My name is James Kendal and I have been a thief all my life. I am very good at what I do which is why I have never been caught. I am also skilled in a mixed martial art so can more than take care of myself. The two men following me didn’t stand out which was unusual. I decided to confront them privately and turned in at the alley.

What happened next did surprise me. Between one moment and the next a dozen space force commandoes appeared with rifles pointed at me. I held still since they couldn’t prove anything. One man in civilian clothes walk through them and stopped in front of me, “hello James, we have been watching you.”

I smiled, “you don’t have anything.”

He smiled, “I don’t need to have anything. If I wanted you in prison we have several that would never ask why.”

I looked around carefully before looking at him, “what do you want?”

He grinned, “your skills.”

I grinned, “you want me to steal something?”

He snorted, “We want you to go to Carthy to ply your trade. While there we want you to pass certain... information back to us.”

I snorted, Carthy was a rogue world full of pirates and thieves, “why?”

He smiled, “because you are very good and won’t get caught. Think of all the credits you could steal from the pirates.”

There was that, I turned as I thought about it. I finally turned back, “my price is colony credits for me and any mate or mates for Paradise.”

He nodded and held out a small data chip, “study it and destroy it. Those will be your contacts to pass information and what we want to know.”

I nodded, “I keep everything I steal.”

He nodded again before gesturing. The commandoes turned and left and he looked at me, “change your mind and back out and...”

That tempted me but the idea had already taken hold, “do you have a way in?”

He turned and started walking, “try the armed merchant ship Hard Way.”

I pulled my float case after me as I left the ship and headed into the large dirty city. There was no custom or immigration station here. A check before I left the ship had given me a place to go where I could stay for a few days. The first thing I bought was a new weapon.

I slipped into the vent quietly and moved in until I reached the central shaft. I used applied pressure to go down the three floors until I was standing. I bent and pushed on the screen by my feet and it fell out. It had taken me a day to locate a target and scout it. Another to check and clear the vent, including hanging upside down to remove the screws on the vent screen.

I wiggled out of the vent and into the small closet. I stood and turned to put the small listening device against the door. I finally put it away and opened the door and stepped into the room. I smiled when I saw the guillotine above the other door and moved to the large standing safe.

One of the first things I had learned here was they didn’t trust the banks and most people kept everything in chits or credit sheets or pads. It took a minute using a decripter and a voice descrambler before I opened the safe. I pulled out the slip bags I had brought and started filling them. I slipped out the way I had come and used a piece of string to close the vent screen.

This was one of the planet’s largest merchants. He bought stolen ships and sold them on other planets after changing their papers. I slipped down the side of the building using spider thread and then walked into the night after touching it with a heater. I used alleys and small dark streets to cross to the area by the port entrance.

There was a small but very strong building that was brightly lit. I walked up to the automated teller and entered my account number. I hit deposit and chit before dumping the first slip bag full of credit chits into the deposit box. I closed it and let them spill into the automated counter before opening the box again and dumping the next bag.

The last bag I hit the screen for pad or sheets before dumping it in. I hit total after closing the box and waited until it flashed the total amount. I closed my account screen after withdrawing a maga pad. The only thing worse than a pirate or thief here was one of the nobles. They were a vicious, arrogant lot prone to violent tempers and little sense.

My home was in the huge building complex known as the warren. Over the decades since it had been built it had sunk and the first two floor were now underground. That didn’t matter to much since it was ten kilometer by ten and had thirty floors. Most of the building was factories or huge textile mills and the bottom two floors underground had been abandoned.

I walked through the door and headed down the wide stairs, ignoring the lifts. I slipped my thermal glasses on since all the lights had gone out or been broken years ago. I worked my way through the dark, silent halls until I reached my door. When I walked into the huge room it brightened and the AI spoke, “Good evening master.”

I smiled as I walked towards the area where my kitchen was, “good evening Simon, did we have any visitors?”

“No, everything has been quiet.”

I nodded as I pulled out a bottle of water and turned, “listen to the news blurts Simon.”

“Anything in particular?”

I smiled, “try robberies.”

