What dire news does Angela have?
Of course. . . . After abandoning Lyden for over a week, the succubus has to come back, wounded and dying. What will it take to help her recover, and what dire news does she have? Lisa and Becky will get an entirely new insight into their boyfriend, as Lyden’s life goes back to being haywire.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 11

My legs are moving even before what I’m seeing fully sinks in. The twenty or so feet between Becky, Lisa, AnnaBelle, and I blurs as I super speed to the injured Angela’s side.

“Angela, what happened?” I cry out, as I bend down to pick her up. Blood trickles from torn flesh at her eyebrow and nose. Why did I have to add that jewelry to her image last time? A small part of my mind ponders while my eyes rove her wounded body. Her eyes are closed, and I realize that it must have taken her last bit of strength to reach me. Her breathing is shallow and labored, and I can’t believe how much blood is seeping from the hole in her side. Her clothing, burned and charred, is little more than rags. What skin is whole underneath it is red, raw, and blistered from her numerous burns. “Who did this to you?” I demand, anger welling up in me at the violent treatment of the succubus, but she’s unconscious and doesn’t respond.

“Lyden, who is it?” Becky asks as the other women finally catch up to me.

“Oh my God!” Lisa exclaims as she gets a look at Angela.

“Taking our Lord’s name in vain won’t help the young woman,” AnnaBelle admonishes. “We need to get her to a hospital.” Somehow the older woman is able to keep her voice calm, and I wonder how strong her resolve is. I’m freaking out!

Reaching my arms underneath her, I lift the petite damaged body up, and look around. Despite the picnic having just ended, no one else is even close to us.

“No hospitals,” I say firmly.

“Lyden, she needs help,” Becky argues, but I shake my head.

“I can help her, but we need to get somewhere quiet,” I tell them, knowing that I need to get into the demonic creature’s mind to transfer energy to her. I don’t know what her physiology is like, but I’m guessing it’ll stump a doctor and raise more questions than we can afford.

“You know this creature.” AnnaBelle’s voice makes it clear that that was a statement and not a question. Her use of the word creature, and not girl, makes me wonder if the pious woman can sense the injured woman’s nature. “We’ll take my SUV so that we can all fit. I live just a few miles away. Lyden, you work on her wounds in the back, while I drive.”

“What about us,” Becky asks, but it’s Lisa that answers.

“He’s going to need our help,” the martial artist says, and we follow the older woman to her large vehicle.

The women try to help me get the blue haired woman into the back of AnnaBelle’s SUV, but I’m able to do it alone. I know they just want to help, but I don’t want anyone else touching her. There is so much blood!

Ripping off my shirt, I tear it apart, and start using the cloth as bandages while we head to my coworker’s home.

“Lyden, what’s going on?” Becky asks. “Who is she? What happened to her?”

“I don’t know, and she was a friend,” I tell the short brunette while trying to staunch the blood flowing from her side.

If anything else is said, I’m not aware of it, as I try to enter the succubus’s mind while still awake, but it’s no good.

The SUV jounces as we pull into a driveway, and I look outside to see a rather nice looking suburban home. The walls are brick and mortar, with a small white picket fence around the front yard.

AnnaBelle opens the back door to her vehicle, and I carry the still insensible Angela into the home. Religious pictures adorn every wall, and there is even a piano in the front room. Everything seems to be covered in white doilies, and in one corner is a collection of porcelain dolls in a wood and glass cabinet.

The older woman leads us back to a room that adds a whole new level to the color white. White bed sheets cover the bed, while white curtains frame the open window. The walls and even the carpet are white. The only objects of a different color are the five people in here, and a large painted portrait of Jesus opposite the bed.

I don’t even hesitate as I lay Angela on the bed, soaking the white linen with her crimson blood. Despite my best efforts, some blood still seeps from her wounds, making a stark contrast to the white bedding.

“What do we need to do?” Becky asks, leaning over me and examining Angela. “How are you going to help her, Lyden?

It takes a strong effort of will to stand up and look away from Angela and to the three women.

“See what you can do to stop the bleeding. AnnaBelle, is there somewhere close I can take a nap?” If the odd request surprises her, AnnaBelle doesn’t show it. I’d prefer to stay in here, but I won’t be able to sleep if the other women are taking care of Angela’s wounds.

