A preteen love story. Christina goes swimming alone
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Mika and Christina

Chapter 4. Good little girl.

Akin sits at his kitchen table eating the egg and cheese sandwich which he prepared for breakfast. He has a relaxing morning planned before his 2:00 p.m. class. Outside his kitchen window the pool cleaning service is hard at work, measuring chemical levels and cleaning. He smiles to himself because the pool sure changed his summer in the new house. He wanted the pool to attract a few college coeds; instead he ended up with the whole family from next door. There is mom, Missy, age 26 and her two daughters, Mika and Christina, ages nine and six respectively. The bonus prize is Mika’s friend Sharon. In the four weeks he has known them his love life has been hectic and turned upside down.

He first met the daughters, Mika and Christina when they snuck into his pool for a swim. He really didn’t care that two young kids were in his pool because he figured the old guy who had the house before let them swim. It was when he watched them splashing he got an education. The older girl’s white swim suit was completely transparent showing her apple sized boobs like she was naked. Her pink nipples had shrunk and stood up hard from the cool water. He could see a few dark hairs between her legs. When she pulled herself up on the edge of the pool long black hair cascaded down to her waist. She would stretch and point her lovely tits toward the sun giving him a great view.

The smaller munchkin was a little fire cracker, laughing, and splashing and doing baby belly flops in the shallow end. Every time she came out of the pool she would pull her white underwear up and show the world a sweet camel toe. Her red hair was plastered to her face and gave her an innocent look. He learned her name is Christina. He blames Christina for making him a sex addict to preteen pussy. She accepted his offer for lunch-time pizza and stripped naked when he told her. She stuck her baby butt and pussy into his face as she bent over and he was nearly hooked.

It was nine year old Mika who became the icing on the cake by also stripping and letting him see her tits and pussy. He took her to the bedroom and she never had a thought of leaving. Mika fell in love hard and Akin thinks of the several times he has fucked her without breaking her cherry. It takes a lot of control and he works at it hard.

The cherry on top of the cake is Mika’s friend Sharon. She is two years older and at eleven had been exposed to a lot more because of the internet. Sharon discovered the free websites showing girls sucking cocks and swallowing buckets of Jizz. When she met Akin she decided to be his exclusive cum slut and told him she doesn’t want to fuck, just drink all of his Jizz. Sharon is a cute, short and slender blonde with soft big boobs. Akin loves the way they bounce and dangle when she leans over him and gets her face plastered.

And finally there is Missy, the mom who got talked into jumping into the pool naked by her two daughters. She is only a few years older than Akin and he can make believe she is a college coed when he wants. He thinks of her as a normal looking young woman, not overly sexy or glamorous; but things have really changed the past few weeks. He noticed Missy spends a lot more effort in looking better. She pays more attention to her long black hair, her make-up and even her clothes. It’s obvious she wants to compete with the young girls on the college campus. She has told him they were “exclusive” and she really did not need to worry. Akin has all the jail-bait pussy he could handle right here without looking on campus.

As Akin thinks about Missy he jots some notes about stuff he has to buy for the weekend. Missy and her two daughters now spend the whole weekend in his house and most of the time in his bed. Well, except Sunday afternoons when they make a family trip to the mall, a restaurant and a movie. Akin laughs to himself because the waitresses usually think the girls are his daughters and Missy his wife, “Not only am I a pervert fucking my daughter; but a mother fucker, too.”

He takes a bite of his breakfast sandwich when he hears his phone vibrating and bouncing on the kitchen table. Two seconds later a screeching ringtone starts. It’s some teen band’s tune which Sharon loaded to his phone to let him know she is calling. “Hi, Sharon,” he answers, knowing what she most likely wants. “Hi baby,” she coos in his ear and tells him she has not had any breakfast. “I’m sooo hungry, can I come over,” she whispers like it was a big secret. He laughs at her and tells her to wear jeans while riding her bike.

Sharon does not live too far away and almost caused a wreck at an intersection when she wore a bikini which looked like two Band-Aids. The guys driving the cars nearly crashed and Sharon giggled when she told him the story. She doesn’t understand drawing attention to her in the neighborhood also could draw attention to him.

Sharon arrives about twenty minutes later and he sets a plate with eggs and toast in front of her. A big glass of milk sits next to it. He knows she wants the milk for later. Sharon jumps into his arms and puts her hands around his head and wraps her legs around his middle. He cradles her with his hands on her butt. The tight jeans are like a second skin and he rubs her ass. She smiles and rubs her chest against him and French kisses him for minutes. Finally she laughs and sits down and digs into her food.

