We were designed forty years ago, engineered. They called us catseyes because of our cat slit eyes. Besides the eyes that let us see in almost total darkness our muscles were more than twice as dense and our reactions twice as fast. Other than the eyes and retractable claws we looked like normal humans except we tended to regenerate and maintained the look of youth.

Ten thousand of us were created and trained. We were the front line soldiers, the shock troops. They had many names for us but after the last batch was hatched a strike destroyed the lab and the DNA plans were lost. Out of ten thousand only a few handful survived. Our DNA was dominate so any girl we got pregnant would have a catseye child.

I was one of the first hatched and had earned a reputation long before the war ended. I had earned promotions the hard way and few senior officers in fleet doubted it. It has been over twenty years since the war ended. There were only three catseyes on the ship, me, Dillon and his mate Tasha. She was young only twenty but held a pilot rating.

I went through the tube first with a blanket of fog designed to kill laser beams and distort thermal scans. I planted the override and hit the hatch access before tossing a stun grenade into the airlock. I slipped the slim tinted eyeglasses off and into an arm sheath before moving into the airlock. I opened the inner hatch as I pulled both elegant plasma pistols.

When I moved it was quick, much faster than a human. Both pistols roared as I moved into the ship corridor and killed those waiting. I headed towards the bridge as Dillon turned to head for the engineering section. Twenty men and women from the federation anti smuggling task group followed us onto the ship.

I stepped onto the bridge and shot the captain as he raised a pistol. The bridge went quiet as the six men and women looked at me with white faces. I gestured and two men moved around me to secure the ship’s crew. I turned and began searching the ship. I overrode the access on a large cabin and let it open as I stood to the side.

Plasma bolts exploded against the corridor wall from shots fired through the opening hatch. I slid in fast and fired twice to kill the two guards standing with modern assault rifles. In one corner was another man and a girl in her teens. My sense of smell awoke something that almost screamed in my brain.

I moved towards the man and he shoved the girl towards me as he tried to pull a weapon. I caught her shoulder easily as my other weapon lifted and the merchant froze. I gestured and he dropped the weapon before going to his knees. I glanced at the girl and froze as my green eyes locked with her green catseyes.

I tore them away and growled at the merchant, “she is your slave?”

He looked up and his eyes locked with mine before he went pale, he swallowed and nodded slowly. I smiled slightly, “one thousand credits.”

He blinked and looked at the girl before nodding quickly. I kept my weapon on him as I let the girl go and pulled out a small comp and tossed it, “sign her over.”

I didn’t tell him that as soon as the task group took custody, his credits and all his property would be stripped from him. I took my comp back and gestured, “get up and walk in front of me.”

I reached for the girl’s arm and pulled her close as I followed him out, “stay behind me girl.”

Several men were waiting and one grinned, “a merchant and his doss, we’ll have fun.”

I shoved the merchant and growled, “she is mine.”

The man looked at me quickly and then at the girl before swallowing and nodding quickly, “sure Tiger, I didn’t mean to insult you.”

I nodded and turned to search the other rooms, keeping the girl behind me. I met Dillon at the next corridor and he looked at me and then the girl before reaching out and tilting her head to see her eyes. He hissed and I smiled, “now Tasha will have a girlfriend.”

He snorted and then laughed as he turned and headed towards the airlock. I slipped my weapons back into their holsters and put my glasses on. I glanced at the girl, “what are you called?”

She kept looking down, “Ginger master.”

I stopped in the airlock to look at her and tilt her head to look into my eyes, “my name is Tiger.”

She looked at me and slowly nodded. I pushed her towards the tube, “use the side rails and pull yourself across.”

She looked and took a breath before diving into the tube. I followed and watched as she swam the tube smoothly and flipped before dropping out into the converted assault transport. I landed softly beside her and headed towards the inner hatch, “come Ginger.”

I followed Dillon to the large bridge and smiled at the tiny woman that was the captain. She turned and grinned, “great work you two, we are already getting a list of the cargo...”

She frowned, “what did you find Tiger?”

I turned, “this is Ginger, one of ours that was a slave.”

I heard Tasha gasp but watched the captain. She walked to us swiftly and reached out to tilt Ginger’s face down and stare into her eyes. She looked at me and sighed, “welcome to the crew Ginger, she is your dependent Tiger.”

She turned, “right, the cargo was mostly contraband weapons headed to Melborne.”

I nodded, “the merchant’s two bodyguards were carrying the new Mark seven assault rifles.”

She walked towards the holo in the center of the bridge, “go play with catnip.”

I laughed as Dillon chuckled and turned to head out. I led Ginger out and down to officer country and stopped beside my door and placed my hand on the lock plate, “computer add a new occupant.”

“Place hand on the access plate to be registered and state name.”

I removed my hand and looked at Ginger. She moved closer and timidly put her hand on the plate, “Ginger.”

