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Mom an son fun 4

I had finally gotten used to having a 10 year old Girl swearing and talking about sex in my apartment. My son and her had really gotten to know each other well. Which was good seeing the we're half brothers and sisters. I now sit on the sofa and whatch them have tickle fights on the carpeted floor. It looks really cute. By the end there all hot and sweaty and half dead on my floor.

After a really, really long day at work. (Some really pushy men with very small cocks), I had a chance to relax. I was pretty much straight asleep from when my head hit the back of my chair.

I woke up to find that my son and his half sister had made me dinner. Spaghetti bolognese. My absolute favourite dish. They had already laid the table with my special silver cutlery and had opened a bottle of wine for me. As I sat down for dinner the phone started to ring. As I got up to pick it up my son grabbed my shoulders and gently eases me back down. He took of his oven gloves and picked up the phone. I couldn't hear what was going on but I could see he was upset. He gave the phone to me then walked out the room to the bedroom we share. I put the phone to my ear to hear our family doctor on the phone. He told me that my ex and his girlfriend were in a car crash. He said it was serious and they had a 25% chance of surviving.

I knew I hated him because he left me for someone else but still I was distraught. He was the father of my son and I had his daughter in custody. After the phone line went dead I looked into her eyes. They were young, curious eyes, and not to mention beautiful. I looked at her and said, "daddy and mummy havebeen in an accident, but there gonna be okay. Soo for the next couple of weeks your gonna be with us okay?". She nodded solemnly. Then she picked up her dinner then walked to the room we share.

A few minutes after I had regained my composure I walked into our room with my sons and mine dinners. When I walked in they were cuddled up on my bed. After we had eaten and discussed how we felt we settled down to bed. None off us wanted to be alone so we all slept on my double bed. Me and my son on the sides and the little girl in the middle.

We all woke up at 7 in the morning so they could get ready for school. After my son had finished in the bathroom, I walked in for my shower. What surprised me was she was on my heels. (Sorry I forgot to mention this earlier but her name is Susan!). She looked up at me with those big eyes and asked if she could join me. Seeing she was so young I thought nothing of it. We both undressed and stepped in. I turned up the heat and we stood there. In the boiling water looking at each other.

I couldn't help but notice her staring at my large tits and furry mould. I laughed to myself and grabbed the shower gel. I rubbed it into my hair and face, followed by my breast and midriff. Finally I applied it to me pussy. I stood there all foamed up and she still stared. I pulled the shower nozzle over to me and rinsed off. I then asked if she wanted me to wash her. She snapped out off her trance and replied, "yes please". I put some gel in my hands then slowly rubbed it onto her hair.

After I was done with her head I moved down her chest. She was in the early stages of puberty and her tits had started to grow. They were very small and only stood out a bit. I rubbed my lotion over her tits and she giggled. I smiled then massaged her breasts with my hands. She squirmed and said it tickled.

After her chest was clean I moved over her hairless pussy. She had a cute slit and a nice plump bum. I squeezed her ass and rubbed the gel over it. I then turned her around and rubbed her slit. She laughed and I rubbed her mould clean. When I had nearly finished I pushed the tip of my finger into her virgin pussy and she moaned. Wow I thought, she was tight. I could hardly get my finger tip in.

She surprised me by asking if I could finger fuck her. I said in a mothely tone, "wait for later", her eyes lit up at this. The we stepped out the shower and got dressed. Just before she put her top on I saw that her small nipples were sticking out and were rock hard. This was starting to turn me on now. She noticed wat I was looking at and turned away shyly.

After I had taken the kids to school I visited my favourite shop, Victoria secret. I walked straight in and bought me some sexy lingerie. Also as I was walking down the isles I saw the littler sizes. Then the idea struck me. I bought the smallest set of bra and thong, I was gona dress Susan up for me. Then I walked into the toy area. I went and bought some small dildos and a dildo that you pump and it expands.

When I got home it was gone 1 o'clock. I set out my new toys on the bed and got undressed. I got into my new lingerie and posed infront of the mirror. God I look fit I thought to myself. I then cleared the area in front if the
mirror. I then pulled out the expandable dildo. U rammed it all the way in with no trouble. I slowly pumped the handle and I felt it expand. God if felt good. I kept pumping and pumping till my pussy could stretch no more. You could probably show a tennis ball up there without me noticing. I pulled it nearly all the way out before slamming it back in. I screamed in pleasure. After 3 minutes of pumping and ramming I finally came. It was beautiful. It was so strong that it splashed the top off the mirror. I lay back exhausted, I just watched my juices slowly flow down the mirror.

When I recovered from my monster orgasm I pushed my head underneath the mirror and let my juices flow back into my mouth. When the mirror was clean again I slipped out of my lingerie and left it on the bed. I got dressed in some jeans and a tank top. No bra so that my nipples stuck out against the thin fabric.