When she sips the milk she gets a white mustache and tilts her head up for him to kiss it away. Her green eyes sparkle because she knows she will get a special treat when she finishes. Sharon tells Akin all about her new computer which she finally got her mother to buy. “I don’t have to go to the library anymore to watch movies,” she snickers because he knows she watches porn.

Akin is concerned and tells her the first thing she has to do is put black tape over the camera lens. “You know hackers can turn on your camera,” he tells her and she doesn’t believe it. He does a quick search of news stories on his i-phone and shows her the story about a school’s IT security guys watching girls in their bedrooms. “They can do that?” she asks. He tells her they can probably do a lot more and for her to turn the camera function off. “Your family already had to move once,” he reminds her, “don’t fuck up and get your picture taken.” She turns serious and shakes her head ‘Yes’; moving again is not an option.

He kisses her again and puts a smile back on her face. Sharon grabs his hand and says, “I got a surprise for you. We have to use the couch.” In the den she wiggles out of her tight jeans and Akin watches the show and laughs. She does an overly dramatic strip as her jeans don’t want to come off. Her naked ass is in his face as she bends over and lifts her legs to pull them away. She turns around and slowly pulls her top over her head letting her creamy large tits bounce as she lifts her arms high and stretches. She holds the pose and lets Akin admire her preteen perfect body.

Like Mika, she is a runner on the track team and it shows on her body. While shorter than Mika, her legs are toned and muscular and her belly is flat and rock hard. She has bikini tan lines and her white globes stand up. Pink nipples top each boob. Sharon smiles as she watches Akin drink in the view. He has to admit she is a green-eyed blonde beauty.

Sharon straddles Akin’s lap on her knees and her boobs are right in front of his face. She pushes her left tit against his mouth and lets him lick her hard. His hands glide around her body and grab an ass cheek each. His hands squeeze her butt and run up and down her back, caressing and massaging. He lets his middle finger slip between her cheeks and push against her anus. Sharon moans and pushes back while his finger rubs her ass hole. His lips love her tits and he gives them little bites. When Akin’s middle finger penetrates her ass she rocks up and down for a few minutes and then moans to him, “Wait, I have to do you first. I need your cum.” She feels his cock harden under her.

Sharon gets up and tells him to stand aside while she takes a minute to get ready. The cushions and pillows have to be in a certain position for her surprise. Akin strips his clothes off and watches her lay down on the couch. She is on her belly with her chest on the pillows stacked at one end of the couch. Her head is over the edge and her blonde hair frames her face. She looks up at him and reaches back and grabs her feet. The striped knee high socks are extra sexy as her legs are straight up. Yes, she got the ‘innocent little school girl’ look down perfect. When she smiles and says, “Daddy, I need some juice,” he knows exactly what the little tease needs. He stands in front of her face and pushes his cock down her throat.

He sees her hands tighten around her feet and her white ass cheeks clinch together. In this reclining position her throat is stretched and lets his cock force its way into her. He is half hard and he fucks her mouth slowly. Sharon works her tongue on his sensitive lower side and Akin gets harder. His big cock head pushes against her throat and she tries not to gag. Sharon chokes a bit and pulls back for air.

She inhales deeply a couple of time and looks at Akin and says, “Go ahead, do it all the way in.” She opens her mouth for him and his hard cock slides into her mouth. When he hits her throat again, he grabs her head and pushes. Her throat expands and his cock head penetrates as far as he can go. Her nose hits his belly and Akin gives her another shove. When he looks down he can see her neck looks huge with his cock in her. Sharon’s eyes are shut tight and tears stream down cheeks. He fucks her slowly knowing not to damage her throat; but a bit of pain is good for her.

He deep throats her for at nearly a minute before pulling back and letting her breathe. She gulps air like crazy, waits a half minute and says, “Again.” He is down her throat in a second and fucks her harder. Sharon repeats this several more times, suck him into her throat, let him pump her hard, and then come up for some air. “She’s asking for it,” he thinks as his rock hard cock pistons into her. She groans with pleasure; just like the eleven year old expected it to be when she saw it on the porn channel. He knows he is going to cum in a minute. “Baby, do you want it down your throat?” he asks and she shakes her head ‘No’. Akin releases her head and Sharon pulls back until just his cock head rests on her tongue. She wants to taste him before swallowing.