“There has been several reported highjackings and eight muggings as well as four armed robberies.”

I nodded as I went to sit on the long comfortable couch I had found in an abandoned area under a furniture factory. Simon made a throat clearing sound, “A new slave is up for sale. She is the unregistered daughter of the current city prince.”

I smiled, “do you have a holo and her stats?”

The holograph appeared in front of me to show a girl sixteen years old with long flowing blue hair. I smiled at her stats, “open sale?”


I leaned back, “perhaps I could buy her to keep you company.”

Simon sighed, “I do not need company.”

I closed my eyes, “Everyone should have company Simon.”

I woke to Simon beeping an alarm at me, “A new report of a robbery just came in. They found it when they opened their office.”

I grinned as I stood to stretch, “how long before the prince’s auction?”

“Seventy cycles.”

I headed towards the fresher, “is it in the slave auction pens?”


I stopped and thought, “is she being sold under cash only or credit?”

“She is listed as cash only but the rest are open for credit.”

I showered and dressed before heading out. I made sure no one was around as I slipped through the underground halls. I left the building through a hidden door beside a textile mill and walked through the morning streets filled with merchants calling back and forth and people rushing around.

The slave auction pens were by the starport. I walked in and past the door guard who sneered and refused to acknowledge me until I pulled my laser and put it between his eyes, “I would like a buyer’s card.”

He licked his lips and glanced past me towards the other guard. I smiled, “he can try but I will kill you before he pulls the blaster.”

He slowly reached to the side and brought back a buyer’s card. I took it and smiled again, “ignore me again and I will kill you.”

I holstered the laser and walked into the auction pens. I sat in an area to one side with my back to a wall and leaned back to wait. I watched as nobles entered the pens and sat around the front area and gossiped to one another. Several wealthy merchants sat by them as if being close would rub some of the nobility off on them.

Finally the prince arrived and as if that was a signal the auction master walked out. The first girl out was the prince’s daughter and I could tell she was terrified. I waited as the minor nobles laughed and offered bids with a few merchants. I finally leaned forward, “one million.”

It went silent as everyone looked at me and another noble sneered, “two.”

I nodded and waited as the auction master sold her. The noble waved, “charge my account.”

I stood, “she is offered for cash only.”

He smiled, “that doesn’t apply to me scum.”

I smiled as I pulled my weapon and shot him through the head. Bodyguards were suddenly pulling weapons but I had already holstered mine as I looked at the prince, “you set the terms your highness.”

He actually grinned and waved his guards back, “so I did.”

I walked down to the auction stage, “the last valid bid is one million.”

I pulled the mega credit pad and tossed it, “the last bid was mine.”

He licked his lips before glancing at the prince and nodding. I helped the girl up off the stage as he pushed her towards me and moved back to my seat. I sat and pulled her down beside me and waited. The next girl was stunning with long golden hair and a lovely body. The nobles stood and started to leave and the auction master almost panicked.

I held up my hand, “ten thousand.”

His eyes lit up and he looked at the others who were following the nobles out. He looked at me and I shrugged, “well?”

He sighed, “I need a bid of twenty thousand or the sale will be voided.”

I thought about it and nodded, “okay, twenty thousand.”

He nodded and I gestured to other girl to stay as I moved down to the stage again, “it said the rest of your lots could be bought with credit?”

He smiled, “yes.”

I held out my comp and after setting it, he touched his to mine before checking and pushing the girl to me. He sighed and looked at the empty seats, “I only have a couple more, a young woman and a small boy.”

I looked at him, “related?”

He shrugged, “yes.”

I turned and looked around before looking at him, “how much for both?”

He thought about it before looking at me, “fifteen for both?”

I knew I shouldn’t but I guess I have a soft heart, “deal.”

He brought the two out, the woman had long, soft strawberry hair and clung to the boy. I paid him and pulled her up and took the boy when the auction master held him out to me. I turned and gave him to his mother before gesturing to the other girl. She stood and came down before following as I left.

I walked out and across to a large clothing store. I turned and looked at each of them, “you need three outfits each, including the boy.”

