Little Mika goes swimming in her neighbor's pool
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Mika and Christina

Chapter 1. Mika and Christina go swimming in the neighbor's pool.

“I hate my little sister,” nine year old Mika thinks to herself as she listens to her six year old sister whine again. Mika has to take care of her little sister, Christina, while their mother is at work. Mika has turned into Christina’s substitute mother since their dad moved out last summer. It’s not a big deal during the school year because they both stay after school until their mother picks them up; but it’s a real pain during the summer.

Like today, when it’s a nice hot summer day and Christina whines she is bored. Of course Mika eyes the neighbor’s swimming pool and thinks of taking a dip. Earlier in the summer the neighbor would allow them to swim all the time; but the house was foreclosed and has been empty for over one month. Fortunately, the realtor has left the pool pumps running and the water is very clean.

Mika thinks of sneaking into the pool for just a few minutes; but then remembers some guy moving into the house last week. If he is at work they can still go for a swim and he will never know it. “Mom doesn’t need to know either,” Mika thinks because her mother has warned her several times never to go swimming without an adult. Mika looks out the front and back windows and the coast seems clear.

Her neighborhood is the standard southern suburban layout. The houses have big lots and there are no nosey neighbors on the street. The few kids who live here are gone during the summer, either at camp or with grandparents. Mika and Christina have the street to themselves and a swim seems like a good idea.

Mika takes Christina into the bedroom and strips her t-shirt off. Little Christina is a sweet beauty queen and should be on a television show. She has curly red hair and a pixie nose and a wonderful smile when she wants to play or get something. She stands there in her tight, white underwear and grins because she likes getting wet in the pool. Mika remembers her dad yelling at mom before he moved out, “Who the hell fucked you and gave you the red headed bitch?” She didn’t really understand it all, except she knows mom does not have red hair.

Mika peels her pajamas off and looks in the mirror. She sees a junior version of her own mother. Mousey brown hair hangs down to her waist and big brown eyes look back in the mirror. The eyeglasses make them look even bigger. Her nose is bit of a honker and people touch it all the time. Her mother keeps telling her she is a swan and will turn into a beautiful girl when she turns eighteen. Mom has one particular movie star in mind who had the librarian look and then all of a sudden turned glamorous when she got out of high school. Mika thinks to herself, “Yes mom, you just keep wishing.”

Mika does have two good features. The first is her apple sized boobs; they are the biggest in her class. Her boobies stand up and she notices lots of guys stare at her; even the teachers. Her favorite teacher winks at her on the cold winter days when her nipples get rock hard. She does not wear a bra because her mom thinks a nine year old is still too young and does not want to spend the money. And during the spring when she wears white blouses her pink nipples shine through. Mika smiles at herself and pinches her nipples and makes them stand out. She wishes her teacher, Mr. Stephens was here to look at them and wink at her.

Her other asset is her long legs. They are her secret weapon and keep her from getting teased too much in school because she is the fastest runner on the track team. Her best friend, Sharon, gave her a black sports bra so that she can run track without tits bouncing everywhere. Mika slips on her one-piece bathing suit and looks in the mirror. The suit, from last year, is really getting small. She sees her nipples pushing against the thin material and her crotch has a big camel toe. She does not understand why her mom bought a white suit; probably because it was the cheapest in the store.

Mika and Christina head out of the back door and into the neighbor’s yard. The gate by the pool is not locked and Christina squeals as she belly flops into the pool. Mika is more dignified, she thinks, and jumps in feet first. They swim, splash and make a ruckus. About twenty minutes later Mika gets the shock of her life. There is a guy watching them from the sliding glass door; obviously the new owner.

Mika quickly climbs out of the pool and gets ready to flee. He slides the door open and looks at her from top to bottom. Mika wants to cover her boobs because she knows the white suit nearly turns invisible when wet. For all practical purposes she is standing here naked. His eyes travel down her front and linger on her boobs and pussy. Then he smiles, “Hi, I’m Akin, your new neighbor. You guys want some lunch?” Little Christina jumps out of the pool and yells, “Yes, I want some lunch.” She gives Akin a sexy smile and pulls her white undies up tight. Akin notices the camel toe on the six year old.

