My marriage had started okay but after a year it was a mess and I rarely had sex which led to arguing. At least our divorce was friendly and we seemed to become better friends. Alex was the one to hear about the Kennel club. She was twenty with long red hair and firm breasts. She had all the hair on her pussy permanently removed so it was bald.

It was six months after we divorced and I was working behind the garage. I made and sold statues and waterfalls and small ponds. I looked up after opening the mold for a new statue and smiled as I stretched, “forget something else?”

Alex was bitting her lip as she looked at me from the back porch, “can we talk?”

I bent and moved the mold away from the statue before walking towards the porch, “I have a break coming so sure.”

She smiled and sat in one of the chairs as I took another. She blushed and looked down, “I know we had problems because I didn’t put out and...”

She looked at me as her blush darkened, “I want to change. There is this club but I need a guy to take me and... register me.”

I frowned, “register?”

Alex looked down, “the Kennel club is different. The guys can use any woman and the women can’t say no. They are the bitches and... and have to be there at least three nights a week. It isn’t love making it is just sex and... well I... will you do it?”

I sat back and looked at her, “a sex club?”

She looked at me and nodded, “please?”

I looked at all my statues, “what about the risk of catching something?”

Alex shook her head, “we would have to have tests done before and can’t fuck around while in the club.”

My cock was drooling just thinking about it, “the women can’t say no?”

She shook her head and I stood and pulled her up. I reached for her pants and she caught my hands. I looked into her face and she let me go. I opened and pushed her pants down before turning her and pushing her down to her knees. I followed as I pushed my pants down and bent her forward onto the chair she had been sitting in.

I rubbed her beautiful slit and then pushed my cock into her. I sighed and shivered before pulling back to start fucking her. It was a minute before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed. She pushed back as I began to fuck her with long thrusts that pushed against her cervix. A couple of minutes and she spasmed and jerked while wailing, “Samuel!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she convulsed while her pussy became slipperier. It wasn’t long before I buried my cock and held her as I began pumping cum into her. When I stopped I just held still with my cock throbbing inside her as her pussy grasped and squeezed. I rubbed her ass, “okay Alex.”

She shuddered and looked back before smiling, “you won’t be sorry.”

I pushed against her asshole, “you better start using an anal plug to stretch your ass.”

I pulled out and then helped her stand. She turned and kissed me, “can I stay here tonight? You can use me and help me stretch my butt.”

I grinned and gave her a kiss, “sure.”

She stepped back and bent to pull her pants up before going back through the house. I pulled my pants up and went back to work. I glanced at the door as I was getting ready to make dinner. Alex walked in carrying a garment bag and her overnight case. She grinned, “my clothes and stuff for work tomorrow.”

She went to put everything in the bedroom and when she came out she was naked and carrying an anal plug and a bottle of lube, “help me put this in.”

I grinned and turned her and bent her over the table. I rubbed her bald slit before taking the plug and the lube, “you don’t keep it in for long when you start.”

I put lube on a finger and started rubbing and pushing against her ass while using my other hand to finger her clit. She reached between her legs, “I’ll do that.”

I let her rub and finger her clit as I finally pushed my finger into her ass. I pulled it out and a minute later was finger fucking her ass while she panted and pushed back. I kept adding lube and then a second finger and then a third before pulling my fingers out and sliding the plug in. I pushed my pants down as Alex jerked and shook and pushed into her tight pussy.

I started fucking her with long strokes as she lay on the table and shuddered. She was moaning and then wailing as her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhhh!”

I continued fucking her as she thrashed around and howled. I kept it up as her pussy milked my cock and she came harder then I had ever seen her cum. It was awhile before I shoved into her and began spurting cum. She jerked and shoved back hard when she felt the warm sperm, “fuck!”

When I was done I pulled out and left her on the table as she panted. I started dinner as she slipped to the floor and knelt. I looked at her and grinned as she rubbed her pussy and tried to look between her legs. I fucked her eight times before pulling her to the bed and falling asleep. I woke up to her alarm and she turned to shut it off.

She turned back and rubbed my chest, “I made us an appointment to get tested at our doctor at noon and a form for you to fill out.”

