A visit from Mother
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Mika and Christina

Chapter 3. A visit from Mother.

The big green numbers on the alarm clock told him it was 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Akin thought about baby Christina and her cherry pussy slit in all its pink glory. Her curly red hair framed her face and she smiled at him with her legs spread wide apart, sitting in his bedroom chair. Even this wonderful dream picture did not put him back to sleep. He had planned to sleep late; but since he was wide awake he may as well get up and do the house cleaning.

As a bachelor he really did not have too much to clean; but he knew to keep the place spotless in case his mother dropped in. He walked through the house and picked up a few dishes from the den and took them to the kitchen. In the bathroom he picked up the girls’ towels, which still lay under the sink. He couldn’t help sticking his nose into them wondering if he could tell which girl used which towel. Mostly they smelled of chlorine from the pool.

When he stripped the sheets off the bed, he grinned because there are various stains; one of them dark brown. “Some of Sharon’s blood from when I popped her,” he mumbles as he thinks about Sharon whispering to him, “I just wants to swallow your cum.” His cock twitches as he hauls the laundry to the washer in the kitchen.

By 10:00 a.m. he has the place nearly spotless and ready for his mom’s “surprise” visit. She keeps insisting she was just accidentally in the neighborhood; but she always brings some piece of furniture, a lamp or picture. Actually, Akin couldn’t complain too much because she had already spent a ton of money redecorating his small formal living room. When he moved in, a renovation crew upgraded the room with new wood trim, an upgraded fire place and other stuff. A fancy couch, chairs and tables make the room look like it came from a estate mansion. “I don’t want your living room to look like a college dorm in case some adults visit,” she told him and slipped him a VISA card “for emergencies.”

Akin wondered if he was a spoiled rich kid; but had to admit he worked hard for his college grades and his night job was no picnic. As a treat to himself he got in the tub and filled it with hot water. It lets him relax while he reads his English Lit homework for an hour. By noon he was shaved and dressed in clean, starched khakis with a nice college golf shirt. He figures the doorbell would ring at any time.

About fifteen minutes later he hears, “Ding, Dong.” “Yes, mother right on time”, he thinks but gets a huge shock as he opened the door. There is a young woman he does not know with two kids whom he knows very well. Mika and Christina are on either side of her. He assumes she is their mother since she surely is an older version of Mika. Her brown hair hangs to her waist, parted in the middle. He notices the sun makes it shine and she has obviously made an effort to condition and brush it. Her eyes are brown like Mika’s and she has light make-up on her eye lids which does a good job of enhancing them. Her cheeks have a light dusting of blusher and it gives her a bit of a tan. Akin is surprised by her big lips which curve in a pouty smile. “Ah, she passed that to red haired Christina,” he thinks.

This whole assessment of her face took three seconds and he heard her say, “Hello new neighbor, I’m Missy from next door and these are my daughters Mika and Christina.” As she said each girls name she pulled up on one of their arms to identify them. The girls smile up at him and keep their mouths shut. Akin introduces himself and asks them to come in. He ushers them into the fancy living room and asks if they would like some colas. The girls nod their heads and Missy says, “That would be nice.”

As Missy walked into the living room Akin ran his eyes up and down quickly to get a first impression. She is about five feet, six inches tall and curvy slender. He guessed her boobs at about a 34B or C size. She wears a short, yellow summer dress with white shoes. His first impression is a bit different from what the girls had told him. They key one is she seems very young to be a mom of a nine year old. Missy looks to be about twenty-six years old. Akin thinks she is either older or had Mika at an early age. “She is probably three or four years older than me,” he wonders.

After serving the colas and sitting across from Missy he notices her summer dress has slipped up high on her legs and they are very shapely. “Nice sexy legs,” he thinks and smiles at her. Sitting next to her mom, Mika is also in a yellow summer dress. She has pulled the dress up on her legs and spread them. Akin about chokes when he notices she has no undies. Mika slowly opens and closes her legs and smiles. Christina is the only one safe since she wears jeans.

Some small talk ensues about the neighborhood, the library down the street and a couple of restaurants in the small shopping center. Akin tells her about going to the nearby college and his night job. Missy mentions she never got to college since she had Mika early in life and now with two “kiddos” she spends almost all her time working. Finally she mentions his pool. “The former owner let them swim all the time. I hate to be a bother the first time we meet; but would it be Ok for them to swim once in a while?” she asks.

Akin invites her and the girls to come outside and take a look at the pool. “Did you swim, too?” he asks. Missy tells him she never had time and Akin tells her she absolutely has to make time to try it and get a bit of sun. “You will be surprised how an hour in the pool will make you feel. Almost like going to a spa,” he smiles at her and Missy smiles back, “A spa, I wish.”

