Shopping with your gf is so much fun
"Shall we?" She breathed into my ear; her cheek pressed against mine, as she reached out and closed the door. Pulling back slightly, her face only inches in front of mine, her hot breath burning my face, her soft brown eyes looking deep into mine as if begging me to let her have her way with me. Still holding me prisoner, I felt her right hand slide down my side, until encountering my belt, her hand then moved around as she forced it between our bodies. Fumbling at the front of my pants, she finally caught the zipper of my jeans with her fingers and slowly began to pull it down.

"Elena?" I whispered with abated breath. I was already highly aroused from seeing her in that black push-up bra and from cradling her beautiful breasts in my hands. With our bodies still pressed tightly together, her hand was pressing hard against my manhood that was already struggling to break free from the ever-growing tightness of my boxer shorts, as she gradually moved the zipper down.

"I know what you're thinking dear. You don't have to ask." She replied to my unstated question as the zipper reached its final destination. Moving her hand back up, she used her long fingers to caress me as she began to unbutton my jeans with one hand.

"You sure you want to do this?" I asked, trying hard not to squirm too much, though with her hand pressing against my hard-on as she continued to work to undo the button, it was becoming more and more difficult to stand still.

"Don't you want to do it?" She whispered, while still gazing deep into my eyes. I’m sure that she knew what she was doing and the effect it was having on me, but she didn’t care. It was fast becoming obvious that she had only one thought in mind.

"Yes, I really want to, but I don't want you to get in trouble because of my desires. I..." She shushed me by placing the fingers of her free hand against my lips.

"You should understand that I am not doing all this only for you. I want it too."

"What are you saying?" I asked, still a little surprised at her actions here in the lingerie shop.

"I love you my dear, more than anything or anyone in this whole world, and I want you to know that everything I do, is to let you know how much I love you. I want to see your beautiful face every single day. I want to kiss those delicious lips to start my day. I love the sound of your voice and the way you look at me with unabashed desire in your eyes. I want every part of you. There is nothing more important to me then to see you smile, to make you happy."


Once again, she stopped me from speaking by lightly touching my lips with her fingertips. She was looking into my eyes. Her eyes eager to say something.

"No Alan, don’t say it, please, just show me. Show me how much you missed me today." She pleaded, using that soft sexy voice she has, the one that makes my heart melt every time I hear it.Pulling back slightly, she looked down and started unbuttoning my shirt. I started to help her, but she quickly stopped me by pushing my hands aside.

“I like to take off your clothes so let me...” As the final button came undone, she leaned forward and very lightly kissed me on my lips. Pulling the now unbuttoned shirt open, and as more and more of my chest was exposed to her steady gaze, she bent forward and started kissing my chest. Sliding my shirt off my shoulders, she dropped it to the floor, as she continued exploring my partly naked body with her eyes, lips and tongue. Her lightly caressing fingers led the way as she spent a long time licking and sucking my nipples, before dragging her tongue down my chest and over my stomach.

Kneeling in front of me, she paused for a few moments in her downward exploration of my trembling body as she licked and explored all around my belly button before continuing down to my trousers. Finally, as her fingers encountered my belt, she struggled to unbuckle it. Then grasping my trouser waistband with a hand along each hip, she pulled them down. After I stepped out of my pants as they lay there on the floor, she tossed them aside.

There I stood, pinned against the wall, almost naked except for my tightly stretched boxers. They were trying desperately to hide my family jewels from view, but were fighting a losing battle. My highly aroused love pole was forcing them out from my body like the peak of a tent. They tried valiantly to protect me from any invaders, but soon lost that battle too, as she bit softly on my shaft through the material. When I felt her teeth gently raking along the full length of my love shaft, even through the thin fabric, the erotic sensations this caused triggered the release of pleasure hormones inside me. I couldn’t resist a shiver as a moan of pure pleasure started deep within me and rolled out through my lungs.

Briefly glancing up at me, she gave a little smile and a quiet giggle; she was very much aware of the effect her slow and deliberate actions were having on me. Then returning her gaze to the task she had given herself, she cupped my covered love pole in her hand and caressed it several times, slowly moving up and down its full length. I could feel the tension rapidly building in me and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep control of myself. Hooking her fingers inside the waistband, she began the struggle of slowly pulling my boxers down over my hard as rock pole. It took her a few moments to work the tightly stretched fabric over my throbbing mound, which did nothing to ease the tension I was feeling.

Finally, my poor boxers admitted defeat and allowed her to pull them down. My hard as steel cock, now freed from its tight confined space, suddenly sprang free and slapped her on her chin. Once again, I heard a little giggle escape those lovely lips that I loved to feel pressed against mine.