Sharon sucks his hard cock as his body shakes from head to toe. Ropes of Jizz shoot into her mouth and she holds his cock head with her lips and teeth. He finishes and inhales hard and she keeps a tight grip on him for several minutes until he is soft. Sharon sits up and looks at Akin, opens her mouth and shows him the big lake of white cum on her tongue. When she swallows she smiles and says, “OMG, you are the best.” Akin knows she has no one to compare him with; but still, the past couple of weeks have been outstanding, especially when Sharon comes to visit before he goes to his college classes.

Now that she has her belly full of hot cum, Sharon turns into the concerned girlfriend. She spreads her legs apart and pulls Akin to stand between them. His cock dangles in front of her face and she lifts him up and very slowly licks the underside from his balls to his cock head. She repeats it on the topside and then takes one of his balls into her mouth. Her tongue works it like she has a little marble in her mouth. Akin groans hard as she switches to his other ball and eats it too. “I’m so glad you shave now,” she tells him as she rests for a minute. Akin started shaving his balls and cock area about three weeks ago when she mentioned hairs got into her mouth.

Sharon takes a big gulp of milk from her glass and swishes it around her mouth and swallows. She takes his cock and pulls the skin down from his cock head and inspects him closely before she pops him back into her mouth and washes him gently. His cock gives a twitch and she looks up with an arched eyebrow. It says, “Are you ready to go again?” Akin tells her he has to rest a bit and lifts her up in his arms and heads for the bedroom. She cuddles into him and nibbles on his ear. Before he can drop her on his bed she whispers, “Will you eat my pussy?” Akin laughs because the eleven year old knows what she wants. “My thought exactly,” he tells her.

Akin cuddles her to him and leans over her and kisses a bit of milk off her lips. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and rubs them while he kisses her some more. His tongue runs down her neck and makes her giggle. Akin inspects her bright green eyes and tells her, “You are the most beautiful girl ever.” It makes her smile and she pushes his head south to play with her tits.

Nibbling on her nips makes her groan and wiggle her hips. Her flesh is soft in his hands as he squeezes each globe and pinches her nipples. She sighs hard and pushes on his head to go further south. Akin rolls away from her to get between her legs; but first he retrieves one of his new toys from the night stand. “Pull your legs up,” he tells her and Sharon knows what to do. She stretches her legs straight up to the ceiling and scissors them wide open. Her hands grab her legs just below the knees to keep herself steady. Akin looks at her sweet pussy and is amazed how pink she looks.

He kneels down and kisses her open outer lips from the top down to her bottom. When his lips get near her butt hole he tongues it several times and Sharon squeals. He rims her before coming back up to her pussy. Sharon exhales and says, “Again.” Akin uses his finger to spread her pussy lips and sees her red wet insides. She looks like she is going to burst into flames. His tongue runs down through her pussy again and he rims her butt hole and comes back up. He pushes the tip of his tongue into her and slides it up. Pussy juices run over his tongue and he tastes her nectar. Two fingers peel her skin back and her clit pops up for his lips.

He sucks the little nob into his mouth and Sharon wails her appreciation. His tongue rubs her for several minutes and her hips rock with him. Her fingers are clamped to her legs and they quiver a bit as he tongues her. Akin turns the vibrator on and runs it up and down her pussy. When he buzzes her ass she lifts her hips and groans. He puts the tip of the vibrator against her butt hole and pushes steadily. It goes into her about four inches before she yelps, “Enough.” Akin munches her pussy and clit and he figures she may last five minutes before she explodes.

His face is in her pussy with his lips locked to her clit and she lasts only three minutes. Her ass rocks up and down and he grabs her hips to hold her to him. With a loud yelp she climaxes and juice squirts into his mouth. He holds her tight; but licks her gently because he knows she is in pain if he is rough. She collapses on the bed and reminds him to be gentle as he cleans her pussy with his tongue. “God her juices taste sweet,” is his thought as he is totally enchanted by the sexy girl. The vibrator keeps humming in her ass. Sharon reaches down and pulls his hair to get him up next to her. She wraps her arms around him and tells him, “OMG, it gets better every time you get me off.”

He pulls a sheet over them while they cuddle, kiss and relax. The vibrator continues to buzz.

About twenty minutes later Sharon says, “You have to take it out. I have cum so much; it’s all I can stand.” Akin laughs and tells her she set a new record. He takes the vibrator out and tells her to take a shower, “Leave me some hot water; I have to go to school.”

