed me how to make mom cum with my hand. Now I'll show you." Minutes later her hand was entering Patti's cunt slowly. Patti was spread wide holding her cunt lips apart as Ashley's hand went slowly into her cunt.

"I'm going to fist your cunt Patti just like I do my mom. I did her and mom many times. Now I want to show you how well I can do it, I'll go deep in you if it hurts tell me. I don't want to hurt you." She said. Sliding her hand deeper into Patti's cunt.

Ashley continued talking. "I want to be like mom, I love fucking and sucking cock. Andrew says I'm a hot little fucking cunt everytime he fucks me." Turning looking at me she continued. "William your going to fuck me right? I want your cock deep in my tiny cunt. I want you to cum in me fill me with your warm cum. All guys like to cum in me? Sometimes they just like to cum in my face." Ashley was not in control of her emotions for a young girl.

Oh how I wanted to fuck that young cunt. "You like being a whore just like Patti and your mom." I said standing with a hard cock breathing heavy watching her fist fuck Patti.

"I want Patti to watch me get fucked by you. I like to be watched when I get fucked just like mom when she does her dog shows. All the guys jack off their cocks watching mom suck dog cock or take their big cock in her cunt. Oh I'm getting horny thinking about being fucked by you William. Will you watch me Patti?" Ashely began moving her hand faster inside Patti's cunt working her clit with her free hand.

Minutes later Patti eyes closed. Her legs opened wider her hips began to thrust against Ashley's hand bringing herself closer to a climax. Patti thrashed about the bed holding her legs up and open. "Oh fuck, fuck Ashley go deep in my cunt. Fuck me hard. I love it, make me cum baby."

Ashley worked one hand deep inside against Patti's cervix while her other hand and kneaded Patti's well erect clit. Her orgasm was hard as she held Ashley's arm pumping it in and out of her cunt. Being fist fucked by a young eight year old whore brought back memories of her youth.

"Ashley you are amasing very good at fist fucking. I loved it honey. I had a hard cum." Ashely smiled as Patti complemented her on her skills.

"I want William to fuck me now and cum in me. Just like Andrew does filling me with his warm cum. I want you to watch me Patti. Watch me take Williams cock deep in my tiny cunt just like you take it deep and hard." Ashely laying back on the bed open her legs showing me her pink wet cunt hole.

"Mom come watch me get fucked." This is what Ann wanted. To watch me fuck her daughter. Ann was very perverted. Now she was laying next to Ashley on the bed, Patti laying on the other side of Ashley.

Moving between Ashley's wide spread legs on the edge of the bed. Patti lube Ashleys cunt hole and my very hard throbbing cock. I wanted to fuck her hard like I do Patti, make her a whore. Ann waiting patiencely to watch me fuck her daughter. Ann moved to the edge of the bed so she could watch my cock enter and fuck her daughter. I was well lube and began my perverted enternace into Ashleys tight well lube cunt. Both Ann and Patti watched as my cock head diappeared pass the folds of her cunt going slowly pushing deeper into Ashley.

Ashley on her elbows watched as my cock disappeared futher into her tight small cunt hole.

"Thats it baby take all of Williams cock. That's the way baby take all that hard cock. Fuck him Ashley. Oh baby mommy loves watching you fuck, make me proud. Be my little whore." Ann rubbing her cunt laying next to Ashley eyes wide watching intently, oh pleasure she was getting from being a voyeur.

"William, Ashley likes dirty talk as you can tell. Talk dirty to her,oh fuck I love it also; go ahead William fuck my daughter."

This was the most perverted thing I ever done but, I loved it. Fucking Ashley in front of her mother.

" William put your cock all the way in me." Ashley was getting very excited spreading her legs very wide. I push my hard throbbing cock all the way in her deep against her small cervix.

"Fuck your cock is big William. I like it. Fuck me hard and fill my cunt with cum. Patti play with my cunt, my clit. Make me cum like a whore, I want to be a fucking slut like mom, a whore for William." Ashely
began breathing deep to relax feeling my cock push deep in her cunt. She was enjoying my fuck. Her hips began move and rise to to meet my thrusts. Lifting her ass off the bed fucking me as I fucked her.