“Right this way,” the older woman says, and leads me to an adjoining room. This one is thankfully a different color, even if it is yellow. I’m glad to note that not everything in here is one color. The pillows on the bed are orange. “You know what she is, don’t you?” the older woman asks, and I nod. I don’t have time to wonder how she knows.

Without even taking off my shoes, I lie down on the bed, and concentrate on falling asleep. Bit by bit, I block out the noises from the next room. I ignore the feeling of drying blood on my pants, hands, and chest, just focusing on the thought of sleep and entering into Angela’s mind. My body is so geared up with fear and worry that it seems to take an eternity, but finally I find myself surrounded by complete darkness.

It’s different this time, however, than it had been with Brooke. The blackness is tinged with red, and while I feel fine, I can sense her pain around me.

“It won’t work,” a pain-filled voice says as Angela appears before me. “You’re wasting your time.” Her clothing is whole again and blood free, but there is still an unhealthy pallor to her skin.

“Angela, what happened? I need to get you healed. You’re dying!” I tell the woman, but she sadly shakes her head.

“If we have sex in my mind, I’ll die,” she states, and I feel my heart plummet at her words. It’s one thing to know her life is in danger, and another to actually hear it said aloud. “You’re too good at pleasing me, and I’m too weak to have even one orgasm.”

“But there has to be a way!” I plead, not willing to give up.

“Listen, that’s not important. Brooke is being held prisoner by Varun. You need to go save her.” Her words send a new chill down my spine, but I shake my head, trying to stay focused. “You need to worry about her more.”

“Not important? We can go rescue her as soon as you’re better,” I tell her earnestly.

A tear forms in her eyes, as she steps up to me and grips my hand. “Thank you, Lyden. I’m glad you care for me, but you need to get to your friend. She needs you now, and at least you can help her.” She pulls away, and I try to grab her back, by my hands go right through her. “Take the key-card out of my pocket. You know how to use it to get to the Shadow World.” She fades a little in my vision, and I can barely make her out as she turns and says, “I’ve missed you, but maybe there is still time for Brooke.”

“Dammit, Angela!” I swear. “There has to be a way!”

Her shadowy form smiles at me. “Don’t swear, love. I know how much it bothers you.” She pauses, and I can just make out her features enough to know that she’s trying to come to a decision. “Get me to your car. It might be enough to save me.” Those words seem to take a toll on her, as if it took a great effort to get them out.

Her form completely vanishes, and I find myself back on the yellow bed.

My car? But it’s destroyed; nothing more than a burnt husk! Filled with despair, I walk back into the white room.

“Lyden!” Lisa shouts as soon as she sees me. “We’ve got the bleeding stopped and some of the burns covered, but I’m afraid she’s lost too much blood. Were you able to help her with whatever you were doing?”

My throat closes off, and I can’t find the words to reply, so only shake my head.

“What did you do?” Becky asks me quietly, and I feel fresh tears streaming down my cheeks.

What did I do? I didn’t do enough. I didn’t do anything. If only my car were still whole, then whatever she’d hidden in it might have helped her, but the fire ant had destroyed it. I’m certain she’d hidden something in my car, too. How else could it help her?

But what if whatever it was, survived? The car hadn’t become ash, just severely burned up. Maybe I can still save her!

With renewed hope, I pull my cell out of my pocket, and dial up the police. I end up getting transferred twice before anyone can tell me where my car was moved to.

An impound lot, halfway across town.

I call the number for the lot, and get an answering machine. The message says that they’re closed on Sundays, and only open until six pm on Saturdays. Glancing at a clock on the wall, I see that it’s a quarter after five.

I don’t even take the time to think, as I dash back into the white room and scoop Angela back into my arms.

“AnnaBelle,” I say as I head for the front door, “can you get us to the New Towne Impound Yard? It’s down by the fifth precinct building.”

“Lyden,” Becky says hesitantly, as though she’s addressing a mentally challenged person, “I don’t see how that’ll help her. She needs a hospital, if it’s not already too late.”

“Becky, Lisa, I know you won’t understand, and you should probably get home.” I look both women in the eyes as I speak, willing them to understand. “Angela isn’t like a normal person, and human doctors can’t save her.”