Sharon is dressed in her tight jeans and has fresh make-up on. She puts her make-up box back in Akin’s closet, hidden behind a sleeping bag. She gets a couple more kisses on her way out. “I can’t come back until next week,” she says as she leaves and Akin is happy. Good grief; it’s fun but he needs a break.

He showers and gets cleaned up for school. In the kitchen he happens to look out and sees Christina standing by the pool. She is naked, wet and looking at the sliding door. He does not see Mika. OMG, he has wanted her alone for four weeks.

“Good grief, I’m going to totally miss school today.”

He opens the sliding door and kneels down. Christina squeals and runs to him and curls her wet body against him. “Where is Mika?” he asks and she tells him she went to the library. Christina was supposed to stay home and watch cartoons. He lifts her wet body against him, locks the door and carries her to the bedroom. “Stand right there,” he tells her as he gets towels and the hair dryer. He puts a towel on the bed and lifts Christina up to stand on it. He uses another towel to slowly dry her from head to toes. She smiles as his hands rub her chest, her pussy and her luscious butt. Akin notices that her white strip from her underwear is disappearing because she swims naked whenever she can. He turns her around and tells her to bend over and grab her ankles. Her pussy is in front of his eyes and he uses the towel to dry her girly places.

Christina giggles and turns around, spreads her legs and says, “Do my front too.” Akin leans forward and kisses her baby nipples and slides his fingers over her little slit. She sighs and he tells her to hold on while he dries her hair. He blows her red hair with the dryer and after half a minute she says, “You’re doing it all wrong. Bring me the round brush.” There are three drawers in his bathroom now marked, Missy, Mika and Christina. He insisted they put all their stuff away every day and he won the battle. He brings Christina’s brush and she shows him how a “big girl” twirls the brush while gently drying her curly hair.

In a few minutes she is all done and beams at him. He takes the hot hair dryer back into the bathroom and when he comes back into the bedroom, she is spread out in the middle of the bed with her legs wide open and her arms stretched out. “Do you like what you see?” she asks with a tiny voice. “Baby, you are the prettiest girl I know. I have loved you since the first time I saw you,” he tells her. She asks, “But what about mom and Mika?” He tells her he loves all three and she can’t be jealous because she is the youngest. Being the youngest is a special responsibility, he explains.

“Do you want to do sex with me?” she murmurs and he tells her he indeed wants to ‘do’ sex with her: but she is too young to do some things. “Your body is still too small to do everything.” She giggles and says, “Like fucking me with your big hard sausage.” He laughs and agrees. She says, “It really hurt when you stuck it down my throat.” He cuddles her to him and tells her he is sorry. “You know when guys get hard, all the blood runs to their cocks and the brain can’t think.” She wants to know how to make it think again. He tells her after a man shoots all the cum out of his cock then the blood goes back to his head.

She seems impressed and he tells her. “The same thing happens to you when you play with your pussy.” She says, “I just fall asleep.” He explains it’s because without the blood in her brain she gets tired. Christina’s hand rubs her pussy as she talks and listens. Akin watches her and asks, “Can you feel something in your pussy; it’s the blood coming to make you feel real good. Do you want me to help again? She nods her head, smiles and cocks her knees up and spreads her legs.

“Holy shit, I have the princess to myself all afternoon,” he thinks. He runs to the kitchen and gets two glasses and a bottle of wine. He gives her a glass and she sits up and sips. She makes a little face again; but then puts her ‘big girl’ face on and sips more wine. Akin gets a big pillow and tells her to put her butt on it and spread her legs again. He strips off again and kneels between her legs naked. She watches the best she can as his tongue moves to her small pussy.

Sweet butterfly kisses up and down her slender legs make her giggle and Akin gets a fresh close-up look at her pussy. He examines the hairless slit and gently pulls her lips apart. More little kisses make her moan and then he pulls her further open and licks her; moving up and down slowly. Christina rocks her hips a bit and Akin slides his hands under her butt. He lifts her up as he pushes his tongue into her and tongue fucks her. She picks up the motion and rocks her ass up when he stabs into her.

He moves his tongue up to her tiny clit and gives it several hard licks. Christina “Uuh’s” and rocks her ass more. Akin remembers the first time he did this after she watched him playing with the older girls. He wonders if she has seen some porn in the library. Some of the girls on the internet look to be about her age and they show their pussies to all who log on. There are also movies of young girls fucking old guys; but they are harder to find.

