About a sexy weirdo who used facebook to stalk his victim
Pale white skin and dark green eyes,
With those soft wet pink lips I dare for you to ravish me,

Incubus with black silken hair,
Replace the sun, the moon, and sky for me,
Believe me, Alexander, I am so deeply skilled in the arts of lust,

My breasts like two ripe fruits for your devouring,
My daring Alexander, do not make me beg like a dog for your love,

Upon my bed that groans and I want to drain your body,
Alexander drained me of my heartbreaking lust,
Allow the pleasures of your body soiled by other whores,
Allow the pleasures of your nasty mind,

I love a dangerous beast - O the bliss!
I love a stalker-O the bliss!
I love a dog in heat-O the bliss!
I love a hellish being-O the bliss!
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