Christina runs over to him and says, “I’m Christina and this is my old sister, Mika.” Akin chuckles and tells them, “Good to meet you, both. So just how old is that old sister of yours?” Christina looks up at him and says, “She is ancient, I think she was nine on her birthday.” Christina smiles at Akin and Mika looks him over.

Mika notices things about Akin. He looks to be about college age and has a nice tan. He wears a bathing suit and nothing else. His chest and arms are muscular like he works out in a gym. “Wow, what an improvement over our former neighbor,” she thinks and grins at Akin, especially since the previous owner was always spying on them when they sunned by the pool. Like Mika, Akin has brown hair and brown eyes and Mika feels a bit of kinship. Christina, of course, can’t appreciate the boy eye candy and asks, “So what’s for lunch?” Akin looks at her and asks, “How do you feel about pepperoni pizza?” Christina replies cheerfully, “It’s my favorite food.” Mika rolls her eyes and puts her glasses on; she knows every food is Christina’s ‘favorite’.

“Come on into the kitchen,” Akin says until the wet girls start through the door. “Wait, wait, I just polished the wood floor and don’t want to get it wet. Let me get some towels,” Akin tells them. He is back a minute later with two big bath towels. He hands one to Mika and kneels down and uses the other one on Christina. He dries her arms and chest and tells her to turn around. Akin wipes her back and legs and says, “Get out of that wet suit and I’ll put it into the dryer.” Christina does not hesitate and peels her underwear off.

When she rolls her panties down to her ankles, her baby butt pushes up into Akin’s face and he gives her a little light spank. Christina giggles and jump. Akin catches her with the towel and wraps her up in it and rubs her from head to toes. Christina has a huge smile on her face and loves it. Her wet curly red hair slaps against his face when she moves around. So Akin wraps the towel around her head in a turban and tells her to have a seat on the couch in the den. Akin and Mika watch Christina’s naked tushy as she runs into the den.

Akin turns to Mika and tells her, “May as well put your suit into the dryer also.” Mika shakes her head ‘No’ and says, “I can’t.” Akin looks at her with a grin, “You can’t stand in the door until you get dry. Plus, you know I’ve already seen everything in your see-through suit.” Mika turns three shades of red and looks down to the floor; but one hand comes up to her shoulder and slips the first strap off.

Akin takes the towel away from her and stands behind her. He wraps her long wet hair into the towel and also makes it a turban. Mika gasps as she realizes she is without a towel to hide behind. Akin reaches up to her other shoulder and slips the second strap off. “It’s OK Mika, let me have your suit,” he says quietly and Mika can’t believe she follows his command without thinking. She bends over and slips the suit down her legs and then hands it back to Akin behind her. He tells her to go sit in the den and pizza will be up shortly.

Mika is so absorbed she has no clue she just gave Akin a very nice close-up of her ass and pussy as she bent over peeling her swimsuit down her long legs. Plus she had to hold the towel turban on her head with one hand keeping her from covering any of her interesting parts. Akin stands behind her and just smiles as he enjoys are very white butt cheeks.

Mika hears the dryer door slam shut and the dryer start in the kitchen. Akin comes into the den, turns on the TV and brings up the cartoon channel. Christina grabs a pillow and plops down close to the TV with her white butt up in the air. Akin ignores the girls and goes back to the kitchen. Mika was tense but relaxes when he disappears around the corner.

About five minutes later the aroma of hot pizza waives through the house. Christina jumps up and walks to the kitchen, “Is it ready?” “Yes, it is,” Akin replies and brings the hot steaming pizza into the den and puts it on the coffee table. He asks Mika to come help and serve drinks. Mika blushes as she uncrosses her legs and gets up from the couch. Akin watches as her legs spread apart and her young pussy is fully exposed. He doesn’t say anything; but Mika thinks he likes what he sees. Mika’s nipples get a tingle like when Mr. Stephens winks at her. “OMG, he likes my pussy,” she thinks.

They eat pizza, drink their drinks and watch cartoons. Akin asks them about school and their parents. Christina is a blabber mouth and tells him about their dad moving out and Mika babysitting every day. “Well, you can swim in the pool whenever you want; but really, I should be here because of the rules. I can get into big trouble if you get hurt,” Akin tells them. Christina jumps up in his lap and gives him a big hug. “Oh thank you, thank you,” she smiles at him.