"It seems your cock missed my beautiful mouth. I think that it’s time they meet each other." She giggled as she winked at me.

I could only nod and watch as she firmly grasped me in her hand and then stuck tongue out and licked around my helmet. Next, she took the head of my cock in her mouth firmly gripping me with her lips, as she sucked on my jutting pole for just a little bit before releasing it again. I could feel her tongue caressing the tender underside as she held me captive in her mouth. Releasing me, she stood up, but maintaining contact, she let her tits rake up over my thighs. For a moment, my pole seemed to lodge in that deep crevice between her fully displayed breasts. That black push-up bra that I had selected for her, supported her mounds so well that my love pipe made a perfect fit as it nestled in between them.

Hesitating a few moments, she wiggled her shoulders back and forth, causing me to settle further into that deep valley. The exquisite feeling of her hugging me like that was one that I can’t describe, but I could have stood there forever with her cradling me that way. However, she had other ideas; she slowly rose to her feet dragging my pole out of its cradle. The feeling of her hot skin sliding along my manhood was almost more than I could stand; and I felt that an eruption was fast reaching its exploding point. The moment I escaped the loving grasp of her feminine charms, she leaned in tight against me, so that she had me firmly trapped between my body and the hot burning skin of her firm tummy. Intently watching every emotion that crossed my face, she never took her eyes off me, as she continued the upward journey. I was standing so close that her large tits pressed hard against my chest. Reaching her full height, my super hard cock now poked straight against her pussy. She put a hand down between us, bending my cock down a little so it lay nestled between her panty covered lips and buttocks. Then she started rocking slowly back and forth, rubbing herself on my throbbing shaft as she squeezed me between her firm thighs. Every time her mound pressed against me, I heard a soft moan escape those tender lips that I love to kiss.

Giving me a sly grin, she backed up until I lost all contact with her sexy body. There I stood, leaning against the wall, feeling all alone and totally deserted. I know the look of disappointment that crossed my face was only half what I felt.

“Oh no, please Elena, don’t stop now.” I begged.

“Shhh” was her only response as she turned around and bent over slightly, giving me a wonderful view of her hot ass. Even though covered by her panties that were soaked around her pussy, her swollen labia were pushing hard against the fabric and their outline was clearly visible. I could see moisture starting to run down her thighs. As moved her ass back towards my cock, I reached out, and with my fingers, pulled her brief panties aside, now fully exposing her pussy, that same pussy that my pulsating cock had been longing all day to explore. With my hands on her hips, I guided her into position, and at first contact with my hard pointed pole, I heard a gasp echo from her lips, then felt her completely relax. Because she had been controlling everything up to this point, I let her have her way and set the pace, with my hands still lightly resting on her hips. No matter how many times I found myself in this position with my lovely sister, I never grew tired of watching as almost half an inch of my cock disappeared inside her pussy. She rocked back and forth for a little while, moaning louder and louder with each stroke.

"I can't hold it." I moaned through clenched teeth.

"Oh No...Not now. Please not yet! Hold it for a while longer." She begged.

Due to all the direct stimulation she had given me as she stripped me, and also the erotic and somewhat dangerous location we were in, she realized from my actions that I was about to explode and wouldn’t last more than a few seconds longer. Needing to slow the rush to my climatic peak down, she slowly pulled away from me. As my hard member slowly left her body, I felt a shiver run though my body as the cool air suddenly hit me. It wasn’t cold in the room, but it felt that way after being in the hot furnace of her pussy. She felt me tighten my grip on her hips as I started to pull her back towards me. There was only one thing on my mind, and that was to get back inside her as soon as possible. Even her pearly lips were open, as if giving me an invitation to snuggle back inside her love tunnel.

Before I could complain, she turned around, kissed me, and murmured, “I want to try something different.”

Using me for support, she slowly sank to her knees as she let her hands and lips glide down over my body. Just the touch of her against me sent tingles all through my body, though my love handle had relaxed a little, relieving the tension somewhat. Sinking to her knees in front of me, she glanced up at me as if to confirm that I was watching. She didn’t need to worry, because I loved her so much that there was no way I could have looked away from her lovely body. She gave me a little smile as she lay back on the floor with her legs wide open, her arms reaching up in an open invitation for me to join her there. For a moment, I stood motionless taking in the sight before my eyes. There lay the love of my life, clad in only a black support bra that I had picked out for her and a pair of very wet panties. The black colored panty was trying to hide the treasure cave that I had left only moments before, from my view. In my frenzied state of mind I wasn’t about to let that happen. I knew that flimsy garment definitely couldn’t stop me from forcing my way back inside her.