“You mean, like an alien?” Becky asks confused.

“She’s a demonic creature,” AnnaBelle says, as I follow her out to her SUV. “A seductress, to be precise.”

Despite my recommendation that they head home, both women climb into the SUV.

“How do you know that?” I ask from the back of the vehicle as we hit the road.

“I know the signs to look for,” she replies cryptically.

“A demonic seductress?” Becky snorts, but from the serious looks the older woman and I give her, she quiets down. Lisa just looks thoughtful. I can’t help but wonder what’s going through their minds. I take my girlfriends to a nice religious Saturday picnic, and a woman that I obviously know shows up wounded. Not only that, but I refuse to take her to the hospital, and even try to take a nap to save her. Thankfully their not peppering me with questions, though I have some of my own.

“If you know what she is, why are you helping her?” I ask AnnaBelle, confused that such a religious person would knowingly be willing to help someone like Angela.

“Whatever you do unto the least, you do unto me, Mr. Lyden,” she quotes to me. “No matter who they are, all of God’s creatures deserve to be helped when we can. She may even repent of her ways, and come over to the light. I have no doubt that Father Michael could help her out a great deal.”

While I don’t necessarily agree with her reasons or morals, I won’t argue with the result. My jealousy rears, however, at the thought of Father Michael being anywhere near Angela.

I keep a constant eye on Angela’s breathing, and can hear Becky and Lisa murmuring quietly. I ignore them, as I make sure that the succubus is still alive. The drive seems to go interminably slow, though I know AnnaBelle is going as fast as she legally can.

We arrive with five minutes to spare, but the sign in the window already says closed. I spend a couple minutes pounding on the door, but nobody answers. Walking around to the side, I try to see if there is another way to get in, but the fence is about ten feet tall, and topped with barbed-wire besides.

I know what I must do as I run back to AnnaBelle’s SUV.

“You might want to get out of here, so that you can’t be accused of breaking and entering,” I inform the three women, glad my shirt is already off, even though it made poor bandages for the succubus.

“We may not understand what’s going on,” Lisa speaks up, “but Becky and I are here to help. Even if it is at an impound lot.”

AnnaBelle seems to debate with herself for a moment, before adding, “Someone needs to keep an eye on you and keep you out of trouble. Don’t take this the wrong way. If the police show up, I won’t lie for you, but you need to save her life.”

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of them, but a weak cough from Angela brings my attention back to the wounded woman.

I’m tempted to use AnnaBelle’s SUV to crash through the gate, like in the movies, but they’re already putting their necks on the line for me, and I don’t want to get them into any more trouble.

Without saying a word, I hold the blue-haired woman close to me, close my eyes, and stifle a yell as I feel my dragon wings protrude from my back. I ignore the startled oaths that come from the women at the sudden appearance of my new appendages, as well as the fatigue that follows. Thank goodness Becky and Lisa have both been so horny the last few days, or I’m not sure if I would have had the energy to do this.

Bunching my feet beneath me, I shove off hard, easily clearing the fence and the wire. At the top of my arch, I spread my wings, careful to keep my balance, and feel the air fill the thick brown leather. I don’t trust myself to try and fly, only using them to slow my descent.

I still land a little harder than I like. Taking stock of my surroundings, I groan inwardly. I hadn’t realized how big this lot was from the outside. I’ll never find my car in here.

The sound of barking dogs grabs my attention, and I curse myself for a fool. Of course they would have some sort of security!

With Angela tucked tight to my chest, I start running, hoping to stumble across my car. Picking a row at random, I take off, looking in all directions for my car, while simultaneously watching my footing on the uneven dirt ground.

Alone and on flat pavement I know I could outrun the beasts chasing after me, but as it is, I can hear their howls getting closer as I turn down another isle. I can almost feel time slipping away, and know that the succubus is getting weaker as I try desperately to find my car.

The dogs continue to get closer, and urgently I concentrate on just finding my car. Naturally, that’s when my foot catches something in the dirt, and it takes about ten steps before I regain my balance. By this point the dogs have caught up to me.