A moment later the hatch slid open and I led her in. She stood by the door and I took the glasses off before putting them in the arm sheath, “welcome home.”

I sighed and headed towards the refresher and glanced back and stopped, “well?”

She moved after me but I could smell her fear. I smiled, “did the merchant use you?”

She nodded and I held out my hand, “come.”

I pulled her after me and stripped her before slowly undressing. I pulled her into the shower and turned the water on. I washed her body and gritted my teeth at the bruises I found. I knew they were fresh because she would have already been healed if they weren’t. When I finished I washed quickly and shut the water off.

I pulled her out through the warm air dryer. She looked at me with wide eyes as I tapped a foot to show her to spread her legs. A few moments later I pulled her out and across to a small kitchen area, “have you eaten?”

She shook her head and I turned to pull a meal pack out. I heated it and set it on the table, “sit and eat.”

While she was eating I went to get my dirty clothing. I went through them for weapons and equipment. I set the weapons and equipment on the table beside my bed. I took my clothes with her bare ship suit to the ship clothing refresher. I dropped them in and went to my clothing locker to pull out a shirt and pair of shorts.

I slipped the shorts on and went back to Ginger. She was just sitting but the meal was gone. I smiled and pulled her up and caressed her body and the bruises, “this won’t happen again.”

She looked into my face and I smiled as I put the shirt on her. I buttoned it and turned at the door chime, “Come!”

The hatch opened and Tasha stood there with Dillon behind her. She walked in, “you haven’t bedded her?”

I smiled and turned to Ginger, “when she asks me I will bed her and not before.”

She looked at me in surprise and Tasha laughed and put her arm around my waist, “Dillon owes me twenty credits. I told him you would wait.”

I glanced at Dillon and he shrugged, “you have been alone a long time.”

I sighed and looked at Ginger, “this is Dillon and his mate Tasha.”

I looked at Tasha, “her name is Ginger.”

She grinned, “I heard.”

She reached out and touched Ginger’s cheek, “you and I will talk. We are the only female catseyes on the ship.”

Ginger looked at me and I shrugged, “I have to wear nose plugs when Tasha is in season.”

Tasha slapped my shoulder as Dillon chuckled and Ginger smiled slightly. We sat in the small kitchen talking and Tasha caught us up on the comm traffic or fleet gossip whichever you want to call it. When she yawned Dillon stood, “about time, I’m tired.”

Tasha grinned as she stood, “you better not be too tired you tom cat.”

I grinned as they left holding each other and sighed before standing, “time for bed.”

I cleaned up quickly and dimmed the light even more before pulling Ginger to my wide bed. I pulled her shirt off and set it beside the bed and pushed her into bed under the sheet. I stripped my shorts off and followed her before pulling her against me, “sleep, you are safe.”

It took me a little while to fall asleep and Ginger was breathing slowly and softly. I twisted at the body pressing onto me and ended with Ginger under me as my eyes snapped open. Her eyes were wide as I slowly relaxed, “wake me carefully beautiful.”

She smiled, “I was horny and was going to fuck you.”

I lifted and looked between us at my hard cock before pushing forward and forcing it into her. Her pussy was warm, tight and silky as it squeezed my cock. I shuddered and groaned as I began to fuck her slowly. I kissed her and kept fucking her with slow, deep thrusts. She groaned and clutched me as her pussy spasmed, “so big!”

I continued to fuck her and began pressing against her cervix. She stiffened and then arched her back before shuddering violently, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock and kissed her again as she thrashed and squirmed while her pussy milked my cock and she got wetter. I pulled back to start fucking her again and used deep thrusts and started grinding each time I pushed into her. Ginger clutched me and I ignored her claws as they came out.

I began to fuck her harder and she wailed and started convulsing. It was several minutes before I thrust into her and pressed as my cock erupted and I peed cum into her. She held her hips up and gasped when she felt the warm sperm pumping through and into her womb, “mmmm!”

I put a half dozen huge spurts of cum into her before I stopped. I pulled out and moved to lay beside her and caressed her pelvis, “we are very fertile Ginger, do you have an implant?”

She turned to look at me and rubbed my chest, “yes.”

Her hand slipped down to wrap around my slimy cock, “Again?”

I laughed and rolled her onto her stomach before moving over her and pushing back into her cummy pussy. I fucked her six times before she sighed and fell asleep with my cock still in her. I held her on me and relaxed and after several minutes fell asleep too. I woke to the door chime and glanced at it as Ginger shifted and her slimy pussy pressed down, “who is it?”


I sighed, “Open.”

The hatch slid open and Tasha walked in and grinned when she saw us, “I knew you would fuck the poor girl.”

Ginger turned her head to look at her and I smiled, “actually she woke me up to fuck me.”

Tasha laughed as she sat on the edge of the bed and held out another ship suit, “I was going to take her to the ship store to get her clothes and things a girl needs.”

I looked at Ginger, “go wash and use my name and account.”