I waited and watched and a few cycles later two men walked in. They glanced around before separating and moving towards me. I had seen their type many times and waited until one closed. His wrist flicked and he seemed to stumble. I shifted back and my left hand brushed from right to left and caught the thin blade as he tried to stab me.

I slipped further to the side as the other man lunged and thrust out and up with the other man’s hand and knife. The second man screamed as the blade sank into his stomach and I moved around behind the first man and kicked him behind his knee. I yanked his head back and grabbed his chin with my other hand before twisting quickly.

There was a pop and he spasmed as I let him fall onto his screaming partner. I moved and knelt beside the one with the blade in his stomach and grabbed his hair, “who sent you?”

He shook his head and I reached down to yank out the knife. He screamed again and I put the knife to his throat, “one last time, who sent you?”

He gasped, “Duke Tremble.”

I let him drop before tossing the knife and standing. Duke Tremble was an arrogant back stabbing asshole. I looked at the girls and gestured before paying for what they had. I led them out and to the starport after making a stop. I found the captain of the Hard Way in a café. He glanced at me as I led the way to his table.

I gestured to the mother and her boy, “I want passage for her and the boy to Dillon’s World.”

I smiled, “you said you were going there next.”

He nodded and we started bargaining. I paid him when we were done and pulled out the new comp I had bought. I registered it in the woman’s name before transferring twenty thousand credits. I handed it to her, “Dillon’s World is a farming world. Find a good man and raise your son.”

She looked at me with wide eyes as I pushed her to the captain while he waited. She looked back as the captain took her hand, “Thank you.”

I looked at the other two girls, “want to go with her?”

They shook their heads and I started leading them again. This time I used a busy side door a factory used for their people. I led the girls down and had them hold hands before pulling them after me. I walked into my quarters and turned to close and lock the door, “We’re home Simon.”

“I noticed master.”

I turned and gestured the two girls into the room ahead of me, “our new companions.”

I smiled, “I’m James and this is Simon.”

The prince’s daughter smiled, “Hello Simon, I’m Yasmine.”

The other girl looked around and smiled softly, “I’m Mia.”

“Welcome Yasmine and Mia.”

I gestured to the right where a large bed was, “that is the bedroom if you want to put your clothes away. The fresher is through the door.”

I walked into the kitchen and pulled out a few light meals packs for lunch, “Simon? I need the plans for Duke Tremble’s estate and any other building he may own.”

I turned a few minutes later when the two girls walked in naked. I looked at their bodies as Yasmine and Mia caressed my chest, “did you need us to fuck you?”

I had bought them mostly to get them away and licked my lips. Mia smiled, “you are nervous.”

I nodded and she caressed my cheek, “you aren’t as tough or as mean as you want people to think.”

Yasmine was nodding and I shrugged, “I bought you mostly to keep you away from the assholes and...”

Mia laughed throatily, “I think you are going to make a perfect master.”

Yasmine laughed with her and pulled me after her and out of the kitchen, “you bought me first so I get to have you first.”

I looked back at Mia as she followed smiling. Yasmine turned me at the bed and Mia helped her undress me. I finally pushed Yasmine onto the bed and stalked after her and over her. I looked into her eyes before smiling and kissing her. I moved down her body as Mia laid beside us and pushed Yasmine’s legs open and licked through her slit.

She shivered and lifted her hips as I started nibbling on her inner lips and stretching her virgin hole. I pushed my tongue into her and then started wiggling it against her clit. I sucked and teased her as she jerked and shuddered and squirmed until finally she rolled and screamed, “aaaahhhh!”

I rolled her onto her back as she kept convulsing and moved up quickly. I positioned my cock and shoved into her hard. There was resistance before her maidenhead tore and my cock sank into her. I stopped against her cervix as she screamed and struggled and just held her. I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe as she cried.

It was several minutes before she quieted and hugged me, “that hurt.”

I smiled and gave her a soft kiss before beginning to hump, press and grind. I didn’t pull out and kept humping into her. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed. She hugged me as I continued to kiss her and she let out a moan. Her hips began to grind against mine and I kissed her passionately.