Akin turns to Mika and asks, “Do I get a hug from you too?” Mika blushes but leans over and gives him a bit of a hug. When her naked tits slide across his tanned chest, a spark of electricity shoots through Mika and she inhales hard. Akin knows what happened and pulls her into him more. “No boy has ever touched my naked tits,” goes through Mika’s head. Christina hugs his other side and stands up on the couch. Her belly is in Akin’s face and he looks at her slit. He leans forward and kisses her belly and grabs a butt cheek. Christina giggles and plops back down on his lap.

He still holds Mika and pulls her against him a bit harder to rub her tits on his chest. The message is clear, we are doing a bit more than a friendly thank you hug. Mika enjoys the college boy’s attention and lets her eyes wander over his muscular body. She closes her eyes and lets him rub against her naked tits while keeping her legs crossed primly. Christina interrupts and says, “What’s this?” as her hand is in his crotch where a hard cock is evident to Mika. Mika opens her mouth and covers it with her hand. Then she shuts up.

Akin stands up and drops his swim suit and lets his half hard cock jump out. Christina squeals and Mika chokes. Christina stares at his cock and Mika says quietly, “OMG.” Neither of them have seen one up close and personal. Mika has heard older girls in gym class talking about “sucking guys off”; but she can’t imagine how anyone could get that sausage into their preteen mouths. “You can touch it if you want,” Akin says to Christina and then looks at Mika. Again the message is clear, touch it and do it a whole lot.

Six year old Christina gets between Akin’s legs and looks at her sister. One little hand sneaks up and she puts her hand on his cock and lifts it up and looks at it. She has no clue about what to do; but it feels good and his cock twitches a bit. “Mika, show her what to do”, he says and Mika’s eyes get big as saucers. Her head shakes ‘No’ and Akin pulls her hand to his cock and circles it. He squeezes her fingers to hold his cock and pumps it a few times. “Like that,” he moans and Mika gives him a couple of strokes.
Akin says, “That’s nice, Mika,” and pulls her to him and kisses her lips.

Little Christina giggles, “Eeww, he kissed you.”

Mika wants to pull away; but he holds her head with one hand and kisses her several times until she stops wiggling and returns his kiss. His cock twitches as Mika strokes it slowly with long up and down moves. “OMG, I’m making him hard,” she knows she causes him to twitch and get hard. A second hand grabs his cock and Christina says, “Let me.” Mika pulls back, looks down and watches Christina’s hand wrap around Akin’s cock and pull the skin back exposing his red cock head. She strokes him slowly; but increases the speed and Akin inhales hard.

Mika thinks “Holly smokes,” as her baby sister gives Akin a hand job like a pro. Akin pulls Mika up on the couch and kisses her nipples. Mika grabs his head and holds on tight as strange sensation blister through her chest and down her belly to her naked pussy. “OMG, I’m going to cum, if he doesn’t stop,” Mika thinks. She has only masturbated a few times but she knows the feeling leading up to the little climax she has experienced in the past.

Akin lets her nipples alone for a second and tells Christina, “Ok, that’s enough or I’m going to have an accident. Take a break and watch cartoons.” Christina pouts and says, “I was having fun.” Akin laughs and says, “You can do it some more; but later.” He stands up and lifts Mika up in his arms and takes her to the bedroom.

Christina notices his “thing” is rock hard. She hears the bedroom lock go click.

Mika holds onto Akin’s neck as he carries her and she knows what will probably happen in the bedroom. She should grab her baby sister and run back to their own house as fast as she can. When she looks up into Akin’s dark eyes she is lost. He lays her on his bed gently. “You are so pretty,” he tells her and kisses her lips again. She lost the towel on the way to the bedroom and her long hair spreads out on the pillows. Mika has always seen the ugly duckling in her mirror and this college guy calling her pretty is exciting. She smiles and leans up and kisses Akin hard. Akin looks into her brown eyes and also feels a kinship, “She could be my little sister.”