She looked at Tasha as she slipped off me and headed towards the fresher. Tasha watched her and turned to look at me, “she wanted it?”

I pulled a sheet over me, “yes. She startled me awake and...”

Tasha shook her head as she stood, “it’s a good thing you wake quickly. The ship is headed to Melborne to resupply.”

I looked at her before glancing at the fresher, “we spent a lot of down time on Melborne.”

She nodded, “Dillon and I are going to look around too.”

I looked at her and smiled as I smelt her, “you took your implant out.”

She grinned and stuck out her tongue, “now that you have a girl I should be safe and Dillon can get me pregnant.”

I grinned as I slid out of bed and reached out to pull her against me, “It is a very good thing he is my friend or I would bend you over my bed.”

She laughed and reached up to caress my face, “I know it has been hard smelling me and not touching.”

I let her go, “take Ginger shopping while I find Dillon and throw him around the gym.”

Tasha laughed as she gestured and headed for the door. Ginger walked from the fresher and glanced at me. I waved as I headed towards the fresher, “enjoy.”

I shifted and swayed before my hand snatched Dillon’s and bent it and twisted. I turned even more and lifted a leg to block his kick before jerking him towards me. I slid back and blocked another kick before twisting his wrist and stepping forward. Dillon went with me and fell straight to the mat.

I let him go and moved back, “Tasha do you all night? You are moving a little slow.”

He laughed as he rolled to his feet and several men and women in the gym joined him. I circled him and he smiled sweetly, “I smelled your girl in the hall. She smelled like you were the one doing the work last night.”

I shifted and slid to the side as my hand came up and brushed his sudden snap kick up. He went back and rolled as I moved after him. He came to his feet and twisted and kicked again. I dropped into a crouch and kicked out into his other thigh. He went back and down before rolling and coming to his feet.

I grinned as I moved after him and stopped to step back, “captain.”

Dillon nodded and she smiled as she walked between us, “every time your female goes into season you two put on a display and my girls and boys try to copy you.”

I grinned, “this time she removed her implant so Dillon is moving a little sluggish.”

She laughed as she turned, “just don’t inspire my people to hurt themselves.”

I watched her leave and Dillon slapped my shoulder as he walked closer, “the way you look at her makes me think you want to bed her.”

I smiled as I turned to head for the showers, “what makes you think I haven’t?”

He followed me and slapped my shoulder again before we spilt up. I found Ginger with the ship education officer when I walked into the cabin. I smiled at Lieutenant Christian, “you give her a CAP test Sidney?”

She smiled at Ginger, “Like Tasha, she shows good kinetics and ability for ship handling.”

I looked at Ginger, “would you like to train for that Ginger?”

She looked at lieutenant Christian, “it was enjoyable.”

I nodded, that was almost exactly what Tasha had said, “than we will ask the captain and see if she will let you train for a pilot’s rating.”

I nodded to Sidney and she stood, “I’ll tell the captain, we are always looking for good pilots.”

After she left I caressed Ginger’s cheek, “have fun shopping?”

She smiled, “Tasha said I should only get the basics and wait until we get to Melborne.”

I laughed and headed towards the kitchen, “that sounds like her. I’m sure we can find a few things you like.”

She followed me into the kitchen, “why did you save me?”

I filled a crystal glass with ice water before turning to look at Ginger, “what do you know about us?”

She shook her head, “the master said I was a freak.”

I sighed and drank the water before setting the glass down. I took her hand and pulled her out and through the ship. In the gym several crew were working out and I looked around, “you have always had to watch how you touched or grabbed something. When surprised your reaction was faster than expected.”

I looked at her, “you can see in almost total darkness.”

I caressed her face, “you are far from being a freak. There were ten thousand catseyes created. We were the shock troops sent in to fight the hardest battles.”

I turned to look into the distance, “When we had breaks we enjoyed the same thing as other men, only in our case if the women conceived our DNA was always dominate and the child was born a full catseye.”

I turned back and took Ginger’s hand as we left, “Out of ten thousand, less than fifty survived.”

I looked at her, “You are a child or grandchild of one of the catseyes. You are special like me or Tasha.”

She turned me, “But why me?”

I smiled, “we haven’t found many of our own, those like us. Tasha was the first in a long time and Dillon and she took to each other and became mates. One day you may chose to leave or find another.”

She looked at me, “you don’t want me?”

I caressed her face before opening our cabin, “somehow you pull at me. I am very attracted to you.”

She grinned as she turned to press against me, “can we fuck again?”

I smelled her arousal and held her, “Horny again, are you sure you have an implant?”

She pulled my head down for a kiss, “Yes but you smell so good, it makes me want you.”

I pushed her back and sniffed before sighing, “being around Tasha when she goes into season always effects me.”

Ginger pulled me towards the bed as she stripped off her ship suit, “fuck me?”