Dropping to my knees between her widespread legs, I placed my hands on either side of the waistband of her now useless panty and started to pull it down. She immediately raised her hips up off the floor to make it easier for me to strip her of her last means of protection from assault by me. The assault weapon that I intended to use was at full attention and only inches away from the gateway to her heavenly charms. As her soft cheeks came up off the floor, I took the opportunity to slide my hands around under her and lift her hips higher. Supporting her weight with my hands, I leaned forward and pressed my face and lips tight against her mound. This unexpected action brought a yelp of surprise from her, as I nuzzled her sweet smelling pussy lips, my chin pressing hard against her little manhood that lay hidden just inside. Her whole body tensed for a moment, and her thighs immediately gripped my face, holding me prisoner, not that I ever wanted to get away. After that first shock of making contact with her most sensitive area, she released me.

“You surprised me when you did that. I hope you do it again sometime, and real soon too.” She said, giving me a happy grin.

“You never know what I might do.”

“No, I don’t. You learn fast. That is one reason I love you so much.”

“That’s because I have the best and sexiest teacher in the whole world. I promise to keep trying too.” I once again leaned forward and sealed that promise with another kiss on her love mound. Raised up as high as I was holding her, had forced her panties to slide in between her pussy lips, as her mound pressed hard against them wanting freedom. Hesitating for a moment, with my lips still pressed against her, I inhaled the scent of her sex. That was something I knew that I’d never get tired of, no matter how long we had been making love, it always give me energy to continue.

Taking a final deep breath to savior the aroma, I returned to the pleasant task of removing one of the final two garments that she still wore. Smelling it for few moments, I finally tossed it aside, as I had other thoughts in mind. My cock was standing straight out from my body and was so hard that it actually ached. It resented the fact that I had ignored it for so long and was now demanding some attention. Looking down between her widespread legs, I saw that her pussy was now wide open before me. She lay there for a few moments, not saying a word, completely exposed and at the mercy of my desires.

“Won’t you come closer to me?” She asked, holding out her arms to me. "Lie on top of me and rub your cock on my pussy."

Doing as she asked, I leaned forward, my body now covering hers. Not wanting to hurt her, I started to rise up so I could support some of my weight on my arms. Immediately she flung her arms around my neck, and pulled me back down. My whole weight was resting on top of her slender body. I felt her long legs wrap around me and hold me in their firm grip.

“I love the feel of your body pressing against me, holding me down.” She whispered in my ear, as she tightened her arms around my neck, holding me close. With our cheeks pressed against each other, all I could do was lightly nibble on her ear lobe with my lips, which brought a loud moan from deep within her. My penis was now nestled full length between her hot pussy lips. Never had I felt such a wonderful sensation, she had me trapped between our tightly pressed together bodies and by her soft tender pussy. I felt so loved, so cared for and I could have stayed in that position forever, however, she had other ideas.

“I don’t want you to enter me yet, just move your hips so that you can rub your cock up and down the full length on my pussy." I felt her slightly release the firm grip she had around my hips with her legs, giving me enough room to do as she asked.

Her full pussy lips were cradling my cock as if they were holding a baby; I was that baby and happy to be so. The head of my hard pole pressed tight against her love handle, created an almost unbearable sensation for both of us. Neither of us could resist a loud moan of pleasure; hearing the other’s moan intensified our level of pleasure. Remembering her request, I started to move my hips so that I was stroking her with the fully length of my manhood. In this position, the tender underside of my cock was firmly rubbing directly against her quivering clit, creating intense feelings of pure pleasure for both of us with every movement I made.

“Oh, OH! Alan. I can’t stand any more. I have to have you inside me now. But don’t push all of that long cock of yours into me, just the tip.” I heard her mutter between loud gasps of pleasure.

As much as I hated to stop the fantastic sensations that were rushing through my trembling body, I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could. Raising my hips up slightly, I felt her reach down, take me firmly within her hand, and guide me towards the one spot that I had been aching to enter. In my rush to feel her moist tender lips kissing my manhood once again, I missed the coveted entrance. This brought a giggle from her sweet lips as she felt me probing. At last, finding the entrance, I easily managed to push almost the entire helmet inside her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh YES! Just keep it like that. Don’t cum until I ask you to." She pleaded.

As her pussy closed in tight around me, I almost lost it. Struggling to regain control of my body, it took every ounce of willpower I had to resist the temptation not to push all the way in. I didn’t know how long I could stay this way without shooting everything I had, but I was determined to do my best to grant her wish. To help me resist the temptation to explode while barely inside her, I thought back to when I had been so worried that maybe something had happened to her, when she was gone so long while delivering that file to her client. This helped divert my sex-craved mind; otherwise, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to hang on. I loved her so much that my only thought was to please her in any way I could.

