“The Dogs and Bugs of Summer”

"Come Kiba give it your all" Hinata boldy says awaiting Kiba to attack. Kiba and Akamaru nod making a quick transformation where both are Kiba. They move in circles around Hinata as they go in for the attack. At all angles tornadoes spin around her as she remains still in a dome shield protecting herself. A quick palm hit from Hinata hits Kiba in the chest sending him past several trees until he hits a massive tree.

"You need to be faster Kiba! " she yells after him. Kuranai sits reading the fight between Hinata and her teammates.

"Now my turn" Shino stands on a tree limb above the action going on down below. A swarm of chakra infested bugs launch in the air stopping midair meters above Hinata before dispersing in the air around her acting as spiders creating a chakra web around Hinata trapping her. Hinata kicks and screams, but the web gets tighter. Shino heads down stands in front of Hinata. Looking into her eyes. As he does chakra bugs come out of his coat going thru the web. They cut thru her clothes opening her pussy to him.

Kuranai cuts her attention from Hinata and Shino to see Akamaru and Kiba coming her way with sad faces.

"My turn to fuck you" Shino takes his hoody off moving closer to Hinata until they are mere inches apart. He releases his cock but is still fully dressed. Inserting it into a paralyzed Hinata. He could feel her pussy walls contract as he enters her. Kuranai notices something isn't right, but before she could do anything Kiba and Akamaru have her trapped holding her down on the ground. The two Kibas grab her clothes shredding them off quickly. Kuranai laid helplessly as the assault on her body was going on by her own student.

Shino fucks Hinata repeatably as she stands motionless "I have long been wanting to do this." He shoves his cock in her some more as her juices flow down her legs. Kiba fucks Kuranai's pussy as Akamaru who still remains in Kiba form does the ass.

"Akamaru why don't we do her in our favorite position!" Kiba says as he pulls out. Akamaru nods bending her body down so she was in the doggy style. Akamaru continued fucking her ass. Kiba shoved his cock in her throat nearly gagging her. Shino felling a tightness below shoved his cock deeper and harder into her pussy

"Oh fuck! That's right take it all in. Oh yes I am coming!" Shino shot his load up her with some flowing down her legs. He releases the entrapment on her allowing her to catch her breath. Kiba and Akamaru howl as their cock's are pleasured from their teacher. Akamaru pounds her ass as it turns beet red. Her pussy juice flowed down to the ground. She was being raped by a dog and his beast. Kiba felt a tightness in his groins as she licked and sucked on it. There was no way for her to bite it would send the wrong message of the type of teacher she is. Akamaru howl some more as he came gushing hot sticking cum in to her ass.

"Oh fuck yes here it comes!" Kiba screamed before also howling.

"Question for you Hinata. How is your family life. From what I sense there's been a change in you from the last training day" Shino standing above her asks as she takes in the realization that she is trapped even after the bugs have left. She will have to tell them her family incest. "Well?" Shino asks impatiently. Akamaru returned to normal self. Kiba moves to listen to this conversation.

Kuranai now able to move realizes what is going on. Hinata spilled her guts admitting her family issues. Once finished she cried knowing that her life was over. Everyone else knew it was time to talk to the Hyuga clan.


"I see this is a major issue, but Kuranai you must realize we can't simply end it when no rape occurred" a Hyuga clan elder states to her after discussing the issue with four other elders.

"And Hinata is suppose to just..." Kiba getting angry is cut off by Kuranai as she puts a hand on his shoulder.

"No pregnancy no issue. If she becomes pregnant from a Hyuga member she will need to be married into an incestuorous marriage. Any questions?" A different elder spoke up.

"If I choose someone outside the clan?" Hinata asks terrified of being pregnant and then marriage.

"You know the answer Hinata already" her father sitting in the corner until now was quiet spoke up "is is perfectly fine. The elders are explaning if you get pregnant by Neji or I get you pregnant you would have to marry within the family."

Hinata nods "I understand."

Kuranai speaks desiring a question Hinata had not answered "Naruto? "

The elders speak amongst themselves. Everyone knew Hinata's true love. Hinata held her breath as everyone stayed calm for the elders to speak.

"If Naruto is interested in marriage with Hinata we have no issue's. Incest with her father and Neji would have to cease. That is if he does" The elder who first talked says. Everyone understands.


