Mika has a school friend
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Mika and Christina

Chapter 2. Mika visits the library.

That night, Akin lay in his bed and thought about his wonderful afternoon and especially about Christina, the six year old beauty. Even coming out of the pool all wet she was a mini-goddess. The sun made her red hair glisten and he could tell it would be naturally curly when dry. Her big smile is set off by a set of pouty lips, unusual at her age. Christina’s green eyes sparkled and she batted her eyes several times to get the water off her face and pixie nose. It made her look like she was already flirting with him.

Christina made him laugh when she unabashedly yelled, “I want some lunch.” She really got his attention when she pulled up her wet underwear giving her pussy a huge camel toe. Then she ran to him and told him, “I’m Christina and this is my old sister, Mika.”

Akin realizes his hand is slowly stroking his cock, which got a good workout during the afternoon with the two preteens. “Shit, I’m beating off thinking about a six year old,” he says out loud to no one. “At least I got my cock into the ‘old sister’,” he chuckles thinking about nine year old Mika. If it were not for Christina bending over and stripping her wet underwear off, he probably would never think about sex with preteens. But Christina’s butt was so inviting he just wanted to kneel down and kiss the two white sexy globes. His cock was doing all the thinking and there was just enough blood left in the brain not to jump on her right there.

And then Mika stripped her suit off without complaint. The three year difference in the girls was obvious. Mika was slender with long, long legs. It was obvious she is a runner from the muscles in her legs. Akin learned she was the star on her school’s track team. It was interesting that Mika looks so different from her younger sister. She has long, brown hair and brown eyes. Her nose is a bit prominent and Akin figures she gets teased in school about it.

“Wonder if any guys notice her nose when she has those wonderful tits,” he thinks back on her pink nipples and small areolas on the perfect boobs. They were a handful and never touched by a boy or man. God, it was nice to see and hear her reaction to his touch and kisses. Mika moaned and fell in love. “Man, I’m in deep shit,” he reasons. This was before he even got his lips on her virgin pussy. Mika’s slit was reaching puberty and her outer lips were longer and let him open her young flower and discover her inner pink.

The clit was smaller than a pencil eraser, hidden in its protective cover until he peeled it back and released it to his tongue. When he attacked her clit, Mika grabbed his head as if she had been doing this for months. She held him captive and crossed her legs over his head and back. The girl learned quickly what she liked. He got Mika off to a wonderful orgasm and from her reaction it was the best she ever had.

To top off this experience, little Christina, who did not want to be left out, gave him a hand job which ended with her kissing his cock. With her green eyes looking at him he buried his cock in her mouth and shot streams of cum down her throat. Both girls shared his cum and Akin knew he was hooked on preteen pussy.

He thought back on a few months ago when he decided he needed a better place to seduce college girls than a dorm. He convinced his folk to buy a house so he could go to college and work without disturbing them during the night. He told them he got no sleep in the dorm and could not study. His dad agreed because Akin laid out a plan to upgrade the house and sell for a profit. Now instead of naked college girls in the pool, he had preteens. Oh well, go with the flow.

Before the girls put their bathing suits back on, Akin cuddled them and had them promise to keep mum about their adventures. He kissed their pussies and they swore they loved him and would be his secret honeys.

Before crawling into bed, Akin turns on the internet and does a quick review about young girls. He learns puberty sets in a lot sooner with modern girls who have good nutrition. “That’s a good thing,” he figures because it explains Mika’s reaction to his love making. The bad news is he learns about ten year olds being pregnant and having babies.

Of course his computer teaches him a whole lot more in a few hours. There are bunches of websites with young girls dancing and showing their pussies. “Holy shit,” he had wondered about the old guys in the college library; they are probably not doing Calculus. “Shit, I have lived a sheltered life,” he says aloud.

Akin thinks, “If I keep having the girls visit the pool, I probably should introduce myself to their mom and let her see I’m the all-American, hard-working college student and her daughters are safe here.” He laughs as he finally falls asleep.