Watching the changing expressions on her pretty face, I knew that she wasn’t far from her orgasm either. Her body was trembling, her flushed face told me she was getting closer by the moment. Her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. She played with her nipples with one hand and began rubbing her clit with her other hand. Pressing hard with her fingers, her poor clit, trapped between her rapidly moving hand and my cock head that was nestled tight against its tender underside, grew even larger as it poked its head out from its protective sheath. She rubbed furiously and I knew that she was only moments away from her crest as she started panting loudly. Deciding to help push her over her point of no return, I leaned forward to kiss her trembling lips.

"Please Alan, cum with me. I'm about to cu- -uum." She announced her orgasm with a loud scream. Thankfully, with my lips firmly meshed against hers, she only screamed into my mouth, or people a block away would have heard her. The moment I heard “cum,” I rammed myself all the way into her waiting pussy and erupted deep inside.

Somewhere deep within my mind I heard her say, "Cum on me".

Luckily, not all cum had been unloaded inside her, I still had some left. When she asked me to cum over her, I immediately jerked my cock from her pussy and covered her tits and chest with my sperm. As fast as the last few drops shot from my penis and landed on her heaving chest, she lapped it all up and swallowed it with a big happy smile on her face.

"Wow. Was that hot or what?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes, it was hot. YOU are very hot Alan! I loved it!"

"You know, I would still like to cum in your mouth even though I like to cum inside you,"

"WOW! So soon, I’m impressed. The marvelous energy of youth. Bring it on." She laughed.

I stood up and rested against the wall. She smiled seductively, licked her lips and started licking my helmet. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it slowly. I could feel her tongue whirl around my cock as she sucked and licked me back to life. Soon I had a raging hard-on again. With a 'plop' my cock left her mouth as she started licking and sucking my balls. At the same time, she began jerking me off with her hand. She kept stroking my cock, faster and faster, and then took it in her mouth again. I threw my head back in pleasure while she deep throated my cock. The muscles in the back of her throat added to my pleasure as they massaged my cock.

"Oh fucking hell! It feels so good. Keep sucking my hard cock. Keep sucking me." I cried out, trying hard to keep my voice down so no one in the store would hear me. She pulled back a little until only the cock head was inside her mouth. Her tongue was all over my helmet. Using her other hand, she started massaging my balls and I knew it would soon be over.

"Aahh...I'm gonna cum!" I said, warning her of what was about to happen.

Then I came. I came hard and a gusher of seed spurted out of my cock into her mouth. I unloaded all I had, but Elena made sure not a drop slipped out of her mouth. When my orgasm finally ceased, she let go of her mouth on my cock, looked me in the eyes and swallowed. As she swallowed the deposit I had placed there, I saw a smile appear on her face as she moaned. Taking my cock in her mouth once again, she started cleaning it up. She licked it for few minutes until my cock seemed perfectly clean.

"I love the taste of your sperm. I want to taste it every day." she said,looking up at me as she rose to her feet.

“You are amazing! I want to taste you too, so I’ll make you a deal. If you let me make love to you as often as I want, you can have as much as you want, and anytime you want it. Is that a bargain?" I asked, giving her a devilish wink.

“I’m not sure I should agree to that, because you will probably wear me out.” She replied with a snicker. “But okay, I’ll go along with that. It’s a deal.”

“A deal is only final if it is sealed by a kiss.” I reminded her. Without waiting for a response, I reached out and wrapped my arms around her. I held her so that my left arm went around her right side, with my arm bent so my hand was cupping the back of her head. My right arm went around and down across her back, allowing my hand to cup and hold her right butt cheek. As I drew her in close to me, I was not only holding her with my hands but able to give her a bear hug by using my arms. At first, I felt her momentary resist me as I unexpectedly drew her in close, but then she totally relaxed and let her body melt into mine. Every graceful curve of hers, fitting snugly against me as if we were one. With her hot body now pressed tight against mine, her arms around my neck, I bent down slightly, closed my eyes as my lips lightly grazed hers.

“Mmm” she murmured into my mouth as our lips caressed our hearts beating as one. Drawing upon almost super-human strength, I forced myself to pull away. Looking into her pretty, brown eyes, I could see the disappointment there and I knew what she was thinking. I too would like to have enjoyed that heavenly moment awhile longer; however, there was a more pressing need that was standing at full attention.

“I love the way you seal a bargain.” She said, as she gazed lovingly into my eyes, her arms still around my neck.