Missy looks at the sparkling clean pool and the high hedges around the property. “Oh, it sure is inviting,” she tells him. She comments on how clean the pool is, “You must spend a lot of time cleaning it?” Akin tells her the realty company had a service three days a week and he has kept it. “The service has professional people and they can do the maintenance much better than me.” Akin looks at the girls and asks if they want to give the pool a try.

Before anyone can move, Christina strips her jeans and top off and her naked butt streaks for the water. Her mom yells, “Christina” as the girl disappears under the water. Mika pulls her dress over her head and stands naked in the warm sunlight. Of course she has no bra because mom has not bought any, but mom is surprised she forgot her panties. Missy looks at her and says, “Young lady, where are your panties?” Mika looks at the ground and says, “Forgot.” She stands in front of Akin and pulls her shoulders back to make her young tits stand up, turns around and walks to the pool. “Splash”, she disappears into the water.

Missy looks at Akin and says quietly, “I am so sorry, I don’t know what got into them.” Akin chuckles and tells her it is Ok. They are probably used to going swimming from before and just needed a little excuse to get wet. “No big deal,” he adds. Akin tells her he is going to get towels because he doesn’t want the floors to get wet. “You may as well jump in also. Bet you will love it,” he tells her. Missy blushes and says, “I didn’t bring a suit.” Akin stands near her and looks directly into eyes, “Well, neither did your girls and it doesn’t seem to hurt them. I’ll bring an extra towel for you.” He walks off wondering if he just pissed her off and will never see her again.

He gets a bunch of towels, more than one per person, and takes them to the kitchen. After about ten minutes he looks through the window and does not see Missy. When he looks at the pool he sees three heads in the water. “Oh, sweet,” he laughs and wonders if he can pull the pizza trick. No, better use the wine trick on mom. Akin goes outside and puts the towels on the table. He picks up the two dresses and Christina’s jeans and puts them in the den. “What the hell,” he thinks and turns on the oven. He has one pepperoni pizza left; may as well put it to good use.

The timer shows the pizza has about five minutes left to bake. Akin takes two glasses of wine outside and calls out, “Who wants some pizza?” Of course little Christina jumps out of the pool and stands in front of him naked, “I do, I looove pizza.” If he didn’t get the meaning, she puts one hand in her pussy and gives it a couple of rubs. Her back is to the pool and Akin smiles at her. He says quietly, “When we are alone, now behave and dry off.” Christina sticks her tongue out and gets a towel. She bends over and dries her feet and makes sure Akin gets a good look at her slit from behind. Then she wipes her front and giggles at him as he watches for a minute.

Akin carries the wine glass to the edge of the pool and Missy does like Sharon did. One hand covers her boobs and she looks at Akin with wide eyes. “White goes great with pizza. Want to try?” She stays in the middle of the shallow end and doesn’t move. Akin sets her glass down and clinks it with his, “Taste it and let me know.” As he walks back to the door all of them can hear the timer’s ding. Christina chirps, “Pizza is ready” and takes his hand as the walk through the kitchen door.

Akin reminds Christina the hair dryer is in the bathroom. As he sets the pizza out in the den, he sees Mika walking through the door. She has one towel wrapped around herself and one as a turban on her head. She pulls him into the den and drops her towel and grins. “I know the pizza trick,” she giggles and pulls his hands to her tits. He pinches her nipples and gives her a quick kiss.

Mika pulls his hand between her legs and he pushes his middle finger into her damp pussy. “Are you going to fuck my mom?” she wants to know. He looks at her and says, “I don’t think she will be so easy with you guys here. I may lock you in the den.” Of course he laughs as he says it and pushes her toward the bathroom. Her ass gets a spank and she jumps.

Mika and Christina come out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around them. Mika sees the clothes on the couch and takes them and folds them carefully and sets them aside. Mom’s white bra and panties are on top and look a bit erotic. Christina grabs some pizza and jumps into her usual chair. Cartoons play on the TV.

“Go check on your mom,” Akin asks Mika. It takes another five minutes before Mika comes back with Missy in tow. She has a towel wrapped around her and one on her head. Mika takes her into the bathroom and the hair dryer starts up. It takes another ten minutes before they come out of the bathroom. Missy has a fresh dry towel wrapped around her and her hair is curled instead of just hanging straight. Akin looks at her and says, “Wow, your hair looks really pretty. I love your long hair.” Missy smiles demurely and asks, “Where is my dress?” He points to the side and says, “But we are going to jump into the pool after we eat”. Akin pulls his golf shirt off and Missy looks at his chest and muscles. She gives a little gasp as she looks at him more closely.