Patti was fingering Ashley's clit. As my cock slid in and out of her cunt hole. Ann was reaching over Ashley playing with Patti's erect nipples. Their faces met over Ashley's body and their tongues joined each other exchanging saliva sucking each others tongues. Their tongues darting in and out of their mouths like a snake. Patti's legs were spread wide. Her cunt hole was gaped from Ashleys fist fuck. I could see her piss hole leaking small amounts of wetness. More then the normal juice flow when she was excited. Her cunt was palsating trickling juices down her ass crack.

The girls broke away from each other mouths. Patti move down and kiss Ashley's mouth. Still finger her small clit. I was ready to fill this little whores cunt with a heavy load of cum.

"Ashley I'm ready to cum in honey." I gave a final push into her taking her breathe away. Her back arched and she lifted her ass up to receive my load of cum.

"Fuck her William. Fuck my little whore. Fill her little whore belly with cum." Ann said as I unloaded my ball sack of cum. "Be a fucking whore for William. Fuck him like I do, enjoy his cock like he enjoys your cunt. Fuck her William. Stretch her tiny cunt hole."

Patti very horny excited and over whelemed with lust. Her gaped cunt was palsating. I could see her piss hole in her gaped cunt leaking piss. Now she released a stream of piss over Ashley's belly hitting Ann laying next to her daughter.

"Fuck, fuck. Oh Ann she's a fucking whore. I'm so fucking excited. Piss, fuck, cunt Oh Ashley you little whore MMMMM your great. Watching you get fucked Ashley I lost control of myself." Patti trying to compose herself.

"I want you to suck my cunt Patti like you promised." Ashley moved over as Patti laid back on the bed. Ashley straddled patti's face. Patti's tongue work inside of Ashley's wet cum filled cunt taking what she could from the tiny cunt hole swallowing it all like a sex starved cum whore.

Standing watching the two girls on the bed as Ann knelt on the floor and began sucking my cock, reaching around and finding my asshole sticking a finger in my ass forcing my cock down her throat.

I heard Patti talking to Ashley. The second time I would do something so perverted.

"Come on me like Mike does. You know he pisses on me." She was already sitting on the floor legs spread wide leaning back waiting for me to do my perverted deed.

Ann stopped sucking me when she heard Ashley speak.

"Piss on her William. Its okay." Ann said looking at her daughter on the floor.

"Were fucking sluts and a whores thats what Erin says we are. Come Patti, mom, join me its okay."
Ashley smiling waiting for the girls to get on the floor with her.

With my cock in hand I aimed it at Ashley's face. I sprayed Ashley's face moving down to her cunt and acrosssed to Ann's face and tits over to Patti with her mouth wide open filling her mouth. Pissing on all three girls faces,cunts and tits soaking them piss. Having three whores enjoying wet sex in front of me was awesome. Ashley was very excited to be part of this with mom and Patti. When I finished all three girls showered together as I wipe up the floor, we did make a mess in the room fortunetaly the floor was tiled and could be cleaned. When the girls returned from the shower Ashley sat on my lap. I was on the chair by the room desk. Her little ass crack was on my cock and it was rising. She spread her legs to the out side of mine.

"Finger my clit make me cum again William." My left hand fondle her small tits and my right hand found her tiny but, hard swallowen clit. I finger her cunt slowly watching Ann sitting on the edge of the bed legs spread wide showing me her bald gaped cunt. She had a dildo lubed and began fucking herself with it. I leaned Ashley back on my chest opening her legs more. Patti got down on her knees in front of us and slowly began sucking Ashley's cunt tonguing her as I stimulated her clit. Ashley laid back on my chest her head against my shoulder. I heard the sucking action of Patti's mouth on Ashley's cunt and her breathe against my fingers working Ashley's clit.

" I love sucking your cunt Ashley, its so sweet and wet." Patti stopping only to fondle my balls. In minutes we gave Ashley her second hard climax of the night. I held her against me as her body shutter from her intense orgasm. I began stroking my hard cock wnen Ashley left my lap. She saw that I was jacking my cock.