I waited and let her move onto the bed before undressing. I stalked after her and she reached up to pull me between her legs and reached between us for my hard cock. I pushed into her and kissed her as I began to fuck her and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I continued to fuck her as she grunted and thrust up when I pushed into her.

It wasn’t long before we were fucking each other hard with deep thrusts. Ginger hugged me as her body was racked with strong spasms and convulsions, “ooohhh!”

I kissed her as I continued to fuck her firmly. Her warm pussy pulled and squeezed and massaged my cock each time I thrust into her. When I was ready Ginger was incoherent and bucking as she wailed and howled. I buried my cock against her cervix and kissed her as I began to pump a gushing stream of sperm.

She stiffened and lifted her hips as she screamed in my mouth, “I’M CUMMING!”

We shuddered and held each other as I kept pumping strong spurts of cum. When I stopped I sighed and Ginger sagged to the bed with a groan. Dillon clearing his throat had me twisting and rolling as I grabbed for a hidden pistol. I stopped and sighed as Ginger looked over my shoulder, “don’t you know how to knock?”

He grinned, “I did but you were busy.”

I kissed Ginger before moving to the side of the bed, “what is it?”

Dillon looked at Ginger before looking at me, “Admiral Smith wants to speak with you.”

I glanced at Ginger, “come wash and then I’ll take you with me.”

Dillon grinned as he headed towards the door, “the captain wants a word too.”

I was tempted to fuck Ginger as soon as I pulled her out of bed but restrained myself. When I walked into CIC Dillon turned and smiled before gesturing. The captain was speaking with the ship’s doctor but nodded to me. I stopped beside Dillon and pulled Ginger close as she kept twisting her head to look around.

The comm tech hit a button and a holo sprang up. It was a few moments before the grey head of admiral Smith appeared. He smiled, “I heard you found one of your kind Colonel.”

I nodded and glanced at Ginger, “this is Ginger, she is going to be learning to be a pilot.”

He smiled at her before looking at me, “you and the Major are the last of your unit still active. The sergeant major just retired to a colony world with two or three lucky girls. We know there are more catseyes on Melborne. There were two reports of young males in several outlying settlements. There is also a report of at least two girls in a crib called Happy Eddy’s. Your condition of service is still good Colonel but please don’t kill the wrong asshole.”

He looked away and nodded to someone before looking at me, “On another note, Captain Honor is up for promotion and we are assigning her to the carrier Orian. We are also assigning you and the Major there since he has informed me his mate has applied for and received permission to have children. As you know Orian is a training ship designed to carry and support the families of the men and women that crew her.”

He sighed, “I won’t be around much longer Tiger. I am getting old and the fleet needs new blood. If I were you I would start thinking of someplace to settle. Tell Vicky I said congratulations.”

The holo vanished and I looked at Dillon, “settle?”

He grinned, “after the cubs are born.”

I laughed as Tasha slapped his shoulder, “I heard that.”

She looked at me, “The captain would like to speak to you in her office.”

I touched Ginger but Tasha reached for her hand, “she can stay with me.”

I looked at Dillon as he looked up and around before shaking my head, “plotting behind my back will earn you lumps tomorrow.”

I walked to the embossed door to one side, (it was between CIC and the ship’s bridge). I knocked and heard the captain call for me to enter and opened the hatch and stepped in. I closed the door and Vicky turned to look at me with a smile. She crossed to rub my chest and went to her toes to kiss me, “you got me pregnant Tiger.”

I held her and looked into her face, “you never told me you removed your implant.”

She caressed my face, “you wanted it so bad I had to help.”

I hugged her and opened my mouth and she turned, “we have been reassigned to Orian. Me as the ship’s captain and you as the training group commander.”

She turned to look at me, “I have already listed you as the father to the surgeon. On the carrier you will be under Admiral Thomas so I would like you to move into my quarters since we are not in the same chain of command.”

She was fidgeting and not as calm as normal. I crossed to her and cupped her face, “There is Ginger and at least two female catseyes on Melborne.”

Vicky smiled, “you can have your harem Tiger, I want you. Besides the way you fuck, the poor girls will need a break.”

I smiled, “very well but I expect to fuck you as I would my other mates.”

She laughed and kissed me before pushing me towards the hatch, “go get Ginger scheduled for classes.”

I turned for the hatch, “come to my quarters tonight for dinner so I don’t have to hurt your sentry sneaking in.”

She laughed as the hatch opened and I walked out. Tasha pushed Ginger towards me and waved as she walked towards the bridge hatch. I took Ginger back to the tiny education office, “Sidney?”

She turned from her desk comp, “did you want to set up the course for Ginger?”

I smiled and pulled Ginger around me, “did the captain sign off on the training request?”

She nodded, “The pilot course will take six weeks.”

I nodded, “we are being transferred to the Orian.”

Sidney looked at Ginger, “I’ll send the approval through and get with Orian’s training officer to set things up when you arrive.”

I nodded and we left and Ginger looked at me, “Orian?”