Akin brings her a fresh glass of wine and takes her hand and makes her sit on the couch. He is in the middle and Mika sits close on the other side. Let the ceremony begin. He clinks wine glasses with Missy and asks if it tastes Ok. She tells him its great and it has been a long time since she had wine. Well at least since her ex-husband left. “Do you want to know why he left?” she adds.

“It’s none of my business,” Akin answers quietly. Missy sips some more wine and Akin refills her glass, noting its number three. Missy looks at him and says, “What the heck; I’m swimming naked in your pool, you may as well know. I had an accident at work. She is sitting over there munching on her pizza. Gosh, is she not the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?”

Akin smiles at her, “I’m not here to judge you and yes, she is extra beautiful.” Missy grins and sips her wine. Akin adds, “Mika looks just like you. The two of you could pass for sexy sisters.” Mom and daughter grin and chuckle. Making Mika think of her mother as an older sister may pay off in the bedroom.

Mika finishes a slice of pizza and chimes in, “You love her long hair, don’t you?” Akin grins and tells her they both have very sexy long hair. Mika leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him thanks for the complement. His arm goes around her and his hand slides down under her ass cheek. Mika lift up a little and lets his finger play with her butt hole. As she kisses his cheek a second time her towel drops down to her lap. Her pretty young tits rub against his chest and Missy looks over and says, “Mika, goodness, cover up.” Mika giggles and says, “Mom, he’s already watched us naked in the pool.”

Mom Missy blushes and sips some more wine to hide her face. Akin looks at her and puts his arm behind her head. “Do I get a thank-you kiss from you, too?” he asks and Mika giggles waiting to see what her mom will do. Mom leans forward and kisses his cheek; but one hand holds her towel up. Akin puts his arm around her and leans in and kisses her lips. The wine helps Missy loosen up and she says, “Goodness.” She leans forward and kisses him again. Akin’s other hand pushes Mika and he tells her watch cartoons.

Mika and Christina grab a blanket, spread it on the floor and lay down to watch cartoons. Akin grabs Missy’s hand and says, “Let me show you something.” He hands her the wine glass and he grabs the bottle. In his bedroom, he takes her in his arm and kisses her lips as tenderly as he knows. “She probably has more experience than me,” he figures as he drops his pants. Missy looks at his half hard cock and blurts, “Oh shit, you’re hung like a horse.” He knows he is not overly hung but the complement makes him feel good. Wrapping his arms around her, he kisses her again and his bobbing cock hits her legs. Missy giggles like a school girl and says, “Someone is trying to get my attention.” She reaches for his cock and lets the towel drop to the floor.

Her hand rubs his cock and she says, “You must think I’m as slut.” Her hand stays wrapped around his cock as he pulls her close again and kisses her. “No, I think you have been lonely for a long time. Relax and enjoy; you need this afternoon,” Akin tells her and her eyes go wide for a second time. The wine has put a bit of blush on her face and Akin knows she will not say ‘No’.

He holds her in an embrace for a few minutes and then tells her to sit on the edge of the bed. She reluctantly lets his cock go and he kneels in front of her. Her boobs are in his face and the 34Cs are beautiful. Even after two kids they stand up proudly without any sag. Her nipples are a dark brown with small brown areolas surrounding them. He glances down and sees she indeed has her pussy shaved.

“God, you have beautiful boobs,” he tells her and gives each nipple a sweet soft kiss. Missy moans and leans her arms back and arches her chest toward him. She closes her eyes as he makes love to her tits. Her long hair falls down behind her. His tongue rubs across the nipples and under each tit again and again. She pushes against him as he sucks on the nipples and he increases the pressure. Missy lets out a little moan when he nibbles harder and her hands come around his head and she grabs his hair.

Missy pulls him south and as his face hits her belly she falls back on the bed. Her legs come up high and spread wide as she grabs her knees and opens herself to his seeking mouth. “OMG, OMG,” Missy moans like a teen when his first kiss lands on her pussy. He eyes her slit and is amazed how young she looks. Her white skin has absolutely no blemishes and she looks nearly like daughter Mika. Akin spreads her outer lips with his fingers and runs his tongue up and down the pink insides.

When he digs his tongue into her she thrusts up against him and moans again, “OMG, OMG.” Akin loves hearing her and runs his tongue up to her clit. She jerks when he touches her and Akin smiles to himself, “Holly shit, she really has not been fucked in years.” His fingers peel the skin back on her clit and he kisses the red hot knob. Missy arches up off the bed and her hands are back in his hair. She pushes his face into her pussy hard and her whole body shakes.

