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Chapter 1 of the Adventures of Tina Marie who has a surprise for her neighbor.

Tina Marie: Chapter 1
Lemons or Lemonade?

Help me out here, please. Did I just get a Lemon or a fine glass of sweet Lemonade?

My apartment is on the second floor with four apartments on each side of the landing. Coming home from work, I had just walked up the stairs to the second floor breezeway and turned toward my apartment on the right. Two grocery sacks were in my left hand and my briefcase and keys in my right. Usually I put my briefcase down as I put the key into the two locks and open the door; but I got interrupted as a light voice called from behind me, “How’s it going Kevin?” As I turned, the late afternoon sun was right in my eyes and I could barely make out the figure standing three apartments away.

She came nearer and the sun did something nice by making her dress nearly disappear. The sun shone through her thin summer dress and outlined her body in an orange glow. A dark area outlined her underwear which I assumed was a black bikini set. As I squinted against the sun my eyes were drawn to the shimmering vision coming toward me. It was a bit late in the fall for such “swimming pool” attire; but today’s temperature was very warm and I figured a few people were hanging around the pool. Probably an after-work party was already starting up.

Ah, it’s Tina Marie who has the apartment three doors down on the other side of the breezeway. We knew each other from talking at the various pool parties this summer but never dated. She had just turned twenty at one of those parties and hung out with the younger crowd. Some of the guys were pissed that she did not date anyone from the apartment complex.

Tina Marie has the whole “cheerleader” thing going for herself. She has a nice toned body with long legs and stands about five feet, five. Mid-shoulder length brown hair fans out around her when she lets it loose and her eyes are a matching dark brown. One day I kidded her that she should be a college cheerleader and she pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of her in a sexy green cheerleader outfit which really accented her tits.

“Holy shit,” slipped out of my mouth and I put my hands over my grin in a mock embarrassment. Tina giggled and I said, “Wow, I wish the cheerleaders would have looked like that when I went to school.” Of course they did because I’m only fifteen years older than she is. Plus sitting next to her at the pool I could look at the real things right in front of my eyes, not what was hidden under her cheer top and obviously padded for extra effect.

As Tina Marie moved up next to me in front of my apartment she grabbed my keys and said, “Let me help you here.” Her Alabama drawl seemed a bit pronounced, but her smile always made me weak in the knees. She deftly opened my door and proceeded in while I juggled my grocery bags. She grabbed the two bags and headed for the small kitchen. “Good Lawd,” she said as she pulled several TV dinners from my bags. She had lapsed into Alabama speak without meaning to. “You were planning to have TV dinners?”

“Bachelor food at its best,” I answered, “besides I was too lazy to get Chinese.” Tina turned around and opened my refrigerator which was empty except for several cans of diet cola. She had a disapproving frown on her face and said, “OK, just for tonight I will settle for TV dinners, but we need something better than cola to go with it.” She told me to go freshen up and lose the tie and suit while she pre-heated the oven for the dinners. I did not recall inviting her but I sure as hell was not going to throw out a twenty year old hard body. “Don’t lock the door,” she admonished and headed off to her apartment for “something better”. She looked over her shoulder as she closed the door and yes, I had watched her baby ass as she walked away.

Tina was not glamorous or strikingly beautiful; she was pretty in the sense that made you smile inwardly while looking at her. From the girls lying in the sun around our pool, I would rate her in the top ten. She did not “work it” like a few of the hotties did who were always rubbing lotion on themselves and had that “you can’t afford me” attitude. Ok, I have to admit, her face had appeared in my dreams on occasion when five fingers had to do. So, I went into my bathroom and shaved and put on my best golf shirt for my TV dinner date.

When Tina Marie came back she had two bottles of wine with her. Someone was getting blitzed tonight? As she stood next to me in the kitchen I got a whiff of some very nice perfume which was not there before. Maybe someone would even get lucky? Tina opened several of the cabinet doors and stretched up to get two wine glasses. Her short dress rode up and showed me her ass cheeks. Yes, she was wearing her black bikini which she often wore to the pool. She also has a matching green one which I think is from her cheer squad days because it fits really tight and lets the mounds of her tits overflow. I do love her in the green bikini. Then the timer on the stove dinged and interrupted my lovely view.

Of course no woman had ever put dishes into my oven so it was more of a surprise when Tina grabbed a set of pot holders and bent over to put the two TV dinners into my oven. Her dress gapped open at the top and I watched her sexy tits fall forward as she pushed first one and then the second TV dinner into the oven. Goodness, why is it so sexy to be a voyeur and watch a girl’s tits under her dress when you have already seen the same view at the pool? My cock twitched and I’m not sure what Tina saw, either me ogling her tits or my cock jumping; but she stayed bent over looking into the oven for at least two minutes. “Twenty minutes,” she said as she stood up and acted like she had no clue. She got the wine glasses and poured us each a bit. She handed me mine and asked, “Now is this not better than a cola?”