"Cum in my face William. Mom watch William cum on my face. I did draining the last of my cum from my ball sack. I smiled watching several gobs of cum hit her between the eyes then run off her cheek and nose. Ann smiled knowing how much I enjoyed her daughter and she getting her perverted thrill of being a voyeur.

We cleaned up and thanked Ann for our perverted sex with Ashley and the great enjoyment we had with her. To our surprise Ann invited us to her home the following afternoon. Saying Erin would be home from school and she wanted us to meet her also, to stay the night if we wanted to and attend a small party she was giving. We welcomed her invite and agreed to come as her guests.

Part three. Just as perverted and disgusting. Involving a Teen girl and other Adults.

The story is fiction and should be read as fiction. Dialogue is very filthy and grammar of the teen describing her younger years is obscene.


Part Three This part contains some very sexual talk between adults and a thirteen year old describing her sex as a young girl. Grammar is obscene, filthy and perverted. Sex with a teen girl and animal sex. Story is fiction and read only as fiction.

Chapter 1

Ann picked us up at the hotel early morning. We had our overnight case packed for the stay at Ann's place. Ann took us to a fine resturant for lunch to show her apperciation for allowing her to be a part of the sex we had with her and her kids. Now she had the opportunity to tell us about her daughter Erin. She began saying her daughter Erin wasn't a lesbian but, is very sexual and enjoyed having sex with her girl friends at school. She loves cunt but, prefers a hard cock. Like Ashley, Erin was well into adult sex and a whore like herself. Ann was so care free when she talk about her girls comparing them to herself. She enjoyed her kids and was proud of the way she was bringing them up sexually.

My cock was getting hard thingking about fucking Erin. I also was wondering what was going through Patti's perverted mind at this time. Ann explained about a little party she was hosting and all her guest were into porn of some kind. The party was there way to get togehter in private to have sexual fun.

With Ann hosting the sex party and we as her guest from America, we would be invite to participate in some type of sex acts with her friends.

Patti and I were really looking forward to this party. My thoughts went back to Mexico were Patti went for several hours indulged in hot sex. Patti being a whore and cum slut for any cock that was hard and near her. I don't know how many guys she had sex with that night but I remember her face and chest cover in gobs of cum. Her gaped cunt oozing cum. My thoughts interuped by Ann.

"William is there anything you would like to see or do? I think I can arrange it. What about you Patti anything special? Think about it. Let me know later or tell Erin." Ann said being very serious.

We chatted a while longer then we left the resturant and travel on to Ann's house. Erin was already home when we got there and met us at the door. Wearing a very tight short gold dress that bearely cover her ass. Small high heeled sandals. Curly blond hair and very blue eyes. A younger image of her Mother. Her 35 B breasts already proturding and showing her puffy nippples through the material. She diffentenly would be large breasted like her mother.

Ann had warned us about Erin being very open about sex. Looking at me in the doorway then at Patti smiling. "Oh we are going to have fun I think." She lifted her dress exposing her bald cunt to us. "You fucked Ashely now its my turn." She said looking at me. Ann never said a thing about Erin's open sexual attitude.

"I'm sorry, I should have asked you first if you wanted to fuck me. I know shes told you about how I love fucking and being a whore. There's no secerts with mom and I." Moving back to lets us pass into the foyer.

"Come in please." Extending her hand. "I'm Erin. Please to meet you Ms. Patti and Mr. William. I seen your pictures and movies Ms. Patti. You're really sexual. Some say your a international whore. ....I have to ask Ms. Patti. Did you really fuck?" "Hans the Horse"

"I sure did Erin."

"Oh Patti thats so cool. Mom did you see Patti get fucked by Hans?

"Yes, she was beautiful and did it on the examining table. The patrons applaued her afterwards and honored her. Hans had his ego bruised when the patrons cheered for Patti not him.

"Oh WOW! thats so awesome and cool."

"Erin take care of our guests please. They'll will be staying the night in your room."