“OMG, don’t stop. Stay right there,” she moans as he sucks on her clit. He runs his tongue roughly over it and uses his teeth to give it a little nibble. Missy’s whole body shakes and her legs come around his head to hold him tight. A low growl escapes her throat as she falls back on the bed again. Pelvic thrusts hump against him and he tortures her clit more. Her orgasm surprises him in its strength. She moans and vibrates and her legs keep him locked to her pussy.

He laps at her pussy and drinks the drops of her nectar with long strokes. His hands are under her butt and he lifts her higher to give him full access. Her legs fall wide apart and he sucks her juices from her cunt. It takes several minutes before she cries for him to stop. She reaches down and pulls on his hair to have him move up on the bed.

“OMG, it’s been so long. I forgot how good it can be,” she whispers to him and glues herself to his body. Her long hair falls down between them and covers his hard cock. She pulls her face up to his and kisses him gently and giggles, “OMG, you are covered in my cum. Do you want to go clean up?” He shakes his head ‘No’ and her tongue snakes over his cheeks and she licks her pussy juices away. Missy cuddles into him and she runs her hands over his chest and arm muscles. “Wow, you must work out all the time,” she whispers and he tells her not all that much.

A few minutes later her hand sneaks between them and she grabs his cock. Her hair is wrapped around it and Akin’s head spins, “Now that is interesting.” She whispers, “Is there any way I can thank you?” Her big smile and her hand stroking his cock lets them both know there is a way to do just that. She puts on a pouty face and says, “It’s been so long, I have probably forgotten what to do. What do you like best, oral, anal or pussy?”

His cock twitches in her hand and Missy giggles while Akin is speechless. She has loosened up a whole lot. She grins, “Oh, looks like college boy likes all three ways. I hope you got protection in the night stand because I’m not on the pill.” She giggles again as his cock jumps like crazy. Akin reaches into the night stand for a package and Missy says, “Let me see if I remember how to do that.” She rolls him on his back and rips open the package. Carefully she puts the condom on the tip of his cock and unrolls just a bit. She looks him in the eyes and gets her long hair out of the way as she leans over him.

Akin watches her boobs sway above him as her head comes down on his cock. He about blows his wad when she uses her lips and teeth to unroll the condom down his cock. He hits the back of her throat and her nose hits his belly. Missy stays that way and her tongue works up and down his cock for a minute before she comes up for air. She smiles at him, “I think I remembered.” Akin groans, “That’s fantastic.” She leans back over and buries his cock in her mouth again. Her hot tongue works up and down and gets him rock hard.

Missy climbs up on him with her back against his chest. Akin has seen this position on the internet and grabs her tits and pinches her nipples. Missy lets him play for a few minutes and then reaches down to insert his cock into her. Akin can’t believe how tight she feels as she pushes his cock against her.

Its then he realizes, “Oh shit, she is pushing me up her ass.” He groans hard and pulls on her hips to get his cock head past her tight anal ring. It hurts like hell as she squeezes him hard. He grimaces until his cock head is past the obstruction and Missy says, “That was the hard part. Are you Ok?” He grunts an Ok and Missy giggles as she lowers her butt down hard and pushes him all the way into her ass. Akin groans again and Missy asks, “Your first time for anal?” His groans mean, ‘Yes’.

“Enjoy”, she giggles and sets up good steady rhythm of moving her ass up and down on his cock. It’s like nothing he has experienced before; she is in total control as she works his cock hard. When she reaches his tip she squeezes her muscles and clamps his cock head like a vise. “Ouch”, he moans and she giggles. “That’s your punishment for making me swim naked the first time we meet.”

As she drops down she wiggles her ass and pushes him into her all the way. It’s an experience like no other and Akin only lasts about ten minutes. His grunts let her know he is getting close and she times her movement to give him pleasure. She can feel his cock expand wide and cum shoot out of his balls. It feels hot in her ass even with the condom. “OMG, you are burning my ass,” she coos and leans back against his body. She pulls his hands back to her tits as Akin tries to relax after shooting his load.

Missy lets his limp cock slide out of her ass and she jumps off the bed. “Don’t move,” she laughs and runs into his bathroom. She pulls his condom off and with a hot wash cloth cleans his cock and crotch. She puts one leg up on the bed so Akin can watch her clean her pussy and ass with a second hot cloth. Akin’s eyes are on her like it’s the first pussy he has seen. Missy snuggles back up against him and whispers, “Mommy always has to clean up.” “Oh wow, I can’t believe it,” he says as he relaxes and enjoys her tits rubbing against him.