He leans down and really looks her over. Her young skin is flawless and her nipples are very pink with small areolas. They top nice apple sized breasts and he cups them. She nearly fills his hands and the thought that Mika will have gigantic boobs crosses his mind. He kisses each nipple and then runs his tongue around each breast. Mika inhales hard and arches her chest up. She grabs his head and holds him and moans, “OMG, Akin.”

After a few minutes of loving her preteen tits he moves down to her belly and sticks his tongue into her belly button. Mika giggles and pushes on his head to get him away from her ticklish belly. Akin laughs to himself because she has pushed his tongue down to her mons. Mika’s knees have fallen wide apart and he gets between her legs and kisses her above her knees. He brushes his hands over her mons and through the sparse few brown hairs.

Mika knows what is coming and she moans, “No, I can’t do that.” Akin moves to her pussy and gives it a light butterfly kiss. Mika jumps and jerks and she repeats, “No, I can’t do that.”

“Relax Mika, you are not doing anything except you know you are going to love it,” Akin tells her and kisses her pussy some more. He can’t believe his luck that he has a virgin pussy in front of his lips just ready for her first adventure.

When he saw them in his pool he did not think about getting them naked. He just enjoyed watching them splashing around. Of course, every time Mika climbed out of the pool and the sun hit her transparent suit she was practically naked. Not knowing they were being watched, the girls were carefree and not paying attention to showing their bodies as they spread their legs when jumping into the pool. He offered the pizza as a lark and was speechless when they stripped naked without complaint.

Akin thinks about what he is doing and decides to go really slow and bring Mika to a powerful climax. He assumes a nine year old has already masturbated and knows what it should feel like. He spreads her legs wider and uses one finger to run it up and down her outer lips. Her body has a light summer tan; but her bottom and pussy is snow white. As he strokes her pussy lips he uses his other hand to spread her lips apart and get his first look at her pink inside. He can tell she is still dry and runs his tongue up and down her slit.

Mika jumps again, but does not complain. Small moans come from her lips as he tongues her more. Mika humps her ass slightly as he licks upward. Akin slides his hands under her butt and when she humps up again he gives her encouragement by pushing her against his face. He does it two more times and Mika does it on her own, humping and fucking his tongue. She gets more urgent as his tongue goes deeper into her slit.

Akin slides his thumbs into her slit and pulls her wide apart to let his tongue go into her as deep as he can. He tongue fucks her for several minutes and Mika moans louder and louder. Akin wraps his arms around her thighs and holds her and moves his mouth up to her small pink clit. He can feel the little knob with his lips and tongue and sucks on it. It drives Mika mad. She reaches down and grabs his hair and holds his face against her clit.

She jerks hard and lets an orgasm ripple through her belly and cunt. “OMG, OMG, don’t stop, she cries and her legs scissor closed over his head. Nine year old Mika has an experience like never before. She whines as tears of joy flow down her cheeks, “OMG, I love you,” she moans and pulls on his head to have him lay on top of her. Mika grabs his head and kisses him hard. She loves him and doesn’t want to stop.

Suddenly she jerks hard under Akin when she feels an intrusion in her sore pussy. “I really can’t do ‘it’, please don’t,” she cries. Akin tells her to relax; he just wants to let her feel him for a little. Akin leans back and pushes his cock head into her wet slit. Mika cries as the big head stretches her pussy. Akin pushes not even another inch or so and hits her hymen. “Do I do it, or save it for later,” he thinks, not realizing he is technically about to rape the little girl.

“Save it for later,” wins the fight and he pulls back but rocks back into her. He mini-fucks her for a minute with just his cock head and Mika’s tears stop. “Are you Ok,” he asks and she shakes her head ‘No”. “It hurts,” she tells him.

He kisses her lips and tells her, “It will feel better next time. Plus, I won’t pop your cherry until you are ready.” She smiles at him and wraps her arms around him and pulls his head down to her chest. Akin kisses her tits and Mika whispers into his ear, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Mika.”

Akin pulls his cock out of her and tells her, “You know I promised Christina she could play with me again.” Mika nods her head and tells him, “You better let her do it, before she gets bitchy and whiny. She can be a real pest.” Akin grins to himself because having the older sister on his team is a win-win. He really wants to see what Christina will do.