“It’s fun to make bargains with you, and speaking of a bargain, remember ours where we agreed that I could make love to you anytime I wished?”

“Are you saying what I think you are?” She asked in amazement.

“Yup. And if you don’t believe me, look at this.” I said, as I stepped back further away so she could see that hard pole that was sticking out from between my legs.

“Again, and so soon? I think I have found myself a real tiger.” She said smiling, as she reached down with her right hand and grasped me. “Okay, tiger. What would like this time?” She asked, giving me a little tug.

“Just this.” As I knelt down, I let my fingers lightly caress down over her body, bringing tiny shivers as I traced down over her waist and thighs. Pausing for a moment, I kissed her navel, and then worked my way down to her moist mound. Forcing her lips apart, I let my tongue probe as far inside as I could reach. As soon as my invading tongue touched her tender clit, I felt her whole groin area tense and she couldn’t help a little involuntary jerk.
Glancing up at her, I couldn’t help asking. “What’s the matter?” Without waiting for an answer, I continued kissing and nibbling with my lips down the inside of her thighs.

Stretching out full length, on the floor, I held out my arms, inviting her to straddle me. Very carefully, she placed one leg on either side of my body, and started to kneel down, until her pussy was just above my cock. Partially supporting her weight with her left hand against my shoulder, she reached down with her other hand, took hold of me and rubbed my cock-head up and down between her pussy lips, each time forcing the point slightly further inside. Just the feel of her soft pink lips caressing me, was almost enough to send me over the edge.

Satisfied that I was securely within her grasp, she removed her hand, paused for a moment as she looked squarely at me. I looked into her eyes as she stared deep into mine and for a moment, there seemed to be a silent communication between us as we each confirmed our love and devotion to the other. Then she broke the magical spell as she sat down hard on my cock, taking it deep into her pussy. I watched in wonderment, as her eyes closed, her mouth dropped open and a steady moan escaped from those strawberry flavored lips.

Stretching out her legs, she went down further so that my dick was now fully inside her. The sudden stop in her downward motion as our pelvic bones crashed against each other caused her fully displayed breasts to shake. The sight of this sent a surge of energy to the very tip of my deeply imbedded cock, causing it to jerk. This sudden and unexpected movement inside her as I bumped against her now very sensitive love bud caused another moan of sheer pleasure to roll up through her body. Slowly at first, she lifted her body up so that about three inches of my cock was out, and then slid back down until fully impaled on my love pole. Smiling, she continued her up and down movements gaining speed each time. Every time she rose up, she tightened her grip on my dick until I thought she was going to pull it off.
She put her hands on my chest for support as she moved up and down on my cock. Leaning forward, she brought her sweet lips closer to mine. She started kissing me all over my face, my cheeks, my eyes, my lips, and pressing her tongue into my mouth every time she moaned. Although not fully experienced in all the ways of lovemaking, I was more than willing to follow her lead, so I started to kiss her back, sliding my tongue around exploring her mouth and lips. So intense were our feelings for each other our bodies and souls moved as one.

"Ooooohhhh God aaaaahhhh yessssss!!!" I moaned as she continued to take my cock into her pussy, deep and hard. She was bouncing up and down on me faster than jackhammers breaking cement. My rod was racing through her love tunnel faster than a racecar running around the track. With my hands on her hips, it was all I could do to stay with her as she rode me to heights never before reached. Every time she slammed down hard on me, her large breasts shook. It was impossible for me to know which I found the most exciting, to watch them or to watch my cock rapidly disappear up into her and the way her pink pussy lips tried to hang on to me and were pulled out as she rose up. I knew it was getting near that magical time as her body tensed, and then suddenly and with a deep groan, a mighty orgasm rolled over Elena. I saw her juices flow all over my cock and thighs, and down onto the floor. After such a strong, intense orgasm, she fell forward beside me, her body as limp as a wet rag. For a few moments she lay there, not moving, her eyes closed, her breathing coming in gulps as she struggled to regain control of her body.

Finally, opening her eyes, she looked at me as she gave me a weak smile. “Whew! That was something else.” She breathed, still unable to speak above a whisper.

As I turned towards her, I looked at her soft pillow like boobs; which were looking huge because of the way her bra was holding them. This triggered my hormones, as I had discovered that I liked her boobs a lot. I never grew tired of looking at them or touching and fondling them. The black bra was definitely making them look beautiful as she lay there on her back, her nipples pointing straight up towards the ceiling. Her chest rose and fell with each breath she took, which, in my sex-clouded brain, seemed to be an open invitation for me to come and explore her hilly terrain.