There is a small knock on the door and Mika’s head comes around it. Her long hair hangs down and she looks at them with a big smile. Missy wants to say something; but he puts his fingers against her lips and says, “Wait.” Mika has a towel wrapped around her and she closes the door and locks it. She comes up to the bed on Akin’s side and says, “Was he good to you, Missy?” Her mom looks at her and says, “Missy?” Mika grins and drops her towel and climbs on the bed and snuggles into Akin.

Mika says, “If we are going to share my boyfriend then I can call you Missy.” Her mom looks at her and says, “What the fuck?” and then slaps herself on the mouth. Mika giggles and says, “I love him and I want him. All of him.” Her hand reaches down and lifts Akin’s cock and strokes him slowly. Missy looks at them and says, “I hope you are not fucking my nine year old?” Akin shakes his head and says, “No, I think she has a big crush on me and I don’t want to break her heart.”

Missy looks down and says, “Her stroking your cock is more than a crush. Has she done it before?” Akin lies, “Once; but she is still a virgin.” Mika adds, “I’m not ready for real sex; just playing with him. Mommy, I don’t want to have secrets from you. And we can really share him if you like him, please.” Akin’s cock gets hard as Mika strokes him harder. Missy watches and licks her lips, “Shit, he does have a nice hunk of meat.” She slaps her mouth again and says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it out loud.”

All three giggle at the silly situation because they know they have gone far, far beyond the limits of propriety. Mom Missy looks at Akin and he sees lust in her eyes. He pulls her up and kisses her hard and whispers to her, “I can love you both, please don’t be mad and get me in trouble.” She gives a little nod and kisses him back. Missy gives a giant gasp, “OMG, OMG she does that?” Her eyes go big as she sees Mika’s head go down over his crotch and the big sausage disappear into her mouth. Mika’s eyes are closed and she hums as she sucks his cock to the root with her mommy watching. Akin thinks, “Holly shit.”

Mika works his cock hard for at least five minutes and Akin can hear Missy breathing harder next to him. He says, “Mika, you talked about sharing.” Mika looks up in surprise like she forgot her mom was there. She leans back and red flushes her face as she looks at her mom. They both realize they are flushed. Akin pushes Missy’s head toward his cock and she leans down and sucks him into her wanton mouth. Missy has not forgotten how to suck cocks either. She squeezes him with her lips and does not use her hands. All he feels is wonderful lips.

Missy mimics her daughter and hums loud while pushing her nose against his belly. Mika sides up next to her and kisses her cheek, “Thank you, Mommy. You are the best.” Akin looks down and sees the near identical mother-daughter team getting him off. Mika plays with his balls and he is near cuming. “I’m cuming,” he warns them and pulls Missy’s head back. Their faces are next to each other and he says, “Open wide.”

Hot jets of cum fly out of the tip of his cock and he directs the first two shots into daughter Mika’s mouth, then he turns to her mom and sticks his cock head back into her mouth. Mom gets the next couple of shots and she locks her lips around him. Mika squeezes his balls to make sure he is empty. Akin’s body shakes as he holds Missy’s head and for a moment he remembers having his cock down six year old Christina’s throat. It makes him pump two final shots deep into Missy with a big groan.

He falls back totally spent and the two girls cuddle into him. Mika pulls a sheet over them and then leans across and kisses her mother on her lips. Akin sees her tongue dart out and push against Missy’s lips. When Missy opens her mouth, cum flows from Mika’s tongue into her mouth. Missy’s lips close around Mika’s tongue and she sucks the cum into her mouth. The girls close their mouths and kiss again. Akin’s is about to stroke as he watches the mother-daughter cum swapping. “Holy shit, what else can I get these girls to do?”

He learns one lesson really quickly. Missy leans over him and kisses him. Her tits squash against him. She slides her tongue into his mouth and Akin tastes himself as gobs of his cum slide off her tongue into him. It takes all his willpower to not spit. He swallows and sucks on Missy’s tongue and then cleans the inside of her mouth with his. Missy looks at him and says, “If you are going to share me and my daughters, it means we are exclusive. No college bitches hanging around. Plus when she is ready to lose her virginity, I’m going to watch and make sure it’s done right.” Akin laughs and cuddles her to him. “Exclusive,” he nods his head.

He reaches up and strokes both their long dark hair. Gosh, he seriously likes long hair and wants to wrap it all around his cock and balls.

Being in the English Lit class, he did notice she said, “Daughters.” Plural.

Little Christina is in the den and his cock twitches for her.

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