The team rests at Kuranai's after the meeting earlier. "Thank goodness all of that bull is taken care of" Kiba states taking a drink as he sits on Kuranai's sofa. Kuranai comes downstairs getting her child asleep. Hinata runs to the bathroom crying. Kuranai knew she was suffering. Kuranai sat down between her two male students wanting to talk about this morning rape. "Where is Akamaru?" Kuranai noticing she hadn't seen him since this morning.

"Oh he is getting a haircut" Kiba replies to her question.

"About the rape this morning" Shino who hadn't talked since this morning "we had to find out about Hinata's secret."

"Plus we over heard you doing Shikamaru and Naruto. We want in" Kiba says with eyes full of lust as he stares at her breasts as hungry as any dog would. Kuranai feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden turns to Shino who now has his Hood down also seductively staring at her like a spider looking at it's prey. As her head is toward Shino. Kiba takes full advantage of cupping her breasts and kissing her neck. It sent a warm pleasant shiver through her body. She moved around to look at him kissing him on the lips. Shino digged a hand into her pants rubbing her wet pussy. He followed up by releasing her shirt revealing her massive breasts to both boys.

"Would you two like a blowup?" Kuranai asks and both nod releasing their cock's out to her. Her eyes widen at the realization that she should of done this ages ago. She moves onto the floor as the boys stood up next to each other ready and willing. She sucks both with a quick suck, followed by licking each shaft. The boys moan and roll their heads. Rubbing Shino now she sucks on Kiba wrapping and twirling her tongue around it.

"Oh sensei, yes Oh yeah!" Kiba moaning at the blowjob.

"Come on sensei give me some" Shino begging for Kuranai to give him some action too. Kuranai does just that popping Kiba's cock out of her mouth and inserting Shino into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and had her deepthroat him. Quickly she begins to breathe through her nose knowing Shino intends to shoot his load in her mouth. It only made her hornier of that thought crossing her mind.

"How about at the same time?" Kiba suggested to Shino. Kuranai heard that as Shino releases her. Grabs both of their cock's and inserts them both into her mouth this time and begins to suck. Intending to dry both boys.


Hinata cleared up in the bathroom after a difficult day that now forced her to decide between her family and Naruto her love of her life. She took a deep breath and exhaled. Opening the door she walks to the living room.


Shikamaru had been up to his eye sockets in figuring out who is blackmailing them all. Tsunade wasn't hurting, and of course Naruto was doing his typical investigation by fucking. He walks up to Kuranai's hoping she could find a remedy to relieve his stress and to get some answers. Before he knocked he heard noises going on inside. Quickly he opens the door to see it.


"Oh fuck sensei! I'm going come!" Kiba screamed as his load comes first into her mouth. Kuranai sucks on both swallowing Kiba's cum as she cleans him off and continues to try to get as Shino off too.


Hinata stood at the doorway entering the living room watching the scene unfold in front of her. Her emotions were already crazy. To see this she didn't know what to do. Her hormones were driving high. Pussy ached. She looks down to see she was indeed horny. Needing relief from the tension in her life she undid her clothes until she was in her birthday suit. She walks forward as the front door opens sparking an interesting moment in the home of Kuranai.


"Here it comes sensei! " Shino screams. Kuranai released Kiba's cock and buried Shino's cock as far as it could go into her mouth. His hot steamy white juicy cum shot deep down her throat.

"What the fuck!" Shikamaru screams. Everyone freezes. Hinata turning from the trio to Shikamaru. Kiba and Shino stare in disbelief. As Kuranai is caught with her students cock in her mouth. She knew who screamed, but had no idea about Hinata.

"Shikamaru? " Kiba surprised to see him then sees Hinata stark naked "Hinata?"

Kuranai paused when she heard Kiba say Hinata. She took out Shino's cock and stood up also naked.

"I can explain" were the only words she could say at the sight of a furious Shikamaru and a shy Hinata.

Shikamaru ready to blow took a deep breath and says his peace "I see who you really are." He walks out slamming the door behind him.

"I'm in love with Naruto" Hinata blurts out before she stop saying it.

Kuranai heard her child crying upstairs. She quickly took back charge of the scene "Hinata get dressed, boys I don't have to tell you this will have to be on hold, and I have a child to take care of."


Next episode: Tsunade's announcement

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