We clinked glasses and I told her, “To good times” and asked her to sit at the table. Pulling silverware out I got busy helping set the table and stop staring at her lovely body. “Time for that later,” I smiled to myself. A dish of bar nuts and a bucket of ice for the wine bottle had us nearly ready. I had put her silverware on one side of the small kitchen table and mine at a ninety degree angle on the other side. We would be intimately near. We sat down and waited for the timer on the oven to ding.

Tina Marie smiled at me and told me to sit next to her and asked, “So what’s happening at work?” I told her about my latest problems as a systems analyst at the aircraft manufacturing plant. After a few minutes of discussing the intricate problems of manufacturing I realized she had me babbling. I laughed and said, “No fair, you got me babbling like some high school kid.” Her older sister had visited for a week when Tina had her birthday, so I asked, “What’s happening with your sister?”

It was obvious she loved her sister and her little niece, Claire, because Tina’s face lit up as she told me about the latest phone calls and texts from her sister. She pulled out her phone and showed me their pictures. I remembered Tina’s sister, Gina at the pool as I looked at her sitting in a chaise. She was a bit taller than Tina with bleached blonde short hair. She has a nice firm figure in a hot red bikini. Little Claire had a matching bikini covering her eight year old body. Then there were several more recent pictures and I noted Gina was now a short-haired brunette.

Little Claire had left an impression because for some silly reason she took to me like she wanted me to be her Daddy. At the pool she climbed all over me and splashed me every chance she had. At Tina’s birthday party, which was held pool side, Claire made sure she sat next to me and bent my ear like a little chatter box. Her little hand on my leg gave me squeezes and if she would have moved it a bit north she would have got a hard surprise. The loud ring of the oven timer snapped me out of remembering the little sweetie with the bright blue eyes.

Tina Marie jumped up and pulled the dinners out of the oven while I refilled the empty wine glasses. Tina made a toast to long friendship which turned out to be prophetic since I had no clue what was coming. While we ate she continued her stories about her sister’s divorce and life as a single mom. Little Claire was starting the third grade and her newest school picture was the last on Tina’s phone. The close up of the precious girl was so sweet it made my heart flutter.

I cleaned the empty plates away and refilled our wine glasses, surprising myself that we were already on our third round. At this pace we would need the second bottle in short time. I could feel a little buzz as I sipped slowly. Tina Marie looked at me and asked sweetly, “Kevin, there is a rumor going around that you will be moving away soon?” The question caught in a bit of a surprise and Tina leaned forward waiting on me to answer. It gave me a great view of her cleavage and I slowly moved my eyes back to hers. She smiled and waited.

So I told her about the house I was buying in a quiet neighborhood. I will probably miss the pool parties and figured it was a good time to give her a complement. “Tina Marie, I will sure miss seeing you at the pool.” She laughed out loud and said, “My witty conversations or my green bikini?” As she said it, she leaned back and let her chest poke at me. So I stared at her tits and told her she could visit my pool at any time. “You can even choose to wear the green bikini or nothing at all.” She smiled at me and grabbed my hand and whispered so that I had to look at her lips and pay attention.

“Well Kevin, it does bring us to the real reason I am here.” She took another sip of wine, emptying her third glass. I refilled her glass and waited while she took a deep breath. “Kevin,” she began slowly and tightened her grip on my hand, “I can’t afford my apartment on my salary, so I want to ask a big favor.” She took a sip of wine and squeezed my hand again as she continued. “Will you take me with you and let me live in your house?”

“Holy shit,” was my stunned reaction. My brain could not even go there because playing house with Tina Marie was a wet dream come true. My twitching cock already voted, “Yes, Yes, Yes.” Tina Marie giggled as she remembered my reaction to her cheer squad pictures.

“There is a second part to my request,” she whispered again. She took another sip and leaned toward me. Her lips were in front of my face as she continued, “We have to tell my folks that we ran off and got married. They don’t believe in shaking up.” She paused and waited for my answer.

“I’ll do anything you want,” she added so quietly I almost did not hear it.

My cock answered her as the nasty words left my mouth, “I want to fuck your sexy Alabama mouth.”

She squeezed my hand and gave a very small nod.

“Every day,” my nasty mouth added.

An eyebrow arched up in a surprise and she laughed. “So you just want to fuck a teenager?