When she starts rocking hard, he figures it’s time for a little lesson. There is more to getting off than just getting a quick cum. He goes back to kissing her young thighs and puts his middle finger on her butt hole. Christina doesn’t move as he lets her cool down for a few minutes.

Then he starts again. His finger stays on her butt hole and his tongue is deep in her pussy. He can tell she is much more sensitive and when he nibbles her tiny clit she “Uuh’s” even harder. Her pelvic rocks in unison with him. He has her near coming when he relaxes again. Christina is frustrated and whines, “Please, please, don’t stop, Akin.” He asks her, “Are you going to do everything I tell you?” She only waits one second and says, “Yes, everything.” He knows he is an ass, being mean to the little sweetie.

He tells her, “Christina say: ‘Make me cum.” She knows he wants her to talk dirty, like the ‘old’ girls and says, “Akin make me cum” in her little girl voice while breathing hard. He chuckles and tells her, “That’s my good girl.” His tongue is back on her tiny clit and his middle finger rubs her butt hole. When she starts rocking again, he pushes his finger into her just a bit. Christina jerks and he can see her little hand go into her mouth to keep herself from screaming. He uses short strokes and rubs her ass hole. She rocks hard and her climax is near.

Akin watches her belly vibrate and listens to her breathing. She pants like crazy and her legs quiver. She gives a little shriek when her climax ripples through her. He holds her tight with his mouth against her pussy and he pushes his middle finger into her ass and impales her. Christina bites down on her hand as she jerks and moans. He holds her for a few minutes until she relaxes and falls back on the bed. Her ass is still high on the pillow. Akin tells her to grab the sheets and moves his index finger into her and then back out. He finger fucks her ass for about five minutes when he sees her react.

Christina’s red hair is plastered against her face and her body is covered in sweat. Akin swears her little nipples are puckered hard as rocks as he finger fucks her baby sweet ass. She lifts her legs back up spreads them and grab them above the knees. When she starts pelvic rocking he knows she is on the way to a second climax. He leans up next to her and sucks one of her nipples into his mouth. Her hand comes up and grabs his hair and holds him to her flat chest.

She rocks hard as he finger fucks her deeper, harder and faster. She pants like a dog and holds on to him with a death grip. Akin knows she is pulling hair out of his head; but she will have a life changing explosion. It comes a minute later. She screams as the second orgasms runs from her pussy to her ass and up through her belly. Her legs shoot straight up and she collapses. Akin watches her little belly ripple and then sees tears running down her face. She grabs his head and cuddles to him and sobs uncontrollably.

He feels like shit. If he hurt her virgin ass because he could not control himself there was no way to over fix it and have her forgive him. Her mouth finds his and she locks her pouty lips against him and holds him as she shakes. Her tears stop and then she lets out a little giggle. “OMG, that’s why Mika wants to do it all the time. I love you, Akin. Can I come back tomorrow. I want to be your ‘good little girl’ again.” Her mouth can’t stop talking, she is high on sex. He holds for about ten minutes until she seems to be back to normal.

He carries her into the shower and while warm water runs over them he has a serious conversation with her. He explains a few things she will do for him and how her visits without her sister will be more frequent. She already knows what sucking and swallowing is. Christina smiles and she puts her hand on his cock and gives it a few strokes. She runs her hands through her hairs and puts some of the shampoo on his cock and keeps stroking. Akin turns the water off and they stand in the steamy shower while she works him hard. She keeps her eyes on his because she knows ‘good girls’ don’t close their eyes when he cums.

His cock is rock hard and its head is purple. She can feel the blood pumping through it as her little hand moves up and down. When he says, “Open your mouth for me”, she does like he tells her because she loves him so much. Several large ropes of cum shoot into her mouth and she closes it and holds the cum on her tongue. Akin kneels down so he is face to face with her and tells her, “Show me.” She smiles and opens her mouth to show him the sticky white stuff. Akin smiles also and say, “Yes, that’s my good baby girl. You can swallow.”

She bats her eyes at him and swallows his whole load. It takes two swallows. She opens her mouth and shows him it’s empty. “Did I do good, Akin?” she asks.

He hugs her to him and tells her she is his extra special red hot love girl. She turns around and bends over and reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks. Her bung hole is a bit red and worn. “Do you want to do me again?” she asks.

He leans forward kisses her butt and tells her, “Next time, baby.”

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