Meanwhile next door, Mika and Christina are in their bedroom after supper. Christina crawls in with Mika and they whisper about their adventure. “It really hurt when he put his big sausage down my throat and shot ‘stuff’ into me,” Christina whispers, “but I didn’t cry because I’m a big girl.” Mika hugs her and is worried. She really wants to go see Akin again and let him put his big sausage into her pussy; but what to do about Christina. “You don’t have to do it again; you can watch cartoons if you want,” she whispers back. Christina shakes her red curls ‘No’ and says, “I want to watch what you do with him. And I’ll keep it a secret, promise!”

Mika gives her a hug and tells her to go to sleep because they have a day at the library ahead. Her mom gave permission to ride their bikes to the library which is only a few blocks away. They will do it at noon, when the library opens. Mom even gave her a few dollars so they could buy lunch. This was a special treat for them because Mika would not have to cook.

Mika told her mom that a college guy has moved into the house next door. Would she ask him if they could use the pool? Mom answered, “Maybe this weekend, when I’m home.”

Promptly at noon the girls arrive at the library and show their cards to the clerk. The lady already knows them from the school year when Mika did a lot of reading. Not having a TV at home can make you a book worm. Mika takes Christina to the kids section and lets her look at children’s books. She goes over to the medical section and gets a couple of large books with anatomical pictures.

A couple of minutes later she is engrossed in the pictures of a penis and labia. There are medical definitions on how the parts fit together and they are much more detailed than what the school nurse told them in health class this year. She giggles to herself when she thinks of Akin’s cock standing up rock hard and then shooting spunk into her mouth. Taste was bearable; not awful. Of course, cock, spunk and pussy were not in the medical descriptions, she heard those in the girl’s locker room.

Mika about screams when a hand touches her shoulder. She figures the library lady caught her looking at cocks. Her best friend, Sharon, laughs like crazy. “You are so busted. We thought you were not interested in hard cocks,” she whispers after recovering. Mika turns bright red and closes the books. “Did you find the good stuff yet?” Sharon asks and Mika has no clue. “On the computer,” Sharon tells her. Mika shakes her head ‘No”. Sharon grabs her hand and says, “Grab the books and come on.”

In the back of the library are two cubicles for supervisors which stand empty because of cut-backs. The regular computer cubicles let anyone walking past see the screen; but the supervisor’s computers face a wall. Sharon powers a machine up and clicks away on the keyboard. She tells Mika to sit close to her. In two minutes a webpage pops up with the title, “Mother’s Friends”. Sharon clicks on the male pictures icon and about twenty tiny pictures pop up. She knows exactly which one she wants and clicks it. The picture of a body builder wearing a tiny g-string pops up. “What do think,” she asks Mika. Mika stares hard and Akin’s muscles pop into her mind. She smiles and says, “Wow, nice.”

Sharon smirks and says, “It gets better,” as she clicks the ‘Next’ button. The body builder is minus his g-string and his average sized cock hangs down. Mika thinks of Akin’s large rod shooting cum into her face, smiles and says, “Oh, better.” The next picture has him with a hard on and a blonde bimbo on her knees in front of him. Mika smiles and nods her head. She knows what’s coming. The last picture shows the blonde’s face covered with spunk. Mika’s pussy twitches and she nearly reaches down to scratch.

Sharon giggles and says, “Want to see more?” Mika blushes and shakes her head while her pussy itches more. Sharon clicks on the movie section and looks at the small preview section. She clicks on an icon and the action is already going hard. Another blond with huge tits kneels before a guy with an impossibly long cock. She smiles at the camera, bats her eyes at the viewer and slowly impales her throat on the guy. Mika gasps, “Shit, that’s impossible.” Sharon says, “It may be fake; but watch.” They watch for a minute while the blond works the cock deeper and deeper into her throat. “That’s face-fucking, for sure,” Sharon says. Suddenly Mika sees that one of Sharon’s hands has disappeared under the desk.