I smiled as I led her into the gym, “a carrier used for training with family aboard to support the crew.”

She nodded and I pulled her into the dressing area. I outfitted her with clothing and pads before bringing her out to a mat. I started showing her how to stretch before moving her through katas. She was a natural and kept her center as she learned. After we finished I took her to the showers before heading aft.

I walked into my small office and nodded to the sergeant working the other desk, “anything for me to do?”

She grinned, “The prize crew sent a list of contraband that needed your review. Lieutenants Jackson and Ferguson haven’t sent in their training plans. Captain MacDavis on Pegasus wants your input of a new boarding plan for Delta and Echo company and Commodore Jones read and signed off on the new weapon loadouts for Charlie company.”

I sighed and gestured to a chair, “you might as will sit Ginger.”

The sergeant winked at her and turned back to routine paperwork. That was my bargain with her, she took care of the small things and I made sure she had time off. I started with a call to Captain MacDavis, “I’m on orders for Orian.”

Sergeant Petel looked at me and frowned, “any chance you can get me on orders too?”

Ginger looked from me to her as the holo of Captain MacDavis appeared and I started going over the good and bad points of the plan he wanted to use. I contacted the two lieutenants for their platoon training plans and then issued a set of orders to Charlie for the new weapons. I also made a call to the fleet personal officer and had sergeant Petel put on orders for Orian as my assistant.

I sent a copy of the new orders to her inbox as Dillon came in. I sighed, “we got the new weapons for Charlie so that just leaves Adam and Bravo.”

He smiled at Ginger before sitting in the other chair, “Delta and Echo made a point of showing what they could do with them so it is just a matter of time. On another note the training ammo was corrupted.”

I shook my head, “water in the charge containers?”

He nodded and I leaned back, “did you tell supply to fix the problem?”

Dillon grinned, “yeah.”

I stood and looked at the sergeant, “I’ll be by my comm, Lieutenants Jackson and Ferguson should be dropping off the plans within an hour. Close up after they leave.”

I gestured and pulled Ginger up as we left. She looked at me as we walked and Dillon chuckled, “he pretends to be busy so they don’t make him wear his fancy uniform.”

I grinned and gestured, “go find out who is replacing us.”

He laughed as he headed towards another hatch. When I closed the hatch to our cabin I sighed and pulled Ginger to the couch. I sat her down and sat in a chair in front of her, “Captain Honor... Vicky is and has been with me. She is pregnant and wishes to be our mate.”

Ginger looked at me, “what does that mean?”

I smiled, “it means I don’t fuck you a dozen times a day every day.”

She grinned, “you wouldn’t unless I asked.”

I grinned, “no, but it means she wishes to be with us.”

Ginger nodded as she looked around, “do you want me to leave when she...”

I leaned forward and took her hand, “you are my mate too. She needs to know you too. While she is on duty she is the ship’s captain but when she is off and with us she will only be Vicky and our mate.”

She nodded and I pulled her up, “I think Vicky will surprise you and you might learn from her.”

I started for the kitchen as she followed. I glanced at her as I started looking at what I was going to make for dinner, “once we reach Melborne I am going to look for others like us.”

She nodded and I smiled, “actually there are a couple of males and some females so I was thinking...”

Ginger grinned, “match maker.”

Dinner was almost ready when the door chimed and I glanced across the room, “come.”

Vicky walked in wearing civilian clothes and looking nervous. Ginger smiled, “dinner is ready.”

I gestured to the table, “sit.”

Vicky walked to the table and smiled as she slipped into a chair beside Ginger. I sat across from her and smiled, “Ginger will have to wait to start her training.”

Vicky smiled, “I was informed.”

She looked at Ginger, “there is a short basic course of instruction you can do first.”

Ginger nodded and then grinned and turned to put a bite of food in Vicky’s mouth, “we are going to be his mates together?”

Vicky chewed and looked at me, “yes.”

I waited and Ginger stood and pulled her up before sitting and pulling her onto her lap, “then we will be mates too.”

Vicky smiled and turned to kiss her on the mouth and caress her face, “yes.”

Ginger shivered and then grinned, “like sisters and lovers?”

Vicky grinned as she looked at me, “that sounds nice.”

I shook my head and pointed at their plates, “eat and we will talk later.”

Vicky stood and started stripping and Ginger grinned as she stood to do the same thing. I waited until they sat before going back to eating, “I sent inquiries to Melborne registry.”

Vicky smiled as she kept eating and Ginger looked at her, “Tiger wants to put the females together with the males.”

They grinned at each other and started whispering as I finished and went to put the dishes in the recycler. I brought back a pill from my dispenser and set it beside Vicky’s plate. She looked at it and then at me, “what is this?”

I bent to give her a soft kiss before moving to Ginger, “Since you are not a Catseye the baby will need certain supplements.”