Frustrated rage fills me, as I see four dogs surround me and growling menacingly. I’m angry about Angela leaving, and then coming back like this. I’m angry at the unjust turn my life has taken, and that twelve people died in the fire that claimed my apartment complex, because some dragon decided I needed to die. Anger at how this last week has gone at work, and because I know that both Lisa and Becky are now probably terrified of me, and because I can’t seem to find one single car in this entire damned yard. Impotent rage flows through my veins, and I roar back at the dogs, spreading my wings and yelling for all I’m worth.

Apparently, that’s all it takes, and all four dogs take off yelping, two of them leaving trails of piss in their wake.

“Ha! That’s right,” I scream after them, but my euphoria is short lived, as I look down at Angela. Her face has gone ashen, and I can’t tell if she’s still breathing. “No, no, no,” I repeat, as I drop to my knees, and place my fingers on her neck.


Placing my hand over her mouth, I can’t feel any breath. The bandages that’d held back her bleeding are completely soaked through, and I realize that I’m too late. Angela has died in my arms, and I couldn’t save her.

Hot fresh tears fill my eyes, as I scream for a different reason. She’s gone, and there is nothing left.

Running out of air, I suck in to yell again, but an odd noise catches my ear. Someone is honking. The sound isn’t very loud, but it IS familiar.

“Hold on,” I say, though I know it’s already too late. This time as I run, I’m not looking around, but keeping my footing secure and heading for the sound. It doesn’t take me long before I’m standing in front of the remains of the Orange bubble.

Apparently it hadn’t been as damaged as I’d thought. My memory tells me that the car had been a completely blackened husk by the time Jennifer had driven me away from that grocery store parking lot. However, before me, I can see that the doors still retain some of their color, and the dent on top where I’d landed on it doesn’t look as bad as I’d thought it’d been.

I don’t waste any more time, and quickly wrench open the passenger door, setting her inside. Opening the glove compartment, I reach in to see if I can find what she was after, but only find ashes. How hot had that fire been? Had it been hot enough to burn whatever she’d hidden in here? Was this whole exercise an act of futility?

Unexpectedly, I hear Angela sigh, and I look back at her in shock. I can make out her chest barely rising and falling. She’s still alive! Whatever it is that she needs must be close, I reason, and with renewed hope, I start digging around my car. Nothing but ashes, and my car’s interior meets my gaze. Frustrated, I pop the hood, and look into the storage space there, the engine being in the back, but all if its contents have been turned to ash as well.

“Angela,” I ask softly, resting my hand on her shoulder, “We’re at the car, but I can’t find what you need.”

“The . . . car. . . .” she whispers back.

“Yes, the car. But where?” I plead with her, and then notice something. Her face is no longer gray. Her breathing is steadier, and I can even sense that she’s getting stronger.

That’s when it dawns on me that what she needed wasn’t something in my car, but the car itself.

What had the Cyclopes done to my car under the succubus’s direction? How can my car heal the demonic creature?

Something else occurs to me, and I take a step back, looking at my car as a whole. My car had burned up from the fire ant’s attack. I do remember seeing the blackened husk of the Orange Bubble, but it is recovering now. In the almost week since the close call with TanaVesta’s assassin, the car had been fixing itself somehow. The dent in the top is smaller, and even as I watch, I can see the orange paint creeping up the exterior. Almost as if having Angela and the car together has somehow sped up the process.

Maybe even. . . .

“Lyden.” The whisper is soft, and I can just hear it, but I rush back to the open door and see Angela’s hazel eyes open and staring at me.

“You made it,” I whisper in awe.

The corners of her mouth rise slightly, and she says, “You did it. Thank you.” She weakly tries to raise her hand, but I reach out and grasp it, returning it to her lap. “You shouldn’t have helped me, but thank you.” She repeats herself. “You need to go save Brooke. She needs you now.” Her free hand ruffles through the rags of her clothes, and pulls out her keycard, handing it to me. Somehow it survived whatever happened to her better than she did. “Get to her, and save her. I’ll be fine now.”

Watching as her burns slowly heal themselves, I understand that she is tied to the car even more than I realized. Are her burns because of the fire ant’s attack on the Orange Bubble?

I realize that she wants me to leave her here, but I don’t think I can do that.