The agile blond gets her face fucked for a long time until the guy pulls his long cock out of her mouth and unloads gobs and gobs of cum into her mouth. It seems to be a bucket full and when he jerks the cum flies into her eyes and hair. She smiles and comes back to him, grabs his cock and sticks it back into her mouth. The guy wails as she grabs his balls and holds him her prisoner. Mika feels wetness between her thighs and knows she is leaking pussy juice. She crosses her legs and hears Sharon moan. Sharon’s hand is moving fast under the desk until she groans hard and jerks several times. She falls back into the chair and closes her eyes.

“Shit, I usually don’t do this in front of other people,” Sharon says, “but I wish I knew a guy who would feed me loads of Jizz. All the boys in school are assholes and lie about girls. Don’t ever think of dating a high school guy; they are even worse assholes.” Sharon’s tits are heaving as she vents. Her mini-skirt is bunched up and Mika sees she wears a tiny thong. The eleven year old seems to have more experience that Mika realized.

“I learned all that from my older sister,” Sharon continues. She tells Mika her sister was a good girl and never got in trouble until she dated high school guys. They all lied about her sister and told she fucks and sucks everyone. Next thing, she had a reputation as a whore in middle school. “That’s why we transferred here; to get a new start,” she adds. Mika leans forward and hugs her shoulders and tells her that she is her friend. Sharon hugs her back and says, “I hope you can keep a secret.” Mika giggles because she has the best secret yet; she is going to get fucked by a real cock soon.

When Sharon stands up, Mika takes a good look at her. At eleven years old, Sharon’s boobs are bigger than hers. Sharon is slim but shorter, which makes her tits look big. She has blonde hair, probably dyed and has her fingernails painted. An i-phone sticks out of her back pocket. “Sharon’s folks are rich,” she figures. Mika’s eyes light up when she realizes that she knows someone to fulfill her wish for lots of Jizz. “OMG, what am I going to do? Invite her to the pool?” nasty thoughts of Akin shoving his big sausage down Sharon’s throat visualize.

“No, he is mine. All mine,” she worries; however, it would really be something for mousy Mika to come up with a hunk boyfriend like Akin. It would make Sharon piss her panties.

“Can I use your phone?” she asks Sharon who hands over her phone. Mika goes into a corner and says, “Be right back.” Sharon hears about ten minutes of whispering and then Mika comes back with a big grin. “Want to go swimming with me?” she asks. “You don’t have a pool, do you?” Sharon replies. Mika tells her ‘No’ but explains there is an excellent pool at the neighbors and the old couple who lives there are out of town. Sharon says she doesn’t have a suit with her and Mika laughs and says, “Your thong is good enough.”

The three girls ride their bikes back to Mika’s house and she gets out of her jeans. Wearing just their underwear they head for Akin’s pool. The sun is hot on three sets of titties and it’s a wonderful afternoon. Mika has told Christina to keep her mouth shut and not tell Sharon that Akin lives in the house. Christina does not understand and Mika tells her to just do it, “Say nothing about anything.”

The girls jump into the pool and before long Christina splashes Sharon and a water fight gets going. Mika notices that Sharon’s boobs seem to bounce as she jumps up and splashes water at Christina. Christina runs around the pool and her white undies stick to her like a second skin. Mika wears white panties also because she knows water turns them invisible. Her few tuffs of black hair make a shadow between her legs. Sharon’s thong is pink and you can see the outline of her pussy slit. Mika glances at the windows and hopes Akin is watching. All of a sudden she realizes the old guy used to look at them through the window and he was probably beating his meat all the time.

The girls are having a fun time when the sliding door opens and Akin calls, “Pizza is almost ready.” He has three towels in his hand. Christine screams, “Pizza, pizza; Akin got pizza.” She scampers up the steps and runs to Akin who hands her a towel. Without a word Christina strips naked and towels herself off.

