"Sai Gets Loose"

Day after the big storm Sai draws on the hilltop over the lake. He normally draws his animals, but today he decided to draw the scene in front of him. He hadn't seen Sakura since the day he gave her the book, nor has he seen Naruto, or for that matter Kakashi. He has seen Yamato, but only in passing lately. It has been fairly quiet in the village of late. He hears the wind blow. Sensing someone walking up behind him knowing it was an ally. "Hello, Sakura."

Sakura stopped for a split second knowing that it was purely a good guess. "What you drawing?"

"Landscape. Is there a mission?"

"No, but there is something else." Sai turned now interested to hear what Sakura had to say. Sakura spoke once she had his attention "remember that book."
"Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much so. In fact I have a gift for you, but we need to go to my place to get it."

Sai stands up unsure how he should answer. He decided to take the safe road "yes." Both leave the area as a butterfly lands on a nearby flower.

They arrive as Karin and Ino depart. Sakura begins the introduction between Sai and Karin "Sai I would like you to meet my roommate Karin. Karin this is my teammate Sai."

Sai and Karin eyes met. Karin had heard of him thru reports, but knew nothing other than he was root. For Sai he also read her report, but never thought he would find his counterpart in person.

"Well see you two later. Sai is getting his special gift" Sakura says her goodbyes to her friends and launched Sai into her place. Sex session with Sakura about to begin for Sai. The two enter Sakura's room. Sai sweating bullets being this is the first time he has entered her room. "Welcome Sai" Sakura says behind him doing so she undresses.

Sai turns to see her then quickly feeling embarrassed "what are you doing Sakura? "

"Your gift. That book taught me something I should have shown you earlier. You have waken my senses to a whole new level of experience that can't be taught on any battlefield except in the bedroom" Sakura says undressing herself behind Sai "you can look now."

Sai turned to see Sakura fully nude as the day she was born. A little pink hair down near her private section, her erect pink tits, and her lovely figure captured Sai's sights all for a few seconds before he turned around unsure how to react.

"Relax, this is the way all life is created through sex" Sakura says softly rubbing her hands on his shoulders.

"I have read about this, but didn't know you had such emotions for me" Sai takes deep breathes saying this to Sakura.

She wraps her hands around his body. Nuzzling his neck as she feels his body. She lifts his shirt. Without objection Sai allows her. She than takes his pants off revealing a fully butt naked Sai with skin as white as snow. She moved her hands around squeezing his ass. She kissed his back sending into uncertain emotions that he never felt before. Moving her hands around she rubs his balls and cock until he his hard. "Does this feel good for you Sai? " Sai nods happily. To Sakura that happiness could be fake on his face, but his cock did not lie. She moved around and faced his cock. He looked down confused. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She began to suck on his cock. His breathing intensified with each thrust in her mouth. She rubbed his ball sac gently. Before he could take no more she popped it out and stood up in front of him. "I am going to kiss you is that alright?" Sakura asks him with a hint of glee and a ton of lust in her facial expression.

"What was that you just did?" Sai asks about blow jobs.

She takes a deep breath "blowjob it is where a woman sucks on a mans cock. You can satisfy me soon." She kissed him on the lips then looked at him hoping for a reply kiss. Sai tries his luck and kisses her back.

"Very good. Some more practice and you'll be a pro." Sakura kisses him again this time using her tongue this time. Sai tried doing the same. After a couple times got a hang of it. Soon they were on the bed Sakura pulled out and stopped Sai "next lesson."

"Is this where I give you a blow job?" Sai asks.

" instead you are going to eat my pussy" Sakura states clarifying his question until he got it. He moved to the edge of the bed and got between her legs. He stared at her pussy before licking her clothes getting it nice and moist. He licks her pussy lips a little longer as her breathing got louder. "Okay you got a hang of that. Next lesson. Suck my breasts" Sakura tells him. Sai got on her body and sucked on each tit until they got hard. "Now we fuck!"

"Fuck!?" Sai confused by what she meant.

"Sex. Intercourse. Mate" Sakura says before Sai realized.

"How? " he asks.

"Right. Lay on the bed" Sakura got up as Sai laid on the bed. Sakura got on top and moved his semi hard cock in her pussy. She bounced up and down a couple times before stopping. "You need to thrust your hips with my motion. Got it." Sai did as commanded within a few minutes he was fucking her with the same timing. He breathed heavily feeling her moist pussy engulf his cock. Thrusting his hips making the bed creak. "Uh...huh..Oh...yeah...yeah...uh...huh...fuck me Sai!" Sakura screams bouncing on top of him enjoying the moment.

Sai figured if she could make loud noises so could he "yes Sakura yes! Fuck yes!"

"Damn, Sai talk dirty you naughty boy. Do you like fucking me? Am I your dirty whore? I am a dirty fucking slut who loves cock!" Sakura screamed panting as she fucked him. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. "Oh Sai, fuck me harder!"

Sai fucked harder and faster his cock in her pussy "yes Sakura! I feel like I am going blow!"

"So do I!" She screamed louder than ever before as Sai and her own orgasms shot through her body. She collapsed in the most mind blowing sex she has had ever.

"How was that?" Sai asks. Sakura hated when someone asked that question it felt as if the experience was poor.

She replied "fantastic, but never ever ask that question again." The two rests for a short period.
Once they wake a couple hours later Sakura asks him "there is something I need from you."


"Fuck! I got to go!" Sakura screams running to the bathroom. Sai scratches head and also realizes he needs to go to. Rushing to the bathroom he follows Sakura. Sakura is sitting on the toilet peeing. "Sai! You too! Pee on me if you must." He does spraying his pee on her breasts and belly. After a few more moments they are done resting in the bathroom. "Sai before I was trying to tell you that well you better sit this is going to be a long story." Sakura explains the story from the top until she has said every detail she can think of. "What I want from you is to find any information and tell me ASAP. I will show you more sex moves then you can possibly find in any book."

"I will do my best Sakura" Sai says leaving somewhat used, but wasn't complaining at all. Both get dressed to look respectable as Sakura gives him a good bye and good luck kiss. Sai leaves as Naruto appears with a huge grin on his face. "Oh hello, Naruto."

"So Sakura is taking care of your needs to huh Sai" Naruto grins happily by this discovery.

"You bet I am. Maybe sometime we can have a team session" Sakura walks behind Sai talking to Naruto.

"We best get it on than huh Sakura?" Naruto says passing Sai.

"You...two..." Sai lost by the conversation.

"Of course Sai it is only natural to fuck peers as long as all parties are in agreement. Now I really need Naruto in me now, so if you excuse me!" Sakura says to Sai as Naruto takes his clothes off. Naruto opens up Sakura's shirt and begins sucking on her breasts in front of Sai. Sakura shuts the door in Sai's face as she focused attention on Naruto.

Sai walks away in search of this spy.


Next Episode: The Dogs and Bugs of Summer


Author Notes: I have figured out why I am getting these blank pages. It is word that I am using. I should copy the text onto a notepad before posting here. Will remember that from now on.

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