"Oh great you guys can sleep with me. Please. Will you? I would love to share my bed with my guests. Thats if you want to and its okay with mom."

I will Erin, and William won't object to having two ladies in bed with him." Patti all smiles.

"William would you like a beer? Patti some wine or something?" Erin being very polite.

We accepted her offer of refreshments and thanked her for being so mature for a thirteenn year old.

"I'll be fourteen in three months. I'm I grew up alot in the last five years didn't I mom?"

"Tell Patti and William about you and Jason and how I caught you being so filthy with Jason."

We sat around the kitchen table as Erin began her story.

"I was eight years old maybe closer too nine. Mom would leave me to watch Ashley and Mike while she ran to the store accrossed the street. Mike and Ashley were usually napping. So I had time to do what I wanted for a few minutes. I already had been playing with my cunt and fingering my asshole. My girlfriend Cindy and I found some filthy stories on the internet and read them. Then we saw the porn movies. All the fucking in those movies cocks cunts wow it made me play with my cunt hole even more. While fingering my cunt one time I found my clit. That made me feel really good inside and the more I played with it my belly kinda tickled." My cock was hard as I listened to Erin tell her story.

"Everytime mom went to the store and at night I would play with my cunt making me feel good. Then one night in a sleep over Cindy and I fuck each other with a carrot. Pushing it deep in our little cunt holes. Cindy said its called a love canal but, I wanted it to be a cock holder. Anyway I only could get that fucking carrot in me a couple of inches. I knew from watching mom getting fucked my hole should take more then a couple of inches. I pushed it a little harder then normally. It went deeper up inside me. I pop my fucking cherry that night with a carrot. I deflower my own cunt. That was awesome. I didn't know at the time it was my cervix I was feeling when I fuck myself with that carrot. Cindy would watch me. I loved being watched and the tickling feeling I got in my tummy when I piched my clit and fucked myself with my carrot. I told Cindy I wanted to be a whore, a fucking slut like mom. She told me I wasn't a whore until a man fucked me and that I was just a young slut. I told her I was going to show everyone I wasn't just a fucking slut. I"m an eight year old little fucking whore." I watched Patti shifting in her chair her hand between her legs.

"Several days later mom went to the store again. I undress and went out side naked and sat in the lawn chair with my legs spread over the side. I held my cunt wide open with my hands showing myself to anyone that was out there in the court yard. I was disappointed no one was around at the time. I didn't care I began fucking myself with one hand and pushed two fingers of my other hand up my asshole. Fuck, it felt so good, I was moaning and rubbing my clit making myself cum. After my first cum I didn't stop I loved being a fucking slut out side and was hoping some one would see me. I pushed my hand deep in cunt strecthing my fuck hole. I had another cum. I had to stop. My cunt hole was sore from playing so hard with it. I had to hurry and get back in the house before mom came home."

I was extremely hard and wanted to fuck Erin now, Patti was eying Erin inventively listen to her filthy mouth using words to describe herself. She continued on now.

"Mom came home shortly afterwards and asked me if anything happened while she was gone and if I was being good and paying attention to my sister and brother. I lied and said yes. I wanted to play with my cunt hole more because, I really like the feeling it gave me playing with myself.. I went in the bathroom to get the baby oil. I got an idea. I laid on the floor and pushed the tip of the bottle up my sore cunt hole and squirted the oil in my hole. Oh it feel so good just like cum I thought. Anyway mom didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even tell my friend Cindy what I did. I wanted to a fucking whore, a filthy fucking 8 year old whore. I continued playing with my cunt every chance I had shoving my fingers up up my hot red twat." Erin adjusted herself in her chair. She was very excited and enjoying herself telling us her story.