Sharon grabs her boobs and kneels down in the water. She looks at Mika and yells, “You said there was nobody home.” Mika looks at her and says, “No I didn’t, I said the old couple is out of town. It is one hundred percent true.” She grabs Sharon’s hand and pulls her to the edge of the pool and tells her to meet her ‘very good’ friend Akin. Sharon looks at Akin who has cleaned up and looks particularly pumped up. She notices the muscles and she slowly stands up by the edge of the pool. Her tits are in full display except the nipples covered by her hand.

“Come on in; pizza in ten minutes,” Akin says. Mika pulls on Sharon’s hand again. Sharon jumps out of the pool and realizes her tits where in full view as she lifted herself out. She blushes and one hand covers her tits again. They walk to the door and Akin hands each a towel. Sharon hides her tits behind the towel and watches with her mouth open as Mika strips her underwear off. “No clothes inside the house. We can’t get the clean floor wet. The underwear goes into the dryer,” Mika says matter of fact. Akin turns around and leaves them alone. He knows Mika will get Sharon naked in a few minutes. He likes her boobs already and wonders if she has done more than masturbate to sex movies.

Akin yells after Christina, “Check the bathroom, there is stuff for you.” In a minute he hears Christina discovered the hair dryer and other girl stuff he purchased earlier this morning. He sees Mika and Sharon running toward the bathroom while he busies himself in the kitchen. Christina comes into the kitchen and he sees her hair all dried and curled. He kneels down and opens his arms and gives her a hug. When he kisses her he tastes the lip gloss he also bought. Christina kisses back hard and Akin lets his hands slide down her back and he massages her ass. Christina puts her arms around his neck and he nibbles on her tiny nipples. It makes her giggle and Akin slides a finger into her slit. “Uuhh”, she moans as he rubs her pussy a few times. The oven dings and he thinks, “Shit”; but turns Christina around and kisses her buns and tells her go sit in the den.

When Mika and Sharon come out of the bathroom, Akin is impressed. Sharon has glammed up the best she could with what was in the bathroom. Her blonde hair is fluffed up and she has eye liner and lip gloss on. However, she has a fresh towel wrapped around her body and hides her tits. Mika is totally nude. She has dried her long hair and it hangs down over her tits down to hair waist. She too made use of the lip gloss and make-up. “Not bad,” thinks Akin as he looks at the two honeys.

He has the pizza on the coffee table along with four glasses. Akin says, “A nice white goes great with pizza,” as he fills the glasses with wine. The girls sit on either side of him and clink glasses. They sip slowly and a bit unsure. Christina sits in the big chair across from him and sips her half glass of wine. She makes a bit of a face; but then smiles at him. She spreads her legs apart and shows off her pink slit. She bites into her slice of pizza and acts like she doesn’t know what she is doing. Her grin gives her away.

After Mika finishes a slice of pizza she leans over Akin and rubs her tits against his chest. “Thanks for letting us swim and the wine, too,” she says, knowing what Akin will do. Akin hugs and kisses her and tweaks her nipples. It makes her grin and she rubs against him hard. When she leans back, Akin turns to Sharon and asks, “Do I get a thanks, too?” Sharon blushes and turns to him and gives him a hug and says, “Thanks.” Akin wraps his strong arms around her and lifts her on his lap. He kisses her lips and one hand disappears under the towel.

Sharon tries to pull away; but gives into Akin as his hand explores her tits. His lips are on hers and she slowly lets his tongue intrude into her mouth. They kiss for a bit and Sharon’s eyes go wide as she moves around on his lap. Mika giggles and says, “Found his sausage?” Akin puts Sharon down, stands up and grabs their hands and pulls them to the bedroom.