I placed my right hand on her boob and began to caress it, starting with her upper breast and holding as much of her as I could in my palm, I moved down towards the tip. Reaching the summit of that mountain, I let my hand slid over the hard pointed peak, pressing hard against it. Taking it between my fingers, I gently massaged it, feeling it grow harder and larger with each caress. She seemed to enjoy this as she closed her eyes and rewarded me with a little smile and a soft cooing moan. I felt her raise her chest slightly, pressing harder against my hand. Encouraged by her response, I gave little kisses on every inch of her boob while my other hand began the same treatment on her other mound. All I ever had to do was to think of her lovely breasts and I would become instantly aroused. Now she lay there, freely offering her boobs to me, to touch, caress, kiss or fondle as much as I wished. Only a miracle kept me from exploding. The thought crossed my hazy mind that they were mine to enjoy and I was claiming them as my prize.

Rolling over I got on top of her, and as I looked deep into her tender eyes, I felt her wrap her arms around my neck and begin to pull me down. As our lips drew closer, I could feel her hot breath against my face, until after what seemed a lifetime in slow motion, our lips touched in a light caressing kiss. Soon our kisses became more than just a kiss, as I continued kissing her, my tongue began to wander and explore her sweet tasting lips. Soon it was exploring further and as I put my tongue in her mouth, hers met mine head to head, as they kissed each other. As our kisses started getting more passionate, she took my palm and placed it on her right breast. I pulled the cup down and lightly squeezed her breast resulting in a happy sigh as soon as my hand touched her tender flesh. She moved a bit to the side and grabbed my cock with her palm. I continued kissing her and pressed against her boobs with my hands. Moving down slightly I flicked my tongue around her nipples making them hard. I nibbled and sucked on them in between kisses to let the nipples reach their maximum size.

I filled my mouth with her right boob as I used my other hand to play with her left nipple, gently squeezing and rolling it between my fingers. I attacked each boob at random paying equal time and attention to each one. Elena was not complaining at all, instead, she tightened her grip on my cock and started playing with it. After enjoying her boobs for several minutes, I remembered something she had said to me as we lay on that bed in the Paradise Motel, and I was enjoying her tits. She reminded me that even though I loved her breasts so much and she loved the way I made love to them; there were other areas needing attention; and that I shouldn’t make them wait too long. With this thought in mind, and as hard as it was for me to do, I left her delicious breasts as I decided to make love to those other parts of Elena's beautiful body.
Sliding and nibbling my way down her body, I could feel her body start to tense with expectation as I neared her love mound. Just before my probing tongue and lips made contact with that most sensitive of female spots, I glanced up at her expectant face. Her large brown eyes were watching my every move. With a mischievous snicker, I quickly slid down to her ankles, completely denying her the pleasure she had been sure I was about to give her.

“No Alan!” She complained. “Stop teasing me. I want you between my legs.”

“Be patient, my love.” I replied, with just a hint in my voice of things to come.

I placed my hands on either side of her legs as I began to kiss up along her shapely calves and then her inner thighs, all the time getting closer to her sweet pussy. I moved my hands up the outsides of her thighs and then back down the inside as I rubbed and lightly stroked her soft skin. She gripped my head with both of her hands and tried to pull me up, but I resisted. I was teasing her, but I wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible, besides it was fun watching her squirm as she tried to get me to move my attention to the spot she most wanted it, her throbbing love mound. I knew my actions were starting to have an effect on her, because my every touch made her moan with pleasure. Gradually, as I brought my lips closer to her pussy, her happy sighs were growing louder and more frequent. Nearing my ultimate goal, I stopped my upward motion, as my lips and tongue probed her innermost thighs, bringing more happy sounds from her sweet lips.

After teasing her for those few minutes, my conscience started to get the best of me, and I thought I’d better give her what she desired most. Besides, my teasing her was having a strong effect on me also, as my manhood was so hard it ached. Moving up slightly, and then sticking out my tongue to part her cunt lips, I quickly placed my mouth over her love mound and sucked hard. Her sudden reaction to my contact with her super sensitive clit was instantaneous; her hips jumped up off the floor ramming my tongue further into her hot passageway. Her mouth flew open as she started to scream out with pleasure, but expecting her reaction, I quickly placed my hand over her mouth, muffling her cry. We were after all, in the changing room of a ladies lingerie shop, and I thought it best not to have everyone rushing in thinking someone was being murdered. With her cunt lips now fully parted, I began to lick inside, exploring every fold and crevice. She let out a loud moan after my lips and tongue first made contact with her puffy pussy lips, then settled down and seemed to enjoy my attention. Between telling me how wonderful it felt what I was doing, and moans of contentment, she let her fingers play with my hair. For few minutes, I focused my attention on licking and flicking my tongue on her pulsating clit; bringing even more excited sighs of pleasure.