I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Yasmine shuddered hard and lifted her hips as I fucked her firmly and pushed her cervix open. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and her pussy contracted. She wailed and thrashed around as she clutched me, aaaaahhhhh!”

I kissed her and fucked her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around me as she wet me and her pussy spasmed. She was jerking and shaking as she thrust up onto my cock and kept kissing me. I slowed and just fucked her with long strokes and it was a few minutes before I felt my balls churning.

I thrust into her and held her as her pussy clenched and my cock erupted in a huge gushing torrent. Yasmine jerked and convulsed as warm sperm flooded her and she screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I humped and jabbed as I kept pumping spurts of cum. When I stopped cumming I sighed and relaxed and kissed her before slowly pulling out. She groaned and then giggled before Mia crawled onto her and looked into her eyes. They kissed and Mia turned to look at me, “me?”

I laughed and turned to pull her off Yasmine and onto her back. I rolled onto her and kissed her and then kissed down her body. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips as she shivered. I pushed my tongue into her and found her hymen missing and covered her clit. I started using my tongue to tease it and it wasn’t long before Mia was shuddering.

It was several minutes before I started sucking and nibbling on her clit between licking through her pussy. She was arching her hips and pushing her pussy up as she moaned and shook and finally pulled on me. I looked up to see her panting and moved up to kiss her before lifting and positioning my cock. I pushed and then had to wiggle to enter her extremely tight pussy.

She groaned and shuddered as my cock stretched her and slowly sank into her. I nuzzled and kissed her for a couple of minutes as I humped, pressed and slowly jabbed. I finally pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. Five minutes later she howled as she went wild. She bucked and struggled as her tight pussy spasmed and she squirted me.

I fucked her with hard thrusts as she continued to wail and thrash around. A couple of minutes later I slowed and fucked her with long strokes. She was clutching me as she spasmed and jerked while her tight pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock. I went back to fucking her with deep strokes and planted my cock to grind against her.

It was another couple of minutes before I thrust into her and kissed her as my cock throbbed and then began to gush cum. Mia lifted her hips as her pussy tightened, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done. I pulled out of her and laid beside her to caress and feel her firm breasts, “thanks.”

They laughed and Yasmine moved between Mia’s spread legs to kiss her. I rubbed her butt, “come eat.”

While we ate I looked at the old plans for Duke Tremble’s estate as well as the two drug plants in warehouses. I checked the time before patting Mia’s butt, “you two need to get dressed.”

I turned to cross the room, “any updates on the port ship listing Simon?”

“Two unregistered ships requested slips.”

I smiled, “did you get the ship id’s and their full specs?”


I dressed and watched the two girls. I led them out another side door and we walked around, stopping to shop in small shops. I watched the two buildings I was scouting and finally led the girls towards the noble estates. So far Tremble had little in the way of security systems and relied a lot on guards.

I almost laughed when we walked past his estate and circled around to head back to the warren. We stopped to have dinner at a nice outdoor restaurant before going home. I pushed the girls towards the bedroom after closing the door, “anything Simon?”

“No master.”

I nodded as I headed to the bathroom. I was showering when the girls joined me. Yasmine pressed against my front as Mia slipped around to hug me from behind. Yasmine looked down as she bit her lip, “I’m a little sore master.”

I tilted her face up to look at me, “you know my name and I expected you to be after your first time.”

I glanced back at Mia, “you are probably sore too.”

She nodded and I smiled as I turned so that Yasmine was in the middle, “both of you ask Simon for help with a muscle relaxant. Yasmine can have him administer a minor healant.”

I washed both before I got out and dried them. I sent them to Simon as I got dressed carefully. I stopped to kiss them before leaving and locking the door behind me. I left out a distant door and moved into the shadows of the alleys. The first target was an old warehouse that had been converted.

I moved up and entered through an open window near the roof. I went to the back of the building on a cat walk and pulled out a sound amplifier. I listened through the wall vent before silently removing the vent. I carefully checked the vent on the other side of the wall before using a devise to remove the bolts from the inside.