Mika kneels down before Akin and strips his swim suit off and releases his half hard cock. Sharon’s eyes get big and she says to Mika, “You slut. Have you been fucking that monster?” Christina sits in a chair watching and listening. She learns a lot of new words and giggles at the two ‘old’ girls. Mika looks at Sharon and answers, “So now, who has a better boyfriend?” as her hand slowly lifts his cock to her lips for a kiss. She opens her mouth and pulls his cockhead in and runs her tongue all over. Akin jerks at the sensation and strokes her hair with a loving gesture.

After a minute or two of sucking on his cock head, Mika orders, “I’m in a sharing mood. Kneel down.” Sharon doesn’t waste a second and kneels next to Mika and gets a close view of Akin’s throbbing cock. Blue veins run its length. Mika holds him up and pulls his skin back and points him at Sharon. Sharon knows what to do and puts her lips around his cock head and runs her tongue down the sensitive underside. “She loves watching girls get face fucked,” Mika says and Akin grabs Sharon’s head and pushes his cock deep into her mouth. Sharon puts her hands behind her back, like the bimbo in the movie, and gives him control of her mouth.

Akin thrusts hard into Sharon’s mouth for several minutes and Mika can tell he is close to cuming. “Fill her up,” she says so that Sharon can hear it. Sharon nods her head and pushes forward as he face fucks her to his end. Her blond hair flies around her head and one hand slides under the towel into her pussy.

She works it hard when Akin explodes into her. He holds her head and unloads several loads of cum into her mouth. It’s the eleven year old’s first load of real cum and he gives her an extra-large dose. As he pulls out of her mouth Sharon grins and opens her mouth. She has a big pool of sticky white cum on her tongue and a big gob of Jizz runs down her chin. She swallows and says, “OMG, I can’t believe I did it. It’s better than on the movie. We are both sluts.” Her hand cleans up the Jizz from her chin and she licks her fingers like a bad kitty.

Akin breathes hard after the fast cum. He tells Mika to get the wine glasses and tells Sharon to get on the bed. All three sip more wine as they relax. He notices little Christina needs some help. She has her fingers in her tight pussy and is rubbing hard. Her legs hang over the sides of the chair stretching her wide open. Akin kneels down in front of Christina and kisses her pussy next to the fast moving fingers.

“Uuh,” Christina whines and moves her hand away. He uses his fingers and spreads her pussy lips apart. Some pink shows from inside and he can see a tiny clit on top of her slit. His tongue moves up and down on her slit and Christina “Uuhs” more. She watches as his face is buried in her crotch. “Please, please, Akin,” she whines for his help. He puts his thumb on her little nob and rubs it and keeps pushing his tongue deeper into her slit. Christina jerks and lets out a little scream as her hips vibrate like crazy. Akin can feel her little orgasm ripple through her body and up his tongue.

He knows he has a whole lot more to teach the tiny redheaded princess; but he needs to have her all alone in the bed. His cock twitches as he thinks of the possibility of stretching her little pussy with his big cock. Well, maybe in a couple of years.

Sister Mika and Sharon watch in fascination. “Shit, I think your sister just had a gigantic cum,” Sharon squeals. “OMG, all three of us are sluts and no one has been fucked yet,” she adds. Akin grins at her and says, “I think you will be first.” Then he wipes the bit of pussy juice off his face. Christina curls up in her chair and whimpers quietly.

Sharon smiles like crazy and lies back on the bed. Akin pulls the towel away and gets a close look at her boobs. For an eleven year old they are very nice, large and shapely. Her bikini has left a tan line over and under her tits. He looks down and sees the bikini bottom tan line also. Her pussy is bald and he can tell she already shaves. Sharon blushes under his gaze and he leans down and kisses her nipples. Sharon “Mmm’s” at his touch and he sucks her nips harder. Mika lies next to them and watches closely; one of her hands is on her own tits rubbing and pinching. His cock twitches and Akin seems amazed at his own quick recovery. He looks at Mika and tells her to suck one of Sharon’s nips.

