Mom and my sisters have always tempted me. I knew dad fucked mom in his chair while we watched TV. I had seen his cum leaking down her thighs several times. My name is Ryan and I’m fourteen almost fifteen with three adopted sisters. Penny who is fourteen, Jane and Mina who are thirteen.

It was Friday and I had finished my shower only to find all my pajamas dirty and underwear missing. I was in my robe and decided to just ignore not having anything else on. I went into the living room where everyone was watching a movie. The girls were wearing tee shirts like mom who was just sitting on dad’s lap.

The chair at the other end of the couch was empty and I sat down. Mina stood a minute later and walked over before turning and spreading her legs as she backed onto my lap to sit. I froze as she bent to reach down and back to open my robe before sitting and I saw her bare pussy. Of course when mom sat on dad I knew what they were doing so I was hard.

My sister carefully positioned my cock and sat and wiggled before it popped into her. She shivered as she wiggled some more while leaning back against me. Her extremely tight pussy began sliding further down my thick cock. I put my arms around her as her warm, almost hot pussy grasped my cock.

I glanced at mom and dad and he was watching the movie. Mom was looking at me and smiled as she slowly rocked. I dropped one of my hands to feel Mina’s bald pussy around my cock and rubbed her clit. She shuddered and bounced, driving my cock against her cervix. She jerked and giggled before rolling her hips and rocking slightly like mom.

I groaned at the feel of her pussy around my cock and tried to relax as I rubbed and played with her clit. She shuddered and jerked a lot and once turned her head for me to kiss her. It was only a few minutes before I grunted and held her as I peed a fountain of sperm up through her cervix.

She jerked as her pussy tightened and then she lay back and shuddered with each new spurt of cum as I pumped it into her. When I was done she turned her head and kissed me, “thanks Ryan.”

She wiggled before slowly moving forward and off my cock. I looked at mom standing up from dad’s lap and she followed Mina around the couch and towards the hall. Jane stood and moved towards me as Penny went to dad. I watched as Jane spread her legs as she backed onto my lap and bent to position my cock.

Like Mina she sat slowly and pushed and wiggling before my cock pushed up into her. I groaned at her tight pussy and put my arms around her and held her, “you feel so good.”

She shuddered and leaned back, “momma said we were big enough to try it and...”

I reached down to feel her stretched pussy and she thrust back and forth, “mmmm!”

I looked at Penny wiggling on dad’s lap. He had his eyes closed as he held her breasts through her shirt. I smiled and let my other hand slip up under her tee shirt and cupped one of Jane’s breasts. She jerked and spasmed as I rubbed her nipple and gave it a tug. Her pussy spasmed and squeezed and I humped up and she pushed down and looked back.

I hugged her as she wiggled and rocked slightly and glanced at mom and Mina as they came back in and sat on the couch. Mom was sitting on my end of the couch and Mina moved to the end closest to dad. I somehow knew mom was waiting for me and Mina wanted dad. Jane moaned softly and spasmed as her tight pussy milked my cock.

It took awhile and Penny had already moved off dad when I jerked and pulled my sister down as I began to gush cum up against her cervix. She shuddered and shook as she turned her head and I kissed her. We both sighed when I stopped cumming and grinned at each other. She shifted forward and stood before heading towards the hall.

Mina was already on dad’s lap as mom stood and came to slowly sit on my cock and lap. I waited and slipped a hand under her shirt and up to cup a breast as my other hand went to her full pussy. She shuddered and leaned back as I kept feeling her and she began to wiggle and rock. I loved her full breast and her almost hot pussy.

I caressed and rubbed her clit as she spasmed slightly and her pussy tightened. She looked back at me in surprise and I kissed her as I humped and tried to shove my cock deeper. She jerked and began to twist and thrust as her pussy rippled and gripped my cock. She rolled her hips as she began breathing harder.

She spasmed a couple of minutes later as her pussy grasped my cock. I hugged her as I kept humping up and mom turned to kiss me. I tugged on her nipple and she jerked as her pussy squeezed my cock hard, “ooohhh!”

I grinned and moved my hands to her hips before pulling her back and forth as I thrust. A minute later she was jerking as I held her while my cock erupted in a fountain of cum. Mom jerked and shuddered as she fell against me and sighed. I held her as I spurted and pumped until I was finished.