“Omg! Here it comes, Baby!” She cried out in a muffled voice, as she grabbed me and pushed my face hard into her soaked pussy. She held my face prisoner between her legs as she tightened her thighs around my head. A torrent of cum shot into my mouth from her pussy and I made sure I didn't allow even a single drop to escape. It was a sheer pleasure for me to watch her cum. When you make a girl cum, that’s when you realize that you have become a master at sex. Finally, as she began to recover from the effect of the intense orgasm she just had, she released my head from the tight grip of her thighs. Sitting up between her legs it amused me to watch her facial expressions change as her body returned to normal. It also felt great to know that I was able to bring this much pleasure to the girl that I loved so dearly.

"Kiss me!" She gasped. I leaned forward resting my weight on my arms as our lips met. The lips that within the past few minutes, had explored each other’s most intimate parts now found themselves joined together. Flinging her arms around me, she began pulling me down, until I remembered her saying how good it felt to feel my full weight on her. Settling down until I was resting fully against her body, my hands cupping her slightly flushed cheeks, we let our lips show each other our undying love.

“You make me so happy, but I’m afraid that you have been ignored. I’ve never came so many times as you have made me do these past few minutes, and for that I’ll never be able to tell you how much you mean to me. Now it’s only fair that we take care of your needs also. I’m impressed that you have managed to hold off this long. Most guys couldn’t do that, or wouldn’t even try to.” She said, as we broke our kiss to come up for air.

“I haven’t felt ignored or left out at all. To be perfectly honest I’ve felt just the opposite. It gives me great pleasure to be able to please you with my actions.

“Awww, what a sweetheart you are. Just the same fair is only fair. I want you inside of me again." She whispered. She grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down to kiss my lips again. Forcing her hand down between our bodies, she took hold of my firm cock and began to guide it towards her still open pussy. I moved my hips down a little and was finally able to push my cockhead into her wanting and waiting pussy.

"Fuck me brother. Fuck me hard." She moaned as I pushed the head deeper inside her pussy.

“You are so tight!” I said as I continued to push my cock in deeper.

“I… Know. I’m trying to grip you as hard as I can to make it more pleasurable for you. Can you feel me as I tighten my muscles around your cock? I just want you to fuck me hard and fast. Go as hard as you can.” She begged. Then doing something she had never done before, she lifted her legs and put them up over my shoulders, making the penetration even deeper. Rising up on my knees, I pounded into her soft pussy lips as hard as I could, while supporting her hips with my hands. Only someone as limber as she was could be in this position. Her knees pressed hard against her heaving breasts caused air forced from her lungs to create a hissing sound as it escaped through her gritted teeth. I showed her no mercy as I continued to lunge into her, our hips crashing together with the sound of waves smashing against rocks. We were both sweating hard, our bodies stuck together, our breathing coming in short labored gasps. I had never experienced fucking like this; the feelings inside me were so intense they were burning a path directly into my brain.
I could see that my actions were having an effect on her too. Every time my hard pole rushed up through her love chamber, she flung her head back and forth, her hair flying in all directions. Desperately searching for something to grab hold of, her fingers were searching in vain against the hard tile floor.

“Oh yes! YES!” My mind screamed as I felt a massive orgasm building inside me. My cock plowed its way in and out of her tight opening. Both of our bodies were bouncing off each other like rubber balls from a wall.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said through clenched jaws to keep from screaming. Partly from exhaustion and partly from wanting to prolong the intense feelings I was experiencing, I slowed the pace of my thrusting down a little. I began to feel my cock expand inside her body as it prepared for the mighty tide of sperm that was waiting to burst forth with the force of a tidal wave.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me! Cum inside me! Fill me with your babies!" She rammed her fist into her mouth to keep from screaming aloud.

With renewed strength, I began to fuck her again, hard and fast. Suddenly I felt my cock seem to grow bigger inside her. I shoved in deep and held myself there. I was able to feel the inner walls of her love tunnel gripping me tight, holding me motionless as my cock exploded inside her. Grabbing her face to hold her still, I mashed my lips against hers to stifle my cry of "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" as I felt the dam break, allowing a mighty flood of sperm to pour into her depths.

For the first few moments after I broke over the crest, I felt so weak that I just collapsed on her, unable to move. Then realizing that she must be feeling the same way, I raised myself up and pulled my almost rubbed raw cock out of her full pussy. Even it felt so exhausted that it just hung limp down beside my legs. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever manage to get it up again. Rolling over onto my side beside her, we both lay motionless for a few moments as we struggled to regain our senses.