She smiled and nodded as she picked it up and I stood and started for the other room as I stripped. I started a vid and went to sit back and could hear Vicky and Ginger whispering and giggling. A minute later Vicky walked across and straddled me before slowly sitting on my hard cock. She sighed and wiggled as her pussy squeezed, “you have to take turns tonight.”

I smiled as Ginger followed her in and sat beside us and reached out to caress her inner thigh, “and are you two taking turns with each other?”

Vicky grinned, “Ginger gets any cream you leave in me and I get what you leave in her.”

I laughed and held her hips before pulling her back and forth, “it is going to be a long night.”

They laughed and Vicky started rolling her hips and rocking as her pussy grasped at my cock. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shaking as she became incoherent. Ginger leaned against me, “she sure likes your cock in her.”

I grinned as Vicky shuddered almost violently and wailed, “aaaahhhhh!”

She was almost completely erratic as I moved and stood with her impaled and walked across to the bed. I turned and sat before rolling and fucking her steadily and several minutes later buried my cock. She was bucking and thrashing as I held her on my cock and began to pee cum.

Vicky thrust up and screamed as her pussy milked the sperm out of my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I stopped spurting she clung to me for a minute before relaxing. I kissed her and rubbed her face before looking at Dillon and Tasha sitting on the couch. I pulled out of Vicky and Ginger stood to walk to the bed as I moved off. She slid on and over between Vicky’s legs and started licking as I crossed to sit in a chair, “not breeding Tasha again?”

She stuck out her tongue as Vicky began to howl and Dillon grinned, “taking a short break.”

Tasha looked at the bed, “the captain seems to be enjoying herself.”

I glanced back, “she gets to rest while I take care of Ginger.”

Tasha grinned, “and lick up the cream after?”

She looked at Dillon, “maybe we need another to do that too.”

He grinned, “I’ll see what I can find.”

She laughed and stood to walk to the bed and sit. I looked at Dillon as his face changed, “I got an update from Melborne. There are two males that are slaves on two farms. So far intel has four girls between fourteen and eighteen in the crib.”

I smiled as I watched Vicky holding Ginger and talking to Tasha, “do you think we might convince them to join fleet?”

He grinned, “under the catseye provisions?”

I nodded and stood as Tasha walked towards us, “tomorrow we should arrive. You go get the boys while I find and get the girls. Happy Eddy’s was listed as a contact point for the smuggler so I’m taking the ready platoon.”

Dillon stood, “what about the owners for the boys?”

I stopped and looked at him and he nodded before taking Tasha’s hand, “soft or hard they will be coming with us.”

I moved onto the bed as Vicky lay beside Ginger and grinned, “you were right it is going to be a long night.”

I laughed as I reached for Ginger and she twisted and lifted her hips, “nice and deep Tiger.”

I laughed again as I rubbed her butt and turned to move behind her. I felt her slippery pussy before pushing into her. She shoved back and growled as her pussy tightened. I pulled her and half rolled before pulling on Vicky so she would be under Ginger and rolled back. I moved up to fuck down into her while she wiggling under me.

I waited until Vicky kissed her and started to fuck her with long thrusts. It was a minute before she was wailing and shaking as her tight pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly. I continued to plant my cock and push as she shoved back. Her wails turned to howls and then screams as Vicky kept kissing her and a dozen minutes later I grunted as I pushed all the way into her.

She jerked and tilted her hips when I gushed hot sperm through and into her womb, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her as she shuddered and jerked until I was done and pulled out. Vicky rolled with Ginger and kissed her as I moved aside before sliding down. I woke to a comm chime and lifted my head as Vicky moved away from Ginger, “yes?”

The voice was quiet but my hearing was very good, “we are starting the system skips captain.”

Vicky glanced back, “I’ll be on the bridge as soon as I shower and dress.”

The comm clicked as the link was severed and Ginger reached for Vicky and pulled her back and sucked on a nipple, “see you tonight?”

Vicky shuddered and grinned at me, “we might have another girl or two so yeah.”

Ginger let her go and she rolled out of bed, “you need to pack Tiger, as soon as we lift from Melborne we are headed for Orian so it will only be three or four days.”

I watched her dress before leaving and turned Ginger and kissed her, “was last night okay?”

She grinned, “it was very okay.”

I slipped off the bed, “want to exercise with me?”

She nodded and climbed out of bed and followed me towards the fresher. Ginger laughed when Dillon joined us, he look tired and used. I grinned, “I think you better stick with the privates today.”

He grumped as he stretched, “seeing you and your mates had Tasha going all night.”

Ginger went back to the cabin as I had a meeting with my captains. I walked in and looked at the empty crates and Ginger looking around. I began pointing out things to pack and helping. When I heard the landing chime I pulled Ginger to one of the chairs and waited. The ship shuddered and shifted and I felt the artificial gravity shut down.

A few minutes later the ship became still and I stood, “contact Tasha and stay with her until I return.”

