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Mom and son fun part 3

Recently my ex-boyfriend and also my sons father phoned up and asked for a favour. He had a 10 year old daughter who needed looking after for a while. I was going to say no but changed my mind when he offered a cash payment. To be precise, 20.000 euros. I thought that was an insane amount of money to pay to look after a child for a week. I asked him where all this money was coming from. He told me he had won some poxy national lottery, lucky bastard. Anyway there was no way I would turn down an other like that. With that money I could sell my apartment and move to Indonesia, one off my lifelong dreams. My money would go a lot further there than it does here in Belgium. And finally it offered an opportunity to ditch my job as a prostitute and become an actress down south.

When my ex-boyfriend eventually showed up, half an hour late like usual, he dropped off a beautiful young girl. He told me that we could say anything we want infront of her as she had pretty much heard and understud everything. When I asked him how he winked at me and said, "trust me, you don't want to know". I was confused and he laughed at the expression on my face before closing the door and walking off, leaving a 10 year old girl on my doorstep.

I later discovered what my ex had ment by his comment and wink. I was casually chatting away with her about what her mom was like and this and that, when she mentioned that every night she heard her parents in the room next door fucking each others brains out all the time. She had also heard what they were saying and once she had even seen them doing it outside in the hammock from her bedroom window. I felt sorry for the young girl, being traumatised like that at such a young age. She also said something that shook me too the core. She said that sometimes they asked her to play weird games with her, like truth or dare and strip UNO. I was so shocked that I slipped of my stool and hit the deck hard. I was so tempted to just go to the police and have them charged for indecency and assaulting the underaged. But then she said something worse. She said that she enjoyed it. At that moment my head exploded, I was looking at the worlds first 10 year old slut. She probably didn't even have pubic hair or tits yet.

For the rest of the day I gave her colouring sheets that I had printed of the computer. We didn't say anything except for the odd remark like "that's pretty" or "I need to pee" and shit like that. When my son arrived home from school he was in a right state. There were these bullies at school that always picked on him because of his British accent. His hair was ruffeled and his clothing had gravel in it. I ran over and hugged him. We exchanged hellos then he headed upstairs for a long bath.

When I heard the water stop running I said I needed to take on some business in my room, when I said said this she replied in that childish voice, "I know what you are going to do now, whenever daddy says that he means he's going to go up stairs and fuck my mummy blue". I knew she knew about bad language but hearing it in person was astonishing, coming from such a young mouth. I replied, "don't worry, there's going to be no sex" and then walked to my bedroom which I now have to share we a 10 year old girl as well. From what you can probably realise, I was in a bad mood. I walked into my room and got undressed. I then wrapped a towel around me and walked into the bathroom.

We may have a small house but fuck, our bath is big. It can easily fit three people in. It's an odd bath as it is shaped in a triangle and the water taps are on the bottom of the tub. I locked the door behind me and moved over to the bath tub. My son was used go me joining him in his showers and baths so he made no attempt to cover his soft prick. I slowly and sexily removed my towel and slid in opposite him. Our legs interlocked, my right foot resting against his bal sac and his left food resting in my furry mould. We stayed in this position for a while and we talked about his problems being a Brit in a Belgian school.

Eventually I thought wat the hell and stated to massage his growing click with my toes. I moved my foot up and down gently, massaging his shaft and rubbing the head of his cock. He laid back and moaned in pleasure. I continued to do this until I felt his cock throbbing. I knew he was going to cum soon so I stopped and grabbed his foot and rubbed it against my pussy. He got the message and then knelt on the bottom of the 1 metre deep tub and rested his hands on my sides. He had to bend his leg to do this and in the process his pinky toe slid inside me, it felt beatiful.

He then moved upwards and squeezed my tits with both his hands. This gave me an amazing rush. I moaned loudly than screamed in pleasure as he let go of my tits and then pinched my nipples. This was all to much for me. My pussy started to throb and my pussy exploded. As this was under water you could not see any difference but boy you could taste it in the water. My son started slurping up the water like it was coke or fanta, taking huge gulps at a time.

I then got out the tub and dried up, my son thought we were finished and had a disasapointed look in his face. I laughed then dragged him out and dried his body. Then I lay on my back and spread my legs. My son got the message and the sat on top of me, we were now in the 69 position.

I began to suck and tug on his cock, this drew a moan of pleasure from him. He then started to feel up my pussy. After 3 minutes of pulling and sucking he started to cum again. His pre-cum was falling on my face. I then jerked it harder and his dick started to spasm like crazy. Then his creamy cum exploded over my face and chest . It tasted soo good. A lot better than his fathers and all the people she had sex with for money combined, it was like ambrosia, nectar of the gods, I lapped it off my face and tits then picked the rest up with my fingers the licked them clean. When was done his cock was floppy again.

I smiled then showed it in my mouth. A few seconds later it was hard again. I rolled onto my knees and gestured towards my moist labia lips. He understud and then started to poke the entrance to my pussy with his cock. He then slipped it inside me and started to fuck me hard, doggie style. 4 minutes later and after multiple orgasm's on my side he came. He lasted the back corners of my pussy and filled me up with my first load. He then pulled out and dumped the rest of his load on my ass. I then grabbed his hands and used them to rub the cum all over my ass. When this was done I slipped his fingers into my mouth and sucked them dry.

When we had recovered we got dressed and walked back go the living room where his half sister was sitting. She grinned at me than winked............

Hi, please tell me if you like this and why. If not than why aswell. I was thinking that for my next storie I could use the 10 year old in the sexual side of it. Tell me if you like this idea. As usual I hoped you enjoyed this. :p

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