When Susan and my son got off the bus and rang the doorbell I leapt up from my chair and unlocked the door. My son as ussual was in a state and he ran off to get in a bath. I smiled at Susan and lead her to my room. When she walked in and saw my lingerie in a neat pile on the bed she smiled. She went over and inspected them. She picked up my panties and shock them in my face. They were still dripping and she winked at me. It was then that I pulled the back out the closet with matching lingerie in it. (Obviously alot smaller in size to mine). When she saw it she made a squeak and looked at me with an ear to ear grin in her face.

After I had told her the plan we went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. It was gourmet microwaveable macaroni cheese. My don was at the table and we walked in with the dinner. She was carrying her plate and I carried my sons and mines plate. The only twist was we were wearing our new lingerie. My sons jaw dropped at the sight of us. During our meal me and Susan kept dropping our cheese sauce on our chests. Right on our tits. We looked like total sluts.

For the whole meal my sons eyes did not even blink away from my tits. He wasn't that interested in hers because they were not fully developed. After diner we cleared up the plates and tidied everything away. We then took him to the bedroom, we had cleared out so there was just the bed and a massive space on the floor. My son looked quite content and we could already see a bulge in his trousers from anticipation of what was going to happen next.

We told him to lie back on the bed and relax. He did soo and we put a blind fold on him. We slowly took of his clothing. When he was naked we romoved our clothes. I bent over his head, my tits in his face while the ten year slut hovered above his penis. When I removed the blind fold I shoved my tits in his face. He muffled something but I ignored him. Susan started to rub her tits on his cock, a ten year old was giving a 14 year old a titty fuck!

He had stopped resisting now and was licking and sucking for his life. My nipples were swollen as hell and my pussy was already leaking. Susan was having a hard time keeping the cock between her small breasts so she was using her hands. She was pumping away with speed now. When she felt his cock twitching she immediately stopped. She had obviously remembered what I had told her. after 5 minutes of licking, sucking and wanking we swapped positions. Though this time he was licking Susan out, not her tits but her virgin pussy. She was squirming in pleasure. I was impressed, for someone that age to be able to feel such pleasure. I wondered if we could make her have an orgasm.

When I told me son this we rolled Susan on her back and I started to rub her clitoris very quickly. I did this over and over again. Ravaging her pussy. When my arm grew tired I called my son in to help. Though he didn't rub. He entroduced the head of his penis into her virgin pussy. She was trying to resist now. She went "please no, don't do it, I don't want it, please!", she cried. He looked at me for re-assurance but when I gave him the get on with it motion he pushed himself in a bit further.

She screamed for him to stop. I was sure he was pushing against her cherry now. There were tear streaking down her face. At this point I had an idea. I told him to lie down on the bed and stick his cock in the air. He did as I asked and then I got the expandable dildo. I held Susan down and then inserted it into her asshole. She screamed this time, it was ear shattering. I smiled sadisticly to myself. Then I started pumping it up. She was crying and screaming, begging me to stop. When it was half inflated I slowly brought it out, when just the tip was left in I rammed it back up, right up into her bowels, she screamed so loudly I thought the glass would shatter.

When was fully inflated I took it all the way out, but without letting any recovery I slammed her down on his cock. She was now impaled on his dick. She started to scream for mercy. Then I told my son to start pumping, up and down she went. Crying the whole time. While this was going on I walked over to my Aray of dildos. I picked up the longest and inserted the rubber head into her. I let it settle in for a bit so she could get used to it. Then with ferocious speed I rammed it all the way in. She screamed so loudly, I must have nudged her cervix a bit. While my son pumped from the back, I thrust the dildo in and out of her swollen fuckhole. It was well lubed now because there was a bit of blood. Suddenly her body froze. Then her pussy started contracting. All of a sudden she exploded onto the bed. I looked at her face, it was no longer pain but relieve. Her juices were lapping against the dildo, I pulled it out and her front be. But my sin kept pummelo g from behind, soon his dick twitched and he shot his load up her asshole. He fell over backwards and moaned.

Then I told Susan she had one more job. She had to finger fuck me and give my son a blowjob. Soo she retrieved his soft cock from her ass and rammed it in her mouth. She then massaged my furry puddly with her palm and suddenly shoved the fingers in me. I was close to cumming after seeing Susan double penetrated and this sent me into ecstasy. My cunt exploded and soaked her. It was not long before he peaked to, she choked as his cum filled her mouth, she tried to spit out but she swallowed most of if.

After our long orgy we went into the bathroom and soaked in a boiling hot bath tub.

Once again comment if you liked it and if not why not. I hope you enjoyed it :p

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