I turned to cup a breast, “when are you coming back?”

She grinned, “tonight so we can keep stretching my butt.”

I tugged on a nipple, “and when do I get to see this Kennel club?”

She shuddered and kissed me before rolling out of bed, “this afternoon at six. We can look around but not stay.”

I nodded and followed her out of bed and into the bathroom. I watched her douche and go to the bathroom before starting the shower and pulling her in. I washed her but didn’t start anything, after she left I went to work but stopped to clean up and go to the doctor later. Alex was arriving when I got there and we did all the tests together before leaving.

When I got home I filled out her form and went back to work. Alex arrived at five and I cleaned up before she drove us a couple of miles and pulled into what had once been a kennel. The old sign was still up and when we parked I saw a few naked people out back. The men had leashes and walked women around like they were exercising a dog.

In the large central room which was thickly padded we met an older man. While we were given a tour I learned that for the first two weeks Alex would have to stay on a breeding stand in the front room for five day each week. The women ranged from a few girls to an older woman who seemed to really love getting fucked because she was a screamer.

As soon as we got home Alex was stripping and pulling me towards the bedroom. First it was to put her anal plug in, she had seen several women getting it in the ass. After her plug was in she put one of my ties on and held up one end. I grinned as I led her out like she was a dog on a leash. I stripped in the front room and moved her to lay over the coffee table.

I pushed into her from behind and fucked her with long deep thrusts. She pushed back as her pussy squeezed and shuddered as a moan escaped. I kept fucking her with long thrusts and enjoyed every moment as her moans turned to wails and then howls. I fucked her hard as I tried to cum and she began thrashing around and struggling.

I finally shoved into her and spewed a torrent of cum. Alex jerked and pushed back as her pussy gripped and held my cock while I flooded her. I pulled out when I was done and stood to lead her into the kitchen. We had a late dinner and then I led her out onto the back porch where I fucked her over the rail.

I did her on the front porch behind the tall flowering bushes. I did her in the bathroom while she tried to pee, I did her in the shower before finally taking her to bed. I woke to her alarm and she rubbed my chest, “fuck my ass tonight?”

I grinned, “sure.”

She kissed me and moved out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. After she left I went out and bought supplements and a few pet supplies and came home and started working. I stopped early and went out again and bought a couple of soft porn movies. I was making dinner when Alex came in.

She was already shuddering and dropped her overnight case and garment bag when the door closed, “Sam?”

I looked out of the kitchen as she tore at her clothes, “god I need you to fuck my ass.”

I grinned and started undressing as she almost ran towards me, “what got you going?”

She stroked my cock before turning and going to her hands and knees, “I bought a vibrating anal plug.”

I knelt behind her and rubbed her butt and fingered her slippery pussy as she groaned. I pulled the plug out and shut it off, Alex must have used a lot of lube because her ass was very slippery. I pushed into her ass easily and she shuddered and pushed back as my cock sank into her. I started to fuck her and she jerked and wailed while spasming, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I held her as she jerked and twisted while slamming back and forth on my cock. I shook my head as her hot ass worked its magic and started fucking her with deep thrusts. She continued to wail and scream as I fucked her and in just a couple of minutes I buried my cock and held her. Her ass squeezed as I began to spew and pump spurts of cum.

She jerked each time I pumped a jet of cum and when I finished she sighed. I pulled out and rubbed her pussy before standing and helping her up. I pulled her back to the bathroom for an enema and washed with her. She rubbed my chest when I turned her around, “I got our tests results and turned them in.”

I fingered her pussy and she shuddered before turning for the door, “I dropped them off at the kennel during lunch and they should be calling us.”

I dried her off and then myself before we went back to the kitchen. After dinner I grinned and went to get the collar and leash. Alex grinned when I put it on her and led her out into the backyard, she even squatted and peed. I bent her over a fountain basin and pushed into her pussy and fucked her with deep strokes for a couple of minutes.

When she began to grunt and shudder I pulled out and pushed into her ass slowly. She groaned and pushed back as I fucked her with slow thrusts and then pulled out to push back into her cunt. I fucked her hard and deep while she wailed and spasmed. Her pussy was grasping my cock constantly as she kept pushing back.