I pushed the vent out and turned it as I tilted it. I pulled it back through the vent and set it down beside the other one. I looked into the drug plant and the few workers before slipping in. I moved down and around before watching and waiting. When I saw backs turned I moved up to change a couple of settings on the equipment and slipped back.

I moved back around and up to the vent before slipping through. I took a couple of minutes to replace the vents before leaving the way I had entered. I was on the roof of the duke’s other drug plant a few blocks away when the first one exploded. I watched as everyone went out to see what had happened and fastened the harness to the edge of the sky light.

I bypassed the circuit easily and opened it before dropping down inside. I went straight to the laser burners before changing a few things like before. I moved back and hit the switch that lifted me back to the sky light. I closed the window and reset the circuit before moving to the other end of the building.

I checked and then swung off before dropping down the side on spider thread. I walked away and used the shadows as I headed towards the noble estates as the building was ripped apart behind me. This time I had to wait and watch the guards walking around in patrols that were extremely predictable.

I slipped over the wall and crossed to the large manor. I climbed the outside easily and quickly before slipping in an open window. I walked out of the empty room and down the hall as I heard yelling and angry talk from the floor below. I used the stairs down and walked back to a large office.

I picked the lock and bypassed the old alarm on the wall before opening the door. I closed the door after me and looked around as I crossed to a huge open safe, “dumb.”

It was simple to take the stacks of large credit pads. I went to his desk and woke his comp up, he hadn’t even logged off. I accessed his account and transferred everything before using a program that not only erased but fried the comp circuits. I left and locked the door and set the alarm before moving down the hall.

Now it was a matter of waiting, thirty minutes later I heard someone coming. The duke walked into the hall as he headed towards his office. I drifted after him and when he stopped at the door I struck. One hand reached around to his chin as the other grabbed the back of his head. I twisted and his neck popped before he dropped.

I knelt beside him, “if you try to kill a man you had better make sure he dies.”

He was gasping and twitching as I reached out to pinch his nose and close his mouth. He jerked and shuddered and a couple of minutes later I stood. I slipped out the way I had come in and avoided the patrolling guards easily. I headed to the port and the automated teller, I kept a mega credit pad but deposited the rest.

When I closed the door to my apartment I smiled to see the two girls sleeping in each others arms. I headed towards the couch, “any news Simon?”

“Another two unregistered ships have arrived in port as well as Sidney’s Gamble.”

I sat and leaned back, “load a data stick with all unregistered ships.”

“Any things else?”

I looked at the girls, “was there any attempt to make a call out by one of the girls?”


I stood and started undressing as I crossed to the bed, “good night Simon.”

I laid beside Mia and put a hand on her hip before closing my eyes. I woke to a her pushing back against my hard cock and a hand moving it down. I opened my eyes as Mia sighed when my cock began stretching her tight pussy. She shivered and kept pushing back until my cock was buried and then slowly pulled forward.

I moved my hand and held her as I started to thrust into her with long strokes. Mia moaned as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. It was a minute before she was jerking and spasming as she thrust back and forth harder. I smiled and rolled her onto her stomach as I started fucking down into her harder with deep thrusts.

She spread her legs and shoved back as her pussy tightened and she screamed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her struggling body as she writhed around and wailed. It was several minutes before I thrust into her. I buried my cock as it erupted and I began pumping spurts of cum. Mia jerked as if she were being scalded but thrust up and back, “yyyeeessssss!”

I continued to cum until I was finished and pulled out. I laid beside her and looked at a grinning Yasmine, “that was a good way to wake up.”

She laughed as she rolled Mia over and slipped between her legs to give her a kiss. I smiled as they both groaned and shuddered before Yasmine looked at me and growled. She moved towards me and pushed me onto my back and then straddling me and positioned my cock. She pushed down and my cock sank into her as she shuddered again and started rocking.

I kneaded her breasts and tugged on her nipples as her tight pussy rippled around my cock. She rolled her hips and began to turn and twist, “mmmm!”

I shivered at the feel of her tight pussy massaging my cock. She started rocking and slamming back to impale her pussy as she began to pant. She became erratic and twisted and thrust back and forth jerkily. Mia giggled, “roll her over and fuck her.”