“My gosh!” I gasped as I tried hard to breathe. All she had the strength to do was to look over and smile at me. I was tired and we both were out of energy. I know that both of us would have loved to lay there for a few moments and enjoy the bliss of our lovemaking, but the realization of where we were at came rushing back into our minds. We knew that we had been there to long as it was, and we needed to be out as soon as possible before someone’s suspicions were aroused.

We struggled to our feet as we gathered up our clothes. As soon as she removed that black push-bra that she had been wearing, I reached out, and one by one, cupped each breast in my hands while giving each hard protruding nipple a kiss just for good measure.

“Thank you, Alan. Now we had better hurry and get out of the room.”

“I can’t believe what we did just now.” I stated, shaking my head almost in disbelief as we quickly got dressed.

“You have to. I hope that you have no regrets.”

“Good heavens no, I don’t. I love every moment I get to spend with you. You have taught me so much and given me such wonderful experiences; I don’t know whether anyone else would have done this much for me. Thank you my love. Thank you so much.”

“Anything for you, my darling.” She replied, as she stood in front of the mirror and straightened up her hair. These past few days have been amazing. I have been fucking Elena at places I could never imagine. Beautiful sandy beaches, a restaurant washroom, a motel room and now here in the changing room of a lingerie shop. What would be next? I had no idea, but I was sure that it would be an exciting experience. Elena was a mysterious girl but it was a plus point for me. She truly deserves the title "Perfect Girlfriend."

“Okay, the coast is clear,” she said as she quickly stepped out of the changing room with me right behind her.

Carrying all the bra’s that I had selected draped over her arm, we walked up to the counter. I was nervous that maybe someone had noticed our absence and would say something, but Elena seemed to be her usual calm self, so that helped calm my nerves.

As she placed all the bras on the counter, I asked. "You liked my choices?" She had tried on just one bra but she was buying all of them.

"You picked them out. How can I not like it?" She quietly replied as she winked at me.

The same saleslady that had greeted us when we first entered the store came around the counter to wait on us.

“Would you please pack all of these for me?"

“Certainly ma’am. You were gone quite a while.” She replied, as she began to ring everything up.

My heart about stopped when I heard the salesclerk say that. Had she seen the both of us enter the change room or seen us come out? Did she suspect that we had done something that we shouldn’t have, and if so, what was she going to do about it? Panic set in and my mind went blank as I waited to see what Elena was going to say or do.

“Yes, I know I was, but I wanted to make sure everything was to my liking.”

“I can understand that. I always like to try everything on for size and fit too. Did you find exactly what you were looking for?”

“Oh yes, definitely. Everything was a perfect fit. I’m very happy with what I’ve found here today.” She replied, as she paid the saleslady cash for the items.

“That’s great. We like to have our customers leave happy, and we hope that you will come back again. Thank you for shopping here.”

“It’s been a real pleasure.” Elena calmly remarked, as she picked up the bag containing the fancy push-up bras she had just now purchased.

Walking out of the shop holding each other's hand, I had to grin to myself wondering what the salesclerk would think, if she knew the true meaning behind what Elena had been saying.

“What are you smiling about?” Elena asked.

“I was just wondering what that lady would have thought if she knew what you were really talking about. You amaze me by how cool and calm you were as she was asking those questions.”

“Well, I just told her the truth. I am very happy with what I found here today.” She replied with a grin, while giving my hand a gentle squeeze. “And you, my friend, amazed me.”

“How so?”

“There aren’t many men that could make love that many times or last as long as you did. You have become a real lover. I’m going to have to keep my eyes on you.” She replied with a chuckle.

“Thank you so much for that sweet compliment. I hope that I am always able to give you pleasure. I’m not very experienced at this, but I try to remember everything you tell me about how to make love to a woman. I never knew that I could cum so many times in such a short period, but I think it was the novelty of the situation with me picking out the bras. Another reason could be the unique location of being in a women’s dressing room and the very real danger of someone catching us in there is what kept me going. It spurred me on and gave me staying power. But I think the real reason was that I love you so very much, and want to do anything I can to please you.”

“Oh Alan, you do. You have no idea how much you do. I’ve never been as happy as I have been since we took our vacation to that island. Even some of my co-workers were commenting today about how I seem to look different somehow.”

As we walked along, side by side, I looked at Elena whom I dreamed about every night and prayed every night to God to make her mine. People say that when your love is true, God makes sure that you get to live with that person. If you ask me, it’s true.

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