She turned to kiss me again and whispered, “that was perfect honey.”

Mina was still sitting on dad’s lap but she was smiling and he had his eyes closed. I think he had fallen asleep and mom giggled, “we wore him out.”

She stood and grinned as she turned and wiped her pussy. Penny passed her and pulled me up, “I want to try it in bed.”

I followed as she pulled me to her room and her bed. She turned and pressed against me, “can you do it once more?”

I pulled her tee shirt up and off, “at least four more times.”

She grinned and backed onto the bed, “tomorrow momma is teaching us to lap dance.”

I followed her as she laid back and settled between her legs, “and tonight?”

She giggled as she pulled on me and I pushed into her, “tonight was to get you and dad ready.”

I pushed deeper and kissed her as I began to fuck her. I looked at Jane and Mina as they sat on the bed and Penny sighed, “strip and climb in.”

They grinned before pulling their tee shirts off and I went back to fucking Penny slowly to enjoy every stroke. She sighed as her cummy pussy squeezed and I kissed her, “this is a lot better.”

Penny hugged me and I buried my cock to hump and press. She shuddered and lifted her hips and I pulled back to keep fucking her. Every few minutes she would jerk and spasm and moan as her pussy became slicker. It was over fifteen minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her as I began spurting cum.

My sister humped and hugged me tight as her pussy seemed to milk my cock. When I was done she sighed and relaxed onto the bed before looking at our sisters, “next?”

I fucked them for another couple of hours before we went to sleep. I woke to mom rubbing my hip and looked at her before looking at the girls. She smiled and rubbed my growing cock, “wait until tonight so I get your first batch of baby cream.”

I grinned, “you keep rubbing it and you won’t have to wait.”

She laughed as she stood, “wake the girls and bring them to the kitchen.”

That was fun and I did a lot of feeling and rubbing of my own. It was Saturday so I had chores and listened to the music as mom and the girls played different songs with a lot of thumping to it. Lunch was scallops and clams and the girls giggled the whole time while mom slipped me a pill.

We went out to watch a movie after lunch and then walked around in the mall before going home. Dinner was more seafood and then I helped clean up while mom and the girls disappeared. Dad was in his chair when I finished and came in to sit. It was a few minutes before the music started and mom came out to shut the TV off.

It was almost like a bump and grind as mom and the girls moved out in front of us. They were just wearing tee shirts again and we kept getting flashes of thighs, butt or pussy. We were pulled up and stripped before pushed back down in the chairs. They moved back and forth just out of reach at first.

They swayed and turned to wiggle their butt and tempt us. Mom had me spread my legs as Jane moved between them and swayed and wiggled before turning to bend and almost sit. My hard drooling cock actually touched her pussy before she rubbed it on me and moved away. It was ten minutes before I knew I was going to rape one of them.

Dad had already pulled Penny onto his cock and kept thrusting up as she rubbed back and forth. Mom moved the girls and turned as she stood between my legs. She bent her knees and sat to rub and I shifted and grabbed her hips. She grinned back as at me and reached between her legs.

She sat suddenly and my hard cock impaled her very wet and slippery pussy. She jerked and shuddered as a loud moan escaped. Her pussy tightened and clenched and I moved forward and off the chair as I took her to the floor. She spread her legs as I laid her down and began to fuck down into her hard and deep.

She wailed and spasmed as she kept thrusting back and I heard my dad say to fuck her harder. Mom twisted and bucked as I continued to fuck her for almost ten minutes before I buried my cock and pushed. She screamed as I peed a thick stream of sperm through and into her womb. I wouldn’t let her wiggle away as I kept pumping more spurts of cum into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and slumped to the floor. Jane laughed with Mina and pulled me off mom who laid on the floor with cum leaping out of her. She finally looked back and grinned as Penny moved off dad’s lap, “Jane gets Ryan and Mina gets her father.”

She rolled to her feet as Jane pulled me back to my chair, “you have to stay in the chair.”

I pulled her against me, “you get me worked up and I will lay you down and fuck you too.”

She grinned and kissed me before pushing me down in the chair. She danced like mom and rubbed her bare pussy on my leg and on my cock. Long before I was ready to pull her down Mina was riding dad. Jane grinned when she looked back and bent and squatted and impaled her pussy. She wiggled and thrust back and forth before bobbing up and down.

