I come from a crap family. I was taken into care at the age 14 after both my parents got banged up in prison for armed robbery. At the age of 18 I bought my new flat in London, nothing to brag about, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a kitchen/dining room area, then there's a small living area with my desk and television set.

My boyfriend from work moved in with me. It was not long before I was pregnant and at the age of 19
My boyfriend left me. I was heart broken, I thought I loved him. I gave birth later that year. 14 years later I am a prostitute for a big club and have a 14 year old son alone at home every night. Through my eyes I have a shit life. My son understands our situation and helps me through our dark times.

It was only after one night I started to see my son in a sexual way. I had come home late after a long time with a persistent costumer only to find my son masturbating on the couch in the living area. He had a 6 inch cock and a furry pubic hair cluster at the base of his dick. He looked at me and tried to hide what he was doing, but I wasn't angry I just smiled and laughed. It was only after he had run upstairs when I noticed he had been looking at my pictures on the clubs website. I was naked in almost all if them. I was shocked, my own song was wanking to pictures of me. That night I made it my mission to seduce him and make him mine.

I woke up early and took a freezing shower, when I heard him stirring from his bedroom I turned off the shower and started to dry myself. I was silent in the progress and when he entered for his morning bathroom rituals I made sure to turn my breasts towards him. My nipples were still stiff from the cold shower and the stuck out at a 90 degree Angle to my large and perky breasts. I may be a bit old but my body was still young and very attractive. My sons face was complete and utter amazement. Not to make it to obvious I wrapped my towel around my waste and turned my body away from the door. I smiled and said sorry sheepishly and he shut the door. It was time for part two I said to myself.

When the towel was around my cold body I opened the bathroom door to see my son, John, sitting on his towel by the door. I smiled at him and walked down the corridor. When I was halfway to the room I shared with my son I purposely tripped on the step and threw my towel away. When my son turned around to see what the commotion was he saw me spread eagled on my back with my towel hanging on the door handle next to me. He ran over and asked if I was okay, I said I was and he grabbed my hand to pull me up. My still moist body shining in the light. He could see my tits and furry vagina for sure. As I steadied myself I thanked him and brushed my tits against his chest, my nipples pressing into his chest.

After I was dressed in the sluttiest things I could find, a leopard print push-up bra and matching thong with a tight tank top and a micro skirt. My tits were trying to escape via the sides, just what I wanted. I walked down hall and fixed him up some breakfast before Saturday morning school. I placed some toast and jam on the table and deliberately left the knife on the counter. When he walked into the room I sat at the table and mentioned for him to join the table with me. He was about to get up for the knife when I placed my hand on his lap and said I would go get it. I walked over to the counter and picked up knife. As I walked back I dropped the knife "accidentally" and bent over to pick it up. Shoving my firm ass in the air, centimetres from his face. His eyes almost exploded at the sight of my ass and the sides of the purry pussy between my legs. He had a bulge between his legs that was bursting to get free. He tried to hide it but he saw the fact I had seen it. His hand squeezed my ass and I jumped in the air. I shouted at him, "don't do that to your mom John, just wait for later". He said he was sorry for it and I saw a look of puzzlement about what I had just said.

When I picked him up from school at 1 o'clock in the afternoon he still had a quizzical look on his face. When we returned home he went upstairs to shower, luckily he didn't lock the door so I could slip in when he was in there. I slipped off my clothing and stepped into the shower cubical with him. He protested and hid his Vick underneath his hands. I laughed and said " don't worry, I've seen it all before down there" . He then smiled nervously and showed me his cock. It was quite large for someone his age and was already hardening because of the sight of my naked body. I asked him I he wanted to see a naked girls body, he replied he would. I spread my legs and gave him a good view of my pussy. His teenhood was now standing at attention. I then twirled my nipples with my fingers and his jaw dropped, I then asked him if he wanted to feel up a girl, again he replied yes. So I guided his hands down my arms and across my midriff. The I pulled his hands up and rested them on my tits, he gently squeezed them then rubbed them. He then did the rest by himself, with one hand on my tits he slowly pulled his other hand down and rested it over my fuzzy mould. He rubbed my slit the he slipped one finger in me. This sent ripples of pleasure through me, I then orgasmed there and then.

When I'd finished we stepped out the shower the shared a towel to dry up. We skipped the putting on the clothes bit and then walked hand in hand into the bedroom. We jumped onto the bed and lay there, looking at each others naked bodies. I then made a grab for his hard cock. I rubbed the head with mi forefinger and pulled my other hand up and down the shaft. This was beyond weird. I was jerking off my teen sons dick. While this was happening my sons hand had skid up and was once again fondling my titties. He slid his hands down south and rubbed my mould. His lips then moved in on my breasts. He sucked on them like he did when he was a baby except this time he licked my nipples with his tongue. I took his arms off me and pushed his head away so I could slide my head down over his cock. I then sucked like there was no tomorrow. 2 minutes later he came, his hot sticky cum plastering my throat. I was surprised as there was so much of it.

I started to choke on my sons cum. I swallowed as much of it as I could then spat the rest on my tits, then I was able to lick it off. His cock had gone soft again so I started to jerk it off again. A couple off minutes later it was hard again. I then went in for the kill, I rolled him on his back and straddled his body. I slipped his hard cock into my well wet pussy. My juices flowed down his cock then settled on his pubes. I then pulled myself off then sat down hard, impaling myself on him. He grabbed my hips then started to do the work himself, lifting me almost all the way off him then thrust his long cock inside me, it felt sooooo good. I then had a huge, monster orgasm. I exploded all over the bed. I then slid off and told him to stand up, when he did this I started to give him a hard wank. Thrusting my hands up and down his cock. I continued this action as I licked the end of his dick. It took 3 minutes of this for him to shoot his load. It went everywhere, there was more than last time so it completely engulfed my face, the sticky liquid covering my face. I kicked some off then used my fingers too guide the rest to my mouth. It tasted delicious. I slept better that night than I had in ages.

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