After a couple of minutes I pulled out and pushed back into her ass. Alex jerked and shoved back as my cock sank into her, “YES!”

I fucked her ass with long thrusts until I was burying my cock each time. Alex was shaking and shuddering and after a few minutes I fucked her hard and deep before shoving in. I held her as I pumped and spurted cum while she jerked. When I was done I pulled out and rubbed her slit, “no clean up until bedtime.”

She laughed as I pulled her up and led her towards the house. I fucked her ass bent over the couch and then her pussy three times in bed. I woke to her alarm and turned to catch her. I undid the leash as she grinned and watched her head for the bathroom. It was noon when I got the call from the Kennel club and they said to bring Alex over at seven.

I went back to work after delivering a few items to buyers and then quit for the day. I washed up and started dinner and Alex came in a little later and I grinned, “put the collar back on. After you douche, use an enema and get your leash from the bedroom.”

She grinned, “we practicing again?”

I shook my head, “tonight I am taking you to the kennel club and putting you on the breeding stand.”

Her eyes widened and she shuddered, “I’ll be right back.”

I watched her walk toward the hall quickly. I wasn’t sure how I felt knowing she was going to have other men fucking her. She came out in a blouset and long skirt but was wearing her collar and held the leash. I nodded to the table, “Panties and bra?”

She laughed, “I left them off and added lube to the enema and poured more on the plug.”

I smiled and turned back to finish dinner. She was quiet when I put dinner on the table and sat, “you okay?”

I sighed and shrugged, “I’m not sure about seeing you getting fucked by another man.”

She moved food around on her plate, “I don’t want to be the fridged bitch. I enjoy it once you get me going but...”

She took a breath, “if I know they are going to fuck me... my pussy is wet and almost aches.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “can I sleep here after?”

I nodded and she grinned, “did you notice the girls when we were there before?”

I smiled, “the one peeing in the cement trench outside or the one sucking the old guy?”

She laughed, “fuck them both and see who their owner is.”

We cleaned up after dinner and I checked the time before putting her leash on the collar. I led her out to the car and we drove to the club. Alex wiggled around as she pulled the anal plug out and grinned at me as I came around and took her leash to lead her in.

The older man met us and smiled, “you can undress her and put her on the stand. She needs to be walked every thirty minutes.”

I looked around at several people, the men seemed to be waiting. I turned and took her blouse and skirt off before setting them on a shelf and leading her to the padded stand. I rubbed a hard nipple, “ready?”

She grinned and nodded before turning and kneeling. She spread her knees as she laid forward on the sloping bench. I turned away as a guy knelt behind her and two more joined him to feel her. I saw the girls together and walked across to them, “hi.”

They grinned and the older one reached down to rub my pants, “need a bitch?”

I grinned, “yes.”

I started undressing and she waited until I had set my clothes aside. She turned to go to her knees and lay her head and shoulders on the floor. I knelt and rubbed her warm pussy and looked at the other girl as she knelt too. I shifted and slowly forced my thick cock into the girl that was waiting and she pushed back.

I held her to just enjoy her tight pussy around my cock and the other girl giggled. I started to fuck her and looked at the younger girl, “how old are you?”

She rubbed the other girl’s asshole, “I’m Lynn and I am fourteen. Grandfather owns us and brings us.”

I used long thrusts and kept planting my cock each time I pushed in. I humped, “and you? How old are you?”

She shuddered and jerked as her pussy clenched, “sixteen and my name is Candy.”

I smiled and held her hips as I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep. I could hear Alex wailing and glanced back to see a guy fucking her firmly while she shuddered hard. Lynn rubbed my chest, “they may fuck her but they won’t hurt her.”

I continued to fuck Candy and it was a few minutes before she spasmed and squirted. Lynn laughed and slipped a finger into her ass to fuck it, “sperm her good.”

That got me going and I fucked her with deep firm thrusts for a couple of minutes before I buried my cock again as it throbbed. Candy pushed back as I began pumping thick strong spurts of cum. She jerked as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I put a half dozen spurts into her before I was done and slowly pulled out. She sighed and then grinned before sitting up, “want to own us?”