"The next time mom left home she said she would be back in an hour. Wow! awesome, I had more time to play with my cunt and knew when she would be home. I got my baby oil and went outside naked and sat in my chair. Spread my legs wide over the arm of the chair I shoved my hand in my cunt. I had hour to give my cunt and asshole a good fucking. I would have several hot wet cums. I didn't only want to show my cunt I wanted some one to come and fuck me. Make me their little fucking slut whore. I closed my eyes thinking about a big cock being shoved up my cunt filling my baby whore belly full of cum. Then I felt someone next to me I opened my eyes and a full load of hot cum splashed in my face. I opened my mouth to talk and more cum went in my mouth. Then man meat was deep in my mouth. It was Jason shoving his cock in my mouth telling me he had been watching me and now his big cock was going to be forced in my mouth. he told me I was a cum slut whore. That I was nothing but, a cock teaser. Cock teasers get fuck sooner or later. He asked me it was a virgin, if I had been fucked yet. I said no. He reached between my legs stuck two fingers in my cunt hole real deep. Then he took his cock and slap my face with it and rub his cum all over my face saying I was a cheap little lying whore. I told him I wasn't a cheap whore. I was free. Free for anyone that wants to fuck me."

Listening to Erin tell her story diffentenly had a sensational effect on the three of us. My cock harder then a rock, and dripping percum in my shorts. Patti's mouth was open slightly, nipples hard and erect. Rocking her cunt on the chair she was sitting in. Ann was behind Erin rubbing Erins shoulders forcing her cunt against the back of the chair masturbating.

"Erin honey you have William and Patti very emotional. I think you have them sexually aroused. Continue telling your story then you can go in the bedroom and show them your talents." Ann giving her open permission to have sex with her daughter.

We knew Ann was okay with her daughter having sex with Patti and I. She promoted this perverted sex and we were willing to accomadate her wishes. I wanted to fuck Erin, drive my cock deep in her cunt.

"Erin continue your story." I said wanting to hear more.

"Jason pulled me up from the chair hard. I threw my arms around his neck so I wouldn't fall wrapping my legs around his waist. He leaned forward and his cock found my cunt hole. He lifted me and his cock went deep in my hot tight wet cunt. I let out a scream. He didn't stop. He just began fucking me. he fucked me hard. Then I felt his load of cum deep in me when he exploeded. He said now I was a fucking cum slut whore but, my cunt needed more hard cock and cum to fill my nasty little whore womb. I told him to fuck me again fill my my little cum slut womb. I was very loud. He laughed saying no one would hear me. I sat back down in chair slid down a little pulled my legs back my hands around my ankles the sun shinning warm on my open cum dripping cunt. I yelled out so everyone could hear me. I'M AN EIGHT YEAR OLD COCK LOVING WHORE A CUM SLUT WHORE. I LOVE BEING FUCKED.IWANT BIG THICK COCKS. I'M A NASTY COCKSLUT FUCKING WHORE. I looked around and Jason was leaving of the end of the deck. Then a shadow covered my body. It was mom standing over me. I was so scared. I sat up in the chair and began to piss. The chair was full of my piss, my cunt kept squirting piss. I was shaking, my tummy was very warm inside. I continued to piss. Mom leaned over me and kissed me telling me she loved me and everything was going to be fine. I got punished for not taking care of my siblings. Mom didn't want Jason fucking me and being a whore for him. so we moved. Mom really help me, teaching me and showing me how to be the filthy little fuck whore that I am."

She didn't lie about being a whore. Ann was a perverted fucking incest whore. Letting and teaching her kids about sex was some thing beyond comprehension. I loved every minute I spend with Ann and her kids. I know Patti was enjoying Erin.

Erin moved from the chair kissed her mom. "Mom is it okay now." Hinting to have sex with Patti and I.

Ann gave her permission to Erin. Saying she was going over to Andrews.

"Come william lets go fuck like you promised and Patti can join us." Heading off to the bedroom pulling her dress over her head. By the time we reached the bed room she was naked and so was Patti. I removed my clothes quickly. Erin naked with legs spread on the bed opening her cunt hole with her hands.

"Hurry William I need cock. I haven't been fucked in two weeks. Last week I had my period so Andrew couldn't fuck me. I need hard cock." I moved on top her and Patti guided my cock into Erins cunt. Once inside her I began pumping my cock in her like a jack hammer. Fucking her hard and pushing deep in that tight cunt hole.

