About the Greek god of wine Dionysus
He falls from the sky,
Fallen to the ground,
Go into her bed,
Turns her from a maenad into a wanton whore,
His talons tear into her plump chocolate flesh,
Halo around his head,
Blood and feathers fill her bed,
Bacchus!!!!!! she says
She screams out his name,
Long K-9 teeth bites into her soft breasts,
Sparking wine drains into her mouth,
His wings turn black,
He said "I am here for a reason."
Bacchus!!!!!!! she says
Sexual intoxication fills the room,
Now is the moment of her doom,
She prays,
She prays,
Then her body feels the drunken intoxication of his touch,
Her blood and flesh gives him great ecstasy,
He would eat her raw beautiful black flesh and rip the sensual black whore shreds,
Now drink of her sparking blood from out of her lips,
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