I looked at her as I stood and reached down to pull her up, “own you?”

She rubbed my chest, “grandfather is moving and we need someone so we can stay.”

I looked at Lynn, “what about your parents?”

She shook her head, “mom is a junkie and dad ran off.”

I looked at Alex as another man fucked her, “I’ll need to ask my... wife.”

Candy grinned, “give her a few minutes and then take her for a walk to the pee trench.”

I grinned, “and where is your grandfather?”

Lynn pointed, “we’ll talked to him. He said if we found someone he would let us stay.”

Lynn folded my clothes, “I’ll go put these on the shelf.”

Candy reached for them, “first you let him fuck you proper.”

Her sister grinned and handed the clothes to her, “you go put them on the shelf and he can fuck me.”

She took the clothes with a grin and walked away as Lynn went to her knees and spread them wide. She put her head down as I knelt behind her to feel her pussy before pushing into her tight hole. She shivered and pushed back as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. My cock sank all the way into her and spread her pussy open.

She shuddered as I kept fucking her and burying my cock while her pussy gripped and squeezed. It wasn’t long before she was howling and jerking on and off my cock. She twisted and turned as she wet me several times and I fucked her harder. I looked at Alex with yet another man fucking her and buried my cock.

Lynn spasmed as her pussy rippled and squeezed and I rubbed her asshole before starting to fuck her again. I did it with deep firm thrusts and she grunted and shook. Several minutes later when I shoved into her I began spewing and pumping more cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened as I spurted sperm through her cervix.

When I stopped I pulled out and helped her stand. Candy was back and grinned as she pressed and rubbed her body against me, “grandfather said okay.”

I looked at her before looking at Alex, “let me get my wife.”

I had to help her up and she shuddered while leaning against me, “god I am a horny slut.”

I grinned, “a horny cum leaking slut.”

She laughed as I led her out and to the cement trench, “squat and pee.”

She grinned as she did what I told her. I told her about Candy and Lynn and she looked at them before grinning, “do it. You would have three of us to fuck like bitches.”

I stood her up and cupped a breast to rub her nipple, “you really okay?”

She kissed me and pressed against me, “yeah. You can fuck me all you want if the girls don’t drain you.”

I led her back to the bench and she went to her knees and spread them wide as she laid forward. I went back to Candy and rubbed her butt, “you have a new kennel.”

She grinned as her sister laughed and pressed against me. I fucked them each once more before they had to leave. I gave them my address and went to wait for Alex. I walked her several times before we could leave and by then she had cum leaking out of her pussy and ass and running to both ankles.

She was happy though and leaned against me all the way home. When we got there Candy and Lynn were waiting on the porch and Alex led them back to the bathroom. I went to check and lock up before heading to bed. They were all waiting in my bed and I grinned as I shut the light off and got undressed.

I walked to the bed and reached out to feel Alex before moving onto the bed and between her legs. I pushed into her and buried my cock as I kissed her. I started to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she humped and thrust up as her slimy cunt tightened, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her as Candy and Lynn watched and she clutched me a minute later and wailed, “SAM!”

I buried my cock to hump, jab and grind as she twisted and jerked. I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep and she began to howl and lifted and spread her legs, “YES!”

It took me a few minutes before I shoved into her used cunt and grunted as I began to pump cum. She jerked and clutched me as I kept spurting and spewing. When I was done I waited until she sighed and relaxed before pulling out. I rolled Lynn onto her back and moved between her legs as she grinned and pushed into her tight cummy pussy.

I went back and forth and fucked all three of them for almost two hours. Alex moved in the next day with Candy and Lynn helping. The first two weeks really had Alex going and even though I fucked a few of the women I made sure I had something left for when we came home. Candy and Lynn were and still are horny nymphs and love being fucked.

Six months later I bred Alex with the club watching. She screamed and jerked each and every time I pumped another load of cum into her. She would suck a cock or let the other men fuck her ass but wore an anal plug to make sure I was the only one breeding her. Candy was next and that was after Alex had the baby.

A year later when Lynn turned sixteen it was her turn. We are still in the club and go at least four times a week. Alex loves sex now and both Candy and Lynn have taken to her like ducks to their mother.
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