Damn she had me going as her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. It was a few minutes before she sat and my cock was buried. I held her tight and I humped up and thrust. She wasn’t trying to get away as she thrust back and forth while spasming. It was several minutes before I was grunting and pumping cum up into her and she was jerking, “YES!”

When I was done I held her as I leaned back and she looked back before wiggling and pulling off my cock. I grinned, “witch.”

Mom laughed as she pulled Mina off dad, “Penny gets Ryan and I get your father.”

Penny was just as good at teasing me as mom and Jane, the cum leaking down one leg didn’t hurt either. By the time I was ready to reach for her she put my legs together and straddled them to sit on my cock. She thrust back and forth while twisting and turning and rolling her hips. I loved her tight slick pussy and kept feeling her hips.

She began to spasm a few minutes later and howled as I held her back against me. Dad was jerking as he pumped cum into mom and she was shuddering as she looked at Penny and me. I wanted to fuck Penny but sitting like I was I couldn’t. Mom lifted off dad and looked at his cock before smiling at us, “take Ryan to bed girls.”

It was music to me and I pulled my sister off before standing and grabbing her hand and then reaching for Mina’s, “Come on Jane.”

They grinned as I went straight to my room and the bed. I let their hands go and helped them on before turning to help Jane. I crawled into bed and between Penny’s legs as she spread them. I kissed her and pushed into her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and put her legs over my thighs, “want to cum nice and deep?”

Jane and Mina giggled as I grinned and buried my cock and kissed her, “yeah.”

I pulled back to continue to fuck her with deep thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I paused to grind and hump. It wasn’t long before Penny was bucking and shuddering as I fucked her and she lifted and spread her legs. A few more minutes and I shoved all the way into her and began to flood her cummy pussy with more sperm.

She twisted and jerked as her pussy tightened and milked the cum out of my cock, “YES!”

When I was done Jane and Mina pulled on me and I slipped out of Penny. I laid on my back and pulled on Mina, “come on cowgirl.”

She grinned as Penny and Jane laughed and straddled me before slowly sitting on my cock. It was a good thing she was slimy from dad because she was still extremely tight. She sighed as my thick cock spread her pussy and began her lap dance. She twisted while rubbing her pussy back and forth and added a few bounces and humps.

Jane and Penny laughed as Mina shuddered and her pussy squeezed. She grinned as she added a rolling twist that helped her tight pussy milk my cock. A couple of minutes and she was erratic and jerking as she moaned, “ooohhh!”

I grinned as I kept rubbing her nipples and finally pulled her down before rolling. I kissed her and pulled back and fucked her with long deep strokes. She lifted her hips and kept thrusting up as her pussy constantly tightened. A little later she was yelling and howling as she spasmed and I began to fuck her hard and deep.

She wrapped her legs around me and clung to me as I continued to fuck her. A few minutes and she was incoherent as I buried my cock to spurt and spew. She jerked with each jet of cum as it was pumped into her and sighed when I was done. I gave her another kiss and pulled out and moved to Jane who grinned and laid back.

I fucked her until she spasmed and came and then fucked Penny until she came. I fucked Mina with deep thrusts and pumped more cum into her as she came. I went back and forth several times before we went to sleep. I woke to mom again and she grinned, “you are mine today and your father gets the girls as long as he lasts.”

I reached up to feel her breast, “no lap dance tonight?”

She smiled, “Friday and Saturday only.”

I pulled her into bed with us and shifted until she was under me. I kissed her and lifted to push into her and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Her almost hot pussy was still slimy and felt nice as it tightened and she hugged me. I continued to fuck her as she began to hump and shudder.

By the time I was ready to cum she was spasming and bucking while her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She was tossing her head but her eyes were rolled up as she shook. I buried my cock and pressed against her cervix hard before pumping a huge gushing spurt through. She clutched me and tilted her hips as I continued to spew warm sperm into her until I was done.

I am grown now with my own business. Penny, Jane and Mina are my partners and we work together. Dad still works but mom stays at home to take care of our children. She has had three and Penny is pregnant with her first while Jane and Mina wait for their turn. We still have lap dances every Friday and Saturday night.

Sometimes they take turns with us all day and sometimes they all do it together.
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