I grinned as Yasmine dropped onto my chest and held me while she tried to roll us over. I went with her and began fucking her with long thrusts as she lifted her legs up, “oooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her but started kissing her as she spasmed while her pussy rippled and grasped. A few minutes and Yasmine was thrashing around and kicking in the air as she wailed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep while trying to cum and a minute later shoved into her hard before pumping heavy spurts. She tilted her hips and hugged me as her pussy tightened, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

She shuddered and jerked as I poured cum through her cervix. When I was done she sighed as she dropped to the bed. I smiled and kissed her before pulling out and moving off the bed, “you two better douche before showering this morning.”

I went to make coffee and breakfast and a minute later Mia was nudging me aside, “I... we can do that.”

I stepped back and went to sit as Yasmine came to watch and help. A minute later we were eating and I was sipping coffee that was very good. After that we showered and got dressed and I picked up a data stick Simon kicked out. We slipped out of the building through a door beside a loading dock.

I led the girls through the city with people talking about duke Tremble being assassinated. I sat in a small café beside the port entrance and sipped tea while the two girls shopped in a store across the street. I had given them several very large credit sheets. The man that walked in a little later wore a black wrist band that was plain.

I turned and paid the server before standing and heading towards the door. I bumped into the man and slipped the data stick into his pocket, “sorry, I’m clumsy after I drink tea.”

Crossing the street I stepped into the shop to watch Mia and Yasmine giggle and whisper. They had on nice silk gowns that hugged their bodies. I grinned, “I like those.”

They turned and grinned before Mia strutted to me, “we have a few others too but they cost more than you gave us.”

I held her and caressed her hips, “I’m sure you can pay me back later.”

She grinned and kissed me, “thank you.”

I nodded and turned her before giving her butt a pat, “change so we can go to the jewelry mart.”

Those were magic words as she almost ran to Yasmine. I paid for everything when they returned and we walked out with two large bags I ended up carrying. The jewelry mart didn’t have many people around as we went from stall to stall. I did look at everything and even bought a few nice pieces for the girls.

We had a nice lunch in a tiny bistro before we went back to shopping. When I opened the door to the apartment the girls headed straight for the bathroom as they stripped, “we’re home Simon!”

I shook my head as I watched them and then looked at Simon’s holo, “anyone try to enter?”

“No. There is a strange request from the prince for Yasmine’s buyer to contact him.”

I moved to the bed and set the bags of clothing and jewelry down before heading towards the kitchen, “was it a public request or through the auction house?”

“It came through your private comm line.”

I hesitated as I put the new first class meal packs away. I finished and walked to the couch and sat, “Open the comm and contact him.”

It was a minute before a holo of the prince appeared and both Yasmine and Mia had come out and crossed to lean against me. The prince grinned, “mister Kendal I understand duke Tremble put a contract on you.”

I caressed the girls bare thighs, “if he did I imagine it died with him.”

He laughed, “I believe it did.”

I looked at him as I started fingering his daughter and she moaned, “How my I help you?”

He smiled as he looked at his shuddering daughter, “I have done a bit of research on you. I would like to commission a job.”

Yasmine was moaning and shaking as she humped and jerked. Mia giggled and whispered, “see if he has another daughter.”

I grinned as I looked at her and then at the prince, “and what would I be stealing?”

He leaned forward as he looked from Mia to me, “Duke Tremble had a hidden vault. I would like something from the vault.”

I slipped a finger all the way into Yasmine and she stiffened and howled as her pussy tightened. I smiled and looked from her clinging to my arm to her father, “and what is in it for me?”

He grinned as he sat back, “besides taking any and everything else in the vault I will give you my fourteen year old daughter Ash.”

I looked at Yasmine as she shuddered and pulled my finger out, “where is this vault and what is it you want out of it?”

He looked at Yasmine as she sighed and leaned against me, “in his estate basement. I want a jeweled dagger. It has a carven hilt of blue Jade with ruby eyes.”

I thought about it and glanced at Yasmine, “you want your sister Ash to join us?”

She grinned and rubbed my chest, “can we fuck her first?”