“I’m not leaving you,” I protest. “Not yet.” I hurry around my car, and get into the driver’s seat. Hopefully the car has recovered enough, but when I go to start it, there are no keys. “Dang it!” I fret, hitting my hands against the steering wheel. And just like that, the car attempts to start. It obviously has some issues as the engine in the rear doesn’t sound very good, but after a number of tries, it starts.

Both doors close on their own, as I put my car in gear and drive.

A loud crash accompanies the sound of my car crashing through the main gate. Angela groans at the impact, and I curse myself for forgetting how linked the two are. The tires had been flat when I’d started driving, but by the time I pull up besides AnnaBelle’s SUV, they’re full and riding smooth.

“She’s going to be okay,” I say after the women follow me to a nearby gas station.

Becky and Lisa both go to check on the punk clad woman, and introduce themselves. AnnaBelle pulls me aside, and there is a serious look in her eyes as she looks at me.

“You’ve done a lot of wrong today, but you saved her life. I hope you don’t end up regretting your decision.” Her tone is sadly disapproving, but I don’t care. Angela is going to live!

I open my mouth to respond, but Lisa comes over, and states, “She keeps saying you need to go save Brooke. Isn’t that the woman that lived across from you in your old apartment?”

AnnaBelle sighs heavily, and we both turn to look at her. “Seems like you’re going to need some more looking after, Lyden.”

“Now hold on,” I protest. “I truly appreciate all that you’ve done so far, but I can’t ask you to go into the Shadow World for me.”

“Shadow World?” Lisa asks, but I just shake my head.

“It’s where Angela and Brooke are from,” I explain. “I probably don’t have time to explain it in detail, but it’s a lot more dangerous than anywhere else here on Earth. Basically envisage almost every mythical creature, both dangerous and benign, produce some just for fun, and that’s where they live.”

Lisa looks me hard in the face, before giving herself a nod. “I’m going. You could use the help, but just one thing. . . .” She reaches out, and I realize my wings are still wrapped around my body as she tentatively touches them. “What are you?”

* * *

Becky decides to head back home. She feels guilty, but when it’s decided to take my magical car, we have to admit that there isn’t room for the five of us. If I had a choice, only Angela and I would go, but AnnaBelle claims her faith will protect her, and I’ve learned firsthand just how capable Lisa is with her martial arts.

Angela tries to stop the two women from coming along as well, but they won’t have it, and to my own surprise, I come to their aid.

“Look, Angela, you’re already wanted for bringing a human to your realm. Is being wanted for two more really going to matter?” The succubus submits to my logic.

Once we’re all loaded, and Becky is Driving AnnaBelle’s vehicle away, I turn us in the direction of the office building that leads to the Shadow World, but Angela stops me.

“There is another portal that will take us closer to where Varun is keeping Brooke. We’ll lose some hours on Earth, but gain more in my world.” She pats the car, and smiles at me. “Besides, things will be easier with your car, and there is no way to get it into that elevator.”

Following her directions, we head towards Florida.

With the Orange Bubble and Angela together, my car is fully functional in a couple hours, and I no longer have to manually drive it. The succubus brings us up to speed on what’s happened since she’d left me.

TanaVesta’s creatures had caught up with her, within hours of leaving me behind at the beach. She’d been tortured and beaten, only to be healed through non-violent, but embarrassing sexual encounters, and the torment was started all over again. The curse of her nature being that every time whoever was molesting her came, her body would suck some of their life away, healing her.

Brooke apparently showed up a couple days later, and rescued her. Again. The succubus had been badly wounded at the time, but had been able to exact her revenge on her torturer, leaving him barely alive, and her fully recovered. I didn’t want to think too closely on how she managed that.

Brooke had gone back to the Pillar of Fire’s demesne after finding out that one of the two Pillars that TanaVesta had been meeting, and intending to kill, was Varun. The other Pillar was the Pillar of Air, Fujin. The two often traveled together, Fujin helping to carry around a water orb that Varun had to stay in, when not in natural water.

TanaVesta succeeded in killing Fujin, but was too weak to kill Varun afterwards and had locked him up. When the red dragon’s agents had failed to bring me back, she’d sent out a kill order, and then reveled in torturing the Pillar of Water, her antithesis.

With Angela’s help, they were able to rescue Varun, but when he was back in his own realm, he turned on both of them, ordering them to be locked up. Angela barely escaped with her life and came for me, while Brooke is still being held under his power.