"William fuck me. Fuck me hard. Watch me take all of Williams hard cock." Patti watching my cock slide in and out.

"Erin your cunt is getting fucked hard. Your so wet. Fuck her William. Fuck that lttle whore just like you fuck me. Hard and fast. Fill that whore belly of hers, cum deep in her. Erin likes being a whore like her mom. Don't you sweetheart? Patti breathing very hard.

"Yeah I do." She said. "Patti get the baby oil from the dresser. After William comes in me I wanted to scissor fuck with you. I want to rub our cunts together like whore lovers."

"I would love that Erin. I love scissor fucking I do it many times."

"I'm fucking cumming Erin. Take my load of cum you fucking little whore." I pressed deeper holding her hips squirting my cum deep in her.

"AAHHHHHHH yes I'm cumming too, I feel it squirting in me. Oh fuck William it feels so good. Yes."

I finished Cumming in her tight cunt filling her belly and cervix with cum. Then I and rolled over on my side. Instantly Erin took the baby oil squirting it on Patti's cunt. Then rubbing oil over her belly and thighs. Moving her body between Pattis open legs they joined hands pulling each other close rubbing their cunts together fucking each other. Erin pushing her cum filled cunt into Patti's. Their passion was hightening. "Oh fuck Erin this is hot, I love fucking like this,. Push harder against my cunt. Yes,yes thats the way baby. Fuck me."

"William in my bag hand me my dildo the double headed one." I found it handed it to her, they pause long enough to insert the that rather large dildo in each other then continuing to fuck. I stood at the side of the bed watching this perverted child and my whore fuck. Very perverted and nasty I enjoyed the lustfull perverted act.

My cock half hard from my fuck with Erin and still wet with her cunt juices and cum. I moved towards Patti. She already had her mouth open knowing my cock was going to enter. Taking it deep in her mouth I faced fuck her. Her mouth wet with saliva felt hot on my cock and just like her wet whore cunt.

"William fuck my mouth,let me suck you." Erin still driving her cunt against Patti's. I stopped and move to her mouth. This little fucking 13 old whore really knew how to suck cock. Breathing through her nose taking me deep down her throat.

"Yeah baby, fuck her mouth, fuck that little whore mouth. She loves cock, fill her mouth with cum baby." Patti said. As she was thrashing about along with Erin intensely fucking the dildo between them.

They fell back on the bed breathing hard from the intense fuck. I looked at Patti her cunt glisining from the oil and gaped from the dildo that just fell out of her cunt hole. I had to have her. I wanted to suck her whorish fucking cunt. I was lusting for her. I laid on the bed telling her to straddle my face. Her knees forward along side my chest placing her wet oiled cunt on my mouth. I began sucking her, tonguning her cunt hole deep. She responed taking my cock in her mouth. My hands pulled her ass cheeks apart fingering her brown rosebud. My tongune pushed deep in her cunt finding her piss hole I began sucking hard on her piss hole. I wanted to taste her, make her piss.

"Fuck, I'm I can't hold it. I'm going to piss. Oh fuck." Patti squirming on my body, as my tongue continued licking her piss hole. Then she released a warm spray of piss down my throat. I couldn't swallow fast enough so it ran over my face and neck drenching the bed covers. Patti rolled to the side off my face only to see Erin quickly between Patti's legs wanting to taste her piss soaked cunt with her tongue taking long slow licks. I watched breathing heavy enjoying another perverted sex act.

After our sex we help Erin cleaned up the mess. Wash the bed covers and took showers.

Chapter 2

While waiting for Ann to return from Andrews house. We showering and gotten dressed. When Ann and Andrew came in the back door. Ann showed all the signs of having sex. Besides her dress being open in front showing her massive tit flesh her hair was a mess and globs of cum still clunge to the strans of hair covering her eyes.