I grinned, “sure.”

I looked at the prince and knew he had an amplifier running because he grinned. I nodded, “give me a few days.”

I gestured and Simon shut the comm line down. I stood and pulled the girls up, “disconnect the comm lines Simon.”

“The back trace is still routing through the city.”

I pulled the girls after me, “connect to the secondary line from the furniture factory.”

The girls started stripping my clothes off and I waited before turning Yasmine as Mia crawled onto the bed and spread her legs. I moved Yasmine onto her knees and she bent to start licking Mia’s pussy as I rubbed her slit before pushing into her. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts.

It wasn’t long before she was shoving back and shuddering while her pussy squeezed. I kept fucking her as I thought about what the prince wanted. Yasmine started howling and shaking and I pulled out before rolling her over beside Mia. I moved between her legs and pushed into her and began to fuck her hard and deep.

She lifted and spread her legs as her pussy kept grasping at my cock. It took several minutes before I buried my cock as she wailed and thrashed around. I pumped and spewed and spurted as she jerked and clutched me. I pulled out when I was done and rolled onto my back as Mia laughed and moved down to start licking through Yasmine’s leaking pussy.

I shook my head and moved off the bed before heading into the fresher. I was showering when the girls came in and Mia pressed against me, “you going to do it and get Yasmine’s sister?”

I kissed her and looked at Yasmine, “yes.”

I used a door on the other side of the building when I left and headed towards the nobles estates. If anything the duke’s guards were a lot worse. It was almost as if they knew there wasn’t anything to guard or wanted someone to enter. I stayed in the shadows and took a few precautions and watched as it slowly grew dark.

My chance came at that moment after twilight and I took it. I went over the wall and crossed to the manor. I climbed to a window and shifted to use a tool that slid the lock back. I opened the window and slipped in. I stood still listening and it almost felt like the manor was waiting and that did not give me a good feeling.

I used a vid wire to check the hall and switched to several vision settings. I shook my head at the sensor grid and moved back as I thought. I moved back to the window and watched for a few moments. I grinned as I remembered something from the old plans. I slipped out and down before moving around to a corner.

I was between the building and some short flowering bushes. I looked at the old shaft vent and worked quietly to remove the cover. I used spider thread and lowered myself down in the shaft. At the bottom I worked at another vent and slipped out into the dark basement. I stood still and began a careful survey as I thought of the plans.

One whole wall was almost four meters further in than it should be. It took a couple of minutes to find where the door should be. I moved silently across and searched for several minutes before I found the lock. I used a decripter and a voice descrambler and opened the vault. I moved back as a section of the wall slid in and then aside.

I waited and then tossed a holo imager, my image appeared kneeling in the vault. Nothing happened and I moved to look in. I began to search and filled my pack with jewelry and bonds. I was scanning everything I took and found the dagger. I checked it and pulled a tiny scan tracker off. I slipped it into my pack before continuing to loot the vault.

Once my pack was full I looked out and moved across to the vent. I closed the vent before using a crawler to lift me up the thread. I used the vid wire to check outside before climbing out. I closed the vent and checked the manor grounds. I hesitated before using a remote vid screen on a tiny camera I had left.

I grinned at the guards waiting and turned to move the other way. I went over the wall after checking and crossed the street before starting to walk away. I had several million worth of jewelry beside the dagger. I crossed the city and stopped beside the slave auction. I glanced around and removed my pack and took the dagger out.

I slipped it behind the auction sign and secured it before walking away. I stopped several blocks away and used a public comm. I shut it off three times as servants said to wait. The forth time he answered, “Kendal. Decided to accept my offer?”

I smiled, “I have what you want. Meet me at the slave auction pens.”

He straightened, “you have it?”

I shook my head, “did you really think the traps would stop me or catch me? You made a bargain your highness.”

He smiled and bowed, “give me a quarter cycle.”

I hid the pack before returning to the slave auction and waiting in the shadows of an alley. A platoon of guards swept into the square and spread out before the prince appeared with a girl beside him. I stepped out and the guards shifted and several moved towards me. I gestured, “they interfere and the deal is off and I will dispose of the dagger.”