“Why did he turn on his rescuers?” Lisa asks, and I’m curious of the same thing. I’m also surprised at how well Lisa is handling everything. I don’t miss the looks that pass between the succubus and the martial artist, however, nor the unhappy looks she gives me afterwards.

For some reason the succubus looks at me, before responding. “Long ago she failed in a mission, and has been wanted ever since. Since I used to owe my allegiance to the Pillar of Fire, he didn’t trust me either. I think TanaVesta’s torturing has unhinged him slightly. The Pillar of Fire is no longer her normal self. She’s changed, and not for the better. More unstable than even when she held you, Lyden.”

“Fire may shine bright, but it also casts dark shadows,” AnnaBelle pipes up. She’d been quiet for the most part, only speaking occasionally. “I will pray to the Lord that she finds her way back to the light.”

Angela gives AnnaBelle a calculating look, before saying, “You know that the Pillar of Light is the same as your God, right?”

The look that crosses the older woman’s face is hard to read, and she withdraws, no longer willing to talk to us. Occasionally I hear her mumbling, “Pillar of Light. . . .”

The sun has long since set by the time we hit the Florida Keys, and too late does it occur to me that the path to the demesne of Water is likely going to be in the water.

“Relax, Lyden,” Angela calmly tells me. “The portal we need is under the Bermuda Triangle.”

“U-under?” My knuckles are white as they grip my seat, and it takes all of my concentration to keep my breathing steady as the front of my car dips into the waves. Lisa and AnnaBelle worry too for a moment, but they still handle it better than I do.

Even so, as water flows over the top of my car, I hyperventilate, and pass out.

* * *

“I haven’t been able to thank you properly for saving my life,” Angela’s voice whispers to me, and I open my eyes, only to find that we are in the black mind-space of one of our minds, minus the red haze. “We’re in your mind,” I hear her again, and know that she’s picking up on my thoughts.

Before I have a chance to speak or react, I feel her lips pressed firmly to mine, and there is no mistaking the feeling of her lithe naked body pressed firmly against mine.

Despite how pleasurable her lips feel against mine, her words spark a question in my mind that I want answered.

“How did my car save your life?” I ask, trying to pull my face away from hers. She continues to try kissing me, but when it becomes obvious that I want my question answered, she sighs and backs away a little.

“I told you that I had Cyclopes remodel your car, right? Good. Well, they always exact a price, as well as a payment.” A price and a payment? That doesn’t make sense. “The price was a bit of my soul, to power the car. Don’t bother asking what the payment was, I won’t tell you.” I remember Brooke saying that Cyclopes weren’t very nice, and decide to let her keep that secret.

“You didn’t have to do that for me!” I tell her, not happy about what she had to give up.

“Relax! For a succubus, giving up part of the soul is no big deal. We recover it the next time we feed, and it was the least I could do after putting you in the hospital.” Her eyes grow serious as she meets my gray eyes. “Don’t you realize that every time you’re with someone, you’re doing the same thing? You’re sharing your soul with them, and they with you. The same thing happens when you’re in someone’s mind. Your soul travels to them temporarily.”

Of course I had no idea! I want to scream, but the look I feel on my face says it all.

“I see,” she says. “Well, nevermind. It doesn’t hurt you, but you’ll find that any partners you have will become closer to you, and also more loyal, the longer you’re with them.” That would explain Lisa and Becky’s behavior, but I don’t like how callous she is about her soul. She draws in a deep breath, which does wonders for her jewelry pierced b-cup bosom. “Anyway, when I was reunited with the car, the two parts of my soul began working together again and healed both of us.”

“But how can that work?” I ask, confused. “Both my car and you were damaged. How could you both recover? You’d think one would grow weaker, to repair the other.”

Angela laughs, sounding beautiful and not at all derogatory. “By using the same fuel you and your car run off of.” I open my mouth to ask just what my car runs on, but she stalls me. “Are you going to ask questions during our time here, or are you going to let me thank you?”

“I thought you said we can’t be together,” I shoot back, the pain and hurt I’d felt at her loss for the last week resurfacing with a vengeance.