“Oh Tina, that came out all wrong; but yes I have dreamt of having you naked in my bed,” I admitted. She stood up and said, “Well, let’s make your wish come true. As she walked toward the couch she unbuttoned her summer dress and let it trail behind her. She bent over from the waist and wiggled her ass as she adjusted the cushions and pillows on the couch. She lay down on her back and fluffed her hair and let her head dangle over the edge of the couch in the classic “fuck my throat” position seen on the internet. Her black bikini was stark against her lightly tanned body in the living room’s dim light. She turned her face toward me and gave me an expectant smile.

Holy shit. Tina Marie was nearly naked on my couch waiting on me to throat fuck the hell out of her. I will blame the wine; but by the time I walked to the couch I was naked and hard. I knelt down next to her and kissed her tit hidden under her bra. “Tina Marie, are you sure about this? You don’t have to do it.” She grinned her sexy smile and said, “You are not going to chicken out on me, are you?” Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock and squeezed. No I was not going to chicken out.

Her hand stroked my cock lightly and her other hand pulled my lips back to her breasts. I slid one hand behind her and popped her bra releasing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were already hard and stood up pink. Small areolas surrounded them and I kissed them gently. She let out a long sigh and pulled my head down toward her belly. We were moving a lot faster than I would have. “Pull my bottoms off,” Tina moaned and I grabbed and pulled them clear to her ankles. She spread her long legs wide and I got my first glimpse at her clean shaved pussy. Her slit showed hints of moisture and I kneeled between her legs and kissed her prize.

Tina reached down and used her fingers to spread her outer lips wide open showing me her inner moist pink. She pulled my head to her and said, “Tongue me deep for just a minute.” Holy shit. So I did the best job ever of tonguing her as deep as I could and then moved up to her clit. She groaned and moaned loudly and gasped, “OMG, don’t let me cum yet. I want to cum with you.”

Tina pulled on my hair and I moved up to her face. Wet cunt juice was on my face and tongue as we kissed for the first time. Tina Marie ground my face to hers as our tongues wrestled. I had imagined making slow love to her but this nasty, sloppy kissing was more insane than anything I had imagined.

“Kevin, fuck my mouth,” she whispered as she pushed me up and dropped her head back over the end of the couch. As I stood behind her I took in her whole naked body and could not believe my dream-come-true. Tina reached over her head for my cock and again stroked it gently. “Very nice,” she grinned. Alright, I am not porn star hung, but my hard cock had never disappointed a girl. Mainly, because my seven inches also have a fair thickness. As she moved her hand slowly up and down she seemed to appreciate the girth.

“Kevin, I have never done this,” she giggled; but then stopped stroking and added seriously. “I have one last thing to say before we consummate our deal.” She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and it seemed there was moisture in her eyes. “Kevin, the reason we have to tell my parents that we are married is because I am pregnant.” I looked down at her beautiful body with its very flat belly in stunned silence. “You don’t have to love me or my baby if you don’t want to do this.”

“How?” is all I could say to her.

She looked up at me and her hand started stroking my cock again. She said, “Short version. My high school boy friend came to visit for the weekend last month before he shipped out to Afganistan. I am not on the pill because I don’t fuck anybody. Shit happens.”

“I love you Tina Marie and our baby,” I said quietly in total surrender. She smiled widely as I pushed my cock into her throat. She tilted her head further back to give me room to push as deep as I could until my balls hit her face. I had an urge to just fuck the shit out of her; but decided to be as gently as I could. Moving slowly forward and backward I took my time and let my cock enjoy the very tightness of her throat. I knew this would be a short fuck and I lasted only a few minutes. Tina squeezed my balls and I felt the hot cum get ready to shoot into her. I pulled back so that only my cockhead was in her mouth and told her to clamp down on it.

I could feel her lips and teeth tighten around me as my first stream of cum shot into her willing mouth. At first Tina closed her eyes tightly and then opened them wide in surprise as three more big shot of cum went into her Alabama mouth and ran down her throat. I did not move as she ran her tongue around my cock and squeezed my balls a last time. Tina pulled me out of her mouth and stretched her arms up for me. As I leaned down to hug her in this upside down position she pulled my mouth to hers and her cum covered tongue went deep into my mouth. I should have been grossed out. Tina moaned hard and my hand moved to her breasts.

She broke our kiss and said in a preacher’s voice, “With this kiss I marry you.” She pulled my face down again and swapped the remaining cum with me. Holy shit.

I got into the mood and picked her up off the couch and whispered into her ear. “Now my new wife is going to get fucked by a real man in our wedding bed.”

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