“Tsunade's announcement”

That's right stark naked Hinata made her decision she choose Naruto over her friends and family in Kuranai's own living room. Now fully dressed and walking away she marches to Naruto her one true love. Kiba and Shino walked wearily behind her leaving Kuranai's dazed and confused by the unannounced appearance of Shikamaru ruining the entire evening.

Following Hinata was the only thing they could do. Keeping their distance as not to disturb Hinata's urge. Hinata knew her teammates were behind her, but they were her last concern. Her mission now is to announce her love to Naruto.


Naruto escaped a hot steamy shower with a towel wrapped around his waist hiding his privates. He enters the main room with the girls doing odds and ends cleaning, cooking, and taking care of their own needs. Sakura stirring up medicine, Ino doing nails, Karin sweeping, and Tenten organizing her scrolls. Naruto's own harem what more could a guy ask for. Naruto had it made. He was able to satisfy all of them and they took good care of him. If he needed a good hard fuck he got it, and the stirring in his loins was rising again. Who to pick though? Who?


Hinata turned the corner into the street Naruto lived on. Looking back Kiba and Shino went into another street. "Byakugun!" She stares where they turned to see they had given up following her. She could now focus all her attention on Naruto. She walked up to the apartment building. Taking a deep breath and exhaling her decision was final. Naruto.


Naruto scanned the girls he knew how to handle each one. Sakura at this time was focused on her medicine and knew not to bother her at this time. Ino doing nails he knew never to bother a girl while they are doing nails. Karin possibly, but he did her mere hours ago and he wanted to be fair with all of them. Tenten doing her scrolls and of course it would be her turn after all, so that would be final. He dropped his towel showing his semi-erect cock dangling between his legs. The girls not bothering to look had seen him countless times before that any of them naked or fucking seemed the norm. Slowly walking to the bed where Tenten sat crossed legged going through her scrolls. Nearing a foot away she turns to him and smiles knowing they were going to have sex.

Ready to pounce on her Naruto stopped hearing a loud repeating knock at the door.


Hinata stood outside Naruto's door silent at first she scanned his room to make sure he was there and sure enough he was walking to Tenten. She closed her eyes and began to move her hand closer to the door. She knocked and knocked until the door opens with Naruto standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Instead of fainting she stood there for a brief second before launching herself into his arms. His towel dropped to the floor as he hugged back. She looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. Instead of a normal kiss though she used a chakra induced kiss. Focusing enough chakra into her lips for him to feel the kiss. He couldn't stop or move as her chakra and his met with a powerful jolt through their bodies. Sealing the two together without words. The decision Hinata made in chakra was final.

Unbeknownst to Hinata Anko was watching several buildings away. She sent a scroll straight to the Hokages.


Sitting at her desk Shikamaru nor Naruto had figured it out. She grew impatient. How long could she keep a secret that now no longer mattered she had all the information she needed from Anko and Kuranai she no longer had to keep a secret. ANBU stood in front of her awaiting his Hokages orders. Shizune ran in frantically! with a scroll in her hand. "What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asks ticked by her appearance at this time. Shizune hands it without words. Tsunade reads quickly "contact Naruto!" ANBU bows and leaves swiftly. Shizune leaves too. Tsunade waits the next move on the chess board.


Naruto naked as a blue Jay threw his cock into Hinata who until moments ago was fully dressed. Now naked with her back to the wall as Naruto fucks her with his animal sides in full swing of this session. Door knocked, but neither heard they were to busy fucking to hear anything.

Ultimately Sakura stop what she was doing and opened the door to find an ANBU walking past her. He quickly took charge of the scene separating the two lovers as if they were mere paper shredded in half. Naruto stares at him frustrated but he could say or do a thing the ANBU spoke first "Tsunade wants you now Naruto for a mission." He was off.

Naruto understood and got dressed without looking at any of the girls. The road to Tsunade had begun.


"Enter!" Tsunade shouts knowing a nervous and cocky Naruto has arrived.

Naruto stepping forward until he stands in front of Tsunade "Granny Tsunade you called."

"You are to marry Hinata Hyuga. Thus ends your harem" Tsunade boldy shocking Naruto "I will give you the identity of the spy on this proposition."

"If I refuse to give up my harem?" Naruto innocently asks.

"Marriage or no spy identity. Love or lust. Which do you choose Naruto? " Tsunade standing up revealing her private section was showing her pussy and cock.

"Lust or love?" Naruto scratched his head "I would like to know the identity of the spy."

Tsunade smiled relieved of his choice other wise she would of fucked his ass until he bleed. "Come on in" she spoke past Naruto.

The spy enters the office walking next to Naruto with a wicked smile. "Good day Naruto" Anko speaks calmly than turns to Tsunade "do you require satisfaction my lady?" Tsunade nods. Anko moves behind the desk and begins sucking.

"Anything else?" Naruto jaw dropped shocked returns to earth asking Tsunade.

"There is...uh...Oh..." Tsunade moans "your mission is in that scroll there." She points at the end of the desk at a scroll.

Naruto grabs it taking a sneak at Anko really going at it. Naruto leaves for his mission grinning walking out.


Next episode: Mission 1

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