She’s sober for a moment as she considers what I’d said. Just when I’m about to open my mouth and demand an answer, she speaks. “We can’t be together physically, Lyden. I think you’ve figured out why, but in here, in our minds, we’re safe.”

“Because you’re worried about allowing yourself to get pregnant? Don’t you think I should have a say in that?” Just then, something occurs to me. “Maybe I do! Shouldn’t I be able to choose when to procreate?”

“Maybe. I don’t know,” she hedges, then turns serious. “But you don’t understand the danger! We would be hunted. Assassins would try to kill our child as well as us. There is no telling what our offspring may be. Many are so screwed up from their mixed parentage, that they become insane and very dangerous. It’s always better not to risk it.” I can’t help but wonder how many times the law about interbreeding has been broken.

“Hmm, hunted you say?” I ask, sarcasm thick in my tone. “Why does that seem familiar?”

“Okay, okay,” she relents. “But right now, we are in here, and unless you plan on doing something in front of our guests in your car, we’d better get started. I’m still a little weak from my torture, and could really use a bit of you!”

She doesn’t even wait for me to respond this time, before speeding into me, and tackling me to the black ground. Her lips press against mine with a passion and need that refuses to be held off, and her crotch rubs against me frantically, making me want to forgive and forget her absence this past week.

My hands drop to her naked rear, and I command my clothes off. She gasps into our kiss as her already sopping wet pussy comes into contact with my stiff rod, and I feel her orgasm wash over me at the same time.

I remember what she’d said about this energy being a trading of souls, and how every time it happens, whoever I’m with will become closer to me. I’m not naive enough to think that it doesn’t happen both ways.

Angela sits up, reaches between us grasping my hard cock and without slowing down, impales her cunt on my sword. Her insides ripple around my length, attempting to conform to my size, while my own manhood tries to do the same for her, oddly intensifying the sensations we’re giving each other.

“Oh, Lyden. Please forgive me, I’ve missed you so much, and need this so badly right now!” she cries out as her buttocks sit forcefully in my lap.

On inspiration, I grab her face, looking deep into her hazel eyes, before saying, “Angela, you’re forgiven.” Tears well up in her eyes, and she tries to hug me close, but I don’t let go of her slender face. “But if you ever leave me like that again, there will be no going back.”

I let go of her, and she nods once, before dropping her lips back down to mine, and kissing me softly. This time there is no need or lust in the kiss, but instead it’s filled with love and tenderness. My heart expands for the succubus, and even though I don’t know what I’m going to do about Becky and Lisa, I know I can’t give Angela up.

The blue-haired punk’s hips pick up a rhythm that belies the love of her kiss. Even in the vast emptiness that we created in our minds for this coupling, the sounds of her pelvis slapping against mine seems to echo around us. She grunts every time she brings her hips down, and soon has to break the kiss in order to gather her breath.

I take the opportunity to sit her up slightly, and latch onto one of her nipple rings. Without moving us physically, I mentally change our positions so that I’m on top, and start pounding my pelvis against her, driving my phallus deep into her with each impact, reveling in the way her ever-changing twat feels around my shaft. My left hand mauls her right breast, enjoying the firm softness of her flesh, as I feel her second orgasm through my cock. Oddly, I don’t feel any energy transference from her.

The bliss of that, coupled with my emotional state, sends me over the edge, and my eyes snap open as I feel myself back in my body again, sitting in my car, and I loose my seed into my underwear.

“You’d better not leave me, either,” Angela whispers softly into my ear, and I can hear the grin in her tone. She’d done that on purpose!

I’m about to have a few choice words with her, but Lisa pipes up from the back seat, and I forget all about the succubus’s trick.

“What’s that haze ahead of us?” the martial artist asks, and I have to force myself to look into the water flowing past the submerged Orange Bubble.

Headlights shine on two ancient columns, standing upright, though covered in barnacles and other sea life. Between them is a shimmering that reminds me of the portal in TanaVesta’s lair.

“We are deep under the Bermuda Triangle. That’s the path into Varun’s demesne,” Angela says, and even I can’t miss the note of fear in her soft voice.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits, ideas, and advice. Without his help, this story would have been a LOT more lackluster and confusing.

I read all of your comments, and take all your advice to heart. If you see any mistakes, or have any advice, please let me know, so that I may improve upon this story.

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