He opens the door and invites Christina to the bed. Akin sits on the edge of the bed and spreads his legs with his cock standing up nearly hard. “Do you still want to play,” he asks her. Christina smiles a sexy smile and shakes her curly head ‘Yes’ as she reaches for his cock. She takes her time and pulls the skin down and looks at his red cock head. A bit of pre-cum is seeping out and Christina dabs her finger in it. “You can taste it, if you want,” he tells her and Christina sucks her finger. “Uhh, salty,” she says but does not seem to mind.

Akin looks at Mika to see her reaction to her little sister giving him a hand job. Neither of the two girls seem to have any fear of him or mind playing with his cock. Mika has a smile on her face as she watches Christina wrap two hands around the big cock.

Christina lifts his cock up and looks at his balls. She puts one hand on them, giggles and squeezes them for a bit. Since he does not react she drops them and goes back to stroking his cock. “You can do it a bit faster and stroke all the way down”, he teaches her and Christina has a determined look on her face as she gives him a hand job.

Akin reaches down and slides his middle finger between Christina’s pussy lips. She looks up at him with big eyes, makes an “Oh” with her mouth and slowly spreads her legs apart. He wonders if the six year old beauty has played with herself or if spreading her legs was just a natural reaction. He rubs her a bit harder and feels her tiny clit. When his finger touches it she moans and lifts up on her tip toes. Her mouth makes an even bigger “Oh”. “Does it feel good, baby?” he asks her and she smiles and shakes her head “Yes”.

“What you are doing makes me feel good, too,” Akin tells her. “Give me a kiss on the tip,” Akin says and Christina looks at him with amazement. “Kiss your thingy?” she asks in a little voice. “That’s my cock. Yes, kiss my cock, Christina, because you are my good little girl.” Christina stops stroking, leans forward and kisses the tip of his cock head. “That’s a good girl. Do it some more,” he says quietly and watches as she kisses the tip several times.

“Mika, show her how to take it into her mouth,” Akin says. Mika gives him a look; but scampers off the bed and kneels next to Christina. She takes his cock and sticks the cock head into her mouth. Her little tongue swirls around the tip and Akin thinks he is going to cum in a minute. “Oh my, that’s wonderful, baby,” he moans and pulls his cock out of her mouth and points it at Christina.

Christina grabs him and sticks his cock head in her mouth and holds it. “Lick me with your tongue,” he tells her. Christina licks the tip with her tongue and then the underside. Akin figures she has no clue what that does to a guy and he grabs the sheets and holds on tight as she does it for a half minute.

He knows he is going to explode in seconds and grabs both their heads and holds them in front of his burning cock. He looks at Mika and asks, “Do you really love me?” She smiles and whispers, “Yes.” Akins asks her, “You know what’s happening now?” Mika nods a ‘Yes’ as her face blushes fire red.

“Open your mouth wide,” he tells them as the first steam of hot white cum sails into baby Christina’s mouth. She is shocked and clamps shut and looks at him. “Swallow it,” he tells her with his hand clamped around his cock. Mika looks at him and opens her mouth as he lines up with her. She closes her eyes and he blasts two shots onto her tongue. A thick white puddle swims around on her tongue and Mika swallows as her long dark hair frames her face. She opens her eyes and smiles. “I love you, Mika,” he tells her and she smiles even more.

“Want some more?” he asks Christina and she opens her mouth with her eyes wide like dinner plates. He moves in close and pulls her mouth up on his cock until she nearly gags and blast the last two shots down her throat. Christina gags a bit and swallows hard with her red curls bouncing around as her head moves up and down.

“Get on the bed,” he tells them and he heads to the kitchen to get some cola for the girls.

In the kitchen he happens to look at the clock and realizes over three hours have gone already. “Wow, time flies when you are having fun with preteens,” he laughs. When he bought the house he had hoped to invite a college girl; but now, with two built-in honeys he wasn’t sure if he would ever date a college girl again. And these two sure looked like they wanted to be little sluts who would never “kiss and tell.”

Back in the bedroom he gives the girls the colas as he stretched out between them. He looks at Christina’s baby pussy slit and wonders how soon he was going to try his cock head in there. Best of all, next time Mika would surely bleed as he stole her virginity.

He hugs the two girls to him and thinks, “Maybe tomorrow?”

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