Ann went to the bathroom to shower while Erin was very kind and introduced us to Andrew. Andrew an average man with dark hair, brown eyes, about two hundred pounds five foot eight inches in height and soft spoken. He knew who we were and was pleased to meet us. He told us how he wanted to marry Ann and be her life long husband which in his eyes he said she needed man in her life all the time. As we talked Andrew was all about porn and loved his role with Ann and the Kids. He loved the perverted sex that Ann was doing with her dogs. He like her fucking dogs on stage and in private doing shows. This brought him to ask Patti if she would do a film with Rambo and Ann. Rambo was one of three of Ann's Great Danes.

Patti agreed to do the film with Ann. He sent Erin went to get Rambo so Patti could meet him. Patti loves dogs who show their love by licking her face and kissing with there tongues. Rambo did what was expected when Erin brought him in the house to meet Patti. Rambo very excited nuzzled Patti's crotch began licking Patti's face and his large cock began coming out of his sheath. Just then Ann returned from her shower dressed only in sexy teal colored panties and bra and strapped 4 inch heels. Andrew moved Rambo to the outside for now.

Ann suggesting Patti and Erin should get more comfortable also; Patti stripped down to her hot pink panties and matching bra, she too had her 4 inch heels on, taking a few minutes to high lite her lips with hot pink lipstick. Erin wearing her tiny green tong and no bra and small heels looking very sexual. The couple Ann invited over to met us were into porn and incest sex as she was. The party that Ann had plan was for Erin to be together with her boyfriend Ted. He was thirteen and involved with his parents as was Erin. Erin had a crush on him. Ann had no problem with Erin and Ted having sex. This was their control over their kids by allowing it.

Andrew took a bench from a closet unfolded it and place it in the middle of the living room floor. Sturdy like a weight bench. Tilted on an incline and could be raised and lowered. Explaining to Patti she would be laying on her back and Rambo would mount her in a missionary position when he would engage her cunt and fuck her. This would be done after their guests arrived so they could watch Patti be filmed. Patti loved be the center of attention and her cunt was already weeping her cunt juices.

When Ann's guest arrived and Erin saw Ted. Erin was over whelmed with excitement. Quickly Erin told everyone that Patti was from America and she was going to fuck Rambo and everyone could watch. "Patti is Williams whore." She blurted out in excitement.

Andrew ready his camera for filming and Bill was going to take pictures with his for still shots. Patti stripped off her panties and bra. Then laid back on the tilted bench. Her ass was on a small seat. Legs spread wide enough for Rambo to mount her from the front. She didn't need any lube her cunt was dripping her own juices. Erin went and got Rambo and released him. Rambo made his way to Patti after several cunt licks he was up on her body. His head next to hers and his long legs and paws over her shoulders. His cock all the way out of his sheath showing his 10 inch purplish wet thick cock. Dripping his wetness slowly poking searching for Patti's cunt hole. He found it and pushed in and began humping her cunt.

Rambo being an older dog was use to fucking Ann. He didn't hump like young dogs do. He was slow and his humping had a rhythm to it. He took long slow pumps. As his cock went deeper Patti's legs opened more. Ann moved next to Patti and began softly kissing her on the mouth and cheeks as she rubbed her soft hair. Her hand moving under Rambo's belly so she could rub Patti's stomach moving down to finger clit as Rambo continued his fucking.

"Patti Rambo has a lot of cum for you. Take it all. Take his cock deep. Let him fill your belly. Be his fucking whore" Ann was driving Patti to an extremely hard climax. Rambo began humping harder and faster. "Oh fuck he's knotting me. aaaaaaaaaaaaah yes Rambo fuck my cunt." Turning looking at Andrew with his camera. "Fill my whore cunt with cum. Fuck me like a dog bitch. OHHHHHHH FUCK HE"S CUMMING.FUCK, FUCK. YEEEEEAAH." Rambo held his knot for about seven minutes spraying Patti's inside with warm dog cum. Her face showed pleasure of a good fuck. After Rambo released his knot and laid down next to the bench. Ann laid on her back under the bench. Patti took a deep breathe sat up and began working all the dog cum out of her cunt into Ann's waiting hungry whore mouth. Fuck that was so hot to watch. Ann took Patti's hand and help her off the bench the two girls went down and began sucking Rambo's long wet cock. I watch for a few seconds. I bent down and moved Ann's head away. Next to my whore I took Rambo's cock in my mouth and sucked it a few times and Kiss Patti on the mouth. She took Rambo's cock and held it up for me to take another suck. I did. Then she did and we kissed. "There my whore I shared dog cock with you." I said looking deep into her eyes. She began to tremble and shake like she always does after good hard exciting fuck.

