Thank you for all the constructive criticism in the comments from the last story. It was very helpful and will be taken into account for later stories. :p

Mom and son fun 2

I had recently received very sad news. My father had developed a very rare form of cancer and died a few weeks after his diagnosis. My mother was allowed to visit his funeral with me and my son.

It was a bleak day. I was dressed in a black dress with a dark veil and my son was wearing a black suit and bow tie. My mother on the other hand had been forced to wear her prison overalls which were bright orange and stuck a mile out on this day.

After the depressing funeral my mother was shipped back to the women's prison block and left me and my son alone in the drizzling rain. We decided to go somewhere and have a bit of enjoyment. We both settled on a romantic comedy in the cinema. We sat at the very back corner and were surprised as only 1 other family arrived to see the film. The film was odd at first but it got better in the middle.

During the sex scenes I saw my sons crotch grow to reveal a 6inch bulge in his suit trousers. This was starting to turn me on. I zoned out from the film and started to recall the events of a few weeks back, when me and my son had engaged in some amorous activities after dark. I could feel my own crotch starting to dribble at these memories. A few minutes later I felt the same longing that I had felt the other night when I had seduced him. I wanted him again.

After the ten minute interval half way through I guided my son the the far back corner of the cinema where it was dark so no one could see what we were doing. When the film started again and the other family were focused on the big screen I grabbed my 14 year old sons hand and placed it on my midriff. When he didn't resist I lifted his hand onto my tit and left it there. He then started to gently massage my breasts with his palms. This was turning me on like mad. My pussy was starting to leak and I could feel the juices seeping through the thin lining if my panties.

I then gently removed his hand from my tits and rested it over my wet furry pussy. I lifted the bottom of my dress up exposing my silver panties. You could see, even in the crap light, a damp moist patch spreading over the surface of them. He rubbed his fingers from the top of my slit to the bottom. He did it so gently it felt like a feather was tickling me down there. I began to feel my tight pussy begin to throb, meaning I was about to cum. He too could feel this do he stopped and the moved back up north to my titties. He placed both his hands on my breasts and started to gently squeeze. I was in agony, I wanted to cum soooo bad but he would not let me. Suddenly he grabbed my puffy nipples through my dress and brazier. This sent my body into spasm. My fuzzy pussy exploded through my panties, drenching the bottom half off my dress and the seat in front of me. Who ever was gonna be sitting where I was next was in for a shock.

I couldn't sit on my seat any more so I shifted over and sat on my sons lap. I could feel his 6 inch erection through his suit trousers as it pressed into my ass. I then undid his zipper so i could release the monster.I wanted him there and then in the back if the cinema. I shifted my weight so I could slide my panties down my thighs and sit on his cock. I could feel his cock sliding over the surface of my firm ass. I then moved a but more and I fell back on him, impaling myself on his prick. This action was greeted with a satisfying "pop" that was louder than it should have been. The family at the front of the cinema turned around only to see an silhouette in the back corner.

I wanted to feel my sons hot cum inside me so I lifted my self almost all the way off before plummeting back down onto him. I heard him moan in pleasure so I did it again, this time to be met by his thrust. He then seized control and started pummelling my pussy. Out pubes connected as he buried his hilt into me. I moaned in pleasure as he lifted me off. Every time he invaded my body his ball sac slapped against my ass. Luckily for us the film was in a noisy scene so the other family could not hear the sounds of our orgy. For 5 minutes he carved my pussy out. It felt incredible. I achieved orgasm twice, once again drenching the seat, my dress and my sons lap. Then I felt his cock throbbing harder and the head twitched a few times, I the knew he was close to Cuming inside his mothers cunt. He breathed out slowly and deeply, then he moaned and I finally felt his hot cum shoot inside me.

It felt fantastic, his first load filled me up completely, the rest of then just flowed out of him and onto his Lap and seat. I was so full it felt like I was about to burst. His cum was still dribbling out of me and onto him. He was still inside me but his Vick had gone soft. I pulled out and again was met by a loud pop. I fell to the floor exhausted, absolutely shattered.

As a final event to our amorous activity I told him to lick up all of my juices on the seat next to me. He complied then dropped to his knees and started slurping on my pussy juice. I grabbed some napkins and mopped up his cum on my dress and then on his suit trousers. If you looked close enough you could notice the damp patches but otherwise you could see nothing. We walked out the cinema hand in hand and we had smiles all the way across our faces. I could still feel his spunk seeping out my fuckhole and it felt great. And to finish off with, our sexual activities had been completed in almost complete silence.

If you enjoyed this one too then say so in the comment, please keep up the constructive critisism, cheers :)

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