I went into the other room and put the weapon belt on and secured the holsters. I added the glasses and left. I think the whole ship knew where and what Dillon and I were doing. He met me in the airlock, “the ready platoon will move out in five.”

I nodded and kept walking, “watch your back.”

Happy Eddy’s was on the edge of the port district and isolated. I walked through the doors and looked around before crossing the room to an isolated table, “you have catseyes?”

The well dressed man looked me over, “not for fleet.”

I smiled and reached up and removed the glasses and slipped them into the arm sheath. I leaned forward so he would have a clear view of my eyes, “My name is Tiger, Colonel Tiger Mckenzie. In about five minutes a ready platoon of marines is coming through your doors in full combat armor. Now either I will be sending them on to other... insurgent targets or they will be placing your body in a bag.”

He straightened and looked around but I ignored the four guards as they pulled weapons and smiled, “time to dance or pay the ferryman.”

I straightened, “sell the catseyes to me.”

He glared as he stood, “we are protected.”

I grinned, “Not from me and not from the bullet that will go between your eyes.”

He gestured, “kill...”

My guns came up and fired as I turned and then I was pointing one between his eyes as the four guards fell. He gasped as the other people dropped to the floor, “body bag it is.”

He shook his head, “wait! I’ll...”

I wiggled the barrel as the front door burst open and marines poured in. I held out my comp and set a fee, “how many girls?”

He licked his lips while the marines continued to move into the building and up the stairs as well as the other rooms, “six.”

I looked at him as my lieutenant stopped beside me, “names?”

He started giving them and I gestured, “your comp.”

I made the transfer and looked at the lieutenant, “interrogate him and everyone else under truth scan.”

I turned to look at every woman before headed for the stairs. Four important men were caught, the port city mayor, the assistant governor, the chief of police and a judge. They all threatened and bluffed until I put a pistol against their head and told them they no longer had their jobs.

One of the girls drew me, she was a little older than Ginger. Tawny was lean with green catseyes and firm breasts. The girls sat at the table behind me clutching large bags. I was sipping a cup of coffee and waiting for the lieutenant’s report. He crossed the floor and came to attention, “we may have a problem.”

I scowled, “how many times have I told you not to play the cadet in public?”

He relaxed and slid his comp across the table. I picked it up and started looking before glancing at him, “how many were in the room and heard this?”

He reddened, “three. Me, Sergeant Dowes and Private Jelly.”

I glanced across the room as I thought, I used my comm and called the ship, “get me the captain.”


I looked at the lieutenant, “put the system under martial law on my orders and initiate fleet protocol Silent Stalker.”


I stood, “we have a traitor. Get our ship security to truth scan the system intel people. Active the battalion and have my company commanders standing by for a briefing. I will need an encrypted star comm to Admiral Smith and fleet commander Davison.”

“It will be waiting for you.”

I disconcerted and looked at the lieutenant, “this does not get out.”

He shook his head and I glanced around, “seal it. I want everyone here in confinement. Put the three traitors in isolation and tell the Judge he was consorting with insurgents so he will stop bitching. As soon as you and your men are free get with your company commander.”

I looked at the girls, “time to go girls.”

They stood and followed as I left and I reached back to take Twany’s hand. I walked onto the port and glanced at the two fleet guards, “seal it. No one in and no one out.”

They snapped to attention, “that can only come from the base...”

I stepped closer, “I am Colonel Tiger Mckenzie. You will do as I order you or I will have you shot.”

The guard stiffened, “Sir the commander...”

I growled, “is relieved soldier.”

He swallowed, “consider it sealed.”

The whole area around the ship was alive when I rode up on the port shuttle cart. I stepped off, “captain Dell!”


He turned and walked towards me as I waited for the girls, “find and escort the base commander to the ship. Replace the standing guards around the port and have them scanned. If they are clean you can use them.”

He grinned, “yes sir.”

I led the girls to the lift and looked back, “command meeting in fifteen.”

“Yes sir!”

I wasn’t surprised to see Tasha waiting and smiled, “take them to my quarters and have Ginger feed them and let them use the fresher.”

She nodded and I looked at the hand in mine before grinning at Tasha and letting it go. When I walked into CIC everyone was busy and the captain turned, “Pegasus sent her shuttles and is starting the blockade.”

I nodded as I crossed to the comm section, “my star comm?”

The rating glanced up, “waiting on you.”

I gestured and stepped back as the large holograph filled with admiral Smith and the fleet commander. The fleet commander frowned, “this had better be good colonel.”

I shook my head, “it isn’t. We had information from the ship that was smuggling weapons. I authorized a raid on a brothel and we caught more than insurgents. One was the assistant governor and under truth scan he named admiral Thomas as the one they paid for the new weapons. The weapons came from the armory on Castle, only they never went into the inventory.”

The fleet commander growled and looked at admiral Smith, “where is he?”

Smith sighed, “en route to Melborne on the Orian.”