I rubbed her belly and her hard erect nipples kissing her eyes and cheeks licking her face like Rambo did to her. "Fuck me William. Fuck now. I want your cock deep in my cunt. Show everyone I'm your fucking whore." With her cunt full of dog cum I shoved my cock hard and deep in to her wet sloppy fuck hole. I fucked her on the floor while every watched. I filled her cunt with cum. Then I offered her to Andrew and Bill.

"She's my whore and I want all you guys to fuck her. Fill her belly with cum." She did Andrew first and then Bill. Next she was even going to do Ted. Ted anxious and very excited to be able to fuck Patti. He was thrilled with the idea to have her but, very nervous at the same time. We all wanted to see Ted fuck Patti. More then anything Ann wanted to see and watch Patti get fucked by a 13 year old boy. Patti was sucking Ted's cock getting him hard for his fuck with her. She reached behind his ass crack and forced her index finger up his tight asshole. She played for a while with Ted. She sensed that Ted was getting very anxious to fuck her. Patti laid back and spread her legs opening her cum filled cunt to Ted. Quickly he was between legs. She lifted her legs so Ted could go deep in her. Milking his cock with her cunt muscles when he entered her.

"That's it honey. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt like you do Erin's. Cum in me. Put more cum in my fuck hole. I'm your whore now." Her filthy talk made Ted cum within minutes. Fucking her hard shooting his cum in her. He laid on Patti for a while catching his breathe. Erin was sitting between Andrew and Bill jacking their cocks watching. Ann was watching from the floor with Betty. Both breathing heavy watching Ted fuck Patti.

I seen a lot of perverted things but what happen next was more then I had ever imagined. They told Patti to stay on the floor legs spread. Betty naked her nipples very taunt staring at Patti's cunt her mouth drooling. Erin came forward between Patti's open legs. Erin had a spoon scooping cum from Patti's filled cunt then feeding it to Betty. Spoon full after spoon full Erin fed Betty. She eat the mixture of dog cum and our cum like a baby being feed, swallowing every drop. Andrew was filming all this smut.

As Erin fed betty spoonful's of cum. Ann went and brought in another Great Dane named Buster. Before the night ended after Betty fucked Buster. Ann invited Patti to share Busters cum after he released Betty's cunt and dog cum was dripping out of Betty's cunt hole. They shared a mouth full and Patti made sure I swapped saliva and cum with her, kissing her showing every one she was my whore. Later Ann fucked Ted. Andrew filmed it as a gift to Betty and Bill.

Patti and I stayed the night and shared Erin's bed with her. Patti's cunt was still full of cum from all the previous

fucking when we went to the bedroom and by Erin's request. The little whore want to suck Patti's cunt and share cum with her. They engaged in a 69 position and enjoyed sucking each others cunts. When they finished having their way with each other. I got to fuck Erin's asshole along with Patti's as they knelt side by side. Going from one hole to the other filling them with what little cum I had left. Then we finally fell of to sleep.

The ending.

The next day we went back to our hotel to pack and get ready for our late afternoon flight. Ann and Andrew help us by driving us to and from hotel. They took us back to their house for an afternoon brunch. We spend the afternoon with them. Everyone we had met in prior days was there to see us off. Ann wanted us to promise we would come back to visit. We kiss everyone good by. Later in the afternoon Andrew and Ann drove us to the airport. Before we got to the airport Patti took her panties off stuff them in her cunt. Wipe her cunt and asshole. then gave them to Andrew. He just laughed but knew he would keep them forever. " I wonder if Patti will through customs. She may get stop for smuggling cum out of the country." I said. there was laughter.

The end.

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