He gestured and the guards let me continue walking until I was by the sign and in front of him. I smiled, “why try to trap me?”

He grinned, “you killed a noble.”

I shrugged, “he tried to kill me, it wasn’t personal.”

He nodded and gestured to the girl, “as agreed.”

I pulled my comm and made a call, “put Yasmine on.”

A moment later I was looking at her and turned the comm, “is this Ash?”

I waited before turning the comm back and she nodded, “are you bringing her home?”

I looked at the prince, “I hope so.”

I disconnected and turned to the sign and brought out the dagger. I walked to the prince and held it out and he hesitated before taking it, “do you know what this dagger is?”

I glanced at it, “something you want.”

He snorted and then laughed and nodded to the girl, “live well my daughter.”

He looked at me, “thank you thief.”

I smiled as I took the girl’s hand and started backing towards an alley, “for what?”

He looked at me and opened his mouth before grinning, “for nothing.”

I nodded and turned to pull the girl after me and down the alley and then a street and another alley. I stopped to collect my pack and stripped Ash before feeling and checking her. I pulled her through a dark doorway and into the huge building that was my home. I slipped on the thermal glasses to walk through the halls and make my way home.

I opened the door and pulled Ash into the room, “I’m home Simon.”

Yasmine and Mia sat up and then moved off the bed before walking towards us. They pulled Ash towards the bathroom and started whispering as I removed my pack, “do a broad spectrum scan for tracking devices.”

I headed to the couch and sat before Simon answered, “nothing.”

I sighed, “what news on duke Tremble?”

“Nothing new, his heir was granted his father’s patient.”

I nodded and looked at the three girls as they walked towards me, “anymore unregistered ships?”


I stood and slipped an arm around Yasmine’s waist, “time for bed. You and Mia can molest Ash while I sleep.”

She grinned, “would you like to wake in her virgin pussy?”

I looked at her as she grinned, “I would enjoy her.”

They laughed and giggled as we headed to the bed and I crawled on and moved to one side before laying down. I ignored the moans and sighs and the cute little grunts as I fell asleep. I woke to Ash straddling me and opened my eyes as she slowly impaled her tight pussy. She looked at me and grinned as she wiggled and thrust back and forth, “good morning master.”

I grinned as I reached up to hold her firm breasts before looking for Yasmine and Mia. They were sitting on the edge of the bed and grinning. I pulled Ash down and against me to feel her body. She shifted and rubbed before starting to rock as her pussy gripped and grasped my cock. I smiled as she sighed and shuddered, “you like that?”

She nodded, “it feels so nice.”

She sat up again and I held her waist, “rub your pussy back and forth and then roll your hips.”

She nodded and did as I told her before jerking as her pussy clenched, “oooohhhh!”

She jerked back and forth while her pussy continued to grasp my cock and became slicker, “mmmm!”

Her eyes rolled up as she swayed and I shook my head. I pulled her down and rolled before fucking her with long deep strokes. She wailed and continued to spasm as she wet me and bucked. All I could see of her eyes was the white as she screamed and kept struggling. I fucked her firmly for a few minutes before pushing all the way into her.

I held her as I gushed and spewed cum. She jerked as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. I kept spurting against her cervix until cum was leaking around my cock. I pulled out and laid beside her to feel and caress her pelvis as she panted and shuddered, “sensitive little bitch.”

Yasmine laughed as she moved onto the bed and her sister, “she is so much fun.”

Mia pressed against me, “fuck me now?”

We were only on Carthy for another six months before I received a message to leave. I had four open colony credits for us on Paradise and took the first ship out. Six weeks later Carthy was invaded and a lot of their leaders and nobles died. We live on a small island with a huge open one story house. The girls spend all their time naked on the beach or in the ocean.

I walked into the large central room and headed for the couch, “I’m home Simon.”

“Yasmine and Mia are pregnant.”

I grinned, “Ash?”

“She asked the doctor to remove her implant.”

I looked around, “where are they?”

“In the bedroom looking at artificial wombs.”

I stood, “I think I will go help them.”
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