Mika does what he tells her to do; she leans over Sharon and sucks her tit into her mouth. She runs her tongue over the nipple and then kisses the underside of the boob. Akin watches and works on the other nipple. Sharon wiggles around and moans, “OMG”. She may have imagined this scene when she watches porn; but now it’s real life. Akin pulls one of Mika’s hands down to Sharon’s pussy and they stroke her with his hand on top. Mika knows how to stroke a pussy and she digs her middle two fingers into Sharon’s cunt. Sharon flops her knees wide apart to let her in.

Akin watches Mika masturbate Sharon for a few minutes and moves between her legs. Sharon rocks her hips in pelvic thrusts and he can see lots of pink between Mika’s fingers. He uses his hands to pull her outer pussy lips apart and help Mika nearly get four fingers deep into Sharon. “Holy shit, she is fisting her,” he thinks as Mika pushes even harder. Sharon’s leg lift up into the air, she rocks her hips in unison with Mika’s attack. She lasts about five minutes before she cries, “Stop, it hurt like hell.” Mika pulls her wet finger out of Sharon and Akin holds her wrist and licks the cum off each finger.
Mika watches with huge eyes as he sucks her middle finger imitating a blow job.

Akin takes his semi-hard cock and lines it up with Sharon’s open pussy. The outer lips are folded back and her cum covered inner lips are wide open displaying her tunnel. He pushes his cock head several inches into Sharon and she moans hard. Her eyes are closed shut and Akin tells her to open them and look at him. She opens and smiles, “Have you done it before?” he asks. Sharon shakes her head ‘No’ and says quietly, “You are the first.” Akin grins to himself; it’s a good thing. An eleven year old should not have been fucked before.

He pushes hard and Sharon rocks her hips against him. “She sure got the pelvic thrusts down to a fine art,” he grins. When he hits her hymen he stops and fucks her for a few minutes without breaking her. Mika has her head on Sharon’s belly and watches his cock disappear into the girl. “Play with her clit,” Akin tells her and Mika’s fingers pull at the top of Sharon’s pussy to expose her small clit.

Mika fingers her clit and Sharon moans hard. Akin slows his movement while he watches Mika fingering Sharon. She rubs the clit hard and it stands up all red. Sharon’s breathing is fast and Akin figures she is close to her own climax. “Ready Sharon?” he asks and she gives him a blank look. “Ready for what?” she thinks and by the time she figures out what he meant, Akin’s hard cock has pushed against her hymen and broken it. It makes her scream and cum at the same time. She jerks and quivers and Akin can feel her muscles clamp down around his cock. He fucks her slowly for a few more minutes before she cries, “OMG, stop.” When he pulls his cock out, Mika says, “OMG, look at the blood.” “You know you were going to bleed a bit, it’s normal,” Akin tells them. He tells Mika to get a hot wash cloth and clean up Sharon’s pussy. He sees blood on his cock and goes into the bathroom to get clean.

“Holy shit, this was an unexpected, wonderful surprise,” he grins at himself in the mirror. Busting a preteen cherry was something none of his college buddies have ever done. His mind flashes to Mika and Christina. Christina is too young but he really wants to have her in the bed for a couple of hours. She has three holes which need exploring.

He grins because he did not cum in Sharon’s pussy. “God, I hope I can get it up for Mika,” he laughs because he is ready for another round. In the bedroom the girls are sipping more wine and Christina looks to be asleep in the chair. The two girls look at his cock as he comes back in. “All clean,” he smiles and climbs on the bed. To Sharon he says, “How are you feeling? I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“It was about what I expected; but more exciting.” She asks, “Want to know what I really like?” Akin nods his head and Sharon leans in to him and whispers into his ear, “OMG, I want to swallow all your cum. I don’t want to fuck. Just shoot Jizz down my throat all day.”

His cock twitches as the little slut kisses his cock and licks his big cockhead. “We may be able to work that out,” he tells her, “But let Mika have some of that cock, too.” Mika giggles as she watches Sharon trying to keep his cock to herself. Mika leans down next to Sharon and the two girls swap his cock head between each other’s lips. Akin leans back and watches as the kneeling girls suck his cock. Sharon’s books sway with her up and down motion; but Mika’s are covered by her long hair.