They looked at me as I waited and the fleet commander leaned forward, “every fleet personal in the system is to be scanned. Scan the governor as soon as possible and all the top officials. When Orian gets there you are to arrest Thomas and have him scanned with Orian’s captain and your ship captain as witnesses. Seal the damn system until you have a handle colonel.”

I nodded and he gestured and the holograph vanished. I turned and looked at Vicky, “you heard the boss.”

She smiled and touched her ship comm, “XO?”

“Yes captain?”

She glanced around, “have all ship officers report to CIC on the double and get me the sergeant at arms.”

A week and forty important officials and ten fleet personal were in isolation. I was striding through Orian’s corridor with captain Honor and ten of my men. I nodded to the guard at the captain’s hatch and he turned to announce us. When I stepped into the office I saw admiral Thomas sitting with the captain.

I glanced at Vicky before crossing the room, “Admiral Thomas on Fleet commander Davison’s orders I am placing you under arrest.”

He came to his feet, “how dare you!”

I looked into his face, “the charge is treason.”

He opened his mouth and I turned, “lieutenant if he speaks before you start the scan you are to stun him or use what force you deem necessary.”

I looked at the admiral, “you will go with the lieutenant to the ship detention officer where you will be questioned under truth scan. It will be witnessed by captain Honor and Orian’s captain.”

He straightened, “I will see you broken.”

I smiled, “then you will be the first traitor to accomplish it.”

I stepped aside, “take him lieutenant.”

I watched him being searched and led out before looking at the other captain and holding out a comp screen, “this is for your eyes sir.”

He was stiff as he accepted the screen and read the orders from the fleet commander. He looked at me before using his ship comm, “XO?”

I sighed when I walked into the huge set of quarters and glanced at Dillon sitting with Tasha and one of the girls called Alley. The way Tasha acted was like a lion with her cub as far as Alley was concerned and I guess Ginger and Twany were acting the same since they wouldn’t leave each other.

I smiled, “the battleship Alterman took them all.”

Dillon nodded and seemed to relax, “so it is finally over and we can relax.”

I nodded and turned as Ginger, Twany and Vicky walked in with drinks for everyone. Vicky rubbed my chest before looking at Twany and Alley, “the males left safely with the girls. Sergeant major Peters will be waiting to help them get started.”

Dillon chuckled, “those boys are going to wear them out.”

Alley snickered, “and who got wore out last night?”

Tasha laughed as Dillon grinned, “I wouldn’t know.”

I sighed and reached out to caress Twany’s cheek, “your time to decide is here.”

She grinned, “Ginger said to make you lick me first while she and Vicky watch and tell you what to do.”

I grinned, “no one needs to tell me.”

Dillon, Tasha and Alley stood and walked towards the hatch as I pulled Tawny toward the door into the bedroom. She was stripping as we went and turned me at the bed to help me undress. Vicky and Ginger were naked as they went around and crawled onto the bed. I turned Tawny and rubbed her butt as I helped her into bed and followed.

I laid beside her and caressed her body as she smiled and watched. I sucked on her nipples while I felt her warm pussy. I finally kissed her before moving down and between her legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it several times before pushing my tongue into her as she humped and wiggled.

When I finally captured her clit and sucked while teasing it she gasped and spasmed, “ooohhh!”

I went from licking her to wiggling my tongue on her clit to nibbling. It was awhile before she twisted and yelled as she tried to push my face away. I moved up and rolled her onto her back again before pushing into her. She groaned as my cock sank all the way into her and I kissed her. I pulled back and fucked her slowly to start with.

She humped up each time I pushed back into her and her pussy squeezed my cock when I pulled back. It was moments before she was shaking and wailing as I fucked her with long deep thrusts. She kept shuddering as her pussy grasped and tightened around my cock. I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and she clutched me as she howled and spasmed, “yyyyeeeeesssss!”

I buried my cock and humped and jabbed and pressed before kissing her as I fucked her hard and deep. She screamed as her pussy clenched and tried to hold my cock. She bucked and thrashed around, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

It was a long time before I pushed all the way into her and began gushing cum through her cervix. She tightened her hold as she hugged me while her pussy squeezed and grasped and milked my cock, “YES!”

When I stopped I gave her another kiss and pulled out before rolling onto my back. Vicky moved over me to Tawny and Ginger straddled me and slowly sat on my cock before she laid down. Vicky held and kissed Tawny and she sighed, “I have never been fucked that good before.”

Vicky chuckled, “yeah our mate knows how to fuck.”

Tawny grinned as she looked at me and Ginger who began to rock while her tight pussy grasped and squeezed, “After your baby I will have mine.”

I held Ginger as she shuddered and turned to look at Tawny. After Vicky had her baby Tawny did get pregnant and after her baby was born it was Ginger and that was when I decided to retire. Dillon had already retired and joined sergeant major Peters and we joined them. There are all most a hundred of us Catseyes here now and that isn’t counting the children.
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