Akin relaxes and smiles at himself because the two girls are such loving sluts. Without the internet they probably would have run screaming from his house at the thought of getting fucked and swallowing loads of cum. “The internet sure has some good use, teaching girls younger and younger.” Mika’s long slender legs are stretched on the bed and he follows her legs up to her prize.

“Ok Sharon, time to let Mika have some fun,” he tells them because his cock is hard and standing up. He motions Mika to climb up and straddle his cock. Sharon holds his cock up and Mika swings a long leg over his middle and puts her pussy right over his cock head. Her face is over Akin’s and her long hair falls down and makes a curtain around them. Mika leans down and whispers to Akin, “I love you so much.” He smiles at her and kisses her lips and nose. Mika giggles and pushes her hips down enough to grab his cock head with her cunt.

“Want to know what I want,” Mika whispers to him. Akin nods, “What baby?” He is ready to pull her hips down on his cock and push into her waiting pussy up to the root. If Mika lets her ass drop down she can consume his waiting cock. It will push up to her belly button. “Don’t bust my hymen, please. I can’t get pregnant,” she says quietly and looks at him seriously. He blinks his eyes and she repeats, “Please.” Akin smiles at her and says, “Of course, baby. I should wear protection; but I want to feel your pussy.” Mika kisses him hard and invades his mouth with her tongue. Her hips move down and she engulfs his hard cock with her virgin pussy. When he hits her hymen she stops moving and whispers, “Is this good?”

Akin whispers back, “Yes baby, you are so tight; it’s wonderful.” Mika grins and her hips move up and down in little pelvic rocks. Akin groans as she tightens her pussy muscles on his cock head. He wants to push up hard but decides to let her pussy work its magic on his cock. He feels a hand on his balls and knows Sharon is playing between his legs. “Gotta save my cum for her,” he remembers. His breathing increases as Mika’s tempo increases. Mika pants hard and Akin figures she will get herself off on his cock.

He runs his hands through Mika’s long hair and kisses her again as she “Uuh’s” on her down strokes. “She is going to bust her cherry if she is not careful,” he thinks as Mika pounds his meat. She looks at him with glazed eyes and moans, “Almost there, don’t move.” Her legs are shaking on each side of his body. A half-minute later Mika lets out a big groan, shaking all over as her orgasm ripples through her pussy and belly. She falls on Akin’s chest and hangs on as she shivers. His arms come around her back as he comforts her. Mika is hot and her lips lock on him possessively. “OMG, I love you,” she cries quietly into his shoulder.

Akin wants to cuddle with Mika; but Sharon uses the opportunity to attack his hard cock. Pussy juices cover him and she licks him clean before sucking his cock head into her mouth. Akin knows he is going to last just a minute and his cock throbs hard. She deep throats him the best she can and he explodes into her mouth. Her lips are like clamps around his cock head and she sucks hard, swallowing between sucks. It hurts; but he lets her go at him. Sharon realizes his balls are totally empty and she eases up and kisses his cock head. Akin relaxes and he can hear Sharon say, “OMG, this is the best day of my life.”

Suddenly Mika who is still on top of him jerks hard. She yelps, “Sharon?” Sharon answers, “Shut up, I’m cleaning your pussy.” Sharon’s tongue flicks up and down as she licks Mika’s juices from her open, red pussy. Mika’s legs are spread on each side of Akin’s body and Sharon holds them apart and buries into her cunt. Akin can hear her smack her lips as she works on Mika for several minutes. Mika groans and shakes on top of him and he thinks Mika just had a second little orgasm.

Finally Sharon finishes and climbs up on the bed and pulls a sheet over all three. Christina woke up with all the screaming and scampers up on the bed and crawls under the sheet.

Akin thinks, “Holly shit, what next?”

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